Admons of Dorset Residents Granted by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

List extracted from the Administration Act Books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) and translated from Latin to English by George FRY and originally published in instalments in "Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset" over a period of nine years from to 1890 to 1899.
George FRY’s notes:
DORSET ADMINISTRATIONS - The following list of the Grants of Administration to the Estates of Intestates in the County of Dorset has been extracted from the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, now at Somerset House. They commence in the year 1559, the date of the earliest existing Act Book. The division of the various years is that adopted in the Official Calendar, and is that of the New Style, but the entries themselves are dated in the Old Style.
In all cases consanguineus has been rendered "kinsman" and prox’ consanguineus "next of kin." When a surname is not given it may always be taken to be the same as that of the deceased.
The Administration Act Book for 1643 contains Acts for the months of January to May, inclusive, and one Act only for July.
The following note appears in the Act Book for 1644: - "There were noe Administracions graunted at London in Anno 1644, untill November that yeare; when there was a new seale made for this office by authoritie of Parliament."
[As of December 1894 the] Administration Acts for 1653-4 for Dorset are at present missing from the series at Somerset House. They are entered in "Original Calendar N4" which includes Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Somerset-shire as well as Dorset, but there is no indication as to which of these counties the deceased belonged. [The entries listed here for those years could] consequently refer to one or other of the four counties mentioned.
The Administration Act Book for 1662 cannot be found but the ... names [for that year] appear in the Calendar of Dorset folk to whose estates Administration was granted [in 1662].
Kim Parker’s Notes:
The PCC Act Books are now held at the National Archives at Kew (ref: PROB 6), but as of 2014 they had not yet been indexed. Seeing as less than half of Dorset’s parish registers prior to the Civil War 1642-51 and the Commonwealth 1649-60 have survived - and many of those have gaps, or only partial information (with mothers’ names often ommitted) - this list is invaluable for family historians.
George occasionally ’forgot’ to translate the Latin version of given names into their English equivalent, particularly if the Latin version of the name had started to be used as a name in its own right by the 19th century - e.g. Ludovicus for Lewis, Matilda for Maud, Isabella for Elizabeth, etc - so I have corrected them.
Placenames have varied greatly over the centuries, so I have tried to identify the parish to which the settlement, manor or estate belonged (where it is not given) and I have called this the "Standardised Residence". However, it has not been possible to identify the parish in some cases, and in other cases where the placename is a common one that crops up in several parishes - e.g. Burton and Kingston. Such places have been classed as [unknown].
Despite George’s note about the years being presented ’old style’, he was not consistent in doing so in his list. Since he presented his list by year, and then alphabetically within year, this was not so important as the order in which grants were made could be deduced from the folio number. However, this deduction is more difficult when the entire list of, so I have ’corrected’ some of the dates to show both the year according to old style dating (the number to the left of the /) and new style dating (the number to the right of the /). In the Julian calendar (old style dating) the year ran from March 25th to March 24th.

Surame of Deceased ForenameRecorded ResidenceStandardised ResidenceGrantee & Relationship to Deceased DateFolio
RABBATTS alias COLEMANMatilda [Maud] Blandford ForumBlandford ForumJohn COLEMAN, son 26Jan1614/152
RABBETTSJohnTarrant Abbes Tarrant Hinton?Francis BASCOINE, of Beere Regis, during the minority of Catherine RABBETTS, daughter - with the consent of [blank] relict 06Mar1617/18163
RADDNicholas- ---Mar1653/4-
RADFORDKatherineShaftesbury ShaftesburyJoane UVEDALE, relict & executrix of Richard UVEDALE of goods not administered by him - former grant Feb 1653/4 06Jul1658184
RADFORDThomasDewlish DewlishElizabeth, wife of Wadham STRANGEWAYS, and Rachael RADFORD, sisters (further grants Oct 1683 & Mar 1685) 17Jan1681/212
RADFORDThomas, bachelor DewlishDewlishGrace, wife of Thomas GUNDRY, armiger, sister - Elizabeth, wife of Wadham STRANGEWAIES, armiger, and Rachael RADFORD, sisters, not having fully administered (former grant Jan 1682 & further grant Mar 1685) 24Oct1683141
RADFORDThomas, bachelor DewlishDewlishThomas GUNDRY, armiger, father of Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Rachael, Radford and Grace GUNDRY, nephews and nieces on sister’s side - Wadham STRANGEWAYES, husband of the deceased, not having fully administered (previous grants Jan 1682 and Oct 1683) 16Mar1684/534
RADFORD alias STRANGEWAYSElizabeth StinsfordStinsfordWadham STRANGEWAYS, armiger, husband (further grant Jul 1685) 02Oct1683142
RADFORD alias STRANGEWAYSElizabeth StinsfordStinsfordThomas GUNDRY, armiger, father of Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Rachael, Radford and Grace GUNDRY, nephews and nieces on sister’s side - Wadham STRANGEWAYES, husband of the deceased, not having fully administered (previous grant Oct 1683) 20Jul168596
RAFFEJohn-- --Dec1654-
RALFESamuelStockland StocklandMary RALFE, relict10Apr1647 50
RANDALLGeorgeCerne Abbas Cerne AbbasJudith RANDALL, sister09Feb 1679/8033
RANDALLJames, bachelor Sturton Candell, but died at Stepney St DunstanStourton Caundle Mary HALL, spinster, cousin20Mar1710/11 43
RANDALLJohnMouncton Up Wimborne Wimborne St GilesEdith RANDALL, relict11Feb 1657/839
RANDOLLAnthonyLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam RANDOLL, father27Jun 1590144
RAPSONRuth, widowSherborne SherborneThomas RAPSON, son22Nov1687 174
RAPSONThomasSherborne SherborneRuth RAPSON, relict01Feb1685/6 22
RAVENCatherineWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterMilo RAVEN, husband23Nov 1680165
RAWCLIFFEWilliamSherborne SherborneJane RAWCLIFFE (relationship not given)05 Apr172077
RAWEJohnBettiscombe BettiscombeJoane RAWE, relict14Aug1606 50
RAWLESWilliamFifehead Nevile Fifehead NevilleUrsula RAWLES, relict15May 162681
RAWLES alias MYLLERThomas FramptonFramptonEdith MYLLER alias RAWLES, relict 16Dec157464
RAWLINSRichard- ---Mar1653/4-
RAWLINSRobert- ---May1654-
RAWLINSWilliam- ---Jan1653/4-
RAYLINGE alias MOTIERWilliam Witcombe ParvaWhitcombe?Marriane WHITBY, sister, wife of William WHITBY senior, gentleman of Hinton, Mudford, Somerset 17May1613101
RAYMONDEdwardHawkchurch HawkchurchJoan RAYMOND, relict12May1672 52
RAYMONDJohnHelton HiltonElizabeth RAYMOND, mother of George, Elizabeth and Mabel RAYMOND, grandchildren of the deceased, during their minority 01May161260
RAYMONDJohnPurcombe, Whitchurch Whitchurch CanonicorumJohn RAYMOND, son02Oct 1648114
RAYMONDJohnMorebath SymondsburyMary RAYMOND, widow, mother20Jan 1664/520
RAYMONDJoseph, bachelor Portland, but died in the ship "Sunderland"Portland Catherine RAYMOND, widow, mother07Dec1697 241
RAYMOND alias CLARKESarah Haselury BryanHazelbury BryanThomas CLARKE, husband 06Mar1625/668
RAYNESThomasBurford, but died abroad [unknown]Mary RAYNES, mother, guardian of Thomas RAYNES, son of the deceased 13Apr167236
READEliasBincombe BincombeSarah, wife of Paul SORELL, relict & administratrix of William READ, son - Margaret READ, relict, and William & Edith READ, children of the deceased, not accepting, and Elias READ, another son, renouncing 24Nov1721224
READGeorge, widowerWest Parley West ParleyThomas PENNY, guardian of Elizabeth, wife of George PENNY 01Feb1710/1121
READ alias PENNYElizabeth Ewerne CourtneyIwerne CourtneyThomas PENNY, father of George PENNY, husband, a minor 26Apr171172
READ alias TOWRNEYCatherine Winterborn West alias MuncktonWinterborne MonktonWilliam READ, husband 17Nov164181
READEJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisJohn GATRELL, principal creditor - Anne READE, relict, renouncing 03Nov1718212
READEThomasRimorne, Minterne Minterne MagnaElizabeth READE, relict11Jun 167167
READEWilliamEast Stower East StourMary READE, relict17Oct1621 139
READE alias HOTKINSJames Westleigh, HalstockHalstockEdward READE alias HOTKINS, son, [blank], relict, renouncing 20Oct1610213
REASONEmanuelBrianspuddle AffpuddleAgnes REASON, relict03Dec1603 179
REDMAN alias FISHERFrances PoolePooleRoger FISHER, husband14May 168374
REDWOODJohn, bachelor Sherborne, but died in Southwark, SurreySherborneGabriel REDWOOD, brother 29Oct1690179
REEDBenjamin- ---Sep1653-
REEDWilliamLyme Lyme RegisWilliam REED, son17Sep1659 304
REEKEThomasCrambourne CranborneAgnes REEKE, relict01Dec1596 190
REEKESFrancisBlandford Forum Blandford ForumJoane REEKES, relict22Jun 168284
REEKESHubertSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallAnn REEKES, relict18Nov 1673143
REEKESJamesWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterHannah REEKES, relict30Apr 168455
REEVESEdwardWimborne Minster, but died at Amesbury, Wiltshire Wimborne MinsterMary DACKOMBE, sister26May 1625162
REIGNOLDSLancelotWaymouth & Melcombe Regis, Rapipole RadipoleRoger KETE, creditor (of goods not administered by Mary REIGNOLDS, relict, Jul 1602 14Feb1605/629
REVERobertRandellston Iwerne CourtneyMargaret REVE, relict31Jul 1576104
REVESJohn, juniordied in the ship "Swiftsure" [unknown]Samuel BURDOCK, attorney of John REVES, father, of Dorset 01Aug1709157
