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Kelly's Directory 1895

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DORCHESTER, the county town, is a municipal borough union and market town and head of a petty sessional division, in the Southern division of the county, rural deanery of Dorchester (Dorchester portion), archdeaconry of Dorset and diocese of Salisbury. 16 miles south-west from Blandford, 15 east from Bridport, 8 north from Weymouth, 18 east-by-south from Beaminster and 120 from London by the old coach road, but by the railway, through Southampton, 138½ miles. The London and South-Western and Great Western railways have stations here.

This was one of the strongest and most extensive Roman stations, under the name of Durnovaria, and some remains of the Roman walls are yet to be seen, forming part of the garden wall of Mr. Edwin BURNETT, in the High West street; it is a regular and well-built town, on the river Frome and Ikening Street, and comprises the parishes of St. Peter, Holy Trinity, All Saints' and Fordington. The houses are chiefly modern, built of brick and stone : there are three principal streets, viz. East, West and South. The approaches from the London, Bridport and Weymouth roads are through long avenues of sycamore, elm and chestnut trees; and the south, west and part of the north sides of the town have walks between avenues of fine trees, forming a beautiful promenade, commanding an extensive prospect over the downs and the surrounding country. The town is paved, well supplied with water from works at Bridport road, the property of the Corporation, and lighted with gas by a company. The borough is governed by a mayor, four aldermen and twelve councillors, who also act as the urban Sanitary Authority the borough has a commission of the peace: it formerly returned two members to Parliament, but by "The Representation of the People Act, 1867," it returned one only, and by the "Redistribution of Seats Act, 1885" the representation was merged into that of the county.

Dorchester, with Fordington, has five churches:

    1. Holy Trinity, in High West street, is the third edifice which has been built on the same site; the first one having been destroyed by fire in 1824, was replaced by a small plain building, which was pulled down in 1875, and the present one, which is of Portland atone, erected at a cost of £5,000: it is in the Early English style, and consists of chancel, nave and aisles, 'with turret and one bell: it contains 650 seats. The register dates from the year 1653. The living is a rectory, with that of Frome Whitfield annexed, joint gross yearly value £500 net £439, including 70 acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the feoffees of the Free School and Almshouse charities, and held since 1870 by the Rev. Henry EVERETT M.A. of Exeter College, Oxford, rural dean of Dorchester and surrogate.
    2. St. Peter's is a large ancient Gothic stone pile in the centre of the town; it consists of a. chancel, nave, aisle, south porch with an embattled western tower 90 feet high, with pinnacles, and containing 8 bells: there is a chapel at the north-east in which the organ is placed: the church has 615 seats. The register dates from the year 1653. The living is a rectory, gross yearly value £233, net ,£228, with residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1888 by the Rev. Thomas Kingdon ALLEN M.A. of Queen's College, Oxford, and chaplain of H.M. Prison.
    3. All Saints' Church was rebuilt in 1845; it is a splendid edifice of stone in the Gothic style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles with lancet windows, porch and north-west spire with two bells: in the chancel is a superbly stained window with the effigy of the donor, the Bishop of Salisbury: there are also memorial windows to Jane, wife of Col. John Rawden OLDFIELD, and to A. H. D. TROYTR: there is a handsome altar tomb with recumbent figure, surmounted by a carved canopy, to the memory of Matthew CHUBB, ob. 1625: it contains 450 sittings. The register dates from the year 1653. The living is a rectory, gross yearly value £172, with residence, in the gift of Simeon's trustees, and held since 1892 by the Rev. Samuel Edward Valpy FILLEUL M.A. of Corpus Christi college, Oxford.
    4. Fordington church, St. George stands on an eminence: it is an ancient stone structure, containing work of the Norman, Early English and Perpendicular periods, originally built in the form of a cross, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south transept and south porch: it has a high embattled western tower with pinnacles, containing 6 bells and a clock: over the inner door of the porch (south) is represented the vision of St. George before the battle of Antioch, rudely carved in stone: it contains 400 seats; all are free.

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    Notice attached to the door of the church :- THE TYPANUM over this door is of great antiquity and may have been given to the church by William BELET who was rewarded with the Manor of Fordington by William the Conqueror. It is recorded that St George came to the assistance of Crusaders on both the 1st and 3rd Crusades. If Belet went on the 1st Crusade it would seem that he was being hard pressed by Saracens at the battle of Doryloeum in 1097 when St George came to his aid. He and his squire have fallen on their knees in thankfulness.

    The registers date from the year 1705. The living is a vicarage, average tithe rent-charge£170, gross yearly value £300, net £242, with residence, in the gift of the Bishop of Salisbury, and held since 1888 by the Rev. Sidney BOULTER M.A. of Keble College, Oxon. The churchyard has been enlarged, and is under the control of a Burial Board of 7 members.
    5. West Fordington is an ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1847 from the parish of Fordington. Christ Church, half a mile north-west of the town, was erected in 1846: it is a plain but well-proportioned building of Portland stone in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave and transepts, with small turret and one bell: it contains 400 seats, which are all free and unappropriated. The register dates from the year 1846. The living is a vicarage, gross yearly value £304, net £190, in the gift of the vicar of Fordington, and held since 1894 by the Rev. John Marshall COLLARD M.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge.
    The Catholic church dedicated to Our Lady of the Martyrs is in Princes street, and has 50 sittings.
    The Wesleyan chapel in South street, was built in 1875 in the Italian style, at a cost of £4,000: the architect was Mr. W. S. Allardyce.
    Dorford Baptist chapel, Durngate street, dates from 1648.
    The Congregational chapel, South street, was originally founded in 1700; and
    The Primitive Methodist chapel, Durngate street, was erected in 1875.
    The Brethren have a meeting room in South street.
A cemetery of 5 acres, in the Weymouth avenue, was formed in 1856 at a cost of £4,000 ; it contains 2 mortuary chapels and is under the control of a Burial Board of 15 members.

The Corn Exchange, erected in 1867, is a commodious building of brick with stone dressings, and is octagonal at the end, the roof being open timbered, covered with slate and glass, supported on lofty semicircular iron and moulded wood principals, the ends of which are domed: a gallery is formed under the same: a thorough system of ventilation and heating has been adopted: the cost of the work amounted to about £2,500.

High East St Dorchester - Corn Exchange clock tower
with the Spire of All Saints Church in the distance

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The Market House, in the North square, adjoining the Corn Exchange, is a small building of stone and brick, and was built by Samuel SLADE, in 1848, from designs by Benjamin Ferrey esq. in the Elizabethan style, and rearranged in 1867. The market days are Wednesday and Saturday. A Cattle Market was laid out with sheds near the station in 1877. Auctions are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, conducted by Messrs. Ensor, Henry Duke and Son, Mr. Giles SYMONDS, of Sydling, and Mr. G. J. SAMPSON, of Maiden Newton. The fairs are held February 14th, July 6th, August 6th and October 25th, for horses, sheep and cattle: there is also a large fair held at Poundbury, about half a mile from the town, principally for horn ewes, on the last Thursday in September.

The County Hall, in High East street, is a spacious and well-arranged building fronted with Portland stone: the assizes, quarter -session and county courts are held. there.

Her Majesty's Prison in North square, on the site of the ancient castle, was originally erected in 1793. Since the transfer from the county authorities, it has been entirely rebuilt and now contains 161 cells in two wards with rotunda in centre; provision is also made for adding another ward if necessary.

The Dorset County Museum, built from the designs of Messrs. G. C. Crickmay and Son, was opened on New Year's Day, 1884, by the Earl of Shaftesbury. The total cost of the building was £6,500; it was originally founded about 1844; the collection embraces some specimens of fossils of the county, flint implements, and some antiquities.

Dorset County Museum next to the tower of St Peters Church and
Original postcard (1) Picture taken 1895 showing Statue of Rev. William BARNES BD

A statue was unveiled here in Feb. 1889, to the Rev. William BARNES B.D. the Dorsetshire poet, for many years rector of Winterborne Came; this memorial, erected at a cost of £400 provided by subscription, represents him in his accustomed dress with knee breeches and buckled shoes, and has on the pedestal the dates of birth (1801) and death (1886) and some lines from his "Poems in the Dorset dialect."

Dorchester is the depot of the 39th Regimental District (Dorsetshire Regiment) of the Southern military district, comprising the 1st battalion (39th Foot), and battalions (54th Foot) and 3rd battalion, Dorsetshire Militia.
The Artillery Barracks and military depot are situated at the western extremity of the town on the St. Martin's road. The A Squadron of the Dorset (Queen's Own) Yeomanry Cavalry is stationed in the town. The Soldiers' Home, in North square, was founded in the year 1885, in memory of Major. Gen. Sir Herbert STEWART K.G B., it is open to all soldiers, who are provided with a coffee bar, reading room, library, bath room, lavatory, recreation and smoking room, bible class and mission room. There is also a public coffee bar intended specially for market people and working men, with stables and accommodation for. their horses. Besides this there are bedrooms and coffee and smoking rooms for the general public. Gospel or temperance meetings are held nearly every night in the mission rooms, and are well attended. The management of the house, is in the hands of a committee. The institution is partly supported by subscriptions.

The charities of the town consist of three almshouses: Napier"s Almshouse, in South street, which is liberally endowed, was founded by Sir Gerard NAPIER for the support of ten poor men, who also receive 6s. a week, and have a piece of ground which they cultivate; this building is kept in excellent repair: Whetstone's Almshouse, are for four aged men and their wives, with a stipend of 4s. 6d. a week; and Chubb's Almshouse, for nine poor women, who receive 2s 6d. a week each.

The Dorset County Hospital, in Princes street, is in the Tudor style, and was established in 1841, a wing was added in the year 1866; at present it has beds for 50 patients, with a daily average of 46, but possesses ample room for a larger number.

The neighbourhood abounds with Roman antiquities.
About a quarter of a mile south of the town is Mambury Rings, the Roman amphitheatre, formed of raised mounds of earth, not entirely enclosing the interior space, as there is an opening at the north between their sloping points; the largest external diameter is 343 feet, the shortest 339 feet, so that externally it is nearly a circle; it is supposed that in the thickest part of the sides were the dens for the wild beasts, that they might be let out opposite to each other to meet in the arena; it is computed that 12,000 persons could witness the combats.

Mambury Rings
Where Mary Channing was executed in 1705

About 2 miles south-west of the town, in the parish of Winterborne St. Martin, is Maiden Castle, an ancient " and extensive camp, situated on a hill" overlooking the surrounding country; it is encircled by gigantic entrenchments and ramparts; on the top is a table-land of oval shape, a mile in circumference; the whole space, to the foot of the outer entrenchment is 120 acres; it is one of the strongest of these fortified camps in England; this vast work is by most antiquarians considered to be Celtic, but by some it is attributed to the Romans; the latter people certainly occupied it, for relics of undoubtedly Roman buildings have been found there by Mr. Cunnington; in the adjoining district are many barrows.

Poundbury, half a mile west of the town, is another encampment, with immense earthworks thrown up, nearly square, the top of which comprises 20 acres of land; several stone coffins and other antiquities have been found at different times. The whole country north and south of the river is traversed by Roman roads, and here are Sites of Roman establishments, as Stinsford, Stafford, Burton, Wrackleford, Stratton, Sonthover, Bradford, Woodsford. Lawrence Barrow is half a mile south-east; Conquer Barrow, 1 mile south-east; Frome Hill, 1½ miles south-east.

