St. Mary's Burials 1741-50

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


Date; Name; Relationship; Notes

1741 March 27th; Joan wife of William WHITE

1741 March 29th; Mary daughter of Samuel & Mary GUNDRY

1741 April 5th; William PORTER

1741 April 5th; Elizabeth daughter of William ALLEN

1741 April 5th; Rachel daughter of John & Elizabeth HODGE

1741 April 6th; John son of John & Dorothy STEVENS

1741 May 17th; William SANDERS

1741 May 22nd; Francis MAISH

1741 June 7th; Ann daughter of John & Elizabeth HODGE

1741 June 16th; Hannah daughter of Bernard & Edith GERRARD

1741 June 19th; Richard STEVENS

1741 June 27th; Thomas COOK

1741 June 30th; Thomas Wiliam & Ann WAYGOOD

1741 July 4th; Charles HOSKINS

1741 July 19th; Elizabeth daughter of John & Hannah MEADWAY

1741 July 19th; Ann daughter of Edward & Mary IRELAND

1741 July 20th; Ann wife of Daniel GALE

1741 July 30th; John son of John & Mary COLLINS

1741 August 5th; William son of John & Sarah WHEADON

1741 August 24th; Thomas MANTLE

1741 August 30th; Ann daughter of Thomas & Sarah HOSKINS

1741 September 3rd; James son of William & Elizabeth DYKE

1741 September 18th; Ann daughter of Henry & Ann FOWLER

1741 September 23rd; William WAYGOOD

1741 September 4th; Mary daughter of James & Sarah HALLETT

1741 October 6th; Thomas son of Daniel & Mary SANDERS

1741 October 9th; Constantine son of William & Mary HOAR

1741 October 9th; Ann Woolmington daughter of George & Susannah EVELEIGH

1741 October 9th; Sarah daughter of John & Hannah HALLET

1741 October 20th; Ann daughter of John & Mary JESOP

1741 October 28th; William son of John & Elizabeth COPPICK?

1741 October 30th; Elizabeth wife of Henry SERJENT

1741 November 5th; Mary daughter of James & Esther HOSKINS

1741 November 12th; Mary CRAB

1741 November 13th; Leah Henry & Martha DUNN

1741 November 16th; Ann Thomas & Dorothy MILLS

1741 November 16th; Mary Thomas & Dorothy MILLS

1741 November 16th; Thomas SCATT

1741 November 18th; Joan wife of Richard KEECH

1741 November 20th; John CLARK

1741 November 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of James & Dorothy MILLS

1741 December 2nd; William son of Thomas & Elizabeth LAWRENCE

1741 December 4th; Joseph son of Henry & Mary JESOP

1741 December 5th; Richard son of John & Mary HOSKINS

1741 December 13th; John son of John & Mary HAKE

1741 December 13th; Ann daughter of John & Mary EVERET

1741 December 20th; Edith daughter of Robert & Mary HOSKINS

1741 December 22nd; William son of William & Elizabeth HOSKINS

1741 December 25th; Ann daughter of Robert & Mary HOSKINS

1741 December 25th; Joan STEVENS

1741 December 25th; John HOSKINS

1741 December 27th; Grace daughter of Thomas & Mary HOSKINS

1741 December 30th; Joseph HOSKINS

1741 January 1st; Susannah daughter of John & Mary JESOP

1741 January 2nd; Sarah daughter of George & Sarah VILE

1741 January 3rd; Benjamin son of Thomas & Mary FORD

1741 January 6th; Thomas son of John & Mary HALE

1741 January 11th; James COLE

1741 January 12th; Nicholas HARDY

1741 January 15th; Jane wife of James WHITEMORE

1741 January 17th; Elizabeth HALLET

1741 January 20th; Sarah GIBBS

1741 January 25th; Sarah wife of Joshua CULHAM

1741 February 5th; Ann daughter of Thomas & Sarah JONES

1741 February 7th; Nathaniel son of Edward & Mary IRELAND

1741 February 14th; Sarah daughter of John & Elizabeth HALLET

1741 February 27th; Robert MEREFIELD

1741 February 28th; Elizabeth daughter of Mary HUTCHENS; single woman

1741 February 29th; Joan MOOR

1741 March 8th; Ann wife of Richard HOSKINS

1741 March 10th; William MILLS

1741 March 14th; Elizabeth daughter of Levi & Jane TUCK