REYNALDRichard- ---Nov1654-
REYNOLDEdwardMelbury Abbas Melbury AbbasMorgan REYNOLD, father09Feb 1658/952
REYNOLDESLancelotWeymouth & Melcombe Regis, Radypole RadipoleHenry HARBIN, creditor, of goods not administered by Mary REYNOLDES, relict (grant of 14 Feb 1605/6 revoked) 08May161115
REYNOLDSJohn, clerkYetminster YetminsterMary REYNOLDS, relict05Jun1714 131
REYNOLDSLancelotMelcombe Regis, Radipole Melcombe Regis or RadipoleMary REYNOLDS, relict23 Jul1602128
REYNOLDSLauncelotMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisEmme REYNOLDS & Launcelot REYNOLDS, creditors 13Dec158389
REYNOLDS alias COOKEAmy, spinster CharminsterCharminsterThomas REYNOLDS alias COOKE, nephew 06May163977
RICCARDAndrewPortesham PorteshamBeatrice RICCARD, relict01Apr 168759
RICHARDSGeorge, clerk CramborneCranborneJohn BODENHAM, brother of Margaret RICHARDS alias BODENHAM, relict, with her consent 21Apr1627145
RICHARDSGilesMotcombe MotcombeWilliam RICHARDS, brother10Nov 1614172
RICHARDSJohnNetherbury NetherburyJohn BROWNE, guardian of John & Mary RICHARDS, children of the deceased 26Jun1652100
RICHARDSJohn- ---Jun1653-
RICHARDS alias KERRASKINJohn ----Jun1654-
RICHARDS alias MASONThomas NetherburyNetherburyParnell RICHARDS alias MASON, relict 14Apr163594
RICHARDSONJohnEdmondsham EdmondshamCatherine RICHARDSON, relict18Jan 1650/12
RICHEJohnSt Giles, Wimborne Wimborne St GilesMark [sic] RICHE, relict10Mar 1597/8242
RICHMANJohnCranborne, but died at Whitechapel, co. Middlesex CranborneMary RICHMAN, relict - letters granted to Prudence RICHMAN, pretended relict, revoked 14Aug1658220
RIDDOUTJohnLangton Matravers Langton MatraversMary, wife of Lionel Yeelder, daughter 08Sep1691158
RIDEOUT alias FAUNTLEROYMary AlwestonFolkeWilliam RIDEOUT, husband20 Nov1630202
RIDOUTAnneBlandford Forum Blandford ForumRobert & Christopher RIDOUT, uncles and guardians of Walter & Elizabeth RIDOUT, children of the deceased 11Feb1681/226
RIDOUTMaryHammoon HammoonJohn RIDOUT, son11Feb1695/6 26
RIDOUTWalterShaston ShaftesburyJoane RIDOUT, relict30Apr1619 16
RIDOUTEWilliamSherborne SherborneFrances RIDOUTE, relict26Dec 1672176
RIGGS alias BARNESMaria PoolePooleWilliam BARNES, son12Mar 1610/119
RIGHTONLaurenceDorchester DorchesterAnne RIGHTON, relict27Dec1666 236
RINGRobertThornford ThornfordJoseph RING, son02Oct1652 184
ROACHJohn-- --May1653-
ROBERTSGeorgeCorfe Mullen Corfe MullenGeorge BARLOW, during the absence of Richard ROBERTS, son 17Jun1695116
ROBERTSJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumMatilda [Maud] ROBERTS, relict29 Jul160513
ROBERTSJohnBuckland Newton Buckland NewtonCelina ROBERTS, relict01May 166058
ROBERTSJohnWestover West StourEdward ROBERTS, brother01Apr 171865
ROBERTSNarcissusAshpuddle AffpuddleCharles ROBERTS, son03Sep1660 139
ROBERTSRobert- [unknown]--Feb1661/217
ROBERTSWilliamShapwicke ShapwickHonor ROBERTS, relict19Apr1596 162
ROBINSWalter- ---Jul1654-
ROCHEJohnSherborne SherborneMary ROCHE alias GRIFFYN, sister20Feb 1561/241
ROCKETTSarah, spinster Havock ChurchHawkchurchJohn ROCKETT, brother04 Jul168299
ROCKEYJohnCharmouthe CharmouthJoan LYMBERY alias ROCKEY, relict25Jun 158866
RODFORDKatherine- ---Feb1653/4-
ROFFERobertStocke Gaylard Lydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardAnne ROFFE, relict18 Apr159493
ROGERSAndrew, widower BraynstonBryanstonLady Anne, wife of Robert, Lord Rich, mother of Elizabeth & Roger ROGERS, next of kin, during their minority 02Mar1647/829
ROGERSBartholomewEast Morden MordenFrances ROGERS, relict20Jan1613/14 134
ROGERSFrancis- ---Sep1653-
ROGERSHenry- ---Mar1653/4-
ROGERSHugh-- --Mar1653/4-
ROGERSJane-- --May1654-
ROGERSJohnPole PooleThomas SOWTHE, husband of Lowere SOWTHE alias ROGERS, daughter 15Jun160782
ROGERSJohn, knightEdmondsham EdmondshamJoan GWYNE alias ROGERS, sister (further letters Apr 1679 & Aug 1684) 01Apr167152
ROGERSJohn, militaryEdmondsham EdmondshamJoan TWYNE alias COKER, wife of John TWYNE, niece on sister’s side - Joan TWYNE alias COKER alias ROGERS, sister of the deceased, dying without administering (former grant Apr 1671 & further grant Aug 1684) 2Apr167953
ROGERSSimonWraxall WraxallElizabeth ROGERS, relict03Apr1618 164
ROGERSSir John, Knight BryanstonBryanstonJohn CHETTELL, armiger, William FRYE and William MIGHELL, creditors 08Mar1565/6106
ROGERSThomasSherborne, but died at Winchester SherborneLucy BROOKS, widow, aunt on father’s side and guardian of Susan ROGERS, daughter of the deceased 27Oct1683141
ROGERSWilmott- ---Aug1653-
ROLESWilliam- ---Jul1653-
ROMAINE alias PINFOLDJoan SherborneSherborneNicholas ROMAINE, husband22 May165568
ROMANNicholas, senior LidlinchLydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardMargaret ROMAN, relict 05Dec1594118
ROMAYNE alias FOXWilliam CerneyCerne Abbas or Up CernePhillis ROMAYNE alias FOX, relict 08Jun1657140
ROMAYNE alias YOUNGRuth Sturminster NewtonSturminster NewtonThomas YOUNG, husband 26Nov1684169
ROOKEHenryWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterMary ROOKE, relict09Mar 1707/852
ROOKEMaryWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterElizabeth FABIAN, aunt on father’s side, and guardian of Catherine ROOKE, daughter 17Oct1710203
ROOTESJohn, bachelorChidiock ChideockRobert WAKEMAN, cousin10Jul1693 124
ROPERThomas- ---Nov1654-
ROPERWilliamVenn, Abbot Stoke Stoke AbbottBridgett ROPER, relict24May 166146
ROSEElenorGillingham GillinghamPeter ROSE, brother22Apr1603 152
ROSEHenrySturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallJohn ROSE, brother29Sep 163969
ROSERichardWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterEdith ROSE, relict09Mar 1637/8159
ROSERichard, bachelor Corfe Castle, but died in "Hampshire" frigateCorfe Castle Thomas BROMFIELD, attorney of John ROSE, father27Jan 1681/213
ROSEWARNERichard- ---Jul1653-
ROSSEChristopherPoole PooleJohn FOREST of Poole, creditor22Oct 1580210
ROSSOM alias PLUMMERWilliam ----Sep1653-
ROUNCEVALLRobertStockland StocklandMary SMITH, daughter28Aug1668 125
ROWCLIFFThomas- ---Sep1653-
ROWEJohn-- --May1654-
ROWEJoseph-- --May1654-
ROWEPeterHalstock HalstockLydia ROWE, relict (further grant Jul 1720)03 Nov1719198
ROWEPeterHalstock HalstockMoses GREENHAM, guardian of Lydia, Mary and John GREENHAM, grandchildren - Lydia ROWE, relict, now dead, not having fully administere (former grant Nov 1719) 02Jul1720148
ROWEThomasWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterSarah ROWE, relict10Feb 1680/124
ROWLEYElizabeth- ---Jul1653-
ROWSWELLRichard- ---Jul1654-
ROYEdwardMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisMary ROY, relict24Nov1691 200
ROYCROFTMary, spinster Corfe CastleCorfe CastleSamuel ROYCROFT (no relationship given) 04Jun1694131
RUDDOCKEJohn- ---Feb1653/4-
RUGGJohn-- --Oct1654-
RUSSELGeorgeHampreston HamprestonJane VERE alias FRAMPTON, wife of William VERE of St Martin’s in Fields, Middlesex 19Jun1693101
RUSSELLAnn, widowSpetisbury SpetisburyThomas SWAYNE, nephew, brother’s side18 Sep1679131
RUSSELLGeorgeHampreston HamprestonAnn RUSSELL, relict29Jun1659 255
RUSSELLJasperHalstock HalstockThomas GALLIES, yeoman of Corscombe, creditor07 Mar1639/40108
RUSSELLJoanNether Compton Nether ComptonRobert RUSSELL, son27Sep 162349
RUSSELLNicholasNether Compton Nether ComptonRebecca RUSSELL, relict04Aug 1632120
RUSSELLThomasCorscombe CorscombeEdward RUSSELL, brother07Sep 1638211
RUTTERThomasBeare Regis Bere RegisElizabeth RUTTER, relict03Dec 160659
RUTTERWilliam- ---Aug1653-
RUTTER alias SOUTHUrith StalbridgeStalbridgeHenry RUTTER, husband18 Aug1712161
RYVESJohnDamery Court Blandford ForumGeorge RYVES, nephew29Jul 167389
RYVESRichardRanston, but died at Exeter Iwerne CourtneyGeorge RYVES, next of kin14Sep 166192
RYVESThomas, gentleman RanstonIwerne CourtneyRichard RYVES, grandfather & guardian of George, Eliza, Thomas, Mary, Anne and Arundel RYVES, children of the deceased - Anne RYVES, relict, renouncing 29Nov1704228
SACHEVERELLChristopher OwreOwermoigne or Owre in Corfe CastleWilliam SANDHAM & Alice his wife, daughter of the deceased 18Apr164659
SAINTLOHenry, bachelor Fontmell ParvaChild OkefordLawrence SAINTLO, brother 29Nov1679161
SALISBURYGraceStratton StrattonJohn SALISBURY, husband05Feb1701/2 28
SALISBURYMary, widowStratton StrattonJoane SALISBURY, daughter11Jun 168392
SALISBURYTristramStratton StrattonEdith BANTON alias SALISBURY, sister06 Jan1619/2052
SALKELDWilliamFifehead Neville Fifehead NevilleMary RYVES, widow, grandmother & guardian of William, Robert, Charles, Mary, Elizabeth and Anne SALKELD, children - Mary SALKELD, relict, dying before administering (previous grant Nov 1715) 07Nov1724230
SALKELDWilliam, serjeant at law Fifehead NevilleFifehead NevilleMary SALKELD, relict (further grant Nov 1724) 15Nov1715215
SALSBURYWilliamEvershott EvershotJohn SALSBURY, brother23Sep1689 148
SALTERAnneWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumArthur KNIGHT and Ursula KNIGHT alias SALTER his wife, daughter 29Nov1630202
SALTERJamesPoole PooleHenry SALTER, father16Nov1678 134
SALTERJeromeWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumNicholas SALTER, son (further grant Jul 1699) 16Feb1647/819
SALTERJeromeWhitechurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJohn SALTER, grandson - Nicholas SALTER, son, having died before administering (previous grant Feb 1647) 01Jul1699126
SALTERSimonRile Whitchurch Canonicorum (if Ryall)John STUDLEIGH, creditor 01Jan1648/94
SALTERThomasComb Keyne Combe KeynesJohn SALTER, brother17Jun 1655157
SAMBORNECornelius- ---Nov1654-
SAMBUYRNAnne- ---Mar1653/4-
SAMERSGeorge, bachelor died in the ship "Enterprise"[unknown]George ROOK, attorney of Agnes SAMERS, mother, now in Dorset 09May1709103
SAMPSONHannah, widowNetherbury NetherburyJohn BEARDON, nephew on brother’s side20 May172188