All Saints Parish 25 acres Rateable Value £4,211 Population in 1891 813
St Peters Parish 35 acres rateable Value £6,463 population in 1891 1,372
Holy Trinity Parish 1,185 acres Rateable Value £6,510 Population in 1891 1,289
Fordington Pariah 3,005 acres rateable value £18,149 population in 1891 5,088

Totals 4,250 acres Rateable Value £35,333 and Population in 1891 8,562

The population of the municipal borough in 1891 was:-
All Saints' parish, 813; St. Peter's parish, 1,372; Holy Trinity parish (part of), 1,182; and Fordington parish (part of), 4,579; total, 7,946; which includes the officers and inmates of the local establishments, viz.:óDorchester prison (St. Peter's parish), 98; County hospital (Holy Trinity, parish), 50; Workhouse, 109; Artillery barracks, 156; New depot barracks, 330 (Fordington parish). The population of West Fordington ecclesiastical parish in 1891 was 2,308.

Fordington is an extensive parish partly in this borough. The land until about 1878 was all open, but is now enclosed with iron fences; the farms have been made larger and in fewer holdings, and a large portion adjoining the town has been sold for building. It has a fine turnip and barley soil, chiefly belonging to the Duchy of Cornwall, and the property of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. The workhouse for the Dorchester union is situated here. A. Cemetery for the parish was formed in 1866, comprising an area of about 2 acres, at a cost of £587; it is under the control of a burial board of 7 members.

Frome Whitfield is a hamlet in Fordington parish, and is the property of Maj.-Gen. HENNING C.B., J.P.

Coker's Frome and Colliton Row, half a mile north, are hamlets in Holy Trinity parish. Parish Clerks: West Fordington, (vacant) ; Trinity, William GOULD; All Saints', George WOOD; St. Peter's, Robert HASKETT; St. George's, East Fordington, E. THOMAS


Post, M. 0. & T. 0., S. B., Express Delivery & Insurance & Annuity Office,South St.- Charles PARSONS, postmaster 1l

Dispatch of Mails.
Weymouth & local deliveries, 2.15 a.m.; *London, Wimborne, Poole, Ringwood, Southampton & towns on S. W. line of rail, 10.5 a.m.; *Bath, Bristol, Chippenham, Yeovil & West of England, 11.45 a.m.; *London, Wareham, Southampton &c. 12.15 p.m.; *Weymouth, 12.3 p.m.; for places in local delivery of Dorchester, 1.15 p.m.; *Bridport & Southampton, 2.15 p.m.; *Bath, Bristol, 2.35 p.m.; *Midland & North England &c. 4.15 p.m.; *London, .4.50 p.m. ; Bath & Bristol, 5.15 p.m.; *Weymouth, 5.45 P.M. ; Bristol, 7 p.m.; General Night Mail, 9.30 p.m.;' West of England (except Bath & Bristol), 10 p.m
*Not dispatched Sundays or bank holidays.
sat (night mail), London, United Kingdom & foreign parts, by letter carriers & to callers, 7 a.m.; and (north mail), Scotland, Ireland, northern & midland counties, Wales, West of England, Yeovil, Cherborne, Weymouth &c. by letter carriers & to callers 10.45 a.m. ; 3rd (day mail), London, foreign parts, South Western line of rail, Weymouth &c. by letter carriers, & to callers, 2 p.m.; 4th,. London, Southampton, Bath, Bristol & Weymouth &c. by letter carriers, 6.30 p.m
Money orders are issued & paid from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Town Sub.-Post & M. O.O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, Fordington.—J. C. SPICER, sub-postmaster. Letter Box cleared, 9.40 & 11.20 a.m. 2.30 & 8 p.m.; Sunday, 8 p.m. only
Town Sub.-Post & M. O.O., S. B. & Annuity & Insurance Office, High West st. Thomas M. PINNICK, sub-postmaster. Letter Box cleared, 9.55 & 11.40 a.m. 2.30 & 8 p.m.; sunday, 8.30 p.m. only

County Magistrates for Dorchester Petty Sessional Division

MIDDLETON, Hastings Burton esq. Bradford Peverell, Dorchester (chairman for Dorchester petty sessions & of quarter sessions)
ELIOT, Richard Ffolliott esq. D.L. Radipole manor, Weymouth (chairman for Weymouth petty sessions)
ILCHESTER Earl of P.C. (lord lieut.), Melbury ho. Dorchester
PEARCE-EDGECUMBE, Sir Edward Robert LL.B. Somerleigh court, Dorchester
ASTELL, Maj.-Gen. Charles Edward, West lodge, Puddlehinton, Dorchester
BANKES, Wynne Albert esq. D.L. Wolfeton ho. Dorchester
BRYMER, William Ernest esq. M.A., M.P. Islington house, Puddletown, Dorchester
ELIOT, George Edward esq. Bincleaves, Weymouth
FLOYER, Geo. William esq. B.A. Stafford ho. near Dorchstr
HARDY, Thomas esq. Max Gate, Dorchester
HEAD, John Merrick esq. F.R.G.S., F.P.S. Pennsylvania castle, Portland
HENNING,Lieut.-Gen. Shurlock C.B. Frome Whitfield, Dorchester
KINDESLEY, Edward Leigh esq. Clyffe, Dorchester
LAWRIE, James Macpherson M.D. Greenhill, Weymouth
McLEAN, Allan L.R.C.P.Edin. St. Martins,Rodwell,Weymth
MANSEL, Arthur Edmund esq. Grove house, Dorchester
MANSEL, George Morton esq. Pancknowle manor,Dorchester
MIDDLETON, Hastings Nathaniel esq. D.L. Bradford Peverill, Dorchester
POPE, Alfred esq. South Walk house, Dorchester
PRETOR, Samuel Ashton esq. Bellfeld ho. near Weymouth
SCUTT, Charles esq. Wyke Oliver, Preston, Weymouth
SHERIDAN, Algernon Thomas Brinsley esq. D.L. Frampton court, Dorchester
SPARKS, William esq. M.S.A. Manor house, Langton Herring, Weymouth
SPEKE, Hugh esq. Elwell lodge, Weymouth
STEWARD Col. Richard Oliver Francis,Nottington house, Dorchester
STILWELL, Henry esq. Steepleton manor, Dorchester
SYKES, Major Cam, 9 Belvedere, Weymouth
TENNANT, Major-General Thomas Boone Everest, 8 Belvedere, Weymouth
THORNTON, Reginald esq. Birkin house, Dorchester
THORNTON, Reginald Douglas esq. Culliford ho. Dorchester
THRESHER, Captain John, Corfe Bill, Radipole, Weymouth
WILLIAMS, Edward Wilmot esq. D.L. Herringston, Dorchstr
WILLIAMS, Herbert Scott esq. M.A. Rothesay ho. Dorchestr
WILLIAMS, Col. Robert M.P., D.L. Bridehead, Dorchester

Clerk to the Magistrates
Arthur George SYMONDS. South street

Petty Sessions are held at the Shire hall every alternate saturday at 11 a.m. & at Weymouth last Friday in month

The following parishes are included in the Petty Sessional Division:- Abbotsbury,Athelhampton, Bincombe,Bradford Peverell, Broadmayne, Broadway, Buckland Ripers, Burlestone, Charminster, Chickerell West, Chilfrome, Compton Abbas, Compton Valence, Dewlish, Everehot, Fleet, Fordington, Frampton, Frome-Vauchurch, Kingston-Russell, Knighton West, Langton Herring, Littlebredy, Litton Cheney, Longbredy, Maiden Newton, Melbury, Sampford, Osmington, Owermoigne, Piddlehinton, Portisham, Portland, Poxwell, Preston & Sutton Poyntz, Puddletown, Puncknowle, Radipole, Rampisham, Stafford West, Stinsford, Stratton, Swyre, Tincleton, Toiler Poreoram Tolpuddle, Upway, Warmwell, Watercombe, Whitcombe, Winterborne Abbas, Winterborne Came, Winterborne Herringstone, Winterborne Monkton, Winterborne St. Martin, Winterborne Steepleton. Woodsford, Wyke Regis, Wynford Eagle

Quarter Sessions bald at the Shire hall.

Chairman, H. B. MIDDLETON esq
Deputy Chairman, Col. J. B. P. GOODDEN, Compton house, Sherborne
Clerk of the Peace, E. Archdall FFOOKS esq. Sherborne

Borough Magistrates.

The Mayor & Ex-Mayor for the time being
CROSS, William Henry., High West street
DAVIS, George, Southview
DUKE, E. B. Weymouth avenue
DARDEN, William, Holly bank
EMSON, Alfred, 47 South street
FISHER, Frederic Bazley, West walks
GENGE, William P. Weymounth avenue
GEORGE, George Aldridge, 29 High West street
GREGORY, George John Gregory, Eglesfield house
HARDY, Thomas, Macks gate, Wareham road
JAMESON,William Henry, High West street
TILLEY, William, Hawthorne lodge
TUDOR, John, 24 High West street
YOUNG, John Frederick, Cumberwood
  • Clerk, Arthur George SYMONDS, 10 South street

  • Borough Petty Sessions are held at the Guildhall every Monday at 11 a.m.
    The Corporation. (1894-95)
    Mayor, Alderman George John Gregory GREGORY
    Ex-Mayor, George DAVIS.

    George John Gregory GREGORY (retire in 1895)
    Alfred POPE (retire in 1895)
    William DURDEN (retire in 1901)
    Sir Edward Robert PEARCE-EDGECUMBE LLD (retire in 1901)

    Henry Anthony HUXTABLE (retire in 1895)
    Gustavas Phelps SYMES (retire in 1895)
    William H. Clayton THURMAN (retire in 1895)
    Gideon D. WRIGHT (retire in 1895)
    George DAVIS (retire in 1896)
    George Aldridge GEORGE (retire in 1896)
    James George GUY (retire in 1896)
    James PAINE (retire in 1896)
    Joseph Whittle FUDGE (retire in 1897)
    William Pope GENGE (retire in 1897)
    Leonard TILLEY (retire in 1897)
    William TILLEY (retire in 1897)

    The ordinary meetings of the Corporation are held at the Guildhall the first tuesday in every month.

