St. Mary's Burials 1751-60

Transcribed by Zoe Martin


1751 Mar 31st; Mary daughter of James & Sarah GALE

1751 Apr 7th; Richard son of Richard & Joan GALE

1751 Apr 14th; Betty SIMS

1751 Apr 14th; Martha daughter of Thomas & Margery FORD

1751 Apr 24th; Thomas son of Ann SEAMER

1751 May 26th; Mary HALLET

1751 May 26th; John HOSKINS

1751 May 29th; Mary daughter of Henry & Sarah HEARN

1751 May 31st; Sarah wife of George VILE

1751 Jun 5th; Richard son of Richard & Mary PUMERY

1751 Jul 2nd; Mary daughter of Henry & Sarah CHUBB

1751 Jul 3rd; Bernard SHIER

1751 Aug 10th; Ann NEWMAN

1751 Aug 13th; Sarah MERIFIELD

1751 Aug 13th; James BAGG

1751 Aug 21st; William son of William & Mary GRAY

1751 Sep 4th; Ann RAINDLE

1751 Sep 22nd; Joseph son of John & ? PEARCE

1751 Oct 1st; Mary wife of Nicholas? ATKINS

1751 Oct 13th; Ann daughter of William & Sarah HEARNE

1751 Oct 14th; Mary HOARE

1751 Oct 19th; Dorothy wife of Henry TRUMP

1751 Oct 20th; John ALLEN

1751 Nov 21st; Samuel STROUDE

1751 Dec 13th; Mary GERARD

1751 Dec 28th; John BRINSON

1751 Dec 29th; Tobias son of John & Mary SIMS

1751 Dec 31st; Joan DANIEL

1751 Jan 19th; Mary daughter of John & Mary CONWAY

1751 Jan 22nd; Martha wife of Henry TRUMP

1751 Jan 31st; Mary STEVENS

1751 Feb 9th; John OLIVER

1751 Feb 19th; Sarah daughter of Giles & Mary BOZEY

1751 Feb 19th; Elizabeth WILLMOT

1751 Feb 20th; Edward MUNDEN

1751 Feb 26th; William RODBARD

1751 Mar 1st; Agnes daughter of James & Agnes TUCK

1751 Mar 1st; Joan daughter of William & Mary MILLS

1751 Mar 22nd; Joan wife of George THOMAS

1751 Mar 22nd; Joseph son of Joseph & Sarah CAINS

1752 Apr 5th; Susanna wife of Isaac HALLET

1752 Apr 6th; Josua HARRIS

1752 Apr 12th?; Ambrose LAWRENCE

1752 Apr 17th; William CHINNOCK

1752 May 1st; John son of John & Hannah BOZEY

1752 May 6th; William son of Edward & Grace GERARD

1752 May 27th; Elizabeth wife of Thomas PARK

1752 Jun 7th; Thomas DUNN

1752 Jun 10th; Sarah wife of James GALE

1752 Jun 19th; William WEAVER

1752 Jul 13th?; Rosanna ISAAC

1752 Jul 13th?; Jane daughter of Richard & Faith BISHOP

1752 Aug 2nd; Susanna daughter of Levi & Joan TUCK

1752 Sep 22nd; John son of William & Sarah MARKS

1752 Oct 3rd; Elizabeth COOK

1752 Oct 15th; James son of John & Jane BAGG

1752 Oct 27th; Joan SHIRE

1752 Nov 3rd; George PUMERY

1752 Nov 29th; John MILLS

1752 Dec 8th; Mary daughter of Henry & Mary ALLEN

1752 Dec 10th; Robert HALLETT

1752 Dec ?; William son of Charles & Hanna DUNN

1752 Dec ?; Henry CRABB

1752 Dec 31st; William son of Benjamin & Betty POOL

1753 Jan 3rd; Mary wife of George BRYANT

1753 Jan 12th; John son of Colin? & Catherine BARTER

1753 Jan 14th; Francis son of Elizabeth NOSSITER

1753 Jan 21st; John MATTHEWS

1753 Jan 21st; Bettey daughter of Sarah HILL

1753 Jan 28th; Susannah FRENCH

1753 Jan 29th; James son of Robert & Dorothy HALLET

1753 Feb 18th; Esther VIZER?

1753 Feb 18th; Thomas son of John & Mary CONWAY

1753 Feb 25th; Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Mary DEMET

