Address made to his excellency King Charles II
on 31st August 1681

King Charles II circa 1680-1685
by John Riley

Transcribed from the Municipal Records of Dorchester by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester January 2010


" To the King's Most Excellent Majestie. The most humble and hearty adresse of your Majesties dutifull, obedient and loyal Subiects, the Major, Recorder, Bayliffs, Aldermen, Capitall Burgesses, Common Councell, Freeholders, Freemen and other the Inhabitants of your Majesties Burrough of Dorchester in the County of Dorset att the Generall Sessions of the peace, held in and for the said Burrough on Wednesday, the last day of August, Anno xxxiijo Caroli ijdi. R's, 1681.

When wee reflecte vppon the miserable Condicion your Majesties Kingdomes were reduced to by the Insinuacions and Subtle Designes of Jesuits, Popish Preists and other pretending zealotts, theire instruments, and how God Almighty restored your sacred Majestie, and your Majestic our Laws and Libertyes, which ever since wee have so freely and peaceably enioyed, wee cannot but in a more then ordinary manner, some way suitable to such mighty blessings, returne our thanks to the King of Kings ; and being sensible withall that the same designeing persons, or the spawne of them, are still too bussie in prosecuting the like purposes by false suggestions of arbitrary Government, and endeavourcing to alienate the affections of your Majesties Subiects in order to the same anarchicall end, which every good and loyall Subject ought to avoide and hath greate reason to dread and detest ;

Wee therefore, your Majesties dutifull and loyal Subiects, att this our first Generall Meeting since your Majesties yssueing your late most gracious Declaracion, doe render vnto your Majestie our most humble and dutifull thankes for theis many solemne and renued assurances (which your Majestie hath beene pleased in greate condiscencion to make, of governing by the knowne Laws of this your Kingdoms both in Church and State, the contrary of which ill men make it theire bussines to suggest), and though wee come late in theis our most humble acknowledgements and thankefullnes, yett none shall bee before vs in loyaltye, being vnanimously resolved to hazard our lives and fortunes for the preservacion of your Majesties sacred person, your heires and lawfull successors, and the true Protestant Religion, as it is now established, against all attempts of any designeing partyes of what principalis soever they are, and wee doe assure your Majestie that whensoever in your princely wisdome you shall please to summon a Parliament, wee will doe our best endeavours to send such Representatives for this Burrough shall bee men of vnsuspected loyalty to your Majestie and sound principles to the Government as it is now establish by law both in Church and State, and shall always pray for your Majesties long Life and happie Raigne over vs, and our prayers ioyne our vtmost endeavours against all whoe shall attempt (which God forbid) to shorten the one or molest the other.

Below is given a listing of over 300 people who signed the address on 31st August 1681

Thomas Strangwayes.
Richard Churchill.
George Lester.
Thomas Blandford.
Edward Dashwood.
Richard Long.
Edward Lester.
Joseph Gould.
Christopher Stoodly,
Arthur Gould.
Daniell Arden.
John Nelson.
Bartholemew Hoare.
Andrew Riccard.
John Winsor.
John Churchill.
Robert Rasker.
Samuell Williams.
John Gaylard.
Francis Harbin.
Wm. Locke.
John Haviland.
John Allen.
Richard Cooper.
Stephen Clarke.
John Glover.
Allen Lester, jun.,Clerk
Wm. Glisson,Clerk [Note: Rector of Woodsford 1677-1711]
John Dowland,Clerk
John Tasker, Clerk [Note:- Vicar of Winterborne St Marten]

Nicolas Gould, Major. [i.e. Mayor]
Hugh Hodges, Reco [i.e. Recorder].
Joseph Seward, Bailiff
John Cradock, Bailiff
Alexander Haviland.
Gilbert Whiffen.
Andr. Loder.
Charles Stoodly.
John Oldis.
Robert Coker.
Wm. Derby.
Wm. Lock.
Henry Dolling.   [Note Master of the 'Free School'  ]
Andrew Pur[chas].
Laurence Purch[as].

[Hu]gh Croad.
Francis Gaylard.
Edward Roy.
Robert Norris.
John Coppock.
Richard Smith.
Robert Corben.
Morgan Harben.
Richard Gawler.
Symon Limbury.
Symon Bale.
Tho. Galler.
Richard Foy. [Note:- Rector of All Saints]
Alexander Byles.
Samuell Martin.
John Hillard.
John Jones.
Xpofer [i.e. Christopher] Powell.
Nicholas Dowell.
Edward Blethynden.
Mathew Hobbs.
John Downeton.
Mathew Read.
Edward Porter.
Symon Game.
Robert Fooke.
John Daw.
John White.
Henry Harbin.
Tho. Haviland.
Robert Russell.
Henry Polden.
Thomas Foy.
Wm. Compton.
John Meader.
Andrew Fooke.
John Parsons.
Samuell Bray.
Anthony Astars(?) Stephen Chapman.
Wm. Mandefeild.
Hugh Munden.
Joseph Gigger.
Henry Shorto.
Joseph Purchase.
Guy Arden.
Joseph Underwood.
Thomas Meader.
Mathew Hutchins.
Bernard Wentworth.
Nicholas Hamlying.
Thomas Delacourt.
Robert Colson.
Thomas Seward.
Thomas K[n]apton.
Joseph Seward, jun.
Jonathan Ledoze.
Henry Whiffen.
Samuell Foy.

