St Mary's Marriages 1900 - 1905

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


1900 February 5th John Henry HAWARD; 24; Bachelor; Groom; ; Father William HAWARD Labourer
& Alice Maud WATTS; 24; Spinster; ; Father Walter WATTS Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Levi John WATTS Jane TRUMP

1900 February 14th Charles William PERCHARD; Full age; Widower; Livery Master; St. Peter Port Guernsey; Father Charles William PERCHARD Livery Master
& Annie Augusta FROOME; Full age; Spinster; ; Father Benjamin FROOME Butcher by Licence;
Witnesses: B. FROOME A.N. PUCKLE?

1900 June 26th Fiennes TROTMAN; 38; Bachelor; Solicitor; ; Father Edward Fiennes TROTMAN Vicar of Marshfield Glocestershire
& Hilda Fanny Bangor RUSSELL; 30; Spinster; ; Father Thomas RUSSELL Esquire by Banns;
Witnesses: Thomas RUSSELL Frances Ol?? COX Anne Symes TROTMAN John Speke RUSSELL

1900 July 11th Henry James SHERRING; Full age; Widower; Retired Painter; ; Father William SHERRING Printer
& Fanny LAWRENCE; Full age; Spinster; ; Father William LAWRENCE Servant by Licence;
Witnesses: Ellen LAWRENCE William Bugler NEWMAN

1900 August 29th William Edward WOODWARD; 25; Bachelor; Ironmonger; ; Father John Henry WOODWARD Farmer
& Ellen Mary BUGLAR; 26; Spinster; ; Father William BUGLAR Bootmaker by Banns;
Witnesses: Charles ? WOODWARD L. BUGLER

1900 September 17th Alfred BUGLER; 65; Widower; Shoemaker; ; Father Thomas BUGLER Labourer
& Sarah PAUL X; 58; Widow; ; Father John TRUMP Sawyer by Banns;
Witnesses: Sydney John NORRIS E.A. NORRIS

1900 November 5th Henry Hill BROWN; 24; Bachelor; Hairdresser; Swanage; Father Richard BROWN(deceased) Jeweller
& Harriet Elizabeth BROOKS; 26; Spinster; ; Father George BROOKS Superintendant of Police by Banns;
Witnesses: G. BROOKS Rosalie Jane BROOKS Mary  BROOKS

1900 December 26th Frederick DENNER; 37; Bachelor; Butcher; ; Father James DENNER Shoemaker
& Maria WRIGHT; 36; Spinster; ; Father James WRIGHT Gardener by Banns;
Witnesses: James DENNER Jane DENNER

1900 December 27th Sydney John FOORD; 23; Bachelor; Sailor; ; Father Henry John FOORD(Deceased) Labourer
& Ida HANN; 26; Spinster; ; Father George HANN (deceased) Shoemaker by Banns;
Witnesses: Alfred G. FONE Margaret Anne Florence SYMES Phoebe POOLE

1901 January 1st Lewis LEGG; 22; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Job LEGG Labourer
& Harriett Norris WATTS; 23; Spinster; ;  Father Frederick WATTS Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: Fred LEGG Edith LARCOMBE

1901 February 12th George Henry TRUMP; 27; Bachelor; Sawyer; ; Father William TRUMP Sawyer
& Mary Frances Ackerman HAWKINS; 30; Spinster; ; Father Job HAWKINS Mason by Banns;
Witnesses: Alfred HALSON Lucy Ann HAWKINS

1901 March 30th George RAYMOND; 22; Bachelor; Carter; Horn Park Broadwinsor; Father Charles RAYMOND Labourer
& Jane Elizabeth PERRY; 23; Spinster; ; Horn Park Broadwinsor Father John PERRY Woodsman by Banns;
Witnesses: William RAYMOND Alice Mary POOLE

1901 April 8th Job DIMENT; 23; Bachelor; Carter; Corsecombe; Father Jessie DIMENT Labourer
& Rosa Annie SWAFFIELD; 28; Widow; ; Father George SAMWAYS Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Rhoda DIMENT George SAMWAYS

