Candidates for confirmation in the 1850's

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


Name; Age; Parents; Godparents; Abode; School; Work; Comments

Mary HANSFORD; 22; dead; Charles HANSFORD in London; ; Miss. FLOOD's class in Sunday School; in service at Rev. CODD's

Harriet HARRIS; 19; Willam & Martha, labourer; Maria BUGLER Fleet St., Susan POMEROY Fleet St; High St.; Mr. COX's evening school; Gloving; Bold, bad report

Jane WATTS; 17; James & Hannah lab.; Mary ELLIOT Shortmoor; High St.; left Sunday school last year; in service with Mrs. Hann opp. Dr. KIDDLES; Quiet girl, respectable parents

Mary Ann DAVIS; 17; Robert & Mary, carpenter; Mother; High St.; ; Helps mother at home; Very ignorant, wild mannered girl, good in her

Jane POMEROY; 17; Henry & Susan, lab; Sarah HOARE High St.; Fleet St.; Just left Sunday school; In service at Mr. MILLERS near Toll B.; ?tempered, ill for some time bad arm

Mary SALISBURY; 16; Robert & Alice, lab; Mother; Meerhay; Sunday school; was in service with Mr. CARTER Bridport; Poor & sickly. Family simple, respectable, perhaps wanting truth, seen in bad company

Mary Ann QUARRELL; 15; Martha, widow; John & Sophia CHUBB; About Proats Bridge; Sunday School Mrs G COX'  class; in service with Rev A CODD formerly with Mrs ALLEN; Steady well? Girl

Abigail BUGLER; 20; Thomas & Elizabeth, lab & shop; Grandparents away; High St.; ; work at home; Sickly. Mother ill,simple. Not once attended

Sarah COX; 18; Widow Fanny, traveller, born at Plymouth; ; High St. with BUGLER; ; in service Mr. MASEY's Mill Netherbury; Troop caravaners. Not once attended

Susan Symes DUNFORD; 14; Charles & Rebecca, lab; ; Tunnel Road; 3rd. Class in school; work at home; nice girl

Harriet DUNSBERRY; 15; William & Louisa, weaver; ; Shortmoor; Sunday School; in service with Mrs. SALE

Mary HODDER; 16; Widow Elizabeth; Simeon GLOVER, Carpenter BOWOOD; Netherbury; ; in service with Mrs. BISHOP

Phillis BARRETT; 17; Thomas & Esther, carpenter; ; North St.; P COX day school; at home was in service; quick & steady

Sarah Ann GUY; 15; Thomas & Ann, farmer; dead; ; Miss HARRIS school; ; very nice well principled girl

Ruth LARCOMBE; 20; John & Bridget, carter; ; near Axminster; ; In service Mr. Guy STORRIDGE 3 years

Wilhelmenia DUNN; 17; Thomas widower, lab; ; Meerhay; ; ; Bold mischief making girl bad report of her Aunt dissatisfied

Hannah FARNHAM; 19; George & Ann, lab; John CHUBB; Newtown ; ; works at home; honest good.   Has gone wrong I fear.

Mary HANN; 15; Widow HANN; M.P. SWATRIDGE; White Hart St.; ; In service at Mr. SWATRIDGE's; Smart

Sarah Ellen HEARN; 16; John & Mary Ann, carpenter; parents & Mr. CLARE (dead); South High St.; Sunday School 2 years ago; in service at home

Mary KENISTON; 17; George & Mary Ann, gardener; ; High St.; ; Apprentice to Mrs. HALLETT dressmaker; Very steady, well informed,nice serious girl, in tears

Elizabeth KENISTON; 15; George & Mary Ann, gardener; ; High St.; Left Sunday school at Christmas; in service at Thomas MARSH'; not so steady as sister

Mary Ann WEAVER; 15; Joseph & Charlotte, lab; Daniel & Mary GALE; High St.; Left Sunday school last year; at home; sober but not earnest

Fanny HALLETT; 15; John & Charlotte, baker; ; Fleet St.; Miss HARRIS school; service at home; no harm about her

Mary Ann Hodder FLOOD; 15; Mary Ann & John, gasman; ; Shorts Lane; Sunday & Day school; at home; giddy, fighting & quarrelling, needs careful watching, thoughtless

Jane CHUBB; 15; Joseph & Honour; grandparents; Church Lane; ; in service at Mr. RAWLINS; mother being at Weymouth remarried

Ellen CHICK; 15; John & Elizabeth, builder; distant; Fleet St.; ; at home; Plays harmonium in Trinity Church, giddy

Mary Ann KNIGHT; 15; James & Agnes, shoemaker; ; Stentford Lane; ; in service farmer ELLIOTT, Buckham; very ignorant, irregular & casual (not confirmed)

Eliza GIBBS; 17; Samuel & Mary, bag weaver; George GIBBS, Leah TRUMP; St. Mary Well St.; School 6 years ago; service at home; ignorant & giddy

Elizabeth BACON; 17; Mary BACON's daughter; parents & Betty FROOME; Tower Hill; ; in service Mr. WAKELEY's Tower Hill; giddy, mother indulgent

Sarah BARTER; 16; John & Ann, shoemaker; ; Clampits; left Sunday school 2 months; in service Slap Mill Mr.; not attended the class

Sarah TRUMP; ; ; ; St. Mary Well St.; in service;

Leah TRUMP; 15; parents dead; ; St. Mary Well St. with GIBBS; was at school at Bristol; ; very ill, half witted?

