St. Mary's Burials 1700-1710

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


Note: Taken from the Bishop's Transcripts, the dates are not clear and in some areas the documents are in poor condition


1770 March 1st Betty daughter of James Ann READ

1770 March 9th Mary COLE; 18

1770 March 18th Samuel son of Samuel Elizabeth MARSH

1770 March 25th Henry son of Charles Jane PUMMERY

1770 March 28th Betty daughter of Thomas Betty WILLIAMS

1770 April 4th Robert BUGLER; 87

1770 April 22nd Betty daughter of William Elizabeth CHUBB

1770 April 25th Elizabeth HOAR; 65

1770 May 13th Elizabeth COX; 54

1770 May 20th Elizabeth daughter of Nicholas Elizabeth PITTMAN

1770 June 6th Henry PAIN; 44

1770 July 1st Samuel JOHNSON; 75; sojourner

1770 July 22nd John son of John Grace WHEADON; 7

1770 August 17th John son of John Hannah DANIEL; 15

1770 August 19th Elizabeth daughter of Daniel Elizabeth MAISH

1770 September 5th Betty daughter of John Thomasin BRINSON

1770 October 14th Henry son of Henry Sarah GENGE

1770 November 2nd Mary of Benjamin BUTCHER

1770 November 3rd Elizabeth wife of John RODBURD; 51

1770 November 7th Levi son of James Margaret TUCK

1770 December 5th Margaret COLE; 99

1770 December 30th William son of Thomas Mary BUGLER

1701; Joseph son of Joseph

1701; Sarah daughter of

1701; Charity daughter of John

1701 April; Thomas BUGLER

1701 April; Elizabeth daughter of John

1701 April; Mary CANTERBURY

1701 April 13th; William LACK

1701 April; An daughter of Daniel HALLETT

1701 April; Hugh son of Hugh JOANES ?

1701 April 11th; Hester COLLINS

1701 April 20th; Mary GOLLOP

1701 April; Mary daughter of Thomas HOLT

1701 April; Mary wife of Henry TUCK

1701; Presilla wife of Thomas MARTEN

1701 April; Joseph son of Deborah COX

1701; Miriam daughter of Joseph CLIFT ?

1701; Elizabeth daughter of James

1701 April 30th; Angle GANWAY

1701 April; James son of William BUGLER

1701 May; Thomas MARTEN

1701 May; Thomas BOLT

1701 May; Margaret wife of William

1701 May; Elliott MINTERN

1701; Anstis daughter of

1701; John son of William

1701; Robert son of Richard

1701; William daughter of William

1701; Elizabeth daughter of

1701; Edward HUNT

1701; Henry GUY

1701 August; Henry MABY

1701; Mary wife of John

1701; Widow DRAYTON

1701; Mathew COX

1701; An WHITMOR ; Wid.

1701; Auther WHITMOR

1701 November; Hugh BOWRING

1701; Elizabeth daughter of

1701; Mary daughter of Francis

1701 January; Elizabeth HOSKIN

1701; Joan wife of John HOSS

1701 February; An wife of Eli BEER

1710; Ambrose FORD

1701 March; Elizabeth daughter of Charles

1701 March; Edward MARCH

1701 March; Joan wife of Joseph

1701 March; Roger CAPEN

1702 April 11th; Joan SEAMER alis THETCHER ; Wid.

1702 April 16th; Joan daughter of John CONWAY

1702 April 25th; Mary DAMITT

1702 May 12th; John son of William HART

1702 May 14th; Mary wife of William CLEFT

1702 May; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas SARGENT

1702 May; Margrett daughter of Erosmas HALLETT

1702 June 6th; John son of John HALLETT

1701; Mary daughter of William MASH

1702 July 2nd; James son of James DANIEL

1720 11th; ?

1702 14th; Sarah MUNDEN ; Wid.

