MARRIAGES 1869-1881

Transcribed from parish registers by Zoe Martin


[X] indicates they made their mark, otherwise they signed their name


Grooms Name
Brides Name
1st Witness
Grooms Surname
Brides Surname
2nd Witness
Age Status Occupation

Other Witnesses
Residence Grooms Father
Brides Father
Grooms Fathers Surname
Brides Fathers Surname
02-Feb John Barrett DUNN Full Bach Carrier Beaminster Richard DUNN Carrier
Licence Emily HINE Full Spin   Beaminster Philip HINE Wine Merchant
  Richard HINE Clara C. HINE              
09-Feb Thomas POOLE Full Bach Labourer Beaminster John POOLE Sawyer
Banns Anne READ Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas READ Labourer
  George POOLE X Elizabeth MARSH              
28-Feb Eli BARTLETT   Bach Labourer Beaminster William BARTLETT Labourer
Banns Elizabeth MARSH   Spin   Beaminster John MARSH Hairdresser
  Thomas GIBBS X Mary Ann MELISH              
21-Mar John BARTLETT Full Widr Publican Netherbury John BARTLETT Dairyman
Banns Mary HIBBS X Full Wid   Beaminster Edward HALLETT Thatcher
  Walter DENHAM Jane HALLETT              
20-May Nathaniel John Sprake? MARSH 23 Bach Millwright Beaminster Nathaniel MARSH Millwright
Banns Charity Bishop SHINER? 20 Spin   Beaminster James SHINER? Wheelwright
  John Dazell SHINER                
24-May Henry DYKE X Full Widr Labourer Beaminster William DYKE Labourer
Banns Eliza Jane SATCHEL X Full Spin   Beaminster Edward SATCHEL Labourer
  John DYKE X Mary Ann HOLLOWAY              
01-Aug Elias BULLOCK Full Bach Labourer Beaminster John BULLOCK Labourer
Banns Martha TAYLOR Full Spin   Beaminster William TAYLOR Labourer
  Job HARRIS X Emily HARRIS              
14-Sep John TRAVERS X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Daniel TRAVERS Groom
Banns Eliza WARREN Full Spin   Beaminster Adam WARREN Gardener
  William James WARREN Julia WARREN              
19-Sep James TUCKER Full Bach Carrier Beaminster George TUCKER Carrier
Banns Grace Ann CHILDS X Full Spin   Beaminster John CHILDS Labourer
  Georeg HUTCHINGS Jane CHILDS              
07-Oct John ROGERS Full Bach Shoemaker Beaminster Thomas ROGERS Ropemaker
Banns Ellen BROOKS Full Spin   Beaminster Josiah BROOKS Tailor
  Joseph HELLIER Maryann ?              
01-Nov William Nicholas FROOME Full Bach Cooper Beaminster William FROOME Butcher
Banns Charlotte SOLWAY Full Spin   Beaminster John SOLWAY Carter
  Augusta Elizabeth FROOME Benjamin FROOME              
08-Nov George NEWBURY X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster John NEWBURY Labourer
Banns Mary NELSON X Full Spin   Beaminster John NELSON Labourer
  James TUCKER William CLIFT              
14-Nov Richard RENDELL X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Richard RENDELL Labourer
Banns Elizabeth Ann RENDELL X Full Spin   Beaminster William RENDELL Weaver
  Thomas BUGLER X Mary Ann RENDELL X              
17-Nov William Baker SHILLABEAR Full Bach Staff Commander R.N. Beaminster Samuel SHILLABEAR Servant
Licence Catherine CAKE Full Spin   Beaminster Percival CAKE Hotel Keeper
  ? SHILLABEAR Percival CAKE              
06-Jan Job LEGG Full Bach Labourer Beaminster John LEGG Cribb maker
Banns Sarah Jane ASHFORD? Full Spin   Beaminster George ASHFORD? Game Keeper
  John DUNN X Elizabeth DUNN              
22-Feb George HANSFORD Full Bach Dairyman Beaminster William HANSFORD Dairyman
Banns Emily Jane HEDDITCH Full Spin   Beaminster William HEDDITCH Tollgate Keeper
  Jane O. BOWDITCH Susan Lucy HANSFORD              
29-Mar Daniel GALE Full Bach Blacksmith Beaminster Daniel GALE Sexton
Banns Annie Trevett STONE Full Spin   Beaminster Jacob STONE Fitter
