Admons of Dorset Residents Granted by the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


List extracted from the Administration Act Books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) and translated from Latin to English by George FRY and originally published in instalments in "Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset" over a period of nine years from to 1890 to 1899.
George FRY’s notes:
DORSET ADMINISTRATIONS - The following list of the Grants of Administration to the Estates of Intestates in the County of Dorset has been extracted from the records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, now at Somerset House. They commence in the year 1559, the date of the earliest existing Act Book. The division of the various years is that adopted in the Official Calendar, and is that of the New Style, but the entries themselves are dated in the Old Style.
In all cases consanguineus has been rendered "kinsman" and prox’ consanguineus "next of kin." When a surname is not given it may always be taken to be the same as that of the deceased.
The Administration Act Book for 1643 contains Acts for the months of January to May, inclusive, and one Act only for July.
The following note appears in the Act Book for 1644: - "There were noe Administracions graunted at London in Anno 1644, untill November that yeare; when there was a new seale made for this office by authoritie of Parliament."
[As of December 1894 the] Administration Acts for 1653-4 for Dorset are at present missing from the series at Somerset House. They are entered in "Original Calendar N4" which includes Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Somerset-shire as well as Dorset, but there is no indication as to which of these counties the deceased belonged. [The entries listed here for those years could] consequently refer to one or other of the four counties mentioned.
The Administration Act Book for 1662 cannot be found but the ... names [for that year] appear in the Calendar of Dorset folk to whose estates Administration was granted [in 1662].
Kim Parker’s Notes:
The PCC Act Books are now held at the National Archives at Kew (ref: PROB 6), but as of 2014 they had not yet been indexed. Seeing as less than half of Dorset’s parish registers prior to the Civil War 1642-51 and the Commonwealth 1649-60 have survived - and many of those have gaps, or only partial information (with mothers’ names often ommitted) - this list is invaluable for family historians.
George occasionally ’forgot’ to translate the Latin version of given names into their English equivalent, particularly if the Latin version of the name had started to be used as a name in its own right by the 19th century - e.g. Ludovicus for Lewis, Matilda for Maud, Isabella for Elizabeth, etc - so I have corrected them.
Placenames have varied greatly over the centuries, so I have tried to identify the parish to which the settlement, manor or estate belonged (where it is not given) and I have called this the "Standardised Residence". However, it has not been possible to identify the parish in some cases, and in other cases where the placename is a common one that crops up in several parishes - e.g. Burton and Kingston. Such places have been classed as [unknown].
Despite George’s note about the years being presented ’old style’, he was not consistent in doing so in his list. Since he presented his list by year, and then alphabetically within year, this was not so important as the order in which grants were made could be deduced from the folio number. However, this deduction is more difficult when the entire list of, so I have ’corrected’ some of the dates to show both the year according to old style dating (the number to the left of the /) and new style dating (the number to the right of the /). In the Julian calendar (old style dating) the year ran from March 25th to March 24th.

Surame of DeceasedForenameRecorded ResidenceStandardised ResidenceGrantee & Relationship to Deceased  DateFolio
A’COURTThomas- ---Nov1654-
ABBINGTONJohnOvercompton Over ComptonMargerie ABBINGTON, relict08May 159216
ABBOTTCatherine, widow CorscombeCorscombeThomas HUTCHINS, yeoman of Broadwaye, brother 20Jun163949
ABBOTTJames, bachelor Simondsbury, but died in the ship "Expedition"Symondsbury John DENNIS, attorney of James ABBOTT, father05Aug 1693148
ABBOTTJoane- ---Mar1653/4-
ABBOTTJohnBridport BridportDorcas ABBOTT, relict23Apr1651 52
ABBOTTNathanielWeymouth WeymouthSarah ABBOTT, relict27Aug1672 116
ABBOTTNicholasMotcombe MotcombeMargery ABBOTT, relict30Dec1628 64
ABBOTTRobert- ---May1653-
ABBOTTThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisIsabelle ABBOTT, relict28Nov 1577136
ABBOTTWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisCatherine ABBOTT, relict01Feb 1646/7 
ABBOTT alias LAWRENCEFrances Winterbourne StipletonWinterbourne SteepletonRichard LAWRENCE, husband 02Jul1680119
ABINGDON alias KNIGHTPhilip Shepton GorgesShipton GorgeFaith, wife of William MEECH, daughter - Lucy ABINGDON alias KNIGHT, renouncing 01Dec1657325
ACREMANHenryHawkechurch HawkchurchJoan ACREMAN, relict25Nov1614 173
ADAMSHenryUploder UplodersElizabeth ADAMS alias WALDRON, relict08 Jun161265
ADAMSHenryParva Winsor Broadwindsor (Little Windsor)Henry DERBIE, creditor - Elizabeth ADAMS, relict, renouncing 10May161918
ADAMSJuliana, widowBirtporte BridportJohn & Walter ADAMS, sons01Feb 1604/5236
ADAMSMawde-- --Sep1654-
ADAMSRobert- ---Sep1654-
ADAMSSarahShapwick ShapwickJohn ADAMS, son18May1704 104
ADAMSWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
ADDAMSThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisRose ADDAMS, relict19Mar1657/8 71
ADYRichard-- --Mar1653/4-
ADYNJohnDorchester DorchesterMargaret CHEEKE, widow, daughter - with consent of Christian ADYN, relict 04Aug1632120
AGROVEJohn-- --Sep1654-
ALBORNERichardMoore Critchell Moor CrichelElizabeth ALBORNE, relict22Sep 1660148
ALDWORTHAnnaBristol BristolMathew ALDWORTH, gentleman of Shroton, brother03 Jul1633180
ALFORDGregory, armiger Lyme RegisLyme RegisThomas GLYN, principal creditor - Ann ALFORD, relict, renouncing 26Feb1700/124
ALFORDThomas- ---Sep1653-
ALFORDThomasSwanwich SwanageMary ALFORD, relict12Apr1683 60
ALFORDWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam ALFORD, son30Aug1647 123
ALFORD alias WILSONSarah WeymouthWeymouthThomas WILSON, husband26 Sep1715181
ALFORDEPhillipChardstock ChardstockJuliane WOLMINGTON alias ALFORDE, mother, and Joan DUNSTAR alias ALFORDE, sister 28Jun158722
ALLAMBRIDGEJohnSherborne SherborneAnne ALLAMBRIDGE, relict26Dec 1719221
ALLAMBRIDGEJosiasDorchester DorchesterSusanna ALLAMBRIDGE, relict03Oct 1666192
ALLAMBRIDGEThomasYeatminster YetminsterAgnes ALLAMBRIDGE, relict04Apr 1642122
ALLENGilesStockwood StockwoodWilliam MUNDEN, next of kin27Oct 1595148
ALLENHenryGillingham GillinghamJohn ALLEN, son06Mar1572/3 24
ALLENJohnLime Regis Lyme RegisThomas ALLEN, brother20Jan1644/5 22
ALLENJohnEvershott EvershotElizabeth MARRYOTT alias ALLEN, sister12 Feb1649/5029
ALLENMargaretPulham PulhamJoan DEVENISH alias ALLEN, wife of Francis DEVENISH, aunt (further grant Oct 1615) 14Jul1614157
ALLENMargaretPulham PulhamThomas MARTYN, clerk of Pulham "avo" - Joan DEVENISH alias ALLEN, aunt, not having fully administered (previous grant Jul 1614) 23Oct161537
ALLENMaryBlandford Forum Blandford ForumWilliam ALLEN, husband05Oct 1657241
ALLENMatthew, widower WeymouthWeymouthWilliam IRELAND, next of kin26 Sep1667140
ALLENRichardPoole PooleAlice ALLEN, relict15Jul1637 98
ALLENRobertWeymouth WeymouthMargaret ALLEN, relict08May1688 71
ALLENWilliam, bachelor Fordington, but died in the ship "Somerset"Fordington John ALLEN, father25Mar1703/461
ALLEN alias BIGGEGiles StockwooddStockwoodThomas MUNDEN, next of kin06 Apr1597204
ALNERChristopher, widower DewlishDewlishMary, wife of John STURMY, and Ann, wife of Henry ARNOLD, daughters 09Oct1697185
ALNERRichardDinlish or Dintish Buckland Newton (Duntish)Thomas ALNER, brother13 May164766
ALSTON alias POTKINEdith Lighe, YeatminsterLeighEdward POTKYN, husband03 Jun161121
AMESWilliam- ---Jun1654-
AMIZER alias PHILIPSRichard BurlestonBurlestonJoan REED, grandchild08 Dec1657325
ANCKETILLChristopherPoole PooleHenry ANCKERTILL, clerk, brother - Margaret ANCKERTILL, relict, and Francis, Thomas, Christopher, John and Jane ANCKERTILL, children of the deceased, not administering 01Aug162844
ANCKETILLChristopher, senior Stower ProvestStour ProvostHenry ANCKERTILL, clerk, son 01Aug162844
ANCKETILLFrancisShaston ShaftesburyMargaret ANCKETILL, relict19Jan 1635/6148
ANCKSILL alias BIRDJoanna Sturminster Newton CastleSturminster NewtonWilliam BIRD, husband 13Jan1686/77
ANDREWThomas- ---Sep1654-
ANDREWESJohnBidcombe Gussage All SaintsAlice ANDREWES, relict04Feb 1605/628
ANDREWSJohnPoole, but died in the ship "Cambridge" PooleMoses DURELL, junior, attorney of Mary ANDREWS, relict 24Dec1697240
ANDREWSWilliamSutton Pointz Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzCatherine ANDREWS, now wife of Thomas EYRES, relict 14Jan1660/17
ANDREWSWilliamLyme Regis, but died in the ship "The Concord" Lyme RegisChristopher ANDREWS, brother24Apr 168454
ANGELLWilliamToller Porcorum Toller PorcorumUrsula WARREN alias PORTER, wife of William PORTER, daughter, Edith ANGELL, relict, deceased 04Apr172478
ANGERNicholasdied in the ship "Lark" PooleHannah, wife of John DENNIS, attorney of Elizabeth ANGER, relict, now of Poole 12Nov1697206
ANTHONYElizabethSutton Pointz Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzArthur ANTHONY, son04 Mar1586/79
ANTHONYMichaelSutton Pointz Preston Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzPatience ANTHONY, relict30 Sep1685125
APLINThomas, widowerIbberton IbbertonRobert APLIN, son31Oct1723 - -
APPLEBYWilliamHalstock HalstockWilliam APPLEBY, son30Jan1603/4 185
APPLETONWilliam, bachelor WhitchurchWinterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch Canonicorum Richard APPLETON, brother03Apr167641
APSLYWilliam- ---Aug1653-
ARDENDanielDorchester DorchesterMary ARDEN, relict08Nov1672 166
ARDENThomasNorden, Purbeck Corfe CastleWilliam ARDEN, brother - Cicely ARDEN, mother, renouncing 20May165692
ARNAULTPeterPimperne PimperneMartha SWAYNE, next of kin & principal creditor 16Jun167564
ARNOLDHenryIlsington PuddletownJudith ARNOLD, relict (further grant 15 Dec 1668) 08Oct1659333
