St. Mary's Burials 1585 - 1620

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


This data is taken from a transcript of an early register & hence cannot be
verified there are gaps and some baptisms & burials could be muddled


1585 July 27th; Michael RAYNOLDS

1585 August 12th; Androwe STONE

1585 September 15th; Margaret LANE

1585 September 21st; Alice STONE

1585 October 21st; Marie HORSFORD

1585 October 22nd; James DARBY

1585 November 12th; no entry DYNTE

1585 November 17th; John MORGAINE

1585 ? 21st; Jone TAYLER

1585 January 19th; John COZENS

1585 March 12; Henry SMYTHE

1586 April 11th; Alice PAVETT

1586 April 11th; William BARRETT

1586 April 21st; William BARRETT; [stet]

1586 May 21st; Phillipp

1586 May 21st; John COZENS

1586 June 3rd; Thomas CHAMPYN

1586 June 6th; John MASON

1586 July 2nd; Margaret HOSKYNS

1586 July 8th; John PAVETT

1586 July 9th; Richard HOSKYNS

1586 July 28th; Thomas COLBORNE

1586 July 28th; Robert HOSKYNS

1586 August 30th; Jone COLBORNE

1586 September 7th; Mary HANCOCK

1586 September 16th; John WILKYNS

1586 October 12th; Marie BARBER

1586 October 19th; Richard GROVE

1586 November 1st; Alice CLARE

1586 no entry; Elenor JACKSON

1586 no entry; Jane WILKYNS

1586 no entry; Katherine HOUNSELL

1586 December [no entry]; Jane WILKYNS

1586 February 12th; Nicholas SMITH

1586 February 14th; Jone SOWTHERTON

1586 December 20th; John GOODDEN

1586 December 30th; Robert RENDALL

1586 January 3rd; Jane SARGEANT; widow

1586 January 7th; Margaret wife of; Robert; HOSKYNS

1586 January 7th; Richard son of; Henry; CHICK

1586 January 5th; Elizabeth BARRETT

1586 January 23rd; Agnes wife of; Stephen; JEROD

1586 January 25th; Alice wife of; Robert; COLLMER

1586 February 10th; Elizabeth wife of; John; JEROD

1586 February 14th; Jone daughter of; Richard; STREET

1586 February 15th; William HOOPER

1586 February 22nd; Richard son of; Jone; BATTEN

1586 February 23rd; Robert COLLMER

1586 February 24th; Leonard JONES

1586 February 25th; Gilbert son of; John; PAVETT

1586 February 26th; Richard ELLERIE

1586 February 29th; John BURGES

1586 March 2nd; William JEROD

1586 March 8th; Hughe LINCOLE

1586 March 12th; Andrew JEROD

1586 March 20th; Dorothy daughter of; Robert; HOLL

1586 March 21st; John LYDD

1586 March 22nd; Humfrye DOCHE

?; Agnes PURNELL

there is a gap here

1588 April 1st; John LYDD; the elder

1588 April 8th; Androwe LAWRENCE

1588 April 8th; Agnes NYLES

1588 May 19th; John STRONGE

1588 June 8th; James DANYELL

1588 August 26th; John RODFORDE

1588 September 2nd; Clement DAMETT

1588 September 2nd; Thomas son of; Olyver; HOSKYNS

1588 October 12th; John MARCKS


1591 April 11th; Margaret BAKERS

1591 April 11th; Mathew BELLIE

1591 April 19th; John NORRIS

1591 April 19th; Agnes JESOPPE

1591 April 21st; John CLERCKE

1591 April 21st; Alice CARIES

1591 May 16th; Thomasin STONE

1591 May 20th; Agnes COLBORNE

1591 May 30th; Alice HULLES

1591 June 1st; Elizabeth PARNELLS

1591 June 8th; Margery PILLERD

1591 June 30th; William VIELL

1591 July 2nd; Elizabeth NIELL

1591 July 4th; Jone CHICKE

1591 July 5th; Agnes GROBHAM

1591 July 16th; William COLBORNE

1591 July 16th; William HOSKINS

1591 July 16th; Thomas ASKE

1591 ? 14th; William OADE

1591 ? 22nd; Robert KEATT

1591 October 5th; Jane SPRAKES

1591 November 1st; Alice COX

1591 November 24th; Marie PHIPPEN