  Edward KINGSBURY Mary Ann KINGSBURY              
31-May George CLEAL X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster George CLEAL Labourer
Banns Harriet Jane SALISBURY Full Spin   Beaminster Robert SALISBURY Labourer
  William HOARE Sarah Jane SQUIBB              
11-Jun Benjamin BOWDITCH Full Bach Wheelwright Beaminster Benjamin BOWDITCH Labourer
Banns Sarah Ann BOWDITCH Full Spin   Beaminster Joseph BOWDITCH Labourer
  Eliza BOWDITCH X Henry BOWDITCH              
07-Jul David LANE Full Widr Farmer Beaminster David LANE Farmer
Banns Mary LOWMAN Full Spin   Beaminster William LOWMAN Cooper
  Elizabeth LOWMAN X Henry LOWMAN              
17-Jul Daniel GALE X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Thomas GALE Labourer
Banns Julia WARREN Full Spin   Beaminster Adam WARREN Gardener
  John TRAVERS X Eliza WARREN              
14-Aug John POMEROY X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Henry POMEROY Labourer
Banns Mary NORRIS X Full Spin   Beaminster George NORRIS Weaver
  William SYMES X Anna HYDE X              
06-Sep John Alderton COLLINS Full Bach Grocer Bridport William COLLINS Grocer
Banns Emma DUNN Full Spin   Beaminster Richard DUNN Currier
  John Barrett DUNN Frederick A COLLINS              
12-Sep Henry BURTON Full Bach Licenced Hawker Beaminster John BURTON Horse Dealer
Banns Rhoda FOOT Full Spin   Beaminster Henry FOOT Labourer
  Charles PENNY Priscilla PENNY              
26-Sep William SYMES Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Joseph SYMES Farm Carter
Banns Sarah NORRIS Full Spin   Beaminster Robert NORRIS Labourer
  Encas DAVIS Hannah NORRIS              
22-Dec John CORNICK X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster George CORNICK Labourer
Banns Anne Selina ROWE Full Spin   Beaminster George ROWE (deceased) Labourer
  George ROWE X Jane CORNICK X              
10-Feb Ebanezer Newel BLANCHARD Full Bach Slate Merchant Poole John BLANCHARD Slate Merchant
  Elizabeth KIDDLE Full Spin   Beaminster Edwin KIDDLE Clerk
Licence Hamilton KIDDLE Alice TOLEMAN              
21-Feb John Farwell ROPER Full Bach Yeoman Netherbury John Farmer ROPER Yeoman
Banns Laura Louisa SLADE Full Spin   Beaminster Edwin SLADE Solicitor
  Edwin SLADE Joseph Simon A. SLADE     Augusta SLADE        
02-Mar James FROME Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Charles FROME Labourer
Banns Mary Ann GERRARD Full Spin   Beaminster George GERRARD Labourer
  James DUNN Jane GERRARD              
17-Mar Charles James Vagg HOLDER Full Bach Butcher Beaminster William HOLDER (Deceased) Barber
Banns Mary Ann PEARCE Full Spin   Beaminster Gerrard PEARCE Labourer
  John STRONG Emily Eliza STRONG              
01-May Charles BARTLETT X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Jeremiah BARTLETT (Deceased) Labourer
Banns Harriet KEARLEY Full Spin   Beaminster William KEARLEY (Deceased) Labourer
  Edwin COOD X Fanny HARRIS              
30-May John Sprake MARSH Full Bach Carpenter Beaminster Thomas Marsh (Deceased) Tailor
Banns Ruth CADDY Full Spin   Beaminster John CADDY Dairyman
  Levi CADDY Mary Ann CADDY              
13-Jun James Blake BARRETT Full Bach Butcher Beaminster John BARRETT Butcher
Banns Alice CLEAL Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas CLEAL Lime Burner
  James DENNER Rebecca Kindle CLEAL              
12-Jul Daniel EDWARDS Full Bach Carpenter Beaminster Charles EDWARDS Baker
Banns Sarah Ellen HEARN Full Spin   Beaminster John HEARN Carpenter
  William COOMBS Hannah EDWARDS              
10-Aug Frederick KENNEL Full Widr Coachman Beaminster John KENNEL Merchant’s