ARNOLDHenryIlsingdon PuddletownAnne HASTINGS, widow, daughter, administratrix of goods not administered by Judith ARNOLD, relict 15Dec1668178
ARNOLDJohnCheselbourne CheselbourneWilliam ARNOLD, brother, during the minority of John, William, Edith, Thomas & Christian ARNOLD, children of the deceased 25Nov161694
ARNOLDRobertArmeswell Buckland NewtonRichard ARNOLD, brother15Nov 1589119
ARNOLDRobertArmeswell PiddletrenthideRalph ARNOLD, son24Jan 1626/7130
ARNOLDWilliamChildeockford Child OkefordChristine ARNOLD, relict20Mar 1567/8130
ARNOLDWilliamHazelbury Bryan Hazelbury BryanMargery, wife of Richard CHAPMAN, daughter 02Nov1708210
ARNOLDERobertArmswell, Buckland Buckland NewtonAlice ARNOLDE, relict05Apr 158994
ARRUNDELLRobert- ---May1654-
ARUNDELDame Margaret, widow ShastonShaftesburyMatthew & Charles ARUNDEL, sons 22Oct1571179
ARUNDELLDame Margaret, widow ShastonShaftesburyJane BEVILL alias ARUNDELL, daughter, with consent of Matthew & Charles ARUNDELL, sons 25Jan1571/21
ASHGeorge, bachelorPoole, but died in the ship "Essex" PooleHannah DENNIS, attorney of Mary ASH, widow, mother 12Dec1695227
ASHWilliamSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallWilliam ASH, son20Jul 164688
ASHWilliamSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallEleanor ASH, relict (grant of Jul 1646 to William ASH, son, renounced) 12Jun164782
ASHWilliam, bachelorFordington, but died in the ship "Breda" FordingtonRichard ASH, father01Jun1702 105
ASHEBORNEJohnWareham WarehamEmotte ASHEBORNE, relict10Feb1593/4 87
ASHELEYElizabethGyles Wynborne Wimborne St GilesHenry ASHELEY, husband30Apr 15726
ASHELEYThomasSherborne SherborneRobert LAMBERT, creditor16Feb 1603/4190
ASHLEYHenry, KnightUpwimborne St Giles Wimborne St GilesHenry ASHLEY, armiger, son08Feb 1588/988
ASHLEYSir Henry, Knight UpwymborneWimborne St GilesHenry ASHLEY, son07 Nov1622205
ATKINSWilliamMilborne St Andrew Milborne St AndrewAgnes ATKINS, relict23Apr 162987
ATWATERSibell- ---May1654-
ATWELLEdwardShaston ShaftesburySusannah ATWELL, relict19May 1704104
ATWOODKatherine- ---Jun1653-
ATWOODWilliamMotcombe MotcombeSarah ATWOOD, relict09Apr1625 157
AUSTENJohn-- --May1654-
AVYNERobertDorchester DorchesterElizabeth AVYNE, relict28Aug 1613114
AYERSThomasWoll alias Woolbridge East StokeElizabeth, wife of Richard LONG, next of kin20 Dec158744
AYLEWAYRichard- ---Nov1654-
BABERRichard- ---Aug1653-
BABERRobert- ---Sep1653-
BABINGTONFrances, spinster GillinghamGillinghamThomas BABINGTON, brother (Will 75 Fairfax) 20Oct1648117
BAGGWilliam, seniorMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisJudith BAGG, relict12Dec 1682179
BAGGOTTRichardBridport BridportMary BAGGOTT, relict29Apr1648 45
BAGGOTTSimonErmitage HermitageJoan BAGGOTT, relict31May1590 141
BAGWELLWilliamChardstock ChardstockJoan BAGWELL, relict, and John BAGWELL, son24 Dec1689213
BAILYWilliam- ---Jan1653/4-
BAILY alias BROWNESEYJohn MostertonMostertonMary BAILY alias BROWNSEY, relict, and John BAILY alias BROWNSEY, son 20Jan1655/69
BAILY alias DENSLOWEEdith, widow NetherburyNetherburyGeorge SAMPSON, grandfather and guardian of Edmund & Mary BAILY alias DENSLOWE, children of the deceased 29Jul1655139
BAKERBarnabyIwern Minster Iwerne MinsterElizabeth CHURCHEY, daughter20Nov 1668166
BAKERBurlace, bachelor ShapwickShapwickAnne BAKER, mother04Apr 167449
BAKERDavidHook Farm Farnham (if Hookswood Farm)Edward HAYLEY, creditor - Anne BAKER, relict, now wife of Richard DIER, renouncing 30May171190
BAKERElizabeth- ---Sep1654-
BAKERHenry-- --Sep1654-
BAKERHughDorchester DorchesterJames BAKER, son13Nov1693 211
BAKERJamesDorchester DorchesterElizabeth BAKER, relict09Feb 1693/433
BAKERJoane-- --Sep1653-
BAKERJohnBuckhorne Weston Buckhorn WestonBarnabas BAKER, son19Apr 1627144
BAKERJohnPuddletowne, but died in the ship "John & Mary" PuddletowneAnn BAKER, relict31Oct1685 132
BAKERJohnBradpole, but died in the ship "Breda" BradpoleMary BAKER, relict15Jul1697 130
BAKERJohnBradpole, but died in the ship "Breda" BradpoleMary BAKER, relict14Oct1702 187
BAKERMichaell- ---Sep1653-
BAKERNicholasWarham WarehamMargaret BAKER, relict05Jan1660/1 7
BAKERPeterSamory [unknown]Edith BAKER, relict30Apr1659 129
BAKERRichardDeverwood Verwood?Mary BAKER, relict09Jun1655 139
BAKERRobertLeigh, Yetminster LeighAnn POMERY alias BAKER, relict23Apr 165886
BAKERRobertWindsor Parva Broadwindsor (Little Windsor)Adam MARTIN, principal creditor - Magdalen BAKER, relict, dying without administering and Elizabeth, wife of Robert ORCHARD, sister, renouncing 09Feb1718/1922
BAKERStephen- ---Jun1654-
BAKERThomasWoolcombe Matravers Melbury BubbSarah BAKER, relict01Apr1725 74
BAKERUrsula, widowChurch Knowle Church KnowleDaniel BAKER, grandfather and guardian of Susan BAKER, daughter 14Dec1686187
BAKERWalterPoole PooleRebecca BAKER, relict03Aug1621 135
BAKERWilliamBeamister BeaminsterHenry BAKER, brother12Jun1647 100
BAKER alias MINTERNE alias WILLIAMS ElizabethChetnoll, YetminsterChetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster) James MINTERNE, husband02Jan1693/415
BAKER alias WILLIAMSThomas Melbury BubMelbury BubbMary BAKER alias WILLIAMS, relict (further grant May 1726) 15Jan1694/515
BALCHRobert, widowerdied at Blandford - quartermaster of Hon. Col. Edward LEIGH’s Regiment of Dragoons Blandford Forum, St Mary or Langton Long BlandfordJohn KNEWSTUB, principa creditor 25Sep1700181
BALEBenjaminUpway UpweyAnn BALE, relict10May1645 48
BALEPeterLitton in Purbeck SteepleEdith BALE, relict27Apr1569 145
BALLERThomas- ---May1653-
BALLINGWilliamPurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish]Susanna BALLING, relict28 Nov1672166
BALSTONHenryBreadport BridportThomas BALSTON, brother04Jan1646/7 8
BAMPTONWalterAlderholt CranborneJoan BAMPTON, relict29Mar1709 52
BANFIELDRichardSwannedge, but died at sea in the ship "Andrew" in the State’s service SwanageJohn BANFIELD, son28Aug1655 171
BANKSRobertWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJoane BANKS, relict 27Jun1597213
BARBERElizabethWeymouth WeymouthElizabeth HAMELL alias BARBER, wife of James HAMMELL, granddaughter 08Jul1691129
BARBERGeorgeWootton Fitzpain Wootton FitzpaineFlorence BARBER, relict16Feb 1676/728
BARBERGeorgeWootton Phitzpaine Wootton FitzpaineElizabeth BARBER, sister04Aug 1681107
BARBERGeorgeWootton Phitzpaine Wootton FitzpaineElizabeth BARBER, daughter - Florence BARBER, relict, having died without administering (former grant Feb 1677) 30Sep1681118
BARBERHenryAlton Pancras Alton PancrasJoane BARBER, relict31Aug 163149
BARBERUrsulaAshmore AshmoreGeorge BARBER, husband17Feb1699/1700 30
BARBER alias CHEPMANHenry Alton PancrasAlton PancrasAnne BARBER alias CHEPMAN, relict ("de bonis" grant, May 1633) 12May162067
BARBER alias CHEPMANHenry Alton PancrasAlton PancrasOwen BARBER alias CHEPMAN, brother - Ann BARBER alias CHEPMAN, relict, not having fully administered 27May1633169
BARBER alias PRINCEWilliam MiltonMilton AbbasJohn BARBER alias PRINCE, son 19May158112
BARFOOTThomasPoole PooleSusan BARFOOT, relict02Jun1677 79
BARGEPeterMelborne Osmonde Melbury OsmondWilliam SILLIE alias BARGE, son03 Feb1598/94
BARKERJohnWeymouth, but died in the ship "St Martin" WeymouthOthniel BARKER, cousin - Amy BARKER, mother, renouncing 18Nov169370
BARKERJosephSherborne SherborneCatherine BARKER, relict17May 167765
BARKERMary-- --Feb1653/4-
BARNACOTTRichard- ---Sep1653-
BARNARDJohnSherborne SherborneCatherine HITCHCOCK alias BARNARD, sister15 Feb1599/160038
BARNARDThomas, bachelor PoolePooleJohn HAYES, principal creditor - Phillis BARNARD, mother, renouncing 28Nov1701188
BARNARD alias BARNETTJoseph, bachelor died in the ship "Berwick"WeymouthJoan, wife of William DIRHAM, attorney of Mary BARNARD, mother, now at Weymouth 19Mar1706/741
BARNEThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisCatherine BARNE, relict06Jan 1607/8101
BARNESBartholomewCharmouth CharmouthAgnes BARNES, relict06Nov1632 137
BARNESBridgetDuntish, Buckland Buckland NewtonHubert HUSSEY, father of Nicholas & Hubert HUSSEY and Mary ARNOND, minors, grandchildren of the deceased 17Jul1635115
BARNESBridgetDuntish Buckland NewtonNicholas HUSSEY, grandson (former letters, Jul 1635) 05Nov1637126
BARNESEdithWimborne Wimborne MinsterMargaret GOLDE alias FOSTER, sister11 Dec1589122
BARNESJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisPhilippa BARNES, relict07Oct 161939
BARNESJohnCorffe Mullen Corfe MullenRichard BARNES, brother12Jul 1632115
BARNESJohnDuntish Buckland NewtonJohn PALMER, gentleman of Blandford Forum, pending the suit between said John PALMER & Martha LOCKETT, mother of the deceased, Mary BARNES, Dorothy LOCKETT & Ann LOCKETT 14Jun1675-
BARNESJohnCorfe Castle, but died in the ship "The Hope" in the King’s service Corfe CastleAlice BARNES, relict18Oct 1679145
BARNESJohnCorfe Castle, but died abroad Corfe CastleAnn BARNES, relict01Aug1688 131
BARNESMaryParley East or West ParleyJames PLOWMAN alias BARNES and Joane CORBIN alias BARNES, brother and sister of the deceased 09Jun1659253
BARNESRichard, Yeoman Kingston, Great CanfordCanford MagnaDorothy BARNES, relict 12Jun1657140
BARNESRobertLitchet Minster, but died in the ship "Malden" Lytchett Minster (then a chapelry of Sturminster Marshall)John BARNES, brother 05Apr169476
BARNESThomasBradford Bradford Abbas or PeverellMary BARNES, relict09 Aug164163
BARNESThomas, bachelor GillinghamGillinghamJerome BARNES, father29 Nov1682162
BARNESThomas, bachelor Langton Wallis, but died in the ship "Devonshire"Langton Matravers Lewis BARNES, father01Feb1695/625
BARNESWilliamWhitechurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumRichard KYNELL of Blandford Forum, creditor 16Oct1596179
BARNESWilliamTarrant Launceton Tarrant LauncestonElizabeth BARNES, relict24Jan 1623/474
BARNES alias RIGGSMaria PoolePooleWilliam BARNES, son12Mar 1610/119
BARNETT alias BARNARDJoseph, bachelor died in the ship "Berwick"WeymouthJoan, wife of William DIRHAM, attorney of Mary BARNARD, mother, now at Weymouth 19Mar1706/741
BARONJohn, juniorLyme Regis Lyme RegisEdith HAPGOOD alias BARON, sister, in the person of Thomas HAPGOOD, her husband 11Nov156599
BARRETTHenryWaymouth WeymouthRebecca BARRETT, mother12Mar1660/1 31
BARRETTLionelRyme Ryme IntrinsecaGrace BARRETT, relict01Apr 167345
BARRETTRichardLyme Regis Lyme RegisAgnes BARRETT, relict05Feb1596/7 193
BARTERJane, widowSturminster Newton Castle Sturminster NewtonBenjamin BARTER, son10May 1617116
BARTERJohnHinton Mary Hinton St MaryJane BARTER, relict06May 158860
