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Church of the Virgin Mary, Beaminster 
Beaminster is generally referred to as a market town. It is a large parish in the west of the county and starting in the north east and going clockwise it is adjacent to Corscombe, North Poorton, Netherbury, Stoke Abbot, Broadwinsor, South Perrot and Cheddington. The town suffered from a disastrous fire in 1644 and smaller fires in 1684 and 1781. In 1849 Beaminster was separated from the mother parish of Netherbury. The church of the Virgin Mary is noted for its memorials and fine architectural features. There are chapels for Wesleyans and Congregationalists.
Petty sessions used to be held in the police station on alternate Mondays. A market used to be held every Thursday for meat and provisions.  The market house and other buildings were pulled down in 1886 leaving the market place clear. The workhouse for Beaminster Union [comprising 26 parishes] was one mile from the town in the parish of Stoke Abbot, it held 230 inmates. The Beaminster & Netherbury school was originally founded in 1684, there was a National School built in 1870. The population in 1891 was 1915 persons. The hamlets of Langdon, Newton and Buckham are in the parish.

Greyhound Inn in the Market Square 2003

The Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Beaminster is Zoe Martin

Census Census available, a link indicates it is on-line
1841 Census [in 3 parts/5 districts]
1841 Census of Beaminster Workhouse in the parish of Stoke Abbott
1851 Census
1861 Census [in 5 parts]
1871 Census [in 5 districts]
1881 Census
1891 Census District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4 District 5 [John Ridout]
1891 Census of Beaminster Workhouse in the parish of Stoke Abbott
1901 Census
Parish Registers At St Mary's
registers date from 1684, on line are:
1585-1620, 1680-1685, 1691-1700, 1701-1710, 1711-1720, 1721-1730,
1731-1740, 1741-1750, 1750-1759, 1760-1774, 1775-1799, 1800-1812,
1813-18201821-1830, 1831-18401841-1850, 1851-1860, 1861-1870,
1871-1880, 1881-1890, 1891-1900, 1901-1910

, 1686-17601761-1812, 1813-1836
, 1837-1869, 1869-1881
, 1900-1905, 1906-1912

Burials date from 1684, on line are:
1585-1620, 1680-1684, 1690-1699, 1700-1710, 1711-1720, 1721-1730,
1731-1740, 1741-1750, 1751-1760, 1761-1770, 1771-17801781-1812,
1813-1832, 1833-1837, 1838-18601861-1880, 1881-1900


where bride is of another parish

At Holy Trinity
Baptisms 1861-1870, 1875-1903

Burials 1851-1875, 1875-1901, 1902-1910
Burials at Knowle
Non-Conformist Records East Street Independent Baptisms 1796-1836 [Kim Parker]
Electoral Registers A list of Voters for 1843/1844
Postal Directories Extract from Holden's County Directory 1811
Extract from Pigot's Directory 1830
Extract from the Post Office Directory 1859
Extract from Kelly's Directory 1939
Emigration Transcription of documents relating to the Emigration of Jane Frampton
Photographs Photographs of the village circa 1900
Other Records Those paying the poor rate 1758
Men & Women in Workhouse 1819 16th April
Men, Women & Children in Workhouse 27 March 1835
Alehouse Recognizances 1760
Alehouse Recognizances 1766
Absent Voters List 1918
A Survey of Beaminster 1775 [owners & head of household]
Removal Orders
Beaminster Apprenticeship Papers
Church Warden Accounts 1735
Confirmations in the 1850s
Confirmations in the 1860s
Overseers of the Poor Bastardy Orders
1774 Bill of Fare for the Workhouse
Jury List 1825
Wills Beaminster PCC wills (includes links to the transcribed wills of William Chubb (1758-1831), Thomas Abington (1676), John Cox (1766) and Elizabeth Hodder (1722)).
Records held at the Dorset History Centre
PE/BE (St Mary's)

PE/BE(HT) (Holy Trinity)
Christenings 1585-1940. Marriages 1585-1993. Burials 1585-1899, 1916-1954. Banns 1835-1988.

Christenings 1632-1837. Marriages 1585-1837. Burials 1677-1837.

Christenings 1857-1943. Burials 1851-1916.
The 1891 Ordnance Survey maps of the parish can be seen at the old-maps site, just enter 'Beaminster' under place search.


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