St. Mary's Baptisms 1691-1700

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


1691 April 5th; Mary daughter of Dioneis GALE

1691 April 5th; Elizabeth daughter of William NEWMAN

1691 May 3rd; Mary daughter of Francies CHUB

1691 May 17th; Robert son of Robert MEECH

1691 May 17th; Joan daughter of Robert MEECH

1691 June 2nd; James son of John BOYLAND

1691 June 2nd; Sara daughter of William MASH

1691 June 15th; Joan daughter of William LACK

1691 June 30th; Alce daughter of William GIFFORD Esq

1691 July 5th; Mary daughter of Hillary VILE

1691 July 19th; Mary daughter of John GOLLOP

1691 August 9th; Joseph son of John EWANS

1691 August 30th; Mary daughter of John CHIP

1691 September 9th; Thomas son of Henry PAINE

1691 September 20th; Mary daughter of John PECKHAM

1691 November 15th; ? son of Robert HARIS

1691 November 26th; John son of John STEPHENS

1691 November 29th; Susanna daughter of Christopher CHILCOTT

1691 December 6th; Mary daughter of Thomas HALLET

1691 December 20th; Maty[stet] daughter of John EVANS

1691 January 17th; William son of John HALLETT

1691 January 17th; Mary daughter of Henry HALLETT

1691 January 24th; John son of John JOANES

1619 February 14th; John son of Robert CHICK

1691 February 21st; Mary daughter of Sander DIKE

1691 February 28th; Samuel son of Samuel JOY

1691 March 13th; John son of Dinis GAIL

1691 March 13th; James son of Ann KEECH ; bastard

1691 March 28th; Joseph? son of Robert HOSKINS

1691 April 8th; Ann daughter of Thomas BRINSON

1691 April 8th; George son of Edward COCK

1691 April 10th; John son of Robert REED

1694 April 18th; son of John HALLET

1694 April 26th; son of Robert HALLET

1694 April 26th; daughter of John GENGE

1694 May 4th; Richard FORD

1694 May 13th; John DANIEL

1694 May 23rd; Thomas HALLET

1694; daughter of Thomas MUNDEN

1694 June 26th; Henry son of John NEWMAN

1694 August 5th; John son of John JOANES

1694 August 5th; John son of Henry SLADE

1694 August 12th; Robert son of John ?

1694 September 11th; John son of John CONWAY

1694 September 16th; Elizabeth daughter of William LACK

1694 September 23rd; Mary daughter of John KEECH

1694 September 26th; John son of John NEWMAN

1694 September 26th; Stephen son of John NEWMAN

1694 October 25th; Robert son of Valentine CLERK

1694 November 5th; John son of William PECKHAM

1694 November 5th; Jean daughter of Ralph CLOUD

1694 December 20th; Ann daughter of Hugh EDEN

1694 December 26th; William son of Robert MEECH

1694 December 30th; Andrew daughter of William BUGLER

1694 March 17th; Mary daughter of John WHITEMORE

1694 March 23rd; John son of Thomas CLOUD

1694 March 28th; John son of Robert HOSKINS

1695 March 28th; son of Robert HOSKINS

1695 April 14th; son of Clement SCOT

165 May 14th; son of John GUNDRY

1695 May 17th; son of William JESOP

1695 May 23rd; Susanna daughter of Thomas SARGANT

1695 June 2nd; son of Matthias BATH

1695 June 9th; Ann daughter of John HOSPERD

1695 June 16th; daughter of John MATHAS

1695 July 5th; son of John GOLLOP

1695 July 27th; daughter of William MASH

1695 July 27th; Henry son of Henry POLDEN

1695 August 17th; son of John HALLETT

1695 August 18th; son of Thomas HALLETT

1695 August 25th; son of Thomas MANTLE

1695 September 8th; daughter of Henry SLADE

1695 September 13th; daughter of BURGIS

1695 September 22nd; son of James LAUNCE

1695 October 9th; Henry son of Henry CLARK

1695 October 9th; daughter of Thomas MUNDEN

1695 November 5th; son of John PECKHAM

1695 November 5th; Elizabeth daughter of John TINKER

1695 November 24th; John son of Robert HARIS

1695 December 3rd; Elizabeth daughter of John EWANCE

1695 January 22nd; daughter of James READ

