St. Mary's Burials 1690-1699

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


1698 March 27th; Robert BULK?

1698 March 29th; Georg son of George DAMITT

1698 April 10th; Philip son of Henry MILLS

1698 April 10th; Joan BUGLER; Widow

1698 April 16th; Joan DALEN alis DAVIS

1698 April 17th; William son of Auther EVANS

1698 April 20th; Bernard BANGER; of Maperton

1698 April 29th; Edith GIBS

1698 May 11th; Andrue son of William BUGLER

1698 May 22nd; Eve HALLETT

1698 May 23rd; James CHICK

1698 June 12th; Edward son of Edward MUNDEN

1698 July 3rd; Elizabeth GUDY

1698 July 6th; Agnis BAGG

1698 July 30th; Mary DENT

1698 July 30th; Joan wife of John WILLMENT

1698 Aigust 14th; Edward PEACH

1698 September 18th; Elizabeth daughter of William MILK

1698 September 24th; Margery PAVIOT

1698 October 11th; Daniel DANIEL

1698 November 10th; Isaac? GAPER

1698 November 16th;  PARNELL

1698 November 16th; ?beth DAWE

1698;  son of WEADON?

1698 December 4th; Joan daughter of William FOWLER

1698 December 14th; Margrett daughter of William MASH

1698 December 18th; John son of Mary CLOUD; Widow

1698 December 25th; Henry son of Hugh HALLETT

1698 January 1st; John MASH

1698 January 6th; Stephen JEROD

1698 January 15th; Richard son of Richard FORD

1698 January 15th; John son of John GOLLOP

1698 January 29th; A child of Thomas JEROD

1698 February 5th; Mary daughter of John KEECH

1698 February 10th; Mary wife of John EVANS

1698 February 12th; Elizabeth daughter of John JESSOP

1698 February 16th; Sir Thomas STROD

1698 March 15th; Thomas son of Roger CAPON

1698 March 15th; Joseph son of Robert MUNDEN

1698 March 15th; Benjamin son of Robert MUNDEN

1699 March 26th; Samuel son of Samuel GRINHAM

1699 April 9th; Margery COOME

1699 April 30th; Margarett STUKSBURY

1699 May 14th; Mary wife of Henry POLDEN

1699 May 21st; Hannah HALLETT

1699 May 21st; Elizabeth daughter of John RENDEL

1699 June 25th; Andrue daughter of Thomas SEAL

1699 July 5th; Hannah daughter of James HALLETT

1699 July 12th; Elizabeth daughter of Henry SLADE

1699 July 20th; Katherin JAMES; Widow

1699 July 23rd; Thobias son of Henry SARGENT

1699 July 30th; Elizabeth daughter of Barbara HALLETT; Widow

1699 August 1st; Grace? daughter of Daniel COX

1699 August 22nd; John son of John GUNDY

1699 September 10th; Susanna DENTY

1699 September 19th; Joseph GUNDY

1699 September 24th; John son of James WILLMENT

1699 September 26th; An wife of John SELWOOD

1699 September 27th; ? WILLS

1699 October 2nd; ? wife of John MINTERN

1699 October 8th; Elizabeth daughter of John MATHAS

1699 October 15th; James son of William MINTERN

1699 October 15th; William son of Henry SLADE

1699 October 20th; An wife of Richard CHICK

1699 October 24th; William son of Joshua COX

1699 October 29th; ?el daughter of William BARRET

1699 November 7th; John son of Joan TUCK; Widow

1699 November 8th; Joseph son of John CAINS

1699 November 8th; Elizabeth daughter of John BRINSAM

1699 November 12th; John son of John BEDGOOD

1699 November 19th; Joseph CRAB; Clerk

1699 November 21st; Mary wife of Philip RODBERD

1699 November 22nd; Julian GAPER

1699 November 28th; Robert FARR

1699 December 10th; Philip son of Philip RODBERD

1699 December 27th; Thomas son of Thomas SARGENT

1699 December 29th; Edith wife of John GUPPY

1699 January 3rd; John MUNDEN

1699 January 3rd; Edith PECKHAM

1699 January 8th; William HOSKINS

1699 January 28th; John son of Dinis GAIL

1699 January 30th; Joan wife of Benjamin NOSSITER

1699 February 9th; Rebeckah HUNT

1699 February 25th; John son of Henry GUDY

1699 March 24th; William JEROD

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