1741 March 17th; Leonard TEWKESBURY

1741 March 19th; Mary daughter of John & Jane HALLET

1741 March 21st; William DENTY

1741 March 21st; Henry MABER

1741 March 21st; Jane wife of John HALLET

1741 March 21st; John son of Nicholas & Elizabeth BOZEY

1741 March 14th; Betty daughter of Richard & Mary BAKER

1742 April 11th; John EVENS

1742 April 16th; Culliford KEECH

1742 April 23rd; John son of John & Mary ALLEN

1742 May 2nd; Susannah DAW

1742 May 7th; William son of William & Elizabeth RENDEL

1742 May 12th; Mary HALLET

1742 May 16th; William MILLS

1742 May 19th; Judith CONWAY

1742 May 29th; Thomas KNIGHT

1742 June 8th; Gentilla daughter of Theodore LEVIEUX

1742 June 9th; James CLARK

1742 June 16th; Elizabeth BRYANT

1742 June 16th; Edith wife of Bernard GERRARD

1742 June 27th; William son of Peter & Bride BURBIGE

1742 August 1st; Elizabeth wife of Joseph BEKHAM

1742 August 5th; Ann EVENS

1742 September 14th; Mary daughter of Josia & Hannah BRADSHAW

1742 September 29th; Henry SLADE

1742 October 18th; Roger PORTER

1742 October 24th; George Elizabeth NOSSITER; widow

1742 October 24th; James son of Simon & Mary ISAAC

1742 November 15th; Robert RICHARDS

1742 November 21st; Mary wife of James COLE

1742 December 3rd; Samuel BANKS

1742 December 17th; William KEECH

1742 December 19th; Hannah wife of Samuel RENDEL

1742 December 19th; John son of John & Mary EVERET

1742 December 22nd; Mary WAY

1742 January 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of James WHITMORE

1742 January 28th; James BUGLER

1742 January 30th; Elizabeth MATTHEWS

1742 February 23rd; Mary daughter of John & Mary CRAB

1742 February 23rd; Mary wife of Philip MILLS

1742 March 9th; Ann BLAK?

1742 March 9th; Betty daughter of POMERY; single woman

1742 March 15th; Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth OLIVER

1742 March 16th; John HART

1742 March 16th; Mary wife of Samuel GUNDRY

1743 March 28th; John son of Hugh & Mary SILK

1743 April 1st; Mary wife of Francis CLARK

1743 April 1st; John WALKER

1743 April 6th; Mary ; a foundling

1743 April 8th; Roger CAPEN

1743 April 13th; Elizabeth daughter of Richard KEECH

1743 April 17th; Edward STODGEL

1743 April 17th; Joan wife of Henry SERJENT

1743 April 20th; Mary daughter of Thomas & Ann GODWIN

1743 April 27th; Mary WADDON

1743 May 8th; Christopher son of Christopher & Joan MAISH

1743 May 8th; Mary daughter of William & Mary JESSOP

1743 May 8th; Jane wife of John ALLEN

1743 May 11th; Sarah daughter of Thomas & Hannah CHALKER

1743 May 13th; Gemmer daughter of Samuel & Mary STRONG

1743 May 13th; George son of George & Sarah JAMES

1743 May ?; John son of Robert & Mary COMB

1743 May 22nd; Martha daughter of Henry & Sarah CHUB

1743 June 19th; George BUTCHER

1743 June 19th; Mary daughter of Robert & Mary STODGEL

1743 June 22nd; John son of William & Mary GALE

1743 June 26th; Elizabeth daughter of John & Ann READ

1743 July 8th; Mary HAIN

1743 July 10th; William son of Henry & Mary ALLEN

1743 July 18th; Mary daughter of Mary BICKNEL; single woman

1743 July 22nd; John son of John & Hannah RODBERT

1743 July 24th; Joan VINE

1743 July 31st; Betty daughter of Henry & Mary ALLEN

1743 July 31st; John son of Samuel & Susannah POOL

1743 August 19th; Thomas son of Thomas & Rose SQUIRE

1743 August 23rd; Samuel PAINE

1743 August 24th; Thomas son of Richard & Elizabeth CRAB

1743 August 26th; Sarah daughter of Samuel & Ann CLIFT

1743 September 4th; Ann daughter of John & Mary CRAB

1743 September 12th; Mary SILK

1743 September 18th; William son of William & Mary SCORE

1743 September 28th; Mary daughter of John & Sarah RAINDAL