Licence Edwina WAKELY Full Spin   Beaminster John WAKELY Yeoman
  Annie LEES G. GRUNDY     Annie LEES        
10-Aug James ISAAC Full Bach Station Master Wilton James ISAAC Station Master
Banns Emily HANN Full Spin   Beaminster David HANN Builder
  Charles HANN A.ISAAC     Eliza HANN        
16-Aug James LEGG Full Bach Labourer Beaminster John LEGG (Deceased) Labourer
Banns Mary Ann RENDELL X Full Spin   Beaminster William RENDELL Labourer
  John HANN X Jane RENDELL X              
22-Aug Arthur Cole LOGGIN Full Bach Mariner P&O S. Bradpole William Cole LOGGIN Esquire
Licence Ellen Elizabeth DANIEL Full Spin   Beaminster George
DANIEL Gentleman
  Agnes J. ROLLS George COX     Charles B. ?, W.A.S.M LOGGIN        
23-Aug George WARREN Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Adam WARREN Labourer
Banns Charlotte WELCH Full Spin   Beaminster George WELCH Tradesman
  George WELCHX Fanny WELCH              
19-Sep Robert KEERLEY Full Bach Labourer Beaminster William KEERLEY Labourer
Banns Fanny HARRIS Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas HARRIS Labourer
  Edwin COOD X Mary BOWDITCH X              
26-Sep James DENNER 20 Bach Labourer Beaminster James DENNER Shoemaker
Banns Elizabeth BEERE 21 Spin   Beaminster Henry BEERE Shepherd
  George TAYLOR Sarah Ann DUNN              
18-Jan John Lane KITSON Full Bach Solicitor Beaminster William
KITSON Gentleman
Banns Charlotte Hill COX Full Spin   Beaminster George COS Gentleman
  Peter COX W.H. KITSON     Susan COX        
25-Jan William ELLIOTT Full Bach Yeoman Buckham Farm Beaminster William ELLIOTT Yeoman
Banns Philadelphia CHICK Full Spin   Beaminster John CHICK Builder
  Henry John VIRGENT William CLIFT              
15-Feb Thomas Ohia? BOATMAN Full Bach Miller Nether Cerne Henry BOATMAN Farmer
Banns Annie Eliza GILLINGHAM Full Spin   Beaminster Moses GILLINGHAM Farmer
  Luke D. GILLINGHAM Jane GILLINGHAM     Henry ?        
21-Apr Jesse SIBLEY Full Bach Groom & Gardener Beaminster John SIBLEY Carpenter
Banns Jane MARSH Full Spin   Beaminster John MARSH Shoemaker
  Robert TRAVERS Ann TRAVERS              
08-Jun Benjamin CLEAL Full Widr Plumber Beaminster Thomas CLEAL Weaver
Banns Harriet POOLE X Full Wid   Beaminster John PITMAN Farmer
  David ALLEN Mary Ann ALLEN              
11-Jun Albert DAVIS Full Widr Labourer Beaminster Robert DAVIS Carpenter
Banns Theodosia BUTCHER Full Wid   Beaminster John NICEY Blacksmith
  Robert CHILER ? Ann BUTCHER              
10-Dec John TRUMP X 29 Bach Chimney Sweep Beaminster John TRUMP Sawyer
Banns Mary Ann SAUNDERS 26 Spin   Beaminster Henry SAUNDERS Labourer
  Benjamin PAUL Sarah PAUL X              
16-Jan John James SPARKES Full Bach Draftsman 5 St George Pl, St George the Martyr, Southwark John SPARKES Vatmaker
Licence Elizabeth ROGERS Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas ROGERS Rope & Twine Manufacturer
  Job CRABB Ellen ROGERS              
20-Feb Henry John DAW Full Bach Coachman Beaminster Charles DAW Gardener
Banns Jane VINEY Full Spin   Beaminster George VINEY Game keeper
  Edwin DAW Henry VINEY              
01-Apr George Henry STONE 24 Bach Labourer Beaminster George STONE Labourer
Banns Ellen CRABB 26 Spin   Beaminster George CRABB Labourer
  Charles CRABB Ellen CRABB              
29-Apr Edwin ALLEN 25 Bach Clerk Beaminster Edwin ALLEN Hairdresser
Banns Mary KENISTON 29 Spin   Beaminster George KENISTON Yeoman
  M.E. WHEADON G.E. SMITH              
16-May Charles FISHER 25 Bach Soldier Fortunes Well Portland Henry FISHER Brickmaker
Banns Annie MARSH 22 Spin   Beaminster John MARSH Barber
  Matilda MARSH Thomas GIBSON?              