1591 November 28th; Marie DOLLINS

1591 December 3rd; John HORSFORD

1591 December 3rd; Henry JES; a bastard

1591 December 5th; Jane PYLLIRDS

1591 December 8th; Julian MATHEW

1591 December 10th; Dorothy PYNNEY

1591 December 31st; Elizabeth HLAIRE

1591 January 4th; Jone LAKES

1591 January 7th; Ferdinando VIALL

1591 January 11th; Anne PARSONS

1591 January 11th; Humfrie ELLIS

1591 January 12th; Olyver HOSKINS

1591 January 22nd; Elizabeth KEAT

1591 February 2nd; Magerie MASON; Brass at East end of North aisle

1591 March 21st; Elizabeth GUPPIE

1592 April 13th; Henry NEWMAN

1592 April 26th; John VIELL

1592 June 24th; Robert KEAT

1592 July 19th; Edward POMERYE

1592 July 22nd; Richard KEATT

1592 July 27th; Cutberowe PRIDIES

1592 September 19th; An PHILPES

1592 September 21st; An TUCKER

1592 October 1st; Robert DOWNTON

1592 October 25th; Elinor DEVERALL

1592 November 22nd; Thomas NORTHE

1592 November 28th; John MASON

1592 December 10th; John GUPPIE

1592 December 14th; Rebeckey BUTTE

1592 December 20th; Marie SPELTS

1592 December 24th; Elinor BOOLLES

1592 December 26th; John SUCKSSPEECHE

1592 December 30th; Marie SUCKSSPEECHE

1592 January 5th; Robert HOSKINS

1592 January 5th; Elizabeth WEBBE

1592 January 9th; William GREFFYN

1592 January 15th; Jon RUTHIE

1592 January 19th; William PRICE

1592 January 27th; Marie COXE

1592 February 6th; Thomas LUDD

1592 February 9th; Agnes PRICE

1592 February 13th; Fillis VENNE

1592 February 14th; Cisley LANGFORDE

1592 February 18th; Agnes PURRELL

1592 February 19th; Thomas SHERMAN

1592 February 24th; Dorothy SMITHE

1592 March 14th; Richard MILLES

1593 April 4th; William BEMOND

1593 April 4th; Walter CHEEKE

1593 April 9th; Elizabeth GARDENER

1593 April 10th; Richard DANELE

1593 April 15th; Richard STROODE

1593 April 20th; Agnes GATER

1593 April 20th; Julian PHIPPEN

1593 April 21st; Nicholas GROVE

1593 May 7th; William LYES

1593 May 13th; Mary NEWMAN

1593 May 28th; Jone CHAMPION; wid.?

1593 June 12th; no entry ELLIS

1593 July 4th; John JESOPPE

1593 July 29th; Walter HORSFORD

1593 August 13th; John GRIFFYN

1593 August 21st; James GUPPIE

1593 August 24th; Agnes JESSE

1593 August 30th; Elizabeth HOSKINS

1593 September 22nd; Giles HALLETT

1593 September 23rd; Henry MINTERNE

1593 November 6th; Judith WOADE

1593 November 20th; Agnes HALLETT

1593 December 8th; Jone JEROD

1593 December 8th; John CRANDON

1593 January 2nd; Alice HOOPER

1593 January 10th; Andrew HITT

1593 January 23rd; Christian STONE

1593 January 25th; John HULL

1593 January 27th; Jone DAINELL

1593 February 22nd; Thomas STONE

1593 February 28th; Elizabeth BRIDGEST

1593 February 28th; Alice RING or KING

1593 March 8th; Alice BATTEN

1593 March 15th; John DARBIE

1593 March 15th; Cutberowe SEABOURNE

1594 April 19th; John BOLTE

1594 May 12th; Aristottell WEBBE

1594 May 16th; Alice KEMER

1594 May 18th; John SPELT


1603 October 20th; John ; COLLINDON

January 14th; George ; STEVENS

January 19th; Katherine daughter of; Petri; VIALL

January 23rd; Christian wife of; Thomae; LYNCOLE

January 26th; Ansties ; OADE; bastard

February 18th; William ; ERLANDE

May 15th; Johane daughter of; Roberti; PAYNTER

May 19th; Mary daughter of; Roberti; MYNTERNE

May 24th; Leonard son of; William; RODBERT

1604 March 25th; Dorothy wife of; Johannis; STRUBBRIDGE

