Beaminster Overseers of the Poor Bastardy Orders

Transcribed by Zoe Martin

In the list below the first named is the person against whom the order of maintainance is being made and the second named is the mother of the bastard child.

15th July 1740; Richard DAMETT butcher; Keziah CONWAY

28th August 1763; Joseph GEARE tailor; Ann HOSKINS

1st June 1772; Richard ASHFORD breeches maker of Somerton Somerset; Joan SHEPPARD Alias NEWMAN

1st March 1776; William BUTCHER glazier; Joan BUGLER

24th April 1776; Richard PITCHER the younger yeoman of Loscombe; Dorothy KEECH

3rd August 1810; Simeon STEMBRIDGE labourer of Bridport; Mary GALE

4th April 1814; David LEGG flaxdresser of Netherbury; Susannah REX/RIX

11th July 1817; James OLIVER labourer; Sarah BARTLETT

3rr April 1820; Richard Be labourer; Elizabeth BEDGOOD

4th June 1821; Richard CROSS harness maker; Ann DIMENT

6th May 1822; John GOLLOP Labourer of Netherbury; Mary DENT

13th December 1822; John SEBLEY blacksmith; Amy RENDALL

5th May 1823; Henry KNIGHT of Weymouth; Eliza HUPERT

5th May 1823; Henry CLEAL labourer of Littlewinsor; Hannah GEAR

4th August 1823; William SAMPSON officer in the Royal Marines of Broadwinsor; Catherine TRUMP

5th April 1824; George RICHARDS miller of Crewkerne Somerset; Ann APLIN

6th September 1824; Joseph MEECH cordwainer; Ann DEMATT

6th September 1824; Samuel STEWARD of Kilmington Devon; Mary STOCKER

11th October 1824; Thomas BARTER woolstapler; May MARSH

5th December 1825; Esau GILLHAM labourer of Rampisham; Mary GREENHAM

23rd October 1826; Harry SOMMERS glazier; Hester BARKER

10th September 1827; Joseph GOARING yeoman; Mary HUNT

24th March 1828; Robert COWARD labourer; Mary DIMENT

7th September 1829; John CORMICK carpenter; Alice LEGG

16th November 1829; Robert FORSEY labourer; Elizabeth FRAMPTON

30th November 1829; Robert CARLEY servant; Jane SQUIRE

6th September 1830; Aaron ROBERTS labourer; Hester BAKER

22nd August 1831; George HENNESSEY schoolmaster; Elizabeth BARTER

30th January 1832; John EDNEY labourer; Susannah BULLOCK

22nd October 1832; John HENVILLE clothier of Up Cerne; Sarah CRABB

4th November 1833; John GILLHAM labourer of Netherbury; Jane TUCK

2nd December 1833; William BARTLETT weaver of Broadwinsor; Virtue DYKE

11th December 1833; Thomas GUY; Sarah ALLEN

23rd June 1834; Joseph SARJEANT of Dorchester; Mary BOON

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