08-Jun James HILL 23 Bach Gardener Beaminster John HILL Bootmaker
Banns Mary POMERY X 20 Spin   Beaminster Henry POMERY Labourer
  John HYDE X Elizabeth HILL X              
12-Jun John BRINSON Full Bach Tailor Maiden Newton William BRINSON Mason
Banns Elizabeth Mary
GUY Full Spin   Beaminster William GUY Butcher
  William BRINSON Annie CHARD              
13-Sep Bennet Mills BOWDITCH 23 Bach Labourer Beaminster Benjamin BOWDITCH Labourer
Banns Charlotte Anna GUPPY 29 Spin   Beaminster John GUPPY Dairyman
  Absolom GUPPEY Harriet Anne DENNETT              
21-Sep John HILL X 53 Widr Shoemaker Beaminster James HILL Labourer
Banns Lucy Ann GIBBS 52 Wid   Beaminster Thomas MORGAN Shoemaker
  John GEAR Harriott MORGAN              
22-Sep William George LOCOCK Full Bach Seaman in HMS Excellent Beaminster William LOCOCK Ostler
Banns Sarah Jane WILLIAMS Full Spin   Beaminster George WILLIAMS Carpenter
  Elizabeth WILLIAMS Benjamin John WILLIAMS              
11-Dec John Lacey GOSNEY 26 Bach Cabinet Maker Crewkerne Edward GOSNEY Miller
  Sarah Ann SAUNDERS 27 Spin   Beaminster William SAUNDERS Carpenter
  Joseph SAUNDERS Annie CLARE              
05-Feb Frank WILES Full Bach Grocer Gillingham John WILES Builder
Banns Ellen HARRIES Full Spin   Beaminster Isreal HARRIES Gamekeeper
  Georhe HARRIES Elizabeth HARRIES              
16-Feb William WATTS Full Bach Baker Westbury Leigh? Charles WATTS Labourer
Banns Harriet EELS Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas EELS Superintendent of Police
  William CLIFT Harriet COLES              
30-Mar William HAWKER Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Henry HAWKER Labourer
Banns Ellen Louisa HAWKER Full Spin   Beaminster James HAWKER Labourer
  Robert HAWKER Phillis Matild(sic) WATTS              
07-Apr Henry William LONNEN Full Bach Clerk Bedminster Bristol Henry James LONNEN Brush maker
Banns Elizabeth Mary FOUNTAIN Full Spin   Beaminster John FOUNTAIN Carpenter
  John GREENING Sarah Isabella
09-Apr John VICARY Jnr. Full Bach Merchant Newton Abbot John VICARY Merchant J.P.
Licence Jane Marrianne COX Full Spin   Beaminster John Symes COX Lt. Col. 56th. Reg. J.P.
  John VICARY William VICARY     Samuel COX, E. VICARY        
26-Apr William ISAACS X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Edward ISAACS Labourer
Banns Rachel LEGG Full Spin   Beaminster Solomon LEGG Labourer
  William TIZZARD X Sarah Ann ISSACS              
22-Jun William EMERY Full Bach Engineer Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire Charles EMERY Engineer
Banns Leah Dennett FROOME Full Spin   Beaminster William FROOME Butcher
  Benjamin FROOME Elizabeth ?     George EMERY, Harriet Ann EMERY        
15-Jul William James DANIEL Full Widr Surgeon Beaminster James William DANIEL Surgeon
Banns Mary Ann KEDDLE Full Spin   Beaminster Samuel Shering KEDDLE Physician J.P.