    Auditor, Thomas COOMBS
    Elective Auditors,Francis John HOLLAND & W. E. GROVES Officers of the Corporation & Urban Sanitary Authority.
    Town Clerk & Clerk to the Urban Sanitary Authority & Borough School Attendance Committee, Henry SYMONDS, 11 South street
    Borough Treasurer, Thomas COOMBS, 5 South street
    Treasurer to Urban Sanitary Authority, Robert WILLIAMS, Dorchester Old bank
    Medical Officer of Health<, Edward Joseph DAY F.C.S., M.R.C.S.Eng. 4 Weymouth avenue
    Borough Surveyor, Gilbert James HUNT C.E. Guildhall
    Veterinary Inspector, Oscar Gordon BARROW F.R.C.V.S. 16 South street
    Sanitary Inspector & Inspector under the Petroleum Act & Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, Arthur Leonard Taylor TILLEY, 16 Cornhill
    Collector of Rates & School Attendance Officer, Thomas Alfred PEARCE, 53 South street
    Town Crier, James VINCENT, 41 Glyde Path road
    Clerk of the Markets, Robert Henry STICKLAND
    Sergeant at Mace, George MITCHELL, sen. 30 Fordington hill


    Corn Exchange & Town Hall, George MITCHELLl, senior keeper

    County Court, His Honor John James HOOPER M.A. judge; Henry SYMONDS, registrar.
    The Court is held monthly in the County Hall; the district comprises the following parishes, viz.:--Alton-Paneras, Athelhampatone, Batcombe, Bradford Peverell, Broadmayne, Buckland Newton, Bnrlestone, Cattistock, Cerne Abbas, Charminster, Chesilborne, Chilfrome, Compton Abbas, Compton Valence, Dewlish, . Dorchester, Fordington, Frampton, Frome-Vauchurch, Frome Saint Quinton, Godmanstone, Hilfield, Kingston-Russell, Knighton (West), Little Brady, Long Bredy, Maiden Newton, Mappowder, Melcombe Horsey, Minterne Magna, Nether Cerne, Puddlehinton, Puddletown, Puddletrenthide, Pulham, West Stafford, Stinsford, Stratton, Sydling Saint Nicholas, Tincleton, Toller Fratrum, Toller Porcorum, Tolpuddle, Up Cerne, Warmwell, Whiteombe, Winterborne Abbas, Winterborne Came, Winterborne Herringstone, Winterborne Monkton, Winterborne, Saint Martin, Winterborne Stapleton, Woodsford, Wynford Eagle & Wootton Glanvilles

    This Court has also Bankruptcy Jurisdiction, and for Bankruptcy purposes includes, in addition, Blandford,
    Bridport & Weymouth Courts, Frederick Ashton Dawes, City chambers, Salisbury, official receiver

    Certified Bailiffs under the "Law of Distress Amendment Act" George MITCHELL junior 5 Salisbury street; Edward Barnaby DUKE, South street Dorchester

    County Police Station, Weymouth Avenue; superintendent & chief clerk, Wm P. PLUMMER Capt. Amyatt E. AMYATT, chief constable; William Ernest WOOD L.R.C.P. Edin surgeon chief

    Police Station, North square; Walter DEAVENISH (DEVENISH) supt.; 2 sergeants & 5 constables

    District Registry of the High Court of Judicature, 11 South street, Henry SYMONDS, district registrar

    Dorchester Cemetery, Weymouth avenue, Arthur Henry LOCK, clerk to the burial board; Elias ROLLS, supt

    Dorchester Fire Brigade, Market place, Charles COWARD, capt. & 15 men

    Dorset County Hospital, Princes street, Robert WILLIAMS, treasurer; William V. LUSH M.D. physician; John TUDOR, consulting surgeon; George Aldridge GEORGE L.R.C.P.Lond. Frederick Bazley FISHER L.R.C.P. Lond. & William Ernest GOOD L.R.C.P.Edin. surgeons; Samuel Wesley WILSON L.R.C.P. & S.Irel. house surgeon; Rev. Randolph Charles MARRIOTT MA chaplain; George M. ARCHDALE, auditor; C. HANSFORD& G. J. G. GREGORY, financial secs; Miss Frances WARD, matron; Walter E. GROVES, clerk; C. T. CARTER, dispenser.

    Dorset County Museum, Library & Reading Room, High West street, Robert WILLIAMS, jun. esq.treasurer; Albert BANKER esq. hon sec.; Robert CASE, sec.; H. J. MOULE. M.A. curator; H. VOSS, sub-curator

    Fordington Cemetery, Thomas Alfred PEARCE, clerk to the burial board

    Guildhall, North square, George MITCHELL, sen. keeper

    Her Majesty's Prison, North square, Edwin WITHEFORD, chief warder in charge; Rev. Thomas Kingdon ALLEN M.A. chaplain; William Ernest GOOD L.B.C.P.Edin. medical officer; Miss BAZELL, matron

    Inland Revenue Office, 28 High West at.; Arthur J. POLLEY, surveyor of taxes; Charles Tizard ATKINS, supervisor; officers, Henry GOODFELLOW, 1st station, Abraham P. HINDLE, 2nd station

    Masonic Hall, Princes street, William TALBOT, hall keeper Masonic Lodge, Faith & Unanimity. No. 417, 1st wed, in month; E. W. YOUNG, sec.; Chapter, No. 417, 3rd wed. in Jan. Feb. Apl. Aug. Oct. & Nov.; E: NEWMAN, scribe E

    Institute & Reading Room, Museum, High West street, H. J. MOULE. M.A.. secretary

    Judges' Lodgings, County house, High West street, Henry PAYNE, keeper

    Shire Hall, High West at. Charles GREENING hall keeper

    Chubb's, North square
    Napier's, South street
    Whetstone's, Church street

    Dorchester Union.
    Board day, alternate wednesdays at the Workhouse at 11.30 a.m.
    The Union includes the following parishes, via.: Adminston or Athelhampton, Bradford Peverell, Broadmayne, Burlestone, Charminster, Chilfrome, Compton Abbas, Compton Valence, Dewlish, Dorchester (All Saints', Holy Trinity & St. Pater), Fordington, Frampton, Frame, Vauchurch, Kingston Russell, Little Bredy,Long Bredy, Maiden Newton, Piddlehinton, or Puddlehinton, Puddletown, Stiusford, Stratton, Tincleton, Toller Fratrum, Toller Porcorum, Tolpuddle, Warmwell, Watercombe, West Knighton, West Stafford, Whitcombe, Winterborne Abbas, Winterborne Came, Winterborne Herringstone, Winterborne Monkton, Winterborne St. Martin, Winterborne Steepleton, Woodsford & Wynford Eagle. The population in 1891 was 18,362; area, 69,418 acres; rateable value, £104,364.

    Clerk to the Guardians & Assessment Committee, Arthur Henry LOCK, 53 High West street, Dorchester
    Treasurer, Robert Williams, Old Bank, Dorchester
    Relieving Officers & Collectors to the Guardians, No. 1 district, Robert ATKINSON, Colliton st.; No. 2 district, George Henry BROWN, Maiden Newton
    Vaccination Officers, Dorchester district, Thomas Helps BISHOP, North square, Dorchester; Maiden Newton district, George Henry BROWN, Maiden Newton; PUddletown district, William TOMS, Puddletown
    Medical Officers, Broadmayne district, Alfred EMSON L.B.C.P.&S.Edin. 47 South street, Dorchester; Charmineter district, William Ernest GOOD L.B..C.P.F,din. 48 High West street, Dorchester; Dorchester district, George Aldridge GEORGE L.R.C.P.Lond. 50 High West street, Dorchester; Fordington district, Edward Joseph DAY F.C.S.. Fordington Green; Long Brady district, William HAWKINS, The Vicarage, Abbotsbnry; Maiden Newton district, William RANDALL, Maiden Newton; Puddletown district, Bernard Edward DALISON M.B. Islington Lawn, Dorchester
    Public Vaccinators, Dorchester district, Elias William KERR M.D. 5 South terrace, Dorchester. Other districts same as the medical officers

    Superintendent Registrar, Arthur Henry LOCK, 53 High i West street, Dorchester; deputy, William W. REED, 53 High West street, Dorchester

    Registrars of Births and Deaths, Cerne sub-district, Alfred Ernest Albert COLE, Cerne Abbas; deputy, Joseph DERRIMAN, Long street, Come Abbas; Dorchester subdistrict, Thomas Helps BISHOP, North square, Dorchester; deputy, Arthur George BAWLER, 3 Wollaston terrace, Dorchester; Maiden Newton sub-district, Edward BAKER, Meumbury road, Dorchester; deputy, John Brown, Maiden Newton; Puddletown sub-district, William Toms,. Puddletown; deputy, J. Antell, Puddletown

    Registrars of Marriages, Arthur George BAWLER, 3 Wollaston terrace, Dorchester; deputy, Walter B. BAWLER, 4 Napier terrace, Dorchester; Alfred Ernest A. COLE, Cerne Abbas; deputy, Joseph DERRIMAN, Cerne Abbas

    Workhouse, Fordington, erected in 1836, is a rough stone & brick building, will hold 233 inmates. An Infirmary was added in 1884 at a cost of £500 ; Rev. Randolph Charles MARRIOTT M.A. chaplain; George Aldridge GEORGE L.B.C.P.Lond. medical officer; William PEARCE, master; Mrs. Mary F. PEARCE, matron. The children attend the National schools

    School Attendance Committee.
    Meets at Union, monthly, at 12.30 p.m. on board days. Clerk, Arthur H. LOCK, 53 High West street
    Attendance Officers, the Relieving Officers

    Rural District Council.
    Meets at County Hall once a month at 11.30 a.m. on a saturday.
    Clerk; Arthur H. LOCK, 53 High West street
    Treasurer, Robert WILLIAMS, Dorchester Old Bank
    Medical Officers of Health, Eastern division, Edward Joseph DAY F:C.S. 4 Weymouth avenue, Dorchester; Western division, William RANDALL, Maiden Newton
    Sanitary Inspector, Frederick W. MAGER C.E. 19 Durngate street, Dorchester

    Regimental District No. 39. (The Dorsetshire Regiment.)
    Depot of the 1st & 2nd Battalions (39th & 54th foot).

    The Barracks.
    Commanding Regimental District, Col. J. L. TWEEDIE D.S.O.
    Station Pay Office, The Barracks; Staff Paymaster, J. PEARSON (hon. major)
    3rd Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment (Dorsetshire Militia)
    Head quarters, Barracks, St. Martin's road; Hon. Col. A. W. HALL C.B. commanding; Hon. Lieut.-Cols. R C. W. BINGHAM & J. H. AUSTEN, majors; Lient. C. R. E. RADCLIFFE, instructor of musketry; Capt. L. E. LUSHINGTON, adjutant; Hon, Capt. W. CLINCH, quartermaster; Surg.-Lieut.-Col. D. CURME, medical officer

    Royal Horse Artillery, Barracks, St. Martin's road; T Battery, C. J. LONG, major; C. J. NAISH, captain 1st Volunteer Battalion Dorsetehire Regiment.
    (Comprising A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I & L Companies.)
    Head quarters, Princes street; Hon. Col. B. WILLIAMS, V.D. commandant ;Hon. Lieut.-CoL. W. A. STONE V.D. & Hon. Lieat-CoL J. F. HODGES V.D. majors; Major W. A. CAMPBELL, adjutant; Hon. Capt. T. R. CROSS V.D. quartermaster; C. Co. Capt. H. S. WILLIAMS, commandant; Henry GRANT. sergeant-instructor; Rev. H. EVERETT. M.A. acting chaplain
    Cadet Corps, Sherborne School, W. B. WILDMAN, hon: captain
    Cadet Corps, Dorset County School, Rom Capt. Rev. W. S. WATSON M.A

    Yeomanry Cavalry. (Portsmouth Brigade).
    Dorset (Qneen's Own) A Squadron, Capt. J: K. D. WINGFIELD-DIGBY M.P. commander; Capt. J. GUNDRY, second in command; — English, quartermaster

    Public Officers.
    Assistant Overseers, All Saints' & Holy Trinity, Francis John Holland, Trinity street; St. Peter's & Fordington, Thomas Alfred PEARCE, South street
    Certifying Factory Surgeon, William Ernest GOOD, L.R.C.P.Edin. 48 High West street
    Clerk to the Commissioner of Taxes, Henry Anthony HUXTABLE, South street
    Collectors of Poor's Rates, All Saints' (including Fordington West), Francis John. HOLLAND, Trinity street; St. Peter's, (including Holy Trinity & Fordington Fast), Charminater a Winterborne Came, Thomas Alfred PEARCE, South street
    Collectors of Taxes, Holy Trinity, All Saints' & Fordington, Thomas Alfred PEARCE, South street; St. Peter's, Thomas Crook POUNCY, 3 Cornhill
    County Treasurer, Charles KEATS, Shire hall Superintendent of County Police, Walter DEAVENISH, Weymouth avenue

