St. Mary's Baptisms 1721-30

Transcribed by Zoe Martin

Note: The records are confused and difficult including a second page seemimgly for 1724 and extra entries for 1725


1721 Apr 2nd John son of James MEECH

1721 Apr 28th Edward son of Edward CURTIS

1721 May 5th Mary daughter of James BAGG

1721 May 21st Benjamin son of Benjamin NIEAL

1721 ? ? Samuel son of ? COLLINS

1721 May 2? Ann daughter of Samuel HOOD

? ? Grace daughter of ? MILLS

1721 Jun 8th Henry son of John HOSPHARD

1721 Jun 12th Joseph son of ?

1721 Aug 11th Benjamin son of Samuel POOL

1721 Aug 19th John son of Samuel HALLETT

1721 Aug 20th Mary daughter of George NOSSITER

1721 Sep 9th Ann daughter of William JESOP

1721 Sep 24th Mary daughter of John MATHEW

1721 Sep 26th Elizabeth daughter of John HARE

1721 Oct 2nd Joseph son of James CAINS

1721 Oct 25th Daniel son of Daniel WADE

1721 Nov 29th John son of John HALLETT

1721 Dec 8th Richard & Elizabeth children of John FOWLER

1721 Dec 25th Frances daughter of William HOAR

1721 Dec 26th John son of John MANTLE

1721 Jan 31st Samuel son of William BARET

1721 Feb 6th John son of John HOSKINS

1721 Feb 7th Faith daughter of Edward LINGARD

1721 Feb 18th Henry son of Henry GUDGE

1721 Mar 7th Elizabeth daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1721 Mar 9th Mary daughter of John MILLER

1721 Mar 19th Josua son of Robert HARIS

1722 May 22nd Frances daughter of Mr. Silas SYMES

1722 Jun 3rd Mary daughter of James MYNTHERNE

1722 Jun 6th Mary daughter of Richard DOUNE

1722 Jun 10th Robert son of John BAYLING

1722 Sep 19th Henry son of Henry READE

1722 Sep 19th Richard son of Robert BETTICE

1722 Jan 2nd Martha daughter of Azarias MUNDEN

1722 Feb 20th Richard son of Richard TIZARD

1722 Mar 1st Daniel son of Daniel WARDE

 these are the only entries I could find for 1722

1723 Jun 10th Henry Dry son of Elizabeth DUCK

1723 Jun 15th Susannah daughter of John GUDGE

1723 Jun 17th Elizabeth daughter of Daniel SYMES

1723 Jun 17th Richard son of Richard WALDRON

1723 Aug 7th Richard son of James HELLIER

1723 Aug 7th Mary daughter of Riichard HORE

1723 Aug 15th Joan daughter of Philip MELLER

1723 Sep 15th William son of Edward THOMS

1723 Oct 4th William son of William BARTLET

1723 Nov 8th Richard son of John RUSSELL

1723 Nov 10th Elizabeth daughter of John DENT

1723 Dec 15th Ann daughter of William HEARNE

1723 Dec 24th William son of John HOUNSELL

1723 Dec 25th William son of Andrew BUGLER

1723 Dec 27th Samuel son of Benjamin FOSSEY

1723 Dec 27th Benjamin son of Benjamin ADNEY

1723 Feb 21st Martha daughter of Benjamin CASE

1724 Apr 15th John son of Steven CRABB

1724 Apr 18th Mathew son of Mathew WARDE

1724 Apr 22nd Giles son of Joseph GUDGE

1724 Apr 29th Betty daughter of Daniel WARDE