  John Sheering KEDDLE John Bernard ?     C.E. KEDDLE        
31-Aug Albert HAWKINS 20 Bach Labourer Beaminster Esau HAWKINS Labourer
Banns Elizabeth Mary HILL 20 Spin   Beaminster John HILL Labourer
  James HILL Mary HILL X              
26-Nov Geirge DUNN Full Bach Painter Beaminster Thomas DUNN Labourer
Banns Clara Jane BARTLETT Full Spin   Beaminster William BARTLETT Blacksmith
  David ALLEN X Fanny ALLEN              
08-Dec George BULLOCK Full Bach Cooper Beaminster Thomas BULLOCK Bailiff
Banns Jane Eliza WATTS Full Spin   Beaminster William WATTS Carter
  William WATTS X Eliza WATTS X              
08-Feb Alfred GALE Full Bach Dairyman Beaminster Charles GALE Dairyman
Banns Emma Sophia GARRETT Full Spin   Beaminster James GARRETT Dairyman
  Eli GARRETT Alice GALE              
18-Apr Joseph NEWMAN Full Widr Carpenter Beaminster Thomas NEWMAN Labourer
Banns Mary Ann GILL Full Wid   Beaminster John WAKELY Yeoman
  Joseph KERSLAKE Susan KERSLAKE              
10-May John Samuel DENNETT Full Bach Carpenter Beaminster Thomas DENNETT Dairyman
Banns Susan DUNSBURY Full Spin   Beaminster Richard DUNSBURY Brightsmith
  Richard DUNSBURY Harriet Ann DENNETT     Susan HOUSE, Sarah Jane DUNSBURY        
11-Jul Job HALLSON X Full Bach Labourer Broadwinsor Thomas HALSON Labourer
Banns Sarah Ann WATTS Full Spin   Beaminster James WATTS Labourer
  Robert WATTS Sarah TURNER              
08-Aug Samuel RENDELL X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster William RENDELL Labourer
Banns Flora Ann CLEAL 19 Spin   Beaminster George CLEAL Pedlar
  William CHUBB X Harriet BROWN              
24-Aug William BURBIDGE X Full Widr Ostler & Pensioner Beaminster John BURBIDGE Soldier
Banns Ann BOWDITCH Full Wid   Beaminster Isaac MARSH Gardener
  Frank CHUBB X Ann CHUBB X              
31-Aug Edwin WOODBURY Full Bach Wheelwright Holy Trinity Dorchester Robert WOODBURY Carter
Banns Ellen RAWLES Full Spin   Beaminster Henry RAWLES Labourer
  Henry RAWLES X Emma CLARKE              
27-Sep John ELLIOTT Full Bach Cooper Beaminster John ELLIOTT Weaver
Banns Elizabeth Chubb BARRATT Full Spin   Beaminster Benjamin BARRATT Shoe Maker
  Benjamin BARRATT Jane CHUBB              
14-Oct George WATTS Full Bach Labourer Beaminster George WATTS Labourer
Banns Sarah Ann HARRIS Full Spin   Beaminster George HARRIS Sawyer
  John HARRIS Mary HARRIS X              
31-Oct Charles TUCK Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Joseph TUCK Labourer
Banns Fanny KITE Full Spin   Beaminster Gabriel KITE Labourer
  William TIZZARD X Mary Ann TUCK X              
02-Nov George Thomas HOOPER Full Bach Railway Signalman Llantwith Varicetre Glam. Edwin HOOPER Carter
Banns Anne ENGLAND Full Spin   Beaminster Benjamin ENGLAND Road Surveyor
  Charles LAWRENCE Ann LAWRENCE              
30-Dec William TIZZARD X Full Bach Labourer Langdon
not known    
Banns Susan Jane FLOOD X Full Spin   Lower Green Beaminster John FLOOD Gardener
  Albert FLOOD X Sarah TIZZARD X              
21-Mar Joseph SLADE X Full Bach Pensioner Beaminster Joseph SLADE Labourer
Banns Mary HARRIS X Full Spin   Beaminster William HARRIS Labourer
  Georeg WATTSX Sarah Ann WATTS              
05-Apr John WAKELY Full Bach Farmer Beaminster John WAKELY Farmer
Banns Sarah GILLINGHAM Full Spin   Beaminster George GILLINGHAM Farmer
  Robert GILLINGHAM Annie Eliza BOATSWAIN?              