    Places of Worship, with times of services.
    All Saints' Church, High East street, Rev. Samuel Edward Valpy FILLEUL M.A. rector; 11 am. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 8 p.m
    Holy Trinity Church, High West street, Rev. Henry EVERETT M.A. rector & surrogate; is a.m. 3 & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 4.30 p.m
    St. Peter's Church, High West street, Rev, Thomas Kingdon ALLEN M.A. rector; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 4.30 p.m.; fri. 12 noon
    St. George's, Fordington, Rev. Sidney BOULTER M.A. vicar; 8 & 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; daily, 10 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
    Christ Church, West Fordington, Rev. John Marshall COLLARD M.A. vicar; 9.30 (military), 11 am. 3 & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 8 p.m
    Our Lady of the Martyrs, Catholic, Princes street, Rev. Norbert WOOLFREY, priest; mass, 11 a.m.; service & benediction, 6.30 p.m. ; daily mass, 8 a.m.; thurs. 7.30 p.m..; holidays of obligation, mass, 9 a.m
    Baptist, Durngate street, Rev. Robert B. CLARE; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; wed. 8 p.m
    Congregational, South street, Rev. McClune UFFEN; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; wed. 8 p.m
    Primitive Methodist, Durngate street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
    Wesleyan, South street (erected 1875), Rev. William CHANT & Rev. Seth SWITHENBANK; 11.a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; thurs. 7-30 p.m
    Brethren, South street; 11 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ;wed. 8 p.m
    Salvation Army, North square

    The Grammar School, founded in 1569 by Mr. Thomas HARDYE of Frampton, is situated in South street: by a scheme propounded by the Charity Commissioners in 1879 all the Dorchester charities (except Napier's & Whetstone's) were amalgamated for its support, & a new school has been built on the old site at a cost of £4,500, retaining the old schoolroom & old screen; it is a handsome & commodious building in the Tudor style. Herbert Napier KINGDON, head master; H. T. HOUSE, second master; C. E. COOPER & C. H. LENTON, assistant masters; Mons. GENLAIN (german); W. STONE, (music)
    Dorchester School of Art, The Museum, T. COOMBS & Albert BANKER esqs. hon. secs.; William BUSK, master
    National (infants), East Fordington, for 300 children; average attendance, 171; Miss LANGDON, mistress
    National (infants), West Fordington, accommodates 205; average attendance, 93; Miss ELFORD, mistress
    National (boys), Colliton street, established 1812, for 353 children; average attendance, 266; John Roe COOPER, master
    National (girls), Bell street, established 1816, for 315 children; average attendance, 271; Miss Mary HARDY, mistress
    National (infant), Holy Trinity, built in 1857, for 300 children; average attendance, 220; Miss Emma SALISBURY, mistress

    Dorset County Chronicle & Somersetshire Gazette (published every wednesday for thursday), Sime & Co. proprietors, 63 High West street. See advertisement
    Southern Times & Dorset County Herald (published every friday for saturday), Sime & Co. proprietors, High West street. See advertisement

    Railway Stations.
    Great Western, Henry YEO, station master
    London & South Western, Henry J. SMITH, station master; H. S. FROST, agent, Cornhill
    Omnibuses to & from the stations from 'King's Arms' & 'Antelope' to meet all trains
    Carriers, with the places they go to & the inns they start from, with days of starting.
    Alton Pancras—Paulley, 'Royal Oak,' wed. & sat- ; Watts, 'Phoenix,' wed. & sat
    Ansty--Coombs, 'White Hart,' sat
    Bare Regis, Puddletown—Day, wed. & sat
    Blandford, Puddletown & Milborne—Hammond, `White Hart,' High East st. mon. wed. & sat
    Bradford Peverell---Andrews, `Plume of Feathers,' sat
    Broadmayne, Blandamer--' Chequers,' wed. & sat.; Charles & Talbot, both from 'Phoenix,' sat.; Watts, Stewart Memorial Home, wed. & sat.; Westmacott, White Hart,' wed. & sat
    Broadmayne, Winfrith & Ower Moigne—Snelling. 'Phoenix,' High East st. sat.; Keats, 'Phoenix,' wed. & sat
    Buckland Newton—Paulley, 'Royal Oak,' wad. & sat.; Watts, from 'Phoenix,' wed. & sat
    Cattistock—Shorto, `Royal Oak,' wed. & sat
    Cerne—Thomas Fox, 'Plume of Feathers,' mon. tues. wed. & sat.; Charles Fox, 'Plume of Feathers,' sat.; Thorne, 'Royal Oak.' High West street, daily; Durden, 'Plume of Feathers,' sat
    Chaldon-Talbot, 'Phoenix,' sat
    Charminster, Forston & Godmanston--Thorne, 'Royal Oak,' daily; Fox, 'Plume of Feathers,' mon. tues. wed. & sat
    Cheselborne—Cleall, 'White Hart,' wed. & sat. Coombs, from 'White Hart,' sat
    Clenstone, Puddletown & Strickland - Tizzard, 'Royal Oak.' sat
    Dewlish—Cutler, from 'Phoenix,' wed. & sat
    Grimston, Stratton & Sydling—Wiltshire, 'Soldiers' Home,' wed. & sat.; Kellaway, 'Plume of Feathers,' wed. & sat
    Haselbury Brean—Coombs, from 'White Hart,' sat
    London & all parts--Sutton & Co. 3 High East st. daily
    London, Dorchester, Weymouth, Cerne & Bridport—William Bishop (agent for Lipscomb), forwards goods by train to & from each station, daily; London Booking office, 'White Horse,' Cripplegate; Lipscomb's waggon, from his own office, High East street, to Weymonth, every tues. & fri
    West Lulworth—Snelling, from 'Phoenix,' sat
    Maiden Newton--Stanley, Greyhound inn, mon. wed. & sat
    Martins Town & Winterborne—Barber, Stewart Memorial Home, mon. wed. thurs. & sat.; Hartwell. 'Plume of Feathers,' mon. wed. & sat
    Milton Abbas—Feander, 'White Hart,' sat
    Milborne--Corben, 'White Hart,' wed. & sat.; Tizzard, 'Royal Oak,' sat
    Milborne, Puddletown & Abbey Milton—Frizzle 'White Hart,' wed. & sat
    Osmington dt Poxwell—Charles, 'Phoenix,' sat Puddlehinton & Pideltrenthide—Paulley, 'Royal Oak,' wed. & sat.; Spicer,' Phoenix,' daily; Watts,' Phoenix,' wed. & at
    Portesham—Jolliffe,'Plume of Feathers,' sat
    Puddletown--Roper,' White Hart,' High East st. daily; Geo. H. Stephens, daily; Cutler, 'Phoenix,' mon. wed. & sat.; Coombs. 'White Hart,' sat
    Puddletown, Tolpuddle & Bere Regis—Joyner, Three Mariners inn, sat.; Day, wed. & sat
    Ramperaham—Stanley, from 'Greyhound.' mon. & sat
    Stafford & Woodsford—Coleman, 'White Hart,' wed. a sat.; Mrs. Warren, from `Star,' tues. thurs. & sat.; Symes, 'Chequers,' wed. & sat
    Stickland & Cleustone—Tizzard, 'Royal Oak,' rat.; Hammond,' White Hart,' mon. wed. & sat Stratton—.lien, ' Plume of Feathers,' sat
    Stratton, Grimston, Frampton, Maiden Newton, Great Toiler & Kingsoombe—Cleall, 'Royal Oak,' toes. thurs. do sat
    Tolpuddle—Hammett, Star inn, thurs. do sat.; Macdonald, Star inn, wed. & sat.; Day, Phoenix inn, wed. & sat
    Troy Town—Burden, 'White Hart,' every day
    Tingleton-House, 'Three Mariners,' wed. & sat
    Whatcombe & Whitchurch—Hammond, White Hart inn, mon. wed. & sat.; H. Tizzard, 'Royal Oak,' sat
    Winfrith—Westmacott, White Hart inn, wed. & sat.; Tent, 'Three Mariners'; Blandemere, from 'Chequers,' wed. & sat
    Winterborne & Longbredy—Northover, 'Plume of Feathers,' wed. & sat

    Acton Rev. Albert (curate of East Fordington.), 1 Salisbury villas.
    Adlam Miss, St. Michael's, Lindon road
    Allen Rev. Thomas Kingdon M.A. (rector of St. Peters & chaplain of H. M. Prison), St. Peter's Rectory, South Walks road
    Allen Mrs. 5 Cornwall: road
    Amey Frederick, 1 Salisbury terrace
    Amyatt Capt. Amyatt E. (chief constable of Dorset), South lodge ;
    Andrews Mrs. 20 Trinity Street
    Ashley Miss, Stratton manor, High West street
    Atkins Charles Tizard, Sydney villa, 11 Great Western road
    Austin Mrs. Pendomer, 4 West walks

    Bailey Henry Caleb, 37 High East street
    Baker Surgeon-Lieut,-Col. J. Bowyer, 3 Cornwall road
    Barnard Misses, 13 Princes street
    Barnes Rev. William Lawson M.A. 9 Cornwall road
    Barnes Stephen, 5 Temple terrace
    Barrow Oscar Gordon, 16 South street
    Bartlett Wm. Hope lodge, I0 Great Western road
    Bascombe Henry, 65 High West street
    Bawler Arthur George, 3 Wollaston terrace, Bell street
    Best Walter Edmund, 2 Temple terrace
    Biggs Thomas Strange, Westfield, 11 Cornwall road
    Blackford Arthur, 1 Chesnut villas, Fordington
    Boon Fred, St. Remo, 3 Icen road
    Boon Richard 0. 1 South terrace
    Boulter Rev. Sidney V.A. (vicar of St.George's), 33 Fordington Hill
    Bowden Misses, 2 West walks
    Boyt Miss, 11 Wollaston road
    Brown William, 3 Cleesnut villas,South Walks road
    Brown William Hy. 5 Weymouth av
    Bull George, 43 High West street
    Burnett Edwin, 4o High West street
    Busk William (master at School of Art), West walks
    Butt John, 2 Chesnut vils. Fordington

    Callicott William Hy. 24 Victoria road
    Case Robert, 4 Carnhill
    Chant Rev.William. James (Wesleyan),2 Alexander terrace
    Clapcott Major Charles, Linden lodge, South walks
    Clare Rev. Robert B. (Baptist), 3 Maumbury road
    Collard Rev. John Marshall MA. (vicar of Christchurch), The Vicarage, The Grove
    Colliingridge Rev. Charles (Roman Catholic), Princes street.
    Coombs Mau. 5 Maumbury road
    Coombs Thomas, 7 South street
    Cooper John Roe, 2 Woollaston road
    Cottman John Thomas, Clear Mount, 2 Albert road
    Coward Miss, 1 Alexandra terrace
    Cox Mrs. 1 Salisbury villas
    Crocker Joseph, Woollaston road
    Crockford Mrs. 6 Temple terrace
    Cross Thomas Rodber, 5 High West street
    Cust Mrs. Marquise villa, 2 Great Western road

