MARRIAGES 1882-1899

Transcribed from parish registers by Zoe Martin


[x] indicates they made their mark, otherwise they signed their name

1882, 6th March, Joseph Andrew, PEARCE, 46, Widower, Millwright, Beaminster, Father: Andrew PEARCE Millwright, &, Mary Ann, BROOKS, 34, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Josiah BROOKS Tailor, Banns, Witnesses John ROGERS Elizabeth Matilda BROOKS

1882, 9th April, George, HILL [x], 34, Bachelor, Labourer, Beaminster, Father: John HILL Shoemaker &, Mary Ann, LEGG, 23, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Solomon LEGG Labourer, Banns, Witnesses James HILL Mary HILL [x]

1882, 25th April, William Slade, JOHNSON, 28, Bachelor, Yeoman, Osmington, Father: William JOHNSON Yeoman &, Annie Eliza Morey, SQUIRE, 23, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: George SQUIRE Innkeeper, Licence, Witnesses Robert LEIGH? Jane Rosalie ANDREWS

1882, .24th May, Alfred, TROLLOPE, 27, Bachelor, Groom, St. Peter's Brackley Northants, Father: Lambert TROLLOPE Gardene &, Sarah, WHITTLE, 27, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Thomas WHITTLE Engineer, Banns, Witnesses David KEECH Maria KEECH

1882, 31st May, Charles, POOLE, 26, Bachelor, Plumber, Beaminster, Father: Samuel POOLE Innkeeper,  &, Lucy, BOYCE, 26, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Caleb BOYCE Gardener, Banns, Witnesses Phoebe READ Frederick HILL

1882, 6th June, Uriah, HODDER, 40, Bachelor, Pensioner Late Private 63 Regt of Foot, Beaminster, Father: Esau HODDER Tailor &, Hannah Eliza, SATCHELL [x], 30, Widow, , Beaminster, Father: Isaac CLARE Butcher, Banns, Witnesses ? WATTS [x] Ruth? WATTS 

1882, 15th June, Elias James Charles, COLE [x], 21, Bachelor, Hairdresser, Bridport, Father: Elias COLE Seaman &, Margaret, GIBBS, 21, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Samuel GIBBS Shoemaker, Banns, Witnesses Samuel GIBBS [x] Jane COLE

1882, 4th November, William, RIGLER, 21, Bachelor, Carter, Beaminster, Father: Richard RIGLER Carter,  &, Emily, CHUBB, 19, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: James CHUBB Mason, Banns, Witnesses William HOLT Annie GALE

1882, 14th December, Frederick Ford, SAUNDERS, 29, Bachelor, Postman, Beaminster, Father: Joseph SAUNDERS Gardener &, Mary Jane, SOPER, 30, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: George SOPER Labourer, Banns, Witnesses William WELCH [x] Harriett SOPER?

1883, 14th January, William Henry, POMERY, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, Beaminster, Father: no entry &, Sarah Ann, LOCK [x], 22, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: George LOCK Carpenter, Banns, Witnesses George LOCK Sarah POMERY [x]

1883, 11th May, William Robert, PILE, 35, Bachelor, Yeoman, Langdon Beaminster, Father: Robert PILE Yeoman &, Sarah Caroline, NEWMAN, 20, Spinster, , Willowood Beaminster, Father: Charles Symes NEWMAN Yeoman, Banns, Witnesses John Henry NEWMAN Emilie PILE Joseph

1883, 15th May, Richard, ELLIOTT, 26, Bachelor, Mason, Beaminster, Father: John ELLIOTT Labourer &, Jane, GALE, 24, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: James Cox GALE Labourer, Banns, Witnesses John GALE Anna NOARE?

1883, 5th June, Richard, SWATRIDGE, 32, Bachelor, Cornfactor, Beaminster, Father: Richard SWATRIDGE Cornfacto &, Elizabeth Barbara, ANDREWS, 24, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: James ANDREWS Bank Manager, Banns, Witnesses James ANDREWS Annie Margaret SWATRIDGE James ANDREWS (Junr?)

1883, 7th June, William Harvey, BOUCHER, 24, Bachelor, Blacksmith, East Coker, Father: George BOUCHER Mason &, Ellen, DAVEY, 28, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Robert DAVEY Labourer, Banns, Witnesses William DAVEY Bessie EG???

1883, 6th August, Jeffrey, HILL, 21, Bachelor, Shoemaker, Beaminster, Father: George HILL Bake &, Sarah Ann, GEAR, 25, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: John GEAR Basket maker, Banns, Witnesses George HILL Elizabeth SWAFFIELD

1883, 9th October, Joseph, NEWCOMBE, 24, Bachelor, Miller, Okehampton, Father: Joseph NEWCOMBE Farmer &, Emily, PILE, 23, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: Robert PILE Farmer, Banns, Witnesses John PILE Charles TOLEMAN ? PILE

1883, 28th November, George, KEARLEY, 30, Bachelor, Groom, Beaminster, Father: William KEARLEY Carter &, Harriett Elizabeth, BLYTH, 23, Spinster, , Beaminster, Father: no entry  , Banns, Witnesses Edwin COODE [x] M.A. HALL 

1884, January, 3rd, Herbert Samuel, COOMBS, 21, Bachelor, Baker, , Father:, William, COOMBS, Dairyman, &, Mary Ann, MARSH, 21, Spinster, , Father:, John, MARSH, Dairyman, Licence, Witnesses: Henry John MARSH Abner Hearn COOMBS  

1884, January, 22nd, Edwin, SWAFFIELD, 27, Bachelor, Labourer, Stoke Abbott, Father:, John, SWAFFIELD, Weaver, &, Emma, CHUBB, 29, Spinster, , Father:, Charles, CHUBB, Grocer, Banns, Witnesses: F. SWAFFIELD L.J. FOUNTAIN   

1884, March, 17th, John, TRUMP, 22, Bachelor, Painter, , Father:, William, TRUMP, Sawyer, &, Eva, BUGLER, 21, Spinster, , Father:, William, BUGLER, Mason, Banns, Witnesses: Matthew BUGLER Susan HALSON  

1884, April, 17th, Richard, HOARE, 27, Bachelor, Carpenter, , Father:, William, HOARE, Carpenter, &, Elizabeth, HULL, 33, Spinster, , Father:, Thomas, HULL, Blacksmith, Banns, Witnesses: John HULL Emily HULL William HOARE

1884, April, 24th, William James, SAMWAYS, 25, Bachelor, Farmer, Wookey Somerset, Father:, James, SAMWAYS, Farmer, &, Blanche Ellen, BRYANT, 27, Spinster, , Father:, John, BRYANT, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: Henry Symes BRYANT Alice Jane BRYANT  