07-Apr George DUNSBY Full Wid Basket Maker Beaminster William DUNSBY Weaver
Banns Elizabeth CLEAL Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas CLEAL Labourer
  Abner DUNSBY Rebecca CLEAL              
19-Apr Charles CLARE Full Bach Fell Monger St. Martins Birmingham Thomas CLARE Fell Monger
Banns Jane Hallett COX Full Spin   Beaminster William COX Currier
  William COX Walter CLARE              
29-Jun Henry John CROFTS Full Bach Painter Dartford Kent Henry CROFTS Fishmonger
Banns Ann LAWRENCE Full Spin   Beaminster William LAWRENCE Carter
  Jonathan LAWRENCE Srah Ann LAWRENCE              
18-Sep Samuel Fowler JOY Full Bach Butcher Misterton Somerset David JOY Butcher
Banns Elizabeth HANN Full Spin   Beaminster David HANN Builder
  Charles HANN Sophia JOY     Albert HANN        
04-Jan Charles Henry CLARE Full Widr Tailor Beaminster Joseph CLARE Blacksmith
Banns Fanny VINEY? Full Spin   Beaminster James VINEY? Game Keeper
  Theophilus GILLINGHAM Elizabeth DAVY              
10-Jan George William SHORT Full Bach Chemist St. Mary Magdelen Taunton William SHORT Gentleman
Banns Adelaide Jane ANDREWS Full Spin   Beaminster James ANDREWS Banker
  J. ANDREWS Florence Shemen? ANDREWS     John Read A??MAN        
01-Feb John MORGAN Full Bach Labourer Beaminster John Richard MORGAN Labourer
Banns Sarah GREEN Full Spin   Beaminster Eli GREEN Labourer
  James HILL Mary Jane MORGAN              
27-Mar John Harvey DUNN X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster George DUNN Labourer
Banns Emma HUSSEY X Full Spin   Beaminster Job HUSSEY Labourer
  Francis HUSSEY X Lucy Ann HUSSEY              
15-Apr Thomas JOY Full Bach Labourer Bridport? Richard JOY Labourer
Banns Susan Ann Trimby MORGAN Full Spin   Beaminster John MORGAN Printer
  George CARTER Mary Jane MORGAN              
20-May Edwin ROSE Full Bach Gardener Beaminster George ROSE Labourer
Banns Mary Elizabeth BRIDLE X Full Spin   Beaminster John BRIDLE Labourer
  George ROSE X Mary Ann SPARKS              
10-Jun George GREENHAM Full Bach Carpenter Beaminster George GREENHAM Weaver
Banns Sarah Ann ISAACS Full Spin   Beaminster Edward ISAACS Labourer
  William ISAACS Rachel ISAACS              
27-Sep Henry John WOOLMINGTON Full Widr Yeoman Axnoller Beaminster John WOOLMINGTON Yeoman
Licence Elizabeth ELLIOTT Full Spin   Beaminster William ELLIOTT Yeoman
  William ELLIOTT George Henry Woolmington PEARCE              
25-Dec Thomas William TRAVERS X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster no entry    
Banns Eliza PAUL Full Spin   Beaminster John PAUL Woodman
  Alfred Albert STEELE Annie Eliza HOARE              
25-Dec Samuel ELLIOTT Full Bach Sadler Carisbrook Isle of Wight Joseph ELLIOTT Gardener
Banns Mary Ellen HOARE Full Spin   Beaminster James HOARE Labourer
  Thomas HOARE Mary Ann ELLIOTT              
31-Dec George PEARCE Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Gerrard PEARCE Labourer
Banns Martha WHITTY Full Spin   Beaminster no entry    
  James PEARCE Lydia Lucy PEARCE              
04-Apr William PARKER Full Bach Groom Beaminster John PARKER Shepherd
Banns Emma GRANT Full Spin   Beaminster Joseph GRANT Carter
  John PARKER Mary PARKER              
14-Apr John PARKER Full Bach Shepherd Beaminster John PARKER Shepherd
Banns Jane BRAKE Full Spin   Beaminster Joseph BRAKE Labourer
  Joseph BRAKE Mary BRAKE              
02-May Albion BARTLETT Full Bach no entry Bridport James BARTLETT Carpenter
Banns Laura Emma GIBBS Full Spin   Beaminster Benjamin GIBBS Groom
  Samuel GIBBS Sarah Jane BARTLETT              
02-May George WILLIAMS Full Widr Carpenter Beaminster Benjamin WILLIAMS Clothier
Banns Elizabeth WEBB Full Wid   Beaminster John BELTY? Gardener
  Joseph Day GODFREY M.A. LOVERIDGE              
09-May Alfred John COGGAN Full Bach Farm Bailiff Broadwinsor Frederick COGGAN Farmer
Licence Emily Jane Duckcome? Marwood BARNARD Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas BARNARD Farmer
  Henry George MORRIS Robert MORRIS              
10-Jun Gerrard John HAWKINS Full Bach Groom Beaminster Esau HAWKINS Labourer
Banns Susan Mary PAUL Full Spin   Beaminster Eli PAUL Thatcher
  James MEECH Mary Ann WEBB              
15-Aug William Alfred NEDHAM Full Bach Assist. Commisioner Central Provinces India Beaminster Alfred Gyllett NEDHAM Lt. Col. Staff Corps Bengal
Banns Caroline Frances KITSON Full Spin   Beaminster Edward Bellay KITSON Esquire
  Edward B. KITSON C.W. HASTOCK?     Jessie Mu??dy NEDHAM, Edith B. KITSON        
06-Oct William GREEN Full Bach Farmer Beaminster Charles GREEN Railway Servant
Banns Susan PAUL 19 Spin   Beaminster George PAUL Labourer
  John Oliver BOWDITCH Esther LEGG              
25-Dec Frederick WATTS X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster James WATTS Labourer
Banns Elizabeth NORRIS X Full Spin   Beaminster George NORRIS Labourer
  Aaron TURNER X Sarah NORRIS?              