    Darch J. H. Greenhill house, 6 Fordington green
    Davis George, South view, 5 Prince of Wales' road
    Day Edward Jsph. 4 Weymouth avn
    Day James, 8 Woollaston road
    Dean William Henry, 9 Temple terrace
    Dennis George James 2 Woollaston terrace, Bell street
    Denis Mrs. 1a, Woollaston road
    Dennis Richard, 6 Woollaeton road
    Dent Edward J. Cokers Frome
    De Satge M. Henri, Stratton manor, High West street
    Devenish Mrs. 32 High West street
    Dewland Mrs 3 Salisbury terrace
    Dixon Charles, Rutland villa, 8 St. Helens road
    Dixon Wm. Sth. Grove cot. Trinity street
    Dobell George, Moor hut, 4 East par
    Dowdeswell John, Devon ldg. 8 Icen road
    Downing John, The Elms, Weymouth avenue
    Duddesidge George, 6 Weymouth av
    Duke Edward Barnaby, The Limes, 3 Weymouth avenue
    Duke Henry, 42 High West street
    Darden Mrs.Leigh vil.1 Gt.Western road
    Darden William. Holly bank.Wooliaston road
    Darden William John, Montague villa, 14 Great Western road

    Edwards Alfred, 39 High West street
    Edwards Henry, s Salisbury villas
    Emery Frederick Williams, Nilgiri Bungalow, 9 Icen road
    Emson Alfred, 47 South street
    Emson Mrs. Savernake house, 41 South street
    Ensor Frederick Vernon, 54 South street
    Escott Arthur Joseph, Dorsetshire Bank, 2 High West street
    Evans Henry J. 2 St. Helens road
    Evans Mrs., Warley, 10 Icen road
    Everett Rev. Henry M.A. (rector of Holy Trinity, surrogate & rural dean), Rectory, Princes street

    Farrar Major Philip, 6 Woollaston terrace, Bell street
    Filleul Rev. Edward Valpy M.A. (rector of All Saints'), All Saints' rectry
    Fisher Frederic Bazley, 7 West walks
    Fookes Mr s.Worgrett vil.25 Victoria road
    Foster Capt. Richard Bayntum R.N. Lambert house, 45 High West street
    Foster Chas. Jsph. 64 High West street
    Foster Mrs. Haybrook, 17 Great Western road
    Frodsham Robert Cecil, 2 Cornwall road
    Fudge J. Whittle, Glen view, Glyde Path road

    Galpin William. Heathcote ldg. 15 Icen road
    Garrett William, Henry. 6 West walks
    Gaskin Mrs. 14 Woollaston road
    Genge Mrs. Victoria vila East Fordington
    Genge William Pope, Ivythorpe, 2 Weymouth avenue
    George George. Aldridge, 50 High West street
    Gillingham Luke D. 31 St. Helens road
    Goldie James, Albert lodge, 5 Albert road
    Good John, 4 Alexander terrace
    Good William. Ernest, 48 High West street
    Goodfellow Henry. Cintra villa, 4 Great Western road
    Gordon Miss, Westhill, 16 St.Helens road
    Gould William Henry. 30 High West street
    Gravener Capt. John James Atkins R.N. Avenue house. East Fordington
    Green Misses, Wingfield, 19 Great Western road
    Greening Charles, 4 Albert road
    Greening Thomas, 4 Woollaston road
    Gregory George, Jn, Gregory, Eglesfield house
    Groves Arthur, 4 South terrace.
    Groves Arthur William, 4 South terrace
    Groves Walter Valletta, 4 Icen road
    Gundry Henry T, 31 High West street
    Guy James George. 33 Glyde Path road
    Guy John, 39 South street
    Guy Mrs. 21 Glyde Path road

    Hall Miss, Sunbeam, 6 Icen road
    Hammond William, jun. 50 South street
    Hannah James, 8 Cornhill
    Hansford Charles. 3 Alexander terrace
    Hardy Misses, 12 Woollaston road
    Hardy Thomas J.P. Macks. Gate,. Alington avenue,
    Hawkins Mrs. Cornwall lodge, Great Western road
    Hayne Robert, Fordington house, East Fordington
    Hazel John, 22 Trinity street
    Henning Lieutenant-General. Shurlock C.B., J.P. Yrome Whitfield house
    Herring James, 3 Bridport terrace
    Hill Arthur Stanton, 6 Cornwall road
    Hill Miss, Southfield, 3 Prince of Wales road
    Hill William Marckam, LyndaIe villa, 4 Prince of Wales' road
    Hodges Herbert Williams, The Retreat, Western road
    Hodges John Fras, 22 High East st
    Hodges Miss, 1 Woollacton terrace
    Hodges Misses, 29 Fordington hill
    Hogg Benjamin Alexander, Fulda villa, 7 Great Western road
    Holland Robert, 8 Cornhill
    Horsey Francis Charles, 7 Temple terrace
    Hunt Gilbert James, Lansdowne villa, 3 Great Western road
    Hunt Robert, Fairview villa, 8 Great Western road
    Huxtable Henry Anthony, Ye Hutte, 1 Weymouth avenue

    Irish Charles, 7 Bridport terrace

    Jack Thomas, Alpha cottage. Alington road
    Jackman Arthur, Victoria cottage, East Fordington
    Jacob Fras.Clare viIla, 9 Great Western road
    Jameson William. Henry, 12 High West street
    Johnson John, Purbeck house. East Fordington

    Keats Charles, 4 Woollaston terrace
    Keech George, junior. 15 Bridport terrace St. Martin's road
    Kelly Thomas, 23 Trinity street
    Kerr Elias William. M.D. 5 South terrace
    Kingston Herbert Napier (head master of Grammar school), South street
    Kingston Mrs. Woollaston lodge

    Lacey Charles, 13 Trinity street
    Landcheits Henry Joshua, 5 Chesnut villas, Fordington
    Lankester Miss, 1b Woollaston road
    Legg Joseph L. 4 Durngate street
    Lock Arthur Henry, 53 High West street
    Lott John Green, Foundry house, 24 High street, Fordington
    Lush John Millard,34 High East street
    Lushington Major Arthur James, Goulmerg, West walks

    Maber Edward Victoria villas. East Fordington
    McClune Uffen Rev. Jas. Congregational), The Manse, 7 Cornwall road
    Mackintosh Charles E. The Myrtles, 20 Prince of Wales road
    Masters Walter King, 21 High East street
    Mansel Captain Arthur E. Grove house High West street
    Marriott Rev. Randolph C., M.A. (chaplain to the Dorset County hospital and the union), 7 Alexander terrace
    Michell James Wolcott, Minden villa, 28 Victoria road
    Millard Charles, 7 Salisbury terrace
    Miller Miss, 1 Victoria place. East Fordington
    Morgan Miss, 8 Bridport terrace
    Moule Right Rev.Bishop George Evans Doctor of .Divinity 33 High West street
    Moule Henry Joseph M.A. 3 Trinity street
    Murray William. Albion vil 16 Great Western road

    Nevill Jn. Lesholme. 6 Gtr Western road
    Newman Miss, 24 South street

    Olive Mrs. Swiss cottage, 2 Damers road
    Oliver Mrs. 1 West walks
    Onslow Captain Denzil Hughes, Colliton house
    Osmond Frank, 4 Salisbury street

    Panton Misses, 8 Alexander terrace
    Paterson William, 7 Weymouth avenue
    Paull Mrs.Stamford vil. 12 St Helens road
    Payne James, Wareham house, Alington avenue, East Fordington
    Peach Zacharias, Cleeve villa, 4 St. Helens road
    Pearce Alfred. 6 Salisbury terrace
    Pearce Mrs. Somerleigh Gate
    Pearce Thomas. Alfd. 8 Cornwall road
    Pearce-Edgcumbe Sir Edward Robert LL.D., J.P. Somerleigh
    Penny Miss. 6 Alexander terrace
    Penny Mrs. George, 5 Alexander terrace
    Phelps James, 16 Woollaston road
    Pitfield Noel, 4 Cornwall road
    Polley Arthur John, Hillside, 18 St. Helens road
    Pope Alfred J.P. South Walk house & Wrackleford
    Pope Edwin, Menton ldg.Weymouth. avenue
    Pope Thomas, 8 Chesnut vils.Fordington
    Porter William. Henry. Icen cottage. 14 Icen road
    Rankin Mrs. 15 Woollaston road
    Reichardt Rev. Henry C. Roumania villa, 6 St. Helens road
    Reid Mrs. Coulson house, 36 High at. Fordington
    Rumsey Clement Gideon, The Elms, Weymouth avenue
    Samways Mrs. Gordon villa, 53 Great Western road
    Saunders Mrs.. Lonsdale villa, 18 Great Western road
    Searle George Dukes, 1 St. Helens road
    SheIlaber Mrs. 10 Woollaston road
    Shergold Frank, 6 Chesnut villas, Fordington
    Shirley Misses, Oldfield house. Linden avenue
    Simmons Mrs. Binfield, 6 Prince of Wales road
    Smith Boynton, 56 High West street
    Smith The Misses, Trinity street
    Smith Mrs. F. 13 Woollaston road
    Spring-Rice Rev. & Hon. Aubrey M.A.Sunnyside, 19 Woollaston road
    Spicer Dom. 3 Temple terrace
    Steeds John Alan, 18 Woollaston road
    Steele Miss, 5 Durngate street
    Stephens James R. M. Fern bank, 27 Victoria road
    Stone Miss, 46 High West street
    Strange Grove D. Bourne villa, 14 St. Helens road
    Stroud James E. 6 High East street
    Symes Mass, Woollaston house
    Symes William, 7 St. Helens road
    Symonds Arthur George, 10 South street
    Symonds Henry, Encombe, 7 Prince of Wales' road
    Symonds Mrs 10 South street

    Talbot Robert Randall, Syward lodge, East Fordington
    Taylor Alfred, 4 Chesnut villas.Fordington
    Taylor Benjamin. 9 Fordington gardens.Fordington
    Taylor George, Louds works
    Taylor John Richard, 8 Temple terrace
    Thorburn Wiliam Hamilton, 6 South terrace, South street
    Thornton Reginald Douglas J.P. Culliford house
    Tilley Arthur Leonard Taylor, Victoria house, 31 Fordington hill
    Tilley Leonard, The Chesnuts, South Walks road
    Tilley William, Hawthorn Iodge, St. Martins road
    Toop Thomas. 2 Victoria place Fordington
    Travers John Aplin, Northernhay, The Grove
    Tudor John, 24 High Went street
    Tweedie Col. John L., D.S.O. (Lieutenant.Colonel. commanding 39th Regimental district), Calder, 7 Icen road

    Vatcher William R. 49 High East st
    Voss Alben, 4 Temple terrace

    Watkins Williams, 7 Woollaston road
    Watling Henry S.49 South street
    Wellspring John, 10 Glyde Path road
    White Mrs.Elmsfield, 9 Prince of Wales' road
    Whittle Mrs. HaviIand villa, 12 Great Western road
    Wightman Mrs. Granby villa, 15 Great Western road
    Wilkins Claremont , Danie's, 41 High West street
    Wilkins Mrs. Drummond, 41 High West street
    Williams Herbert Scott MA., J.P. Rothesay house
    Williams Mrs Backstone, Linden avenue.
    Wills Miss. 9 Woollaston road
    Wills Mr. Victoria cottage. Fordington hill
    Willson Wesley L.R.C.P. (house surgeon, Dorset County hospital.Princes street
    Wiltshire Miss, 16 Bridport terrace, St. Martins road
    Witheford Edwin (chief warder-in charge H.M. Prison), North square
    Wolff Alphonse, Hazeldene, 5 Icen road
    Wright Gideon D. 40 South street,
    Wynward Major-General. Henry Buckley J. The Limes, Linden avenue

