St. Mary's Burials 1731-40

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


1731 Mar 26th Elizabeth GEROD

1731 Mar 28th John son of John HOSKINS

1731 Mar 28th Mary daughter of John ALLEN

1731 Mar 29th James SEAMER

1731 Mar 31st Henry son of Henry CLARK

1731 Apr 4th Sarah SARJENT; widow

1731 Apr 4th Ann daughter of John HALLET

1731 Apr 11th Elizabeth daughter of Elizabeth ALEN

1731 Apr 13th Thomas WAY

1731 Apr 16th Joan WHITEHEAD

1731 Apr 16th Mary daughter of Robert HARRIS

1731 Apr 25th Mary daughter of John TINKER

1731 Apr 28th John son of John BEDGOOD

1731 May 4th Sarah CHUB

1731 May 16th Benjamin son of Jo. MILLS

1731 May 28th Mary POLDEN; widow

1731 May 28th Mr. HOAR; Minister

1731 May 30th John son of John CAPON

1731 July 4th Ruth daughter of Philip MILLS

1731 July 7th Sam son of Sam PAIN

1731 July 13th Thomas PARK

1731 Aug 1st Catherin daughter of Valentine CLERK

1731 Aug 8th John LACK

1731 Aug 8th Henry COLLINS

1731 Aug 21st George COOK

1731 Aug 25th Frances STICKLAND

1731 Aug 25th Job son of Lenard SEAMER

1731 Aug 29th Milch son of Milch WHITEMORE

1731 Sep 1st Daniel son of Abram HOAR

1731 Sep 10th a child of John HALLETT

1731 Sep 12th Joan wife of Henry COX

1731 Sep 17th Mary NEWMAN; widow

1731 Sep 20th John son of Robert BURD

1731 Sep 26th ? BUGLER

1731 Oct 10th ? son of Robert HIDE

1731 Oct 10th Potecery HOSKINS

1731 Oct 17th ? son of John SWOFEL

1731 Oct 20th  ; widow

1731 Oct 29th John HART

1731 Nov 1st ? FORSEY

1731 Feb 3rd Ann wife of Robert DOUCH

at this point the burials & baptisms are confused

1731 Feb 3rd Stephen son of William ALLEN

1731 Feb 3rd Elizabeth daughter of Thomas CLERK

1731 ? ? Elizabeth daughter of Robert HIDE

1731 ? 6th Thomas son of John GERRARD

1731 ? 11th William MEECH

1731 ? 15th William son of Robert HIDE

1731 ? 24th James son of James no entry

1732 Mar 26th John son of John WHITE

1732 Mar 26th Frances wife of John WHITHEAD

1732 May 14th Elizabeth JOANS

1732 May 26th Mical son of John MILLS

1732 Jun 2nd Mary wife of Edward MUNDEN

1732 Jun 14th John son of Robert MEECH

1732 Jun 25th Elizabeth NEWMAN; widow

1732 July 4th Thomas ATKINS

1732 July 14th Richard HANN?

1732 July 31st Susanna wife of Richard ROCK

1732 Sep 1st Susanna COX; widow

1732 Sep 5th William LOCK

1732 Sep 7th William COX

1732 Sep 10th Betty daughter of Thomas BRYANT

1732 Sep 24th James son of Samuel CLIFT

1732 Sep 29th John GOLLOP

1732 Oct ? Sarah STODGEL

1732 Oct ? Hannah daughter of Richard GOLLOP

1732 Nov 8th John son of John MILLS

1732 Nov 16th Elizabeth daughter of John MEECH

1732 Nov 17th Elizabeth daughter of Valentine CLARK

1732 Jan 3rd John TINKER

1732 Jan 7th Phillis CLOUD

1732 Jan 12th Mary wife of James CAIN

1732 Jan 19th Mary wife of Hugh HALLET

1732 Jan 24th Joan wife of John CLIFT

1732 Feb 11th Barbouit wife of Richard KEECH

1732 Feb 11th Thomas CAPEN

1732 Feb 18th Mary wife of William POTTER

1732 Feb 20th Henry POLDEN

1732 Feb 23rd Joan WILLMENT

1732 Feb 25th John CLARE

1732 Feb 25th John GERRARD

