St. Mary's Baptisms 1701-1710

Transcribed by Zoe Martin

Note: The records are difficult to read


1701 April 13th [blank] son of Hillary VILE

1701 [blank] Robert READ

1701 April 4th [blank] daughter of Richard DAMITT

1701 May 11th [blank] son of Robert HIDE

1701 May 11th [blank] daughter of Richard JEROD

1701 May 16th [blank] son of John DENTY

1701 May 25th [blank] daughter of John HOWSE

1701 May 25th [blank] daughter of Robert LEAKY

1701 June 1st Elizabeth daughter of Niccolis DAMITT

1701 June 9th Mary daughter of Robert HOSKINS

1701 June 10th Thomas son of Thomas HALLET

1701 July 27th William son of William JEROD

1701 July 28th An daughter of John HEARN

1701 August 10th William son of Dorothy JEROD

1701 August 10th Edith daughter of Robert MYHEL

1701 September 7th Mary daughter of John BATTER

1701 September 21st Charles son of John MATHIAS

1701 October 8th William son of John STACY

1701 October 19th Philip son of Philip COLLINS

1701 October 20th [blank] daughter of Edward HITT

1701 October 26th George son of George JAMES

1701 December 14th Mary daughter of Robert WHITMORE

1701 December 26th Mary daughter of William LACK

1701 December 28th John son of Henry HARDY

1701 January 1st [blank] daughter of William BUGLER

1701 January 2nd [blank] son of John FOX

1701 January 6th [blank] daughter of John HALLET

1701 January 19th [blank] daughter of John HEREN [?]

1701 February 2nd [blank] daughter of Henry GUDY

1701 March [blank] daughter of Mary FOX

1702 March 29th Mary daughter of John HOSKINS

1702 April 12th William son of Henry CHUB

1702 April 12th Martha daughter of Clement JAMES

1702 April 26th [blank] son of John MILLS

1702 May 10th An[?] daughter of Philip BAYLEY

1702 May 20th Edith daughter of Charles BOIZ [?]

1702 May 24th [blank] daughter of Richard HOSKINS

1702 May 25th Richard son of Richard HEARNE

1702 May 27th Elizabeth daughter of George DAMET

1702 June 5th Elizabeth daughter of SANDERS

1702 June 5th John son of Richard FORD

1702 June 14th Benjamin son of John KEECH

1702 June 17th John son of John ROGERS

1702 June 21st Thomas son of Frances CHUB

1702 July 12th An daughter of John DERBY

1702 July 13th John son of Robert DIKE

1702 July 28th Cathrin[?] Silas SIMS

1702 August 9th [blank] daughter of Robert SIMS

1702 August 16th [blank] son of Thomas JEROD

1702 October 14th [blank] John HALLET

1720 [blank] daughter of George BRIANT

1702 November 5th [blank] son of William BARET

1702 December 25th [blank] John BEDGOOD

1702 January 24th [blank] William COLLINS

1702 March 7th [blank] John WAY

1703 March 29th Hanah daughter of William HOSKINS

1703 April 5th Thomas son of Thomas MUNDEN

1703 April 20th Elizabeth daughter of John HOSKINS

1703 May 20th William son of Richard PINNEY

1703 June 2nd Richard son of Richard DAMITT

1703 July 6th James son of Henry PITTMAN

1703 June 11th Elizabeth daughter of John GUNDRY

1703 July 11th John son of John WHITE

1703 August 29th Mary daughter of Philip ADAM

1703 September 7th Eliza daughter of Joseph WAY

1703 September 15th Presella daughter of John HOSKINS

1703 September 24th William son of William COLLINS

1703 September 24th John son of William COLLINS

1703 September 26th Henry son of John BOZEY

1703 October 7th Richard son of Richard DEMETT

1703 October 10th John son of John HOUSE

1703 October 24th Hanah daughter of William DAWE

1703 November 8th Samuel son of Benjamin BUGLER

1703 November 9th Henry son of Henry PAINE

1703 November 10th Philip son of Thomas HALLET

1703 November 24th Elizabeth daughter of Edward HITT

1703 December 8th William son of Henry GUDG

1703 December 19th Henry son of John JEROD

1703 December 22nd George son of Thomas GIBS

1703 January 2nd John son of John MILLS

1703 January 4th Joan daughter of Benjamin NOSSITER

1703 January 16th Joan daughter of John BARRETT

1703 January 30th Presella daughter of Thomas MARTEN

1703 February 13th Elizabeth daughter of Lenard STUKSBURY

1703 February 13th John son of John ALEN

1703 February 18th John son of John CLARE

1703 February 22nd Elizabeth daughter of Robert FILDY

1703 February 29th George son of William MILLS

1704 April 2nd William son of Erasmus HALLET

1704 April 16th William son of William NEWMAN

1704 April 18th Thomas son of Philip RADPHERD