March 27th; Johane ; RENDLE; widow

April 18th; Robert ; BOLT

May 28th; Katherine daughter of; Johannis; BOWND

July 14th; Alice ; BASTARD

September 9th; Elizabeth ; BATTEN

September 16th; Dorothy wife of; William; CADDYE

September 19th; Xpian wife of; Johannis; HALLETT

September 23rd; Alice daughter of; Henrici; COLEMAN

September 27th; Katherine daughter of; Nicholi; BLEEKE

October 20th; John ; GOLLOP

October 28th; Elinor wife of; Thomae; BASTARD

November 17th; Richard ; HORSFORD

November 13th; John ; RICHARDS

1605 March 30th; Edith wife of; William; COSENS

March 30th; John son of; Johannis; STEVENS

January 25th; William ; SHARLOCKE

August 1st; William son of; Henrici; COLBORNE

August 29th; Thomas ; BUTCHER

September 4th; John son of; Roberti; RICHARDS

November 7th; Mathew son of; Alexandri; JESOP

December 3rd; Katherine wife of; Johannis; TUCKER

December 12th; William ; ANNYES

December 30th; Richard ; JEFFRY

January 10th; Ambrose ; HALLETT

January 16th; N. wife of; Anthony; STEVENS

April 2nd; Agnes ; SMITH; widow

April 11th; John ; HARRIS

April 26th; Christopher son of; Hugonis; CRABB

May 6th; Thomas son of; Roberti; NEWMAN

May 13th; William son of; Roberti; NEWMAN

June 12th; Elizabeth ; STONE; widow

July 13th; Elizabeth wife of; Henrici; MORGAN

July 28th; Johane ; NYLE

September 2nd; Agnes wife of; Johannis; KEAT

September 27th; Agnes wife of; Anthony; DAMMET

October 14th; Christian wife of; John; HYT snr

October 14th; John son of; John; KEAT

January 6th; Dorothy daughter of; Christopher; PURNELL

March 16th; Alice daughter of; Henry; CHAMPION

1607 March 27th; Avice wife of; John; COLLINS

April 11; Nicholas ; BLEEKE

June 5; Richard ; HILLARIE

June 13; Lancelott ; HALLETT

June 18; Alice daughter of; Thomas; SPARTTE

June 25; Agnes widow; STREATTE

August 4; Marie daughter of; William; SEBORNE

August 8; Margaret daughter of; William; BRINSHAM

August 20; William s; William; LONGE

October 24; Henry son of; Henrie; GUDGE

November 6; John ; VILE

December 5; Clement ; PITTER

January 8; Anthonie ; STEPHENS

March 19; Gilbert ; PAVIOT

February 20; Catheren ; HALLETT

February 23; Alice ; CADDIE

March 16; Ambroo ; CLARE

March 16; Jone ; GOWGE

1608 April 6; Henry ; PURNELL

April 23; Margery ; GILLETS; bastard

April 28; Judith ; PAVIOT

April 28; Elizabeth ; CHICKE

July 3; Dorothy ; WEY

July 4; Joane daughter of; John; HORSFORD

July 30; Christian wife of; Steven; GERRAD

August 3; Morgan ; FORD

August 10; Joane ; LINCOLL

December 20; Edith ; BUCHER; widow

January 1; Alice ; TUCKER

January 20; Lady Katherein ; STRODE

February 9th; Julian ; PEEKES; widow

February 12; Mary wife of; Richard; MEECH

February 23; William son of; Like; SILLY

March 11; Henry son of; Richard; SMITH


are 1609 muddled ; with bap

1610 March 29; William ; PURCHASE

March 29; John ; HALLET

April 2; Margerye ; WOODLAND; vidua

April 12; Katherine daughter of; Lancelot; HALLETT

April 14; Johen wife of; Henry; WILMOTH

April 28; Agnes ; SLADE; vidua

May 3; Simon ; NEWMAN

May 7; Agnes daughter of; Anthonye; DAMETT

May 26; John son of; Willyam; SEABURNE

May 29; Giles daughter of; Willyam; MILLS

June 6; George ; DAMETT

June 15; Margaret daughter of; John; CHARLES

June 15; John ; BAKER

June 24; Johan ; PINNYE

June 30; George son of; George; BURGES

August 15; Johane daughter of; Robert; MINTERNE