1732 Feb 28th Mary DANIEL; widow

1732 Feb 28th James WILLMONT

1732 Mar 2nd Mary DANIEL; widow

1732 Mar 2nd Joseph HOSKINS

1732 Mar 4th Richard FOARD

1732 Mar 7th Ann daughter of Henry BARRAT

1732 Mar 18th Henry BARRAT

1733 Apr 1st Peternal DENTY

1733 Apr 4th Elizabeth daughter of Robert MUNDEN

1733 Apr 4th John son of James HOSKINS

1733 Apr 4th A  Exsisman was buried

1733 Apr 15th Henry KEECH

1733 Apr 27th Joseph HOSKINS

1733 Apr 29th Grace wife of Samuel BUGLER

1733 Apr 29th Love daughter of Robert WRITE

1733 May 9th High son of Hugh BAGG

1733 May 11th Jean KEECH; widow

1733 May 14th Christopher MAISH

1733 May 27th Sam son of Samuel RAYNDEL

1733 Jun 3rd Joan WENTRY?; widow

1733 Jun 6th Mr. KEECH

1733 Jun 8th Mary daughter of George JAMES

1733 Jun 20th Elizabeth MILLER alias BRINSON

1733 Jun 24th William MAISH

1733 Aug 5th Mary daughter of John HOAR

1733 Aug 10th Keziah daughter of Henry GERRARD

1733 Sep 5th James TUCK

1733 Sep 12th Joan CHICK; widow

1733 Sep 12th Elizabeth daughter of Henry SLAD

1733 Oct 5th Magdalen daughter of John SIMS

1733 Oct 7th Ann daughter of Edward EARTEN

1733 Oct 12th Henry son of Henry BUTTON

1733 Oct 21st Thomas CLARK

1733 Oct 24th Ann daughter of Henry BUTTON

1733 Oct 31st Christian daughter of John MILLS

1733 Nov 28th Susanna wife of Will EVERAT

1733 Nov 30th Joseph HEARN

1733 Dec 2nd John RAYNDLE

1733 Dec 9th John son of Barnard GERRARD

1733 Dec 16th Benjamin son of John HALLET

1733 Dec 17th James WHITEMORE

1733 Dec 21st Ann daughter of John HALLET

1733 Dec 21st? Sarah daughter of John HALLET

1733 Jan 20th Mary CRAB

1733 Jan 25th Ann daughter of Josiah RAYNDLE

1733 Feb 3rd Ann wife of Robert DENCH

1733 Feb 3rd Stephen son of William ALEN

1733 Feb 3rd Elizabeth daughter of Thomas CLARK

1733 Mar 3rd Elizabeth daughter of Robert HIDE

1733 Mar 6th Thomas GERRARD

1733 Mar 11th William MEECH

1733 Mar 15th William son of Robert HIDE

1733 Mar 24th John JOANES

1734 Apr 5th Pressler daughter of Elizabeth COLE

1734 Apr 9th Benjamin NOSSITER

1734 Apr 12th Mary wife of Henry GERRARD

1734 May 3rd Sarah wife of Henry WHEADEN

1734 May 5th Robert son of Joseph WARR

1734 Jun 9th James HIDE

1734 Jun 23rd Henry son of Henry GERRARD

1734 July 13th Elizabeth wife of Hugh SLADE

1734 July 14th John CONWAY

1734 July 24th Richard son of Richard BAKER

1734 Aug 9th Jo. GOLLOP

1734 Aug 16th Martha daughter of Grace HOSKINS

1734 Aug 24th Charles HOSKINS

1734 Oct 6th Robert DOUCH

1734 Oct 29th Love daughter of Robert WRITE

1734 Oct 23rd Love daughter of Joseph WARR

1734 Nov 3rd Wiliam son of William COLLINGS

1734 Nov 17th Robert FOARD

1734 Nov 22nd Mr. Edward HILL

1734 Dec 4th Robert son of Thomas HALLETT

1734 Dec 15th Mary daughter of James HOSKINS

1734 Dec 29th John son of Joseph WARR

1734 Jan 5th George son of George VILE

1734 Jan 26th Joseph son of Jo. PECKHAM

1734 Feb 2nd Richard MUNDEN

1734 Feb 21st Rendle son of Henry CRAB

1734 Mar 9th Jo. DOGBY

1734 Mar 14th Joan daughter of Richard BARRETT

1734 Mar 16th Daniel RAYNDLE

1735 Mar 18th Hugh son of Joseph MILLS