SAMPSONJohn- ---Oct1654-
SAMPSONMary, widowBere Regis Bere RegisWilliam BURRIDGE, nephew on sister’s side - revoked; Will proved May 1704 03Oct1702189
SAMPSONThomas- ---Jul1653-
SAMPSONWilliamBemister BeaminsterJohn SAMPSON, brother05Jun1595 136
SAMWAIESJohnToller Fratrum Toller FratrumRobert & Barnard SAMWAIES, sons03 Mar1585/6167
SAMWAIESNicholasSutton Points Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzAgnes SAMWAIES, relict24 Jul1702129
SAMWAYESDionisiusWhitcombe WhitcombeJohn SAMWAYES, brother, and Robert SHERRING & Dorothy his wife, sister 05Jun164873
SAMWAYESEmmPortsham PorteshamJeffrey SAMWAYES, father18Jun 1659253
SAMWAYESHenryWaterson PuddletownWilliam WALLER, glazier of St Catherine Coleman St., London 06Jul1697131
SAMWAYESHenryBeaminster BeaminsterHenry SAMWAYES, son - Joane SAMWAYES, relict, renouncing (further grant Feb 1712) 07Oct1706205
SAMWAYESHenryBeaminster BeaminsterJoane SAMWAYES, relict, of goods not administered by Henry SAMWAYES, son, also deceased (previous grant Oct 1706) 02Feb1712/1331
SAMWAYESMargery- ---Oct1654-
SAMWAYESThomasBryanston BryanstonJoane SAMWAYES, relict23Feb1657/8 40
SANDERSEdwardAbbotsbury, but died in the ship "The Navy Yaht" in the King’s service AbbotsburyThomas WALBRIDGE, attorney of Avice SANDERS, relict 17Aug1674115
SANDERSHumphry, vicar NetherburyNetherburyMary SANDERS, relict16 Jan1673/48
SANDERSThomas- ---Jul1654-
SANDERSThomas- ---Sep1654-
SANDERS alias CORNELIUSWilliam CharmouthCharmouthRose CORNELIUS alias SANDERS, daughter 22Mar1650/135
SANDFORDAbrahamLyme Lyme RegisArabella SANDFORD, relict07May 165568
SANDFORDMartin- ---Feb1653/4-
SANDFORDSusan- ---Mar1653/4-
SANFORDAbrahamLyme Regis Lyme RegisMary SANFORD, relict04Jul1626 97
SANFORDGeorgeLyme Grey Lyme Regis?Grace SANFORD, relict04Jun 165296
SANFORDJoan, widowChardstock ChardstockChristopher SANFORD, son14Mar 1635/6156
SANGERThomas- ---Jun1653-
SANGWENRichard- ---Jan1653/4-
SANSHAMRobertSymondsborough SymondsburyJohn SANSHAM, brother (cancelled)27 Jan1594/5123
SANSHAMRobertSymondsborough SymondsburyBrigitte VOWLER alias SANSHAM, sister - John SANSHAM, brother not administering 31May160185
SANSHAMRobertSimondsburough SymondsburyLionel BROWNE & Joane BROWNE alias SANSHAM, his wife, and Joane, Mary, William, Nicholas & Thomazine SANSHAM, next of kin (John SANSHAM & Brigitte VOWLER alias SANSHAM not having fully administered, grant of May 1601) 30May160778
SANSHAMRobert, merchant SymondsboroughSymondsburyJohn SANSHAM, brother 27Jan1595/6156
SANSOMECharlesWoborne [unknown]Mary SANSOME, mother18Feb1658/9 53
SANSOMEJohn, bachelor StocklandStocklandWilliam & Thomas SANSOME, brothers 21May1707103
SAREEmanuelAffpuddle AffpuddleDinah SARE, relict01Feb1650/1 17
SAUNDERSHenryWest Parley West ParleySusan SAUNDERS, relict11Jan 1626/7128
SAUNDERSJonathanWeymouth WeymouthAnne SAUNDERS, relict06Feb1691/2 34
SAUNDERSMaryMaypowder MappowderHenry SAUNDERS, husband, during the minority of Mary, Elizabeth, Walter and William SAUNDERS, children 22Apr162674
SAUNDERSSolomon, bachelor died in the ship "Pennell & Hester"WeymouthRobert WALL, attorney of Catherine SAUNDERS, mother, of Weymouth 17Oct1709211
SAUNDERSThomas- ---Mar1653/4-
SAUNDERSWilliamLye HalstockElizabeth SAUNDERS, relict09Feb 1609/10187
SAUNDRYLewis- ---Feb1653/4-
SAVADGEPeterFordington FordingtonMary SAVADGE, relict22Jan1605/6 27
SAVAGEJames, clerk - late vicar of Oborne OborneOborneJoan SMART & Avice STROWDE, sisters, during the minority of Grace, Elizabeth, Agnes, Margery & Susan, daughters of the deceased 16Aug1589108
SAVAGEWilliamHelton, Martin’s Wareham Wareham St MartinsAnn SAVAGE, relict05Jun 1711115
SAVAGEWilliam, armiger DeaneSixpenny Handey, Studland or WitchamptonGrace SAVAGE, relict 06Mar1692/349
SAVIDGEWilliam- ---Aug1653-
SAWELAnne-- --Nov1654-
SAXBYWilliam, bachelor WimborneWimborne Minster or St GilesWilliam WALKER, principal creditor 16May167970
SAYUrsulaWareham WarehamJane SAY, daughter21Jun1677 80
SCARBURGHEdmund, rector UpwayUpweyWilliam PLOWMAN, principal creditor - Jane SCARBURGH, relict, renouncing 24Oct1705196
SCOTTGeorgeSherborne SherborneRobert SCOTT, brother11May1658 102
SCOTTRobertCharlton Marshall Charlton MarshallSarah DAVIS, spinster, cousin04 Dec1705236
SCOTTWalterDorchester DorchesterGrace SCOTT, daughter13Jun1601 86
SCOVILLJohnTatton ChickerellMary SCOVILL, relict07Jul1693 124
SCREENERobert- ---Sep1653-
SCRIPTURESHelenLyme Regis Lyme RegisAgnes READE alias POGGER, daughter18 Feb1574/568
SCUDMORE alias BEAMONTMargaret, widow ShastonShaftesburyAnn BEAMONT, daughter25 Aug1586182
SCUTTBenjaminEast Stoke East StokeAlice SCUTT, relict06Feb1639/40 100
SCUTTJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumAlice SCUTT, relict08Feb 1611/1250
SCUTTJohnAffepuddle AffpuddleBarbara SCUTT, relict15Dec1615 45
SCUTTJohnTingleton, but died at Wymborne Minster TincletonEdmund STRODE & Joane his wife, daughter of the deceased 09Nov1640165
SCUTTJohnRushon, Stoake East Stoke (Rushton)Ann SCUTT, relict25Jul 1651120
SCUTTJohnAffpuddle AffpuddleAvice SCUTT, relict07Oct1659 332
SEABORNELauncelotBeamister BeaminsterMargaret SEABORNE, relict05Jun 164672
SEABROWSilasWeymouth, but died in Guinea WeymouthMary SEABROW, relict23Dec1678 157
SEAGERJames, bachelor Dorchester, but died in the shp "Burford"Dorchester Elizabeth SEAGER, widow, mother09Nov1692 214
SEAGERRobertGissage All Saints Gussage All SaintsDorothy SEAGER, relict20Feb 1610/117
SEAGERRobertFordington FordingtonJoan SEAGER, relict11Aug1691 139
SEARCHWilliam- ---May1654-
SEAWARDHumphrey- ---Aug1653-
SEAWARDJoan, widowWambrook WambrookMelior SEAWARD, widow, guardian of William SEAWARD, grandson 29Jan1695/69
SEAWARDJohnDorchester DorchesterFrances SEAWARD, mother09Apr 164541
SEAWARDJosephDorchester DorchesterElizabeth SEAWARD, relict09Dec 1704236
SEAWARDWilliamWambrooke WambrookJoane SEAWARD, relict23Jun1677 80
SECHVILERobertWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterPhilip BARNES, creditor, Argentine SECHVILE, relict, renouncing 20May159915
SELBIEThomasBrianston BryanstonThomas BURTON of Blandford Forum, shoemaker, husband of Joan BURTON alias SELBIE, deceased, late relict of Thomas SELBIE (revoked & fresh letters granted May 1633) 19Nov1632135
SELBYAliceMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisJohn SELBY, uncle27Nov1647 163
SELBYThomasBryanston BryanstonJane HARLOCK alias SELBY, daughter (letters of Nov 1632 revoked) 25May1633177
SELBYThomasPimperne PimperneRobert HILL, guardian of Thomas & Eleanor, children of the deceased 03Aug1688131
SELBYWarboraPimperne PimperneElizabeth HAYTER, cousin07Mar 1655/650
SELLERJohnDorchester DorchesterAlice MILLER alias SELLER, sister28Apr 158110
SELWOODJohn- ---Oct1654-
SERCHFEILDThomasCorff Castle Corfe CastleJoan SERCHFEILD, relict17Aug 162082
SERGEAUNTLeondardFordington FordingtonSimon SPRAKE, clothier of Winsham, Somerset, creditor 22Jun157578
SERJANTRichardSherborne SherborneBenjamin SERJANT, brother16Nov 1686168
SERRELLAnthonySwanwick, Isle of Purbeck SwanageAgnes SERRELL, relict04May1627 152
SERRELLElizabethHawkechurch HawkechurchJoane SERRELL & Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas PHIPPING, daughter 17Oct1646119
SERRELLGawenChardstock ChardstockJohn & Edward SERRELL, sons02Sep 1658233
SERRELLHenrySanwich, Purbeck SwanageMary SERRELL, relict12Apr1683 61
SERRELLJohnPoole, but died in the ship "Exeter" PooleElizabeth SERRELL, relict19Oct1691 168
SERREYJamesMelcomb Regis Melcombe RegisJoane SERREY, relict21Sep 163153
SETHERINGTON alias BOSTONHenry Wymbourne MynsterWimborne MinsterMargaret BOSTON alias SETHERINGTON, mother, during the minority of Jane, Anne & Avice, sisters of the deceased 22Apr157327
SEWARD alias BLYMANJane DorchesterDorchesterThomas SEWARD, husband22 Jun1717114
SEYMERJohnHandford HanfordJoan SEYMER, relict04Apr1628 17
SEYMERRichardHanford HanfordJohn SEYMER, brother29Jan1666/7 15
SEYMORRobert, armiger HandfordHanfordHenry SEYMOR, armiger, brother - Mary SEYMOR, widow, mother, renouncing 20Apr171388
SEYMOUREdward, bachelor, armiger WoodlandsHorton-cum-WoodlandsElizabeth, wife of James FORTYRE, armiger, and Ann SEYMOUR, spinster, sisters 20Mar1710/1143
SEYMOURJohn- ---May1654-
SEYMOURLietitia, Dame, widow WoodlandsHorton-cum-WoodlandsFrancis SEYMOUR, Lord Conway, son 15Apr171477
SEYMOURSir Robert, Knight HanfordHanfordJane SEYMOUR, relict26Jul 1624105
SEYMOURWilliamIwerne Courtney Iwerne CourtneyJoane SEYMOUR, relict01Aug 1657191
SHARPAlexander, clerk Minterne MagnaMinterne MagnaElizabeth SHARP, relict 16Apr172276
SHAVEEdwardAsh Netherbury or StourpaineElizabeth SHAVE, relict03 Apr165886
SHAVEJohnSturminster Sturminster Marshall or NewtonJoane SHAVE, relict23 Jun1659254
SHAWEdwardMilton Abbas Milton AbbasWilliam TALBOT, gentleman of Little Mayne, creditor - Alice SHAW, relict, renouncing 20Jun163434
SHEAVEJohnHertly, Great Minterne Minterne MagnaAgnes SHEAVE alias BEWSEY, daughter15 Apr1659128
SHEDD alias MEADERRobert ----Sep1654-
SHEERESThomas, sailor Weymouth, but died in the River ThamesWeymouthThomasine SHEERES, relict 03Feb1681/227
SHEERSGrace, widowHawkchurch HawkchurchMary DENNYNGE, wife of Thomas DENNYNGE, son17 Jun162689
SHEERSRichardMinehead [unknown, possibly Somerset]Ann SHEERS, relict18 May168971
SHELDONElizabethManston, but died in St Giles in the Fields, co. Middlesex ManstonThomas YOUNG, husband of Katherine YOUNG alias SHELDON, of goods not administered by said Katherine, daughter of Elizabeth (former grant, Dec 1640) 18Jun1657141
SHELDONPhilipManstone ManstonElizabeth SHELDON, relict23Apr 161915
SHELDONRichardShillingston ShillingstonElizabeth SHELDON, relict12Nov 1633203
SHELDON alias YOUNGKatherine ManstonManstonThomas YOUNG, husband17 Jun1657141
SHELTERJohnShaftesbury ShaftesburyAmy SHELTER, relict18Dec1658 33!