1901 April 9th Robert WOODBURY; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Alfred WOODBURY Groom
& Annie WEAVER; 23; Spinster; ; Father Henry WEAVER Carpenter by Banns;
Witnesses: Henry WEAVER James WOODBURY

1901 April 23rd Hurbert Tom GUY; 26; Bachelor; Farrier; ; Father Tom Willmott GUY Farmer
& Ada Louisa May GILLINGHAM; 25; Spinster; ; Father Henry GILLINGHAM Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: Nellie? GILLINGHAM Robert HINE

1901 April 29th Frederick BAGGS; 39; Bachelor; Carter; ; Father Henry BAGGS (deceased) Labourer
& Fanny STAPLES; 25; Spinster; ; Father Thomas STAPLES Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Mary Anne STAPLE George WHITTY

1901 May 28th Henry Edwin HOOPER; 40; Widower; Carrier; ; Father Edwin HOOPER Carrier
& Helen Rosa DUNSBURY; 40; Spinster; ; Father Richard DUNSBURY Blacksmith by Banns;
Witnesses: Mary Elizabeth TUCK Richard DUNSBURY

1901 August 1st Charles Edward GREENHAM; 23; Bachelor; Carpenter; ; Father George GREENHAM Carpenter
& Charlotte Annie POOLE; 24; Spinster; ;  Father Alfred POOLE Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Alfred POOLE X Beatrice Mary POOLE

1901 August 7th William John RENDLE; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Richard RENDLE Labourer
& Clara BUGLER; 22; Spinster; ; Father no entry by Banns;
Witnesses: Emma POOLE Robert? POOLE

1901 August 22nd Robert LEWTHWAITE; 34; Bachelor; Tutor; St. George Kendale; Father Robert LEWTHWAITE (deceased) Merchant
& Emily Marian DANIEL; 31; Spinster; ; Father William James DANIEL Gentleman by Banns;
Witnesses: Mary Anne DANIEL Wiliam James DANIEL

1901 August 28th Frederick George BASKETT; 21; Bachelor; Corn Merchant; Dorchester; Father George Henry BASKETT Corn Merchant
& Elizabeth Meech Clare GILLINGHAM; 22; Spinster; ; Father Theophilis GILLINGHAM Painter by Banns;
Witnesses: John William GALE Bessie PHILLIPS

1901 September 4th Henry SMITH; 78; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father David SMITH Labourer
& Elizabeth FRAMPTON; 73; Widow; ; Father William OLIVER Inn Keeper by Banns;
Witnesses: Alfred BUGLER W. NEWMAN

1901 September 24th Harry John SHINER; 26; Bachelor; Timber Merchant; ; Father James SHINER Timber Merchant
& Laura Elizabeth BRIDLE; 24; Spinster; ; Father George BRIDLE Cooper by Banns;
Witnesses: George BRIDLE Arthur J. SHINER

1901 September 25th Azariah Burt HANSFORD; 24; Bachelor; Farmer; Wyke Regis; Father William HANSFORD (deceased) Farmer
& Eliza Jane FROOME; 24; Spinster; ; Father Benjamin FROOME Butcher by Banns;

1901 December 23rd Frederick John LEGG; 23; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Job LEGG Labourer
& Olive Blanch ALLEN; 19; Spinster; ; Father Samuel ALLEN (deceased) Blacksmith by Banns;
Witnesses: Archibald Cooper ALLEN Emily HULL

1901 December 26th Herbert LEGG; 19; Bachelor; Sawyer; ; Father Job LEGG Labourer
& Edith Eliza LARCOMBE; 19; Spinster; ; Father Henry LARCOMBE Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Elizabeth Mary RIGLAR Henry LARCOMBE X

1902 January 13th Henry William LEGG; 28; Bachelor; Labourer; Broadwinsor; Father Henry LEGG Shepherd
& Annie Beatrice BARTER; 20; Spinster; ; Father Charles BARTER Lime Burner by Banns;
Witnesses: Clara Elizabeth BARTER Arthur J. LEGG