1753 Mar 5th; Mary wife of Richard DAMET

1753 Feb 11th; Joan BOLT

1753 Apr 8th; Sarah MATTHEWS

1753 Apr 8th; John KEECH

1753 Apr 12th; Sarah HART

1753 Apr 15th; Jane MEECH

1753 Apr 22nd; Joseph WARR

1753 May 6th; Garce VINCENT

1753 May 9th; James BAGG

1753 May 27th; Mary COX

1753 Jun 20th; Mary wife of John DALLEY

1753 Jun 20th; Christopher son of Christopher & Joan MAISH

1753 Jul 14th; George STRODE

1753 Jul 18th; Joan wife of Richard KEECH

1753 Jul 18th; Frances daughter of Joan HEARN

1753 Jul  22nd; Elizabeth COX

1753 Aug 1st; Hannah wife of Christopher DUNN

1753 Aug 14th; Elizabeth daughter of Simon & Ann DAY

1753 Sep 2nd; George son of George & Ann PUMERY

1753 Sep 7th; Elizabeth HEARN

1753 Sep 7th; Sarah daughter of John & Elizabeth PAINTER

1753 Sep 18th; William DUNNING

1753 Sep 21st; Sarah MEECH

1753 Sep 23rd; Charity daughter of James COLE

1753 Oct 10th; Elizabeth wife of William HOSKINS

1753 Nov 5th; Grace daughter of Robert COMBS

1753 Nov 16th; Elizabeth wife of Samuel HOSKINS

1753 Nov 17th; Priscilla HOSKINS

1753 Nov 28th; John STEVENS

1753 Dec 5th; Richard KEECH

1753 Dec 7th; Christian wife of Thomas MOORE

1753 Dec 12th; Ann daughter of Charles & Elizabeth RANDLE

1754 Jan 2nd; John PODGER

1754 Jan 6th; Betty daughter of John & Thomason PODGER

1754 Jan 20th; Ann daughter of John & Mary HALLET

1754 Feb 1st; Richard son of Bernard & Betty WRIGHT

1754 Feb 15th; Henry TRUMP

1754 Feb 20th; Samuel son of William & Joan WHITTLE

1754 Feb 24th; Joseph son of William & Sarah NEWMAN

1754 Mar 13th; ? son of John & Mary BUREY?

1754 Mar 13th; Catherine daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth BUTCHER

1754 Mar 15th; John JONES

1754 Mar 26th; Lev?? son of Baruch & Hannah FOX

1754 Apr 7th; Mary daughter of John & Hannah BOZY

1754 Apr 11th; John son of John & Jane BARKER

1754 Apr 13th; Henry CLIFT

1754 Apr 21st; Joseph son of Lancelot & Martha MILLS

1754 Apr 26th; Abraham JONES

1754 May 1st; Samuel son of Joseph & Elizabeth CHUBB

1754 May 1st; Jane wife of Thomas HUTCHINS

1754 May 1st; Edward son of John & Joan TUCKER

1754 May 5th; Hannah daughter of Nicholas? HALLET

1754 May 8th; John FORD

1754 May 10th; James son of Isaac & Mary DANIEL

1754 May 19th; Elizabeth wife of John HOARE

1754 May 26th; Esther BUGLAR

1754 May 30th; John son of Thomas & Dorothy MILLS

1754 Jun 9th; Mary daughter of Samuel & Mary BARRET

1754 Jun 16th; Sarah daughter of Nicholas & Betty BOZEY

1754 Jun 21st; Mary MASTERMAN

1754 Jun 26th; Joseph THATCHER

1754 Jul 3rd; Mary wife of Samuel CHALKER

1754 Aug 9th; George son of George & Joan HALLET

1754 Aug 18th; Ann daughter of Mary MILLS

1754 Sep 8th; William son of William & Betty STODGEL

1754 Sep 18th; Elizabeth daughter of Samuel & Alice WEAVER

1754 Sep 20th; Robert CHAMP

1754 Sep 24th; William TUCKER

1754 Oct 1st; George son of George HALLETT

1754 Oct 1st; John son of James & Hannah GALE

1754 Oct 8th; John SMITH