25-Dec James NORRIS X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster George NORRIS Labourer
Banns Eliza TUCK Full Spin   Beaminster no entry    
  John POMEROYX Sarah POMEROY X              
07-Jan James Loveless TAYLOR Full Bach Brickmaker Corscombe Philip TAYLOR Farm Labourer
Banns Mary Ann Cecilia Emily MAJOR Full Spin   Beaminster no entry    
  Robert FUDGE X Elizabeth FUDGE              
08-Jan William Henry WEAVER Full Bach Painter Beaminster William WEAVER Shoe Smith
Banns Martha GERRARD Full Spin   Beaminster George GERRARD Labourer
  George GERRARD Kate EDWARDS              
13-Jan John PEARCE Full Bach Dairyman East Barton Winfrith Gerrard PEARCE Carter
Banns Eliza DIMION Full Spin   Beaminster Samuel DIMION Drainer
  Lydia Lucy PEARCE John DIMION              
22-Jan Daniel OLIVER Full Bach General Dealer Beaminster William OLIVER Innkeeper
Banns Martha WAREHAM Full Spin   Beaminster James WAREHAM Labourer
  James Oliver BOWDITCH Elizabeth GALE              
10-Feb Alfred HALSTON X 20 Bach Labourer Beaminster no entry    
Banns Susan TRUMP 20 Spin   Beaminster William TRUMP Sawyer
  Thomas POOLEX ? BUGLER              
18-Feb George Edward Genge ANDREWS Full Widr Esquire Rimpton Henry Genge ANDREWS Esquire
Licence Augusta SLADE Full Spin   Beaminster Edwin SLADE Gentleman
  Edwin SLADE William BUGLER              
03-Mar George CLARE Full Bach Labourer Beaminster Isaac CLARE Builder?
Banns Jane BARRATT Full Spin   Beaminster William BARRETT Labourer
  Richard BARRETT X Susan BULLOCK              
15-Mar George John BUGLER Full Bach Carpenter Putney Surrey George BUGLER Builder
Banns Mary Ann BUGLER Full Spin   Beaminster William BUGLER Confectioner
  William Henry BUGLER George BUGLER     Alice M. BUGLER        
07-Apr George Ingram GREEN Full Bach Gardener/Innkeeper Wincanton Somerset Thomas GREEN Innkeeper
Banns Sarah Ann OLIVER Full Spin   Beaminster Thomas OLIVER Innkeeper/Carpenter
  Thomas Perry OLIVER Susannah GREEN              
14-Apr Frederick William SMITH Full Bach Innkeeper St. Matthew’s Southampton John SMITH Innkeeper
Banns Mary Jane KEECH Full Spin   Beaminster David KEECH Marble Mason
  David KEECH Maria KEECH              
05-Jun John RECORD X Full Bach Labourer Beaminster William RECORD Labourer
Banns Sarah Jane TIZZARD X Full Spin   Beaminster John TIZZARD Labourer
  George TIZZARD X Sarah Ann RECORD              
15-Jul Tom JONES Full Bach Irononger/builder Lytton Devon Robert JONES Builder
Licence Annie HAMILTON Full Spin   Beaminster William HAMILTON Gentleman
  Robert TOLEMAN Giles JOEL?     Alice TOLEMAN, Charles TOLEMAN        
30-Jul William John Hayes HAWKER Full Widr Innkeeper Burton Bradstock James HAWKER Labourer
Banns Mary Ann MEECH Full Wid   Beaminster John CRABB Independent
  Ann CRABB William BUGLER              
11-Apr Robert POOLE 22 Bach Labourer Beaminster Charles POOLE Labourer
Banns Emma LEGG 21 Spin   Beaminster Solomon LEGG Labourer
  William POOLE Henry POOLE              
18-Apr Henry HAWKINS 23 Bach Labourer Beaminster Esau HAWKINS Labourer