1743 October 9th; Sarah daughter of John & Sarah SEACOME

1743 October 19th; Elizabeth Lackey Mary MABEY

1743 October 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of Hugh & Catherine BAGG

1743 October 28th; Ann daughter of John & Hannah BOZEY

1743 October 28th; Mary daughter of Samuel & Judith COLE

1743 November 1st; Roger POULTER

1743 November 5th; Mary daughter of John & Joanna CURTIS

1743 November 5th; Edward son of Edward & Elizabeth CURTIS

1743 November 23rd; Mary daughter of John & Francis JONES

1743 November 25th; Samuel GUNDRY

1743 November 28th; William NEWMAN

1743 December 4th; Elizabeth WHITEMORE

1743 December 4th; George son of George & Joan DAW

1743 December 4th; Mary daughter of James & Elizabeth GERRARD

1743 December 5th; Sarah wife of James SANDERS

1743 December 9th; Joseph son of Christopher & Joan MAISH

1743 December 23rd; Mary daughter of George & Joan DAW

1743 January 8th; Mary BURT

1743 January 15th; Mary JAMES

1743 January 15th; Elizabeth daughter of James & Mary WHITEMORE

1743 January 22nd; Judith wife of John ADAMS

1743 February 6th; Theodore LEVIEUX

1743 February 12th; Sarah daughter of Giles & Mary BOZEY

1743 February 17th; Betty daughter of William & Joan COLLINS

1743 February 26th; Robert son of William & Elizabeth KEECH

1743 March 6th; Francis BOUCHER

1743 March 9th; Henry son of John & Mary GISSOP

1743 March 11th; Margaret COLE

1743 March 12th; Dorothy wife of John STEVENS

1743 March 19th; William JESSOP

1774 April 6th; Hannah wife of John MEADWAY

1774 April 11th; Richard HOSKINS

1774 April 14th; Joan daughter of John & Hannah RODBARD

1774 April 18th; Susannah wife of George GIBBS

1774 April 22nd; Agnes daughter of John & Elizabeth PEARCE

1774 April 26th; Mary wife of Daniel WHITEHEAD

1774 May 13th; Ann wife of John READ

1774 May 18th; Mary COSINS

1774 May 21st; Mary BUGLER

1774 June 3rd; Benjamin GIBBS

1774 June 10th; Margaret daughter of John & Christian COX

1774 June 17th; Samuel son of Thomas & Elizabeth DUN

1774 June 29th; John BIDGOOD

1774 July 1st; Joahanna wife of John WHEATEN

1774 July 1st; Elizabeth daughter of Ambrose & Elizabeth LAVENS

1774 July 1st; Susannah wife of George EVELEIGH

1774 July 11th; Mary wife of Robert RAINDAL

1774 August 19th; Ann wife of John SMITH

1774 September 7th; Thomas son of Joan GEAL

1774 September 12th; Mary wife of Mark GISSOP

1774 September 14th; Mary daughter of John & Mary MEADWAY

1774 September 23rd; George HALLET

1774 September 25th; Grace wife of Samuel COLLINS

1774 October 8th; Elizabeth wife of Osmond WAKELY

1774 November 5th; Elizabeth daughter of Simon & Mary ISAAC

1774 November 25th; Mary daughter of Mark JESSOP

1774 December 21st; Henry son of Thomas & Ann GODDIN

1774 December 26th; Mary wife of John HEARN

1774 January 11th; Edith  CONWAY

1774 January 15th; Damaras POLDON

1774 January 25th; John son of Edward & Judith LADEN

1774 February 8th; Joseph son of Joseph & Mary TOMS

1774 February 11th; John READ

1774 February 28th; Samuel son of Samuel & Ann LEADON

1774 March 5th; Jane wife of John MEECH

1774 March 15th; Robert HARRIS

1774 March 22nd; Samuel? COLLINS

1774 March 28th; Henry DANNETT

1745 April 2nd; Thomas son of Thomas & Mary LEGG

1745 April 2nd; Edmond son of Edmond & Joan GUNDRY

1745 April 2nd; Mary wife of Francis EDWARDS

1745 April 12th; John CONWAY

1745 June 4th; Thomas son of Thomas & Mary MEADWAY

1745 June 26th; Henry GUDGE

1745 June 26th; William MILLS

1745 July 1st; Grace wife of John MILLS

1745 November 18th; Henry son of Henry WHEADON

1745 November 18th; Martha GANSY

1745 January 15th; Ann SHILEOR?

1745 January 17th; John READ