1754 Oct 11th; Martha wife of James BAGG

1754 Oct 11th; Betty daughter of Peter & Bride BURBUDGE

1754 Oct 15th; Elizabeth HARDY

1754 Oct 29th; Richard son of Francis & Sarah SYMES

1754 Nov 17th; John WHITE

1754 Nov 27th; Mary HOOD

1754 Dec 1st; Amos son of Amos & Elizabeth CLEAL

1754 Dec 10th; Samuel son of Samuel & Lydia DONNE

1754 Dec 10th; Elizabeth KNIGHT

1754 Dec 15th; Thomas son of Thomas & Joan SEAL

1754 Dec 22nd; Daniel son of Richard & Mary FOWLER

1754 Dec 29th; Esther wife of Joseph KEECH

1755 Jan 8th; Paul HOSKINS

1755 Jan 12th; Elizabeth NOSSITER

1755 Jan 22nd; James CAINS

1755 Jan 30th?; Joan BUGLER

1755 Jan 31st; John BUCEY

1755 Jan 31st; John WILLIAM

1755 Jan 31st; Ann daughter of Charles & Elizabeth RANDLE

1755 Feb 12th; Robert HALLETT

1755 Feb 12th; Joan wife of John EVANS

1755 Mar 16th; William MAISH

1755 Mar 30th; Abraham GENCE

1755 Mar 31st; Sarah daughter of Samuel & Mary BEDGOOD

1755 Apr 9th; John BEDGOOD

1755 Apr 9th; Sarah daughter of George & Leah HALLET

1755 Apr 22nd; William ELLOT

1755 Apr 30th; John son of Robert & Mary HILL

1755 May 2nd; John son of John & Grace WHEADON

1755 May 2nd; John son of Nicholas & Ann JEFFERIES

1755 May 4th; Thomas FORD

1755 May 7th; Anne wife of John HALLETT

1755 May 9th; Avis BOARN

1755 May 18th; William son of Thomas & Joan HOSKINS

1755 May 23rd; Alexander DIKE

1755 May 25th; Henry son of Thomas & Joan WHEADON

1755 Jun 1st; Anne daughter of Joseph & Thomasin SEYMOUR

1755 Jun 18th; Sarah daughter of John & Sarah GIBBS

1755 Aug 8th; Betty daughter of John & Mary SYMES

1755 Aug 15th; Esther wife of Ralph HARRIS

1755 Aug 26th; Sarah HALLETT

1755 Sep 14th; Elizabeth wife of Stephen GOULD

1755 Sep 14th; John son of James & Agnes TUCK

1755 Oct 3rd; Alice  wife of Samuel WEAVER

1755 Oct 3rd; Tobias son of John & Mary SYMES

1755 Oct 9th; John COX

1755 Oct 24th; Mary wife of Josias RANDLE

1755 Oct 26th; William son of Samuel & Esther PAIN

1755 Oct 26th; John son of Humphrey & Elizabeth BEDGOOD

1755 Oct 26th; Sebastian PITTFIELD

1755 Oct 28th; Hester wife of Thomas STRODE

1755 Oct 31st; Edward son of Edward & Judith LOREING

1755 Nov 2nd; Sarah daughter of William & Ann BUGLER

1755 Nov 9th; Samuel son of Samuel & Mary BEDGOOD

1755 Nov 12th; Joseph son of Joseph & Elizabeth CONWAY

1755 Nov 12th; John son of Henry & Martha GUDGE

1755 Nov 15th; Isaac son of Isaac & Mary DANIEL

1755 Nov 15th; Mary daughter of John & Hannah BOZIE

1755 Nov 15th; Thomas son of Thomas & Ann GODDING

1755 Nov 21st; Jane daughter of John Henry & Jane HARVEY

1755 Nov 21st; Sarah daughter of Samuel & Martha WHITEMORE

1755 Nov 23rd; Richard son of Josias & Anne PITCHER

1755 Nov 26th; Joan daughter of Richard & Grace GROVES

1755 Nov 30th; Catherine daughter of Robert & Jane SMITH

1755 Dec 3rd; Elizabeth daughter of Samuel RAINDLE

1755 Dec 5th; John son of John & Elizabeth TRUMP

1755 Dec 10th; Susanna daughter of John & Hannah DANIEL

1755 Dec 14th; Sarah wife of William HEARN