BARTLETTAlexander- ---May1653-
BARTLETTHenryWeymouth, but died in the ship "Breda" WeymouthSarah BARTLETT, relict14Nov1690 206
BARTLETTJohnHide Bere RegisEme BARTLETT alias APPLEN, relict, with Roger APPLEN, husband 30Apr158995
BARTLETTJohnStockland StocklandMargaret BARTLETT, relict16May 1598246
BARTLETTJohnFrampton FramptonElizabeth BARTLETT, relict11Jun 168890
BARTLETTJonathanStourton Caundle Stourton CaundleBathshua BARTLETT, spinster, sister12 May169781
BARTLETTRobert, bachelor Marlow, but died in the ship "Essex"Winfrith Newburgh? (if Marley Wood) Elizabeth CASON, spinster, niece on sister’s side07 May169079
BARTLETTWilliamBemister BeaminsterJohn BARTLETT, brother21May 1604202
BARTLETT alias HANCOCKERobert PiddletownePuddletownAlice BARTLETT alias HANCOCKE, relict 09Feb1592/346
BARTLETT alias HANCOCKERobert PiddletownePuddletownEme BARTLETT alias FRAMPTON alias HANCOCKE, late wife of John BARTLETT alias HANCOCKE deceased, son of Robert BARTLETT alias HANCOCKE, of goods left unadministered by Alice BARTLETT alias HANCOCKE, relict of the deceased, during the minority of Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth and Rebecca, children of John BARTLETT alias HANCOCKE (see Admon Feb 1592/3) 26Apr159424
BARTLETT alias WILLIAMSDorothy PuddletonPuddletownHenry WILLIAMS alias BARTLETT, son 26Jun1657142
BARTONCorneliusLyme Regis Lyme RegisEdith BARTON, relict17Nov1657 291
BARTONJohnBrancksey StudlandJohn GWYSE, next of kin20May1590 140
BARTONJohnBruncksby [unknown]Thomas GODDARD, armiger, creditor - administrator of goods not administered by John GWISE May 1590) 13Nov160521
BARTONJohnBruncksley Studland (Bruncksey, i.e. Brownsea)William SANDES, Knight, creditor (of goods not administered by John GWISE May 1590 and Thomas GODDARD Nov 1605) 18Feb1605/629
BASCOMWilliamPoole PooleFlower BASCOM, relict14Jul1699 125
BASCOMBEJohnWool WoolMary BASCOMBE, relict14Jul1709 144
BASELEYSamuelLyme Lyme RegisMartha BASELEY, sister15Sep 1651147
BASILLJohn-- --Sep1654-
BASKETJohn, armigerDowlish DewlishMary BASKET, widow13Jul1674 107
BASKETTJohnDewlish DewlishMary BASKETT, relict28Apr1676 42
BASKETTRichardChislebourne CheselbourneUrith BASKETT, relict18Mar 1684/533
BASKETTThomasDewlish DewlishBrigit BASKETT, sister, during the minority of Saline, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Catherine & Hopton BASKETT, children of the deceased - [blank] relict renouncing 18Dec1647175
BASONHenryWinterborne [unknown]Eleanor BASON, relict24Jun1656 117
BASTARDJoanBlandford Forum Blandford ForumMartha BASTARD, sister12Feb 1621/2165
BASTARDWilliamHorton Horton-cum-WoodlandsEleanor BASTARD, relict21Jan 1638/93
BATCHELORHenry- ---Dec1654-
BATTENRichard- ---Aug1653-
BATTEN alias BURTONThomas Burton[unknown]William FOSTER, attorney of Catherine BATTEN alias BURTON, relict 21Nov1698215
BATTRICKRobert, junior, bachelor Corfe CastleCorfe CastleGeorge BATTRICK, brother 07Dec1709231
BATWELLThomasBurton [unknown]Cicily BATWELL, relict25Oct1649 121
BAUNTONEdward- ----1653-
BAYLEYAlice- ---Jun1654-
BAYLEYGregoryMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisAnne BAYLEY, relict18Jul 166097
BAYLEYJohnAllington AllingtonAlice BAYLEY, relict03Jan1658/9 17
BAYLEYNicholasWike Regis Wyke RegisMary BAYLEY08Apr1700 61
BAYLEY alias HUSSEYJohn YetminsterYetminsterAnn BAYLEY alias HUSSEY, relict 16Oct1670155
BAYLYSimon, bachelorLyme Regis, but died in Barbadoes Lyme RegisRachel DARE, spinster, niece on sister’s side 20Nov1706220
BAYLY / BRYERJohn, widower Upway, but died in the ship "Boyne"UpweyThomas BAYLY / BRYER, son 19Dec1696220
BAYLY alias SMITHNicholas Lyme RegisLyme RegisJoan BAYLY alias SMITH, relict 28May1590140
BAYNARDRobert, bachelor CliffeTincletonThomas BAYNARD, armiger, father 02May167656
BAYNARDThomasBellchallwell BelchalwellJohn BAYNARD, brother (probate granted to Margaret BAYNARD alias SAMWAYES revoked) 24Mar1648/924
BAZILLWilliamPoole, but died in the ship "Assistance" PooleSarah BAZILL, relict27Sep1692 164
BEACHThomasWeymouth WeymouthMary BEACH, relict10Sep1698 170
BEADONThomas- ---Aug1653-
BEALEYJohnSherborne SherborneHugh HODGES, gentleman, creditor - Flower BEALEY, relict, not administering 11Feb1638/911
BEAMONTPhilipShaston ShaftesburyMargaret BEAMONT, relict30Nov 1657293
BEAMONT alias SCUDMOREMargaret, widow ShastonShaftesburyAnn BEAMONT, daughter25 Aug1586182
BEARJohnWeymouth WeymouthWilliam HERBERT, guardian of Edith & Richard BEAR, children 06Dec1709231
BEARDAgnesPoole PooleJohn BEARD, brother24Jan1598/9 2
BEARDThomas- ---Oct1654-
BEARDWalterMilton Abbas Milton AbbasJohn TREGONWELL, senior, armiger of Anderson, creditor 21Jan1638/91
BEAREAndrew- ---Jul1654-
BEARERichard- ---Jun1653-
BEARERichard- ---Jul1653-
BEARERichardCheddington ChedingtonElizabeth, wife of Henry CULLYFORD12 Jan1683/44
BEAREHAMDorothy- ---Sep1653-
BEATONHenryOver Compton Over ComptonMary BEATON, relict (further grant Jun 1712) 20Feb1690/121
BEATONJonathanOver Compton Over ComptonHester BEATON, relict02Dec 1673159
BEATONRobertOver Compton Over ComptonHenry BEATON, son13Jun1642 136
BEATON alias COLEAnne, widow LillingtonLillingtonJohn COLE, armiger, brother 19Dec1698238
BEATYFrancisDorchester DorchesterMary BEATY, relict26Jan1720/1 8
BEEREBartholomewWeymouth WeymouthThomas BEERE, brother02Jul1666 146
BEEREFrancisOver Compton Over ComptonWilliam BEERE, son12May1636 173
BEEREIsaacBurton, but died on the ship "Assistance" [unknown]John BEERE, father26Jul1682 99
BEEREJames, bachelorBurton, but died on the ship "Assistance" [unknown]John BEERE, father26Jul1682 99
BEEREJohnWeymouth WeymouthEdith BEERE, relict (further grant, Dec 1709)17 Sep1703174
BEERERobertChilfrome ChilfromeMargaret BEERE, relict14Nov1656 278
BEERESimon, bachelorWeymouth, but died in the ship "Warspight" WeymouthMary BEERE, widow, mother10Feb 1692/326
BEEREWilliamBeere Hackett Beer HackettMargaret BEERE, relict15Mar 1648/919
BEEREWilliamChideock ChideockRobert & John BEERE, brothers - Elizabeth BEERE, relict, renouncing 29Mar168533
BEERE alias HARRISSarah Ryme IntrinsecaRyme IntrinsecaSamuel BEERE, son 07Feb1689/9031
BEERE alias HERBERTSarah WeymouthWeymouthWilliam HERBERT, husband26 Jul1707140
BEESONAndrewPoole PooleAbraham BEESON, son02Dec1656 306
BEETHELLEllis, gentleman Wimborne MinsterWimborne MinsterMARY BEETHELL, relict 12Jan1686/77
BELBINJohnShasbury ShaftesburySusan BELBIN, relict24Mar1655/6 66
BELBYNRobertSturminster Newton Sturminster NewtonJoane BELBYN, relict17Sep 1603167
BELLETTHenryWyke Regis, but died in Jamaica Wyke RegisMargaret BELLETT, relict08Jul 1688114
BELLRINGERRobertLyme Regis, but died in the ship "The Pearl" Lyme RegisJaems FULLER, attorney of Tabitha BELLRINGER, relict 16Dec1719221
BELRINGERRobert, bachelor Poorestock, but died in the ship "Sunderland"Powerstock Sarah BELRINGER, widow, mother (further grant 1708)01Mar 1697/852
BENFEILDJohn, bachelor Portland, but died abroadPortlandJohn WRIGHT, attorney of James BENFIELD, father 16Jun167979
BENFIELDIsaac, bachelor Corfe CastleCorfe CastleDorothy BENFIELD, widow, mother 18Sep1660139
BENFIELDJohnWhitchurch, Milton Milton AbbasBrigitt BENFIELD, relict03Dec 1597233
BENFIELDJohn, bachelor died in the ship "Eagle"WarehamMary, wife of Richard BENNETT, attorney of Matthew BENFIELD, brother, now at Wareham 20Jul1706139
BENFIELDRobert, widower PortlandPortlandAgnes BENFIELD, wife of Abel PEARCE, daughter 02May168269
BENNETFrancisWick Regis, but died in the ship "The Success" in the King’s service Wyke RegisAnn BENNET, mother10Jul1674 105
BENNETJohnSimondsbury SymondsburyCatherine BENNET, relict20Oct 162354
BENNETTAnthonyPoole, but died in the ship "Pendennis" PooleGeorge TURBEVILLE, principal creditory15Mar 1689/9048
BENNETTHenryTyneham TynehamJoan BENNETT, relict21Oct1630 194
BENNETTJohn- ---Sep1654-
BENNETTJohn, seniorShaston St James Shaftesbury St James[blank] son, and Matthew GREENE, creditor - Mary BENNETT, relict, renouncing 16Jan1639/4097
BENNETTRichard- ---May1654-
BENNETTWilliam- ---Jul1653-
BENNETT alias JOYGeorge, bachelor Maiden NewtonMaiden NewtonJohn BENNETT alias JOY, cousin - revoked; fresh letters granted Jun 1703 08Dec1702235
BENTThomasPreston Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzUrsula BENT, relict12 Feb1620/1110
BEOMONTWilliam- ---Sep1654-
BERERogerChidiock ChideockAgnes BERE, relict12Nov1571 180
BERNARDRobertWeymouth WeymouthMary BERNARD, relict07Oct1693 187
BERRYLewis-- --Sep1653-
BERRYNathanielDorchester DorchesterAnn BERRY, relict20Jan1644/5 24
BERRYMANOsmondSturminster Newton Castle Sturminster NewtonThomas BERRYMAN, brother29Sep 1679131
BERTRAMThomasLyme Regis Lyme RegisAlice BERTRAM, relict13Apr1666 93
BESTWalterEwerne Courtney alias Shrowton Iwerne CourtneyJoan BEST alias LANNYNGE, sister (Grant cancelled: Will proved following October) 24Jul156134
BESTWilliamCorfe Castle Corfe CastleGrace BEST, relict25Jun1672 68
BETTIE alias MORFORDFrances ----Aug1654-
BEWNELLJamesPoxwell PoxwellMargaret BEWNELL, relict11Sep1667 140
BEWNELLJamesBuckland Buckland Newton or Buckland RipersMary BEWNELL, relict26 Apr170483
BIDDLECOMBEJohnPoole PooleJames MESURER, uncle28Feb1561/2 41
BIDEGOODRobertFordington FordingtonCatherine BIDEGOOD, relict27Apr 162987
BIGGE alias ALLENGiles StockwooddStockwoodThomas MUNDEN, next of kin06 Apr1597204
BIGGSDorothy- ---Jun1653-
BIGGSGeorge- ---Sep1653-
BILESAlexanderDorchester DorchesterJohn BILES, son - Dorothy BILES, relict, dying before administering 23Mar1692/381
BILESRogerChilde Okeford Child OkefordMatilda [Maud] BILES, relict18Feb 1602/3149
BILESWalterStockwood StockwoodChristian BILES, relict12Nov 1618208
BINGHAMFrances, spinster DorchesterDorchesterPenelope, wife of John MICHELL, armiger, sister 25Sep1683129
BINGHAMRobert, armiger Melcombe BinghamMelcombe HorseyWilliam ALBERT, yeoman of Middle Temple, London 11Feb1593/485
BIRDGeorgeWesthay, Whitechurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJudith BIRD, relict 19Feb1651/216
BIRDJohn-- --Sep1653-
BIRDJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
BIRDJudithWhitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumThomas SEAWARD, brother 14Feb1658/953
BIRDWilliamPoole PooleAnn BIRD, relict07Oct1689 166
BIRD alias ANCKSILLJoanna Sturminster Newton CastleSturminster NewtonWilliam BIRD, husband 13Jan1686/77
BIRTJamesThornford, but died at Wood St., Compter, London ThornfordFrances BIRT, relict08Dec1666 236
BIRTEJamesHaselbury Bryant Hazelbury BryanRebecca BIRTE, relict09Oct 161133
