Tarrant Gunville

MARRIAGES 1734 - 1838

Transcribed by Mervyn Wright (with thanks to Christine Crawford for original contribution)

This file is assembled from sources inc. Bishops Transcripts and various LDS files. There are obvious gaps and probably less obvious ones.
Please also be aware of the variations in spelling of the same name by different scribes. All notes are as recorded in the records
Calendar dates to December 1751 are based on the Julian Calendar where the year ran from 25th March - 24th March and dates between 1st Jan and the 24th March are shown with both years indicated.


Year Date Surname Forename(s) Surname Forename(s) Notes
1734 24-May GOMER William HAYWARD Mary  
1734 28-Nov HENSTRIDGE John MEADEN Margrett  
1735 28-Apr BUSSEY Henry SOPER Mary  
1735 19-Oct HARRIS George ANDREWS Mary  
1735 30-Nov NEWHOOK George SAMPSON Sarah  
1736 28-Oct STUBS George KING Susanna  
1737 30-Jun BRAKES William MOORE Mary  
1737 21-Nov WAREHAM John MORRIS Mary  
1738 29-May WHITEHEAD William JOY Martha  
1738/9 06-Jan MAIDMENT James PITMAN Mary  
1746 29-Dec WHITE John RANDEL Mary  
1748 09-May RIDOUT Robert ANDREWS Elizabeth  
1749 26-Jun STOCKING Thomas HARRIS Mary  
1749/50 ** Jan TEMPLEMAN William LANGFORD Elizabeth  
1752 06-Apr REEVES Thomas COX Margaret  
1752 27-Sep HARRIS John WHITE Sarah  
1752 02-Oct HISCOCK William STEDMAN Ann  
1752 24-Oct BREWER Biles GEORGE Elizabeth  
Separate Marriage Register for period 1755 - 1800 not recorded in Bishop’s Transcripts  
1770 12-Aug RIDEOUT Robert SPINNEY Elizabeth  
1795 17-Sep CLAVILL Roger DOGGOFF Anne  
1796 23-Jul WHITE John CHAMBERLAYNE Sarah  
1798 26-Nov RIDEOUT Michael SMALL Miriam  
1799 17-Dec RIDOUT Joseph WAREHAM Ann  
1801 25-May RIDEOUT Arthur BARTLET Tabitha  
1802 01-Mar DOWDALL William RIDEOUT Leah  
1804 02-Jan HARDING James RIDEOUT Sarah  
1805 04-Feb RIDEOUT William CUTLER Ann  
1810 24-May RIDEOUT Michael SIMS Hannah  
  no marriages in 1814          
1815 07-Feb BUNGAY James FANNER Jerushah by banns
1815 25-May BOUND Henry HANHAM Susanna by licence, Henry widower & resident of Morden
1815 22-Oct MAIDMENT William POWELL Elizabeth by banns, William widower
1816 14-Feb KIMBER John BRIGHT Charlotte by banns. Both illiterate signed by mark
  no marriages in 1817          
1818 14-Jun BAKER Solomon HUNT Mary by banns, Solomon widower
1818 14-Jun FANNER Henry BUNGAY Ruth by banns
  no marriages in 1819          
  no marriages in 1820          
1821 06-Mar PRINCE Arthur HART Leah by banns, Leah illiterate signed by mark
1821 06-Mar POLE George SMITH Arabelle by banns, Arthur of Iwerne Courtney signed by mark.
1821 23-Apr BURDEN William POOR Jane by banns, William illierate signed by mark
1821 22-Nov HISCOCK Eli LUCKES Leah by banns
1821 03-Dec GODDARD James WOOLMAR Hannah by banns, James of Iwerne Minster
1822 29-Aug HARDING Charles WEBB Mary by banns
1823 29-Dec RIDEOUT Arthur DIBBEN Ann by banns
  no marriages in 1824          
1825 09-Mar HISCOCK Uriah BURDEN Mary by banns, both illiterate signed by mark
1825 28-Mar LUCAS Henry ROBERTS Maria by banns, Maria illiterate signed by mark
1825 28-Jul POWELL Samuel KIMBER Jane Samuel from Dinton, Wiltshire
1826 02-Feb VINCENT Silas CARTER Jane by licence, Silas from Tarrant Monkton
1826 17-May MOODY John MOODY Elizabeth by banns, Elizabeth widow of Blandford Forum signed by mark
1826 22-Aug LUCAS Richard BURDEN Charlotte by banns, Richard illiterate signed by mark
1826 25-Sep HUNT William SMITH Clarissa by banns
