St. Mary's Baptisms 1711-20

Transcribed by Zoe Martin

Note: The records are difficult to read and there are many gaps and ommisions


1711 April 1st Elizabeth daughter of Simon NEWMAN

1711 April ? Mary daughter of Ralph FOWLER

1711 April 27th Catherin daughter of Henry GUDGE

1711 May 6th Elinor daughter of John THOMAS

1711 May 20th James son of James SAMSON

1711 May 23rd Thomas son of Phillip RODPHERD

1711 June 3rd Susanna daughter of Thomas JOANES

1711 July 15th Elizabeth daughter of John CAINS

1711 July 22nd Robert son of Robert REED

1711 July 22nd Joan daughter of William ELET

1711 July 27th John son of William HOAR

1711 September 11th James son of Edward STODGEL

1711 September Robert son of William HOSKINS

Ralph son of Ralph HARIS

daughter of John

Elizabeth daughter of John

John son of Charles POMERY

entries missing

8th Daniel son of Joseph CHALKER

entries missing

Elizabeth daughter of Henry SLADE

Martha daughter of James FOX

1711 March 9th Mary daughter of Francis NOSSITER

Mary daughter of William HOSKINS

1711 March 12th William son of William GOLLOP

1712 March 30th Judith daughter of John HALLETT

1712 April 5th William son of William DAW

Mary daughter of Mary BARRET

Susanna daughter of Robert

entry illegible

daughter of ? WILLMINGTON

Elizabeth daughter of Ralph

1712 June 17th William son of William KEECH

1712 June 26th Mary daughter of Joseph WARR

Jenny daughter of Richard DEMIT

Hugh son of John HALLETT

1712 July 16th Hannah daughter of John

son of John

daughter of Elis COLE

1712 July Mary daughter of John

1712 August 10th Eliza daughter of Henry BUZBY?

1712 September An daughter of John OLIVER

1712 September 7th Mary daughter of Thomas JESOP

1712 September 10th Susanna daughter of William TUCK

1712 September 21st Edmond son of John GUNDRY

1712 September 24th Sarah daughter of Thomas GIBBS

1712 October 5th William son of Thomas JEROD

1712 October 6th Hannah daughter of William ELLET

1712 October 7th Mary daughter of Mary HAINES

Thomas son of Richard DA??