SHEPARDEFrancisWidcombe WhitcombeLucy FAWKENOR, sister12Jun1587 20
SHEPHARDFrancisWidcombe WhitcombeRichard SHEPHARD, brother, grant of 12-Jun to Lucy LEWKNOR [sic] cancelled 06Jul158734
SHEPHARDJoseph- ---Feb1653/4-
SHEPHERDElizabethDorchester DorchesterJohn GOLLOP, nephew on sister’s side - Thomas SHEPHERD, husband, deceased 23May172478
SHEPPARDLaurenceDorchester DorchesterEdith SHEPPARD, relict07Sep 1719163
SHEPPARDRichardDurweston DurwestonMary SHEPPARD, relict07Apr1651 53
SHEPPARDRichardGillingham GillinghamGrace SHEPPARD, relict05Dec 1667178
SHEPPARDRobertDorchester DorchesterAnn SHEPPARD, relict20Jul1704 143
SHEPPARDThomasGillingham GillinghamAngell SHEPPARD, relict20Jun 1650106
SHERLIEWilliamBagbere Sturminster NewtonMary SHERLIE, relict12Aug 1630185
SHERRINGMaryLillington LillingtonJames SHERRING, son27May1658 114
SHERRINGE alias LEAMargaret, widow PulhamPulhamEdmund SHERRINGE, son02May 167251
SHINDLERGeorgeChardstocke ChardstockAlice SHINDLER, relict14Jun 16058
SHINNER alias TABBNicholl ? Devon---Jul1653-
SHIREJames, bachelorLyme Regis Lyme RegisJohn WAY, attorney of Philip SHIRE, father26 Mar168534
SHIRLEYRichard- ---Jun1653-
SHORTAmesLyme Regis Lyme RegisGertrude SHORT, spinster, daughter07 Oct1697186
SHORTRobertDewlish DewlishMargaret SHORT, relict23Nov1657 292
SHORTRobertChidiocke ChideockElizabeth SHORT, relict24Oct1660 149
SHORTRobertBridport, but died abroad BridportCharity SHORT, relict21Nov1666 206
SHORTEJohnTarant Hinton Tarrant HintonCicillie SHORTE, relict14Feb 1598/97
SHUTEJohn, bachelorCharmouth, but died in the ship "Jersey’ in the King’s service CharmouthJames SHUTE, brother22Jan1673/4 11
SHUTLERMichaelLitchet Minster Lytchett Minster (then a chapelry of Sturminster Marshall)Mary SHUTLER, relict 10Dec1691225
SHUTTRichard- ---Sep1653-
SIBLEYWilliamEwerne Minster Iwerne MinsterChristiana SIBLEY, relict08Nov 1669146
SIDLENElizabethEberton IbbertonJohn GALPIN, grandson22Dec1651 200
SILLYE/ SILLIAJeratte PoolePooleJohn WALLIS, Jane PAYNE & Ellen SPENCER, children 31Jul1594106
SIMCOCKSAliceDurweston DurwestonJoane SIMCOCKS, sister14Jan1628/9 79
SIMCOCKSHughDurweston DurwestonHumfry SIMCOCKS, father30Nov 1632136
SIMPSONRicharddied in the ship "Blackwall" ChideockGeorge ORCHARD, attorney of Mary SIMPSON, relict, living at Chideock 21Aug1704163
SINDERCOMBEEdward- ---Jul1653-
SINGERElias- ---Sep1653-
SINGERWilliam- ---Jun1653-
SINGLEMAN alias TUCKERRichard BridportBridportMargaret DOWNE alias SINGLEMAN alias TUCKER, widow, daughter 14Jan1624/5140
SKERNEJohnTurners Piddle Turners PuddleMargaret SKERNE, relict26May 1596167
SKINNERCicelie- ---Sep1653-
SKINNERPhillipp- ---Sep1653-
SKUESJohnPoole PooleJane SKUES, relict21Aug1676 101
SKUTTWilliam, bachelor PoolePooleBenjamin & Mary SKUTT, brother and sister 09Jan1711/1211
SLADERichard- ---Aug1654-
SLADEThomas- ---Sep1654-
SLADEThomasThornton, but died in the ship "Royal Katherine" Marnhull (if Thorton Farm)Joan SLADE, relict08 Feb1699/170031
SLARKEJotham- ---Jun1653-
SLEACHJohnShaston ShaftesburyMargaret SLEACH, relict07Aug 1613113
SMALLCatherine, widow CarstcombeCorscombe?John SMALL, grandson14 Jul1708150
SMALLWELLJohn, widower Gussage St Michael, but died abroadGussage St MichaelDeborah MARKS, widow, mother 16Sep1702169
SMARTJohn, bachelorSymondsbury, but died in the ship "Ipswich" SymondsburyRobert SMART, father14Jul1696 132
SMARTNicholasWyke near Weymouth Wyke RegisChristiania SMART, relict20Apr 169958
SMARTSamuelMelcomb Regis, but died in the ship "Burford" Melcombe RegisJohn REYNOLDS, attorney of Rose SMART, relict 21Jan1703/413
SMEATHSJohn- ---Jul1653-
SMEDMOREBarnard- ---Jul1654-
SMEDMOREBernardEast Lulworth East LulworthWilliam DUNNING, grandfather of Bernard SMEDMORE, son of the deceased (further grant Aug 1654) 14Jun165299
SMEDMOREWilliamEast Stoake East StokeHenry SMEDMORE, brother, during the minority of John SMEDMORE, son 17Jan1649/502
SMEEDEJohnDorchester DorchesterMary SMEEDE, relict06Feb1699/1700 31
SMITHChristopher, bachelor Lyme Regis, but died in the ship "Dunkirk"Lyme Regis William HALL, principal creditor - Mary SMITH, mother, renouncing 06Feb1695/624
SMITHChristopher, miller AlderholtCranborneJoane SMTIH, relict21 Jun1658132
SMITHGeorge- ---Jul1653-
SMITHGiles-- --Sep1653-
SMITHJohnGillingham GillinghamCatherine EDWARDS & Jane NEWMAN, daughters - Mary SMITH, relict, renouncing 12Jun167096
SMITHJoseph- ---Sep1653-
SMITHNicholas- ---Jun1653-
SMITHPredieHawkchurch HawkchurchElizabeth SMITH, mother27Apr 1630163
SMITHRichard- ---Jul1653-
SMITHRichardWimborne Wimborne Minster or St GilesMary SMITH, relict13 Dec1707237
SMITHRichard, bachelor Dorchester, but died in the ship "Devonshire"Dorchester Richard SMITH, father03Jan1695/610
SMITHRobert- ---Nov1653-
SMITHRobertHawkechurch HawkchurchRobert SMITH, son15Jun1683 92
SMITHSamuelHaysh Sydling St Nicholas or Winterborne Zelston (if Huish)John PAYNE, nephew on sister’s side, of goods not administered by Jane SMITH, relict (previous grant Oct 1633; further grant Nov 1649) 13Nov1648131
SMITHSamuel, juniorWinterborne Winterborne Zelston? [a Samuel SMITH buried there 07-Oct-1633]Jane SMITH, relict 17Oct1633198
SMITHThomas- ---Sep1653-
SMITHThomas, bachelor Okeford ShillingeShillingstoneJodrell, wife of William BISSON, clerk, sister 19Jun1647100
SMITHValentine- ---Sep1653-
SMITHWalterWambrook WambrookRichard STAPLE and Rebecca his wife, daughter - Joan SMITH, relict, not administering 19Jan1622/34
SMITHWilliamWinterborne Anderson Winterborne AndersonMary SMITH, relict21Jun 1701103
SMITH alias BAYLYNicholas Lyme RegisLyme RegisJoan SMITH alias BAYLY, relict 28May1590140
SMITH alias COXWinifrid ----Aug1653-
SMITH alias WILBOREWilliam Weeke RegeWyke RegisEdith SMITH alias WILBORE, relict 15Jan1608/9143
SMORTHETTJohn- ---Jul1653-
SMYTHGeorgeCulliton Rowe, Stratton StrattonAlice SMYTH, relict, and Joyce RIGGE alias HARKER alias SMYTH, daughter 14Jan1601/2104
SMYTHSamuelHuishe Sydling St Nicholas or Winterborne Zelston (Huish)William WEARE, nephew on sister’s side (grant of Nov 1648 revoked) 28Nov1649146
SNELLFrancisPoole, but died in the ship "Mary" PooleElizabeth, wife of John CARTRIDGE, now abroad, attorney of Alice BOSCOMB, principal creditor 21Aug1694165
SNELLWilliam, bachelor Alderholt, CranborneCranborneThomas CLAY, principal creditor 23Dec1700236
SNOOKEJohnEast Lulworth East LulworthElizabeth SNOOKE, relict20Jan 1597/8235
SNOOKEJohn-- --Jun1654-
SNOOKEMichaelStalbridge StalbridgeMargaret SNOOKE, relict17Jan 1650/13
SNOOKEThomasDorchester DorchesterLydia SNOOKE, relict20Jun1674 80
SNOOKEWilliamMotcombe MotcombeJohn SNOOKE, brother22Jul1584 112
SNOOKE alias CRESBYNChristian StalbridgeStalbridgeWilliam CRESBYN, brother05 Sep158119
SNOWDENThomas- ---Mar1653/4-
SOCKWilliamCaundle Pus Purse CaundleJohn SOCK, brother31Dec1642 176
SOLMEAnneGillingham GillinghamMargaret SOLME, widow, mother04May 168375
SOLMEEdward, bachelor Gillingham, but died in LondonGillinghamMargaret SOLME, mother 27Jun168582
SOLWAYHumphrey, bachelor Purs CaundlePurse CaundleChristopher SOLWAY, brother 03Apr169763
SOMERSAgnes, spinster Mayden BradfordBradford AbbasRichard HEYNE, next of kin 05Mar1648/918
SOMERSAnnBradford Bradford Abbas or PeverellRobert PITTMAN, principal creditor 19Apr1659129
SOMERSJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisJohn SOMERS, son01May1626 80
SOMERSJohnBlandford Blandford Forum, St Mary or Langton Long BlandfordAnne SOMERS, relict (further grant Feb 1710) 30Jun1709124
SOMERSMathewUpway UpweyThomas HAYNE, armiger of East Lullworth, creditor (revoked & fresh grant Jul 1631) 23Nov162532
SOMERSMatheweUpwaie UpweyLuke/Lewis HELE, armiger, guardian of Elizabeth SOMERS, daughter (letters granted Nov 1625 revoked) 08Jul163143
SOMERSNicholasLyme Lyme RegisMary DAVYE, next of kin & creditor10 Oct1646125
SOMERSETTHenry- ---Aug1653-
SOMERTONJeromeMilborne St Andrew Milborne St AndrewAgnes SOMERTON, relict10May 159496
SOPER alias THURSTONEDorothy ----Jan1653/4-
SOUTH alias RUTTERUrith StalbridgeStalbridgeHenry RUTTER, husband18 Aug1712161
SOUTHWICKMartha, widow Lyme RegisLyme RegisMartha, wife of Thomas CHAMBERLAINE, daughter 03Sep1707173