1695 January 22nd; Mary daughter of John CONWAY

1695 February 16th; Ann daughter of Robert JEROD

1695 March 8th; Ann daughter of Richard FORD

1695 March 22nd; daughter of John BANGER

1696 April 12th; Susanna daughter of John HALLETT

1696 April 13th; Mary daughter of William BARRETT

1696 July 4th; Elizabeth daughter of John CLARE ?

1696 August 19th; Hannah daughter of Samuel GRINHAM

1696 September 13th; James son of William BUGLER

1696 September 15th; Sara daughter of Henry PAINE

1696 September 20th; George son of Henry HALLETT

1696 September 20th; Alce daughter of Robert CLARK

1696 September 22nd; Hester daughter of Joseph CROCKER

1696 October 11th; John son of Nicollis GEAR

1696 October 11th; Mary daughter of Georg DAMIT

1696 November 15th; Richard son of Richard PINNEY

1696 November 29th; Elizabeth daughter of John JEROD

1696 December 20th; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas MATHIAS ?

1696 December 28th; Ann daughter of Richard HOSKINS

1696 January 27th; James son of James HALLETT

1696 December 28th; Judith daughter of John DRAYTON

1696 February 7th; Mary daughter of Francies GROVES

1696 February 20th; Joseph son of John CAINS

1696 February 25th; Jean daughter of Joseph GILLINGGAME

1696 February 21st; William son of Joseph WAY

1696 March 14th; James son of James TUCK

1696 March 15th; Joan daughter of Charles HOSKINS

1696 March 28th; Joan daughter of Henry CHUB

1696 March 28th; Leah daughter of Henry DONN

1696 March 28th; Vallintine son of Vallintine CLARK

1697 April 21st; Joan daughter of John DANIEL

1697 May 11th; Mary daughter of Clement JAMES

1697 May 30th; Ann daughter of John KEECH

1697 June; Henry son of Hugh HALLETT

1697 August 13th; William son of Joseph HALLETT

1697 September 5th; John son of John PECKHAM

1697 September 12th; Ann daughter of John DERBY

1697 October 17th; Martha daughter of Angel GAIL

1697 October 19th; John son of John ROBERTS

1697 November 5th; Henry son of John CONWAY

1697 December 19th; Phillis daughter of Ralph CLOUD

1697 December 20th; Mary daughter of Richard JEROD

1697 January 5th; Ann daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1697 January 5th; John son of John COX

1697 February 25th; Margrett daughter of Joseph LONG

1697 February 27th; Mary daughter of Hugh EDEN

1696 February 27th; Mary daughter of Henry HARDY

1697 March 6th; Mary daughter of Georg JAMES

1697 March 13th; Giles son of John BOZY

1697 March 13th; Edward son of Edward MUNDEN

1697 March; Mary daughter of Benjamin NOSSITER

1697 March 23rd; Ann daughter of Thomas SEAL

1698 April 13th; An daughter of Richard PINNEY

1698 April 23rd; John son of John MARTHAS

1698 April 25th; John son of John GOLLOP

1698 April 26th; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas HALLETT

1698 May 13th; Florence daughter of John HOSKINS

1698 May 14th; Samuel son of Edward HITT

1698 May 30th; Elizabeth daughter of Henry JEROD

1698 July 2nd; John son of Thomas HALLETT

1698 July 17th; Martha daughter of James BAGG

1698 July 24th; Daniel son of James NICKCOLIS

1698 August 14th; Elizabeth daughter of Nicollis GEAR

1698 August 28th; Samuel son of John GUNDRY

1698 September 11th; Elizabeth daughter of William MILLS

1698 October 7th; Mary daughter of Richard HOSKINS

1698 October 7th; John son of John WAY

1698 November 20th; Martha daughter of Angel GANWAY

1698 November 20th; John son of Henry GUDY

1698 December 11th; John son of John HALLETT

1698 November 25th; Marten son of Nicollis PITTMAN

1698 December 26th; Mary daughter of John HOSKINS

1698 December 28th; Richard son of Daniel FOWLER

1698 December 28th; Hannah daughter of John HEARN

