Ale House Recognisances held at Sherborne 5th September 1753
This was like a licensing process. A sum of £20 was guaranteed in case there was a disturbance.
The first named usually ran the House

Place Name of House     Amount  
Leigh Crown William SPENCER £10  
    William HOOPER £5 of Batcombe
    Richard HARE £5  
Yetminster 5 Bells Benjamin COOMBS £10 Yetminster
    William COOMBS £5 Yetminster
    Thomas BARTLETT £5 Yetminster
Chetnole Huntsman & Hounds Bernard WINCH £10  
    Bryant SHEAR £5  
    Thomas BARTLETT    
Chetnole Boot John MEECH £10  
    Thomas CHINNOCK £5 Yetminster
    Bryant SHEAR £5  
Yetminster Half Moon Susannah BUCKLAND    
    Bartholomew WEBB £10  
    William DENNING £10  
Yetminster Flower Deluce Henry FOX £10  
    Richard HARE £5  
    William HARE £5  
Yetminster New Inn Thomas BARTLETT £10  
    William BARTLETT £5 Rhyme Intrinsica
    William COOMBS £5 Yetminster
Yetminster Bell Thomas CHINNOCK £10  
    William BARTLETT £5  
    John MEECH £5 Chetnole
Chetnole Royal Oak Edward CAVE £10  
    Bryant SHEAR £5  
    William BARTLETT £5  
Yetminster Swan Susannah CONWAY £10  
    Benjamin COMBE £5 Yetminster
    William DENNING £5  
Leigh White Hart William BASTABLE £10  
    Thomas CHAFFEY £5 Nether Compton
    William HARE    
Yetminster Blackimores Head James HAYWARD £10  
    William DENNING £5  
    Bartholomew WEBB £5  
Yetminster White Hart Elizabeth HAYES £10  
    Edward NOAK £5  
    Richard HARE £5  

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