1720 31st; An wife of Stephen GOAN

1702 September 14th; Mary wife of Richard HART

1702 September 17th; Elsber FOX ; Wid.

1702 September 24th; Margery WHITLE

1702 October 11th; Robert son of Hugh SUGER

1702 October 24th; Hannah wife of William DAW

1702 October 31st; Joseph GILLINGAME

1702 November 21st; John SP??

1702 December 3rd; William son of William COLLINS

1702 December 27th; Richard BRINSON

1702 January; Richard son of Richard DEMETT

1702 January 21st; ?

1702 January 24th; Joan wife of Robert RENDOL

1702 February; Margret wife of Joseph LONG

1702 February 18th; Edith COLLINS ; Wid.

1702; John son of Samuel BAYLEY

1702 March 7th; Thomas HIDE

1702 22nd; Robert MINTERN

1703 April 5th; Frances daughter of Daniel BRIANT

1703 April 12th; Ambrose CLARE

1703 April 14th; Sheldon HAYWARD

1703 April 19th; Mary HOSKINS ; Wid.

1703 April 20th; Susanna FORD ; Wid.

1703 April 26th; Mary daughter of John GUNDRY

1703 June 14th; Thomas HALLETT

1703 June 25th; Grace WATTS

1703 July 5th; William HOSPHERD

1703 July 26th; John son of John PECKHAM

1703 August 19th; Gentill daughter of Theodor OLD

1703 August 16th; Mary STRONG

1703 September 1st; Joan wife of George MARTEN

1703 September 6th; An LOCK

1703 September 19th; Susanna BUGLER ; Wid.

1703 October 11th; John SELWOOD

1703 Sep?; John son of Daniel FOWLER

1703 October 5th; A child of Thomas BEAL

1703 October 13th; John KEECH Snr

1703 November 24th; An wife of William JESSOP

1703 December 10th; Mary wife of John WILLMENT

1703 February 4th; An wife of Hugh HICKLAND

1703 February 21st; Sarah wife of William COLT

1703 March 2nd; Elizabeth wife of William MASH

1703 March 20th; Elizabeth wife of George GIBS

1703 March 23rd; William son of Sander DIKE

1703 March 24th; Daniel HEARN

1704 May 21st; Robert son of George POPE

1704 May 28th; Barebara FONE ; Wid.

1704 May 30th; An daughter of Richard HOSKINS

1704 2nd; An daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1704 22nd; Mary DIBAN Alis AXT

1704 June 28th; Joane MILLS ; Wid.

1704 July 5th; Thomas son of John HIDE

1704 July 9th; William son of John ALLEN

1704 July 13th; Richard FORD

1704 July 16th; Mary daughter of Christopher MASH

1704 July 16th; Elizabeth daughter of John HOSKINS

1704 July 16th; Elizabeth daughter of William LACK

1704 July 21st; Elizabeth daughter of Joseph WAY

1704 July 21st; Richard son of Richard DEMIT

1704 July 25th; Joan daughter of Richard DEMIT

1704 July 30th; Thomas son of Thomas MUNDEN

1704 July 30th; Mary daughter of John HOSKINS

1704 August 6th; Elizabeth daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1704 August 9th; William COLLINS

1704 August 13th; John CHAMPEN

1704 August 19th; Mary daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1704 August 25th; Dorothy daughter of Henry GUDY