    Yeo Henry. 11 Bridport terrace.St.Martins road
    Young Ernest William. 49 High West street
    Young John Frederick, 8 Cumberwood, Prince of Wales' road
    Adams Miss M. dress maker, 62 High West street
    Adams Thomas, horse dealer, East Fordington
    Adam Jane Augusta (Miss), ladies sehool, St. Michael's, Linden avenue
    Alington Hall (W. R. Vatcher, proprietor, 49 High East street), Durngate street
    Allen Joshua, timber merchant, wood & coal dealer & miller, Dorchester saw & corn mills, See advert
    Allen Stephen Davis, draper, 9 High West street
    Amor & Son, coopers, 29 The Grove
    Andrews, Son & Huxtable, solicitors, 6 South street
    Arnold Jonathan, butcher, Market house, North square
    Atkinson Robert, relieving officer, No. 1 district, Dorchester union, 45 Colliton street

    Bagg & Son, timber merchants, Great Western railway station
    Bailey & Thorpe, drapers & outfitters,35 & 37 High East street
    Baker Edward, registrar of births & deaths for Maiden Newton district, 6 Maumbury road
    Baker Edwin, confectioner, 9 High East street
    Ballam F. & Son, shoeing & general smiths, 44 Colliton street
    Barber George John, painter, 31 Bell street
    Barr Charles William, tailor, 1 Durngate street
    Barrett & Son, builders & contractors, 1 East parade
    Barrow Oscar Gordon F.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, vet.inspector to the borough & Dorchester division of the county. 16 South street & Durngate street
    Barsted Henry Joseph, Exhibition hotel, & horse breaker, 71 East parade
    Bartlett George, Antelope inn tap P.H. 1 Trinity street
    Baacombe Henry & Co. family drapers, tailors, milliners, dress makers & mantle warehousemen, 65 High West street
    Bawler Arthur Geo, deputy registrar of births & deaths for Dorchester sub-district & registrar of marriages, 3 Wollaston terrace
    Bawler Walter H. deputy registrar of marriages, 4 Napier terrace, South street
    Beehive Clothing Stores, outfitters, 6 High West street
    Benjamin John, inspector of weights & measures, 4 Glyde Path road
    Bellinger James, butcher, Standfast road. East Fordington
    Bishop Albert, shopkeeper, 23 St.George's road. East Fordington
    Biggs Thomas Strange & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 3 High West street; & 3 King Alfred place, Swanage
    Bishop Christopher. shoe maker. 48 Holloway road. East Fordington
    Bishop Thomas Helps, vaccination officer for Dorchester district & registrar of births & deaths for Dorchester sub-district, 17 North square
    Bishop William. grocer, provision merchant. bacon curer & agent for Lipscomb, general railway carrier, 5 High East street
    Boon C. J. & Son, grocers, & agents for W. & A. Gilbey, Lim. wine & spirit merchants. The Stores, 9a, & 11 Cornhill
    Borough Fish Supply, fishmongers (James Hallett, manager), 3 South street
    Bowen & Symes, solicitors, 11 Cornbill; & at Weymouth
    Braybrooke Thomas (late Saunders & Jacob), watchmaker, jeweller & silversmith, 26 High East street
    Brown Robert Bullen,
      manufacturer of marquees, tents, rick cloths & improved waterproof clothing, railway van, wagon, cart, engine & machine covers, horse clothing, sack & bag, rope & twine, maker & dealer in india rubber goods; marquees & tents let on hire; 52 High East street & 8 High West st. & at Weymouth. See advertisement
    Browning Edward & Charles, stationers, 43 High East street
    Bugler Henry, baker, 1 Princes street
    Burnett Edwin,
      solicitor,commissioner for taking affidavits in Supreme Court of Judicature, & commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women, solicirr to Starr Bowkett building societies (Nos. 641 & 683), secretary to Dorchester national schools & chairman of gas company, 4 South street
    Cake Charles. Frederick. carpenter, Greyhound yard, South street
    Cake John, blacksmith, 45 The Grove
    Carter Charles.Thomas. dispenser to County hospital. 39 Trinity street
    Case M. & E. (Misses), booksellers, stationers, printers & circulating library, 4 Cornhill
    Cemetery (Arthur H. Lock, clerk to the burial board; Elias Rolls, superintendent), Weymouth avenue
    Chubb's Almshouses, North square
    Churchill Elizabeth (Mrs.), dress maker, 13 Fordington green, Fordington
    Churchill James, hair dresser, in North square
    Churchouse Emily (Miss), dress maker 3 Salisbury street
    Cole William J. mason, 6 Glyde Path road
    Cook Job, cabinet maker, 37 High West street
    Coombs Thomas, solicitor, commissioner for oaths, clerk to committee of visitors, county lunatic asylum, & clerk to Dorchester highway board & treasurer of the borough of Dorchester, 5 South street
    Corn Exchange & Town Hall (George Mitchell, senior. hall keeper), High East street
    County Cabinet Works (Hannah & Holland, proprietors), 8 Cornhill
    County Court (Henry Symonds, registrar), Shire hall; office, 11 South street
    County Police Station (Captain Amyatt E. Amyatt, chief constable), Weymouth avenue
    Crocker P. & S. (Misses), young ladies' schl. 37 South street
    Crocker William Henry & Son, coopers, 12 High East street
    Cross Thomas Rodber, manager to Dorchester Bank, 5 High West street
    Curtis & Howes, watch makers, 7 High East street
    Curtis Albert, refreshment rooms, 17 The Grove

    Damen John, corn merchant. 12 Bridport ter. St. Martin's read Davis Richard & Son, builders, contractors, monumental masons, brick, tile & pipe manufacturers, Trinity at.; k at Broadmayne. See advertisement
    Davis Susan (Mrs.), straw bonnet maker. 14 Victoria road
    Day Edward Joseph F.C.S. surgeon, & medical officer& public vaccinator to Fordington district & medical officer of health to the urban sanitary authority & rural district council, 4 Weymouth avenue
    Dean John, tailor, 21 Bridport terrace, St. Martin's road
    Dennis William Alfred, baker, 43 South street
    Devenish Walter, divisional superintendent of police, County Police station, Weymouth avenue
    Dibble Joseph, clerk of works to Lord Alington, 26 Glyde Path road
    Dimmer William John, fruiterer, 38 High West street
    Dixon William, draper &c. see Gouge, Dixon & Jameson
    Dodge Harry A. baker, 7 Holloway road, Fordington
    Dorchester Agricultural Society (H. A. Huxtable, hon.sec)
    Dorchester Cash Tailoring Co. tailors & hatters, 9 South street
    Dorchester & County of Dorset Economic Benefit Building Society (T. A. Pearce, sec. & manager; A. H. Lock, solicitor), 53 South street
    Dorchester Fish Supply, fishmongers (Edwin Clarke, manager), 11 High East street
    Dorchester & Fordington Conservative Working Men's Club (W. Skinner, hon. sec.), 15 South street
    Dorchester Fire Brigade (Charles. Coward, captain.), Market place
    Dorchester Gas & Coke Co. Limited (Frank Osmond, manager & secretary), Bell street
    Dorchester Gas Fitting Co. Limited (Frank Osmond, manager & secretary) ; gas cooking stoves for sale or hire, Bell street
    Dorchester Old Bank (R. & R. Williams, Thornton, Sykes & Co.); head office, 2 High West street; draw on Williams Deacon & Manchester & Salford Bank Lim. London E C
    Dorchester School of Art (William. Busk, master), Museum, 66 High West street
    Dorchester Steam Laundry Co. Limited (Alfred Edwards, sec. 16 Cornhill), St. Martin's road
    Dorchester & West of England Hide & Skin Market (Henry Duke & Son)
    Dorset County Chronicle & Somersetehire Gazette(Sims & Co. proprietors; published wed, for thurs.), 63 High West street. See advertisement
    Dorset County Club (E. W. Williams esq. hon. sec.), 3 High West street
    Dorset County Hospital (Robert Williams junior. treasurer; Samuel Wesley Wilson L.R.C.P. & S.Irel. house snrgeon; Miss Frances Ward, matron; Walter Edwin Groves, clerk), Trinity street
    Dorset County Museum & Library (W. A. Bankes esq. hon. sec.; Robert Case, sec.; Robert Williams esq, treasurer; Henry. Joseph. (his surname Moule omitted ) M.A. curator), 66 High West street
    Dorset Friendly Society (established 1847) (Alfred Edwards, sec.), 16 Cornhill
    Dorset (Queen's Own) Yeomanry Cavalry (A Squadron, Capt. J. K. D. Wingfield-Digby M.P. commander; Capt. J. Gundry, second in command)
    Dorsetahire Regiment, 1st Volunteer Battalion (Col. B. Williams, Lieutenant.-Colonel. commandant; Major W. A. Campbell, adjutant; Capt. T. R. Cross, quartermaster) (C. Co.) (Capt. H. S. Williams, commanding; Sergeant Instructor, Henry Grant) ; head quarters of battalion & C. Co. Princes street
    Dron Kate (Mrs.), stationer, 23 High West street
    Duke Henry & Son, auctioneers, valuers & estate agents, 53 South street
    Duke & Son, corn & seed merchants, 53 South street; stores, Great Western road
    Dunford Richard, Greyhound Public House. 29 Princes street
    Dunn Clement, Antelope hotel, Cornhill
    Durden & Son, plumbers, painters & glaziers, 18 Durngate street

    Eddison & De Mattos, steam plough & traction engine proprietors, Steam plough works, East Fordington
    Edwards Alfred, accountant, sec to Dorchester Steam Laundry Co. Lim. see, to Dorset Friendly Society& sec. to Technical Instruction Committee, 16 Cornhill & 39 High West street
    Edwards. Henry, dentist, 2 Salisbury villas
    Eldridge, Pope & Co. brewers, maltsters & wine & spirit merchants, Dorchester brewery
    Eliot, Pearce & Co. bankers (branch) (Thomas Rodber Cross, manager), 5 High West street; draw on Lloyds Bank Limited, London
    Elswood Richard, butcher, 1 Bridport terrace
    Emerton William. Junor. Swan P.H. Mill street. East Fordington
    Emson Alfred L.R.C.P. k S.Edin. surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator, Broadmayne district, 47 South street
    Ensor & Co. grocers, 24 High East street
    Ensor Frederick Vernon, auctioneer, valuer & manure merchant, 54 South street & South Western railway station, & horse repository, Trinity street
    Ensor John Thomas, auctioneer, general valuer, farmer & agricultural repository, 54 South street & at Wimborne
    Evans Alfred. Herbert, chemist & druggist, 33 High East street
    Evans William, draper, 6 & 7 Cornhill

    Fare Wilfred John, grocer, 23 High West street
    Feacey Jem, architect & surveyor, South walks
    Fisher Frederic Bazley L.R.C.P.Lond.surgeon,West walks
    Foot James corn merchant & miller, 36 South street; & at Lower Barton mill
    Fordington Cemetery (Thomas Alfred Pearce, clerk to burial board), Fordington; office, 53 South street
    Foster, Lott & Co. ironmongers & engineers. 64 High West street & The Foundry
    Frampton Lucy Ellen (Miss), dress maker. 3 Durngate street
    Frisby Joseph, boot & shoe manufacturer, 14 South street
    Frost Henry, L. & S. W. railway. receiving office, Cornhill
    Fudge & Sons, butchers, North square, & coal merchants, G. W. railway