1745 January 30th; Richard son of Richard & Joan GALE

1745 February 9th; Susannah wife of Richard GERRARD

1745 February 24th; John CLIFT

1745 February 26th; Mary GERRARD

1745 February 26th; George son of George & Joan DAW

1745 February 26th; Mary daughter of George & Joan DAW

1745 March 2nd; John son of Robert & Mary STODGEL

1745 March 9th; John son of John SEAMOR

1745 March 9th; John son of John CLEAR

1745 March 16th; Jane wife of Abraham HOAR

1745 March 23rd; Ann GERARD

1746 April 4th; Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary HAKE

1746 April 16th; John son of John & Hannah DANNEL?

1746 April 18th; John son of John & Mary HALLET

1746 April 23rd; Gertrude EGGAN

1746 April 23rd; Edward son of George & Elizabeth EVELEIGH

1746 April 23rd; Mary wife of James HOSKINS

1746 May 4th; Henry SEAMOR

1746 May 5th; Mary wife of John GUDGE

1746 May 6th; Mary COVEN

1746 May 11th; Magdelen BEER

1746 May 18th; Edward MEADE

1746 June 11th; William COOMBS

1746 July 12th; Henry SERJENT

1746 September 20th; Catherine wife of George STRODE

1746 September 21st; Hannah RAINDAL

1746 September 28th; Sarah wife of John BEDGOOD

1746 September 28th; Elizabeth BUGLER

1746 October 3rd; William son of William & Ann SAXEY

1746 October 11th; Ursula wife of George PUMERY

1746 October 26th; Mary daughter of William & Catherine CANTLEBURY

1746 November 7th; Ruth ALLEN

1746 November 28th; John GUNDRY

1746 December 14th; Ann wife of Roger CLARK

1746 December 23rd; Elizabeth daughter of RICHARDS

1746 December 24th; Ann daughter of Robert & Mary SIMS

1746 January 4th; Martha daughter of James & Sarah GALE

1746 January 25th; James HOSKINS

1746 January 25th; Christian daughter of William & Hannah ELLOT

1746 February 2nd; Mary SUTTON

1746 February 8th; John son of Giles & Mary BOZEY

1746 February 22nd; Hannah daughter of Samuel & Lydia DUN

1746 February 24th; Sarah daughter of Robert & Mary STODGEL

1746 February 27th; John NEWMAN

1746 March 1st; Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Tamsin PHELPS

1746 March 4th; Margaret wife of John GERARD

1746 March 15th; Mary COLLINS

1746 March 20th; Mary daughter of William & Sarah WEAVER

1747 April 3rd; Charles HOSKINS

1747 April 8th; Sarah JONES

1747 April 15th; Martha STOADLEY

1747 May 30th; Mary WEADON

1747 May 31st; Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary DUNN

1747 May 31st; Joan daughter of Richard & Ann RAINDLE

1747 June 7th; John son of Thomas & Elizabeth PARK

1747 June 9th; Ann wife of Richard RAINDLE

1747 June 20th; Susannah COX

1747 July 7th; Catherine HALLET

1747 July 8th; Mary wife of William HOSKINS

1747 July 27th; John son of John & Hannah DANIEL

1747 August 12th; Joan daughter of Samuel & Susannah POOL?

1747 August 18th; John HALLET

1747 September 1st; James son of James & Elizabeth GALE

1747 September ?; Elizabeth TUCKESBURY

1747 September 24th; Ann wife of John HOSKINS

1747 September 28th; Ann MILLS

1747 October 2nd; Joannah wife of William RODBARD

1747 October 18th; Ruth wife of Abraham HOAR

1747 November 9th; Ann wife of Francis MAISH

1747 November 10th; Jean wife of Robert JONES

1747 November 13th; Mary PECKHAM

1747 November 19th; George son of Thomas & Dorothy MILLS

1747 November 25th; Joan wife of Isaac CLOUD

1747 December 1st; Mary CHUB

1747 December 6th; Henry son of Thomas & Ann GODDEN

1747 December 11th; Mary COX

1747 December 13th; John READ

1747 December 19th; James BERRIMAN

1747 December 20th; Mary DAMET

1747 January 8th; Mary wife of George COLINGDON

1747 January 17th; Thomas BUGLER

1747 January 17th; John son of Benjamin & Elizabeth POOL

1747 January 22nd; Hannah HOSKINS