BISHOPJohnWaimouth WeymouthThomas BISHOP, father11Aug1645 76
BISHOPWilliamCaundle Bishop Bishops CaundleCatherine, wife of Henry OTTER alias PHILLIPS, grandmother & guardian of Mary, William, Matthew, John & Hannah BISHOP, children of the deceased 02Dec1710233
BISHOP alias BUCKLERMartha ChetnoleChetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Edward BUCKLER, father - William BISHOP, husband, dying before accepting administration 24Apr167536
BISHOPPHumphreyChilcombe ChilcombeJohn BISHOPP, armiger, son - Ann BISHOPP, relict, renouncing 03Dec1675151
BISHOPPJohnCranborne CranborneAnne BISHOPP, relict30Dec1672 175
BISSHOPPE alias VEAKERobert Waymouth & Melcombe RegisWeymouth & Melcombe RegisPhilip BISSHOPPE alias VEAKE, brother, with consent of Alice BISSHOPPE alias VEAKE, mother 28Jun1596170
BITHWOODAnnaSherborne SherborneJohn CHAFYN, husband of Ann, niece01Feb 1646/735
BLACKEREdwardGillingham GillinghamJane, wife of John PERNE, mother08Aug 167398
BLACKEREdward, senior GillinghamGillinghamJane, wife of John PERNE, relict 22Jan1677/87
BLACKFORDThomasWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisJoane BLACKFORD, relict27 Oct1626113
BLACKFORDWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisAgnes BLACKFORD alias WEBBER, relict28 Apr1618166
BLACKFORD alias STODDENAlice ----Aug1653-
BLACKNOLLHenryWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisElizabeth BLACKNOLL, relict30 Sep158873
BLAKERalphWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterBasil BLAKE, relict30Apr 162673
BLAKEThomas- ---Jun1654-
BLAKE alias DAWAlice- ---Jul1653-
BLANCHARDSusannaKatherine Catherston Leweston?Mary WHITTINGTON, daughter04 Aug164699
BLANDFORDThomas, bachelor Poole, but died at SurinamPooleHenry BLANDFORD, brother, during the absence of Dorothy SEWELL, mother 21Nov1691201
BLANDMOREEliasWareham, but died in the ship "Guernsey" WarehamElizabeth BLANDMORE, relict02Mar 1703/461
BLANDYMORE alias DAMERJohn GodmanstoneGodmanstoneSamuel BLANDYMORE alias DAMER, son 20Apr165886
BLANEYZachary- ---Aug1654-
BLATCHFORDRobert, widower Hargrove FuntmillFontmell MagnaRobert BLATCHFORD, son 31Mar170952
BLAYNEYDavid, clerk, late vicar of Burstock BurstockBurstockCatherine BLAYNEY, relict16 Apr163122
BLEWETTThomas- ---Aug1654-
BLITHEThomas, bachelor Poole, but died abroadPooleMark BLITHE, father 16Feb1627/88
BLUDWORTHJohnPiddletrenthide PiddletrenthideElizabeth BLUDWORTH, relict22Feb 1688/924
BLUDWORTHWilliamPuddle Trenthide PiddletrenthideElizabeth BLUDWORTH, widow, mother23 May169286
BLUEEdward-- --Jul165316
BLY alias MAYDMANZacharia Blandford ForumBlandford ForumEdith BLY alias MAYDMAN, relict 03Sep1630196
BLYMAN alias SEWARDJane DorchesterDorchesterThomas SEWARD, husband22 Jun1717114
BLYNMANJoane- ---Jul1653-
BOATSONJohn, bachelor died in the ship "Kingston"AbbotsburyBartholomew PARSONS, attorney of Hugh BOATSON, brother, now at Abbotsbury 06Aug1705167
BOATSWAINEWalterAbbotsbury, but died in the ship "Eagle" AbbotsburyFrances BOATSWAINE, relict28Jul 1708163
BOCKEEdwardDorchester DorchesterMargaret BOCKE, relict09Jan 1609/10183
BODDYWilliam- ---Sep1653-
BODENJohnCanford Canford MagnaGeorge COLLIER of Fordingbridge, co. Southampton, next of kin - [blank] relict renouncing 07Oct1614168
BODYMaryWichampton WitchamptonThomas BODY, son (renounced & fresh Admon granted Jun 1628) 12Sep1627170
BODY alias MARKSThomas Wike RegisWyke RegisJoane BODY alias MARKS, relict 14May165691
BOITEJames, bachelorWeymouth, but died in the ship "Berkley Castle" WeymouthAnn BOITE, mother15Dec1690 232
BOLERichardHorsey Melcombe Melcombe HorseyJoyce BOLE, relict28May 1659176
BOLE/ BULLMariaSherborne SherborneWilliam BOLES, next of kin08Apr 161398
BOLESJohnPoole PooleAnn BOLES, relict01Jun1670 94
BOLTJohn, bachelorWeymouth, but died in the ship "Archangel" WeymouthGrace BOLT, widow, mother16Sep 1692164
BOLTERJohnWinterborne [unknown]Mary BOLTER, relict02Jan1655/6 9
BONDEdmund-- --Sep1653-
BONDIsabella, widowNewton Buckland Buckland NewtonAnne WHETSTONE alias BOND, daughter01 Jun1598253
BONDMark-- --Nov1654-
BONDOneshiphorusDorchester DorchesterDionisie BOND, relict02Feb1635/6 151
BONDRobertOwermoigne OwermoigneJane BOND, relict08Dec1660 201
BONDSamuel, merchantWeymouth, but died in the ship "Bridgwater" WeymouthMargaret BOND, mother14May1678 51
BONDThomasExeter, Devon, but died at Lyme Regis Lyme RegisMary BOND, relict08Mar1644/5 33
BONDWilliamStockland StocklandEleanor BOND, relict19Feb1656/7 34
BONDWilliamMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisMargaret BOND, relict11Apr 167642
BONDWilliam & Richard, children & heirs of John BOND HolnestHolnestAnne WHETSTONE alias BOND, aunt21 Jul1598257
BONNENGeorge- ---Feb1653/4-
BONNERAgnesLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam WHITCOMB, junior, brother20Jul 1578150
BONNERJohnLime Regis Lyme RegisElizabeth BONNER, relict09Oct 1584117
BOOBY alias HERNEElias DalwoodDalwoodJoane BOOBY alias HERNE, relict (further grant Mar 1669/70) 08Aug1666158
BOOBY alias HERNEElias DalwoodDalwoodElias BOOBY alias HERNE, grandson - Joane BOOBY alias HERNE, relict, dying before administering (previous grant Aug 1666) 05Mar170043
BORCOMBEWilliamWotton Phitzpayn Wootton FitzpaineAlice BORCOMBE, relict07Jun 1609161
BOROUGHJosephCharmouth, but died in the ship "Despatch" CharmouthJohn BOROUGH, guardian of Robert, John, Ambrose & Hannah BOROUGH, children of the deceased 01Aug1703167
BOSTON alias SETHERINGTONHenry Wymbourne MynsterWimborne MinsterMargaret BOSTON alias SETHERINGTON, mother, during the minority of Jane, Anne & Avice, sisters of the deceased 22Apr157327
BOTWELLRichardSilton SiltonGrace BOTWELL, relict21May1695 96
BOUDICHGeorgeChardstock ChardstockElizabeth BOUDICH, relict20Jul 164152
BOVETMaryStockland StocklandJohn BOVET junior, brother13Mar 1611/1254
BOWDENJohnPoole PooleMartha BOWDEN, relict06Sep1723 - -
BOWDENSarah, widowFrampton FramptonThomas MEECH and John LIGHT, guardians of John BOWDEN, son of the deceased 27May168971
BOWDENStephenWeymouth, but died at Jersey WeymouthThomas BOWDEN, brother09Apr1652 53
BOWDICHGeorgeChardestocke ChardstockGeorge BOWDICH, son08Apr1624 86
BOWDICHHenryChardstock ChardstockAnn BOWDICH, relict13Oct1646 117
BOWDICHJamesNewland, Whitchurch Winterborne Whitechurch or Whitchurch CanonicorumJohn CHAPPELL alias HUTCHINS, principal creditor 16May1656107
BOWDICHWilliamDallwood, but died at Chardstock DalwoodHenry BOWDICH, nephew29Aug1646 94
BOWEREdithCranborne CranborneHenry GOFFE, guardian of Grace BOWER, a minor, cousin & next of kin 22Apr164752
BOWERHenry, armigerIwerne Minster Iwerne MinsterThomas BOWER, son - Catherine BOWER, relict, renouncing 10Nov1683154
BOWERJohnCorfe Castle, but died at sea on "Taunton" frigate Corfe CastleAdry BOWER, relict26Jan1657/8 10
BOWERWilliamEast Orchard East OrchardHonor BOWER, relict19Nov1658 282
BOWLESHenry, clerkFuntmell Magna Fontmell MagnaMary BOWLES, relict06May 170181
BOWLESJamesBurton Bradstock, but died in the ship "Breda" Burton BradstockJohn PILTON, attorney of Catherine BOWLES, relict 16Dec1690233
BOWLESWilliamPoole PooleFrances BOWLES, relict30Aug1692 144
BOWLES alias PARKSarah StalbridgeStalbridgeSamuel BOWLES, husband01 Jun1703126
BOWNESFrancisHampreston HamprestonRobert MUNCK, principal creditor05Jan 1655/69
BOWYEREdmund, seniorSpettisbury SpetisburyEdmund BOWYER junior, armiger - Anne WHITE alias BOWYER, relict, renouncing 31May1630170
BOWYER alias COLEMartha HamprestonHamprestonChristopher BOWYER, brother 06Nov1633202
BOYLANDThomasLytchett Minster Lytchett Minster (then a chapelry of Sturminster Marshall)Eve BOYLAND, relict 07Sep1689148
BOYTRichardWeymouth WeymouthAnn BOYT, relict20Jun1690 95
BOYTEWilliam- [unknown][This name is entered in the Calendar as of Dorset, but it cannot be traced in the Administration Act Book] - 1660-
BRADBURYThomas, clerk BindonWoolWimond BRADBURIE, gentleman of Newport Pond, Co. Essex, brother 05Mar1612/1396
BRADISHJoshuaAllington AllingtonJane BRADISH, relict03Mar1704/5 54
BRADREPPChristopherMaperton Mapperton (parish) or Mapperton in AlmerKatherine BRADREPP, relict 16Feb1658/953
BRADRIPPDorothy- ---Jun1654-
BRADSTOCKJosephWitchampton WitchamptonHenry BRADSTOCK, son23May1631 27
BRAGGJohn-- --Jul1654-
BRAGGThomasSutton Poyntz Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzLeonard BRAGG, brother20 Oct158122
BRAGGWilliam, bachelor ThornecombeThornecombeAbraham BRAGG, brother08 Nov1708210
BRAGGEAnn, spinsterBroadwinsor BroadwindsorMargaret, now wife of John BRAGGE, mother22 May1642127
BRAGGENicholas, bachelor died in the Galley "Charles"[unknown]William LENTON, attorney of Joseph BRAGGE, father, now in Dorset 22Aug1704164
BRAMBLEJohnPoole PooleDorothy BRAMBLE, daughter19Jan1627/8 3
BRAUNTONJohn- ---May1654-
BRAVELLRichardCompton Abbyes Compton AbbasSusan BRAVELL, relict05Oct 1694201
BRAWLEY alias WEDLAEKJohn ----Sep1653-
BRAYJohn-- --Jun1653-
BRAYNEJohn-- --May1653-
BREHOLTERobertLyme Regis Lyme RegisEmline BREHOLTE, relict26Nov 1604225
BREMBLEDorothy- ---Feb1653/4-
BRENTGraceHoniborne Holt (Honeybrook Farm)Bridget BRENT, sister06Jun 1666123
BRENTThomasHonybrook Holt (Honeybrook Farm)Bridget BRENT, sister06Jun 1666123
BRETHERSWilliam- ---Jun1654-
BRETTWilliamShaston ShaftesburyJohn BRETT, son, with consent of Mary BRETT, relict 09Oct1648115
BRETT alias TUBERVILEAnna WhitechurchWinterborne WhitechurchAlexander BRETT, husband 07Aug1584114
BREWERJohn, KnightAthelhampton AthelhamptonBridget BREWER, relict12Mar 1638/919
BREWERMichael- ---Mar1653/4-
BREWER alias MOOREGeorge SherborneSherborneGrace BREWER alias MOORE, relict 31Dec1594119
BRIANThomas- ---Nov1654-
BRICEJohnWeymouth WeymouthGrace BRICE, relict20Sep1690 163
BRICERogerShaston ShaftesburyJoan BRICE, relict17Apr1618 167
BRICKHILLGilbertPoole PooleMargaret BRICKHILL, relict23Feb1622/3 11
BRIDGES alias MICHELArabella Kingston RussellKingston RussellJohn MICHEL, armiger, husband 18Apr171769
BRIDLERichardSydlinge Sydling St NicholasThomas BRIDLE, brother12Jan 1610/113
BRIDLERobertMiddlemarsh, Minterne Magna Minterne MagnaElizabeth BRIDLE, relict19Nov 1675139
BRIDLE alias PRANKARDElizabeth Milborne Port[Milborne Port, Somerset]Edward PRANKARD, husband 10Feb1693/434
BRIGHTNicholasHamworthy, but died in the ship "Bristol" Hamworthy (then a chapelry of Sturminster Marshall)Eleanor BRIGHT, relict 04Jan1691/24
BRIMSMEADERoger- ---Jun1654-
BRINCKWORTHAnne- ---Oct1654-