Harriet BOWDITCH; 17; Widow Mary, farmer; absent; Venn Farm Stoke; Blackdown; ; nice quiet girl

Mary COX; 15; Widow COX, dairy farmer; ; High St.; ; monitor in National School; Steady & serious

Fanny HANN; 16; David & Mary Ann, builder; Eliza MACEY, mother, Grandfather; Prouts Bridge; ; in service dressmaker

Emily HANN; 14; David & Mary Ann, builder; as sister above; ; ; service at home; quiet, steady girl

Ellen BROOKS; 15; Mary Ann & Josiah, Tailor; Matilda BROOKS & parents; Churchwell St.; ; service at home

Sarah ROWE; 16; George & Hannah Labourer; ; St. Mary Well St.; ; in service Mrs. LEGG, baker; diligent, good girl

Elizabeth LOVERIDGE; 18; Giles & Fanny, Labourer; ; White Hart St.; ; Glover at home; steady

Elizabeth CHUBB; 16; Jacob & Keziah; dead; High St.; ; Home; broken arm

Elizabeth KIDDLE; 17; Widow KIDDLE, milliner; in London; White Hart St.; ; Milliner

Jane STAPLES; 18; Benjamin & Fanny. Labourer; ; High St.; ; ; very ignorant, can not read. Bad, gone into service

Emma WAKELEY; 14; John & Sarah, farmer; ; Meerhay; Miss WARR; at home; mother rather opposed, thoughtless, unsteady

Sarah Ann BUGLER; 16; Richard, shoemaker; ; St. Mary Well St.; ; in service Mrs. SWATRIDGE; sister went astray

Elizabeth MEECH; 17; Henry & Elizabeth, shoemaker & dyer; baptised at meeting; North St.; Mrs. HINE; Service Mrs. HALLETT, dressmaker; Sings at Holy Trinity, steady girl

Jane CHUBB; 25; John & Sarah labourer; ; Green; ; Coombe Farm; talks in ? Language

Sarah Ann LOVERIDGE; 16; John & Jane, labourer; ; ; ; service MILLER

Susan ELLIOTT; 16; Sarah & Mary ALLEN labourer; ; Prouts Bridge; ; Mr. FOX mill; one attendance

Sarah Jane COX; 15; John & Jane, farmer; ; Stone Combe Farm; Mis SYMES; home; quiet

Mary Lucy SHINWELL; 14; Richard George & Mary, mechanic (W. TOLMAN); ; Fleet St.; Mrs. WARRIS; Home; Steady

Elizabeth Ann CONWAY; 17; James & Ann, butcher; ; St. Mary Well St.; ; service Mr. B. COX; thoughtless, ignorant & unsatisfactory

Amelia Jane CONWAY; 15; James & Ann, butcher; ; St Mary Well St.; ; service Mr. B. COX

Harriet POOLE; 20; Benjamin & Martha, crippled; ; St. Mary Well St.; ; Mr. FORD's mill; anxious to improve. Absent from confirmation

Elizabeth CLEAL; 14; Ann & Thomas, Labourer; ; Shortmoor; 2nd class school; 1year Mrs. Brinson, mason's wife, Clay Lane; Gone from home

Elizabeth BARRATT; 23; Thomas & Esther, carpenter; ; North St.; ; home; nervous hysterics, see her at home, afraid she will be too nervous

Julia BARTLETT; 18; orphan 3 years father was carter; ; Langdon; St. Mary's Sunday school; service Mrs. FURMEDGE, nurse; wanting in seriousness

Elizabeth BOSCOMBE; 16; orphan, with aunt; ; ; Broadwinsor school; service Mr. TOLMAN's

Eliza LARCOMB; 18; (Mrs Eliza NEWBERRY)?; ; Clay Lane; ; service Richard HOUNSELL Stoke; not in thei parish

Mary Ann Tucker CRABB; 16; Job & Sarah Lucy; ; Church St.; Sunday school; has been in service 1 year; parents Roman Catholics

Elizabeth TUCK; 64; ; ; Clay Lane; ; ; wishes to be confirmed before ?

Mary Jane HUXTER; 15; Elizabeth CHUBB; ; High St.; ; has been in service at Mr. VYVYAN's; gone into service with Mrs. G. HINE

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