September 3; Christian ; SHELDON; vidua

September 27; Edeth daughter of; Henry; NEWMAN

October 3; Johane ; GROVES

October 27; Thomas son of; Willyam; HULL

November 13; John son of; Willyam; MATHEW

December 7; Christian wife of; John; NEADE

December 17; Robert son of; Robert; BOLT

December 23; Elizabeth daughter of; Willyam; CHICKE

December 28; John ; CHAMPION; pauper

January 11; Agnes wife of; John; STONE

January 17; John ; GUDGE

March 14; Mary wife of; ye Wor.(full) Sir Robert; STROODE


1613 September 22nd; Dennis ; GROBHAM

September 25th; Agnes wife of; Thomas; PURNELL

October 8th; Giles son of; Launcelotte; MILLES

October 13th; Elizabeth wife of; William; SMITH

October 31st; Barbara daughter of; Roger; CRAB

September 28th; Rebecca wife of; William; JESOP

December 16th; Eme ; CANTERBURIE; widow

January 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of; Francis; GILLET

February 21st; Margaret wife of; John; DENSLOWE

March 10th; ?Philip wife of; John; SERJAUNTE

March 23rd; Frauncis daughter of; Hugh; STROODE

1614 April 6th; Joane ; JERARD; widow

April 10th; Joane ; CHAMPE; widow

April 20th; John son of; John; DOUCH

May 12th; William ; PRANKARD als BIGS

May 15th; Elizabeth ; BANFISTE

May 15th; John ; KEIMER

June 23rd; John ; HEBS

July 2nd; Christian ; SAWTER

August 9th; Robert ; CHEEKE

August 1th; Samuel ; WILLS

September 11th; Cicile daughter of; Robert; CHEEKE

October 18th; Luce wife of; John; CLARE

October 22nd; Barbara daughter of; John; SHELDON

November 8th; Abraham son of; Richard; BUTCHER

November 10th; Vertue daughter of; Adam; BASTARD

November 17th; Elizabeth wife of; George; BARRETTE

December 20th; Edith ; DANIEL; widow

December 23rd; Philip wife of; Steven; ROGERS

December 23rd; Stephen ; JERARD

December 26th; Edith wife of; Thomas; NILE

January 17th; Thomas ; BASTARD

January 26th; Joane wife of; John; NILE

January 27th; Francis daughter of; Joane; HALLET; spuria

January 30th; Leonard ; RADBERTE

January 30th; Mabel wife of; John; BOWER

February 6th; John son of; Sir Robert; STRODE, Knight

February 18th; William ; NILE

February 21st; John ; BATTEN

March 5th; Hoseah ; HALLETTE

March 8th; Dorothy daughter of; John; BUTCHER

March 19th; Elioner ; HARDY als MICHELL

1615 March 31st; John ; NILE

April 8th; Elizabeth daughter of; John; SHELDON

April 16th; Alice wife of; James; HALLETTE

April 17th; John ; CHAMPE


1617 March 27th; Sara child of; Johannis; TIZZARD

April 13th; Katherina child of; Jacobi; PARSONS

April 25th; Johanna ; MORGAN; widow

April 30th; Johannes child of; Johannis; KEECH

May 3rd; Editha child of; Danielis; STEPHENS

May 10th; Johana child of; Jacobi; WILMOTT

May 12th; Christina child of; Lancelot; HALLET

May 20th; Agnete child of; Roberti; PINNY

May 22nd; Alicia child of; Andrei; COX

June 12th; Gilliana child of; Thomas; NYLE

June 23rd; Johanna child of; Johannis; RENDELE

July 20th; Hellena wife of; Thomas; MICHELL

July 20th; Florentia child of; Guliami; NYLE

August 19th; Maria child of; Guliami; FOWLER

September 13th; Robertus ; HOSKINS

October 21st; Robertus child of; Johannis; RENDELL

November 3rd; Anna wife of; Henrici; BOYLAND

November 26th; Maria child of; Guliami; VYALE

November 27th; Johannes child of; Johannis; NYLE

December 23rd; Gulielmus ; STOYLE

December 26th; Emma child of; Johannis; PAVIOT snr.