1735 Mar 30th Mary wife of William EVERAT

1735 Apr 4th John son of William RODBART

1735 Apr 20th Henry son of William BARRAT

1735 Apr 27th Joan wife of Robert CHAMP

1735 May 3rd Mary daughter of James CHICK

1735 May 5th Robert son of Giles MANFIELD

1735 Jun 1st Thomas son of William WEGOOD

1735 July 2nd Mary wife of William MAISH

1735 Aug 4th John son of John HART

1735 Aug 10th Mary daughter of John MUNDEN

1735 Aug 10th Mary daughter of William COLLINGS

1735 Aug 17th Charles BEER

1735 Aug 20th George BRIANT

1735 Aug 24th Joseph HALLETT

1735 Sep 27th Nicholas BEMENT

1735 Oct 19th William COLE

1735 Oct 22nd John BURBIDG

1735 Oct 27th Valentine CLARK

1735 Dec 11th William son of Thomas CHALK

1735 Jan 19th Jean wife of John STACEY

1735 Jan 19th Daniel YOUNGE

1735 Feb 1st Thomas son of Thomas BILLIS

1735 Feb 24th Gersham OLD

1735 Feb 27th George son of George VILE

1735 Mar 15th Mrs. DRUILT

1735 Mar 15th Elizabeth wife of Robert HALLETT

1735 Mar 14th Hanna daughter of John CRABB

1736 Apr 24th Philip RODBERT

1736 Apr 25th Auther LOSK

1736 Apr 25th Elizabeth PATEMORE

1736 May 3rd Mary daughter of James & Susannah CHICK

1736 May 5th Robert son of Giles MERIFIELD Esq.

1736 May 9th John son of John & Elizabeth PERCE

1736 May 21st Elizabeth HIGINS

1736 May 28th Kathrin STEVENS

1736 May 31st Thomas son of Benjamin BUTCHER

1736 Jun 27th John son of James & Mary HOSKINS

1736 July 16th Agnes wife of Josep (stet) CONWAY

1736 Aug 5th Rebeckah wife of Charles HOSKINS

1736 Sep 10th Robert WHITEMORE

1736 Oct 3rd Ann wife of Peter HOSKINS

1736 Nov 28th Thomas COX

1736 Dec 5th Elizabeth BURGIS

1736 Dec 5th Rebekah POADEN

1736 Dec 12th Mary wife of Robert WRITE

1736 Dec 17th John son of William & Catherine CANTERBURY

1736 Dec 19th Mary GRENTER

1736 Dec 28th Henry GERRARD

1736 Jan 12th Robert son of Elias & Mary WELLMAN

1736 Jan 14th Daniel FOWLER

1736 Jan 16th William EVERATT

1736 Jan 25th John BUGLAR

1736 Jan 30th William son of Samuel & Ann CLIFT

1736 Feb 27th John CANTERBURY

1736 Mar 2nd Richard son of Richard & Mary DOMITT

1736 Mar 25th Edward CHICK

1737 Apr 3rd Henry HALLOTT

1737 Apr 4th Mary wife of Christopher RUSSEL

1737 Apr 5th Mary NOSSITER

1737 Apr 13th John SYMES

1737 Apr 15th Mary DOGRELL

1737 May 5th Mary STEVENS

1737 May 30th Joan wife of William HATCHOL

1737 May 31st John son of William & Susannah SAMWAYS

1737 Aug 5th Mary daughter of James & Susannah CHICK

1737 Sep 4th Elizabeth daughter of William GOLLOP

1737 Sep 12th Frances wife of Joseph SYMES

1737 Oct 21st Ann daughter of John & Elizabeth BUGLAR

1737 Nov 4th John DRAYTON

1737 Dec 9th Sarah wife of John HIDE

1737 Dec 12th William POLTER

1737 Dec 27th Edith wife of Benjamin CLIFT

1737 Jan 13th Susannah WHITEMORE

1737 Jan 16th Edith SYMES; widow

1737 Jan 20th Joseph CONWAY

1737 Feb 5th Joan DENTY

1737 Feb 5th Mary wife of John GUNDRY

1737 Feb 13th William CLOUD

1737 Feb 22nd Thomas OXFORD

1737 Mar 5th Joan wife of William MILLS

1737 Mar 22nd Robert GERRARD