1884, May, 7th, William James, BUDDEN, 38, Bachelor, Yeoman, Netherbury, Father:, Matthew, BUDDEN, Yeoman, &, Sarah, LYDENHAM, 26, Spinster, , Father:, James, LYDENHAM, Yeoman, Banns, Witnesses: James Guy LYDENHAM Susan LYDENHAM  

1884, June, 5th, John, HUNT, 23, Bachelor, Blacksmith, , Father:, James, HUNT, Mechanic, &, Maria, SALISBURY X, 23, Spinster, , Father:, Robert, SALISBURY, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Alfred John HOLLOWAY Alfred CHUBB  

1884, September, 15th, Alfred John, BULLOCK, 34, Bachelor, Accountant, , Father:, John, BULLOCK, Farmer, &, Sarah Amba?, MEECH, 21, Spinster, , Father:, Henry, MEECH, Auctioneer's Clerk, Banns, Witnesses: John Henry MEECH Charity Bishop MEECH  

1884, October, 21st, William John, DURDEN, 25, Bachelor, Plumber, , Father:, William, DURDEN, Plumber, &, Clara Annie, COX, 22, Spinster, , Father:, Walter Henry, COX, Butcher, Banns, Witnesses: Walter Henry COX Alice Jane TOLEMAN  

1884, November, 12th, George William, TIMMS, 24, Bachelor, Veterinary Surgeon, Bridport, Father:, William, TIMMS, Farmer, &, Mary Caroline, PAUL, 22, Spinster, , Father:, John Henry, PAUL, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: John Henry PAUL George Alfred KNIGHT  

1884, November, 18th, George, BUGLER, 29, Bachelor, Mechanic, , Father:, Robert, BUGLER, Mechanic, &, Elizabeth Matilda, BROOKS, 26, Spinster, , Father:, Jonah, BROOKS, Tailor, Banns, Witnesses: John ROGERS Mary Jane BROOKS  

1885, January, 25th, John, HANSFORD X, 23, Bachelor, Carter, , Father:, William, HANSFORD, Carter, &, Susan, SAMWAYS, 19, Spinster, , Father:, George, SAMWAYS, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: John SAMWAYS X Elizabeth SAMWAYS X  

1885, April, 29th, William Barnes, COPP, 22, Bachelor, Farmer, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Father:, John, COPP, Farmer, &, George Harriet, BUGLER, 23, Spinster, , Father:, Robert, BUGLER, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: Frederick W. PARSONS Adelaide Mary BAYLESS  

1885, June, 24th, Charles, TOLEMAN, 30, Bachelor, Ironmonger, , Father:, Edward, TOLEMAN, Ironmonger, &, Bessie, PILE, 21, Spinster, Langdon, Beaminster, Father:, Robert, PILE, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: John PILE ? PILE Robert  TOLEMAN Alice TOLEMAN

1885, July, 26th, Henry George, TURNER, 28, Bachelor, Engine Driver, , Father:, Aaron, TURNER, Labourer, &, Jane, TRUMP, 21, Spinster, , Father:, William, TRUMP, Sawyer, Banns, Witnesses: Frederick W. TRAVERS Ellen BUGLER  

1885, September, 19th, Robert, HAWKER, 32, Bachelor, Tranter, , Father:, James, HAWKER, Tranter, &, Elizabeth, SWAFFIELD X, 31, Spinster, , Father:, Thomas, SWAFFIELD, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Thomas HATTS? Harriet CHARD  

1885, September, 27th, Thomas, CHARD X, 35, Bachelor, Labourer, Stoke Abbott, Father:, John Day, CHARD, Labourer, &, Caroline, BULLOCK, 22, Spinster, , Father:, Eli, BULLOCK, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Charles TUCK X Fanny TUCK  

1885, October, 11th, Richard, SEAL X, 30, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Job, SEAL, Labourer, &, Selina, PAUL X, 33, Spinster, , Father:, Charles, PAUL, Shoemaker, Banns, Witnesses: Tom WHITE X Elizabeth PAUL X  

1885, October, 29th, Matthew, WRIXON, 29, Bachelor, Wheelwright, , Father:, Samuel, WRIXON, Labourer, &, Harriet, MILLS, 45, Spinster, , Father:, Samuel, MILLS, Millwright, Banns, Witnesses: Walter James MILLS Ellen LEWES  

1885, November, 16th, Robert, GILLINGHAM, 44, Widower, Farmer, , Father:, George, GILLINGHAM, Farmer, &, Mary Smith, MOREY, 28, Spinster, , Father:, John, MOREY, Farmer, Licence, Witnesses: Joseph Welk? MOREY Elizabeth GILLINGHAM  

1886, March, 20th, Harry Foster, GROVES, 24, Bachelor, Joiner, Long Keel Poole, Father:, Reuben, GROVES, Coachman, &, Alice, HUNT, 23, Spinster, , Father:, James, HUNT, Machinist, Banns, Witnesses: James Guy HUNT Louisa HUNT  

1886, March, 24th, Thomas, LEGG X, 23, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Thomas, LEGG, Labourer, &, Emma Emily, STONE, 23, Spinster, , Father:, John, STONE, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: J. STONE Sarah Ann HILL   

1886, May, 6th, Luke, ROGERS, 31, Bachelor, Painter, , Father:, Jabez, ROGERS, Wheelwright, &, Mary Elizabeth, MILLS, 28, Widow, , Father:, Samuel, GIBBS, Shoemaker, Banns, Witnesses: Samuel GIBBS X Sarah Jane GIBBS  

1886, May, 26th, Baruch, WHITTY X, 21, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Henry, WHITTY, Labourer, &, Alice, WAY, 20, Spinster, , Father:, John, WAY, Shepherd, Banns, Witnesses: Emma Emily WAY Thomas GUNNING Charles POOLE

1886, June, 3rd, John, BOON, 26, Bachelor, Hawker, , Father:, Isaac, BOON, Gardener, &, Charlotte, HAWKER, 24, Spinster, , Father:, James, HAWKER, Tranter, Banns, Witnesses: J.HAWKER Kate Elizabeth HAWKER   

1886, July, 6th, William, HOLT, 25, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, David, HOLT, Labourer, &, Mary Elizabeth, ISAACS X, 25, Spinster, , Father:, Edward, ISAACS, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Frederick STUDLEY X Sarah Ann HOLT  

1886, July, 21st, George, MATTHEWS, 62, Widower, Pensioner, , Father:, George, MATTHEWS, Labourer, &, Ann, FARMER, 53, Widow, , Father:, George, HOUSE, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Joseph Welk? TUCK X Mary Ann TUCK X  

1886, August, 11th, John Henry Samuel, GALE X, 24, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Thomas, GALE, Labourer, &, Ellen, SAMWAYS X, 23, Spinster, , Father:, George, SAMWAYS, Carter, Banns, Witnesses: George SAMWAYS X Jane SAMWAYS X  

1886, August, 15th, William, BUGLER, 26, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, George, BUGLER, Labourer, &, Fanny, POOLE, 22, Spinster, , Father:, Charles, POOLE, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Robert POOLE Mary Ann POOLE  

