St. Mary's Burials 1680 - 1684

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


1680 April 18th; Elizabeth DOGREL

1680 April 26th; Hannah wife of Richard GOLLOP

1680 April 30th; John HOSKINS

1680 May 2nd; Damaris daughter of Isaac GAPPER

1680 May 3rd; Joan daughter of Rogger CRAB

1680 May 5th; Alice wife of Henry CLARK

1680 May 7th; Philip RODBERT

1680 May 14th; Sir Georg STROUD

1680 June 5th; Elizabeth daughter of Richard COX

1680 June 5th; Anne daughter of Henry KEECH

1680 June 27th; William CANTELBURY

1680 June 27th; Mary daughter of Francis CHOUB

1680 July 5th; Joan wife of William ELLET

1680 July 13th; Mary daughter of Joseph CONWAY

1680 July 16th; Henry HOSKINS

1680 July 18th; Joan wife of John CHAMPEN

1680 July 18th; Mary daughter of Robert CLEFT

1680 July 25th; John son of Richard FORD

1680 July 25th; John son of Francis CHOUB

1680 July 27th; Hester wife of James DANIEL

1680 August no entry; Susanna daughter of Charles STRONG

1680 August 15th; Elizabeth SARGENT

1680 September 9th; Robert RICHARD

1680 September 10th; Joan HARDY

1680 September 19th; Henry son of John COX

1680 October 3rd; Grace JEROD

1680 October 28th; Widow SHEPARD

1680 November 2nd; Georg BROWN

1680 November 7th; John son of John HOSKINS

1680 November 12th; Susan daughter of John HOSKINS

1680 December 5th; Christian BAAL

1680 December 8th; William son of William BUNTER

1680 December 22nd; Alce CHAMPEN

1680 December 24th; Anne wife of Henry SARGENT

1680 December 25th; Ann wife of John GERARD

1680 December 27th; Elizabeth daughter of John MILLER

1680 January 9th; Mary daughter of John HOSKINS

1680 January 10th; Robert CLEFT

1680 January 12th; William OLD

1680 January 16th; Mary wife of Robert SEAMEN

1680 January 25th; Ralf son of Benjamin COX

1680 January 30th; Frances CANTELBURY

1680 February 6th; John son of John CHICK

1680 February 14th; Joan wife of Lancelot HARDY

1680 February 22nd; William ROUWSELL

1680 February 23rd; Elizabeth SARGENT

1681 April 8th; Wlm base so of Ann WATTS

1681 April 24th; Sara wife of Giles HART

1681 April 27th; John BAGWELL

1681 April 27th; John NEWMAN

1681 May 15th; Wlm son of Richard FORD

1681 May 25th; Kathleen CHICK

1681 June 3rd; Joan wife of Henry HOSKINGS

1681 August 9th; John son of Richard DAMET

1681 August 28th; Robert CLARK

1681 September 23rd; Mary daughter of Philip MARTEN

1681 September 25th; William son of Custer TURMOUR

1681 October 1st; Elizabeth wife of Marten WILLMENT

1681 October 3rd; Sara PINEY

1681 November 1st; Henry FORD

1681 November 6th; Elis son of John CHICK

1681 November 13th; Custer STASEA

1681 November 20th; John BEARD

1681 November 27th; Child of Edward SIMES

1681 November 28th; John MILLS

1681 December 18th; Bernard son of Custer TURMOUR

1681 January 8th; William FOWLER

1681 January 11th; William MILLER

1681 January 12th; William ELLIOT

1681 January 15th; Joan daughter of CHICK

1681 January 19th; Elizabeth RICHARDS

1681 January 22nd; Child of William NEWMAN

1681 February 3rd; Lancelot HARDY

1681 February 19th; Mary daughter of John FLACKER

1681 February 19th; a child of John NEWMAN

1681 March 5th; John HILL

1681 March 5th; Thomas son of Thomas VENSON

1681 March 12th; Susanna OLIVER

1681 March 14th; Robert CHICK

 no trans. for 1682

1683 April 1st; Thomas son of Henry HARDY

1683 April 8th; William son of Wiliam STOODLE

1683 April 12th; Margaret wife of Henry COX

1683 April 29th; Philip CANTLBERY

1683 May 1st; Mary daughter of John CONWAY

1683 May 1st; child of Mr. SCOT

1683 May 11th; Lancelot KEAT

1683 May 12th; Joan daughter of John WHITE

1683 May 22nd; George son of Henry SAMWAYS

1683 May 30th; Mary daughter of Charles FOOX

1683 June 8th; William CHICK

1683 June 12th; Thomas son of Wiliam STOODLE

1683 June 26th; Ann daughter of Wiliam CLARE

1683 June 26th; Mary daughter of Henry HOSKINS

1683 July 1st; Susanna daughter of Edward DENT

1683 July 1st; William son of John MASON

1683 July 8th; Henry son of Henry DONN

1683 July 16th; Joan wife of Richard COX

1683 July 17th; Joan wife of James CANTLBERY

1683 July 18th; child of Benjamin MATHEW

1683 July 29th; William son of Mary MASH

1683 July 29th; Grace daughter of Robert MEECH

1683 August 5th; Christian JESOP

1683 August 21st; Henry NEWMAN

1683 August 26th; Edith BUGLER

1683 August 28th; Elizabeth daughter of Joseph FATHERBEE

1683 September 7th; Ann wife of Francis CHUB

1683 September 13th; John DANIEL

1683 October 7th; John son of John HOSKINS

1683 October 4th; Julian RUSSELL

1683 October 5th; Agnes wife of Stephen JEROD

1683 October 5th; Edith daughter of Wiliam MILLS

1683 November 4th; Amy wife of John MINEFIL

1683 November 7th; Thomas RENDEL

1683 November 10th; Mr. John HOSKINS; counsellor

1683 November 25th; a stray woman of Thorncomb

1683 December; Jean daughter of Giles HART

1683 December; Robert son of Robert GUPPY

1683 December 23rd; Grace COX

1683 December 25th; John son of Edward STODGEL

1683 December 30th; Ann daughter of Thomas SCAMELL

1683 December 30th; Joan daughter of Joseph FATHERBEE

1683 January 4th; William FOWLER

1683 January 12th; Dorcas DOOCH

1683 January 20th; Mary daughter of Wiliam HOSKINS

1683 February 3rd; Anstis BLICK

1683 February 20th; Joan daughter of Robert CHICK

1683 February 24th; William MASON

1683 March 3rd; Darkis HILL

1684 April 8th; Ester WILMANT

1684 April 14th; Elizabeth BROWNE; widow

1684 April 20th; Joan wife of Henry GUDGE

1684 April 28th; Joseph son of John HOSKINS

1684 April 28th; Mary daughter of Philip RODBERT

1684 April 29th; Mary NAP

1684 April 30th; Frances wife of John SEAMER

1684 May 1st; William HOSKINS

1684 May 7th; Lancelot MILLS

1684 May 9th; John OLIVER

1684 May 9th; Elna TUCK

1684 May 29th; William LYE

1684 June 1st; Eliza daughter of Hugh SUGAR

1684 June 13th; Mary FOOT; widow


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