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St Andrew's Yetminster
St Andrew's Yetminster

Yetminster is a parish 6 miles south of Sherborne. The church of St Andrew's is built in the perpendicular style, contains five bells and has a 300 year old faceless clock which which chimes the National anthem several times a day; the chimes were installed to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee. The village is situated on the River Wriggle and almost everything in the centre of the village is built from a pale yellowy local limestone.

Edward Jenner is renowned as the "father of the smallpox vaccination" yet 20 years before in 1774 during an outbreak of smallpox, a Yetminster farmer, Benjamin Jesty recollected the old  tradition that dairymaids who had contracted the much milder cowpox didn't seem to catch smallpox. Quite by chance there was an outbreak of cowpox in nearby Chetnole. Benjamin went along to the farm and proceeded to vaccinate his wife and two boys by scratching their arms and introducing pus from the udder of an infected cow. The cowpox ran its course and the boys came through easily with just mild fevers, his wife was quite ill but eventually recovered. Unfortunately the villagers ridiculed Benjamin and the family eventually moved to Worth Matravers.

The White Hart, Yetminster

The OPC for Yetminster is Zoe Martin
Please place the words 'OPC Yetminster' as your subject for e-mails.

Sadly on 5th July 2015 Caryl Parsons, formerly the joint OPC for Yetminster passed away. We are deeply indebted to Caryl for her support and contributions. Zoe has kindly confirmed that she will continue to act as OPC for the Parish.

Census 1841 Census Transcribed by Mari Viertel
1851 Census Transcribed by John Ridout
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Postal Directories 1859, 1885, 1923 & 1939
School Records Yetminster Board School Log Book, Sep 1877 – Mar 1883
Yetminster Board School Log Book, June 1883 – 1900
Yetminster Girls and Infants School - Inventory of School Apparatus 1885 and 1894
Records held at the Dorset History Centre
Christenings 1677-1967. Marriages 1677-1991. Burials 1677-1992. Banns 1754-1783, 1795-1812, 1849-1900, 1912-1944.

Christenings 1677-1834. Marriages 1677-1899. Burials 1677-1847.
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