1902 January 22nd John William SWAFFIELD; 26; Bachelor; Carpenter; Branksea Island Studland; Father Thomas SWAFFIELD Mason
& Lilian Jane BURT; 21; Spinster; ; Father Emmanuel BURT Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Thomas BURT Emily Kate BURT

1902 February 11th Walter TRAVERS; 29; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Joseph TRAVERS Labourer
& Jane TRUMP; 29; Widow; ; Netherbury Father William HAYWARD Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Alfred BERRIS Florence WALLBRIDGE

1902 March 19th Walter RUSSELL; 38; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Jacob RUSSELL Hurdle Maker
& Sarah ALLEN; 50; Widow; Licensed Victualler; Sun Inn Beaminster Father John COOPER (deceased) Gardener by Banns;
Witnesses: George ROGERS? Mary E. SYMES

1902 March 31st Charles ??? MORRIS; 43; Widower; Baker; Stoke Abbott; Father Samuel MORRIS Baker
& Sarah Elizabeth Underdown HEAVER; 40; Spinster; ; Father John Wibbur HEAVER Farmer? by Banns;
Witnesses: Sam MOORES Susan Amelia POPHAM

1902 August 20th George John William GALE; 29; Bachelor; Detective Constable; 3 Moor Lane London E.C.; Father George GALE Builder
& Annie Elizabeth DAWBNEY; 28; Spinster; ; Coombe Down Farm Father Albert Byron DAWBNEY Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: Albert Byron DAWBNEY James ARNOLD Alice DAWBNEY 

1902 October 1st Alfred LAVERS; 27; Bachelor; Groom; ; Father Joseph LAVERS Sawyer
& Amelia PAUL; 25; Spinster; ; Father Daniel PAUL Sawyer by Banns;
Witnesses: Albert Byron TRAVERS Elizabeth TRAVERS

1902 October 23rd Bowden Charles PAULL; 25; Bachelor; Porter; Alton Hants; Father William PAULL Labourer
& Ellen Martin NELSON; 26; Spinster; ; Father Charles NELSON (deceased) Foreman of Mill by Banns;
Witnesses: George NELSON Emmie PAULL

1902 November 10th Gabriel KITE; 30; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Gabriel KITE (deceased) Labourer
& Minnie LARCOMBE; 16; Spinster; ; Father Charles LARCOMBE Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: George HILL W.B. NEWMAN

1902 December 27th Arthur James SHINER; 27; Bachelor; Timber Merchant; ; Father James SHINER Timber Merchant
& Florence Annie READER; 23; Spinster; ; Father James READER Coachman by Banns;
Witnesses: Percy E. SHINER Kate A. READER

1903 January 29th George Henry BUGLER; 22; Bachelor; Carter; ; Father Thomas BUGLER ?Contractor
& Beatrice May WATTS; 19; Spinster; ;  Father Edwin WATTS Mason by Banns;
Witnesses: Thomas CHARD John BROOK

1903 February 4th Frank Joseph George PERRY; 22; Bachelor; Mason; Chedington; Father John PERRY Labourer
& Ellen Mary TIZZARD; 25; Spinster; ; Father Daniel TIZZARD Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: George TIZZARD Sarah Jane TIZZARD

1903 February 19th William Lane SHERRING; 42; Bachelor; Painter; ; Father Henry James SHERRING Painter
& Frances Matilda MEECH; 30; Spinster; ; Father David MEECH Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: W.L. WARREN Giles FRAMPTON

1903 April 13th Francis George ENGLISH; 29; Bachelor; Outfitter; St. Saviours Eastbourne; Father David ENGLISH Confectioner
& Francis Louise SYDENHAM; 29; Spinster; ; Father James SYDENHAM Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: Francis George ENGLISH Frances Louise SYDENHAM

1903 June 1st Nicholas John WILLIAMS; 25; Bachelor; Outfitter; 39 Fortune's Well Portland; Father William WILLIAMS Farmer
& Mary May OLIVER; 24; Spinster; ; Father Daniel OLIVER (deceased) Jeweller by Banns;
Witnesses: William George DICKER Amy Hildred CHAMBERS