1755 Dec 19th; John son of Elizabeth GUNDRY

1755 Dec 21st; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Joan POMERY

1756 Jan 4th; Anne wife of Robert HIDE

1756 Jan 6th; George BRYANT

1756 Jan 11th; Joan daughter of Isaac & Joan HALLETT

1756 Jan 16th; Mary daughter of Robert & Jane BROWN

1756 Feb 6th; Mary wife of John RAINDLE

1756 Feb 18th; William FORD

1756 Feb 29th; Anne WAYGOOD

1756 Mar 10th; Samuel son of Daniel & Mary COX

1756 Apr 7th; Joan BARRETT

1756 Apr 17th; no entry CRABB

1756 Apr 23rd; Elizabeth wife of William WADSWORTH

1756 Apr 23rd; Martha daughter of Philip & Martha BUGLER

1756 Apr 28th; Mary daughter of Daniel & Mary COX

1756 May 9th; John son of Peter & Elizabeth FILDUE

1756 May 23rd; Agnes wife of John DOWNTON

1756 May 23rd; John son of John & Elizabeth RODBARD

1756 Jun 9th; Jean DANIEL

1756 Jun 9th; Elizabeth daughter of Robert & Elizabeth FILDUE

1756 Jun 11th; Mary GREEN

1756 Jun 15th; William CHICK

1756 Jun 20th; Margaret daughter of Thomas & Susanna MEADWAY

1756 Jun 29th; Grace wife of Edward GERRARD

1756 Jul 4th; Eleanor wife of Giles BOZIE

1756 Jul 4th; Robert ROLO; a soldier

1756 Jul 28th; Susanna LEAKY

1756 Aug 22nd; Margery FORD

1756 Aug 25th; Grace wife of Jenas STRANG

1756 Aug 29th; Joan wife of George DAW

1756 Sep 3rd; John EWENS

1756 Sep 15th; William son of William & Mary CHUBB

1756 Sep 26th; Betty daughter of Catherine BAGG

1756 Oct 24th; Henry son of John & Joan FOWLER

1756 Oct 27th; Anne daughter of Richard & Joan KEECH

1756 Nov 12th?; Robert son of James GALE

1756 Nov 14th; Thomas GIBBS

1756 Dec 12th?; Anne daughter of ?emiah & Elizabeth GILLET

1756 Dec 29th; Ralph HARRIS

1757 Jan 2nd; Jane daughter of Ann BULLOCK

1757 Jan 5th; Elizabeth wife of John PEARCE

1757 Jan 5th; Ann daughter of William HOARE

1757 Jan 9th; Henry DUNN

1757 Jan 15th; John EVANS

1757 Jan 19th; Mary BRICE

1757 Jan 26th; Henry HALLETT

1757 Jan 28th; Richard CHICK

1757 Jan 31st; Thomas CANTERBURY

1757 Feb ?; James TUCK

1757 Feb 11th; Benjamin HOSKINS

1757 Feb 11th; Richard son of Richrad & Mary CLARE

1757 Feb 16th; Samuel BEDGOOD

1757 Mar 2nd; Thomas FORD

1757 Mar 18th; Joan daughter of Samuel & Mary POOLE

1757 Mar 22nd; Joan wife of William BARTLETT

1757 Mar 30th; Rose BURGIS

1757 Mar 30th; George son of George & Elizabeth EVELEIGH

1757 Apr 1st; Martha wife of John HIDE

1757 Apr 17th; Mary JAMES

1757 Apr 23rd; Samuel son of Daniel & Mary COX

1757 Apr 27th; John STRONG

1757 May 4th; Esther daughter of Richard & Margaret RENDLE

1757 May 8th; William HOSKINS

1757 May 10th; Grace MANTLE

1757 May 18th; Mary DAW

1757 May 20th; John BURBIDGE

1757 May 25th; Henry MUNDEN

1757 May 25th; George BRIANT

1757 Jun 1st; John son of Joseph & Hannah JAMES

1757 Jun 24th; John son of Robert & Mary RENDLE

1757 Jul 5th; Sarah daughter of William & Hannah ELLOTT

1757 Jul 20th; Richard son of Richard GOLLOP

1757 Aug 13th; John DUNN

1757 Aug 24th; Hannah daughter of Susannah JAMES