1738 Mar 28th Benjamin son of William & Sarah BARRAT

1738 Mar 31st Susannah GAIL

1738 Apr 5th Mary LARANCE

1738 Apr 9th Ann SOAMER

1738 Apr 16th Richard son of Richard & Mary DIMITT

1738 Apr 21st Henry son of James DANIEL

1738 Apr 24th Richard son of John HOSKINGS

1738 Apr 28th Elizabeth wife of John STIBO

1738 May 8th Mary FOWLER

1738 May 12th Ann daughter of Richard HOSKINGS

1738 Jun 2nd John MILLER Allis BRINSON

1738 Jun 7th Ann wife of Robert HOSKINS

1738 Jun 11th Ann daughter of Henry & Mary ALLEN

1738 Jun 18th Martha wife of Roger CLARKE

1738 July 28th Mary daughter of John & Dorothy STEPHENS

1738 Aug 16th Joan STICKLAND

1738 Sep 22nd Mary wife of John SYMES

1738 Oct 22nd John CAINS

1738 Oct 23rd Elizabeth wife of Ralph MEECH

1738 Oct 24th Edward son of John HALLOTT

1738 Nov 15th Thomas son of John SLIBO

1738 Nov 19th Joan WHITEHEAD

1738 Nov 24th Richard HOSKINGS

1738 Dec 27th Matthew son of Humphrey HILL

1738 Dec 31st Joan wife of William JESOP

1738 Dec 31st Mary GERRARD

1738 Jan 5th John HART

1738 Jan 12th Aurthur HOOD

1738 Jan 15th John WHITTLE

1738 Jan 17th Mary daughter of James & Esther HOSKINS

1738 Jan 21st John John & Susannah BAILEY

1738 Jan 26th George NOSSITER

1738 Jan 26th Hannah daughter of James & Alice JOHNSON

1738 Feb 4th James son of James CAINS

1738 Feb 9th Samuel son of John & Alice JOHNSON

1738 Feb 11th Francis NOSSITER

1738 Feb 21st Mary wife of Jonathan BLACKLY

1738 Feb 23rd John son of Thomas & Dorothy MILLS

1738 Feb 25th John GUDGE

1738 Feb 25th Ann OXFORD

1738 Mar 5th Catherine wife of Edward LORING

1738 Mar 5th Catherine daughter of Edward LORING

1738 Mar 14th Edward SHEPPARD

1738 Mar 18th John GERRARD

1738 Mar 21st Mary daughter of George & Joan DAW

1739 Apr 8th Joseph son of Elizabeth COLE

1739 Apr 29th William CHILCOT

1739 May 20th Edith wife of John WILLIAMS

1739 May 23rd Sarah wife of Samuel WILMOTT

1739 Jun 11th Jane KEECH

1739 Jun 27th Leonard son of Mary SEYMOUR

1739 July 15th Robert MUNDEN

1739 July 27th Sarah daughter of Robert & Ann HIDE

1739 Aug 3rd John CAPON

1739 Aug 5th Hannah daughter of Thomas & Hannah CHALKER

1739 Aug 5th Elizabeth daughter of William & Joan NEWMAN

1739 Aug 5th Richard son of Hugh & Catherine BAGG

1739 Aug 12th Elizabeth daughter of Elizabeth widow of George NOSITER

1739 Aug 15th Elizabeth daughter of James & Mary GALE

1739 Aug 17th Sarah daughter of Joan widow of John GERARD

1739 Aug 24th Margaret daughter of Samuel & Susannah BUCKLER

1739 Aug 26th Mary wife of Henry CULVERWELL

1739 Aug 31st Susannah daughter of George & Susannah EVELEIGH

1739 Sep 9th Grace daughter of Richard & Elizabeth CRAB

1739 Sep 9th Joan daughter of Ambrose & Elizabeth LAWRENCE

1739 Sep 12th John son of John & Mary CRAB

1739 Sep 14th Elizabeth daughter of John & Sarah PECKHAM

1739 Sep 16th Ann daughter of Robert & Ann HIDE

1739 Sep 18th Roger son of James & Joan CLARK

1739 Sep 28th Ann daughter of Ambrose & Elizabeth LAWRENCE

1739 Sep 28th James son of Ambrose & Elizabeth LAWRENCE

1739 Sep 30th Mary widow of John COOK