    Galpin William. brewer & maltster. Phoenix brewery. 1 Church street
    Genge, Dixon & Jameson (late Edward Steele & Co.), linen & woollen drapers, silk mercers, mantle, millinery & costume warehouse, 11 &12 High West street
    Garland W. & Son, fruiterers 32, & fishmongers 33,South street
    George George Aldridge L.R.C.P. Loud. surgeon, & medical officer for Dorchester district & workhouse, 50 High West street
    George Joseph, confectioner, 2 South street
    Gladman Emma (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 19 Colliton street.
    Godwin John Thomas, glass & china depot, 10 High West street; & at Weymouth
    Goldie J. Limited, wine, spirit, ale & porter merchants, 36 High East street
    Good William Ernest L.R.C. P.Edin., M.R.C.S. Eng. surgeon, medical officer to Her Majesty's prison, medical officer & public vaccinator for Charminater district of the Dorchester union & certifying factory surgeon, 48 High West street
    Goodchild Stephen, shopkeeper, 2 Prince's street
    Goodere Samuel, reporter & advertisement agent for Western Chronicle, 3 Napier terrace, South street
    Gorringe James, wholesale boot & shoe manufacturer & leather merchant, 8 Church street
    Gosney Adam, photographer, Alington street
    Gould William Thomas, upholsterer, Grey School passage, High West street
    Grant Henry, sergeant instructor 1st Vol. Battalion Dorsetshire Regt. 5 Allen terrace
    Grassby Benjamin, wood & stone carver, 7 Maumbury road
    Green Arthur. Charles. music & fancy repstry. 25 South street
    Green Mary Ann (Mrs.), umbrella maker, 1 Friary lane
    Green William, beer retailer, 12 Friary lane
    Greening John, saddler, 46 High East street
    Greening Thomas, travelling draper, 4 Wollaston road
    Grigg Thomas, photographer, 3 East parade[Note:- Follow link for an account of his life and examples of his photographs]
    Groves Alice Jane & Kate (Misses), preparatory school 2 South terrace
    Groves Elizabeth M. (Miss), shopkeeper, 18 North square
    Groves Hannah M. (Mrs.), provision merchant. 21 North square
    Groves Herbert. Williamm. hairdrssr. 2 Fordington gardens Fordington
    Guildhall (George. Mitchell, sen, keeper), High Fast street
    Guy & Son, builders, 33 Glyde Path hill

    Hain James, Queen's Head Pubic. House. 33 Fordington
    Hallett William, cutler, 23 The Grove
    Hammond William, junior job & post master & livery stable keeper, Antelope Hotel stables; private address, 50 South street. See advertisement
    Hannah & Holland, general house furnishers, decorators, house agents, appraisers & undertakers, County cabinet works, 8 Cornhill
    Hare Richard, Castle Pubic. House. 18 The Grove
    Harris Mary E. (Mrs.), beer retailer, 32 Glyde Path hill
    Harris Samuel Robert, nurseryman, 12 Cornwall road. & 17 High East street
    Harvey William, apartments, 21 High West street
    Hatton & Merrick, chemists & druggists, 32 South street
    Hawker David, temperance hotel, 44 South street
    Hayman Henry R. hairdresser, 7 High East street
    Hayne Robert, farmer, Fordington house
    Hayward Charles Robert, butcher, 14 High East street
    Hazel Sarah (Mrs.), general & furnishing ironmonger, 15 High West street; Trinity street; Prince's street& Great Western road
    Heason Alice Mary (Miss), dress maker. Glyde. Path road
    Her Majesty's Prison (Edwin Witheford, chief warder-incharge), North square
    Hewlett & Son, tailors & breeches makers, 57 High Weststreet
    Hicks William, boot & shoe maker, 20 Colliton street
    Hill Emily (Miss), ladies' boarding school, Southfield, 3 Prince of Wales' road
    Hill Robert (Mrs.), coal merchant, 26 South street & Great Western Railway station
    Hodges John Francis & Sons, importers of wines & spirits & agents to West of England Insurance Co. 22 High East street & at Weymouth & Bournemouth
    Hodges Sidney George, blacksmith, 6 North square
    Holland Frank, baker, 1 Railway terrace
    Holland Francis John, assistant overseer for All Saints & East Fordington, 38 Trinity street
    Holland Robert, house agent, see Hannah A Holland
    Holt Stephen Geeorge basket maker. 36 South street & Trinity street
    Honeybun Walter, dairyman, 17 Fordington hill
    Hooper Bros. drapers & outfitters, 2 Cornhill
    Horth Emma S. (Miss), grocer, 1 Victoria road
    Howe Albert Richard, cook & confectioner, 18 Cornhill
    Hunt Gilbert James C.E. borough engineer & surveyor, Guildhall
    Hutchings William, builder, 3 Woollaston road
    Huxtable Henry. Anthony (firm, Andrews, Son Huxtable),
      solicitor, admiralty law agent & treasury agent to War office for Portland & Weymouth, & commissioner for oaths, commissioner for taking affidavits in Supreme Court of Judicature, clerk to commissioner of taxes for Dorchester & Cerne divisions, clerk to justices for the division of Cerne, clerk to the Cerne union, sanitary authority, school attendance committee, assessment committee, burial board & highway board, 6 South street; & at Cerne Abbas & Weymouth
    Hyde William George, watch maker, 1 Napier terrace

    Inland Revenue Office (C. T. Atkins, supervisor; Arthur J Polley, surveyor) ; officers, 1st station, Henry Goodfellow; and 2nd station, Abraham. P. Hindle, 28. High West street
    Institute & Reading Room (H. J, Moule M.A. sec.), Museum, 66 High West street
    Isaac Joseph, jobbing gardener, 7 Bridport terrace, St. Martin's road

    Jackman Arthur David, outfitter, clothier, hatter & boot & shoe warehouse, 28 High East street
    James & Young, wholesale & retail grocers, tea dealers & provision merchants, 40 High East street
    Jameson William. Henry. draper &c. see Genge,Dixon & Jameson
    Jeans Frederick, shopkeeper, 4 Prince's street
    Jeffery Charles, gun maker, 29 High East street
    Jolliffe Charles, bath chair proprietor, 33 Trinity street
    Jones Thomas Fox, wholesale & retail coal & coke dealer & agent, Prince of Wales' Road coal stores, S. W. Railway; private residence, 2 Railway terrace
    Judges' Lodgings (Henry Payne, keeper), County house, 58. High West street

    Keats Charles, accountant & county treasurer, 4 Woollaston road & Shire hall
    Keats Henry, King's Head Public. House. 69 Mill street
    Keech George & Son, grocers, 21 The Grove & Priory crescent
    Kerly Stephen, shopkeeper, 30 High street, Fordington
    Kerr Elias William M.D. surgeon & public vaccinator for Dorchester dist. 5 South terrace
    King's Arms Hotel, family & commercial, & posting house (D. G. Bilham, manager), High East street

    Knight Alfred (established1801),
    coach builder, patentee & manufacturer of The Alington Cab, Royal carriage works, South street & Trinity street; & St. Thomas street, Weymouth

    Lamprey William, saddler, 8 Orchard street
    Lanyon John, saddler, 5 Cornhill
    Lawton George, bill poster & proprietor of private stations &c.. in Dorchester &. district, 4 Trinity street
    Leeds Cash Clothing Co. outfitters (James Emes, man.),19 High West street
    Legg Albert Edward, beer retailer, 33 Millers close
    Legg Arthur John, farmer, Poundbury; A miller (steam & water), Fordington
    Legg Emanuel, cattle dealer, 10 The Grove
    Legg Henry, shopkeeper, 13 Durngate street
    Legg John, beer retailer, 1 High street, Fordington
    Liberal Club (James Herring, sec.), 71 North square
    Liney Walter, shopkeeper, 31 Holloway road
    Ling Henry, printer, bookseller, stationer & fancy repository, 23 High East street
    Lock & Reed, solicitors, 53 High West street
    Lock Arthur Henry (firm, Lock & Reed),
      solicitor, cornmissioner for oaths, clerk to the guardians, superintendent registrar & clerk to the assessment committee, & school attendance committee of Dorchester union, & clerk to the burial board & rural district council, & solicitor to Dorchester Building Society, 53 High West street
    Lock Joseph Marvin, butcher & coal merchant, 1 North square & S. W. Railway. & farmer, Charlminster
    Lock Miss Mary Jane, dressmaker, 19 Trinity street
    Lock Reginald, provision merchant, Market house, North square & 18 South street
    Lockett Charles George, boot & shoe maker. 21 Durngate street
    Lockett Sarah Jane (Miss), milliner, 2 Salisbury terrace
    Lush Albert, carpenter, 13 The Grove
    Lush John Millard, manager to Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. Limited, 34 High East street

    Macdonald & Co. fishmongers, 18a, South street
    McNeil John, travelling draper, 10 Cornwall road
    Mager Frederick W., C.E. sanitary inspector for Dorchester rural district council, 19 Durgate street
    Marsh William John & Son, tailors, 22 South street
    Marsh Henry, tailor, 50 High East street
    Marsh Martin, draper, 18 High West street. & 12 Cornhill
    Marsh W. J. (Mrs.), confectioner, 22 South street
    Marsh Walter J. Half Moon Public. House. 15 North square
    Martel Joseph, farm bailiff to Mrs. Topp, Maiden Castle farm,Fordington
    Martin Henry George, engineer & millwright, 37 Glyde Path road
    Martin James Sansom, farmer, Fordington
    Mayo Elias, senior, Union Arms Public House 8 Holloway road, East Fordington
    Masonic Hall (William Talbot, hall keeper), Prince's street
    Mayo Elias, chimney sweeper, 2 Pound lane, East Fordington
    Mayo George, farmer, Coker's Frome
    Medway Elizabeth (Mrs.), leather seller, 13 South street
    Medway John, boot maker & shopkeeper, 22 Colliton street
    Membury Robert, grocer, 12 Durngate street
    Memorial (The) Coffee Tavern (Thomas Hobson, man.), 2 North square
    Miles James & Son, saddlers, 14 High West street
    Milledge Sidney Spark, sec. to South Dorset Trade Protection Society, South street; & at Weymouth
    Miller Robert, head gardener to Lieut.-Gen. S. Henning C.B., J.P. Whitfield Frome
    Mitchell George, senior. keeper of the Corn Exchange & Guildhall & sergeant-at-mace, 30 Fordington hill
    Mitchell George, Junior. assistant high bailiff, 5 Salisbury street
    Moore Robert, cab proprietor, 32 The Grove
    Morton George & William, boot manufacturers, 13 High East street & 16 Cornhill
    Moule Henry Joseph M.A. curator of the Museum, 66 High West street
    Moule's Memorial Coffee Tavern (Mrs. Emily Baillie, manageress), High street, Fordington
    Mutford George, plumber, 4 High East street

    Napier's Almshouses, South street
    Neal Albert, butcher, Ayling house, 22 Great Western road
    New Zealand Meat Supply stores (Thomas R. Higgins, proprietor), butchers & provision dealers, 51 High East street
    Nobbs, Stent & Co. Lim. mineral water mfrs. 23 Friary lane
    Norman Henry, shopkeeper, 9 North square
    Norman Henry. J. grocer & pianoforte tuner, Fordington cross
    Nutting Edward, corn merchant, 9 Miller's close