1886, September, 16th, John, POTTER, 21, Bachelor, Flaxdresser, , Father:, John, POTTER, Flaxdresser, &, Mary Ann, BUGLER, 22, Spinster, , Father:, Isaac, BUGLER, Woodsman, Banns, Witnesses: John Henry Samuel BUGLER Jane POTTER  

1886, December, 12th, George, HAWKER X, 54, Widower, Gardener, , Father:, Henry, HAWKER, Tranter, &, Mary Ann, TRUMP, 41, Widow, , Father:, Henry, SAUNDERS, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: John WAY X Maria WAY X  

1886, December, 18th, John, BROOKS, Full, Bachelor, Tailor, , Father:, Josiah, BROOKS, Tailor, &, Cartherine, QUARRELL, Full age, Spinster, , Father:, Samuel, QUARRELL, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Mary Ann QUARRELL David ALLEN X  

1887, January, 13th, Henry, ROWE, Full, Bachelor, Corporal Royal Engineers, Father:, James, ROWE, Carpenter, &, Maria, KEECH, Full age, Spinster, , Father:, David, KEECH, Marble Mason, Banns, Witnesses: David KEECH Daniel ROWE  

1887, January, 18th, William James, VEAL, Full, Widower, Chief Officer Coast Guard, Chideock, Father:, James, VEAL, Seaman R.N., &, Mary, LAWRENCE, Full age, Spinster, , Father:, William, LAWRENCE, Servant, Banns, Witnesses: Walter TIZZARD Wiliam LAWRENCE Fanny LAWRENCE

1887, January, 27th, Joseph Thomas, NEWMAN, Full, Bachelor, Carpenter, , Father:, Joseph, NEWMAN, Carpenter, &, Susan, TREVETT, Full age, Spinster, , Father:, Stephen, TREVETT, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: James Guy TREVETT Annie TREVETT  

1887, February, 16th, William Henry, BUGLER, 35, Bachelor, Engineer, , Father:, Robert, BUGLER, Engineer, &, Alice Ellen, HANSFORD, 23, Spinster, , Father:, Simon, HANSFORD, Dairy Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: H. HANSGORD Minnie Annie HANSFORD George BUGLER 

1887, May, 9th, Frederick, STOODLY X, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Henry, STOODLY, Carter, &, Sarah Ann, HOLT, 22, Spinster, , Father:, David, HOLT, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Elias BULLOCK Emily Eliza HOLT Emma STOODLY 

1887, June, 6th, Henry James, TUCK X, 26, Bachelor, Thatcher, , Father:, William, TUCK, Thatcher, &, Lavinia, MINTERN, 23, Spinster, , Father:, Edmund, MINTERN, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Thomas G. RAWLS Mary Jane RAWLS  

1887, June, 13th, John, TRUMP, 25, Widower, Painter, , Father:, Willim, TRUMP, Sawyer, &, Elizabeth Ann, TRAVERS, 18, Spinster, , Father:, Joseph, TRAVERS, Sawyer, Banns, Witnesses: Frederick TRAVERS Alice FONE?  

1887, August, 4th, John Henry, MEECH, 30, Widower, Butcher, , Father:, George, MEECH, Butcher, &, Francis Ellen, BARTLETT, 23, Spinster, , Father:, James, BARTLETT, Gardener, Banns, Witnesses: Arthur? BARTLETT Louisa BARTLETT  

1887, August, 21st, Job, WHITTY X, 24, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Henry, WHITTY, Labourer, &, Mary Ann, HILL, 23, Spinster, , Father:, George, HILL, Baker, Banns, Witnesses: Walter HILL Mary HOUSE  

1887, September, 3rd, Lot, BRINSON, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, William, BRINSON, Labourer, &, Clara Prudence, BUGLER, 24, Spinster, , Father:, Alfred, BUGLER, Shoemaker, Banns, Witnesses: Cornelius BUGLER Adelaide Mary LINGARD  

1887, September, 28th, George, POAT, 25, Bachelor, Gardener, , Father:, Henry, POAT, Woodman, &, Ann, PRIDDLE, 25, Spinster, , Father:, Thomas, PRIDDLE, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Bemjamin LEGG Elizabeth PRIDDLE  

1887, October, 10th, Albert, BUGLER, 26, Bachelor, Farmer, , Father:, Robert, BUGLER, Farmer, &, Adelaide Mary Holt, BUGLER, 22, Spinster, , Father:, Robert, BUGLER, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: George BUGLER Alice BUGLER George BUGLER

1887, October, 21st, James, STOKES, 26, Bachelor, Carter, Farrington Gurney Somerset, Father:, Edward, STOKES, Labourer, &, Annie, TRAVERS, 25, Spinster, , Father:, Robert, TRAVERS, Sexton, Banns, Witnesses: Robert TRAVERS Ellen TRAVERS Charles Alexander SPRAKLING

1887, October, 24th, Joseph Thomas, SPRAKLING, 33, Bachelor, Mason, Netherbury, Father:, Thomas, SPRAKLING, Mason, &, Lucy Ann, TRAVERS, 21, Spinster, , Father:, Robert, TRAVERS, Sexton, Banns, Witnesses: Robert TRAVERS Ellen TRAVERS Charles Alexander SPRAKLING

1887, November, 2nd, Thomas Joseph, GUNNING, 24, Bachelor, Servant, , Father:, John, GUNNING, Labourer, &, Emma, WAY, 27, Spinster, , Father:, John, WAY, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: George WAY Emma BURT?  

1887, December, 14th, Alfred, SEAL X, 32, Bachelor, Mason, , Father:, Job, SEAL, Labourer, &, Lucy Ann, LOVERIDGE, 26, Spinster, , Father:, Job, SEAL, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: James Guy LOVERIDGE Martha LOVERIDGE  

1888, January, 30th, Elias, BULLOCK, 20, Bachelor, Porter, , Father:, Eli, BULLOCK, Lime burner, &, Emily Eliza, HOLT, 20, Spinster, , Father:, David, HOLT, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: William HOLT Sarah Ann HOLT  

1888, April, 19th, George Barter, SAVAGE, 25, Bachelor, Painter, , Father:, George Barter, SAVAGE, Flax Heckler, &, Clara, GIDDINGS, 22, Spinster, , Father:, John, GIDDINGS, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: George Henry MEECH Ada ?MEECH  

1888, June, 21st, Robert David, WEAVER, 27, Bachelor, Blacksmith, , Father:, William, WEAVER, Blacksmith, &, Sarah, PEARCE, 29, Spinster, , Father:, Gerrard, PEARCE, Carrier, Banns, Witnesses: Mary Louisa WEAVER ?Thomas PEARCE  