1747 January 23rd; Catherine WOOD

1747 February 3rd; Samuel COLE

1747 February 4?; Benjamin son of John & Ann CLIFT

1747 February 18th; Elizabeth wife of James TUCK

1747 February 24th; Ralph COX

1747 February 24th; Ann daughter of Ann WAYGOOD

1747 February 28th; Richard BURBAGE

1747 February 28th; Thomas MARTIN

1747 March 4th; Elizabeth CLARK

1747 March 4th; Philip BUGLER

1747 March 4th; John CANTERBURY

1747 March 10th; Rachel ALLEN

1747 March 13th; James son of Charles & Ann PUMERY

1747 March 14th; Robert HALLET

1747 March 20th; John HARRIS

1747 March 23rd; Mary daughter of Barrick & Hannah FOX

1748 March 25th; Mary BAYLEY

1748 April 8th; John son of John & Mary RAINDLE

1748 April 18th; Richard GERARD

1748 April 20th; Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary PITMAN

1748 April 20th; Mary daughter of William HOSKINS

1748 April 24th; William NEWMAN

1748 April 26th; William son of Henry & Elizabeth SERJENT

1748 April 27th; Sarah daughter of Thomas & Hannah CHALKER

1748 April 27th; Robert son of George & Leah HALLET

1748 April 29th; John MILLS

1748 May 1st; William CHALKER

1748 May 1st; Mary wife of John WILMENT

1748 May 1st; Ann wife of George MILLS

1748 May 8th; John GEAL

1748 May 8th; Mary wife of William ??

1748 May ?; Samuel son of Samuel & Mary BARRET

1748 May 11th; Hannah wife of Edward HITT

1748 May 17th; Elizabeth GEAL

1748 May 22nd; Robert son of Robert & Mary STOGEL

1748 May 22nd; Ann daughter of Abraham & Margaret JONES

1748 June 1st; Bettey daughter of Thomas & Mary ?

1748 June 2nd; Bettey daughter of Benjamin & Betty ?

1748 June 2nd; Samuel Margaret BUGLER

1748 June 4th; Thomas READ

1748 June 8th; Richard DAMET

1748 June 18th; Henry COX

1748 June 18th; Mary daughter of Peter & Briget BURBAGE

1748 June 26th; William BARRET

1748 July 1st; William son of Thomas & Dorothy MILLS

1748 July 18th; John BOZEY

1748 July 28th; William COLLINS

1748 August 8th; Ann MARTIN

1748 August 11th; Thomas BETTIS

1748 August 11th; Anstis wife of Robert CLARK

1748 August 14th; William son of William & Susannah WEAVER

1748 August 17th; Thomas LAWRENCE

1748 August 21st; Mary WHITEMORE

1748 September 5t; Henry CLARK

1748 September 7th; John LUSH

1748 September 12th; Francis CLARK

1748 September 12th; James John & Grace WHEADON

1748 October 2nd; Ann daughter of Robert CLARK

1748 October 2nd; Mary daughter of Henry & Martha GUDGE

1748 October 17th; William STROUD

1748 October 26th; Joan daughter of Henry & Martha GUDGE

1748 November 1st; Mary daughter of William & Mary MILLFORD

1748 November 2nd; John MUNDDON

1748 November 8th; William son of Lancelot MILLS

1748 November 9th; Mary daughter of Peter & Bridget BURBIGE

1748 November 18th; Kingsberry JONES

1748 November 27th; Bettey daughter of Henry & Betty LAWRENCE

1748 December 2nd; John MILLS

1748 December 7th; Ann daughter of George & Elizabeth EVELEIGH

1748 December 9th; Osmond WAKELY

1748 December 16th; Richard HOSKINS

1748 December 25th; John son of Richard & Susannah KEECH

1748 December 25th; Ann daughter of Ann LASH

1748 January 1st; Stephen HAKE

1748 January 4th; Susannah wife of James CHICK

1748 January 12th; Sarah wife of George JAMES

1748 February 8th; Hannah wife of John RODBARD

1748 February 24th; Isaac CLOUD

1748 February 26th; Ann daughter of John & Eleanor CLARE

1748 February 26th; Betty daughter of John & Eleanor CLARE

1748 March 7th; Henry son of William & Mary WARR

1748 March 10th; Henry son of Thomas & Susannah MEADWAY

1748 March 14th; Charles COX

1748 March 15th; Joseph son of Robert & Damaris BUGLAR

1748 March 19th; Thomas son of John & Hannah BOZEY