1712 November Charles Fox? son of Charles CLARE

Richard TUCKER

1712 November 26th James RAYNDLE

1712 December 1st Joan daughter of John FOWLER

1712 December 5th James son of John HOUSE

1712 December 7th William? son of William LARENCE

1712 December 26th Eliza? daughter of Robert CHAMP

1712 December 31st Sarah ? daughter of George DAMIT

1712 January 11th Joan daughter of James HALLER?

1712 January 26th Samuel son of Christopher MASH

1712 February 25th Judith daughter of Nicklis HARDY

1712 February 25th Ana & Elizabeth daughters of William MILLS

1712 February 25th James son of John BARRET

1712 March 1st William son of James SAMSON

1712 March 1st John son of James COLE

1712 March 1st Joan daughter of James HAINES

1713 March 2nd? An daughter of William POTTER

1713 April 6th James son of James TUCKER

1713 May 10th An daughter of William NEWMAN

1713 May 29th Robert son of John THOMAS

1713 June 3rd? James son of James COX

1713 July 6th Mary daughter of Wiliam MILLS

 Mary daughter of John SEAMER

1713 July 19th Susanna daughter of William DENTY

1713 July 19th William son of William COLE

1713 August 21st Jeane daughter of John HOSKINS

1713 September 20th Mary daughter of Richard HARDY

entries missing

 30th Elizabeth daughter of John

1713 December 6th Mary daughter of Daniel BUDEN

1713 December 6th Elizabeth daughter of John BEDGOOD

1713 December 9th An daughter of John HALLET

1713 January 1st An daughter of Henry STICKLAND

1713 January 2nd Robert son of Robert BUGLER

1713 January Hannah daughter of James HALET

1713 February 17th Elizabeth daughter of John HOSKINS

1713 February 21st Betezis? daughter of Roger CLARK

1713 February 28th Elizabeth daughter of Thomas HOAR

1713 March 10th John son of Edward STODGEL

1713 March 24th Tamson daughter of Philip RODPHERD

1714 May 29th An daughter of Ralph HARRIS

1714 April Rebekah daughter of Wiliam HOAR

1714 April 21st Robert son of Thomas HALLET

1714 May 7th John son of John GALPINE

1714 May 7th John son of John GEROD

1714 June 2nd An daughter of Robert MEECH

1714 June 20th William son of John MILLS

1714 July 4th William son of William ???ARD

entries missing

Ann daughter of Thomas SIMS

1714 September 9th daughter of STROUD

son of John DAY

1714 September 10th daughter of Paul HOSKINS

1714 September 15th Elizabeth daughter of Benjamin ???LE

1714 October 24th Joan daughter of Philip BUGLER

1714 November 17th Henry son of Henry DONN

1714 November 26th Elizabeth daughter of John HEAL

1714 December 3rd Mary daughter of William ELOTT

1714 December 6th ? son of James HALLETT

1714 December 27th John son of John MILLER

Robert son of Robert

1714 January 16th Mary daughter of William GOLLOP

1714 March 2nd Elizabeth daughter of William? HOUNFORD?

Susannah daughter of

1714 March 20th John ? son of Charles FOX

1714 March 20th Tamson daughter of William ALLEN

1715 April 20th Margaret daughter of Joseph PARK

1715 May 1st Robert son of James TUCK

1715 May 4th Lancelot son of Lancelot MILLS

1715 May 8th ? daughter of Thomas WILMOT

1715 May 25th ? son of Charles HOSKINS

1715 June 26th ? daughter of William LARENCE

1715 ? 7th James son of ?

1715 July 6th Samuel son of James ?

1715 July 10th Ann daughter of John ALLEN

1715 July 11th William son of Ralph FOWLER

1715 August 7th Gattree? daughter of Richard WALRON

1715 September 4th Thomas son of Thomas HOAR

1715 September 16th John son of John OLIVER

1715 September 12th Elizabeth daughter of William MILLS

1715 September 13th Joan daughter of John THAMS

1715 September 24th Thomas son of William HOAR

1715 October 12th Mary daughter of John CANTELBURY?

1715 October 13th William son of Thomas HITT

1715 October 16th John son of John PINNY

1715 October 23rd John son of John MILLER

1715 October 26th Christian daughter of William COLE

1715 November 9th Henry son of Henry KEECH

1715 December 16th Mary daughter of Rendel CRAB

1715 December 23rd John son of John MILLS

1715 December 25th Ann daughter of Henry SLADE

1715 December 26th Mary daughter of William MILLS

1715 January 18th Mary daughter of ? ?

1715 ? ? Hugh son of Joseph ?

1715 February 19th James son of James HORSHAM

1715 March 7th Grace daughter of John HEARN

1715 March 11th John son of John HALLETT

1715 March 18th Mary daughter of John MANTLE

1715 March 23rd Hannah daughter of Robert RIGLER

These are from the  Bishop's Transcripts as I couldn't find any data in the register.