Wm. Geale.
Andrew Hellard.
Ric. Bonger.
Henry Phelps.
Richard Marsh.
Wm. Clarke.
James Powell.
John Cardrow.
Thomas Snooke.
Wm. Pooke.
Henry Morey.
Thomas Salter.
Wm. Arnell.
Robert Cookeney.
Gabriell Gould.
Samuell Crisdy.
Peter Pluellen.
Allen Lester, sen.
Wm. Gray.
Wm. Haydon.
Jolin Croad.
John Levott.
John Pooke.
Henry Hillard.
Nath. Grindham.
Wm. Hayward.
Robert Lemon.
Jolin Smith.
Max. Gollopp.
Wm. Browne.
Wm. Spracklyn.
Mel. Arnold.
John Thome.
John Snooke.
Joshua Snooke.
Samuell Snooke.
Thomas Snooke.
Charles Coven.
Wm. Twisse.
John Reynolds.
Giles Morey.
Adam Smith.
John Keech.
Robert Phildue.
Wm. Gead.
Joshua Colson.
Jasper Colson.
Robert Seager.
George Young.
Charles Austin.
Joseph Russell.
Wm. Carrington.
Wm. Aland.
Robert Bunn.
Thomas Parsons.
Moses Snooke.
Wm. Martin.
Ralph Palmer.
George Gould.
Tho. Pall.
James Pall.
James Keech.
Tho. Allen.
Tho. Poulden.
John Taylor.
George Abbot.
Frederick Colson.
Edward Chepman.
George Lillington.
Edward Brothers.
Robert Cole.
Adam Tucker.
John George.
Robert Mocher.
Edward Devenish.
Humphry Larder.
Morrice Gauntlett.
Joseph Bishopp.
George Sherman.
George Stibbs.
John Gould.
George Pashen.
John Tuexbury.
Robert Young.
Edward Wyer.
Francis Hamlyn.
Robert White.
Tho. Knapton, jun.
Robert Pope.
Tho. Munden.
James Mandefeild.
John Michell.
John Wilse.
Lamas West.
Wm. Hutchins.
John Dashwood.
Mathew Haggard.
John Brooke.
Ralph Adams.
John Marsh.
Robert Sheppard.
Wm. Haggard.
George Gillett.
George (?) Maber.
Edmund Jewell.
Mathew Hoare.
Jeremiah Clarke.
Joshua George.
James Tuexbury.
Thomas Sandly.
Nic. Miller.
Israeli Elliott.
John Bartlett.
John Locke.
Joseph Stickland.
Wm. Fooke.
Samuell Stibbs.
Richard Colle, sen.
Richard Cole, jun.
John Brine.
Wm. Mandefeild, jun.
James Wornell.
Wm. Pooke.
Wm. Munden.
Phillipp Bulgen.
James Mannell.
Richard Carrington.
Wm. Hobbs.
George Hillard.
Wm. Scriven.
Morrice Jenkins.
Wm. Dry, jun.
John Crimel.
Laurence Sheppard.
Peter Garrett.
John Gray.
Phillipp Bartlett.
John Woods.
Wm. Drewer.
Tho. Miller, sen.
George Gould.
Nathaniell Pane.
Henry Hillard.
Ambrose Way.
Thomas Newman.
Kicholas Rogers.
John Bushrod.
John Read.
Wm. Boise, jun.
John Michell.
Wm. Lillington.
Joseph Hillard.
Wm. Dry.
Joseph Stibbs.
Wm. Browne.
John Hillard.
Thomas Bryne.
John Long.
Ben. Galping.
Nath. Miller.
John Gawler.
Thomas Baker.
Wm. Morey.
Henry Hutchins.
Richard Burd.
Henry Alder.
James Gould.
Richard Young.
John Lilley.
John Winsor.
Wm. Boyse.
Sam. Martin.
John Haggard.
Tho. Lillmgton.
John Arnold.
Nicholas Shard.
Gabrtell Gould.
Mell Cox.
Wm. Levott.
John Everton.
Sam. Allen.
Salathiell Norris.
Henry Aland.
Thomas Miller, jun.
James Baker.
Francis Marsh.
Richard Corne.
Anthony Read.
Wm. Fosse, jun.
John Haggard.
Samuell Turner.
John Templeman.
John Bebnan.
John Sheppard.
Wm. Panchard.
Roger Fooke.
John White.
Robert Locke.
Wm. New.
Ben. Fleming.
Joseph Turner.
Thomas Pouncy.
John Miller.
Wm. Channing.
Laurence Pulbres.
Edward Vincent.
Wm. Sheppard.
George Toogood.
Stephen Bryne, sen.
Wm. Eastmon.
Wm. Fosse, sen.
Harrey Young.
Robert Elliot.

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