1888, July, 25th, James, BENNETT, 62, Widower, Cab proprietor, St. John the Baptist, Father:, Robert, BENNETT, Carver & Gilder, &, Emily Eliza, HULL, 31, Spinster, , Father:, Thomas, HULL, Blacksmith, Banns, Witnesses: John Henry HULL Elizabeth HOARE  

1888, August, 9th, George, POPHAM, 26, Bachelor, Master Mariner, Appledore Devon, Father:, John, POPHAM, Master Mariner, &, Susan Amelia, HEAVER, 24, Spinster, , Father:, John Webber, HEAVER, Grocer, Licence, Witnesses: I.H. HISCOCK L.E.U. HEAVER John HEAVER John FISHWICK

1888, September, 20th, Sidney John Knight, NORRIS, 23, Bachelor, Servant, , Father:, John, NORRIS, Gardener, &, Angela, BUGLER, 21, Spinster, , Father:, Alfred, BUGLER, Shoe maker, Banns, Witnesses: William Henry NORRIS X Lavinia BUGLER  

1888, November, 15th, George Gerrard, ELLIOTT, 27, Bachelor, Grocer, Bridport, Father:, Robert, ELLIOTT, Weaver, &, Catherine Matilda, HOOPER, 26, Spinster, , Father:, Edwin, HOOPER, Carrier, Banns, Witnesses: Henry Edwin HOOPER Edwin D. FONE?  

1888, December, 24th, Maurice, MOORE, 41, Bachelor, Innkeeper, , Father:, Samuel, MOORE, Steward, &, Caroline, POPE, 42, Widow, , Father:, Burnet, BERRY, Farmer, Banns, Witnesses: Thomas CLADD? Richard William BUGLER  

1888, December, 25th, Samuel, POOLE, 30, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Samuel, POOLE, Publican, &, Emily Ellen, POMERY, 25, Spinster, , Father:, Abraham, POMERY, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: William BARTLETT Mary Ann BARTLETT  

1889, January, 1st, Henry Edwin, LOVING, 23, Bachelor, GROOM, Hendford Yeovil, Father:, John, LOVING, Labourer, &, Clara Jane, GIBBS, 21, Spinster, , Father:, Samuel, GIBBS, Shoe maker, Banns, Witnesses: Bessie LOVING Samuel GIBBS X Luke ROGERS 

1889, January, 29th, John Henry, LEWIS X, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, Axnoller, Father:, Richard, LEWIS, Labourer, &, Annie Eliza, HUNT, 20, Spinster, , Father:, John, HUNT, Lab, Banns, Witnesses: Mark HUNT Caroline LEWIS  

1889, May, 5th, George, PARKER, 23, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, John, PARKER, Labourer, &, Matilda Jane, MARSH, 22, Spinster, , Father:, James, MARSH, Mason, Banns, Witnesses: Samuel TURNER Mary Ann HILL  

1889, June, 12th, Nathaniel Spicer, WILLIAMS, 36, Bachelor, Ordinance Artificer, , Father:, James, WILLIAMS, Stone mason, &, Ann, DAVIS, 39, Spinster, , Father:, George Barter, DAVIS, Gardener, Banns, Witnesses: William CURTIS Ada Banfield CURTIS  

1889, August, 4th, George, LEWIS X, 22, Bachelor, Labourer, , Father:, Job, LEWIS, Labourer, &, Ellen, HAYWARD, 23, Spinster, , Father:, William, HAYWARD, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: Charles WATTS Elizabeth HAYWARD  

1889, September, 12th, Henry Edwin, BRAND, 31, Bachelor, Ironmonger, Christ Church St. Leonards-on-the-sea, Father:, Arscott, BRAND, Inland Reveue Officer, &, Julia Kate, CROCKER, 29, Spinster, , Father:, Jonas, CROCKER, Gentleman, Banns, Witnesses: Jonas CROCKER Maria Wellerman SAMPSON  

1889, October, 15th, Arthur, BISHOP, 27, Bachelor, Banker's clerk, , Father:, Charles, BISHOP, Commercial traveller, &, Elizabeth Frances, BELLAMY, 21, Spinster, , Father:, John, BELLAMY, Gardener, Banns, Witnesses: Alice Margaret BELLAMY Michael? BISHOP  

1889, November, 27th, Charles, ABRAHAM, 25, Bachelor, Gardener, St. Mary Twyford Hants, Father:, John, ABRAHAM, Labourer, &, Georgine, GIBBS, 25, Spinster, , Father:, Benjamin, GIBBS, Labourer, Banns, Witnesses: A.G. FONE Charles GIBBS  Mary V???? 

1889, December, 4th, George, HOUSELL, 35, Widower, Yeoman, Powerstock, Father:, Adam George Stone, HOUSELL, Yeoman, &, Matilda Johnson, PINE, 49, Spinster, , Father:, Thomas, PINE, Grocer, Banns, Witnesses: ?? Vie PINE ??HOUNSELL G.E. PINE ?? HOUNSELL 

1890 January 30th   Robert Todd GRAHAM; 36; Bachelor; Publisher of Stoke Newington Middlesex; father Frederick GRAHAM; Goldsmith
& Mary Louisa POAT; 25; Spinster; father Henry POAT; Woodman; by Licence;
Witnesses; H. POAT & Edith POAT

1890 April 24th   James Herbert GREEN; 32; Bachelor; Managing Clerk of Monmouth; father James *Harries GREEN; School Master
& Hannah L/SYDENHAM?; 26; Spinster; father James LYDENHAM; Yeoman; by Banns;
Witnesses; James LYDENHAM & William BUDDEN; *in 1904 this name was altered by the vicar in front of witnesses to Haines

1890 May 26th   Harry RENDLE; 21; Bachelor; Labourer; father Richard RENDLE; Labourer
& Emily Jane PAUL; 23; Spinster; father Eli PAUL; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; A.J. FLOAD? & F. RENDLE

1890 June 5th   Henry PALMER; 21; Bachelor; Outfitter of Ludlow; father Thomas PALMER; Draper
& Sarah Anne BOWDITCH; 21; Spinster; father James Oliver BOWDITCH; Currier; by Licence;
Witnesses; James Oliver BOWDITCH & Susan Slade BOWDITCH

1890 June 5th   Thomas Archibald GOODCHILD; 39; Bachelor; Doctor; father Samuel GOODCHILD; Tailor
& Jane Raintraw? BENNETT; 37; Widow; Dublin; father George SMITH; Gentleman; by Banns;
Witnesses; Robert LEIGH ? & J.P. DANIEL

1890 June 24th   James Henry COLLINS; 35; Bachelor; Accountant of Gloucester; father James COLLINS; Cabinet Maker
& Emily MEECH; 25; Spinster; father David MEECH; Yeoman; by Banns;
Witnesses; David MEECH & Frances MEECH

1890 September 23rd   George Joseph John HILL; 23; Bachelor; Tailor; father George HILL; Groom
& Mary Louisa WEAVER; 24; Spinster; father William WEAVER; Blacksmith; by Banns;
Witnesses; William LAWRENCE & Sarah HILL