1757 Sep 9th; Floyer? WILLMOTT

1757 Sep 11th; Robert son of William & Sarah LOWMAN

1757 Sep 23rd; Daniel FOWLER

1757 Sep 24th; Grace FOWLER

1757 Oct 9th; John son of Robert & Elizabeth WATTS

1757 Oct 11th; Grace wife of Richard READ

1757 Oct 28th; Jonathon DENISON

1757 Nov 1st; Mary wife of William WAYGOOD

1757 Nov 25th; Susanna HALLET

1757 Nov 27th; Jane daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth CHUBB

1757 Nov 28th; Sarah SAUNDERS

1757 Dec 7th; Daniel WHITEHEAD

1757 Dec 27th; Benjamin son of Samuel & Martha WHITEMORE

1757 Dec 27th; Elizabeth daughter of Richard & Elizabeth BARTER

1757 Dec 30th; Mary daughter of John & Elizabeth GALE

1758 Jan 13th; William son of John & Elizabeth TIMPSON

1758 Jan 18th; Ann ATKINS

1758 Jan 21st; William son of William & Lidia PEARCE

1758 Jan 27th; Martha HALLET

1758 Feb 12rh; Francis MAISH

1758 Feb 17th; Thomas SMITH

11758 Feb 19th; Isaac HARRIS

1758 Mar 1st; Elizabeth HARRIS

1758 Mar 3rd; John DAY

1758 Apr 3rd; Robert BRIDGE

1758 Apr 5th; William HOSKINS

1758 Apr 9th; Ann daughter of Richard & Mary CLARE

1758 Apr 15th; Mary FOWLER

1758 Apr 23rd; Mary wife of Robert STODGLE

1758 Apr 30th; Roger son of Troy? & Jane HARVER?

1758 Apr 30th; Joseph son of Richard RENDAL

1758 May 2nd; Thomas EVANS

1758 May 8th; John ELLOT

1758 May 10th; Love daughter of Elizabeth PORTER

1758 May 13th; Mary FORD

1758 May 16th; John GROVES

1758 May 17th; Elizabeth wife of Valentine CLARK

1758 May 19th; Elizabeth wife of Philip BONN

1758 May 20th; Catherine daughter of Hugh & Catherine BAGG

1758 May 23rd; Thomason daughter of Edward & Thomason CURTISS

1758 May 28th; Elizabeth FOWLER

1758 May 30th; Ann daughter of Richard & Mary CHICK

1758 May 31st; Ann daughter of George & Elizabeth EVELEIGH

1758 Jun 2nd; Sarah GUNDRY

1758 Jun 4th; Betty daughter of Catherine BAGG

1758 Jun 7th; Ann daughter of Nicholas & Ann JEFFERY

1758 Jun 9th; Esther daughter of Samuel & Esther PAIN

1758 Jun 9th; Richard son of James & Mary WHITEMORE

1758 Jun 11th; Grace daughter of John & Jane BAGG

1758 Jun 14th; Ann daughter of Richard & Ann CRABB

1758 Jun 16th; James son of Daniel & Sarah GALE

1758 Jun 17th; Mary daughter of Margaret STODGEL

1758 Jun 19th; Mary daughter of John & Mary CONWAY

1758 Jun 19th; Jane daughter of John & Jane BAGG

1758 Jun 20th; Susannah JONES

1758 Jun 20th; Robert son of James & Mary WHITEMORE

1758 Jun 21st; Mary daughter of John & Mary SYMES

1758 Jun 21st; Betty daughter of Bishop & Elizabeth DUNNING

1758 Jun 21st; Susannah wife of John WEAVER

1758 Jun 23rd; Mary daughter of Mary GALE

1758 Jun 23rd; James son of John & Jane BAGG

1758 Jun 28th; Mary daughter of John & Mary JESSON

1758 Jun 28th; John son of Samuel & Mary BARRETT

1758 Jun 28th; Lucretia daughter of John & Elizabeth GERRARD

1758 Jul 1st; Sarah wife of Thomas HITT

1758 Jul 3rd; George son of John & Mary HALLET

1758 Jul 7th; Joseph CHALKER

1758 Jul 8th; John son of John & Mary HAKE