BRINERobertRodipoole RadipoleWilliam BRINE, brother26May1593 56
BRINEThomasSherborne SherborneEleanor BRINE, relict20Feb1688/9 24
BRINE alias CREECHAllinor Sherborne, but died at Cary Fitzpaine, co. SomersetSherborne John BRINE alias CREECH, husband26Oct1702 187
BRISHETTHenryAbbotsbury AbbotsburyJohn MOTER, ropemaker of Stepney, Middlesex, cousin 07May162823
BRITTELLJames- ---Jun1653-
BRITTELLWilliam- ---Sep1653-
BROADEIsaac- ---Aug1654-
BRODREPPJohnMaperton, but died at Leydon, Holland Mapperton (parish) or Mapperton in AlmerRichard BRODREPP, brother 24Oct1679146
BROMERichardWest Milton PowerstockJuliana BROME, relict15Jun1692 101
BROOKEAliceMarnhull MarnhullNicholas BROOKE, son16Oct1651 156
BROOKEIsabell- ---Jan1653/4-
BROOKEMorganWaymouth WeymouthRichard BROOKE, brother09Oct1615 36
BROOKEPeter- ---Aug1653-
BROOKERichardWaymouth & Melcombe Regis Weymouth & Melcombe RegisJane BROOKE, relict16 Nov1589117
BROOKERichard- ---Jun1653-
BROOKEThomas- ---Aug1654-
BROOKEWilliam- ---Sep1654-
BROOKESRichard- ---May1654-
BROOKESRobertLyme Regis Lyme RegisWilliam BROOKES, son28Jul1612 65
BROOKSElizabeth, widow DorchesterDorchesterCabot BROOKS, son04 Jul1720147
BROWNEDaniel- ---Jul1654-
BROWNEGeorgeBradle, Church Knowell Church KnowleWilliam BROWNE, son06Oct 1671122
BROWNEGeorge, bachelor FramptonFramptonThomas GUNDRY, armiger, brother on mother’s side 09Mar1684/533
BROWNEHannah, widowWambrook WambrookWilliam BROWNE, son01Feb1708/9 28
BROWNEJane-- --Jul1653-
BROWNEJane, ladyFrampton FramptonJohn BROWNE, armiger, son26May 163426
BROWNEJohnWitcombe WhitcombeLaurence MELLER, gentleman of Stratton, creditor 15Nov1613127
BROWNEJohnCorffe Castle Corfe CastleEdith BROWNE, relict29Dec 1632141
BROWNEJohn-- --Jul1653-
BROWNEJohnWambrook WambrookHannah BROWNE, relict20Feb1699/1700 30
BROWNERobertCorff Castle Corfe CastleElizabeth BROWNE, relict11Jun 164674
BROWNERobert- ---Jun1653-
BROWNESusan, widowCorfe Castle Corfe CastleStephen BROWNE, next of kin22Nov 156486
BROWNETobias- ---Jul1653-
BROWNEValentine- ---Mar1653/4-
BROWNESEY alias BAILYJohn MostertonMostertonMary BAILY alias BROWNSEY, relict, and John BAILY alias BROWNSEY, son 20Jan1655/69
BROWNINGMargaret, widow Litchet MinsterLytchett MinsterWilliam BROWNING, uncle & guardian of Mary BROWNING, daughter of the deceased 25Jan1694/514
BROWNINGPhilippa, widow Beer RegisBere RegisEleanor, wife of John SAMWAYS, daughter 01Oct1691189
BRYANTJohnBroadwinsor BroadwindsorMary, wife of Thomas DANIEL, daughter23 Feb1699/170030
BRYANTRobertBroadwinsor BroadwindsorJohn BRYANT, brother14May 165568
BRYANTThomasinaBurton [unknown]Abraham BRYANT, son31Aug1660 116
BRYARRobertWeymouth WeymouthMary BRYAR, relict02Apr1693 81
BRYARDJohnPoole PooleMary BRYARD10Nov162857
BRYDLEThomasWinterborn Steepleton Winterborne SteepletonJoan BRYDLE, relict20Apr 163772
BRYERWilliam, bachelor Weymouth, but died abroadWeymouthNengan MASTERS, principal creditor 05Apr168853
BRYNERichardBuckland Buckland Newton or RipersJohn BRYNE, brother06 Feb1631/281
BRYNERobertRadipull RadipoleJohn BRYNE, brother, Anne SURRELL alias BRYNE, Ann BISHOPPE alias BRYNE and Emme MAGNER alias BRYNE, sisters 04Nov1598266
BRYNEWilliamSoutham alias Hamworthie HamworthyEdith BRYNE, relict11Apr1640 119
BUCKEJeremiah- ---Feb1653/4-
BUCKLANDMary, spinster Knighton, Beer HackettBeer HackettAnn BUCKLAND, mother 06Mar1694/551
BUCKLERAndrewWaymouth WeymouthAnne BUCKLER, relict20Mar1618/19 12
BUCKLERElizabethWoolcombe Melbury BubbThomas BUCKLER, brother14Nov 1648131
BUCKLERElizabethLitton Cheyney Litton CheneyMary OLIVER alias CHURCHILL, Bridget & Sarah CHURCHILL, next of kin 13Nov1650163
BUCKLERMargery, widow Blandford ForumBlandford ForumJohn HITCHCOCK, father, and William HITCHCOCK, brother, during the minority of Thomas, Margaret, Mary, John, William, Alexander & Elizabeth BUCKLER, children of the deceased 23Jan1636/750
BUCKLERSamuel, bachelor died in the ship "New Plymouth"[unknown]Joan, wife of William DIRHAM, attorney of Rachel BUCKLER, widow, mother, now in Dorset 20Jul1709135
BUCKLERThomasMelbury Bubb Melbury BubbMargaret BUCKLER, relict20May 1635103
BUCKLERThomasMelbury Bubb Melbury BubbJohn HITCHCOCK, of Potterne, Wiltshire & William HITCHCOCK, citizen & merchant taylor of London, during the minority of the children of the deceased - Margaret BUCKLER, relict, not having fully administered (former letters May 1635) 23Jan1636/750
BUCKLERWilliamBridport BridportBrigitt BUCKLER, relict31Dec1650 182
BUCKLER alias BISHOPMartha ChetnoleChetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Edward BUCKLER, father - William BISHOP, husband, dying before accepting administration 24Apr167536
BUCNOLLJohn- ---Jul1653-
BUDDWilliam- ---Sep1654-
BUDDENChristopherWest Moore, Gussage All Saints Gussage All SaintsWilliam LOCKYER, great grandson21 Jul164682
BUDDENJohnCanford Canford MagnaJohn BUDDEN, son19Jun1596 169
BUDDENJohnHorton Horton-cum-WoodlandsMargaret BUDDEN, relict (further grant Mar 1673) 12Feb1669/7019
BUDDENJohn, seniorHorton Horton-cum-WoodlandsJohn BUDDEN, son, administrator of goods not administered by Margaret BUDDEN, relict (previous grant Feb 1670 & further grant Jan 1674) 21Mar1672/337
BUDDENJohn, seniorHorton Horton-cum-WoodlandsHenry ROGERS & Thomas BAYLEY, guardians of Philip BUDDEN, son of the deceased, administrators of goods not administered by Margaret BUDDEN, relict, and John BUDDEN, son of the deceased (previous grants Feb 1669 & Mar 1673) 12Jan1673/48
BUDDENRichardWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterJane BUDDEN, relict27Jan 1668/97
BUGDENWilliamCranborne CranborneMargaret BUGDEN, relict17Nov 1647164
BUGLERWalterChetnall Chetnole (then a chapelry of Yetminster)Katherine BUGLER alias HAWKYNS, relict 31May156479
BULLDanielBridport BridportIzrael BULL, relict03Oct1706 203
BULLOCKEEdward- ---Jul1654-
BULSTRODEFloyerFrampton FramptonMary BULSTRODE, relict03Jan1703/4 10
BUMSTEEDFrauncis- ---Aug1653-
BUNJohnSilton SiltonSusan BUN, relict19Aug1642 153
BUNBURYJohn- ---Sep1653-
BUNKLEYWilliamBryanston BryanstonSibelle BUNKLEY, relict22Dec 1632140
BURBIDGERichardBlandford Forum Blandford ForumMary, wife of John EYRE, clerk, daughter 30Jul1680122
BURDJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumJoane BURD, relict12Jan 1634/574
BURDJohn-- --Jul1654-
BURDENWilliamBlandford Forum, but died at Knightsbridge, Middlesex Blandford ForumAnn BURDEN, relict15Jun 1716117
BURDHAMThomasStockland StocklandThomasine BURDHAM, relict15Aug 1590148
BURFORDEdwardWeymouth, but died in the ship "Soldadoes" prize ship WeymouthElizabeth BURFORD, relict06May 170181
BURGEJohnBristol [unknown]George TREW, Merchant of Corfe Castle11 May1584105
BURGEJohn, widowerMarnhull MarnhullMary, wife of Robert YOUNG, grandmother & guardian of John & Thomas BURGE, children of the deceased 07Jul1688113
BURGEMary, widowMarnhull MarnhullEdith BOWER, widow, daughter (further grant Jul 1734) 27May171291
BURGERichardMarnhull MarnhullMary BURGE, relict, and Edith, wife of Thomas BOWER, daughter 19Dec1694233
BURGE alias HILSONMatthew MarnehallMarnhullMary HILSON alias BURGE, relict 17Jul166098
BURLETONJohn- ---Jul1653-
BURRIDGEJohnStockland StocklandMary BURRIDGE, relict12Jun1691 96
BURROWS alias TILLYAnna Beer HackettBeer HackettJohn BURROW, husband03 Jul1701102
BURTONEleanor- ---May1653-
BURTONRichard- ---Aug1653-
BURTONThomasBlandford Forum Blandford ForumMary LANNYNGE alias BURTON, wife of Robert LANNYNGE, shoemaker of the city of Westminster, daughter 16Jul1638191
BURTON alias BATTENThomas Burton[unknown]William FOSTER, attorney of Catherine BATTEN alias BURTON, relict 21Nov1698215
BUSHJames-- --Jan1653/4-
BUSHWilliamSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallMary BUSH, relict03Oct 1635133
BUSHELLJanePoole PooleWilliam BUSHELL, husband19Sep1679 131
BUTCHER alias MASTERSEdmund ----Mar1653/4-
BUTLERFrancisSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallBridget BUTLER, relict19Dec 1672175
BUTLERHenryHanley Sixpenny Handley (then a chapelry of Iwerne Minster)Henry BUTLER, son 07Jan1642/33
BUTLERNathaniel, widower Lyme RegisLyme RegisSarah BUTLER, spinster, daughter 31Jan1710/111
BUTTFrancis, widowerSherborne SherborneThomas KING & George MARTIN, creditors - Francis & John BUTT, sons, renouncing 13Jun1702105
BUTT alias WALLISElizabeth AffpudleAffpuddleJohn BUTT, husband14 May165691
BYLERobertChild Ockford Child OkefordDorcas DALE alias BYLE, relict02May 1659175
BYLESAmbroseMilton Abbey Milton AbbasFrances COWARD, grandmother & guardian of Joseph BYLES, son of the deceased 23Oct1689166
BYLESSarah, widowStoborough ArneAnne PARMITER, widow, granddaughter18Dec 1711227
BYRTEJamesShaston ShaftesburyJohn BYRTE, son31Mar1575 70
BYTHEWOODEdwardMilton Milton AbbasRichard BYTHEWOOD, brother10Feb 1591/26
CADEJohnEstover East StourArminelle CADE, relict23Mar 1638/922
CADERichard- ---Sep1653-
CADELLPeter- ---Jun1653-
CADELLWilliam- ---Jun1653-
CADIENicholasWeek Regis Wyke RegisDorothy CADIE, relict16Jul1628 40
CALDICOTPhilip, junior, bachelor Woodgate, but died at Schellen-berg in Hon. Col. CHURCHILL’s regiment Pentridge (if East or West Woodyates)Philip CALDICOT, father 04Mar1706/742
CALLARDMatthewStockland StocklandJohn CALLARD, brother - Joan CALLARD, relict, Joan CALLARD, mother, Amos CALLARD, brother and Sara CALLARD, Joane, wife of Robert HORE, & Hannah, wife of George KNOTT, sisters, renouncing 09Feb1711/1226
CALLOWWilliam- ---Mar1653/4-
CALLOWAYRichard- ---Feb1653/4-
CALVERTJoan, spinster RansomeRampishamJohn CALVERT, brother18 Jun165188
CANDELLWilliamShaston ShaftesburyJoan CANDELL, relict02Jul1584 111
CANDELLWilliamShaston ShaftesburyThomas LAURENCE, clerk of Shaston and John COMPTON, yeoman of [blank] in Co. [blank], Joan CANDELL, relict, not administering 14Nov1584121
CANEHenryTodbeare TodberAnne CANE, relict28Jul1587 25
CANOWAYThomasBere Regis Bere RegisMary CANOWAY, relict08Aug1657 190
CANTLOEElizabethEast Holme East HolmeRoger, Robert & Thomas CANTLOE, sons18 May167165
CARDROWEWilliamSearne Cerne Abbas or Up CerneHenry CARDROWE, son14Aug 1591185
CARENTEdmundGillingham GillinghamMary CARENT, relict (further grant Oct 1686)03 Dec1681164
CARENTEdmundGillingham GillinghamWilliam CARENT, son - Mary CARENT, relict, not having fully administered (previous grant Dec 1681) 30Oct1686151
CAREWEAnthonyHower Ower in Corfe Castle or Owermoigne?Alexander HOLLOCKE, grandson of the sister of the deceased 10Jul1622187