1890 September 30th   Daniel HALSON; 27; Bachelor; Labourer of Burstock; father Edwin HALSON; Labourer
& Phoebe READ; 31; Spinster; father Thomas READ; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Tom DAMON? & Charlotte CHICK

1890 November 5th   Andrew Cox ROGERS; 28; Bachelor; Labourer of Toller Whelme?; father William ROGERS; Labourer
& Emilie DAWE; 23; Spinster; father Samuel DAWE; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles ROGERS, Caroline DAVIS & Harry RENDELL

1890 November 19th   Alfred BEVISS; 25; Bachelor; Mason of Tylorstown Glamorganshire; father James BEVISS; Labourer
& Elizabeth HAYWARD; 22; Spinster; father William HAYWARD; Gardener; by Banns;
Witnesses; Henry HANN & Jane HAYWARD

1891 January 15th   Harry Bandfield LONG; 26; Bachelor; Confectioner; father Bartholomew LONG; Confectioner
& Kate BRAKE; 20; Spinster; father Samuel BRAKE; Carpenter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Bartholomew LONG & Samuel BRAKE

1891 March 30th   Charles FARNHAM; 21; Bachelor; Carter; father Robert FARNHAM; Carter
& Jane Raintraw? PARK; 24; Spinster; father Thomas PARK; Shoemaker; by Banns;
Witnesses; Ellen STONE & James FARNHAM

1891 April 29th   George HOUSE; 26; Bachelor; Labourer; father John HOUSE; Labourer
& Louisa LEWIS; 20; Spinster; father Richard LEWIS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Martha NEWBERRY & Richard LEWIS X

1891 May 11th   Benjamin Baverstock RYALL; 33; Bachelor; Farmer of Thornford; father William James RYALL; Farmer
& Cora PILE; 28; Spinster; father Robert PILE; Farmer; by Banns;
Witnesses; John PILE & Caleb RYALL

1891 July 29th   George DAWE; 32; Bachelor; Labourer; father Samuel DAWE; Labourer
& Caroline LEWIS; 29; Spinster; father Richard LEWIS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Richard LEWIS X & Martha NEWBERRY

1891 October 20th   William James Morier? HERBERT; 33; Bachelor; Accountant of Roath Co. Glamorgan; father James Banks? HERBERT; Priest
& Edith Sophia LEONARD; 30; Spinster; father Francis Benford? LEONARD; Priest; by Banns;

1892 January 20th   Frank KNOWLES; 25; Bachelor; Miller of Dawlish Devon; father William KNOWLES; Miller
& Alice Francis ROW; 26; Spinster; father Edwin ROW; Farmer; by Banns;
Witnesses; William Ellis KNOWLES & Giles FRAMPTON


1982 May 8th   Thomas LEWIS; 22; Bachelor; Labourer; father Richard LEWIS; Labourer
& Martha NEWBERRY; 21; Spinster; father George NEWBERRY; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; George NELSON X & Mary Anna LEWIS

1892 May 17th   William HAMLETT; 25; Bachelor; Blacksmith of Stoke Abbott; father William HAMLETT; Haulier
& Kate Elizabeth HAWKER; 27; Spinster; father Benjamin HAWKER; Haulier; by Banns;
Witnesses; E. MOORE & C. HAWKER

1892 June 1st   Charles NEWTON; 24; Bachelor; Carpenter; father John NEWTON; Dairyman
& Mary Ann WHEADON; 25; Spinster; father James WHEADON; Carpenter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles WHEADON & Ellen MACEY

1892 June 7th   Edwin HANN; 29; Bachelor; Builder's Clerk; father David HANN; Builder
& Fanny SHERRING; 29; Spinster; father Henry James SHERRING; Painter; by Banns;
Witnesses; H. D. SHERRING & A. W. BOWDITCH

1892 September 10th   John Henry MEECH; 36; Widower; Innkeeper; father George MEECH; Butcher
& Charlotte Henrietta NEAL; 26; Spinster; father John NEAL; Farm Bailiff; by Banns;
Witnesses; Edward J. NEAL & Sarah M. KITSON

1892 October 13th   James GALE; 36; Bachelor; Sawyer; father James GALE; Labourer
& Elizabeth BUGLER; 29; Spinster; father George BUGLER; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; John GALE & Emily BUGLER

1892 November 5th   Francis Parsons KITSON; 28; Bachelor; Surgeon; father Edward B. KITSON (deceased); Solicitor
& Beatrice Maud BURNSIDE; 24; Spinster; father Henry Edward BURNSIDE (deceased); Colonel Con. Rangers; by Banns;
Witnesses; Frances? TROTMAN & Charles ???

1892 November 16th   George PARKER; 25; Bachelor; Shepherd of Wynford Eagle; father John PARKER (deceased); Shepherd
& Mary Jane TRAVERS; 23; Spinster; father Robert TRAVERS; Sexton; by Banns;
Witnesses; Robert TRAVERS & Madel TRAVERS

1892 December 8th   Tom FRAMPTON; 37; Bachelor; Farmer; father Giles FRAMPTON (deceased); Farmer
& Harriett Eliza S?LYDENHAM?; 32; Spinster; father James LYDENHAM; Farmer; by Banns;
Witnesses; James LYDENHAM & Giles FRAMPTON

1893 February 8th   Jessie GALE X; 23; Bachelor; Shepherd of Toller Whelan; father Richard GALE; Labourer
& Jane SAMWAYS; 23; Spinster; father George SAMWAYS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; George SAMWAYS X & Harriett SAMWAYS

1893 February 14th   Edwin HOUSE; 21; Bachelor; Labourer; father John HOUSE; Hurdle Maker
& Mary Hanna LEWIS; 18; Spinster; father Richard LEWIS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Sarah Ann HOUSE & John James LEWIS X

1893 April 3rd   Henry Edwin HOOPER; 30; Bachelor; Timber Merchant; father Edwin HOOPER; Timber Merchant
& Francis Charlotte WATTS; 24; Spinster; father Thomas WATTS; Blacksmith; by Banns;
Witnesses; Mary Elizabeth WATTS & William WATTS

1893 April 10th   James Joseph HAINS; 37; Widower; Blacksmith; father George HAINS (Deceased); Dairyman
& Catherine Alma BACON; 28; Spinster; father Henry BACON; Potter; by Banns;
Witnesses; F.G. BACON & John L?? BACON [Correction 10 Apr 2011 Harris to Hains]

1893 May 22nd   Baruch REES; 29; Bachelor; Flax dresser of Bridport; father John REES; Flax dresser
& Sarah Bowditch WEAVER; 28; Spinster; father Henry WEAVER; Carpenter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Mary E. HOOPER & Henry WEAVER