1704 May 2nd An daughter of Richard HOSKINS

1704 May 7th Sara daughter of Edward STODGEL

1704 May 14th Mary daughter of Niccolis HARDY

1704 July 2nd John son of Clement JAMES

1704 July 2nd Elizabeth daughter of John HOAR

1704 July 2nd Peter son of Peterneyl DENTY

1704 July 20th Thomas son of Thomas JOANES

1704 July 30th William son of Sander DIKE

1704 July 30th Matthew son of Charles COX

1704 July 30th Mary daughter of Silas RAYNDEL

1704 July 30th An daughter of James WHITMORE

1704 August 28th Thomas son of Thomas HITT

1704 September 3rd Elizabeth daughter of Richard HEARN

1704 October 15th John son of Richard CHICK

1704 October 22nd Samuel son of Charles HOSKINS

1704 October 29th Temperance daughter of John DERBY

1704 November 1st George son of George DAMIT

1704 November 16th Susanna daughter of John HOSPHERD

1704 November 22nd William son of William COLE

1704 November 23rd Elizabeth daughter of John DONN

1704 December 26th Elizabeth daughter of Simon SHEPHERD

1704 December 26th Thomas son of John STACY

1704 December 28th Thomas son of Robert COLLE

1704 January 10th Thomas son of Thomas OXPHERD

1704 January 21st Richard son of Richard HARDY

1704 February 4th Collepherd? son of John KEECH

1704 February 6th Thomas son of Philip ADAMS

1704 February 25th Elizabeth daughter of Henry CHUB

1704 March 7th Tamson son of Richard DAMIT

1704 March 10th John son of John BUGLER

1705 April 29th Elinor daughter of William ALEN

1705 April 29th Mary daughter of John PECKHAM ?

1705 June 25th William son of John COLLINS

1705 June 25th Susana daughter of James BOZY ?

1705 July 1st Elizabeth daughter of Frances CHUB

1705 July 4th Sara daughter of John HALLET

1705 July 6th An daughter of John HOSKINS

1705 August 28th Betty daughter of Henry GUDG

1705 September 11th Thomas son of William COLE

1705 October 14th John son of Lenard STUKSBURY

1705 October 21st Philip son of Philip RODPHERD

1705 October 22nd William son of Edith HOSPHERD

1705 November 4th Mary daughter of John CAINS

1705 November 5th Sara daughter of John HALLET

1705 November 11th Reuben son of John HAKENS

1705 November 25th Sara daughter of Elis COLE

1705 December 9th Joan daughter of William HOSKINS

1705 December 16th Richard son of John BUTCHER

1705 December 23rd Elizabeth daughter of John BOLT

1705 January 13th Sara daughter of John HIDE

1705 January 14th Ralph son of Henry PAINE

1705 January 28th William son of William MASH

1705 February 3rd Robert son of Robert WHITEMORE

1705 February 4th John son of John HAKES

1705 February 5th Oliver son of Richard HOSKINS

1705 February 5th Mary daughter of Thomas JOANES

1705 February 24th Elizabeth daughter of Robert REED

1705 February 26th John son of John MARTHAS

1705 March 3rd Elinor daughter of DIMIT

1705 March 3rd Josiah son of Josiah RANDEL

1705 March 10th Josiah son of Hugh JOANES

1706 April 10th Philip son of Thomas HALLET

1706 April 28th Elizabeth daughter of James TUCK

1706 May Elizabeth daughter of Charles COX

1706 May 19th William son of Richard CHICK

1706 June 9th James son of John PECKHAM

1706 June 27th Lancelot son of William MILLS

1706 June 27th Joseph son of John BUGLER

1706 July 28th Mary daughter of Elis CHICK

1706 October 27th Sara daughter of Ralph COX

1706 November 8th Susanna daughter of Joseph SARGENT

1706 November 15th James son of James WHITEMORE

1706 November 17th Elizabeth daughter of John BURBIDG

1706 November 24th John son of John BARET

1706 November 27th Mary daughter of Richard DAMIT

1706 December 1st Elizabeth daughter of William ALEN

1706 December 8th John son of Thomas JEROD

1706 December 25th Mary daughter of Niccolis DAMIT

1706 December 27th James son of Paul HOSKINS

1706 December 29th Susanna daughter of John JEROD

1706 January 19th Henry son of Sander DIKE

1706 January 21st John son of John HOSKINS

1706 January 21st Dorothy daughter of Henry GUDG

1706 January 21st Thomas son of Thomas GIBS

1706 January 26th Daniel son of Richard HEARN

1706 January 27th Elizabeth daughter of William COLLINS

1706 February 2nd William son of Edward STODGEL

1706 February 23rd Thomas son of Richard HARDY

1706 February 23rd Margaret daughter of William NEWMAN

1706 March 11th Elizabeth daughter of John WHITE

