Tarrant Gunville

MARRIAGES 1839 - 1871

Transcribed by Mervyn Wright (with thanks to Christine Crawford for original contribution)

This file is assembled from sources inc. Bishops Transcripts and various LDS files. There are obvious gaps and probably less obvious ones.
Please also be aware of the variations in spelling of the same name by different scribes. All notes are as recorded in the records
Further details on these marriage records are available upon request to OPC

Year Date Surname Forename(s) Occupation Father’s Name Father’s Occupation Surname Forename(s) Occupation Father’s Name Father’s Occupation
1839 25-Apr COLLINS Henry Keeper George Collins Gardener CHERRITT Jane Servant Benjamin Cherritt Labourer
1839 20-Aug HENVILLE William Labourer John Henville Carpenter ROBERTS Mary   Thomas Roberts Labourer
1839 15-Sep LUCAS George Labourer John Lucas Labouer KERLEY Eliza   Thomas Kerley Blacksmith
1839 31-Oct COLLINS William Labourer George Collins Gardener SINGLETON Susannah   Michael Singleton Mason
1840 17-Mar GREGORY George Labourer John Gregory Labouer LUCAS Elizabeth   John Lucas  
1840 21-Sep RIDOUT Ephraim Carpenter Arthur Ridout Carpenter AMES Emily Kezia   Frampton Ames Tailor
1841 02-Jun HARVEY William Labourer James Harvey Labouer COLE Charlotte   John Cole Labourer
1841 24-Dec RIDOUT Jeremiah Labourer Michael Ridout pauper late labourer CHAMMAN Rebecca   John Chamman Labourer
1842 01-Feb HARDING James Shoemaker * Harding Shoemaker AMES Kerenhappuck   Frampton Ames Tailor
1842 08-May TAYLOR John Gardener James Taylor Labouer RIDOUT Jemima   Michael Ridout pauper late labourer
1842 28-Aug SMITH William Keeper Joseph Smith Shepherd LUCAS Harriet   Samuel Lucas Labourer
1842 28-Aug HAYTER Elisha Groom John Hayter Carter HISCOCK Ann   Eli Hiscock Labourer
1842 10-Nov BURDEN Thomas Labourer John Burden Pauper STACEY Ann   illegitimate  
1843 27-Feb TUCKFIELD William Game Keeper Thomas Tuckfield Yeoman GOOD Hannah Nurse James Good Miller
1843 27-Apr WAREHAM John Labourer James Wareham Labouer POLE Mary   William Pole Shepherd
1843 01-Aug COLE Isaac Labourer John Cole Labouer BUNGAY Sarah   John Bungay Sawyer
1844 15-Feb KERLEY Bennett Blacksmith Thomas Kerley Blacksmith SPINNEY Keturah   Thomas Spinney Blacksmith
For this period marriages are performed and registered at Tarrant Hinton Church in consequence of Tarrant Gunville Church being in the act of rebuilding
The church was pulled down and a new one built, consequently there were no services in Tarrant Gunville Church from 7 April 1844 to 2 October 1845
1846 19-Jan BEER John Shoemaker James Beer Labouer KIDDLE Hannah Stubbs   James Kiddle Keeper
1846 15-Apr POTTLE James Labourer Samuel Pottle Labouer HILL Elizabeth Jane   Henry Rogers Hill Yeoman
1846 02-Jun TOMS Charles Labourer James Toms Labouer HAYTER Karenhappuck   John Hayter Labourer
1846 09-Sep BURT Edward H Yeoman Thomas Burt Yeoman TROTT Anne   William Trott Shop Keeper
1846 26-Dec EVERETT John Bricklayer John Everett Bricklayer LUCAS Ann   Henry Lucas Shepherd
1847 16-Feb POLE Isaac Shepherd William Pole Shepherd HART Hannah   John Hart Gardener
1847 07-Apr PENNY William Shepherd Samuel Penny Labouer WOODMAN Hannah   Daniel Stone Yeoman
1847 24-Sep FANNER Frederick   John Fanner   BUNGAY Jane   James Bungay Shepherd
No records for 1848                    
1849 19-Feb AMES Humphrey Edward Tailor Frampton Ames Tailor BUNGAY Mary   James Bungay Keeper
1849 06-Jun RIDOUT Josiah Labourer Joseph Ridout Labouer BURDEN Eliza   William Burden Labourer
1849 04-Oct NEWTON Isaac Labourer William Newton Sawyer STARKS Louisa   John Starks Labourer
1849 01-Dec SMART George Labourer John Smart Labouer LUCAS Elizabeth Ann   Arthur Lucas Labourer
No records for 1850                    
1851 10-Sep FANNER Nicholas Henry Woodman Henry Fanner Woodman SPINNEY Elizabeth   Thomas Spinney Blacksmith
1851 15-Oct CUTLER Stephen Carter Stephen Cutler Pauper BENCH Hannah   illegitimate  
1852 06-Apr WIGHTMAN Alexander Under Bailif Alexander Wightman Shepherd FANNER Charlotte   Isaac Fanner Labourer
1852 16-Sep HARGRAVE Benjamin Sawyer William Hargrave Sawyer KIMBER Elizabeth   John Kimber Labourer