1893 August 7th   John GALE; 40; Bachelor; Carter; father James Cox GALE (Deceased); Labourer
& Emma Mary NIGHTINGALE; 28; Spinster; father George NIGHTINGALE (deceased); Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; James GALE & Elizabeth GALE

1893 October 16th   John Edward Waterman GILES; 26; Bachelor; Coach Builder of Ashford Kent; father Flin? GILES; Railway Foreman & Hannah Elizabeth HUXTER; 24; Spinster; father no entries; by Licence;
Witnesses; Oliver John BEAMENT & ?? SPARKS

1893 October 30th   Charles DAWE; 31; Bachelor; Mason; father Samuel DAWE; Labourer
& Sarah Ann HOUSE; 24; Spinster; father John HOUSE; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; George HOUSE & Louisa HOUSE

1893 December 26th   Ernest George HOLT; 25; Bachelor; Brick Layer of Wandsworth?; father Jos HOLT; Mason
& Harriet POOLE; 22; Spinster; father Charles POOLE; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; W. BUGLER H? BUGLER

1894 January 17th   George SEAL X; 20; Bachelor; Labourer; father George SEAL; Mason
& Jane DAWE; 20; Spinster; father James DAWE; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Emma POOLE & Robert POOLE

1894 March 27th   John Thomas HULL; Full age; Bachelor; Blacksmith; father John HULL; Blacksmith
& Elizabeth WEBB; Full age; Spinster; father William WEBB; Ex Police Constable; by Banns;
Witnesses; William WEBB & Matilda WEBB

1894 April 4th   Charles L. WARREN; 30; Bachelor; Farmer; father Thomas Slade WARREN; Saddler
& Rosa Ellen SPARKS; 27; Spinster; father John SPARKS; Mason; by Banns;
Witnesses; Jane SPARKS & Sarah ???LER

1894 April 19th   Charles George PURKIS; Full age; Widower; School master of Ramsgate; father George PURKIS (deceased); not known
& Bessie BROWN; Full age; Spinster; father Solomon BROWN; Farrier Sgt. 10th Hussars; by Banns;
Witnesses; Edwin W. KEECH & Frances BARRETT

1894 June 16th   Frank TIZZARD; 25; Bachelor; Shepherd; father John TIZZARD (deceased); Labourer
& Miriam Jane WARREN; 27; Spinster; father George WARREN (deceased); Shepherd; by Banns;
Witnesses; John HOUSE & Mary Ann WARREN

1894 June 21st  Edward PRIVETT; Full age; Bachelor; Gentleman of Peterfield Hants; father Edward PRIVETT (deceased); Gentleman
& Annie Margaret SWATRIDGE; Full age; Spinster; father Richard SWATRIDGE (deceased); Corn Merchant; by Banns;
Witnesses; H. PRIVETT , Alice TOLEMAN, K. SWATRIDGE & Jane Rosalie ANDREWS

1894 September 18th  Philip John RUTLAND; 35; Bachelor; Solicitor of High Wycombe; father John RUTLAND; Chair maker
& Annie Charlotte LEIGH; 27; Spinster; father Robert LEIGH; Solicitor; by Banns;
Witnesses; R. LEIGH , John ? TOUGH, E.A. SLAYMAKER ? & C.T. BAINES

1894 October 23rd   Elijah DAWBERRY; 30; Bachelor; Sergt. R.A.; father Simon DAWBERRY; Labourer
& Louisa HINE; 32; Widow; father Charles DAWBNEY; Yeoman; by Licence;
Witnesses; Albert DAWBERRY & William DAWBERRY

1894 December 26th   John Edward HITCHCOX; 26; Bachelor; Draper of Christchurch Battersea; father Henry HITCHCOX; Coachman
& Fanny GIBBS; 27; Spinster; father Benjamin GIBBS; Gardener; by Banns;
Witnesses; E.G. GIBBS C. GIBBS

1895 January 2nd   William Henry JAMES; 35; Widower; Saddler; father Daniel JAMES (Deceased); Builder
& Cora Gertrude SPILLER; 24; Spinster; father William SPILLER (deceased); Farmer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Richard HINE & Robert SPILLER

1895 April 2nd   Thomas CHARD; 24; Bachelor; Mason's labourer; father Charles CHARD; Labourer
& Ellen Jane BUGLER; 21; Spinster; father James BUGLER; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Edwin W. WATTS X & Ellen SIBLEY X

1895 April 15th   Walter POOLE; 23; Bachelor; Saddler; father Samuel POOLE; Sawyer
& Elizabeth Matilda WATTS; 28; Spinster; father Robert WATTS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Robert WATTS X & Mabel Maria GIBBS

1895 May 7th   Charles John EDWARDS; 24; Bachelor; Shoemaker; father William EDWARDS; Mechanic
& Emily HOLLAND; 27; Spinster; Upton, Somerset; father James HOLLAND; Farmer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Jesse HOLLAND & Annie HOLLAND

1895 May 28th   James SANSOM; 30; Bachelor; Carter of Stoke Abbott; father James SANSOM; Labourer
& Annie HUSSEY; 21; Spinster; father George HUSSEY; Carter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Alice DAVY & William David HUSSEY

1895 June 3rd   Joseph POMERY; 32; Bachelor; Lance? Sergeant of West Fordington; father William POMERY; Labourer
& Annie POMERY; 23; Spinster; father John POMERY; Carter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Dan POMERY & Elizabeth SAMWAYS X

1895 June 3rd   James Willoughby HARRIS; 26; Bachelor; Mason of Dorchester; father Joseph HARRIS; Shoemaker
& Sarah Ann TURNER; 23; Spinster; father Aaron TURNER; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Aaron  TURNER X & Fanny Matilda HARRIS

1895 June 20th   Moses TUCK; 29; Bachelor; Thatcher; father William Robert TUCK; Thatcher
& Mary Elizabeth HOOPER; 27; Spinster; father Edwin HOOPER; Tranter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Henry Edwin HOOPER & Catherine Matilda ELLIOTT

1895 June 26th   Robert SYMES X; 45; Widower; Engineer of Netherbury; father Henry SYMES; Farmer
& Dorcas Ann PAUL; 45; Widow; father Isaiah SHIRESTON; Thatcher; by Banns;
Witnesses; William WELSFORD & Sarah Ellen GILES

1895 July 3rd   Albert KELLAWAY; 26; Bachelor; Police Constable; father Leonard KELLAWAY; Labourer
& Mary Jane BOON; 25; Spinster; father Isaac BOON; Tranter; by Banns;
Witnesses; William Joseph BOON & Mary BOON

1895 July 9th   Abner William DUNSBY; 46; Bachelor; Gardener; father William DUNSBY; Weaver
& Mary HUSSEY X; 39; Widow; father Samuel BOWDITCH (deceased); Foreman; by Banns;
Witnesses; Harry POMEROY X & Flo HUSSEY