1826 13-Dec CANTTO James MOODY Maria by banns, James widower, Maria widow signed by mark.
1827 09-Jan COLLINS George PLOWMAN Harriet by banns, Harriet illiterate signed by mark
1827 27-Jun HARGRAVE William MOODY Catharine by banns, Catherine illiterate signed by mark
1827 02-Aug LUCAS Charles DIBBEN Bethia by banns, Charles illiterate signed by mark
1827 06-Dec DIBBEN David POLE Jane by banns, David illiterate signed by mark
1827 24-Dec LUCAS Arthur COLE Elizabeth by banns, Arthur illiterate signed by mark
1828 14-Feb THORNHILL John DURNFORD Jane by banns
1828 18-Sep BURDEN Richard GREEN Mary Ann by banns, Mary Ann of Shaston
1829 16-Jun KIDDLE Anthony BENCH Maria by banns, Maria illiterate signed by mark
1829 16-Jul CARTER William FANNER Jane by licence
1829 30-Jul LUSH Henry LUCAS Mary by banns, Mary illiterate signed by mark
  no marriages in 1830          
1831 07-Jul KERLEY Thomas FANNER Phebe by banns, Thomas widower and illiterate, signed by mark
1831 01-Aug ABBOTT John COLLINS Charlotte by licence, John widower
1831 27-Aug EVERETTS John GILLINGHAM Louisa by banns
1831 24-Nov LUCAS Isaac GREGORY Jane by banns, Jane illiterate signed by mark
1832 28-May TROWBRIDGE Edward RIDOUT Elizabeth by banns, Edward of Kensington, Middx
1832 30-Jul PRINCE George LUCAS Maria by banns, both illiterate signed by mark
1833 27-Mar STAY William CANTTO Maria by licence, William widower, Maria widow and signed by mark
1833 26-Aug LUCAS John YOUNG Susannah by banns, Susannah illiterate and signed by mark
1834 20-Feb MIST Arthur DIBBEN Harriet by banns, Arthur of Ellingham, Hants
1834 26-Mar BURDEN Isaac MONKTON Rachel by banns, both illiterate signed by mark
1834 23-Apr GREEN Alfred JAMES Ann by banns, Alfred of Tollard Royal, Ann widow
1834 10-Jun FARIS Thomas FANNER Keturah by banns, Thomas of Tollard Royal
1834 15-Jul EDWARDS Richard STACEY Sarah by banns, Richard widower of Cranborne, Sarah illiterate
1834 22-Jul WHITE Laban CARTER Mary Ann by licence, Laban of Shaston In Burnhold otherwise Cann
1834 10-Aug WAREHAM James KELLY Phoebe by banns, Pheobe illiterate signed by mark
1834 14-Aug WAREHAM John LUCAS Charlotte by banns, both illiterate signed by mark. Charlotte commonly known as BRIGHT
1834 18-Aug LUCAS William SPINNEY Ann by banns, both illiterate signed by mark. William commonly known as BRIGHT
1834 21-Sep FRY George YOUNG Sarah by banns, both illiterate signed by mark
1834 27-Nov LAMBERT Harry COLE Sarah by banns, Harry of Long Crichel
1835 13-Aug FANNER John KERLEY Matilda by banns,
1835 16-Aug COLLIS Joseph RIDOUT Sarah by banns
1835 16-Aug RIDOUT James JENNINGS Sarah by licence
1835 23-Sep ARNOLD Richard RIDOUT Rebecca by banns
1836 25-Aug COLLINS Joseph FANNER Sarah by banns
1836 29-Sep MOORE Samuel COLLINS Peninnah by banns, Samuel of All Saints, Southampton
1836 06-Dec SUTTON Eli POLE Ann by banns, Eli of Bishops Caundle
1837 01-May HARDING Job YEATMAN Mary by banns, both illiterate signed by mark
1837 27-Jun EVERETT George KIMBER Matilda by banns
1837 26-Aug MOORE John HISCOCK Lucy by banns
1837 11-Oct ROBERTS James ROBERTS Ann by banns, James of Blandford Forum
1837 26-Oct RIDOUT George KING Ann by banns, George of Langton Long Blandford
1837 16-Dec HARHAM Joseph TROTT Eliza  
1838 04-Jul HART Charles FANNER Elizabeth by banns
1838 26-Nov NEWICK Charles STONE Elizabeth by banns, Charles widower, Elizabeth widow, both illiterate signed by mark
1838 10-Dec DAWKIN George BUNGAY Jane by banns, George of Ringwood

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