1724 Apr 29th Betty daughter of Thomas LOVELAS

1724 May 6th Sarah daughter of Solomon DONNE

1724 May 29th William son of Giles CLARK

1724 Jun 5th John son of William MELLER

1724 Jul 22nd Ann daughter of Alexander HOAD

1724 Jul 26th Henry son of Henry WALBOURNE

1724 Jul 29th William son of William MELLER

1724 Jul 29th James son of James DOWELL

1724 Aug 5th Richard son of James SHIPTON

1724 Sep 23rd Ann daughter of Thomas WAREHAM

1724 Sep 25th John son of Benjamin EDALL

1724 Oct 2nd John son of John BAKER

1724 Oct 2nd ? son of Thomas PEVRY

1724 Nov 5th Edward son of Richard BAYLEY

1724 Nov 18th David son of Mr. John SYMES

1724 Dec 11th James son of William WAKEFORD

1724 Dec 18th Thomas son of Richard BETTICE

1724 Dec 30th John son of John CRANN

1724 Jan 29th Ann daughter of Thomas WARDLE

1724 Feb 2nd Joane daughter of Thomas BEER

1724 Mar 10th Martha daughter of Lawrence WAY

1724 Mar 14th Margaret daughter of William COOMBE

On another page are these entries

1724 Mar 29th Ann daughter of John HALLETT

1724 Mar 29th Susannah daughter of Richard CLERKE

1724 ? George son of Henry RENDALL

1724 ? ? Elizabeth daughter of Henry YOUND

1724 May 5th Edmund son of Richard WALDRON

1724 May 21st Susannah daughter of Benjamin CASE

1724 Apr 6th Mary daughter of John CRABB

1724 Apr 6th Mary daughter of John APLEN

1724 Apr 20th Susannah daughter of Samuel CLIFT

1724 Apr 29th Leonard son of Leonard SEAMER

1724 May 22nd Joan daughter of William CLISHOLE

1724 May 26th William son of John FOWLER

1724 Jun 12th Mary daughter of Nicholas BEAMONT

1724 Jul 5th Susannah daughter of William LARANCE

1724 Jul 21st Mary daughter of Peter PHILDEW

1724 Jul 22nd John son of WIlliam GUNDRY

1724 Aug 1st James son of Edward GARLAND

1724 Aug 1st Oliver son of John BEDGOOD

1724 Aug 4th Rebeca daughter of Henry HALLETT

1724 Aug 6th Elizabeth daughter of Thomas HOAR

1724 Sep 9th Henry son of William JESOP

1724 Sep 11th Mary daughter of John GERROD

1724 Sep 23rd Waddon son of John CLARK

1724 Sep 30th Ann daughter of Ralph HARRIS

1724 Oct 4th William son of John HEELE?

1724 Oct 28th George son of William MILLS

1724 Nov 5th Martha daughter of John HOSKINS

1724 Nov 5th Ann daughter of Nicholas BOZEY

1724 Nov 30th Mary daughter of John BUTCHER

1724 Dec 9th Philip son of Edward ROBERTS

1724 Dec 16th Mary daughter of John HALLETT

1724 Dec 30th Elizabeth daughter of John GUPPY

1724 Jan 1st John son of Robert CLARK

1724 Jan 9th Joan daughter of Joan MANTLE

1724 Jan 12th Mary daughter of Henry SAMWAYS

1724 Jan 16th Richard son of Joseph SIMS

1724 Jan 18th Elizabeth daughter of Joseph MILLS

1724 Jan 20th Ann daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1724 Jan 22nd Hillary daughter of Barnard GERROD