1895 August 29th   Edward Way ANDREWS; 29; Bachelor; Gardener of Wyke Regis; father John ANDREWS (Deceased); Quarryman
& Asenath AKERMAN; 31; Spinster; father John AKERMAN (deceased); Bailiff; by Banns;
Witnesses; Lucy STAGG & R. STAGG

1895 September 23rd   Henry George WHITEMORE; 27; Bachelor; Gardener; father William Robert WHITEMORE; Dairyman
& Sarah HILL; 31; Spinster; father George HILL (deceased); Gardener; by Banns;
Witnesses; William LAWRENCE & Rosa Selina WHITEMORE

1895 October 23rd   Joe Sam HALLETT; 38; Widower; Groom of Netherbury; father John HALLETT (Deceased); Carpenter
& Ellen Jane LEGG; 20; Spinster; father James LEGG; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; George SAMWAYS X & Elizabeth SAMWAYS X

1895 October 28th   William John FROOME; 27; Bachelor; Butcher; father Benjamin FROOME; Butcher
& Mary Elizabeth KEECH; 24; Spinster; father no entry; by Banns;
Witnesses; George William FROOME & William David BISHOP

1895 December 26th   William Benjamin NEWMAN; Full age; Bachelor; Gas Fitter; father William Bugler NEWMAN; Manager of Gas Works
& Ann ROBERTS; Full age; Spinster; father John ROBERTS; Carpenter; by Banns;
Witnesses; ???? A. NEWMAN & Florence A. ROBERTS

1895 December 28th   Albert John CLEAL; 26; Bachelor; Labourer; father George CLEAL; Labourer
& Eva BUGLER; 17; Spinster; father Matthew William BUGLER; Mason; by Banns;
Witnesses; M.W. BUGLER & Mary BARTLETT

1896 February 6th   Arthur Augustus PIM; 25; Bachelor; Surgeon; father Robert Barclay PIM; Merchant
& Ethel Charlotte DANIEL; 22; Spinster; father Thomas Palmer DANIEL; Surgeon; by Banns;
Witnesses; T.P. DANIEL, Thomas RUSSELL, J.S. RUSSELL, Edith C. DANIEL

1896 February 10th   Walter James DAWE; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; father James DAWE; Labourer
& Sarah BARTER; 24; Spinster; father Charles BARTER; Lime Burner; by Banns;
Witnesses; George  SEAL X & Georgeina DAWE

1896 March 17th   John BROOK; 29; Bachelor; Mason; father Esau BROOK (deceased); Labourer
& Harriet CHARD; 28; Spinster; father Charles CHARD (deceased); Flax spinner; by Banns;
Witnesses; Thomas CHARD & Edwin WATTS X

1896 March 25th   George John READ; 23; Bachelor; Tailor; father William READ; Tailor
& Alyce CROSSMAN; 23; Spinster; father Richard CROSSMAN; Gardener; by Banns;
Witnesses; R. CROSSMAN, W. READ, E.S. READ

1896 March 31st   William BARNES; Full age; Bachelor; Carter of Stoke Abbott; father John BARNES; Shepherd
& Patience WHEADON; Full age; Spinster; father George WHEADON; Shepherd; by Banns;
Witnesses; W.C. WHEADON & L. TUCK

1896 April 6th   Ernest Frederick Charles WATTS; 22; Bachelor; Carter; father Robert WATTS; Farm Labourer
& Mabel Marie GIBBS; 21; Spinster; father Samuel GIBBS; Shoemaker; by Banns;
Witnesses; Samuel GIBBS X & Emma GIBBS

1896 April 8th   Amos FARNHAM; 22; Bachelor; Groom; father Robert FARNHAM; Carter
& Elizabeth Ann TIZZARD; 22; Spinster; father Daniel TIZZARD; Shoemaker; by Banns;
Witnesses; Thomas PARK & Ellen TIZZARD

1896 April 15th   William Thomas SWAFFIELD X; 28; Bachelor; Carter; father Thomas SWAFFIELD (deceased); Labourer
& Annie Rosa SAMWAYS; 24; Spinster; father George SAMWAYS; Sawyer; by Banns;
Witnesses; George SAMWAYS X & Elizabeth SAMWAYS X

1896 May 18th   Charles Edward NEWMAN; 25; Bachelor; Carpenter of Woking; father Clifton NEWMAN; Game Keeper
& Martha JEFFERY; 26; Spinster; father Emmanuel JEFFERY; Plate Layer; by Banns;
Witnesses; E. JEFFERY, H. JEFFERY, Bessie Louisa GIBBS & Bessie Matilda STOODLEY

1896 July 29th   Alexander Austin STEELE; 29; Bachelor; Game Keeper of Cranborne; father James STEELE; Warehouse Manager
& Mary Ann ALLEN; 29; Spinster; father Frederick ALLEN; Shoemaker; by Banns;
Witnesses; David ALLEN & Susan Slade FRAMPTON

1896 August 17th  George Algernon CHAMBERS; 23; Bachelor; Journalist of St. Peters Ealing Middlesex; father John Wesley CHAMBERS; Clerk of Works
& Eva CROSSMAN; 21; Spinster; father Richard CROSSMAN; Gardener; by Banns;

1896 September 8th   George HAWKER; 31; Bachelor; Seaman R.N. of Bradpole; father Charles HAWKER; Shoe maker
& Mary Ann BARTER; 32; Spinster; father Charles BARTER; Lime Burner; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles BARTER X & Clara BARTER

1896 September 14th   Harry POMERY X; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; father John POMERY (deceased); Labourer
& Harriet PAUL; 24; Spinster; Millhand ; father Charles PAUL (deceased); Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; John WHITE X & Annie HA???

1896 September 28th   Robert ROUSELL; 62; Widower; Gardener; father Robert ROUSELL; Butler
& Ruth SLADER?; 62; Widow; father Isaac YOUNG; Weaver; by Banns;
Witnesses; Thomas GUNNING & Emma GUNNING

1896 October 10th   Matthew William BUGLER; 37; Widower; Mason; father William BUGLER; Mason
& Elizabeth PAUL; 24; Spinster; father Daniel PAUL; Sawyer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Daniel PAUL X & Ellen BUGLER

1896 December 31st   Francis John DUNN; 20; Bachelor; Butcher; father John DUNN; Labourer
& Bessie Ada BOON; 23; Spinster; father John BOON; Butcher; by Banns;
Witnesses; John BOON & Fanny Kate BOON

1897 March 31st   Robert ENDICOTT X; 22; Bachelor; Carter; father William ENDICOTT; Labourer
& Harriett SAMWAYS; 23; Spinster; father George SAMWAYS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; George SAMWAYS X & Elizabeth SAMWAYS X

1897 April 17th   William James KEEPING; 25; Bachelor; Joiner; father James KEEPING; Joiner
& Matilda WEBB; 27; Spinster; father William WEBB; Ex Police Constable; by Banns;
Witnesses; William WEBB & Isabella Alice BUDDEN

