Kelly's Directory 1939

Transcribed by Zoe Martin

Private Residents      
ALLIOTT Miss Florence M. Dwen Hogshill St.
BARRETT Frederick Phillip William Delvine  
BENNETT Harry   The Square
BUGLER Francis T   Hogshill St.
BUGLER Frank   Church ST.
BUGLER William T.H.   Stoke Abbott Rd.
BULLIVANT Eric   Parnham
BURLTON-BENNET Mrs. S. The Grey Cottage Gerrard's Green
CHADWICK Fabian Louis The Pinnacles  
COBHAM Brig.-Gen. Horace Walter C.M.G. D.S.O. The Yews  
CUMMINS Charles Warren Park Cottage  
DITMAS Lt-Col. F.I. Leslie D.S.O. M.C. F.G.S. Meerhay Cottage  
DOUGLAS Mrs. Sanford Cottage Fleet St.
DYER Mrs. Eastcot Whitcombe Rd.
DYSON Mrs. Farrs  
ELSDALE Mrs. K. Sar Lodge  
FLACK Lt.-Col. Stanley Herbert D.S.O. M.C. B.Sc. The Brook  
GIBBS Stanley W.    
GLOSSOP Mrs. Myrtle Cottage Crewkerne Rd.
GOLDSMITH Leslie The Red House North St.
GRAVESON Arthur W. Tintagel Stoke Abbott Rd.
GUNDRY Mrs. Bridge House  
HALLETT Miss   Hogshill St.
HANN Albert Holmleigh  
HANN Arthur E Holmleigh  
HANN Miss Dover House Prout Bridge
HINE John Farrant Sandhurst Newtown
HINE Richard Elm View Hogshill St.
HINE Robert Storridge Farm  
HORNOR Maj. Francis Harold Fardell Dannemora Crewkerne Rd.
HUTCHINGS Rev. Cannon George Cyril M.A. Vicarage  
KEATES Cecil James   The Square
KEATY Lt.-Col. John C.B.E. M.D. F.R.C.P. J.P.(West Lothian) Champions  
KEECH Edwin W. Minister View Short's Lane
KEENLYSIDE Mrs.   Hogshill St.
KNYVETT Mrs. Seymour M.   Hogshill St.
LAKE Herbert Arnold M.D. Woodlands  
LAWRENCE Ernest The Myrtles North St.
LEIGH Robert Woodswater Cottage North St.
MANFIELD Walter   Stonecombe
NEWMAN Misses The Limes North St.
OLIVER Rev. Frederick Thomas (Congregational) Springfield  
PENNY Lt.-Col. Edward Austin M.B. Newtown House  
PERRY Edward George The Firs Broadwinsor Rd.
PETERS Mrs. Applegarth Hogshill St.
PIMM Arthur A. F.R.C.S. The Walnuts  
PINNEY Lt-Col. George Ambrose M.C. J.P. Horn Park  
PORTER Francis Morier M.A. headmaster Grammar School    
RUSSELL Col. William Kelson C.M.G. D.S.O. Beridth  
RUSSELL Capt. Ralph Nevill Langdon Manor  
RUSSELL John Speke J.P. Barton End Fleet St.
RYALL Reginald William Lloyds Bank House The Square
SELLERS Frank Richard St. Mary's Cottage Hogshill St.
SHINER Arthur James The Laurels Whitcombe Rd.
SIMPSON Robert Edgar Hope Gable End Hogshill St.
SKYRM Llewellyn M.A. C.C. Middlebrook Whitcombe Rd.
TATE Maj.-Gen. Godfrey C.I.E. Knowle Cottage  
TAVENER Miss Devonia Hogshill St.
TENNANT Brenard Victor Hams Plot  
TINDALL Frederick Markham The Manor House  
TROTMAN Fiennes Gikeys East St.
TROTMAN Misses Ridgemont Shadrack St.
WARD Lt.-Col. Cyril Harding Hitts House Whitcombe Rd.
WILSON Alexander Garrick F.R.C.S. Derwent House Whitcombe Rd.
WOOD J Clairmont Coombe Down
ACKERMAN Sydney chimney sweep East St.
ANDRESS Frederick English timber merchant Hogshill St.
BAILEY E. & Sons builders, contractors & house decorators Hogshill St.
BAILEY William Arthur farmer Langdon Manor Farm
BANBURY Henry Jnr. farmer Hollymoor
Beaminster Cricket Club A.E.COX sec.   East St.
Beaminster & District collecting depot egg collectors (Artur E. COX sec)   Fleet St.
Beaminster & Netherbury Grammar School Fras. Morier PORTER M.A. Cantab. Head master    
Beaminster Public Hall & Institute Richard HINE Hon. Sec.   Fleet St.