SOUTHWICKPeterLyme Regis Lyme RegisMartha SOUTHWICK, relict (further grant Sep 1707) 02Jan1706/75
SOUTHWICKPeterLyme Regis Lyme RegisMartha, wife of Thomas CHAMBERLAINE, daughter - Martha SOUTHWICK, relict, dying before administering (previous grant Jan 1706/7) 06Sep1707173
SPARROWEThomasDorchester DorchesterCassandra KNAPTON alias SPARROWE, wife of Renald KNAPTON, gentelman, daughter 09May162992
SPEAKE alias TUCKERDame Elizabeth, widow PoolePooleEdward WILLOGHBY of Higham, Co. Gloucester, "nepoti" [grandson], creditor 21Jan1588/986
SPEAREThomasBere Regis Bere RegisJoane SPEARE, relict24Nov1657 292
SPEEDJamesSherborne SherborneRose SPEED, relict11Dec1697 241
SPEEDThomasWimborne Minster, but died in the ship "Francis & Mary" Wimborne MinsterEdward PARRE, junior, attorney of Mary SPEED, relict 30Oct1695183
SPEEDEJohnLillington LillingtonRichard SPEEDE, brother10Mar 1614/158
SPEEDEWilliamStokewoodd StockwoodJoan SPEEDE, relict07Jun1589 101
SPENCEJohnPoole, but died in the East Indies PooleElizabeth SPENCE, relict12Apr1688 54
SPENCERHenryWimborn Minster Wimborne MinsterJoane SPENCER, relict18Oct 1638219
SPENCERHenryHolt HoltHenry SPENCER, son - Joane SPENCER, relict, not having fully administered (former grant Oct 1638) 07Jun163949
SPENCERHenryBridport BridportMary SPENCER, relict11May1686 77
SPENCERJacobWeymouth, but died in the ship "Bristol" WeymouthElizabeth SPENCER, relict28Jan 1691/2166
SPERINGE alias WYATTMary DorchesterDorchesterWilliam SPERINGE, husband10 Jul1622187
SPICERHenryWimborn Minster Wimborne MinsterJane SPICER, relict21May 170291
SPILLERJohnShaftesbury ShaftesburyHenry SPILLER, son03Jun1592 29
SPRAKEGilesWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJohn SPRAKE, brother 25Mar164829
SPRATTJohnBridport BridportElizabeth SPRATT, relict08Oct 1660154
SPURRIERPeter- ---Sep1653-
SQUIBWilliamWinterborn Whitechurch Winterborne WhitechurchElizabeth SQUIB, relict15 Sep158732
SQUIBBEleanorWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJohn, William & Margery, children 20Oct1651156
SQUIBBWilliam- ---Jul1654-
SQUIBBERichardWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterWilliam SQUIBBE, father, during the minority of Edith SQUIBBE, daughter of the deceased 07Jul1598255
SQUIBEHenryWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumHenry SQUIBE, father 07May1597206
SQUIREWilliam- ---Sep1653-
St LEGERRichard- ---May1654-
STAGGWilliamSherborne SherborneAnn STAGG, relict22Apr1612 57
STAGGWilliamCanford Magna Canford MagnaJane STAGG, relict19Apr1639 29
STAININGSCharles- ---Nov1654-
STALLINGEJohn- ---Mar1653/4-
STAMFORDEdmundNether Cerne Nether CerneHenry, Felice & Alice STAMFORD, brother & sisters 25Oct156251
STAMFORDEdmundNether Cerne Nether CerneJohn & William, brothers20Jan 1562/356
STAMFORDEdmundNether Cerne Nether CerneJohn, William, Henry, Felice & Alice STAMFORD, children
Joan STAMFORD, relict, & Edmund STAMFORD, Executors named in the Will, not administering
STANDERDNicholasPoole, but died in the ship "Mary" PooleSarah BAZELL, attorney of Hannah STANDERD, relict27 Sep1692166
STANDERWICKJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisBennett STANDERWICK, relict01Jul 1703148
STANDFASTRichard- ---Sep1653-
STANDLEYRobert, widower died in the ship "Expedition"[unknown]Jane, wife of Jeremy MARSHALL, daughter & attorney of Nicholas STANDLEY, father, now in Dorset 11Feb1707/838
STANIER alias DIDMILLRobert ----Jul1653-
STANLEYThomas, bachelor of the ship "Swiftsure", but died in hospital at Deal[unknown] John SMITH, attorney of William STANLEY, father, of Dorset25 Feb1711/1231
STANSBYPhilipLyn Regis Lyme RegisDorothy STANSBY, relict18Jul 164691
STANTEREdith, widowPhitzpaine Ockford Okeford FitzpaineCharles STANTER, son06Feb 1621/2163
STAPLEDorothyChardstock ChardstockWilliam STAPLE, brother16Feb 1713/1427
STAPLEJoanna, spinster ChardstockChardstockWilliam STAPLE, brother07 Oct1695183
STAPLEHOMEEmme, widow CramborneCranborneNicholas BLUNT & William GOSSE, guardians of Robert BARTLETT, grandson & next of kin 18Mar1651/235
STARRRobertDorchester DorchesterJohn STARR, brother07Oct1659 332
STEEREJohn-- --May1654-
STEEVENSThomas- ---Mar1653/4-
STENTJohnPoole, but died in the ship "Hope" PooleMary STENT, relict04Nov1690 209
STEPHENSGeorge- ---Jun1653-
STEPHENSHenry- ---Jun1654-
STEPHENSJohn, bachelor Chickerell, but died in the ship "Southampton"Chickerell Elizabeth STEPHENS, widow, mother04Feb1698/9 26
STEPHENSPhilipSymondsbury, but died in the ship "Suffolk" SymondsburyMary STEPHENS, relict10Jan 1695/69
STEPHENSPhilipp- ---Jun1653-
STEPHENSPhillip- ---Nov1654-
STEPHENSRoger- ---Sep1654-
STEPHENSWilliamSherborne SherborneAnne STEPHENS, relict31Jul1602 128
STEPHENS alias CHAFINJoan SherborneSherborneWilliam CHAFIN, husband08 Jun1657140
STEPHENS alias CHAFINJoan SherborneSherborneWilliam CHAFIN, husband8 Jun1657140
STEVENSONHenryWareham WarehamMargaret STEVENSON, relict11Nov 1672167
STEVENSONHenryWareham WarehamMargaret STEVENSON, mother18Nov 1673143
STICKLANDAnnAlton Pancras Alton PancrasRobert STICKLAND, brother21Mar 1669/7043
STICKLANDAnnAlton Pancras Alton PancrasJohn STICKLAND, brother, administrator of goods not administered by Robert STICKLAND, brother (previous grant Mar 1670) 20Jun167367
STICKLANDJohnAlton Pancras Alton PancrasRobert STICKLAND, gentleman, brother28 Aug162845
STICKLANDJohn- ---Jun1654-
STICKLANDJohnCerne Abbis Cerne AbbasJohn STICKLAND, son22Nov1655 224
STICKLANDJohnAlton St Pancras Alton PancrasRobert STICKLAND, son - Ann STICKLAND, relict, not having fully administered (previous grant Apr 1650) 21Mar1669/7043
STICKLANDRobertWinfrith Newburgh Winfrith NewburghJohn STICKLAND, son18Sep 1658233
STICKLANDWilliamAlton Pancras Alton PancrasRobert STICKLAND, brother21Mar 1669/7043
STICKLANDWilliamAlton Pancras Alton PancrasJohn STICKLAND, brother, administrator of goods not administered by Robert STICKLAND, brother (previous grant Mar 1670) 20Jun167367
STICKLAND alias KERLEYMartha ----Jun1654-
STILLINGFLEETGeorgeCranborne CranborneJane STILLINGFLEET, relict, and Thomas MORGAN, during te minority of James STILLINGFLEET, executor named in the Will 02Feb1702/335
STILLMAN alias TWITT alias COOKE Joane----Mar1653/4 -
STINTThomasStourepaine StourpaineJoane STINT, relict15Feb1675/6 20
STOAKESJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisJohn STOAKES, only child13Dec 1659382
STOCKEAgnes- ---Jul1653-
STOCKERichard- ---Jun1653-
STODDEN alias BLACKFORDAlice ----Aug1653-
STOKESJohnLyme Regis, but died at sea Lyme RegisMary STOKES, relict09Jul1697 131
STONEAgnes, widowMynterne Magna Minterne MagnaHenry STONE, son18Jun1629 100
STONEEdward, bachelor Weymouth, but died in the ship "Monk"Weymouth George PUDSEY, guardian of Hugh STONE, brother12Jan 1697/818
STONEEleanor- ---Aug1653-
STONEGraceWinford Egle Wynford EagleThomas OLIVER & Jane his wife, daughter of the deceased 31Jan1645/69
STONEHenryWithowe Hooke, Yetminster YetminsterHenry STONE, son15Jun1614 150
STONEHenryMintron Minterne Magna?Elizabeth STONE, relict28Oct 1647150
STONEMargaretGillingham GillinghamHenry WHIFFIN, nephew on sister’s side04 Sep1690164
STONERichardLyme Regis, but died at sea Lyme RegisHannah STONE, relict16Sep1692 166
STONERobertDorchester DorchesterEdith STONE, relict13Jul1611 26
STONEThomas, bachelor Lyme Regis, but died in the ship "John"Lyme Regis John STONE, father15Sep1720198
STONEWilliamEvershott EvershotWilliam STONE junior, brother28Nov 1604225
STONEWilliamSherborne SherborneWilliam STONE, son20Mar1647/8 35
STONEWilliam- ---Aug1653-
STONE alias PRIDYAUXElizeus Corff CastleCorfe CastleJohn NYNUM of Essington, Worth Matravers, creditor 28Mar1577119
STONE alias WATLEYElizabeth "Diocese of Bristol"[unknown]John STONE, husband 14Jan1563/473
STOODLEIGHPeterBridport BridportJoane STOODLEIGH, relict14Feb 1658/953
STOODLEYCharlesDorchester DorchesterSarah STOODLEY, relict26Jul 1690133
STOODLEYJohnRye Bere Regis or Horton-cum-Woodlands?Joseph STOODLEY, brother 20Mar1667/848
STOODLEYSarah, widowDorchester DorchesterChristopher STOODLEY, son25Oct 1693187
STORRAnnSherborne SherborneSusanna, wife of Jesse COOTH, sister03 Jul166985
STORYDavid-- --Aug1653-
STOTEThomasEwerne Minster Iwerne MinsterWilliam STOTE, son09Feb 1658/952
STOUGHTONThomasWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterAnthony STOUGHTON, nephew, Dame Edth HORSEY alias STOUGHTON, relict, renouncing 15Sep162349
STOURTONFrancisOur Mayne OwermoigneElizabeth STOURTON, relict27Apr 1638171
STOWDLEIGHTWalterMarshwood MarshwoodJoan STOWDLEIGH, relict29Dec 1632142
STOWERHenryChardstock ChradstockMarianne STOWER, relict26Sep 1618189
STRAIGHTMary, widowBryanstone BryanstonHannah DOWNE alias COMPTON, wife of Nathaniel DOWNE, sister - Ruth COMPTOn, mother, renouncing 18Jan1724/58
STRANGEWAIESGiles, senior Melbury SampfordMelbury SampfordFrances STRANGEWAIES, relict 30Jan1596/7192
STRANGEWAYESSusanna, widow Melbury SampfordMelbury SampfordThomas STRANGEWAYES, son 09Mar1682/352
STRANGEWAYS alias RADFORDElizabeth StinsfordStinsfordWadham STRANGEWAYS, armiger, husband (further grant Jul 1685) 02Oct1683142
STRANGEWAYS alias RADFORDElizabeth StinsfordStinsfordThomas GUNDRY, armiger, father of Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Rachael, Radford and Grace GUNDRY, nephews and nieces on sister’s side - Wadham STRANGEWAYES, husband of the deceased, not having fully administered (previous grant Oct 1683) 20Jul168596
STRANGMANWilliamWareham WarehamAgnes STRANGMAN, relict06Nov1616 93
STRANGWAYESNicholasAbbottsbury AbbotsburyGeorge STRANGWAYES, son24Feb 1648/915
STRANGWAYESThomasMuston Winterborne Kingston or PiddlehintonJohn STRANGWAYES, son 07Oct1648114
STRANGWAYESWilliam, bachelor Melbury Sandford, but died at Athlone, IrelandMelbury Sampford Mary, wife of William SIMPSON, sister - revoked & fresh grant Jul 1693 24Nov1691201
STRANGWAYSJohn, armiger, bachelor MelburyMelbury SampfordSusanna STRANGWAYS, relict - -Jun1717114
STRANGWISE/ STRANGWIDEGeorge, armiger MustonWinterborne Kingston or PiddlehintonElizabeth STRANGWISE/STRANGWIDE, relict 20Apr1569145
STRARTJohnWhitchurch Canonicorum, but died in the ship "Grafton" Whitchurch CanonicorumElizabeth START, relict06 Mar1695/648
STREETIsaac, bachelor died in the ship "Eagle"WeymouthSamuel WHETCOMBE, attorney of Mary WALL, widow, sister, now at Weymouth 28Jun1707114
STREETStephenPoole PooleHenry STREET, brother (further grant Feb 1674)11 Mar1671/231
STREETEJohnCorfe Castle Corfe CastleElizabeth STREETE, relict14May 165691
STREETEJohnPoole, but died abroad PooleEdward READ, guardian of Mary STREETE, relict, a minor 11Oct1675124
STREETENicholasLitchett Lytchett Matravers or MinsterWilliam STREETE, son23 Dec163990
STREETEStephenPoole PooleWilliam STREETE, grandson, administrator of goods not administered by Henry STREETE, brother (former grant Mar 1672) 14Feb1673/416
STREETEThomasPurbeck, but died at Harwich, Essex [unknown Purbeck parish]John STREETE, brother17 Nov1651181
STREETEWilliamHorton Horton-cum-WoodlandsRichard STREETE, brother27 Apr1638170
STREETEWilliamPoole, but died at sea PooleAvice STREETE, relict04May1699 91
STRICKLANDJohnAlton St Pancras Alton PancrasAnn STRICKLAND, relict (further grant Mar 1669/70) 15Apr165052
STRICKLANDJosephWareham, but died in the ship "Victory" WarehamThomas FOWLER, guardian of Joseph STRICKLAND, son 01Sep1694178
STRIDEJohnThornford ThornfordJoane STRIDE, relict21May1670 81
STRIDEMargaretSherbourne SherborneAnne FRYE alias BAWLER, sister23Feb 1595/6158
STRODEDame MargaretBeamister BeaminsterMargaret, wife of George TREVELYAN, armiger, daughter 11Oct1646119
STRODERobert, soldier BeamisterBeaminsterMargaret STRODE, relict17 Apr161663
STRODEWilliamWeymouth WeymouthAmy STRODE, relict16Jan1689/90 9
STRONGGeorgeMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisJohn STRONG, uncle and guardian of Catherine, Eleanor and Sarah, children of the deceased 20Oct1688168
STRONGHenryPoole PooleChristian STRONG, relict08Oct1689 166
STRONGSamuelWeymouth, but died in the fire-ship "Owners Love" WeymouthMary STRONG, relict09May1698 96
STRONGMANJohnWinfrith Winfrith NewburghAgnes STRONGMAN, relict25May 159915
STROODJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
STROODENicholas, bachelor Weymouth, but died in the ship "Orange"Weymouth Anne MOTCHER alias STROODE, widow, sister02Jan 1691/211
STROUDJohn, bachelorChannington, but died in St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex Cattistock? (if Chalmington)Sarah, wife of Hugh CHUDLEIGH, sister 04Sep1689148
STROUD alias COUSENSMary, widow StrattonStrattonKatherine STROUD, daughter28 Jan1718/197
STROWDThomas- ---Mar1653/4-
STROWDERichardNetherbury NetherburyRalph IRONSIDE, principal creditor05 Jun166888
STRYDEJohnThorneford ThornfordBazille COLLINS alias STRYDE, sister15 Feb1594/5126
STUCKEYWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
STUDLEYGiles, seniorBroadwinsor BroadwindsorGiles STUDLEY, gentleman, son - Joan STUDLEY, relict, renouncing 28Oct1637118
STUDLEYJamesWeymouth WeymouthMargaret STUDLEY, relict16Sep 1670142
STUDLEYThomasWeymouth, but died in the ship "Rebecca" WeymouthAnn STUDLEY, relict18Sep1689 148
STURMEYJohn, juniorWinterborne Clenston Winterborne ClenstonMary STURMEY, widow, mother26 Jan1711/1211
STURMEYJohn, seniorWinterborne Clenston Winterborne ClenstonMary STURMEY, relict26Jan 1711/1211
STURMEYThomasSandcombe in Sylton SiltonEdith STURMEY, relict17Jan1694/5 15
STURTONRichardWyke Regis, but died at sea Wyke RegisRichard BURY, principal creditor - Elizabeth STURTON, relict, renouncing 14May169287
SUGARRichardSherborne SherborneGrace SUGARD, relict09Sep1622 198
SUGARWilliamHawkchurch HawkchurchAnn SUGAR, relict24Nov1714 229
SUGERSalamonSherborne SherborneSamuel SUGER, brother, during the minority of Robert SUGER, son 07Dec1648146
SULLYJames-- --Sep1654-
SUMMERSJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumJoseph MARTIN, guardian of Mary & Susan, children - of goods not administered by Anne SUMMERS, relict, now deceased - Elizabeth, wife of John BUTLER, and Joseph SUMMERS, children, renouncing 27Feb1710/1121
SUMMERSSamuelBlandford BlandfordElizabeth SUMMERS, relict (further grant Aug 1734) 23May172098
SURRELL alias WOODWilliam ChetnollChetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Anne SURRELL alias WOOD 20Aug1635123
SUTERLeonard- ---Jun1653-
SUTTONDegory- ---May1654-
SWAFFIELDRobert, bachelor Whitechapel, Middlesex, but died at DorchesterDorchester Joseph SWAFFIELD, brother19Sep1719163
SWAINEGeorgeChurch Knowle Church KnowleEdith SWAINE, relict12Feb 1676/729
SWAYNEElizabethDorchester DorchesterRobert SWAYNE, armiger, husband22Mar 1706/740
SWAYNEJohnUplyme Uplyme [Devon]Bridget SWAYNE, relict05Feb 1647/816
SWAYNERobertFryar Mayne West KnightonJane SWAYNE, relict26Nov 1667174
SWAYNEThomasPimperne PimperneJoseph HUSSEY, principal creditor - Elizabeth SWAYNE, mother, renouncing 09May168094
SWAYNEThomasHinton Martyn Hinton MartellElizabeth, wife of Nicholas HOOKES, daughter 17Jan1682/36
SWAYSEJohn, bachelorBridport, but died in the ship "Warspight" BridportThomas HARDY, principal creditor - Robert SWAYSE, father, renouncing 06Jun1696105
SWEETEbbotFuntmill Fontmell MagnaRichard SWEET, husband09Jan 1671/210
SWEETWilliamChidiock ChideockJohn SWEET, brother12Jun1646 77
SWETEThomasStower Payne StourpaineAgnes SWETE, relict30Apr1567 119
SWETNAMEdwardSherborne SherborneLaurence & John SWETNAM and Jane SCRYVEN alias SWETNAM, brothers & sister of the deceased 18May1604202
SWETNAMJohnShaston ShaftesburyWilliam SWETNAM, son (revoked & fresh letters granted May 1637 24Mar1634/590
SWETNAMJohnShaftesbury ShaftesburyLucy SWETNAM, relict (letters of Mar 1634/5 revoked) 30May163782
SWETNAMJohn, bachelor Weymouth, but died at BarbadoesWeymouthMatthew SWETNAM, brother 17Mar1700/141
SWETNAMThomasSherborne SherborneLaurence SWETNAM, brother20Nov 1626117
SWETTWilliamStourton Caundle Stourton CaundleElizabeth SWETT, relict28Sep 1613118
SWYERNicholasDurweston DurwestonMargaret SWYER, relict02Dec1658 338
SYDENHAMThomasWinforde Egle Wynford EagleJane SYDENHAM, relict10Feb 1575/693
SYDENHAMThomas, bachelor WeymouthWeymouthMary, wife of Walter THORNHULL, sister 11Dec1672176
SYDENHAMWilliam, bachelor Monford EagleWynford EagleWilliam SYDENHAM, father 06Feb1692/327
SYLLIARPeterPoole PooleJarette SYLLIAR, relict, and Margaret SYLLIAR alias PYE, wife of Nicholas PYE, daughter 19Mar1593/490