1749 March 31st; Thomas son of Thomas & Ann NEWMAN

1749 March 2nd; Hannah wife of Joseph COX

1749 March 2nd; Robert son of Elizabeth JONES

1749 March 7th; Samuel WILLMOT

1749 March 7th; Ann wife of William WADSWORTH

1749 March 11th; Bettey daughter of Thomas & Mary LEGG

1749 March 19th; Robert MOORE

1749 March 19th; Sarah daughter of Joseph & Ann STODLEY

1749 March 23rd; Mary HOSKINS

1749 May 1st; Elizabeth wife of Thomas SMITH

1749 May 6th; Joseph CONWAY

1749 May 14th; James SANDERS

1749 May 16th; Mary wife of John COX

1749 June 6th; John SLADE

1749 June 7th; Elizabeth Faith LINGARD

1749 June 12th; Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary PITMAN

1749 June 18th; Martha DAW

1749 July 2nd; Benjamin son of Thomas & Margery FORD

1749 July 23rd; Grace HART

1749 July 23rd; Betty daughter of Elizabeth HALLET

1749 July 28th; Ann MABEY

1749 August 16th; William son of John & Betty OLIVER

1749 August 26th; Margaret daughter of John & Betty OLIVER

1749 August 20th; Richard son of William & Mary WARR

1749 October 1st; Anna Maria daughter of William & Mary GREY

1749 October 16t; Joan wife of John BURBIGE

1749 October 20th; John son of John & Grace WHEADON

1749 October 22nd; Joan HOSKINS

1749 October 25th; John son of Joseph & Phoebe KEACH

1749 October 27th; Mary BETTISCOMBE

1749 November 8th; Mary daughter of Richard & Grace READE

1749 December 3rd; Samuel son of John & Mary CONWAY

1749 December 22nd; Mary MABEY

1749 December 22nd; Susanna daughter of Thomas & Susanna MEADWAY

1749 December 27th; Susanna daughter of John & Mary MAGREE

1749 January 7th; Mary MILL

1749 January 12th; Francis William & Mary SIMS

1749 January 20th; Elizabeth wife of Edward COLE

1749 January 27th; Sarah wife of George KING

1749 February 11th; Daniel son of John & Betty FOWLER

1749 February 25th; Robert son of William & Elizabeth DICK

1749 March ?; Henry FOWLAR

1749 March ?; John William & Elizabeth HILL

1749 March 24th; John HEARN

1749 March 25th; Grace STRONG

1750 March 29th; Robert HOSKINS

1750 April 12th; Ann HAKE

1750 April 27th; Nicholas PITTMAN

1750 May 9th; John GUY

1750 May 18th; John Joseph & Jean COX

1750 May 20th; Mary Levi & Joan TUCK

1750 May 20th; Thomas Thomas & Ann GODDEN

1750 June 3rd; Mary John & Sarah PECKHAM

1750 June 22nd; Betty SHEPPARD

1750 June 24th; Mary Levi & Joan TUCK

1750 June 27th; Bettey wife of John GIBBS

1750 July 7th; John DERBY

1750 August 3rd; Mary GOLLOP

1750 August 11th; Hannah wife of Ellis COLE

1750 August 15th; Susannah BANKS

1750 August 19th; Ann COOK

1750 August 19th; Catherine wife of Jonathan STOADLEY

1750 September 2nd; Hannah DAMMET

1750 September 3rd; Edward son of William & Mary GRAY

1750 September 30th; George DAMET

1750 October 27th; Arthur HAYWARD

1750 November 13th; John GALE

1750 December 12th; Mary daughter of Joseph & Sarah CAINS

1750 December 25th; John HEARN

1750 December 26th; Betty daughter of John & Betty OLIVER

1750 January 1st; William MOREY

1750 January 4th; Ann HARRIS

1750 January 20th; Robert RAINDLE

1750 January 20th; Mary daughter of Samuel & Mary BARRET

1750 January 27th; Joseph son of John & Susamite LUSH

1750 February 3rd; Mary wife of Joseph CHALKER

1750 February 17th; Bettey daughter of John & Susamite LUSH

1750 February 24th; John EVERET

1750 March 8th; John son of Thomas & Susannah WHITTLE

1750 March 11th; Richard HALLET

1750 March 13th; William ATKINS

1750 March 17th; Elizabeth wife of John WHITE

1750 March 17th; Elizabeth wife of William HOSKINS

1750 March 24th; Mary daughter of John & Mary RAINDLE

1750 March 24th; John son of John GIBBS

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