1903 July 7th George SMITH; 24; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Benjamin SMITH Labourer
& Lily NORRIS; 23; Spinster; ; Father James NORRIS Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Walter PAUL Lucy NORRIS

1903 July 15th Joseph Moncrieff MORRISON; 36; Bachelor; Teacher of Languages; Aberdeen?; Father Robert MORRISON Solicitor
& Rose CROSSMAN; 33; Spinster; ; Father Richard CROSSMAN Gardener by Banns;
Witnesses: George? J. CEAD Richard CROSSMAN

1903 July 27th Nathaniel John HISSEY; 20; Bachelor; Groom; ; Father Noah HUSSEY (deceased) Labourer
& Sarah Ann ALLEN; 22; Spinster; ; 454 Collyhurst Rd. Manchester Father Robert John ALLEN Police Sergeant by Banns;
Witnesses: Abner William DUNSBY Mabel Augusta Louisa HUSSEY

1903 September 2nd Herbert Henry WOODHOUSE; 30; Bachelor; Science Master; St. John's Dudley; Father Henry WOODHOUSE Engineer
& Ethel Jane KEECH; 30; Spinster; ; Father Joseph KEECH Sculptor by Banns;
Witnesses: H. Joseph KEECH P? WOODHOUSE

1903 December 23rd John Henry BUGLER; 25; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Edwin BUGLER Labourer
& Mary Jane CORNICK; 21; Spinster; ; Father John CORNICK Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Esau BUGLER Dinah CORNICK

1904 March 3rd Albert WATTS; 21; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Edwin WATTS Mason
& Bessie ROW; 25; Spinster; ; Father George ROW (deceased) Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: Henry PARKER Joseph LEGG

1904 March 21st Walter Reakes DREDGE; 24; Bachelor; Farmer; East Chelborough; Father William DREDGE Farmer
& Ethel Sarah Gillingham WAKELY; 27; Spinster; ; Father Matthew John Coombs WAKLEY Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: Matthew J.C. WAKELY William DREDGE

1904 April 11th Albert Genge TURNER; 20; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Aaron TURNER Labourer
& Amy Dennet DAWE; 19; Spinster; ; Father James DAWE Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: George William DAWE Rosa Ellen DAWE

1904 April 12th Robert HINE; 29; Bachelor; Butcher; ; Father John HINE Farmer
& Nellie GILLINGHAM; 22; Spinster; ; Father Henry GILLINGHAM (deceased) Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: James? GILLINGHAM Ernest HINE

1904 April 28th William George ROLLS; 27; Bachelor; Engine Driver; Portland; Father William ROLLS (deceased) Labourer
& Annie TURNER; 24; Spinster; ; Father Aaron TURNER Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: W.C. TURNER Louise Jane TURNER

1904 June 1st William CHUBB; 31; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father William CHUBB (deceased) Labourer
& Bessie DAWE; 27; Spinster; ; Father no entry by Banns;
Witnesses: Charles DAWE Gertrude LEGG

1904 June 25th Edmund William WIDDOWS; 24; Bachelor; Porter; 23 Hill St. Worcester; Father Edmund WIDDOWS Bricklayer
& Mary CHEESEMAN; 28; Spinster; Domestic Servant; Father George CHEESEMAN (deceased) Mailcart driver by Banns;
Witnesses: George Edwin VARDY Bessie Jane CHEESEMAN

1904 July 4th Frederick John WATTS; 23; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father Frederick WATTS Labourer
& Annie Rosina WAREHAM; 19; Spinster; ; Father Tom WAREHAM Hurdler by Banns;
Witnesses: Albert William WATTS Ellen WATTS

1904 August 2nd Maximillian George SMITH; 30; Bachelor; Merchants Clerk; St. Marks Surbiton; Father Maximillian George SMITH Traveller
& Matilda Maria NEWMAN; 31; Spinster; ; Father William Bugler NEWMAN Manager of Gas works by Banns;
Witnesses: Sally Elizabeth  NEWMAN M.A. SMITH M.C. NEWMAN