Beaminster Rural District Council Waterworks Jn. Wm. Roberts NEWMAN engnr. & manager   Hogshill Corner
Bell & Crown Hy. BARCLAY P.H. East St.
BENNET F. E. (Mrs.) wools, fancy goods dealer, stationer & circulating library The Gift Shop, The Square
BOON Jn. (Mrs.) & Sons farmers Newtown
BRADFORD & Sons ltd.   coal merchants Fleet St.
BRIDLE'S Garage F.G. BRIDLE proprietor motor engineers Crewkerne Rd.
Bridport & District Co-operative Society Ltd.     North St.
Bridport & District Co-operative Society Ltd.   confectioners Hogshill St.
BRINSON Eli farmer Whitcombe
British Legion C. TOMLINSON hon. Sec.   Tan Yard
British Legion Local Relief Committee Frank WEAVER, hon. Sec.   Crewkerne Rd.
BROOKS G.M. & K.M. (Misses) shopkeepers The Square
BROOKS Edward Frank tailor The Square
BUGLER Jn. Hy. & Son butchers Church St.
BUGLER Francis T. agricultural implement dealer, hydralic & general engineer Hogshill St.
BUGLER Frank assistant clerk to Rural District Council, rating & accounting officer & clerk to Parish Council Church St.
BULLOCK Elias farmer Fleet St.
BURBIDGE Edith (Miss) dressmaker Gerrard's Green
CARTER Thomas Charles grocer & tea & coffee specialist The Square
CHARD T.N. & Sons Ltd. boot makers The Square
Child Welfare Centre   (Thursday 2 to 4p.m.) Hogshill St.
CHILDS Wm. Arth. farmer South Buckham Farm
Church of Englan Men's Society G.C. HAYTER hon. Sec.   Hogshill St.
COLBORNE Leonard Dagg statnr. & post office The Square
COOPER Isaac Jn. baker Hogshill St.
COX Bernard Ralph farmer Mapperton Marsh Farm
COX Daniel tailor East St.
CREW Thomas & Sons builders & contractors Gerrard's Green & The Square
Crewkerne Gas & Coke Co. Ltd. Cecil Fredk. SMITH resident manager, H.A.COLE sec.   St. Mary St.
Crown Inn Bertrand S. TREVETT   North St.
CURTIS Ada Bonfield (Miss) shopkeeper Fore Place
Dried Milk Products Ltd. W.B. CROSS manager dairymen North St.
Eight Bells Inn Leslie R. HOLMAN   Church St.
FLETCHER W. & R. butchers Prout Bridge
Foresters Ancient order of Court Pride of Beaminster Danl. COX sec. lodge room National School room Hogshill St.
FOX SANDERS T. statnr. The Square
FRAMPTON Bros. butchers The Square
FRY Bros. farmers East Axnoller
FURBER Evelyn M. (Mrs) china, glass & earthenware dlr. Fleet St.
GEARE Herbert G. hon., F.N.A.M., M.R.S.M. teacher of music Greenways
GIBBS Bros. wholesale butchers & farmers Newtown
GIBBS L.H. & CO. motor engineers Prout Bridge
GIBBS Mrs. boot & shoe dlr. Hogshill St.
GIBBS Rt. farmer Higher Bowgrove
GIBBS Sam butcher Hogshill St.
GIBBS Stanley W. registrar of births, deaths & marriages, assessor,collector,relieving & vaccination officer Town Offices
GREEN Arthur Edwin marine store dealer East St.
GREENING Rt. Jn. newsagent & town crier St. Mary St.
Greyhound P.H. Alfred T. GUNNING   The Square
HAGGETT William Jn. boot & shoe repairer St. Mary St.
HALLETT Frederick Jn. shopkeeper Hogshill St.
HANN Arthur E. motor engineer & agent, A.A. & R.A.C. agent, Tecalemit Service Station The Garage
HESLOP Maj. Roy horse dlr. Kitwhistle Farm
HINE Brothers butchers & ice manufacturers, noted for sweet pickled hams & pork sausages North St.
HINE Bros. farmers Storridge Farm
HOUSE Wm. thatcher Pattle
HUNT Bertram Victor farmer Higher Barrowfield
HUNT Geo. wheelwright South gate
HUSSEY Ernest Frank saddler Hogshill St.
IVES William James watch maker Hogshill St.
JENKINS Walter fishmonger Hogshill St.
KEECH Edwin W. Marcon's Hall Oxon. private tutor Minster View, Short's Lane
KITSON & TROTMAN   solicitors Fleet St.
KITSON Henry Lane solicitor & commisioner to administer oaths Fleet St.
Knapp Inn Mrs. Amelia HARRIS   Hogshill St.