SYMESJohnPoorstock PowerstockWilliam SYMES, brother04Nov 1629131
SYMESJosephBeamister BeaminsterMary SYMES, relict26Feb1666/7 36
SYMESThomasNetherbury NetherburyElizabeth SYMES, relict22Oct 1706205
SYMESThomasPowerstock PowerstockMary SYMES, relict, renouncing20Apr 171388
SYMESWilliamthen of Poorestock, late of Askerswell, but died at Glastonbury, Somerset AskerswellThomas SYMES alias FORD - Anne SYMES, relict, dying without administering (former grants of Jun 1666 & Nov 1668 to Susan STONE, aunt & guardian, expired) 19Aug1679112
SYMES alias FORDJohnWest Milton PowerstockAlice SYMES alias FORD, relict, with Christopher & John SYMES alias FORD, sons 27May1603155
SYMES alias FORDWilliam PoorestockPowerstockAnne SYMES alias FORD (further grant Nov 1668) 29Jun1666123
SYMES alias FORDWilliam Askerswell, but died at Glastonbury, SomersetAskerswell Susanna STONE, aunt (father’s side) & guardian of Thomas, William, John, Margaret, Ann, Emme and Mary SYMES, children; administratrix of goods unadministered by Anne SYMES alias FORD, relict since deceased (former grant Jun 1666 & further grant Aug 1679) 21Nov1668167
SYMES alias PANCKERSTElizabeth PoorestockPowerstockEdmund SYMES, husband16 Nov1621147
SYMMESJustinian, bachelor South PooretonPowerstockThomas LARCOMBE, husband of Elizabeth, sister of the deceased, during her minority 16Sep1687136
SYMONDSAnnaWooddeford Castle WoodsfordGeorge FULSHURST, gent of Farneborough, co. Warwick, brother, during the minority of Anne SYMONDS, daughter of the deceased 05Jun1613108
SYMONDSJohn, bachelor EgglestoneTynehamJohn SYMONDS, father27 Jun168172
SYMONDSThomasWoodeforde WoodsfordAnn SYMONDS, relict (further grant Jul 1613)22 Dec161282
SYMONDSThomasWooddeford Castle WoodsfordThomas SYMONDS, son - Ann SYMONDS, relict, not having fully administered (former grant Dec 1612) 20Jul1613108
SYMONSEdwardMelbury Abby Melbury AbbasThomas SYMONS, brother07Jun 1655136
SYMONSHumphrey- ---Sep1654-
SYMONSJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
TABB alias SHINNERNicholl ? Devon---Jul1653-
TALBOTWilliamMayn Martell BroadmayneThomas GOUGE, clerk, Robert VALENCE, Henry KEAT and Robert SHERWYN - Christian TALBOT, relict, not administering 15Feb1586/76
TALBOTWilliamIsle of Purbeck [unknown Purbeck parish]Edith TALBOT, relict05 Feb1614/154
TALBOTTJohn- ---Mar1653/4-
TALBOTTWilliamBrodmaine BroadmayneWilliam TALBOTT, son (Christian TALBOTT, relict & executrix, not administering) - grant of 15-Feb declared void 24Oct158737
TALBOTTWilliamArmitage HermitageRobert TALBOTT, brother29Jun 160644
TALBOTTWilliamPoole, but died in the ship "George" PooleElizabeth TALBOTT, relict25Mar1698 54
TANNERSusanLyme Regis Lyme RegisSamuel TANNER, husband04Dec 1712243
TANNER alias MOXAGESimon Lyme RegisLyme RegisRichard TANNER, son31 May160185
TAYLDORWilliam- ---Oct1654-
TAYLERHenryWareham WarehamMary TAYLER, sister21Dec1657 326
TAYLERJohnWeymouth WeymouthWilliam TWISSE, principal creditor - Mary TAYLER, relict, renouncing 18Mar1666/749
TAYLERJohnDorchester DorchesterElizabeth RANDALL alias TAYLOR, widow, relict 13Apr166860
TAYLERThomasBurton Mill juxta Bindon WoolLucy TAYLER, relict18Dec1591 197
TAYLORChristopherShapwick, then of Farringdon, Berkshire ShapwickPhillis KING alias HARDING, wife of Ezra KING, creditor. Christopher & Edith TAYLOR, children, not appearing. 11Dec1696221
TAYLORPhilipDorchester DorchesterSamuel MELLISH, guardian of Elizabeth TAYLOR, daughter 17Jul167389
TAYLOR alias WATTSMary Wimborne MinsterWimborne MinsterNicholas TAYLOR, husband 08Dec1671144
TEMPLEEleanor- ---Jul1653-
TEMPLERichardWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterJoane TEMPLE, relict22Apr 167151
TEMPLEMANAnthony- ---Jul1654-
TEMPLEMANJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisHannah TEMPLEMAN, daughter25May 164771
TEMPLEMANThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisJane TEMPLEMAN, relict20Jan 1668/96
TENICOMBEWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
TEWXBURYEdwardCorfe Castle Corfe CastleEdith TEWXBURY, relict21May 166873
THACHERThomasSherborne SherborneJoan THACHER, relict09Mar1674/5 31
THOMASAlice- ---Jun1653-
THOMASHenryAxminster Axminster [Devon]Richard ALFORD, principal creditor16 Jun164873
THOMASStephen- ---Sep1653-
THORLETON/ THORNETONStephen DorvestonDurwestonJudeth THORLETON/ THORNETON, relict 26Jan1645/69
THORNEFrancisShaston ShaftesburyJoan THORNE, relict11Aug1640 147
THORNEJoane- ---May1654-
THORNEJohnSherborne SherborneHenry ASHHURST, guardian of John & Sarah THORNE, children of the deceased - Rebecca THORNE, relict, renouncing 24Sep1658233
THORNEJohn, clerkRandsome Iwerne Courtney (if Ranston)Catherine THORNE, relict18 Jan1638/97
THORNEJohn, clerkWareham WarehamTemperance THORNE, relict07Aug 1647121
THORNERichardHandley Sixpenny Handley (then a chapelry of Iwerne Minster)Henry THORNE, father 15May165568
THORNEWilliamHill Butts, Wymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterThomas THORNE, son22Sep 1627171
THORNEWilliamDorchester DorchesterHenry THORNE, son25Jun1658 132
THORNEHILLWilliamHolnest, but died at West Chester HolnestJohn GOLSNEY & Anne his wife, sister of the deceased 25May164765
THORNEHULLRalph- ---Jun1653-
THORNHULLEdward, armiger Thornhull, StalbridgeStalbridgeRobert THORNHULL, armiger, son 25May167657
THORNHULLGeorgeThornhull StalbridgeGeorge THORNHULL, father16May 164866
THORNHULLGeorgeThornhill Stalbridge or BroadweyMargaret THORNHULL, relict02 Jan1656/74
THORNHULLWilliam, armiger Thornhill, StalbridgeStalbridgeBarbara THORNHULL, relict 15Nov161140
THORNHULL alias KNOLLYSElizabeth WollandWoollandRichard KNOLLYS, brother06 May164857
THORNHURSTThomas, bachelor PoolePooleJane SELWOOD, widow, and Mary, wife of John WOOLMINGTON, sisters 02Nov1723- -
THORNTONThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisJoan THORNTON, sister10Dec1586 194
THRUPPEJohn, widowerWeymouth, but died at sea WeymouthJohn THRUPPE, son - Thomazine THRUPPE, daughter, deceased (further grant Nov 1726) 18Nov1725218
THURSTONWilliam- ---Dec1654-
THURSTONE alias SOPERDorothy ----Jan1653/4-
TIBBOTTRobert- ---May1654-
TICHBORN alias ESTMAN/ ESTMOND BarbaraLodge[unknown]Nicholas ESTMOND/ ESTMAN, husband 26May160639
TIDERLEIGHRobert, armiger Tiderleigh, ChardstockeChardstockRobert TIDERLEIGH, son, [blank], relict, renouncing 24Apr1610192
TILERAnne-- --Jun1653-
TILLEYJohn, bachelorWimborne Minster, but died in the ship "Suffolk" Wimborne MinsterJames TILLEY, son and attorney of James TILLEY, father 24Dec1689214
TILLEYWilliamCame Winterborne CameSarah BARTLETT, betrothed wife & principal creditor 10May165167
TILLYMorganThornford ThornfordSusan TILLY, relict10Dec1677 163
TILLYProthesaChild Ockford Child OkefordSusan, wife of James DOWY, daughter22 Jul1701173
TILLYRobertChild Okeford Child OkefordGeorge TILLY, son - Dorothy TILLY, relict, renouncing (further grant Jul 1711) 17Feb1695/626
TILLYRobertChild Oakeford Child OkefordRobert TILLY, son - George TILLY, son, dying before administering (previous grant Feb 1696) 11Jul1711129
TILLY alias BURROWSAnna Beer HackettBeer HackettJohn BURROW, husband03 Jul1701102
TIRLINGERadfordDallwood DalwoodThomazine TIRLINGE, relict10Dec 161283
TITEGeorgePoole PooleMary TITE, relict - Robert & George TITE, minors, children of the deceased, not appearing 05Mar1711/1242
TITEGeorge, seamanPoole PooleMary TITE, relict13Feb1720/1 28
TIZZARDMorganWeymouth, but died in the ship "Breda" WeymouthSamuel DASSELL, attorney of Mary TIZZARD, relict 21Dec1696221
TODDWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
TOLEMANJohn- ---Sep1654-
TOLEMANThomas- ---Feb1653/4-
TOLLERJohn, clerkLyme Regis Lyme RegisAlice TOLLER, relict11Aug1570 162
TOLLERFEILDGilesBradford Bradford Abbas or PeverellGrace TOLLERFEILD, relict29 Sep1646107
TOM alias PENHALEJohn ----May1653-
TOMSJohn-- --Jun1654-
TOMSJohnWinfrith Winfrith NewburghThomasine TOMS, relict12Jun 1655137
TONGECharles- ---Jul1653-
TOOGOODEleanor- ---Sep1653-
TOOGOODGeorgeFrampton FramptonJane TOOGOOD, relict27May1692 87
TOOKEThomasAlderholt CranborneMary TOOKE, relict22Jun1627 159
TOOMERAviceMotcombe MotcombeWilliam TOOMER, son (further grant Feb 1676)06 Nov1672167
