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Tarrant Gunville lies at the head of the Tarrant Valley. It is a quiet village stretching for just over half a mile along a single lane with many appealing thatched cottages and an attractive church dedicated to St Mary. The church was rebuilt in the 19th century although the tower is 15th C. and there are traces of a Norman arch. The village has no shop or Inn. The Tarrant Valley is a typical Dorset agricultural area with sheep grazing on the downs and mixed farming in the valleys, although this practice has tended to change somewhat in modern times with the general switch to more cereal production.

The population of Tarrant Gunville fluctuated during the nineteenth century from 408 in 1801 to a peak of 518 in 1841 and then dropped back to 303 by the end of the century.

A survey in 1812 revealed that the parish contained 250 acres of Ash and Oak woodland.

Early in the 18th C. George Doddington commissioned Vanbrugh to design a country house for him and the house he produced ranked 3rd in size behind Blenheim and Castle Howard. Unfortunately following a fall in family fortunes, the main house was demolished in 1795 and all that remains today is the original kitchen block converted to residential use. The house was the home of Thomas Wedgewood, son of Josiah the famous potter, for 3 years from 1800 to 1803. Thomas died in the village and is buried in the church.

The Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for Tarrant Gunville is Mervyn Wright

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