1724 Jan 25th Edith daughter of John PINNEY

1724 Jan 31st John son of John MATHAS

1724 Feb 9th John son of Thomas DUNN

1724 Feb 9th John son of John MILLS

1724 Feb 9th Martha daughter of Henry SEAMER

1724 Feb 9th Joan daughter of George JAMES

1724 Feb 9th William son of John GERRARD

1724 Feb 19th Vallentine son of Vallentine CLARK

1724 Feb 24th William son of William BUGLER

1724 Feb 28th Thomas son of Thomas BRIANT

1724 Mar 19th George son of George NOSSITER

1725 Mar 26th Thomas son of Hugh SILK

1725 ? ? George son of Henry RENDALL

1725 ? ? Elizabeth daughter of Henry YOUND

1725 May 5th Edmund son of Richard WALDRON

1725 May 21st Susannah daughter of Benjamin CASE

1725 Apr 24th Mary daughter of Robert HARRIS

1725 May 17th Mary daughter of Philip MILLS

1725 May 30th Joseph son of Joseph KEECH

1725 Jun 9th Christian daughter of William ELOTT

1725 Jun 18th Sarah daughter of Samuel RAYNDLE

1725 Jun 25th John son of Jasper ROGERS

1725 Jun 25th Charity daughter of John GAIL

1725 Jul 14th Peter son of David DEKERY

1725 Aug 8th William son of William NEWMAN

1725 Aug 9th Mary daughter of Henry CLARK

1725 Sep 10th Elizabeth daughter of Henry GEROD

1725 Oct 8th ? daughter of John HALLETT

1725 Oct 8th Samuel son of John HIDE

1725 Oct 9th John son of John BURBIDGE

1725 Oct 10th Rendel son of Rendel CRABB

1725 Oct 22nd John son of Robert HIDE

1725 Oct 24th Elizabeth daughter of George HALLETT

1725 Oct 25th Mary daughter of Ralph MEECH

1725 Oct 31st Richard son of Robert MEECH

1725 Nov 5th John son of Charles PUMRAY

1725 Nov 5th Henry son of James GAIL

1725 Nov 17th Samuel son of Samuel WEAVER

1725 Nov 19th Thomas son of William CHISHOLE

1725 Nov 26th Elis son of James WILLMENT

1725 Jan 7th Thomas son of John MEECH

1725 Jan 9th Joan daughter of Abram HOAR

1725 Jan 25th Katherine daughter of Robert BUGLER

1725 Jan 27th William son of William BARRATT

1725 Feb 1st Thomas son of Benjamin WHITTLE

1725 Feb 4th Joan daughter of William CHICK

1725 Feb 6th James son of James MAISH

1725 Feb 15th Ann daughter of Joseph MILLS

1725 Feb 20th William son of Leonard THETCHER

1725 Feb 23rd Leah daughter of Henry DONNE

1725 Feb 25th Henry son of John BARGIS

1725 Mar 2nd John son of John BEDGOOD

1725 Mar 11th Thomas son of James HUNT

1725 Mar 18th Ann daughter of John APERLAN

1726 Apr 22nd Joan daughter of Richard HEARN

1726 May 17th John son of George HALLETT

1726 May 31st William son of John CRABB

1726 Jun 22nd Peter son of Peter PHILDEW

1726 Jun 28th Mary daughter of Mr. John WEAKLE

1726 Jun 28th Christopher son of Christopher MAISH

1726 Jun 29th Ann daughter of John HOSPHERD

1726 Jul 3rd Agnes daughter of William HOAR

1726 Jul 15th Henry son of Nicholas BOZIE

1726 Jul 18th William son of William DIKE

1726 Jul 29th Francis son of Joseph SIMS

1726 Jul 29th Elizabeth daughter of John BORN

1726 Jul 31st Elizabeth daughter of Thomas ATKINS

1726 Aug 10th Mary daughter of John GUPPY

1726 Aug 28th Elizabeth daughter of William BEDGOOD

1726 Sep 9th Elizabeth daughter of John WHITE

1726 Sep 9th Henry son of Henry CLERKE

1726 Sep 10th John son of John MILLS

1726 Sep 10th Elizabeth daughter of William HEARN

1726 Sep 18th Sarah daughter of John GERROD

1726 Oct 10th Elizabeth daughter of Joseph WARREN

1726 Oct 19th Edith daughter of John HOARE Jnr

1726 Nov 13th Stephen son of John ALLEN

1726 Nov 18th Elizabeth daughter of Phillip MILLS

1726 Nov 18th Elizabeth daughter of John ALLEN

1726 Nov 23rd William son of Richard HART

1726 Nov 26th Henry son of Samuel PIECE

1726 Nov 27th Ann daughter of Robert JAMES

1726 Dec 3rd Elizabeth daughter of Marke JESOP

1726 Dec 26th Betty daughter of Edward IRELAND

1726 Jan 2nd Stephen son of John GEROD

1726 Jan 20th John son of Christopher RUSSELL

1726 Feb 8th William son of Mr. BLINKINSOP

1726 Feb 17th Thomas son of Philip BUGLER

1726 Mar 5th Henry son of John GERRARD

1726 Mar 6th James son of Samuel CLIFT