Banns Jane HILL 24 Spin   Beaminster John HILL Shoemaker
  William RIGLER Emily CHUBB              
11-May George WEAVER 23 Bach Painter Beaminster William WEAVER Blacksmith
Banns Kate EDWARDS 27 Spin   Beaminster Thomas EDWARDS Blacksmith
  Thomas J. EDWARDS Alice EDWARDS              
27-May Josiah BUCKNOLE 59 Widr Tailor Allington Samuel BUCKNOLE Cordwainer
Licence Caroline RENDELL 55 Wid   Beaminster Henry PAUL Yeoman
  John Henry PAUL William STICKLAND              
01-Jun John Henry WHITE 45 Bach Farm Bailiff Beaminster Henry WHITE Independent
Banns Mary Elizabeth WOODWARD 28 Spin   Beaminster John WOODWARD Farmer
  J.H. WOODWARD John ? WHITE              
01-Aug Samuel DAVIS X 23   Labourer Beaminster George DAVIS Shoemaker
Banns Sarah NORRIS 23     Beaminster George NORRIS Labourer
  Aaron TURNER X William BUGLER              
05-Sep William DAWE 23 Bach Labourer Beaminster Samuel DAWE Labourer
Banns Louisa MARSH 21 Spin   Beaminster James MARSH Labourer
  William POOLE Elizabeth DAWE              
20-Oct Thomas J. SHUGAR 43 Wid Farmer Netherbury Thomas SHUGAR Mason
Banns Elizabeth COX 46 Spin Dairy Farmer Beaminster Benjamin CONWAY Farmer
  John Henry CHARD Mary MEECH              
01-Dec Frederick SWAFFIELD 26 Bach Groom Beaminster John SWAFFIELD Weaver
Banns Emma CONWAY 29 Spin   Beaminster James CONWAY Butcher
  E.J. CONWAY Anna Maria CONWAY              
15-Mar Edwin Thomas WATTS X 32 Widr Mason Beaminster George WATTS Labourer
Banns Ruth CHARD 35 Wid   Beaminster Isiah TURNER Labourer
  Samuel TURNER Ellen SIBLEY              
20-Mar Albert GREENING 41 Bach Millwright Beaminster William GREENING Saddler
Banns Betty Meech CLARE 36 Spin   Beaminster Joseph CLARE Blacksmith
  Frederick SWAFFIELD Emma SWAFFIELD              
27-Mar Daniel POMEROY 33 Bach Labourer Beaminster Henry POMEROY Labourer
Banns Jane NORRIS X 19 Spin   Beaminster George NORRIS Labourer
  George NORRIS X Harriet TURNER              
14-Apr Frederick SAMWAYS 20 Bach Labourer Beaminster Levi SAMWAYS Labourer
Banns Elizabeth TUCK X 20 Spin   Beaminster Samuel TUCK Labourer
  Levi SAMWAYS Elizabeth SAMWAYS X              
18-Apr Alfred John HOLLOWAY 20 Bach Coach builder Beaminster William HOLLOWAY Innkeeper
Banns Ann HUNT 18 Spin   Beaminster James HUNT Blacksmith
  James HUNT Mary Ann HOLLOWAY              
08-May Charles LARCOMBE X 19 Bach Labourer Mosterton John LARCOMBE Labourer
Banns Emily NORRIS X 20 Spin   Beaminster Charles NORRIS Labourer
  Sarah DAVIS Samuel DAVIS X              
06-Jun David SIBLEY 47 Widr Labourer Hook Thomas SIBLEY Labourer
Banns Jane NEAL 43 Wid   Beaminster Job CLERK Labourer
  James LINGARD Adelaide LINGARD              
22-Jun John Henry BUGLER 22 Bach Butcher Beaminster John Guy BUGLER Butcher
Banns Lucy Ann HUSSEY 20 Spin   Beaminster Job HUSSEY Mason
  James Woodbury BUGLER Emily ESLER              
12-Oct Alfred PEARCE 24 Bach Clerk Beaminster Joseph PEARCE Millwright
Banns Harriet Maria SMEATH 24 Spin   St. David’s Exeter George SMEATH Engineer
  Francis Lambie PEARCE Bessie SMEATH