LAKE & HOPE SIMPSON   physcians & surgeons Woodlands & Gable End
LAKE Herbert Arnold M.D.Durh., M.R.C.S. Eng,L.R.P.C.Lond. physician & surgeon, medical officer & public vaccinator Woodlands
LEIGH & Son solicitors Church St.
LEIGH Rbt solicitor, commisioner for oaths Church St.
Lloyds Bank Ltd (Branch) R.W.RYALL manager   The Square
MACEY T. (Mrs) tobccnst. Hogshill St.
MANFIELD Walter farmer Stonecombe
MEECH Alfred Thomas farmer Lower Bowgrove
Midlan Bank Ltd. F.P.W. BARRETT manager   The Square
MILLER George Sidney insurance agent Whitcombe Rd.
MOORES Wilfred Claude baker Church St.
MORRIS Alex. Jesse hardware dlr. Church St.
National Deposit Friendly Society Mrs. E.M. WOODWARD sec. lodge room Church St.
NELLER Herbert O. blacksmith Church St.
NEWMAN John William Roberts plumber, water heating & electrical engineer Hogshill Corner
Oddfellows, Manchester Unity No. 4754 Wm STIBY sec Lodge room Town Offices
PALK William Chas. L.D.S.R.C.S. Eng dental surgeon The Square
PAYNE Harold farmer Wellwood
PERRY & PERRY Ltd.   haulage contractors, sand & gravel merchants, quarry owners, road contractors Broadwinsor Rd.
PETERS William F farmer Croad Farm
PINES (Beaminster) Ltd.   grocers Fleet St.
POOLE H & Son painters Prout Bridge
POOLE Frederick Charles hair dresser Hogshill St.
POPE Arthur boot maker East St.
PURKESS Chas. farmer Knowle farm
RAYMOND Wltr. Jas. farmer Chantry farm
Red Lion Commercial Hotel Frank. Geo HODDER prop.   The Square
RENDELL Saml. farmer Green Cross
REYNOLDS A. Ltd. C.J. KEATES manager drapers & outfitters The Square
RIDOUT Wesley Jn. farmer Lower Langdon
Royal Antedeluvian Order of Buffaloes T.P. CRABBE sec.   White Hart Hotel
Royal Oak P.H. Jsph T NEWMAN   Hogshill St.
RUNDLE Cyril Cole A.R.San.I. M.S.I.A. sanitary inspector to Beaminster Rural District Council Hogshill St.
SHAPLAND & WHITTY   blacksmiths Hogshill St.
SILL Jn. Westgarth chemist The Square
SIMMONDS & Son   fried fish dlrs. North St.
SIMPSON Robert Edgar Hope M.R.C.S. L.R.C.P. physician & Surgeon Hogshill St.
SMITH Cecil Fredk. resident manager of gas works St Mary St
SPRACKLING A.F. (Mrs.) farmer Northfield
Star P.H. Rt. Chas. RENDELL   Fleet St.
Storridge Dairies   dairymen Hogshill St.
STRATTON R.J. ironmonger The Square
Sun Inn Hy Jn. MARSH   East St.
SWAFFIELD Charles farmer Higher Meerhay
SWAFFIELD Ernest Frederick George farmer North Buckham farm
SYMES Geor. & Son builders Fleet St.
TAMPLIN Geo. head gardener to F.M. TINDALL esq. J.P. North St.
THOMAS Joseph farmer Chapel marsh
THOMAS S.A. (Mrs.) statnr. Hogshill St.
THOMAS Wm. Ewart thatcher Hogshill St.
TOLLEY Henry Sprake farmer Buckham mill
TREHEARNE Mrs. handicrafts Hogshill St.
TROTMAN Fiennes solicitor & commisioner to administer oaths Fleet St.
TUCK Moses & Son thatchers Gerrard's Green
Tuck Shop (The) Miss D. FRAMPTON proprietress confectioners The Square
TUCK Alfred Jn. farmer Lower Barrowfield
TURNER Albert private gardener to Capt. R.N. RUSSELL The Cottage, Langdon
VICKERY Heny. Rbt. farmer West Axnoller
WAKELY Harold Jn. Gillingham & Son framers Cherry Cottage
WAKELY Arthur farmer Whatley, Newtown
WALBRIDGE Brinsley Sam farmer Seaview, Buckham Down
WALLIS Saml. Lloyd L.D.S. L'pool dental surgeon Hogshill St.
WARREN Tom Chas. farmer Hewstock farm
WESTON Sidney Ernest ladies & gents hairdresser, waving & tinting specialist Prout Bridge
White Hart Hotel Stanley JENKINS prop.   Hogshill St.
WHITMARSH Wltr. J. hardware dlr. Newtown
WILLIAMS & MYERS Misses shopkeepers East St.
Wiltshire working men's conservative benefit soc. Wm. R. MOSS sec.   Hogshill St.
WOOD J. Clairmont farmer Coombe Down

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