TOOMERAviceMotcombe MotcombeDaniel & Margaret TOOMER, children - William TOOMER, son, now deceased, not having fully administered (former grant Nov 1672) 10Feb1675/620
TOOMERRichard, clerkChalbury ChalburyJoane TOOMER, relict08Jun1652 96
TOOPMargeryPurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish]Henry GREENING, nephew on sister’s side 21Jun167367
TOOPEJohnBurshaw Corfe Castle (Burshew)James BEWNELL & Thomas CLEMENT, uncles, during the minority of Richard, Elizabeth & Joan, children of the deceased 14May164943
TOOPEJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
TOOPERichardWareham WarehamMary TOOPE, relict01Mar1705/6 48
TOPPRichardWareham WarehamJeremiah TOPP, nephew17Oct1701 173
TOPP alias GARRETTSibella Alderholt, CranborneCranborneRichard TOPP, husband 08Jun167270
TOUNSONTheobaldWeymouth WeymouthJohn TOUNSON, son - Mary TOUNSON, relict, renouncing 18Nov1712223
TOVEY alias GARLANDWilliam ----May1654-
TOVIECharles- ---Aug1653-
TOWCHINGERobertWootton Phitzpaine Wootton FitzpaineAlice TOWCHINGE, relict13Dec 160069
TOWCHINGEZachariahLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam COLLINS, uterine brother13Dec 160069
TOWNEINGERobert- ---Oct1654-
TOWNEINGE alias CUTLERJane ----Feb1653/4-
TOWNESENDHenry- ---Nov1654-
TOWNSENDThomasDorchester, but died at Bermondsey St Mary Magdalen DorchesterMary TOWNSEND, relict20Oct1707 196
TOWRNEY alias READCatherine Winterborn West alias MuncktonWinterborne MonktonWilliam READ, husband 17Nov164181
TRAWLLGregoryLime Regis Lyme RegisDorothy TRAWLL, relict03Dec 158882
TREEWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisAnne TREE, relict06Nov1656 279
TREGONWELLJohnAnderson, but died in the parish of St Andrew Undershaft, London Winterborne AndersonMary TREGONWELL, relict10Mar 1681/243
TREHANEJohn- ---May1654-
TREMAYNEJuliana, widow ChiddiockChideockRose COMYNGE, sister06 Mar1626/7139
TREMAYNESampsonChidiock ChideockOliver TREMAYNE, son - Juliana TREMAYNE, relict, renouncing 12Jan1609/10182
TRENCHARDAnn, widowWooverton, but died at Hereford CharminsterAndrew LODER, principal creditor - Mary & Thomas TRENCHARD, children of the deceased, having been cited through their guardian, but failed to appear 23May168172
TRENCHARDElizabeth, spinster DorchesterDorchesterHenry TRENCHARD, armiger, uncle 06Jun1707122
TRENCHARDGeorgeLitchett Matrevers Lytchett MatraversHenry TRENCHARD, son12Oct 1597223
TRENCHARDJohnHolnest HolnestAnne TRENCHARD, relict14Mar1678/9 38
TRENCHARDSir Thomas, Knight WolvetonCharminsterKatherine TRENCHARD, relict
Richard TRENCHARD, Executor, not administering (Will 20 Coade)
TRENCHARDThomas, armiger WolvetonCharminsterGeorge & Joan TRENCHARD, children 05May1568131
TRENCHARDWilliamAskerswell AskerswellAgnes, wife of Nicholas TUPP, daughter02 Sep1658233
TRENDERMartinWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterRoger TRENDER, father, during the minority of Elizabeth, Mawdlen & Roger, children of the deceased 29Nov1624127
TRENTRogerWindsor BroadwindsorRoger TRENT, son - Frances TRENT, relict, renouncing 12Jun167781
TREWJohnCorfe, Purbeck Corfe CastleJoane TREW, relict?03Jul1677 92
TREWPeterWhitcliffe, Purbeck SwanageAnn TREW, relict09Aug1660 112
TREWRoger-- --Jun1653-
TREWINJohn-- --Feb1653/4-
TREWOLLAPhilipp- ---Jun1653-
TRIGGSLewis- ---Dec1654-
TRILLAlice, spinsterHampreston HamprestonEdward TROKE, sister’s son [nephew]18 Oct1651156
TRINDERGeorge- ---Oct1654-
TRIPPHenry-- --Nov1654-
TROKESimon, widowerEnesbury, Canford Magna KinsonHenry KELLOWAY, guardian of Mary, Jane and Alice TROKE, children 05Jul1714145
TROWTEEdward- ---Sep1653-
TROWTEGeorge- ---Aug1654-
TRUBODYJohn- ---Aug1654-
TRYMRichardWimborne Minster, but died at Poole Wimborne MinsterAgnes TRYM, relict08Apr 168547
TUBBINGJohnPortland, but died abroad PortlandTabitha, wife of William STONE, daughter - Susan TUBBING alias MANSELL, relict, not administering 14May167252
TUBERVILENicholasWinterbourne Whitechurch Winterborne WhitechurchAnne TUBERVILE, relict27 Jan1579/80187
TUBERVILE alias BRETTAnna WhitechurchWinterborne WhitechurchAlexander BRETT, husband 07Aug1584114
TUBERVILLENicholasWinterbourne Whitchurch Winterborne WhitechurchAlexander BRETT, armiger, Anna TUBERVILLE alias BRETT, wife of Alexander and late relict of the deceased not administering 07Aug1584114
TUCHINHenryLyme Regis Lyme RegisKatherine TUCHIN, relict15Aug 1656205
TUCKERAgnesDallwood DalwoodJoan NEWTON alias TUCKER & Christine EDWARDS alias TUCKER, daughters 29Jan1579/80187
TUCKERAndrewLyme Regis Lyme RegisSusan TUCKER, relict30Apr1695 75
TUCKERArthurLyn Regis Lyme RegisElizabeth TUCKER, relict12May 164547
TUCKERGeorge- ---Sep1653-
TUCKERHenry- ----1654-
TUCKERHenry- ---Sep1654-
TUCKERJamesLyme Regis, but died abroad Lyme RegisWilliam BRADDICK, principal creditor - Anne TUCKER, relict, renouncing 12Jan1694/515
TUCKERJohnBeamister BeaminsterFrances TUCKER, relict29Mar 163289
TUCKERJohnLoather, but died in the ship "Breda" Loaders?Benjamin CHAPPELL, attorney of Frances TUCKER, widow, mother 18Dec1690235
TUCKERJulian- ---Feb1653/4-
TUCKERRalphStalbridge StalbridgeAnn Mary TUCKER, relict03Mar 1706/741
TUCKERWilliamPoole, but died in the ship "Victory" PooleElias DUFFETT, attorney of Mary TUCKER, relict02 Apr169477
TUCKER alias POOLEChristiania WeymouthWeymouthEdward TUCKER, husband08 Feb1698/927
TUCKER alias SINGLEMANRichard BridportBridportMargaret DOWNE alias TUCKER alias SINGLEMAN, widow, daughter 14Jan1624/5140
TUCKER alias SPEAKEDame Elizabeth, widow PoolePooleEdward WILLOGHBY of Higham, Co. Gloucester, "nepoti" [grandson], creditor 21Jan1588/986
TUFFENRobertTarrant Mounckton Tarrant MonktonAngel TUFFEN, relict04Jan 1614/152
TULLAGERobertCeren Abbas Cerne AbbasJoane TULLAGE, relict02Oct 1602133
TUNSTALLJames, bachelor Weymouth, but died in the ship "Portsmouth"Weymouth Thomas TUNSTALL, father20Jun169096
TUPP/ TOOPERichardBullen, Corfe Castle Corfe CastleAlice TUPP/ TOOPE, relict (further grant Feb 1671) 18Apr166860
TUPP/ TOOPERichardBushier, Corfe Castle Corfe CastleEdward PARRY & William SALTER, guardians of Richard & John TUPP/ TOOPE, sons of the deceased - Alice TUPP/ TOOPE, relict, not having fully administered (former grant Apr 1668) 22Feb1670/128
TURBERVILETroilusMoredon MordenAnne TURBERVILE, relict08Jul1609 164
TURBERVILLEThomas, armiger Beer RegisBere RegisMary TURBERVILLE, relict21 Mar1704/555
TURNERAnne, widowPiddlehinton PiddlehintonJohn STANDLEY, son31Mar1655/6 67
TURNERGilesCorfe Castell Corfe CastleAlice TURNER, relict09Dec 1603179
TURNERJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisMary TURNER, relict19May1656 92
TURNERJohnWimborne Minster, but died on ship "The Princess" Wimborne MinsterMargaret TURNER, relict30Oct 1667154
TURNERRobertChetnoll Chetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Elizabeth TURNER, relict 07Feb1695/626
TURNERThomas, bachelor Stalbridge, but died in IrelandStalbridgeSarah TURNER, widow, mother 23Apr165253
TURNERWilliamStockland StocklandAlice TURNER, relict16Jun1623 33
TURNER alias HARNERNathaniel StocklandStocklandJoane TURNER alias HARNER, relict 20Dec1681164
TURNER alias PARRISJulian ----May1653-
TUTCHINNathanielBridport BridportJoan TUTCHIN, relict15Jul1690 133
TUTCHINGEEdmundLyme Regis Lyme RegisElizabeth TUTCHINGE, relict13Jan 1623/473
TWISELLRichard- ---Jul1653-
TWISSEAvis, widowBradford Bradford Abbas or Peverell (parishes) or Bradford Farm in Pamphill Jane, wife of Edward PENNEY, sister03Oct1689 167
TWITT alias COOKE alias STILLMAN Joane----Mar1653/4 -
TWYNHOChristopherTurneworth TurnworthEdith TWYNHO, relict08Oct1583 83
TWYNHOChristopher, senior TurnworthTurnworthJane TWYNHO, relict01 Dec1676160
TYDALL alias MASTERSElizabeth ----Jun1653-
TYDERLEIGHElizabeth, spinster ChardstockChardstockAnne, wife of George BOWDICH, mother 18Feb1691/234
TYLERJoane-- --Jul1653-
TYLERJohnCorfe Corfe Castle or Corfe MullenKatherine COLE alias TYLER, relict 17Dec1656306
TYLERWilliamWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisMary KEMP alias SMITH, creditor 01Nov161690
TYLER alias CARSEJoan PiddletownePuddletownWilliam IRISH, brother17 May1571174
TYNNEYStephenSherborne SherborneAlice TYNNEY, relict28Nov1612 80


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