    Osmond Frank, manager & secretary to the Dorchester Gas & Coke Co. Limited & agent to the Scottish Provident Institution, Bell street
    Parsons Albert Edward, mineral water manufacturer, Trinity street
    Parson Charles, grocer, tea dealer & provision merchant, & agent to the British Equitable Insurance Co. 31 High East street
    Parsons Charles, postmaster, South street
    Paul John D. dairyman, 18 South street
    Paul Mary (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 10 High East street
    Paull & Co. tarpaulin manufrs. 10 Cornhill; & at Martock
    Peach William, shopkeeper, 26 The 'Grove
    Pearce Thomas Alfred (fellow Institute of Secretaries), chartered accountant, house & commission agent, collector of rates & taxes, school attendance officer & clerk to Fordington burial board & assistant overseer for St. Peter & Fordington, 53 South street
    Pearce William Little, chemist & druggist, 13 Cornhill
    Peaty David, jeweller, 14 High East street, Fordington
    Petty Elizabeth (Mrs.), temperance hotel & refreshment rooms; every accommodation for commercials& cyclists, 38 High East street
    Phelps John & Son, grocers & pork butchers, 3 North square
    Pidgeon Sarah (Mrs.), dress maker, 35 Trinity street
    Pinnick John, dyer, 35 High West street
    Pinnick John. junior, hair dresser. & post offiee, 34 High West street
    Pinnick Susan (Mrs.), confectioner, 36 High West street
    Pitfield Edwin, hair dresser, 13 High West street
    Pitfteld George, Bull's Head Public. House. 19 Fordington hill
    Pitfield George John, Phoenix Public. House.. 16 High East street
    Pitman. George, boot maker, East Fordington
    Pittis Henry, Junction family & commercial hotel & posting house, Great Western road. See advertisement
    Plaister Charles, White Horse Public House 33 Colliton street
    Plummer William P. supt. & chief clerk, County Police station, Weymouth avenue
    Pomeroy D.(Mrs.), dress maker Gordon terrace SouthWalks road
    Porter Joseph, Chequers Inn, 47 High East street
    Post Office (Charles Parsons, postmaster), South street
    Pouncy Thomas. Crook, saddler & coIlector, of taxes, 3 Cornhill
    Pouncy Walter, photographic artist, electrician, gilder, picture frame maker & picture restorer, 38 High West street & 9 South street; & Swanage

    Reed William W. solicitor & deputy superintendent registrar (firm, Lock & Reed), 53 High West street
    Rendell & Co. builders, house & sign decorators. picture frame makers, glaziers, paperhangers &c. 31 High West street & Prince's street; & at Weymouth
    Richards John W. Railway tavern Public House 34 South street
    Riglar Henry William. fancy repository & tobacconist, 1 Cornhill
    Robinson Joseph, concert agent, dealer in stationery, musical instruments & music, pianoforte tuner& musical instruments for hire, 15 Cornhill
    Rogers John, newsagent, 38 Glyde Path road
    Rogers Thomas, cabinet maker, 25 High West street
    Rogers William Rickett, grocer, 22 High West street
    Rolls Elias, superintendent of cemetery, Weymouth avenue
    Rook Mary (Mrs.), china mender, 40 Prince's street
    Roper William, Star Inn, 8 Bell street
    Royal Oak Family & Commercial Hotel; first-class accommodation for cyclists; good stabling (Fred C. Wright, proprietor), High West street
    Rumsey Louis John, boot maker, 20 High East street

    Sainsbury Joseph, builder, 1 Gordon terrace. South Walks road
    Salvation Army Barracks, North square
    Sansford Sylvester, refreshment rooms, 38 South street
    Sansom Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, East Fordington
    Seymour John, baker & grocer, 24 Mill street. East Fordington
    Scott Isabel & Kate (Misses), milliners & registry office for servants, 17 Cornhill
    Scott Abraham, zinc worker, 1 GIyde Path road
    Scott Joseph, watch maker & jeweller, 17 Cornhill
    Scriven Walter William. Plume of Feathers Public house 3 Prince's street
    Scutt Thomas. Jones, agricultural engineer. 10 Fordington Green
    Sellers Mark, White Hart hotel, 53 High East street
    Selway Henry J. J. Great Western hotel, 20 Great. Western road
    Shepard Sarah (Miss), fruiterer, 5 North square
    Sherren James Gear, farmer, Middle farm, Fordington
    Shire Hall (Charles Greening, hall keeper), High West street
    Shirley Emily & Louisa (Misses), milliners. 51 High West street
    Sime & Co. proprietors of "Dorset County Chronicle & Somersetshire Gazette" & "Southern Times & Dorset County Herald," 63 High West street. See advertisement
    Singer Manufacturing Co. (Sydney Watts, manager), 45 High East street
    Slade Charles Edward, builder, 3 South terrace. South st
    Smith Henry James, station master S. W. railway, Glen Fern, Weymouth avenue
    Soldiers' Home & Institute, 2 North square
    Soper Thomas, grocer, 41 Holloway road. East Fordington
    South Dorset Trade Protection Society (S. S. Milledge, sec.), South street; & at Weymouth
    Southern Times & Dorset County Herald (Sime & Co. proprietors ; published. fri. for sat.), 63 High West street. See adertisement
    Spicer A. china & glass warehouse, 7 High West street
    Spicer James Charles. grocer & post office,2 8 Fordington hill
    Sprackland Eliza (Mrs.) refreshment rooms.. 44 High East street
    Starr-Bowkett Building Societies (Nos. 641 & 683) (Edwin Burnett, solicitor), 4 South street
    Stephens. Joseph, Three. Mariners Public House 41 High. East street
    Stickland & Son,hairdressers, & tobaccnsts. 32 High East street
    Stockley Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 6 Durngate street
    Stone Susannah (Miss), dress maker, 46 High West street
    Stovey William, painter, 22 Orchard street
    Street Annie & Eliza (Misses), dress makers. 5 Wollaston road
    Strike John, Henry, supt, to the Prudential Assurance Co. 5 East parade
    Stroud & Co. coach & carriage builders; carriages of all descriptions always on hand or built to order; repairs expeditiously executed, 6 High East street; & at Weymouth. See advertisement
    Stuckey's Banking Co. Limited (Henry S. Watling, resident cashier), 49 South street; draw on Robarts, Lubbock & Co. London
    Studley Arthur T. dairyman, 4 South street
    Studley Thomas, farm bailiff to Lient.-Gen. S. Henning C.B., J.P. Whitfield Frome
    Sturmey Joseph, Queen's Own Public House 8 Durngate street
    Summerfield George Louis, inspector for the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 17 Durngate street
    Sutton & Co. carriers (Thomas. Toop, agent.), 3 High East street
    Sutton Frank, hair dresser & tobacconist, 21 South street
    Symonds & Sons, solicitors, 10 South street
    Symonds Arthur George (firm, Symonds & Sons), solicitor & clerk to borough & county magistrates, 11 South street
    Symonds Henry (firm, Symonds & Sons), solicitor, commissioner to adminiser oaths, registrar of the county court, town clerk, clerk to borough school attendance committee, & to the urban sanitary authority, & district registrar of the High Court of Judicature, 11 South street
    Taylor George, engineer, thrashing machine proprietor, agricultural implement maker & agent, Louds works
    Taylor Philip, locksmith, 60 Holloway road. East Fordington
    Thorne Alfred, Crown Public House 7 Salisbury street
    Thorne Richard. road contracter. 11 St.George's road. East Fordington
    Thurman William. Henry Clayton, ironmonger, 17 South street
    Tilley Leonard & Son, builders, 31 Fordington hill
    Tilley William & Son, builders & monumntal masons 5 Prince's street
    Tilley Arthur Leonard Taylor, architect & surveyor, 31 Fordington hill & sanitory inspector, & inspector under the Petroleum Act & Contagious Diseases (Animals Act), 16 Cornhill
    Tilley Mark, boot manufacturer & leather seller, 42 South street
    Tilley Matthew Henry, watch & clock maker f cycle agent, 46 South street
    Timms Samuel Hayne, hosier & haberdasher, 8 South street
    Tizard Alfred George, tea, coffee & wine merchant, in South street; & at Weymouth
    Toup Maria (Miss), confectioner, 3 High East street
    Tudor John, surgeon, 24 High West street

    Upham E. & C. (Misses), dress makers, 9 South street

    Vallens Charles.Dolphin P.H. 9 Church street & blacksmith, Bell street
    Vatcher John, Dorchester Arms Public House 20 North square
    Vincent James, boot maker & town crier,41 Glyde Path road West Vine Stephen, corn merchant, 8 High East street; & miller, West Fordington
    Vine Thomas, Old House at Home Public House 16 Salisbury sstreet
    Virgin Henry, dairyman, 43 High West street
    Virgin James T. baker, 15 High East street
    Volunteer Battalion (1st) Dorsetahire Regiment (Hon. Col. R. Williams V.D. commandant; Ma. W. A. Campbell, adjutant; Hon. Capt. T. R. Cross, V.D. quartermaster) (C Co. Capt. H. S. Williams, commanding; Sergeant Instructor, Henry Grant) ; head quarters of battalion & C. Co. Princes street
    Voss Cornelius, upholsterer, 14 Prince's street
    Voss Joseph, builder, 20 Dnrngate street

    Wake Henry, beer retailer & baker, 1 Sydney terrace
    Walters Richard, Old Ship inn, 16 High West street
    Warren James, provision merchant, 25 High East street
    Warren Samuel, wheelwright, 30 The Grove
    Watkins William John, builder, 3 Damers road
    Watling Henry S. resident cashier at Stuckey's Bank, 49 South street
    Webber Adeline & Rose (Misses), stationers, 18 High East street
    Wescott Edward Charles, monumental mason, 9 East parade & Maumbery road
    Wellman Thomas, builder, 23 High street. East Fordington
    West of England Sack Hiring Co. (Arthur S. Hill, agent), Great Western road
    Westbrook E. (Miss), fancy repository, 55 High West street
    Wheeler Edward, Weigh Bridge Public House 47 The Grove
    Whetstone's Almshouses, Church street
    White Annie (Miss), dress maker, 12 Trinity street
    White Elisabeth (Miss), dress maker. 35 Great Western road
    White Thomas, wood dealer, East Fordington
    Wilshire Jn. Francis R. insurance agent. 15 St. Helens road
    Williams (R. & R.), Thornton, Sykes & Co. Dorchester Old Bank; head offlee, 2 High West street; draw on Williams Deacon & Manchester & Salford Bank Lim. London E C
    Williams Thomas, cabinet maker, 24 The Grove
    Wilts & Dorset Banking Co. Limited (John Millard Lush, manager), 34 High East street; draw on London & Westminster Bank Limited, London E C
    Wiltshire George, builder, 23 Bridport terrace
    Wiltshire James, provision dealer, 21 Prince's street
    Winzar Thomas, blacksmith &c. 23 King street East Fordington
    Witheford Edwin, chief warder in charge at H.M. prison, North square
    Wood George John, upholsterer, 52 High West street
    Wood William, furniture dealer, 48 High East street
    Wright Gideon & Son, grocers, 19 High East street

    Young Men's Christian Association (William Dixon, sec, 39 High East street
    Young Women's Christian Association (Miss Alice Thornton, sec.), 4 Church street
    Genealogical Notes:-
    (1) This postcard of the statue of Rev William Barnes was produced by F Frith & Co of Reigate the image reference being No.34534 and has not been used. His statue was erected in 1889. Post Cards with image numbers 35040 to 37120 relate to the year 1895.

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