1852 25-Dec HERRING Henry Labourer William Herring Labouer TOMS Elizabeth   James Toms Labourer
1853 05-May HARVEY David Keeper John Harvey Keeper WAREHAM Ellen Eleanor   Joseph Wareham Farmer
1853 25-May HAYTER Joseph Thomas Coachman John Haytor Labouer LUSTY Elizabeth   John Lusty Gardener
1854 24-Apr GATEHOUSE Robert Smith John Gatehouse Gardener PRINCE Elvira   George Prince Woodman
1854 07-Jun HARGRAVE Edward Labourer William Hargrave Carpenter ARNOLD Adelaide Eliza Grace   John Arnold Groom
1855 25-Sep OLD Abel Labourer John Old Shepherd POOR Sarah Keziah   Joseph Poor Labourer
1855 04-Dec SPINNEY Thomas Blacksmith Thomas Spinney Blacksmith BENNETT Betsy   John Bennett Shepherd
1856 16-Sep PRINCE Arthur Woodman Arthur Prince Woodman SCOTT Amelia Ann   William Scott Painter
1856 25-Sep BURDEN Charles Labourer William Burden Labouer HENSTRIDGE Mary   William Henstridge Labourer
1857 07-Jul SEAVIOUR William Carpenter Robert Seaviour Mason COLLINS Peninnah   George Collins Bailiff
1857 31-Dec LUCAS John Labourer John Lucas Labouer KIMBER Elizabeth   Thomas Kimber Labourer
1858 04-May BURCHELL Henry Brick Maker William Burchell Brick Carrier COLE Elizabeth   John Cole Labourer
1858 29-Jul CHERRETT Francis Labourer John Cherrett Labouer BURDEN Ann Maria   Richard Burden Carter
1859 05-Jul HARGRAVE Francis Labourer William Hargrave Carpenter BURDEN Catharine   Isaac Burden Labourer
1860 16-Aug HART George Gardener John Hart Gardener PRINCE Maria   Arthur Prince Handyman
1860 16-Nov FERRETT Edwin Silas Labourer Adam Ferrett Woodman PRINCE Keziah   George Prince Woodman
no records for 1861                    
1862 23-Oct HILL Charles Rogers Yeoman Henry Rogers Hill Yeoman CARTER Ann   George Carter Sadler
1862 13-Nov HENSTRIDGE Josiah Labourer William Henstridge Labouer LUCAS Martha   Isaac Lucas Labourer
1863 01-Oct HISCOCK James Labourer Uriah Hiscock Labouer POOR Emma   Joseph Poor Labourer
1863 25-Dec CONWAY James Labourer Joseph Conway Labouer LUCAS Eliza Elvina   Charles Lucas Labourer
no records for 1864                    
1865 28-Feb KAIL George Gardener Henry Kail Coachman MOORE Ann Eliza   Samuel Moore Baker
1865 04-Apr BEND Richard Game Keeper William Bend Labouer KIDDLE Aurelia Jane Servant Anthony Kiddle Labourer
1865 12-Oct TOMS Edward Labourer James Toms Labouer BURDEN Ann   Richard Burden Carter
1865 30-Dec BROUGHTON George Coachman Josiah Broughton Labouer LUCAS Harriet Elizabeth   Samson Lucas Labourer
no records for 1866                    
1867 16-May COLLINS William Henry Labourer William Collins Labouer MARCHANT Ellen   William Richard Marchant Labourer
1867 18-Aug LUCAS George Labourer Isaac Lucas Labouer BURDEN Elizabeth   Isaac Burden Labourer
1867 22-Aug LOWMAN Albert School Master William Lowman Farmer HENVILLE Mary Jane School Mistress William Henville Carter
1867 10-Sep SIMS George Gardener James Sims Labouer BUNGAY Emma   Isaac Bungay Groom
1867 16-Oct WALLIS Richard Police Constable George Wallis Yeoman HARDING Eliza Servant Job Harding Labourer
1867 24-Oct SMITH William Labourer Mark Smith Labouer BURDEN Alicia   Richard Burden Carter
no marriages registered for 1868                  
1869 15-Jul KIMBER Edmund Keeper John Kimber Labouer LUCAS Anna   Henry Lucas Shepherd
1869 15-Jul PENNY Henry Woodman John Penny Woodman LUCAS Ellen   Henry Lucas Shepherd
1869 24-Jul LUCAS James Shoemaker Richard Lucas Labouer RICKETTS Selina   John Ricketts Sawyer
1869 21-Oct FRY Alfred Labourer George Fry Labouer POOR Harriett   Aaron Poor Labourer
1869 21-Oct LUCAS Charles Shepherd Henry Lucas Shepherd HAYTER Emily Maria   John Hayter Carter
1869 28-Dec BUSH George Woodman Robert Bush Shepherd ARNOLD Martha   Richard Arnold Groom
1870 03-Mar RIDOUT Frederick Labourer Jeremiah Labouer POOR Martha   Aaron Poor Labourer
1870 13-Oct COUNTER Arthur Woolstapler William Counter Woolstapler RIDOUT Mary Ann   Ephraim Ridout Carpenter
1871 12-Oct LUCAS Isaac Labourer John Lucas Labouer BURDEN Jemima   Thomas Burden Labourer
1871 15-Nov HARDING James Labourer James Harding Inn Keeper MOORE Emma Mary   Samuel Moore Servant

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