1716 John MILK?

1716 Richard HART

1716 John HOSKINS

1716 John COLLINS

1716 Sander DIKE

1716 Joseph SIMS

1716 Ralph HARNS?

1716 John BEDGOOD

1716 July 15th son of William KEECH

1716 August 16th son of John EDEN

1716 August 21st daughter of Robert MICHEL

1716 September 6th daughter of Thomas HALLETT

1716 September 9th son of Robert CHAPIP?

1716 September 9th son of Philip RODPERD

1716 October 11th Sam? son of Benjamin WHITTLE

1716 October 24th son of James CAINS

1716 October 31st daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1716 November 14th Mary daughter of John ALEN

1716 November 16th William son of William ALEN

1716 November 18th William son of William HOSKINS

1716 November ? Elizabeth daughter of Henry DONE

1716 November 19th Elizabeth daughter of Philip BUGLER

1716 December 7th Susan? daughter of James GAIL

1716 January 14th Constantine son of William HOAR

1716 February 18th Samuel son of Benjamin MICHEL

1716 March 15th daughter of Paul HOSKINS

1716 March 22nd daughter of Robert BUGLER

1717 March 29th daughter of Robert CHICK

1717 April 8th son of Robert MEECH

1717 April 13th son of Mary MEECH

Some unreadable entries

1717 December 28th Elizabeth daughter of William GALLOP

1717 January 13th Joseph son of Joseph WATS

1717 January 22nd John son of Robert HALLET

1717 January 29th Sarah daughter of William WIGGENS?

1717 February 9th Thomas son of Barned SHIER

1717 February 12th An daughter of Joseph HOSKINS

1717 February 14th Richard son of Josiah TAYNDEL

1717 February 17th Henry son of Henry KEECH

1717 February 19th Henry son of Henry CLARK

1717 ? ? Elizabeth daughter of William NEWMAN?

