Candidates for confirmation in the 1860's

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


Name; Age; Parents; Abode; Employment

Susan PIGGINS; 15

Margaret Rebecca CLARE; 16; Joseph & Ann, cook; St. Mary Well St.; ; Has been living with Aunt in Dorchester

Sarah Isabella FOUNTAIN; 14; John & Mary Ann; Fleet St.;

Mary Ann BUDDEN; 19; Benjamin & Elizabeth; Netherbury; Mr. DANIELS

Mary Chick WILLS; 15; George & Philidelphia; Shortmoor;

Margaret Hannah ROGERS; 14; Robert & Matilda; North St.; Mr. COX, butcher

Eliza KEECH; 15; David & Anne, marble mason; White Hart St.;

Anna KEECH; 17; David & Anne, marble mason; White Hart St.;

Angelina QUARRELL; 15; Samuel & Elizabeth, labourer; High St;

Anne Shepherd DYKE; 15; John & Mary, labourer; Green;

Maria STAPLES; 18; Edmund & Hannah Labourer; Stoke;

ELiza ELLIOT; 16; William & Mary, farmer; Buckham Farm;

Emily Eliza STRONG; 15; William & Emma, Labourer; ;

Emma Leah POPE; 18; William & Eliza, Farmer; Weymouth; Servant to Mr. CODD

Edith Wodden SILLY; 26; Charles & Edith, Gamekeeper; Crewkerne; Cook at Mr. BOUCHIER


Sarah Jane WILLIAMS; 14.5; George & Philidelphia, carpenter; Shortmoor;

Anne Shepherd HUTCHINGS; 14.5; William & Anne, Carter; Newtown;

Elizabeth CHUBB; 14.25; William & Susan, Carter; Chantry; at work in field

Sarah CHARD?; 15; Matthew, Labourer; Axnoller; Mrs. GILLINGHAM; can read well

Sarah Anne HARRIS; 17; George & Martha, Sawyer; High St; Mr. FOX's Mill; can't read, never been at school, can say creed & Lord's Prayer

Eliza HANN; 13; David & Mary Anne, Builder; Prout Bridge;

Jane COX; 16; William & Jane, Currier; Pollering?;

Mary Annie BROOKS; 14.75; Josiah & Mary Anne, Tailor; Church Street;

Lucy MARSH; 15; John & Anne, Shoemaker; Fleet St.;

Anne Eliza GILLINGHAM; 14.5; Giles & Sarah, Farmer; Whitcomb;

Elizabeth Mary FOUNTAIN; 15; John & Mary, Carpenter; High St; works at home; nice child

Ellen CHAMBERS; 17; Robert & Elizabeth, Mason; Fleet St.;

Elizabeth CHAMBERS; 15; Robert & Elizabeth, Mason; Fleet St.;

Margaret Mary CLIFT; 15; William, Registrar; North St.;

Elizabeth Rebecca WILLS; 33; Widow; Devonport; Mr. BOUCHIER's servant

Charlotte HUMPHREY; 19; Widow; Ilminster; Mr. BOUCHIER's

Sarah EAVES; 16; George & Anne; Burton; Mr. TEMPLER's; good girl

Louisa MARCH; 17; John & Mary, Basket Maker; High St; Mr. COX

Susan DUNFORD; 16; James & Mary, Labourer; Langdon; works in field

Elizabeth MAJOR; 18; Thomas & Sarah, Carpenter; Solway Ash; Servant to Mr. FURMIDGE

Sarah Anne SAUNDERS; 16; William & Caroline, Carpenter; Green; Mr. A. HINES; can learn nice girl

Jane KENISTON; 16; George & Mary Ann, Carrier; High St;

Elizabeth DUNFORD; 16; Charles & Rebecca, Labourer; ; at home; good disposition

Elizabeth REED; 16; Thomas & Sarah, Wheelwright; ; Broadwinsor at Mr. BROOKS

Elizabeth Downe LEGG; 14; John & Elizabeth; Poorton;

Mary BARRATT; 14; Benjamin & Ann, Shoemaker; High St;

Rebecca CLEAL; 14; widow Ann; Red Lion;

Ester PEARCE; 20; ; ;

Mary BARTLETT; 18; orphan, lives with brother; Langdon Fields;

Lucy WHETHAM; 22; parents dead; St. Mary Well St.; Laundress

Mary CHUBB; 18; Frank & Anne, post boy; Fleet St.; ; withdrawn, bad health

Elizabeth Banger RUSSELL; 15.5; Thomas & Mary; ;

Jane BACON; 51; married; Clay Lane;

Betty FROME; 84; ; Clay Lane;

Emily BULLOCK; 20; widow of S. BULLOCK; ; Mr. FURMIDGE

Sarah BARTLETT; 23; parents at Cerne Abbas, tailor; ; Dr.KEDDLE's

Hannah DAVIS; 18; George & Elizabeth Labourer; Whitcomb Road;

Jane BUGLER; 17; Isaac & Miriam Woodman; Green; at Mr. EDWARDS

Harriet SALISBURY; 15; Robert & Alice Labourer; Newtown; ; gone to Coker

Ellen GALE; 14.75; Nicholas & Elizabeth, mason; Whitcomb Road;

Anne GREENHAM; 14.5; George & Hannah, weaver; ;

Sarah Anne NORRIS; 16; Robert & Mary Labourer; Stoke; Mr. GARDENER's

Maria HANN; 24; ; Clampits;

Jane TUCK; 13; ; Cleham Mill;

Elizabeth ROGERS; 13; Widow ROGERS; Church Lane;

Mary OSBORN; 16; ; Marsh;  

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