CAREYMaryCorfe Castle Corfe CastleNathaniel CAREY, son08Oct 1660149
CAREYRichardMelcombe Regis, Radipole Melcombe Regis or RadipoleElizabeth CAREY, relict07 Jul160190
CARPENTERAndrew- ---Jun1654-
CARPENTERToby- ---May1654-
CARRIER alias HASKENSEdith Lyme RegisLyme RegisJohn HASKENS, husband25 Mar168443
CARSE alias TYLERJoan PiddletownePuddletownWilliam IRISH, brother17 May1571174
CARSWELLRobertLyme Regis Lyme RegisAlice CARSWELL, relict24Apr 164540
CARSWELLThomasLyme Regis, but died at Barbados Lyme RegisMartha CARSWELL, relict14Jul 1666146
CARTERAliceWoolland WoollandWillliam CARMAN, next of kin22Aug 1667130
CARTERAlice, widowWoolland WoollandRobert CADBURIE, next of kin22Apr 166771
CARTERHester- ---May1654-
CARTERJohnWymbermyster Wimborne MinsterJoan CARTER, relict29Jan 1579/80188
CARTERRichardPulham PulhamFrancis CARTER, brother - Margaret CARTER, relict, not administering 19Jul1638193
CARTWRIGHTJoan, widow SherborneSherborneChristian DEWDNEY, sister08 Nov164183
CARYJohnBridport, but died in the ship "St Andrew" BridportAnne CARY, relict01Sep1692 164
CASEJohnWootton Wootton FitzpaineThomas CASE, father11Aug 1660111
CASERogerBlandford Blandford Forum, St Mary or Langton Long BlandfordMary CASE, relict 08Feb1710/1120
CASELYEdward- ---Jul1653-
CASEWAYFrancisWeymouth, but died at sea in the service of the King WeymouthMary CASEWAY, relict04Sep1672 134
CASSEJoane-- --Aug1653-
CASSEThomasWootton Phitz-payne Wootton FitzpaineAgnes CASSE, relict01Nov 1618208
CASTELLThomas- ---Jan1653/4-
CASTLERalph- ----1654-
CASWAYNathaniel, bachelor Weymouth, but died in the ship "Laurell"Weymouth Sarah CASWAY, widow, mother02Apr168854
CAVEJoan, widowHermitage HermitageJoseph CAVE, son12Jul1720 147
CAVEThomasStoke Wake Stoke WakeSarah CAVE, relict07Aug1609 169
CAVEThomas, son & heir of Peter CAVE Lodborne, GillinghamGillinghamJoan ROWDEN alias CAVE, aunt and next of kin (cancelled) 24Dec158255
CAVEThomas, son & heir of Peter CAVE Lodborne, GillinghamGillinghamJoan CAVE alias BAT, mother 22Apr158365
CAVILLIAMNubery- ---Jul1654-
CAVILLIANElizabethCorfe Mullen Corfe MullenElizabeth FRAMPTON alias CAVILLIAM, only child 20Aug1655238
CHAFEMoulins, bachelor Folke, but died at PlymouthFolkeThomas CHAFE, armiger, father 04Feb1694/533
CHAFFEYCheckford, widower WarhamWarehamEleanor CHAFFEY, sister02 Jun168171
CHAFFEYGuy-- --Jun1653-
CHAFFIEAgnes- ---Jul1654-
CHAFFIEThomas, clerk, late Rector of Stock Gaylard Stock GaylardLydlinch-cum-Stock GaylardThomas CHAFFIE, son 27Feb1616/17107
CHAFIERichardCarey WarehamAudrie CHAFIE, relict30May1646 61
CHAFIN alias STEPHENSJoan SherborneSherborneWilliam CHAFIN, husband08 Jun1657140
CHAMPIONHughBeamister BeaminsterCatherine CHAMPION, relict09Mar 1646/737
CHAMPIONJohn- ---Jun1654-
CHANNYEJohnMayden Newton Maiden NewtonElizabeth CHANNYE, relict10May 1658102
CHAPLENThomasWareham WarehamDorothy CHAPLEN, relict17Jan1671/2 9
CHAPLYNIsaac, bachelor Wareham, but died in JamaicaWarehamThomas CHAPLYN, brother - Elizabeth CHAPLYN, mother, renouncing 16Dec1656315
CHAPMANChristopherTurneworth TurnworthEdmund BUCKLER, creditor - Joane CHAPMAN, relict, renouncing 27Nov161945
CHAPMANJohnLangton Langton Long Blandford or Langton MatraversRichard CHAPMAN, brother and Thomas, son of Thomas CHAPMAN, kinsman 18Jan1581/229
CHAPMANJohnLangton Long Blandford Langton Long BlandfordMargaret BUCKLER alias CHAPMAN, granddaughter ("neptis") 12Apr162063
CHAPMANJohn- ---Dec1654-
CHAPMANJohnPuddle Trenthide PiddletrenthideEliza CHAPMAN, relict20Dec 1703232
CHAPMANJohn, clerkLangton alias Longton longe Blandford Langton Long BlandfordRichard CHAPMAN, brother29 Apr159214
CHAPMANJohn, clerkLangton alias Longton long Blandford Langton Long BlandfordChristopher CHAPMAN, nephew (letters of 29 Apr 1592 renounced) 11May1596164
CHAPMANJohn, juniorHaydon HaydonWilliam STONE, lynnen draper of the City of New Sarum, uncle of the deceased who was son & heir of John CHAPMAN senior of Haydon 24Mar1629/30157
CHAPMANWilliam- ---Oct1654-
CHAPMANWilliam, bachelor Weymouth, but died in the ship "Bristol"Weymouth Susan CHAPMAN, sister20Feb1698/927
CHAPPELLAlice- ---Sep1653-
CHAPPELLRichard- ---Aug1653-
CHAPPELLStephen- ---Aug1653-
CHAPPELLThomas- ---Mar1653/4-
CHAPPLEPriscilla, widow DorchesterDorchesterWilliam CHAPPLE, armiger, son 13Sep1711164
CHARDJohnBridport BridportMary CHARD, relict29Oct1649 129
CHARDRichardChardstock ChardstockJohn TANNER, principal creditor - Mary CHARD, relict, renouncing 07May168167
CHARLETTWilliam- ---Jun1653-
CHASEJohnWambrook WambrookMargaret CHASE, relict13Feb1684/5 19
CHASEWilliamStockland StocklandCharity CHASE, relict18Oct1630 195
CHATTOCKWilliamStudland, Purbeck StudlandRichard CHATTOCK, grandfather of Ann CHATTOCK, only child of the deceased 13Feb1655/631
CHECKFORDJoaneLeeson, Langton, Purbeck Langton MatraversRichard CHECKFORD, son29Jun 1659255
CHEEKRobertWareham WarehamSamuel CHEEK, cousin14Feb1698/9 25
CHEEKEAmery, juniorSteeple, Purbeck SteepleJohn CHEEKE, father12Nov1680 162
CHEEKEHenry- ---Jun1654-
CHEEKEJohnWareham WarehamRichard BURY and Thomas DASHWOOD, creditors - Mary CHEEKE, relict, renouncing 07Apr1640119
CHEPMANHenryToldepuddle TolpuddleJudith CHEPMAN, relict07Oct1659 332
CHEPMAN alias BARBERHenry Alton PancrasAlton PancrasAnne CHEPMAN alias BARBER, relict ("de bonis" grant, May 1633) 12May162067
CHEPMAN alias BARBERHenry Alton PancrasAlton PancrasOwen CHEPMAN alias BARBER , brother - Ann CHEPMAN alias BARBER, relict, not having fully administered 27May1633169
CHERROTTWilliam, bachelor died in the ship "Defiance"Corfe MullenRobert ROLLS, attorney of Thomas CHERROTT, father, of Corfe Mullen 28May1713102
CHERYETJamesGussage All Saints Gussage All SaintsKatherine CHERYET, relict28Apr 15725
CHETTELLJohn, widower Fiford MagdalenFifehead MagdalenMary, wife of John DINYON, daughter 08Jun1702105
CHETTLEHenryBlandford St Mary Blandford St MarySusan CHETTLE, relict11Nov 161693
CHEVERELLHughChaunt Morell CattistockChristopher DARBY, yeoman of Askerswell, creditor (Admon of Dec 1593 to Roger SPENCER cancelled) 07May1597206
CHEVERELLHugh, armiger ChantmorellCattistockRoger SPENCER, next of kin, with consent of Aline CHEVERELL, relict, and Christopher CHEVERELL, son 24Dec159319
CHEVERILLChristopherOver Moyne OwermoigneAvice CHEVERILL, relict06May 162323
CHEWESJane-- --Mar1653/4-
CHILCOTTRichardBridport BridportMark GILBERT, attorney of Ann CHILCOTT, relict05 Jan1702/310
CHILCOTT alias EVERYMabella BriddyLittle or Long Bredy?Elizabeth BOND alias EVERY, daughter 06Nov1650162
CHILDHenryArmswell PiddletrenthideNathaniel CHILD, uncle & guardian of Dorothy, John, Richard & James, children of the deceased - Elizabeth CHILD, relict, renouncing 29Jun1659255
CHILDREYJoshuaUpway UpweyElizabeth CHILDREY, relict29Dec1670 175
CHILESWilliamMosthone MostertonJoane CHILES, relict02Jul1571 176
CHINNOCKEJohnWinterborne Kingston Winterborne KingstonWilliam CHINNOCKE, father24 Feb1650/119
CHIPPAbelWeymouth, died near Leghorn in ship "Antelope" WeymouthAbel CHIPP, son24Apr1683 60
CHIPPGeorgeAbbotsbury, but died in the ship "The Betty" AbbotsburyJoan CHIPP, relict14Aug1699 142
CHIPPJoanPiddletown PuddletownWilliam SMITH, creditor21Feb 1638/914
CHIPPJohndied in the ship "Lion" [unknown]William CHIPP, son and attorney of William CHIPP, father, now in co. Dorset 08Jan1697/811
CHRICHRichardGillingham GillinghamEdith CHRICH, relict20Apr1586 170
CHRISTMASRichardSydlyn Sydling St NicholasKatherine CHRISTMAS, relict18 Jun158718
CHRISTOFEREdward- ---Mar1653/4-
CHRISTOPHER alias GEORGEWilliam ----Mar1653/4-
CHUBBJohnChardstock ChardstockAgnes CHUBB, relict27Sep1647 135
CHUBBMathewPortland PortlandJohn HARVEY, brother22Apr1648 41
CHURCHEDThomasPoole, but died abroad PooleAnn CHURCHED, relict22May1686 76
CHURCHILLBarnardChaldon Chaldon HerringMary CHURCHILL, relict31Jan 1658/917
CHURCHILLHenry, gentleman DorchesterDorchesterElizabeth CHURCHILL, relict 09Apr169267
CHURCHILLJohnDorchester DorchesterElizanore CHURCHILL, relict08Jun 1621126
CHURCHILLJohn, bachelor ForthingtonFordingtonRichard CHURCHILL, father 04Mar1696/747
CHURCHILLMary, spinster Dorchester, but died at HenburyDorchesterAwnsham CHURCHILL, armiger, brother - Elizabeth CHURCHILL, mother, renouncing 02Oct1713223
CHURCHILLThomasDorchester DorchesterGeorge HODDER & Henry CUFFE, guardians of Richard, Thomas & Mary, children of the deceased (further grant May 1678) 28Apr166860
CHURCHILLThomasdied in the ship "Revenge" [unknown]Daniel ROBINSON, attorney of Thomas CHURCHILL, father, now in Dorset 02Apr170881
CHURCHILLThomas, gentleman DorchesterDorchesterMary, wife of John WING, daughter (former grant Apr 1668) 06May167851
CHURCHILLWinston, soldier/knight Minterne, but died at Whitehall, co. MiddlesexMinterne Magna Dame Elizabeth CHURCHILL, relict. Letters declared void and Will proved Jul 1688. 24Apr168856
CHYNALLSMargaret- ---Feb1653/4-
CHYNALLSThomas- ---Feb1653/4-
CIFRAWASTBarbaraPoole PooleAvice CIFRAWAST alias STRADLING, daughter01 Dec1586194
CLAPCOTTHenry, armiger Winterborne AbbasWinterborne AbbasEleanor CLAPCOTT, relict 09Jun1716117
CLAREJohn-- --Jul1653-
CLAREJohnNetherbury NetherburyElizabeth CLARE, relict17Feb 1656/734
CLAREWilliamAllington AllingtonAgnes CLARE, relict30Mar1658/9 100
CLAREWilliamWeymouth, but died in the ship "Windsor Castle" WeymouthEdith CLARE, relict10Jun1692 101
CLARKRobertWeston PortlandJane CLARK, relict18Dec1658 338
CLARKWilliam, bachelor Gussage St Michael, but died in NewfoundlandGussage St Michael Mary, wife of William LUDLOW, sister24Feb1699/1700 30
CLARKEAnneShaston St James Shaftesbury St JamesNicholas CLARKE, son30Jan 1627/86
CLARKEBenjaminMilton Abbas Milton AbbasLucy CLARKE, relict14May1652 72
CLARKEEdward- ---Jun1653-
CLARKEGeorge, notary public, bachelor Blandford ForumBlandford ForumGeorge BISHOP of Bristol, principal creditor - John, Thomas & Mary CLARKE, brothers and sister, not appearing 13Mar1718/1944
CLARKEGeorge, widower Buckhorne WestonBuckhorn WestonNicholas & William CLARKE, brothers 01Aug1656205
CLARKEJamesGillingham GillinghamJohn CLARKE, nephew21May1609 156
CLARKEJamesWeymouth, but died abroad Weymouth(grantee not given)01Mar1663/4 -
CLARKEJohn-- --May1654-
CLARKERichardBorstall, Stoke (East) East StokeMary CLARKE, relict07Jun1661 57
CLARKEWilliam- ---Sep1654-
CLARKE alias HARDYAnna Wolcombe MatraversMelbury BubbJohn HARDY, armiger, husband 05Jul167584
CLARKE alias RAYMONDSarah Haselury BryanHazelbury BryanThomas CLARKE, husband 06Mar1625/668