1704 September 2nd; William CHESEN

1704 September 10th; William son of Henry GUDY

1704 September 24th; Joan BARRETT ; Wid.

1704 September 24th; Ann daughter of John CAINS

1704 October 15th; Elizabeth NEWMAN

1704 October 15th; Joan daughter of Henry SLADE

1704 October 23rd; William son of William JEROD

1704 October 29th; Joseph son of John HOSPHERD

1704 November 28th; Susanna daughter of James BUGLER

1704 December 24th; Henry DANIEL

1704 December 25th; Elizabeth daughter of Hugh HALLETT

1704 January 7th; Elizabeth FORD ; Wid.

1704 January 10th; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas MINTERN

1704 January 28th; Elizabeth daughter of John JESSOP

1704 January 28th; Peter son of Peterneyl DENBY

1704 February 4th; Mary daughter of John HAKENS

1704 February 11th; Thomas son of Thomas OXFORD

1704 February 13th; Peter FELDEN

1704 February 25th; Margret WILMENT

1704 February 25th; Mary daughter of Philip BAYLEY

1704 March 6th; Thomas son of Thomas HITT

1704 March 6th; An daughter of Niccolis PITMAN

1704 March 14th; Philip son of Thomas HALLETT

1705 April; An daughter of John DRAYSON

1705 April 6th; William STRODE Esq

1705 April 15th; James CHICK

1705 April; Peter son of Robert HALLETT

1705 April 29th; Elizabeth DOGERELL

1705 May; Mary daughter of John PECKHAM

1705 May; Henry son of Henry EDEN

1705 June; Elizabeth daughter of Edward HITT

1705 July; Mary MILLER Alis BRINSON

1705 July 22nd; An HOSKINS ; Wid.

1705 August; Frances wife of John RENDEL

1705 September; John son of John HART

1705 September; Betty daughter of Henry GUDY

1705 September; William son of William BUICK ?

1705 September 25th; Mary KEECH ; Wid.

1705 September 30th; Mary daughter of John ROGERS

1705 October 2nd; John HART Snr.

1705 November 3rd; Elizabeth POLDEN

1705 November 5th; Joseph JETTERBEE

1705 November 7th; Margret PAINTER

1705 February 4th; Mary FORD

1705 February 20th; An SHEPHERD Alis NEWMAN ; Wid.

1705 March 10th; Robert son of Joseph CLOSS

1705 March 24th; William HART

1705 March 25th; A child of Samuel BAYLEY

1705 March; Elizabeth daughter of Robert MUNDEN

1706 April 5th; Robert ROGERS

1706 April 22nd; Elizabeth daughter of Daniel COX

1706 May 14th; A child of William HOSKINS

1706 June 8th; Margret LARANCE

1706 June 16th; Mary wife of Thomas SARGENT

1706 July 24th; Henry SAMWAYS

1706 July 25th; Philip Mary MARTEN ; Wid.

1706 August 7th; John JEROD

1706 October 6th; Joan daughter of John CANTELBURY

1706 October 5th; Joan daughter of Thomas JEROD

1706 October 12th; Dorothy PENY

1706 October 13th; Joan FORD ; Wid.

1706 October 13th; Elizabeth daughter of Simon NEWMAN

1706 October 30th; Hester KEECH

1706 November 5th; Elizabeth daughter of James DANICE

1706 November 24th; Elizabeth daughter of Frances CHUBB

1706 December 15th; John son of John ROGERS

1706 December 15th; James son of James WHITMORE

1706 January 1st; Joan wife of Auther EVANS

1706 January 21st; Daniel WHITTLE ; of Abbot Stoke

1706 January 26th; John MINTERN

1706 January 30th; Mary CANTELBURY

1706 February 2nd; Robert GUPPY

1706 February 4th; Frances daughter of Richard DENGERLOW

1706 February 16th; Rebekah wife of Thomas MANTLE

1706 February 16th; Joseph son of John BUGLER

1706 February 17th; Elizabeth BAGWEL ; Wid.

1706 February 19th; Elizabeth wife of John BEDGOOD

1707 May 10th; Aver? wife of Richard JEROD

1707 May 11th; Catherine BANGER ; Wid. Of Mapenton

1707 May 16th; John MATHAS

1707 May 30th; Thomas son of Richard HARDY

1707 April 4th; Ann daughter of Mary HARRIS ; Wid.

1707 April 6th; Richard HALLETT

1707 April 11th; Jean BRINSON ; Wid.

1707 April 16th; Tamsen daughter of Nicholas DEMITT

1707 May 4th; John son of John GUDGE

1707 May 12th; John son of William PAINTER

1707 May 14th; Mary wife of John HOSKINS

1707 May 16th; Mabel wife of George DAMITT

1707 May 16th; George son of George DAMITT

1707 May 16th; Agnes wife of John GUDGE

1707 May 18th; James son of James LARANCE

1707 May 18th; Richard HART

1707 May 23rd; George DAMITT

1707 May 28th; Simon NEWMAN

1707 May 28th; John HAKENS

1707 June 4th; Joan VENSON ; Wid.

1707 June 6th; James ?

1707 June 20th; Susanna daughter of Elizabeth HARIS ; Wid.

1707 June 29th; Elizabeth HALLETT ; Wid.

1707 June 10th; Elizabeth daughter of Roger CAPEN

1707 July 13th; William MINTERN

1707 July 27th; Ann daughter of Henry HASKINS

1707 July 27th; Henry son of William LARANCE

1707 August 3rd; Ann daughter of William BARRETT

1707 August 10th; John son of Henry SLADE

1707 July 30th; Joan CHILCOT ; Wid.

1707 August 20th; Richard HEARN

1707 September 2nd; Hester wife of Henry SLADE

1707 September 5th; Richard DENGERLOW

1707 September 7th; Joseph JOANES

1707 September 30th; Henry FOWLER

1707 October 12th; Strong son of Thomas SARGENT