1758 Jul 12th; Elizabeth daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth BUGLAR

1758 Jul 12th; Mary daughter of Joseph & Fanny LIGHT

1758 Jul 13th; Ann daughter of John PEARCE

1758 Jul 14th; Elizabeth wife of Robert HIDE

1758 Jul 14th; Nicholas son of Richard & Grace HARDY

1758 Jul 14th; Simon son of Benjamin & Betty POOL

1758 Jul 16th; Hannah daughter of John & Mary HAKE

1758 Jul 16th; Ann daughter of Richard & Grace HARDY

1758 Jul 17th; Mary wife of Richard CLARE

1758 Jul 18th; Susannah daughter of William & Joan SLADE

1758 Jul 18th; Mary daughter of Stephen & Keturah GERRARD

1758 Jul 19th; Betty daughter of Henry & Joannah SLADE

1758 Jul 19th; William son of Joseph & Fanny LIGHT

1758 Jul 21st; John son of Robert & Elizabeth HOSKINS

1759 Jul 28th; William son of Elizabeth HALLET

1758 Jul 30th; John SHERRING

1758 Jul 30th; Robert son of James & Mary GALE

1758 Jul 30th; Thomas son of Samuel & Elizabeth COX

1758 Jul 31st; Joseph LIGHT

1758 Aug 2nd; Thomas HILL

1758 Aug 3rd; Sarah wife of Thomas BOZIE

1758 Aug 3rd; Thomas son of William & Elizabeth GENGE

1758 Aug 5th; Elizabeth wife of Richard BIRT

1758 Aug 5th; Thomas HUTCHINS

1758 Aug 8th; John COLE

1758 Aug 9th; Thomas MOORS

1758 Aug 19th; Joseph MILLS

1758 Aug 19th; Edward son of James & Joan HALLET

1758 Aug 28th; Job son of Silas & Elizabeth JONES

1758 Sep 3rd; Sarah daughter of Henry & Martha GUDGE

1758 Sep 3rd; Ann daughter of Hugh & Joannah QUANTICK

1758 Sep 10th; Judith wife of Edward LOREING

1758 Sep 28th; Mary PAUL

1758 Oct 15th; Charity COLE

1758 Oct 30th; Joan wife of Richard GALE

1758 Nov 8th; Thomas son of Thomas & Elizabeth BUGLAR

1758 Nov 14th; Anne wife of George HOLLAND

1758 Nov 15th; Joan CLARE

1758 Nov 25th; Mary SYMES

1758 Nov 26th; Samuel WEAVER

1758 Nov 26th; Levi son of Levi & Joan QUICK

1758 Nov 28th; William son of Elizabeth SHERRING

1758 Dec 1st; John HOARE

1758 Dec 1st; Sarah WEAVER

1758 Dec 1st; John CANTERBURY

1758 Dec 1st; Stephen GOULD

1758 Dec 1st; Thomas son of John & Susannah SHIER

1758 Dec 2nd; Ann wife of Simon DAY

1758 Dec 8th; Grace GROVES

1758 Dec 8th; Hugh SILK

1758 Dec 9th; Ann RATCHEL

1758 Dec 9th; Susannah HALLET

1758 Dec 11th; William ALLEN

1758 Dec 15th; Robert STODGEL

1758 Dec 15th; Ann LOCK

1758 Dec 16th; Agnes wife of James TUCK

1758 Dec 16th; Henry POLEN?

1758 Dec 19th; Mary wife of Henry ALLEN

1758 Dec 19th; Mary CHICK

1758 Dec 23rd; Margaret wife of Abraham JONES

1758 Dec 24th; Sarah daughter of Elizabeth CLARE

1758 Dec 26th; Susannah wife of Samuel POOLE

1758 Dec 29th; Judith wife of George SERJANT

1759 Jan 1st; Mary daughter of John MEADWAY

1759 Jan 14th; Hannah wife of William GARLAND

1759 Jan 15th; Mary MEECH

1759 Jan 17th; Elizabeth BETTISCOMBE

1759 Jan 21st; Stephen son of Josias & Ann PITCHER

1759 Jan 21st; Joan GUPPY

1759 Jan 28th; Mary daughter of Catherine GERRARD

1759 Jan 31st; Sarah wife of William NEWMAN

1759 Feb 7th; Elizabeth wife of John BURBIDGE

1759 Feb 16th; William WHITEMORE