1726 Mar 8th John son of John BRINSON

1727 Apr 14th Benjamin son of Melchezedek WHITEMORE

1727 Apr 20th Mary daughter of Henry GERARD

1727 May 10th Elizabeth daughter of Barnard GERARD

1727 May 12th Sara daughter of Hugh SILK

1727 May 21st Ann daughter of John SHIREY

1727 May 23rd Elizabeth daughter of William ELIOT

1727 Jun 28th George son of William NIELLS

1727 Jun 30th William son of William GOLLOP

1727 Jul 7th Susannah daughter of a strange woman

1727 Jul 9th Thomas son of John HOSKINS

1727 Jul 12th Elizabeth daughter of Isaac HARRIS

1727 Jul 14th John son of John FOWLER

1727 Jul 21st Samuel son of Samuel POOL

1727 Jul 22nd Elizabeth daughter of Thomas BRIANT

1727 Jul 28th Henry son of Ralph HARRIS

1727 Aug 8th Mary daughter of James CAVIL

1727 Aug 19th Mary daughter of Valentine CLARKE

1727 Sep 5th Ann daughter of John EWANCE?

1727 Sep 9th Sara daughter of George James

1727 Sep 9th Frances daughter of William COLLINS

1727 Sep 15th William son of Thomas CAPEN

1727 Oct 2nd Thomas son of Thomas DONN

1727 Oct 9th Kenar son of John KEECH

1727 Oct 17th Grace daughter of Henry SAMWAYS

1727 Oct 24th William son of Robert HARRIS

1727 Nov 6th Joan daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1727 Nov 12th Joseph son of Robert BUGLER

1727 Nov 12th Elizabeth daughter of Richard KEECH

1727 Nov 15th Rosanna daughter of George NOSSITER

1726 Nov 19th Hannah daughter of John GERRARD

1727 Nov 29th William son of Jacob HOUNSELL

1727 Dec 17th Ann daughter of William HOAR

1727 Dec 18th John son of John RAYNDELL

1727 Dec 26th Daniel son of James CHICK

1727 Dec 27th Anna daughter of John HALLET

1727 Dec 28th Elizabeth daughter of John CAINS

1727 Jan 16th James son of John BURBIDG

1727 Jan 16th Ruth daughter of John MILLS

1727 Jan 17th John son of John HALLET

1727 Jan 22nd Henry son of William JESON

1727 Feb 4th Ann daughter of Joseph MILLS

1727 Feb 5th Sara daughter of William CHISHOLE

1727 Feb 14th Sargent son of Ralph MEECH

1727 Feb 18th James son of James HOSKINS

1727 Feb 23rd Joan daughter of Henry GAEL

1727 Feb 24th Joseph son of John CLARE

1727 Feb 25th Sarah daughter of Ralph COX

1727 Feb 27th William & John sons of William FIGINS

1727 Feb 28th Agnes daughter of John GUPPY

1727 Mar 1st John son of John PECKHAM

1727 Mar 6th Thomas son of George HOUNSELL

1727 Mar 21st Mary daughter of Jo. TINKER; als HALLET

1727 Mar 21st Susannah daughter of Thomas MEECH

1727 Mar 22nd John son of John BORN

1728 Mar 27th Mary daughter of Nicholas BOZIE

1728 Mar 31st Ann daughter of Henry HEEL

1728 Apr 1st Ann daughter of John HALLET

1728 Apr 3rd Elexander son of George GIBBS

1728 Apr 8th Thomas son of William NIAL

1728 Apr 14th Mary daughter of John WILLMENT

1728 Apr 15th Henry son of Henry CLARK

1728 Apr 26th Grace daughter of James MASH

1728 Jun 5th Edward son of John BARTER

1728 Jun 10th John son of Richard CRABB

1728 Jun 12th Alice daughter of Peter FILDUE

1728 Sep 1st Rose daughter of John BURGIS

1728 Sep 3rd Joseph son of Joseph HALLET

1728 Sep 11th Michael son of John MILLS

1728 Sep 17th Mary daughter of John BRINSON

1728 Sep 20th Hugh son of John CAPEN

1728 Nov 3rd Thomas son of Samuel HALLET

1728 Nov 15th William son of Robert HIDE

1728 Nov 27th Richard son of Mr. BLINKINGSOP

1728 Nov 27th Benjamin son of William BARRETT

1728 Nov 23rd Elizabeth daughter of Samuel WEAVER

1728 Dec 15th Hannah & Joan daughters of John CROCKER

1728 Dec 20th John son of William DIKE

1728 Dec 22nd Elizabeth daughter of Thomas CORBEAU

1728 Dec 28th Frances daughter Benjamin WHITTLE

1728 Dec 28th John son of Leonard SEAMER; als  THICKER

1728 Jan 1st Sarah daughter Samuel CLIFT

1728 Jan 6th Mary daughter of James CAINS

1728 Jan 12th Mary daughter of William COLLINGS

1728 Jan 22nd Henry son of William WHITE

1728 Jan 16th John son of Samuel BUGLER

1728 Feb 14th Joan daughter of John APLIN