CLATWORTHYRalphSturminster Newton Sturminster NewtonEleanor CLATWORTHY, relict26 Sep1657211
CLAVELLAnn, widowSteeple SteepleMary CLAVELL, daughter17Nov1657 292
CLAVELLElizabeth, spinster SteepleSteepleRoger CLAVELL, brother - Ruth CLAVELL, mother, renouncing 16Aug1694164
CLAVELLJaneSmedmore KimmeridgeEdward CLAVELL, armiger, husband06May 1703105
CLAVELLJohnWotton Glanville Glanvilles WoottonJohn CLAVELL, son29May 162325
CLAVELLRogerWinfrith Newburgh Winfrith NewburghAnna CLAVELL, relict01Apr 167234
CLAVELLRogerSteeple, Purbeck SteepleRuth CLAVELL, relict14Dec1687 188
CLAVELLThomazineBarneston Church KnowleJohn CLAVELL, son07Dec1568 140
CLAVELLWilliamWinfrith Newborough Winfrith NewburghThomazine CLAVELL, relict13Sep 1660148
CLAVELL alias JEANESFrances HollwellHolwellHenry JEANS, husband29 Oct1647151
CLAVILLWalterWynfrith Newborowe Winfrith NewburghRoger CLAVILL, son01Feb 1574/568
CLEEVEWilliamWareham WarehamWilliam & Thomas TOPSHAM, principal creditors17 Nov1656278
CLEEVERRobert, merchant PoolePooleMary CLEEVER, relict18Apr 167448
CLEEVESEdmundBlandford Forum Blandford ForumSarah CLEEVES, relict01Apr 171385
CLEEVESGeorgeMilton Abbas Milton AbbasRebecca CLEEVES, relict17Sep 1712172
CLEEVESJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumAgnes CLEEVES, relict15Jan 1606/763
CLEEVESMary, widowLyme Lyme RegisSusan JAMES, widow, mother & guardian of Mary JAMES, granddaughter 13Oct1709206
CLEEVESSwithenBuckleberry, Litchett Matrevers Lytchett MatraversAnne COLE, sister27Aug 1660111
CLEGGEdith-- --Jun1653-
CLEGGSEdith- ---Jun1653-
CLEMENTJohn- ---Jan1653/4-
CLEMENTJohn, clerkSouth Perrott South PerrottPaul CLEMENT, nephew on brother’s side - Thomas CLEMENT, son, having died before administering (previous grant Mar 1672) 24Dec1695227
CLEMENTJohn, rectorSouth Perrott South PerrottThomas CLEMENT, son (further grant Dec 1695) 13Mar1671/230
CLEMENTPaul, bachelor Nether ComptonNether ComptonWalter BUTT, nephew on sister’s side 07Aug1694164
CLEMENTThomas, bachelor South PerrottSouth PerrottWalter BUTT, nephew on sister’s side 07Aug1694164
CLERKJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisJoan CLERK, relict28May1590 140
CLERKERichard- -Further grant Dec 1656-Mar1653/4 -
CLEWESJohn, gentleman PoolePoole[John? - illegible] SKERNE of Turnerspuddle, armiger, during the minority of John, Augustine & Elizabeth, children of the deceased 28Jan1571/22
CLEWESRobert- ---Sep1653-
CLIFFEThomasWest Lullworth West LulworthRobert BATTEN of Knoll, Somerset, kinsman11 Oct161536
CLIFFETONJohn- ---Sep1653-
CLOTTERBOOKEJohn- ---May1653-
CLOTTERBOOKEWilliamPuncknol PuncknowleGeorge CHAFIN, armiger, and Thomas HAYSOME, guardians of Mary, Ann, Arundell, John & Elizabeth CLOTTERBOOKE, children 27Feb1720/127
CLUTTERBUCKESamuel- ---Sep1654-
CLYMESEdmund- ---Sep1654-
COADJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisFrances COAD, relict15Oct1688 167
COADMary-- --Nov1654-
COATEWilliam- ---Sep1653-
COBBNicholasWareham, but died abroad in the ship "Colchester" WarehamElizabeth COBB, relict25May1668 74
COCKEFrancis- ---Jul1654-
COCKERichardFolke FolkeGeorge COCKE, yeoman of Alsington, Devon, nephew18 Oct163977
COCKERAMJohn, armiger Sanwich in PurbeckSwanageThomas COCKERAM, brother 05Mar1669/7043
COCKERAMPriscillaSandwich, Purbeck SwanageBruin COCKERAM, husband06Oct1647 148
COCKERAMWilliamEastholme East HolmeAnn COCKERAM, relict18Jul1646 88
CODNERJoseph- ---Nov1654-
COFFENNicholasWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterGeorge TOOME, senior, principal creditor - [blank] relict not administering 20Oct1649121
COFFINElizabeth, spinster Wimborne MinsterWimborne MinsterAnthony WAREHAM, uncle on mother’s side 03Aug1705166
COGANJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisPatience COGAN, relict23Nov 1650163
COGANJohn, widowerHawkchurch HawkchurchPhilibert COGAN, son19Sep1700 181
COGANRobertChardstock ChardstockMary COGAN, relict13Feb1655/6 32
COGANWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisHannah COGAN, relict06Aug1649 100
COGGANJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisHenry GOGGAN, kinsman - Joane COGGAN, relict, and Christopher COGGAN, brother, renouncing 03Mar1628/980
COKEJamesDorchester DorchesterJane COKE, relict03Sep1696 161
COKERobertWeymouth, but died in the "George" flyboat WeymouthFrances COKE, relict10Jun1696 105
COKERElizabeth- ---Oct1654-
COKERMatthewDorchester DorchesterRobert COKER, brother, during the minority of Martha, Mary, Joan and [blank] COKER, daughters of the deceased 24Aug164159
COKERRobertStower Payne StourpaineRichard COKER, nephew30Mar1646 33
COKERRobertDorchester DorchesterMartha COKER, relict07Feb1655/6 66
COKERRobertDorchester DorchesterAndrew LODER, principal creditor, administrator of goods not administered by Martha COKER, relict (former grant Feb 1664) 11Jun167094
COKERRogerStower Payne StourpaineRobert COKER, gentleman, father - Joane COKER, relict, not administering 17May1636173
COKERRogerAshe Netherbury or StourpaineJohn ODBER & Jane his wife, sister of the deceased, of goods not administered by Robert COKER 19Jan1649/503
COKERThomasDorchester DorchesterThomas COKER, son01Apr1601 79
COKERThomas, seniorDorchester DorchesterWilliam LEE & Margaret LEE alias COKER, relict of Thomas COKER junior, son of the deceased 09Nov1604225
COKERWilliamSherborne SherborneJohn COKER, father - Sarah COKER, relict, renouncing 24Mar1674/532
COLCHESTERThomas- ---Nov1654-
COLEElizabethWitchampton WitchamptonJohn COLE, esq., eldest brother10Dec 1657325
COLEJervasSherborne SherborneJoane COLE, relict08Apr1597 205
COLEJoaneLittle Bredy Little BredyRichard COLE, son21Feb1656/7 35
COLEJohnPidle Trenthide PiddletrenthideEdith COLE, relict
(Grant cancelled: Will proved 29-Jan-1561/2)
COLEJohnMilton Abbas Milton AbbasMary COLE, relict14Mar1639/40 112
COLEJohnAllhallows, Upwimborne Wimborne All Hallows [now part of Wimborne St Giles]Sarah COLE, relict 30Jul1659262
COLESarah, spinsterDorchester DorchesterMary MERTON, widow, sister23Oct 1674153
COLEThomasHampreston HamprestonFrances COLE, relict13Nov1620 94
COLE alias BEATONAnne, widow LillingtonLillingtonJohn COLE, armiger, brother 19Dec1698238
COLE alias BOWYERMartha HamprestonHamprestonChristopher BOWYER, brother 06Nov1633202
COLE alias GOULDJudith Milborne St Andrew, but died at UpwayMilborne St Andrew John GOULD, armiger, husband01Mar1683/4 43
COLE alias PAWLETTAlice LillingtonLillingtonJohn COLE, armiger, husband 24Mar1648/926
COLEMANMoses- ---Jun1653-
COLEMAN alias RABBATTSMatilda [Maud] Blandford ForumBlandford ForumJohn COLEMAN, son 26Jan1614/152
COLESAnneWest Stower West StourRichard COLES, brother02Jun 1608118
COLESJohnLyme Regis Lyme RegisMargaret COLES, relict26Apr 162489
COLESJohn-- --Jun1654-
COLESJohn-- --Jun1654-
COLESThomasStuminster Marshall Stuminster MarshallAnne COLES, relict22Apr 1586170
COLESWalterShaftesbury ShaftesburyCharity COLES, relict03Nov 1704219
COLIERWilliamSherborne SherborneAnn COLIER, relict26May1677 65
COLLARDAmiasStockland StocklandJoan COLLARD, relict07Aug1646 95
COLLARDElizabethStockland StocklandJoane DAVY alias COLLARD, wife of John DAVY, daughter 07Sep1669100
COLLENSAlexander, senior West Orchard, Church KnowleChurch KnowleAlexander COLLENS, junior, son 26May167765
COLLETTEdwardWeymouth, but died in the ship "Breda" WeymouthElizabeth COLLETT, relict26Dec 1690233
COLLETTElizabeth- ---Jul1653-
COLLETTJohnBlandford Forum Blandford ForumJonas WESTWOOD, cordwainer of Blandford Forum, Joane COLLETT alias WESTWOOD, daughter and administratrix not having fully administered 18Sep160194
COLLIEWilliamPreston, Tarrant Rushton Tarrant RushtonAnn COLLIE, relict08Jun 1657140
COLLIEWilliamPreston Tarrant RushtonDr. William COLLIE, son, of goods not administered by Ann COLLIE, relict (see previous grant) 03Dec1657325
COLLIERWilliamStickland Winterborne SticklandFrideswide COLLIER, relict03 Feb1635/6152
COLLIERWilliamPiddle Trenthide PiddletrenthideFrances COLLIER, relict01Jun 1657140
COLLINGDONThomasBroadwinsor BroadwindsorJohn BEARE, attorney of Grace COLLINGDON, relict 06Feb1690/121
COLLINSAliceLeigh Leigh (then a chapelry of Yetminster) or Leigh in Wimborne Minster Stephen PHILLIPPES of Leigh16Jan1565/6 103
COLLINSBenjaminFordington, but died in Barbados FordingtonAnn COLLINS, widow, mother05Jul 167386
COLLINSJohnBraphold Bradpole?Ursula COLLINS, relict05Mar1632/3 155
COLLINSJohn- ---Mar1653/4-
COLLINSMargaretOwer, Purbeck Corfe CastleWilliam COLLINS, son02Nov 1655223
COLLINSOnesimus, bachelor FordingtonFordingtonWilliam COLLINS & Anna, wife of James HACKAM, brother and sister 05Sep1683129
COLLINSRobert- ---Mar1653/4-
COLLINSWilliam- ---Dec1654-
COLLINSWilliam, bachelor Wivenhoe, co. Essex[unknown]Robert HOWELL, attorney of John COLLINS, now in co. Dorset, brother 03Feb1692/322
COLLINSWilliam, bachelor Lulworth, but died in the ship "Devonshire"East or West Lulworth Christopher COLLINS, father05May169781
COLLORDAmos, bachelor StocklandStocklandJoane COLLORD, mother20 Mar1667/848
COLLYNSGraceChardstock ChardstockWilliam COLLYNS, son16Jan1646/7 11
COLMERJohnBroadwinsor BroadwindsorBridget COLMER, relict10Jul 166098
COLSONRobertDorchester DorchesterJoan COLSON, relict (further grant Apr 1709)19 Aug1704162
COLSONRobertDorchester DorchesterRobert COLSON, son - Joan COLSON, relict, dying before administering (previous grant Aug 1704) 08Apr170979
COLSONRobertDorchester DorchesterMary COLSON, relict13Feb1724/5 26
COLSONSarah, widowDorchester DorchesterRobert COLSON, son07Dec1698 238
COMBEAndrewCanford Magna Canford MagnaMary COMBE, relict25Nov1682 163
COMBEJohnMilton Abbey Milton AbbasElizabeth COMBE, relict10Aug 164892
COMBEJohn-- --Nov1654-
COMBEJoseph, bachelor PulhamPulhamElizabeth COMBE, widow, mother25 Jun169196
COMBERobertPulham PulhamElizabeth COMBE, relict20Mar1688/99 38
COMBEWalterHampreston HamprestonThomas BASKETT & Richard SEAMER, father of William SEAMER, grandson of the deceased, during his minority 21Dec1646156
COMBESWalterHampreston HamprestonEllenor BURGAN, widow, daughter (letters of Dec 1646, renounced) 30Jul1651121
COMBSGeorgeStudland, but died in the ship "Elizabeth" StudlandElizabeth, wife of John FOSTER, attorney of Anne COMBS, relict 08Apr170979
COMDENBenjaminOsmonton, died in the ship "Northumberland" OsmingtonJane COMDEN, relict29Dec1703 232
COMPTONWilliamDorset [unknown]Warburg HOBBY, sister31Dec1603 179