1759 Feb 16th; Hannah wife of William WHITEMORE

1759 Feb 16th; Martha MAISH

1759 Feb 23rd; Simon DAY

1759 Mar 4th; Benjamin COX

1759 Mar 4th; Henry son of Henry & Joan DUNN

1759 Mar 7th; Mary COMBS

1759 Mar 9th; John NEWMAN

1759 Mar 9th; James QUARREL

1759 Mar 9th; John son of John & Elizabeth RODBARD

1759 Mar 18th?; John son of William & Mary WARR

1759 Mar 18th; James HALLET

1759 Mar 28th; Elizabeth PORTER

1759 Apr 4th; Elizabeth wife of John GERRARD

1759 Apr 8th; Bettey daughter of William & Mary GRAY

1759 Apr 13th; John RANDEL

1759 Apr 20th; Margaret FOWLER

1759 Apr 31st; Joan? wife of John GUDGE

1759 May 6th; Susannah NEWMAN

1759 May 6th; Robert son of Richard & Ann CRABB

1759 May 6th; John son of Robert & Jane PATTON

1759 May 17th; Amey daughter of Robert & Jane POTTER?

1759 May 18th; Joan wife of William COLLINS

1759 May 20th; Henry SERJANT

1759 Jul 4th; Roger CLARE

1759 Jul 17th; Ann wife of Christopher RUSSELL

1759 Jul 18th; William son of William & Hester JESSOP

1759 Jul 27th; George BRIANT

1759 Jul 27th; Ann daughter of Robert & Damaris BUGLER

1759 Jul 30th; Rebecca daughter of George & Elizabeth EVELY

1759 Aug 1st; Robert BIRD

1759 Aug 14th; James son of John & Jane BAGG

1759 Aug 22nd; Jonas? STRONG

1759 Aug 25th; Joan wife of John HOUSE

1759 Aug 28th; Martha TYTE?

1759 Aug 28th; Robert son of Giles & Mary BOZIE

1759 Sep 9th; William HOSKINS Snr

1759 Sep 10th; Mary COX

1759 Sep 15th; ? wife of Stephen HALLETT

1759 Sep 26th; Mary HITT

1759 Oct 12th; Mary DIMNET

1759 Oct 13th; Mary MORGAN

1759 Oct 27th; Richard son of William STACY

1759 Nov 29th; John HOSKINS

1759 Dec 2nd; Benjamin POOL

1759 Dec 5th; Sarah daughter of Sarah BRIANT

1759 Dec 9th; Sarah daughter of George & Ann GODDING

1759 Dec 11th; Samuel COX

1759 Dec 23rd; Elizabeth wife of Robeert CHILCOT

1759 Dec 25th; Samuel son of Samuel POOL

1759 Dec 25th; Mary wife of Henry GUDGE

1760 Jan 1st; William son of William & Mary MILLS

1760 Feb 8th; Mary BAGG

1760 Feb 13th; James son of James & Grace MAISH

1760 Feb 20th; Hester daughter of Joseph & Susanna WILKINS

1760 Mar 23rd; Grace HODGE

1760 Apr 20th; Henry GUDGE

1760 Apr 22nd; Elizabeth HOSKINS

1760 Apr 23rd; Jane GERRARD

1760 Apr 30th; Mary daughter of Peter & Elizabeth FILDEW

1760 May 9th; William MILLS

1760 Jul 4th; William WHITE

1760 Jul 4th; James LUCAS

1760 Aug 20th; Thomas son of Henry ALLEN

1760 Aug 21st; William GOLLOP

1760 Sep 15th; The Reverend Doctor William STEVENSON; Vicar of Netherbury

1760 Nov 5th; Elizabeth wife of Thomas SYMES

1760 Dec 28th; Elizabeth EWENS

1760 Dec 30th; Mary WARD

1760 Dec 14th; Hannah ELIOTT

1760 Dec 19th; Margaret wife of William MINTERN

1760 Dec 19th; Joan GOLLOP

1760 Dec 19th; Esther daughter of Joseph & Susanna WILKINS

1760 Dec 21st; Ann MILLS

1760 Dec 27th; Giles HITT; who cut his throat bought in by the Jury a lunatick &  therefore was buried

1760 Dec 28th; Christopher RUSSEL

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