1698 December 29th; John son of John DEATON

1698 January 2nd; Henry son of Hugh HALLETT

1698 January 6th; Andrew son of William BUGLER

1698 January 10th; John son of James BURBUDG

1698 January 29th; Susanna daughter of Henry BARRETT

1698 February 12th; Joseph son of Henry HARDY

1698 February 13th; Hannah daughter of George GILL

1698 February 19th; Mary daughter of William HOSKINS

1698 February 26th; John son of Deborah COX

1698 March 3rd; Joan daughter of Richard DAMIT

1698 March 5th; Mary daughter of Matthew SWOFFELL

1698 March 7th; James son of James CHICK

1698 March 10th; Samuel son of Samuel GRINHAM

1699 April 2nd; Thomas son of John MUNDEN

1699 April 2nd; Henry son of Henry SCOT

1699 April 3rd; Elizabeth daughter of Henry PAINE

1699 April 9th; Ann daughter of John TINKER

1699 May 2nd; Joan daughter of John BUTHER ?

1699 May 7th; Hannah daughter of Roger CAPEN

1699 May 7th; Robert son of Henry CHUB

1699 May 28th; Hanah daughter of James HALLETT

1699 June 1st; John son of John DERBY

1699 June 4th; Joan daughter of George DIMIT

1699 July 23rd; John son of William COLLINS

1699 July 30th; Susanna daughter of Robert WAYWELL

1699 August 11th; Edward son of Edward STODGEL

1699 September 17th; An daughter of William HILLARY

1699 September 24th; Elizabeth daughter of Henry MABY

1699 October 1st; John son of John BEDGOOD

1699 October 4th; John son of Aurther WHITEMORE

1699 October 21st; John son of William LACK

1699 November 1st; Elizabeth daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1699 November 27th; George son of Benjamin NOSSITER

1699 December 24th; John son of Joseph WAY

1699 January 7th; Joan daughter of Francies GROVES

1699 January 14th; Elizabeth daughter of Nickcolis HARDY

1699 January 19th; Hanah daughter of Thomas MUNDEN

1699 February 4th; John son of Thomas JERAD

1699 February 17th; Henry son of Henry GUDY

1700 April 7th; Thomas son of Richard FORD

1700 June 2nd; Thomas son of Charles BEER

1700 June 10th; Joan daughter of John GOLLOP

1700 June 30th; Mary daughter of Robert CLARK

1700 July 2nd; Susanna daughter of Joseph LONG

1700 August 4th; Jean daughter of Stephen HAKINS

1700 August 8th; Elizabeth daughter of Philip ADAMS

1700 August 30th; Richard son of Richard HOSKINS

1700 September 15th; William son of Alicksander DIKE

1700 September 15th; Edward son of Edward MUNDEN

1700 September 23rd; Mary daughter of John CAINS

1700 November 1st; Hugh son of Elizabeth FOWLER

1700 November 1st; Elizabeth daughter of Richard HALLETT

1700 November 3rd; Erasmus son of Erasamus HALLETT

1700 November 5th; William son of William MILLS

1700 November 5th; Nickcolis son of John BOZY

1700 November 5th; An daughter of John CANTELBURY

1700 November 5th; Elizabeth daughter of Richard PINEY

1700 November 10th; John son of John HOAR

1700 November 10th; Mary daughter of John GUNDRY

1700 November 24th; Joan daughter of Henry MABY

1700 November 25th; John son of Henry JEROD

1700 December 1st; Mary daughter of John PECKHAM

1700 December 3rd; Daniel son of Daniel FOWLER

1700 December 22nd; Elizabeth daughter of John BEDGOOD

1700 January 13th; Elizabeth daughter of Silas SIMS

1700 January 18th; Mary daughter of Doctor HILL

1700 January 19th; Elizabeth daughter of James BAGG

1700 February 4th; William son of Simon SHEPHERD

1700 February 6th; William son of James CHICK

1700 February 16th; Susanna daughter of William JEROD

1700 March 3rd; Joseph son of Philip SIMS

1700 March 7th; Elizabeth daughter of John HOSKINS

1700 March 9th; Charles son of Charles WAREN

1700 March 9th; Joan daughter of Richard STEPHENS

1700 March 16th; J??n daughter of James TUCK

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