COMPTON alias FOWKESusanna SymondsburySymondsburyArthur FOWKE, armiger, husband 19May169178
COMYNSThomas- ---Jun1653-
COMYNSTristram- ---Jun1653-
CONDITTJohn, bachelor Haslebury BryanHazelbury BryanElizabeth BROWNE alias CARTER, widow, sister 25Sep1725174
CONETTJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
CONIERJohn-- --Sep1653-
CONNOCKEWilliamMotcombe MotcombeEleanor CONNOCKE, relict18Sep 1638211
COODEWilliam- ---May1654-
COOKJohnBrappole BradpoleMary COOK, relict16Feb1658/9 53
COOKEGeorge- ---Jan1653/4-
COOKEJohn, bachelordied in the ship "St Albans" WeymouthGeorge COOKE, son & attorney of Samuel COOKE, now of Weymouth, father 07Jul1692130
COOKEThomasCranborne CranborneAnne COOKE, daughter - Joane COOKE, daughter, renouncing 26Nov1672166
COOKEThomasAbbotts Wotton Whitchurch CanonicorumWilliam COOKE, brother08 Jul168298
COOKE alias MILLERElizabeth DorchesterDorchesterJohn MILLER, son - Matthew MILLER, husband, dying before accepting administration 29Jul167585
COOKE alias OLIVERJudith StalbridgeStalbridgeWilliam OLIVER, husband04 Oct1683141
COOKE alias REYNOLDSAmy, spinster CharminsterCharminsterThomas COOKE alias REYNOLDS, nephew 06May163977
COOKE alias STILLMAN alias TWITT Joane----Mar1653/4 -
COOKNEYMary, widowHawkchurch HawkchurchMary COOKNEY, daughter23Jul 1695136
COOMBEAviceHinton Mary Hinton St MaryMary SAVAGE, next of kin22Jan 1667/813
COOMBEJohn-- --Oct1654-
COOMBEThomasPulham PulhamWilliam COOMBE, principal creditor29Jan 1658/918
COOPERGeorgeMarsh, Folke FolkeThomas COOPER, brother10Sep1709 180
COOPERJohnShaston ShaftesburyEdith COOPER, relict27Jan1660/1 8
COOPERJoseph- ---May1653-
COOPERJosiahWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterAlice COOPER, relict07Feb 1682/321
COOPERThomasMelbury Osmond Melbury OsmondGeorge COOPER, son11Feb 1656/734
COOPERUbyTarrant Munckton Tarrant MonktonMary COOPER, relict20Sep 1638212
COOTHElizabeth, widow SherborneSherborneAnne, wife of Henry DEVENISH, armiger, Phillis ROMAYNE, spinster, Susan COOTH, widow, and Elizabeth POPLEY, spinster, sisters 15Dec1705235
COOTHGeorgeSherborne SherborneSarah COOTH, relict06Oct1699 179
COOTHMargaret, widowSherborne SherborneJohn COOTH, grandson, son of her son11 Feb1666/737
COOTHNathanielBlandford Forum Blandford ForumElizabeth COOTH, relict12Jan 1651/21
COOTHEMargaretSherborne SherborneJohn COOTHE, son11Feb1594/5 126
COOTHERobertEtmynster YetminsterRabecca COOTHE, relict08Oct 1576108
COPPINGERMatthewLangton, Purbeck Langton MatraversMary COPPINGER, relict08Jun 167166
CORANCE alias NAPERAnna PouncknollPuncknowleRobert NAPER, armiger, husband 27Nov1667174
CORBINJohnHasilbury Bryan Hazelbury BryanUrsula CORBIN, relict28Jul 1699125
CORBINRobertSandwich, but died in the ship "Assurance" in the King’s service SwanageDennis SEFFRAY, attorney of Ann CORBIN, relict21 Jun167873
CORNEJeromeCowgrove, Wimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterJohn CORNE, kinsman and principal creditor 02Jun1658132
CORNEJohnSturminster Marshall Sturminster MarshallJoane CORNE, mother & guardian of Richard, Mary & Abigail CORNE, grandchildren 08Jul167191
CORNELIUSLamberWeymouth WeymouthEdith CORNELIUS, relict27Nov1676 149
CORNELIUS alias SANDERSWilliam CharmouthCharmouthRose CORNELIUS alias SANDERS, daughter 22Mar1650/135
CORNISHJohn- ---Feb1653/4-
COSENSMaryYetminster YetminsterArthur COSENS, husband17Apr 171476
COTMANRobertCranborne CranborneMary COTMAN, relict03May1658 102
COTTERELLThomasWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterThomas NASH, brother of Mary COTTERELL, relict of the deceased, she not having administered (former grant Oct 1638) 24May164770
COTTLEWilliamLyme Regis Lyme RegisMary COTTLE, relict20Feb1670/1 26
COTTMANWilliamLichett Matrevers Lytchett MatraversMartha COTTMAN, relict06Jun 1659253
COTTONRicharddied abroad Poole?Dorothy COTTON, relict16Jun1621 135
COTTONRichardPoole, but died abroad PooleCecilia COTTON alias JOLIFFE, sister - Dorothy COTTON, relict, not having fully administered (former grant Aug 1621) 28May1622177
COTTONTimothy- ---May1653-
COTTONWilliamCharlton Charlton MarshallMary COTTON alias MEERINGE, daughter17 Apr166027
COTTRELLJohnDorchester DorchesterAnn COTTRELL, relict12Jan1702/3 11
COTTRELLThomasAlmonstisbury [unknown]Juliane COTTRELL, relict21Nov 1579182
COTTRELLThomasWymborn Minster Wimborne MinsterMary COTTRELL, relict11Oct 1638222
COUNCELLWilliamStockland StocklandAgnes COUNCELL, relict01Jun1625 172
COURTThomas- ---Jan1653/4-
COURTNEYJohn- ---May1653-
COURTNEYJohn- ---Jul1653-
COUSENS alias STROUDMary, widow StrattonStrattonKatherine STROUD, daughter28 Jan1718/197
COUSINSJohnAbbotsbury, but died in the ship "Harwich" AbbotsburySarah, wife of William REED, attorney of Catherine COUSINS, relict 17Nov1702212
COVENTRYElizabeth- ---Jul1653-
COWARDJohnSherborne SherborneAnne COWARD, relict21Jan1723/4 4
COWRINGEThomasWareham WarehamJohn HARBYN and Eleanor HARBYN alias COWRINGE, his wife, sister of the deceased 22May1622177
COXDaniel, widowerBeaminster BeaminsterSamuel COX, son09Sep1719 162
COXEdithMorden MordenThomas THICKEY and John FLEMLYE, guardians of Thomas, Anne, Peter & John COX, children of the deceased 24Mar1655/666
COXGeorge-[unknown] --Aug166272
COXGiles-- --Jun1654-
COXHughLye, Halstock HalstockMargery COX, relict04Oct1613 123
COXJamesWymborne Minster Wimborne MinsterPeter COX, son21Nov1647 164
COXJohnEast Orchard East OrchardMary, Elizabeth, Susan & Dorothy COX, sisters 11Oct1647149
COXJohn-- --Feb1653/4-
COXJohn-- --Mar1653/4-
COXJohnCharmouth CharmouthJohn COX, son09Feb1658/9 52
COXJoshuaBeaminster BeaminsterMary COX, relict16Jun1720 119
COXMartha, spinsterMosterne MostertonElizabeth RAPTON, widow, sister18Feb 1677/820
COXMaryIwerne Minster Iwerne MinsterMary FRY, Elizabeth LAURENCE, Dorothy HASTINGS & Susan COX, daughters 02Dec1657325
COXPeterHanworthie HamworthyEdith COX, relict17May1591 176
COXRobertFifehead Magdalen, but died at St Margarets, Westminster Fifehead MagdalenStephen PEARCE, principal creditor24 Nov1691196
COXThomasStower Provost Stour ProvostMary FRY, Elizabeth, Susanna & Dorothy COX, sisters 10Jun164973
COXWilliamLyme Regis, but died in the ship "Experiment" Lyme RegisMary, wife of Henry TRALL, sister07Mar 1695/646
COX alias SMITHWinifrid ----Aug1653-
COX alias WARRENAnnHalstock HalstockHenry COX alias WARREN, husband19Aug 163614
CRABBAgnes-- --Mar1653/4-
CRABBJohn, seniorNetherbury NetherburyJohn CRABB, son - Grace CRABB, relict, renouncing 13Jan1702/310
CRABBWilliamChild Oakeford Child OkefordElizabeth CRABB, relict15Nov 1673143
CRADDOCKJohnWimborne Minster Wimborne MinsterHumphrey CRADDOCK, brother11Mar 1587/853
CRADOCKDorothy, widow Blandford ForumBlandford ForumRobert CRADOCK, son (further grant Dec 1761) 06Apr171667
CRADOCKRichardBlandford Forum Blandford ForumDorothy CRADOCK, relict06Jun 164672
CRANDONJohnWambrooke WambrookAgnes CRANDON, relict16Jun1614 152
CRANDONRobertWambrok WambrookIsabelle CRANDON, relict02Dec 1569154
CRAYNicholasPoole PooleMary CRAY, relict19Jan1626/7 131
CRAYFORDNathanielPortland, but died in the ship "Expedition" PortlandJames SYMONDS, attorney of Mary CRAYFORD, relict 13Nov1690206
CREECHHenry- ---Aug1653-
CREECH alias BRINEAllinor Sherborne, but died at Cary Fitzpaine, co. SomersetSherborne John CREECH alias BRINE, husband26Oct1702 187
CREESEWilliamBradford Abbas Bradford AbbasThomas CREESE, brother - Elizabeth CREESE, relict, not administering 29Apr1627144
CRESBYN alias SNOOKEChristian StalbridgeStalbridgeWilliam CRESBYN, brother05 Sep158119
CREWEArthur- ---Jul1653-
CREWESArthur- ---Mar1653/4-
CRICHEElizabethMiddle Gussage Gussage St MichaelSamuel CRICHE, son21Jun 167872
CRITCHRobertBlandford Blandford Forum or St MaryEdward CRITCH, brother (revoked and Will proved 14 May 1657) 07Nov1656278
CROADERichardFrampton FramptonElizeus REAPE, creditor, during the minority of Richard, Anastasia, John and Alice CROADE, children of the deceased 17Jun16364
CROADEWilliamFrampton FramptonThomas CROADE, brother - Mary CROADE, relict, renouncig 04May169596
CROCKERChristopher- ---May1653-
CROCKERChristopher- ---Jul1653-
CROCKERChristopher- ---Feb1653/4-
CROCKERRobert- ---Sep1653-
CROCKERSamuel- ---Feb1653/4-
CRODEHughDorchester DorchesterMary CRODE, relict10Jun1691 96
CROKEJohn, KnightMotcombe MotcombeJohn CROKE, armiger, son, with the consent of Dame Rachel CROKE, relict 27May1640126
CROOMEThomasBridport BridportCatherine CROOME, relict03Aug 164991
CROSSJohnBlandford Forum Blandford Forum or St MaryMargaret CROSS, relict04 Feb1669/7018
CROSSWilliamWotton Fitzpaine Wootton FitzpaineJoane CROSS, relict15Feb 1658/953
CROSSEHenryPoole PooleThomas CROSSE, guardian of Elizabeth & Hannah CROSSE, children of the deceased 12Sep1692164
CROSSEWilliamBlandford, but died in Maryland Blandford Forum or St MaryRichard DRAPER, principal creditor 02Mar1682/349
CROUCHWilliamSutton Poynts Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzJohn PARHAM, creditor30 Apr1625157
CRUMMEYWilliamWareham WarehamHannah CRUMMEY, relict18Jun1657 141
CUFFEJohnSherborne SherborneJane CUFFE, relict14Feb1603/4 189
CULLIFORDRogerWest Linch Corfe CastleAnne CULLIFORD, relict05Aug 162844
CULLYFORDWilliamEncombe, Purbeck Kingston (then a chapelry of Corfe Castle )John CULLYFORD, son (further grant Apr 1734) 21Jan1724/56
CULVERWELLAndrew- ---Sep1653-
CUPPERJohnSherborne SherborneJohn CUPPER, son28Dec1611 43
CURLEHugh-- --Feb1653/4-
CURMEMaryHolnest HolnestEdith SPRACKLYN, daughter21Sep 1647135
CURTISEdithSutton Pointz Preston-cum-Sutton PoyntzAlice ROSSITER alias WILTSHIRE, wife of Edmund ROSSITER, sister on mother’s side 15Aug1681107
CURTISJohn-- --Feb1653/4-
CURTISJohnHigh Compton Over ComptonMary, wife of Richard MEPHAM, sister - Susan CURTIS alias BANKIN, relict, and Richard CURTIS, father, renouncing 04Sep1710184
CURTISRichardAllington, but died in the ship "Lyme" AllingtonJohn CURTIS, son - Esther CURTIS, relict, dying before administering 19Mar1722/3- -
CURTISRobert, bachelor died in the ship "Bristol"[unknown]William LENTON, attorney of Frances CURTIS, mother, now in Dorset 08Jul1699122
CURTYSJohnFoake FolkeAnne CURTYS, relict14Nov1651 167
CUTLER alias TOWNEINGEJane ----Feb1653/4-
CUTTANCEJosephMelcombe Regis Melcombe RegisSusanna CUTTANCE, relict17Sep 1692164
CUTTERNEEdwardWeymouth, but died abroad WeymouthJane CUTTERNE, relict14Feb1669/70 19
CYFREWASTBarbaraPoole PooleFrancis DOBBINS, next of kin08May 158715


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