1739 Oct 7th Henry son of Henry & Susannah MILLS

1739 Oct 14th Grace wife of Benjamin BUTCHER

1739 Oct 29th Jane daughter of Ralph & Rebecca HARRIS

1739 Nov 2nd Susannah CHILCOT

1739 Nov 4th John son of Robert & Margory CHEEK

1739 Nov 11th Joseph son of Richard & Ann RAINDLE

1739 Nov 11th Ann daughter of Ann CAPON

1739 Nov 14th Ann daughter of John & Dorothy STEPHENS

1739 Dec 2nd John son of Robert & Mary COMBE

1739 Jan 13th William EWART

1739 Jan 20th Sarah daughter of John & Ann READ

1739 Jan 27th Ann daughter of Thomas & Sarah JAMES

1739 Jan 27th Ann JONES?

1739 Feb 3rd Mary daughter of Daniel & Mary SANDERS

1739 Feb 3rd Mary CAINS

1739 Feb 3rd Grace daughter of Henry  & Joan HOSKINS

1739 Feb 9th Ann CLOUD

1739 Feb 13th Joseph son of William & Mary WARR

1739 Feb 23rd Mary wife of John WAY

1739 Feb 23rd Elizabeth wife of William LEECK

1739 Mar 12th William LEECK

1739 Mar 21st Samuel son of James & Alice JOHNSON

1739 Mar 23rd John MEECH

1739 Mar 23rd Robert son of Richard & Susannah KEECH

1740 Mar 25th Ralph HARRIS

1740 Mar 25th John GERARD

1740 Mar 30th Elizabeth READ

1740 Apr 2nd Edith wife of William COLLINS

1740 Apr 4th Jesse son of Rebecca COLIN; singlewoman

1740 Apr 7th Sarah wife of George HALLET

1740 Apr 13th Mary COLLINS

1740 Apr 15th Henry BARRETT

1740 Apr 20th John son of Thomas & Elizabeth BETTIS

1740 Apr 21st Ursula DRAYTON

1740 Apr 25th Joan WILMOTT

1740 May 4th Mary daughter of Andrew & Mary BUCKLER

1740 May 7th James son of Nicholas & Sarah PITMAN

1740 May 13th John MEECH

1740 May 15th Mary FOARD

1740 May 30th Gertrude wife of John QU\RREL

1740 Jun 20th Mary wife of John BOZEY

1740 Jun 29th Debora wife of Richard BURBIDGE

1740 July 3rd Elizabeth wife of Richard STEPHENS

1740 Aug 3rd Henry HALLET

1740 Aug 10th Agnes daughter of John & Elizabeth PEARCE

1740 Aug 17th Susannah daughter of Sarah MEECH

1740 Aug 31st John HOSKINS

1740 Sep 3rd George JAMES

1740 Sep 21st Joan NYLE

1740 Sep 25th Elizabeth daughter of John & Edith MUNDEN

1740 Oct 7th William LAWRENCE

1740 Oct 25th Mary daughter of William & Margaret COLE

1740 Nov 14th James son of James QUARREL

1740 Nov 16th Joan daughter of Paul & Ann HOSKINS

1740 Nov 16th Robert son of Robert & Damaris BUCKLER

1740 Nov 19th john WAY

1740 Dec 3rd Ralph MEECH

1740 Dec 24th Mary wife of William DENTY

1740 Dec 25th John THATCHER

1740 Dec 28th William CLARKE

1740 Jan 5th Ann WILMOT

1740 Jan 15th Joan EDDEN

1740 Jan 17th Richard WILLS

1740 Jan 18th William son of William COLLINS

1740 Jan 21st Esther HOSKINS

1740 Jan 30th Sarah wife of Edward TRAVERS

1740 Feb 8th Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Joan DUNN

1740 Feb 15th Mary LACK

1740 Feb 16th Samuel COX

1740 Feb 22nd Martha GERARD

1740 Mar 4th Elizabeth daughter of John & Martha COLE

1740 Mar ? Mary wife of Rendol CRABB

1740 Mar ? John MUNDEN

1740 Mar ? William son of William HATSWELL

1740 Mar 22nd Edith wife of Edward MUNDEN

1740 Mar 29th John son of Robert & Mary CLARKE

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