January 3rd; Robertus child of; Richardi; GOARE

January 11th; Johanna wife of; Johannis; BARTLETT

January 28th; Robertus child of; Roberti; RAYNOLD

February 4th; Georgius child of; Georgii; BAGWELL

February 4th; Anna wife of; Henici; CHICK

February 7th; Elizabeth child of; Florentia; PURNELL; widow

February 22nd; Martha child of; Johannis; LEE

1618 March 27th; Izota child of; Henrici; NEWMAN

March 29th; Maria child of; Johannis; PAVIOT

April 1st; Agneta wife of; Roberti; HALLET

April 12th; Gulielmus ; CADDY

April 16th; Johana wife of; Ricardi; OADE

May 8th; Henricus ; CHICK

May 23rd; Christoperus ; CLARKE

June 2nd; Maria ; PAVIOT; puella

June 5th; Gulielmus child of; Thomas; LAWRENCE

July 12th; Maria wife of; Hugonis; BENNET

July 20th; Gulielmus ; MASON

July 20th; Maria wife of; Jacobi; CHEEK

September 2nd; Maria child of; widow; BATH

October 28th; Peregrinus child of; ??

November 6th; Johannes ; IRELAND

November 25th; Elizabeth ; NEWMAN; Widow

November 30th; Egidius ; ATKINS

January 30th; Maria wife of; Peregrini; PERCOTY

February 2nd; Christiana ; GWYRE als KNAP

1619 April 13th; Jana wife of; Ricardi; NYLE

April 18th; Oliverus son of; Mathaei; HOSKINS

May 28th; Robertis ; NEWMAN

June 3rd; Agneta wife of; Hugonis; SLADE

June 28th; Alicia wife of; Georgii; KEEMER

July 18th; Johannes ; NORRIS

August 1st; Willmus ; CHAMPION

August 18th; Hannah ; COLEBORNE

August 20th; Johannes child of; Willmi; KEET

September 5th; Elizabeth wife of; Roberti; REYNOLD

September 18th; Lawrentius son of; Robert; LANE

October 7th; Ursula ; BATTEN; widow

November 24t; Agneta ; CHICK; widow

December 20th; Editha wife of; Johannis; KEECH

January 31st; Agneta daughter of; Henrici; MORGAN

February 16th; Elizabeth ; SYMES als TRIVET; widow

February 24t; Maria daughter of; Johannis; FORD

February 18th; Jacobus son of; Henrici; WILLMOT

March 6th; Robertus ; RAYNOLD

March 10th; Johannes son of; Johannis; PAVIOT

March 11th; Mageria ; WOOD; widow

March 16th; Edwardus son of; Willmi; CANTERBURY

March 17th; Johannes ; MYNTERNE

1620 March 28th; Petrus ; LACK

1620 March 30th; Lancelotus son of; Johannis; HALLETT

1620 April 13th; Josephus son of; Johannis; HILLARY

1620 April 14th; Katherina wife of; Roberti; STRONG

1620 April 15th; Agneta ; KEECH; widow

1620 April 19th; Ricardus ; SMITH

1620 April 20th; Mawde ; VYALL

April 22th; Johana wife of; Johannis; ROGERS

April 23rd; Alicia wife of; Willmi; CANTERBURY

May 1st; Johana wife of; Christopheri; OADE

May 2nd; Johannes ; HORSFORD

May 4th; Johannes son of; Roberti; STRONG

May 4th; Peregrinus son of; Peregrini; PERCOTY

May 21st; Henricus ; GUDGE

June 21st; Johannes ; MEAD

June 29th; Henricus ; STONE

July 1st; Philippa wife of; Willmi; NYLE

July 19th; Johannes son of; Hugonis; STRODE; generosi

August 1st; Fransiscus son of; Francisei; NORRIS

August 28th; Johannes ; RAYNOLD

September 17th; Agneta wife of; Petris; VYALL

September 19th; Maria wife of; Johannis; LOCK

September 21st; Margereta wife of; Roberti; TRIVETT

October 24th; Johannes ; LUTTRELL; armiger

November 13th; Margeria ; LINCOLNE; widow

November 27th; Johana wife of; Etlwidi; POMERY

December 13th; Editha wife of; Johannis; RAWLES

December 21st; Agneta wife of; Johannis; KEAT

December 22nd; Stephanus son of; Hill; HAYWARD

January 24th; Johannes ; HALLETT

February 2nd; Jacobus ; HALLETT

February 10th; Hugo ; SLADE


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