1707 April 16th Jean daughter of James WILLMENT

1707 April 16th Mary daughter of Thomas COX

1707 April 20th Richard son of Richard HALLET

1707 June 3rd Henry son of William LAVANCE

1707 June 20th Elizabeth daughter of Roger CAPEN

1707 June 23rd Hanah daughter of John DONN

1707 August 3rd Thomas son of Robert MIEL

1707 August 17th Thomas son of Simon NEWMAN

1707 September 5th Edward son of William COLE

1707 September 5th Mary daughter of John KEECH

1707 September 6th Joan daughter of James TUCK

1701 September 10th William son of William HOUSE

1707 September 10th An daughter of Nickolis HARDY

1707 September 14th Elizabeth daughter of William NEWMAN

1707 September 27th Agnis wife of Philip ADAMS

1707 October 14th Mary daughter of John COOKE

1707 November 7th Peace daughter of James BAGG

1707 November 28th Elizabeth daughter of John REED

1707 November 30th William son of Thomas JEANES

1707 November 30th Sara daughter of Richard CHICK

1707 December 26th Mary daughter of Ralph HARRIS

1707 December 26th Mary daughter of John COLLINS

1707 December 27th Thomas son of Elis HIND

1707 December 27th Susannah daughter of John HALLET

1707 6th John son of John HALLET

1707 February 6th Susanna daughter of Benjamin

1707 [blank] daughter of John

1707 March 1st John son of Richard HOSKINS

1707 March 3rd John son of John HAKE

1707 March 6th James son of John HIDE

1708 April 27th Mary daughter of John ROGARS

1708 May Elias son of Elias COLE

1708 May George son of William DONN

1708 June Oliver son of John HOSKINS

1708 June 16th Thomas son of Robert HOSKINS

1708 Elizabeth daughter of William LAVANCE

1708 August 19th Thomas son of William MILLS

1708 Richard son of Richard DIMIT

1708 William son of William

1708 October 17th Thomas son of John POOL

1708 November Philip son of Thomas

1708 November Mary daughter of John DENTY

1708 [blank] son of Philip

1708 John son of

1708 [blank] daughter of James

1708 Joan daughter of

1708 John son of Lenard

1708 Elizabeth daughter of Robert WHITEMORE

1708 February 8th Joan daughter of Elis CHICK

1709 March 27th James son of William HOSKINS

1709 March 30th Richard son of Richard DAMIT

1709 April 10th Mary daughter of James WHITEMORE

1709 May 1st Joseph son of Henry CHUB

1709 May 27th Agnis daughter of Henry GUDGE

1709 May 22nd Mary daughter of John GUNDY

1709 May 29th Mary daughter of Henry BARRETT

1709 June 5th John son of John BURBIDGE

1709 June 26th Richard son of John BEDGOOD

1709 July 10th Joan daughter of William MEECH

1709 July 10th Grace daughter of William GOLLOP

1709 July John son of Thomas GIBBS

1709 August 6th Abraham son of Thomas JOANES

1709 October 25th Robert son of John HEAL ?

1709 November 6th Mary daughter of John PECKHAM

1709 November 20th James son of An GAIL

1709 December 6th Elizabeth daughter of Ralph HARRIS

1709 December 6th Henry son of Paul HOSKINS

1709 December 25th Henry son of William HOSKINS

1709 December 26th John son of John HOUSE

1709 December 26th Jane daughter of John HOSKINS

1709 January 6th An daughter of William HOAR

1709 February 12th Benjamin son of Ralph COX

1709 February 12th Kathrin daughter of Richard HARDY

1709 February 19th Elizabeth daughter of John JEROD

1709 February 26th Mabel daughter of George DAMIT

1709 March 26th Elizabeth daughter of John BOSKCOME

1710 March 28th Mary daughter of Thomas CALLWAY

1710 April 16th Henry son of William ALLEN

1710 May 14th Samuel son of William COLE

1710 June 4th An daughter of John HALLET

1710 June 11th John son of John DAW

1710 June 16th Mary daughter of Ralph MEECH

1710 August [blank] HAKES

1710 August Elizabeth daughter of William COLE

1710 October 9th Thomas son of Thomas HITT

1710 November 7th Elizabeth daughter of Thomas HALLET

1710 November 12th Martha daughter of Richard TUCKER

1710 December 13th Hanah daughter of Richard DAMIT

1710 William son of John MILLER

1710 January An daughter of James CAINS

1710 18th Elizabeth daughter of John HALLET

1710 February 4th James son of James LARANCE

1710 February 12th John son of John JEANES

1710 February 25th George son of Ruth VILE

1710 March 4th Elizabeth daughter of Ralph CLARKE

1710 March 4th John son of John THOMAS

1710 March 21st Mary daughter of John HEARN


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