1717 March 14th Robart son of Robart JOANES

1717 March 14th An daughter of Thomas COX

1717 March 14th An daughter of Richard HARDY

1718 March 26th Mary daughter of John OLIVER

1718 April 10th Richard son of Robert RICHARDS

1718 April 13th Elizabeth daughter of Charles PUMERY

1718 May 7th William son of William HALLETT

1718 May 7th ? daughter of George PUMERY

1718 May 16th Mary daughter of John HOSKINS

1718 May 19th Mary daughter of John HOSKINS

1718 May 20th Hannah daughter of Ralph HARIS

1718 June 25th Mary daughter of Richard HART

1718 July 2nd John son of Benjamin WHITLE

1718 July 4th Peter son of John BURBIGE

1718 July 8th Elizabeth daughter of John DANIEL

1718 July 20th John son of John COX

1718 August 20th John son of John HOSFORD

1718 September 14th John son of John JEROD

1718 September 14th Jean daughter of John CAINS

1718 September 16th John son of John COLLINS

1718 September 19th Mary daughter of John HOUSE

1718 October 12th Humphrey son of John BEDGOOD

1718 October 14th Richard son of Thomas GIBBS

1718 October 21st Joan daughter of Joan CHUB

1718 November 19th Mary daughter of Robert CLARK

1718 December 26th Robert son of Robert HOSKINS

1718 December 26th Elizabeth daughter of James WILLMENT

1718 January 6th Mary daughter of Henry BARRATT

1718 January 9th Ann daughter of Thomas ??

1718 January 9th Judith daughter of James HALLETT

1718 January 14th Thomas son of John MANTLE

1718 January 19th Martha & Susannah daughters of John HOSKINS

1718 January 21st Henry son of Henry SLADE

1718 February 1st Hannah daughter of Benjamin MICHAL

1718 February 15th Hannah daughter of James HALLETT

1718 February 17th Ann daughter of Francis MASH

1718 February 22nd Joan daughter of John SEEMER/THECTHER

1718 March 4th John son of James BAGG

1718 March 4th Henry son of Henry SEAMER

1718 March 7th William son of Mary MEECH

1718 March 17th Ann daughter of William MILLS

1719 April 1st Sarah daughter of Thomas HITT

1719 April 1st Ralph son of Robert HARRIS

1719 April 15th Susannah daughter of Robert MEECH

1719 April 20th James son of James CAINS

1719 April 21st Mary daughter of John BRINSON

1719 April 22nd Ann daughter of Paul HOSKINS

1719 May 19th Dorothy daughter of William HOAR

1719 June 14th Ann daughter of William CHILCAT

1719 June 16th Martha daughter of Edmund LINGGARD

1719 July 3rd Henry son of Nicholas BEMMONT

1719 July 29th John son of John HALLETT

1719 August 2nd William son of John TINKER

1719 August 14th John son of John CANTERBURY

1719 August 16th Joseph son of John RAYNDEL

1719 September 23rd Ann daughter of James CHICK

1719 September 24th Sarah daughter of William NEWMAN

1719 October 9th Thomas son of Robert JOANES

1719 November 5th Thomas son of William WAYGOOD

1719 November 6th Joan daughter of William ALLEN

1719 November 6th Mary daughter of Henry JEROD

1719 November 13th Sarah daughter of Robert BUGLER

1719 November 22nd John son of Henry GUNDY

1719 November 27th Elizabeth daughter of James HUNT

1719 November 29th James son of Robert WHITEMORE

1719 December 17th William son of William COOME

1719 December 30th George son of George HALLETT

1719 December 30th Samuel son of Thomas HOAR

1719 January 6th Joseph son of John HALLETT

1719 January 17th William son of Charles PUMERY

1719 January 17th Henry son of Ralph MEECH

1719 January 18th Lancelot son of Philip BIGLER

1719 February 2nd Philip son of Philip BUGLER

1719 February 11th Thomas son of Thomas ATKINS

The dates here are very muddled

1719 March 29th Lancelot son of John MILLS

1719 March 31st Matthew son of John HUTCHINGS

1719 April 1st Joan daughter of William POLTER

1719 January 18th Francis son of Frances MASH

1719 February 15th Margaret daughter of John DANIEL

1719 March 4th John son of James GAIL

1719 March 22nd Elizabeth daughter of William MINTERN

1719 March 23rd Eden daughter of Henry SERGENT

1719 March 25th Mary daughter of Robert MILLES

1720 March 29th Ruth daughter of Ruth VILE

1720 April 1st Joan daughter of William POLTER

1720 April 5th Grace daughter of William HOSKINS

1720 April 22nd Joan daughter of Richard BURT

1720 May 1st Mary daughter of Rendel CRAB

1720 May 16th Joseph son of Charles HOSKINS

1720 May ? William son of John PENNY

1720 May 16th Joan daughter of William MEECH

1720 May ? George son of Robert HALLET

1720 mAy ? Hester daughter of ? ELLOT

1720 May ? Elizabeth daughter of ? CLERK

1720 July ? Elizabeth & Joan daughters of George PAINTER

1720 July 11th William son of William BUGLER

1720 July 11th Richard son of Joseph WARR

1720 July 13th Ann daughter of William BARRETT

1720 July 13th Thomas son of John MARTEN

1720 July 13th Mary daughter of John DOGEREL

1720 July 29th Mary daughter of John JEROD

1720 August 3rd Elizabeth daughter of Ralph HARIS

1720 August 3rd Augel son of John OLIVER

1720 August 12th John son of Robert MEECH

1720 August 28th John son of William HOAR

1720 September 4th Elizabeth daughter of John COX

1720 September 9th Elizabeth daughter of Henry HALLETT

1720 September 21st Henry son of Henry KEECH

1720 October 11th Elizabeth daughter of William HOSKINS

1720 October 15th Robert son of John HOSKINS

1720 October 16th Jean daughter of John COX

1720 October 19th Austin daughter of John MILLS

1720 October 21st Agnes daughter of John EDEN

1720 November 1st Joseph son of Henry SEAMER

1720 November 23rd Robert son of Petter FELDICE

1720 November 25th James son of James WILLMENT

1720 November 25th Benjamin son of Mary GREEN

1720 November 28th James son of James WILMENT

1720 November 25th Benjamin son of Mary GREEN

1720 November 30th Sarah daughter of Samuel WHAVE?

1720 November 30th Elizabeth daughter of Robert BUGLER

1720 December 7th John son of George PUMERY

1720 December 13th John son of John STACSEY

1720 December 13th William son of John BURGIS

1720 December 21st Robert son of John ALEN

1720 December 30th Elizabeth daughter of John MILLER

1720 January 8th Grace daughter of Christopher RUSSELL

1720 January 25th Robeert son of Robert CLARK

1720 February 2nd Richard son of John JEROD

1720 February 5th John son of John KEECH

1720 February 5th John son of John JEROD

1720 March 18th Sarah daughter of William STODGEL

1720 March 22nd Richard son of Richard HART

1720 March 22nd John son of Henry CLARK

1720 March 24th Anne daughter Nicholas BEMENT

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