1904 August 24th Robert George ALLEN; 25; Bachelor; Carpenter; 28 Fallsbrook Rd. Streatham, London S.W.; Father Robert ALLEN Customs House Officer
& Mary POOLE; 28; Spinster; ; Father Thomas POOLE Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Thomas POOLE Elizabeth Ann POOLE

1904 December 27th Thomas William HARRIS; 23; Bachelor; Carpenter; Amberley Glos.; Father Alfred HARRIS Plumber
& Carrie Ellen DAY; 23; Spinster; ; Father Richard DAY Driver by Banns;
Witnesses: Joseph Thomas NEWMAN Arthur Henry HARRIS

1905 February 13th George Wiliam DAWE; 22; Bachelor; Labourer; ; Father James DAWE Labourer
& Bessie Eleanor Susan HUTCHINGS; 20; Spinster; ; Father William HUTCHINGS (deceased) Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: Edward Charles HUTCHINGS Rosa Ellen DAWE

1905 April 13th Elijah Fred DUNFORD; 26; Bachelor; Labourer; Compton Valance; Father Henry DUNFORD Labourer
& Elizabeth Mary RIGLAR; 24; Spinster; ; Father John RIGLAR Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: John RIGLAR Mary COUSINS

1905 April 13th Stephen Thomas SHINER; 25; Bachelor; Coachman; ; Father Samuel SHINER Labourer
& Sarah Ann RIGLAR; 22; Spinster; ; Father John RIGLAR Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: John RIGLAR Mary COUSINS

1905 May 2nd Henry PARKER; 22; Bachelor; Mason's Labourer; ; Father John PARKER Carter
& Eveling* Jane WATTS; 20; Spinster; ; Father Edwin WATTS Mason by Banns;
Witnesses: Albert WATTS Ellen Jane CHARD * signs Evelyn

1905 May 24th Albert DAVIS; 59; Widower; Labourer; ; Father Robert DAVIS Carpenter
& Jane HOPKINS; 41; Spinster; ; Father Thomas HOPKINS Labourer by Banns;
Witnesses: Frank CRABB X Rose Eleanor HOPKINS

1905 June 1st Daniel Edward COX; 27; Bachelor; Tailor; ; Father Daniel COX Tailor
& Rosa Ellen EDWARDS; 25; Spinster; ; Father Daniel EDWARDS Carpenter by Banns;
Witnesses: Herbert Harold EDWARDS Eva Mary EDWARDS

1905 June 21st Augustus Frederick Percy RANDALL; 43; Bachelor; Chemist; Swanage; Father Thomas RANDALL Retired Chemist
& Mary Barbara SWATRIDGE; 20; Spinster; ; Father Richard SWATRIDGE Corn Merchant by Banns;

1905 July 22nd William POORTON; 29; Bachelor; Hairdresser; Bedwellty Mon.; Father Alfred  POORTON Soap Manufacturer
& Elizabeth SYMES; 29; Spinster; ; Father Mark SYMES Mason by Banns;
Witnesses: George SYMES Florence SYMES

1905 October 5th Charles POOLE; 49; Widower; Plumber; ; Father Samuel POOLE Sawyer
& Mary Ann LEGG; 34; Widow; ; Father John RIGLAR Carter by Banns;
Witnesses: John William RIGLAR Mary Elizabeth TUCK

1905 October 18th George Ernest WELCHMAN; 26; Bachelor; Gunner R.G.A.; Hove Devon; Father George Ames WELCHMAN Surgeon
& Charlotte Priscilla FARNHAM; 23; Spinster; ; Father Robert FRANHAM Carter? by Banns;
Witnesses: R? FARNHAM Alice FARNHAM

1905 November 9th John Matthew Coombs WAKELY; 54; Widower; Farmer; ; Father John WAKELY Farmer
& Louisa GALPIN; 40; Widow; ; Father Bernard PERHAM Farmer by Banns;
Witnesses: G.H. READER Flore E. READER?

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