1728 Feb 26th Thomas son of Christopher MAISH

1728 Mar 9th Mary daughter of Edward JERLON ?

1728 Mar 14th Ann daughter of Henry GERARD

1729 Apr 5th Mary daughter of William HATCHEL

1729 May 9th Hanna daughter of Solomon HARIS

1729 May 9th Elizabeth daughter of Edward CURTIS

1729 May 27th John son of James WILLMENT

1729 Jun 15th Daniel son of Abraham HOAR

1729 Jun 15th Grace daughter of William JESOP

1729 Jun 22nd James son of Ann KEECH

1729 Jun 22nd Grace daughter of Ralph HARRIS

1729 Aug 3rd Sara daughter of Daniel SANDERS

1729 Aug 6th Elizabeth daughter of John TURNER

1729 Aug 6th Ann daughter of James SANDERS

1729 Aug 22nd Hanna daughter of John MEECH

1729 Sep 7th Edward son of Edward HILL

1729 Oct 1st Mary daughter of John SHIRE

1729 Oct 3rd Luce daughter of Giles THERIFEILL

1729 Oct 26th Ann daughter of James GAIL

1729 Oct 28th Simon son of Samuel POOL

1729 Oct 29th Richard son of Richard KEECH

1729 Nov 5th John son of Peter FILDUE

1729 Nov 30th Sara daughter of John GERARD

1729 Dec 7th Elizabeth daughter of Christopher RUSSELL

1729 Jan 11th Sara daughter of Josiah RAYNDELL

1729 Jan 18th Elizabeth daughter of John RAYNDELL

1729 Feb 2nd Ann daughter of John MILLS

1729 Feb 11th Joan daughter of Henry CHUB

1729 Feb 24th Ann daughter of John HALLET

1729 Feb 25th Henry son of Thomas MEECH

1729 Mar 1st Susannah daughter of John ALEN

1729 Mar 4th Sarah daughter of Henry SAMWAYS

1729 Mar 13th Samuel son of John HALLET

1730 Apr 5th Samuel son of Samuel PAINE

1730 Apr 15th Martha daughter John GUPPY

1730 Apr 15th Dennis? son of Henry GAIL

1730 Apr ? Jean daughter of Robert JOANES

1730 Apr 24th Mary daughter of James MAISH

1730 Apr 26th Elizabeth daughter of Richard HART

1730 Apr 29th John son of John BARTER

1730 May 1st Sara daughter of Samuel RAYNDELL

1730 May 3rd Thomas son of Thomas CAPON

1730 May 17th Elizabeth daughter of John COX

1730 May 29th Oliver son of Thomas BRIANT

1728 May 31st Richard son of George HALLET

1730 Jun 14th Thomas son of John NEWMAN

1730 Jun 26th Catherine daughter of Valentine CLARK

1730 Jul 1st Henry son of Henry HALLETT

1730 Jul 19th James son of William NEWMAN

1730 Jul 25th Sarah daughter of Edward STODGEL

1730 Jul 26th Mary daughter of John READ

1730 Jul 30th Betty daughter of John EDWARDS

1730 Aug 2nd William son of John FURMIDGE

1730 Aug 16th Paul son of Peter HOSKINS

1730 Aug 16th Ann daughter John BUGLER

1730 Aug 28th Henry son of Jacob HOUNSELL

1730 Sep 16th Thomas son of Thomas HOSKINS

1730 Sep 21st James son of Ambrose LAVRENCE

1730 Sep 21st Thomas son of Thomas BETERIS

1730 Sep 23rd Henry son of John HALLET

1730 Sep 23rd Rachel daughter of Robert HAMLIN

1730 Sep 29th Richard son of Richard BARBER

1730 Oct 21st Mary daughter Robert SIMES

1730 Oct 21st Betty daughter of Hugh SILK

1730 Oct 25th Ann daughter of Henry WEADON

1730 Nov 6th Mary daughter of Thomas FORD

1730 Nov 25th William son of John MEECH

1730 Dec 2nd William son of Samuel CLIFT

1730 Dec 4th Tamsen daughter of John TUCKER

1730 Dec 20th Mary daughter of John HOARE

1730 Dec 26th John son of John HALLET

1730 Dec 30th ? son of John GERRARD

1730 Jan 22nd Benjamin son of George NOSSITER

1730 Jan 22nd John son of John CAPON

1730 Jan 26th Charles son of William COLLINGS

1730 Feb 2nd Edith daughter Robert HOSKINS

1730 Feb 5th Robert son of Giles MERIFIELD

1730 Feb 7th John son of John WILLMENT

1730 Feb 7th Richard son of John CLARE

1730 Feb 17th Thomas son of Thomas MILLS

1730 Feb 21st Joseph son William BARRATT

1730 Feb 24th Henry son of Henry CLIFT

1730 Feb 24th Mary daughter of Robert HARRIS

1730 Feb 26th Elizabeth daughter of John TUCKER ?

1730 Mar 10th Elizabeth daughter of Josuah PRICE ?

1730 Mar 17th Ann daughter of John HALLET

1730 Mar 17th Elizabeth daughter of William BUGLER

1730 Mar 19th Henry son of Henry CLARK

1730 Mar 24th Mary daughter John CLIFT

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