1707 October 31st; Ann GUPPY ; Wid.

1707 November 9th; William son of Thomas COMBER

1707 November 10th; John son of William WHITMORE

1707 November 11th; Hannah wife of Samuel CLARE

1707 November 17th; Mary HARIS ; Wid.

1707 November 30th; Elizabeth CLARKE ; Wid.

1707 December 5th; Edward GUDRY

1707 December 7th; Mary daughter of Robert CLARK

1707 December 10th; Thomas GOLLOP

1707 December 10th; Elizabeth daughter of John TINKER

1707 December 12th; Hannah wife of James HALLETT

1707 December 28th; Mary wife of Simon EGAN

1707 January 2nd; Thomas WILKINS

1707 January 11th; George son of George BURGIS

1707 January 11th; Henry son of Edward GUNDRY

1707 January 11th; Isaac son of Richard JEROD

1707 January 20th; Susanna daughter of John EWANCE

1707 February 1st; Elizabeth wife of Thomas EVANS

1707 February 8th; Joan PRESTON ; Wid.

1707 February 20th; Elizabeth DENGERLOW

1707 February 26th; Madam STRODE ; Wid.

1707 March 21st; Elizabeth daughter of John COOK

1708 March 28th; John NEWMAN

1708 March 28th; Thomas son of Thomas HOSKINS

1708 March 28th; Ursula HOSKINS

1708 March 29th; Ann daughter of John DRAYTON

1708 April 7th; Mary wife of John HOUSE

1708 April 18th; Eliza daughter of John GOLLOP

1708 April 25th; A child of John BEDGOOD

1708 May 16th; Susanna WHITMORE ; Wid.

1708 May 16th; Elizabeth ROGERS

1708 June 8th; John KEECH

1708 June 8th; Thomas son of Thomas MUNDEN

1708 July 16th; Henry son of John ?

1708 July 28th; Grace wife of John FOWLER

1708 August 1st; Joan daughter of James TUCKE

1708 August 15th; Thomas son of William COLE

1708 September 5th; Katherine CHICK ; Wid.

1708 September 12th; Gabriel ALLEN

1708 September 19th; William son of William MILLS

1708 October 17th; Hugh STICKLAND

1708 November 17th; Mary wife of William CONWAY

1708 November 19th; Samuel COLLINS

1708 January 15th; Madam Mary STRODE ; Wid.

1708 January 16th; Mary daughter of James PITMAN

1708 January 16th; Sarah daughter of James PITMAN

1708 January 21st; Mary SIMS

1708 January 30th; Katherine HALLETT

1708 February 2nd; Hannah wife of Richard CHICK

1708 February 6th; Elizabeth CHAMPEN ; Wid.

1708 February 20th; Eliza wife of John HOSKINS

1708 February 27th; Hugh JOANES

1708 March 13th; Mary GUNDRY ; Wid.

1708 March 15th; Elizabeth wife of Henry BOYLAND

1708 March 22nd; William PAINTER

1709 March 27th; Hope wife of John RENDEL

1709 April 10th; Joan HALLETT

1709 May 1st; Mary BRINSON

1709 May 6th; Margery STASOY ?

1709 May 8th; John son of John RENDEL

1709 June 8th; Philip RODPHERD

1709 June 10th; Mary MINTERN

1709 June 26th; Mary GANWAY

1709 July 15th; Robert son of Robert CONWAY

1709 July 20th; Thomas HALLETT

1709 July 29th; Ellis GIFFORD

1709 August 16th; Elizabeth wife of William MILLS

1709 August 27th; Robert son of Robert CONWAY

1709 September 4th; Joseph son of Joseph GILLINGHAM

1709 September 5th; Judith BUGLER

1709 September 12th; Joan CRAB ; Wid.

1709 September 14th; Katherine FILDUE

1709 September 20th; Benjamin son of Daniel GOLLOP

1709 October 11th; William MASH

1709 October 12th; Henry BOYLAND

1709 October 30th; Mary daughter of Henry HALLETT

1709 October 30th; William son of William TUKSBERY

1709 December 6th; Dorothy SHELDON

1709 December 6th; Julian FOWLER ; Wid.

1709 December 16th; Elizabeth daughter of Ralph HARIS

1709 January 22nd; John RUSSELL

1709 ?; Daniel ?

1709 February 19th; William COLLINS

1710 April 4th; William CLEFT

1710 April 30th; William STOODLY

1710 April 30th; Joan wife of William HARIS

1710 May 4th; Thomas EVANS

1710 May ?; William son of William NEWMAN

1710 May 14th; Jean POLTER ; Wid.

1710 May 25th; Martha BRAINE

1710 June 15th; Jean daughter of William PAUL

1710 June 30th; Isaac JEROD

1710 July 2nd; Mary daughter of Charles COX

1710 August 25th; Richard GOLLOP

1710 August 6th; Joan wife of James WILLMENT

1710 August 13th; Margret wife of John HALLETT

1710 September 2nd; John COOME

1710 September 5th; Susanna wife of John JEROD

1710 October 29th; Andrew COX

1710 November 5th; An wife of Roger POLTER

1710 November 14th; Mr. William MILLS

1710 November 26th; Christopher BURBIDG

1710 December ?; Henry MASON Alis RICHARDS

1710 December 26th; John HOSKINS

1710 January 21st; Elizabeth daughter of John HALLETT

1710 February 9th; Thomas son of John HAKES

1710 February 11th; Samuel BURGLER

1710 February 11th; A child of James BURBIDG

1710 February 14th; John HARBEN

1710 February 14th; Henry son of Henry MASON

1710 February 18th; Henry son of Paul HOSKINS

1710 February 25th; Eliza PERSON

1710 February 28th; Katherine COX

1710 March 11th; Joan ELIS

1710 March 14th; John BAKER

1710 March 25th; Johanne daughter of John ROBERTS

1710 March 25th; A child of John LUSH

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