1897 April 24th   William TRUMP; 57; Widower; Sawyer; father William TRUMP; Sawyer
& Harriett SWAFFIELD; 55; Widow; father George TRAVERS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; John TRUMP & Annie TIZZARD X

1897 May 8th   William Joseph CHUBB; 61; Widower; Sawyer; father Thomas CHUBB; Shoemaker
& Emma DUNN X; 43; Widow; father Job HUSSEY; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; James? DENNER? & Bessie HUSSEY

1897 June 19th   William TRUMP; 30; Bachelor; Labourer; father William TRUMP; Sawyer
& Jane Raintraw? HAYWARD; 24; Spinster; father William HAYWARD; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Alfred BEVISS & Alice Maud WATTS

1897 June 28th   Henry EDWARDS; 21; Bachelor; Labourer of Briport; father Alfred EDWARDS; Oil Merchant
& Rosina DUNN; 20; Spinster; father James DUNN; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Herbert LEGG & Sarah EDWARDS

1897 August 2nd   James HUNT; 25; Bachelor; Engineer of St. Paul's Bow Common; father Edward HUNT; Engineer
& Sarah Anne MARSH; 24; Spinster; father Nathaniel MARSH (deceased); Wheelwright; by Banns;
Witnesses; Rosa MARSH & Nathaniel MARSH

1897 October 6th   William Charles WHEADON; 23; Bachelor; Labourer; father George WHEADON; Labourer
& Louisa TUCK; 21; Spinster; father John TUCK; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; L?T. WHEADON & Kate HAWKINS

1897 December 7th   Henry BAZLEY; 50; Widower; Labourer; father George BAZLEY; Labourer
& Ellen PARK; 29; Spinster; father Thomas PARK; Boot maker; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles FARNHAM & Sarah READ

1898 March 17th   John William GALE; Full age; Bachelor; Mason; father John GALE; Mason
& Eliza Emma Burgess GILLINGHAM; Full age; Widow; father Samuel BURGESS; Carpenter; by Banns;
Witnesses; E.A. GALE & M.C. GILLINGHAM

1898 April 11th   Charles RUSSELL; 27; Bachelor; Labourer; father Thomas RUSSELL; Shepherd
& Ellen Jane LEGGE; 23; Spinster; father Robert LEGGE; Mason; by Banns;
Witnesses; Annie ???? & Robert LEGGE X

1898 April 11th   Frederick William PROWSE; 26; Bachelor; Blacksmith of Abbots Kerswell, Devon; father Frederick Fethers PROWSE; Blacksmith
& Louisa Mary GALE; 26; Spinster; father no entry; by Banns;

1898 April 25th   Henry BROCKWAY; 35; Bachelor; Mason; father James BROCKWAY; Game Keeper
& Eliza TRAVERS; 37; Widow; father John PAUL; Farmer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Thomas PAUL X & Mary BROCKWAY

1898 May 19th   William ELLIOTT; Full age; Widower; Farmer of Stoke Abbott; father William ELLIOTT; Farmer
& Ellen Jane PODGER; Full age; Spinster; father Charles PODGER; Farmer; by Licence;
Witnesses; J.C. PODGER M.E. PODGER

1898 August 9th   Richard Edmund Scott DUNELL; Full age; Bachelor; Farmer; father John DUNELL; Farmer
& Mary NEWMAN; Full age; Spinster; father Charles Symes NEWMAN; Farmer; by Licence;
Witnesses; John W. LOWMAN & Mabel Joan DUNELL

1898 September 22nd   Ephraim POMERY; 20; Bachelor; Labourer; father John POMERY; Carter
& Ada Florence DAWE; 20; Spinster; father James DAWE; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Jane SEAL & D. POMERY

1898 November 2nd   Frederick OLIVER; Full age; Bachelor; Farmer of Broadway; father William OLIVER; Farmer
& Mary Pope HALLETT; Full age; Spinster; father Richard Drake HALLETT; Clock maker; by Banns;
Witnesses; Thomas OLIVER & Amy  HALLETT

1898 December 24th   Stephen TAYLER X; Full age; Widower; Hurdle Maker; father William TAYLER; Labourer
& Eliza NICHOLS X; 57; Widow; father Samuel GIBBS; Bag weaver; by Banns;
Witnesses; Clara Jane LOVING & William Benjamin NEWMAN

1899 January 19th   George Henry HAWKINS; 24; Bachelor; Carter; father Albert HAWKINS; Carter
& Mary Jane FARNHAM; 23; Spinster; father Robert FARNHAM; Carter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles FARNHAM & Kate HAWKINS

1899 February 9th   Henry John JEANS; 27; Bachelor; Carpenter of Stalbridge; father John David JEANS; Builder
& Mary Sarah STROUD; 27; Spinster; father John STROUD; Sgt. Major R.H.A.; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles STROUD & Elizabeth NEAL

1899 February 20th   George Henry FARNHAM; 23; Bachelor; Carter; father Robert FARNHAM; Carter
& Alice NORRIS; 21; Spinster; father James NORRIS; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; Robert POOLE & Emma POOLE

1899 April 3rd   William George HARRIS; 30; Bachelor; Carter; father William HARRIS; Labourer
& Alice Emma BALSON; 22; Spinster; father no entry; by Banns;
Witnesses; Charles DAWE, Mabel BALSON & Sarah Ann DAWE

1899 April 13th   John STOODLEY X; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; father Henry STOODLEY; Carter
& Kate HAWKINS; 22; Spinster; father Albert HAWKINS; Carter; by Banns;
Witnesses; Albert HAWKINS & Elizabeth  HAWKINS

1899 April 18th   William STOKES; 34; Bachelor; Coal miner of Farrington Gurney Somerset; father Elliot STOKES; Farm Labourer
& Ellen TRAVERS; 35; Spinster; father Robert TRAVERS (deceased); Coal Merchant; by Banns;
Witnesses; Dan TRAVERS & Mabel TRAVERS

1899 June 7th   John HOUSE; 65; Widower; Labourer; father John HOUSE; Labourer
& Mary Ann GOLDING X; 65; Widow; father Stephen WAY; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; John WAY X & Maria WAY X

1899 November 9th   John STEMBRIDGE; 28; Bachelor; Fitter of Bridport; father Eli STEMBRIDGE; Postmaster
& Mary Gayford GILLINGHAM; 22; Spinster; father Theophilus GILLINGHAM; Painter; by Banns;
Witnesses; John William GALE, Elizabeth MEECH & Clare GILLINGHAM

1899 December 26th   John Henry PAUL; 32; Bachelor; Labourer; father William PAUL; Labourer
& Sarah Ann QUARRELL; 35; Spinster; father Samuel QUARRELL; Labourer; by Banns;
Witnesses; John William GALE & Eliza Emma GALE