Winterborne Houghton

Burials 1731 to 1880

Transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Duane Robbins


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

ForenameSURNAMERelationship InfoDate of Burial
Rob**SL**EL 26 Jun1731
JohnHOLLAND 13 *** 
John *RIGG*Son of Andrew 20Nov1732
ElizabethNEW 20 ***1733
RichardDAMMIN  5***1733
HenryHYXT ? 27 Jan1733
MatthewRAY 9 ***1735
JoanHOLLAND 18 Jan1735
JoyceALLEN 28 Jan1735
ThomasALLEN 10 Mar1735
AnnWINTER 18 Apr1736
ElizabethGILIRGAM  16Mar1736
JohnCROSS SENR.  10Apr1737
AndrewRIGGS 20 Jul1737
MaryLANE 18 *** 
ElizabethNEWWife of William New 4Mar1738
ElizabethBEALINGWife of George Bealing 25Mar1738
AnnBEALINGWife of George Bealing 17May1740
MaryALLENWid20 May1740
AnnCROSSWid17 Jun1740
ThomasJOYCE 9 Sep1740
Anthony Pinchard Son of Anne Arnell 15Jan1740
ThomasCROSSSon of Clement and Eleanor Cross 27Aug1741
WilliamATWELL  21Oct1741
DanielDRAKE 10 Dec1741
SusanahELFORDDaughter of John and Mary Elford 24Jan1742
WilliamJACOBSon of ***anna Jacob 10Feb1742
JohnJACOB 26 Apr1742
JohnBEALINGSon of George Bealing 15Sep1742
JohnBALESon of Matthew Bale 21May1743
JohnBALESon of Matthew and Mary Bale 24May1743
WilliamNEW 13 Dec1743
ClementCROSS 17 Feb1743
CharlesJOYCE 9 Apr1744
CharlesJOYCE 9 Apr1744
SarahLANE 29 May1744
SusanahNEW 6 Aug1744
WilliamALLENSon of Joshua and Eliz* Allen 8Nov1744
**ileELFORD 5 Dec1744
RobertDAMON 2 Apr1745
RichardBOWEN 2 Apr1745
AnnELFORD 21 Jan1745/6
ElizabethELLWEL ?  9May1746
GabrialAIPCOUGH  4Oct1746
SusannahCLARK  4Oct1746
ChristianFOSTER  2Nov1746
JosephFRAMPTEN  7Jan1746/7
JosephFRAMPTONSon of John and Sarah 7Jan1746/7
SusanaALLEN 13? Jul1747
ThomasGILLINGHAM  6Jan1748
AnnHICKS 6 Mar1748
KatherineBALL  13Mar1748
Eliz*?JACOB 27 Mar1748
Ruth*H*WEL ? 23 Oct1749
MarthaDAMON 5 May1749
DorothyCANE ?  12May1749
GeorgeJOYCE 15 Jun1749
JohnHYLES ? 27 Jun1749
AngelRIGGS 5 Jul1749
ElizabethCROFS ?  23Jun1750
AnnTUFFINWiddow29 Apr1754
GeorgeJOYCEParish of Stickland 19Jun1754
AnnTUFFIN 29 Apr1754
GeorgeJOYCEParish of Stickland 19Jun1754
ElizabethGALEWife of Thomas 10Nov1755
MaryPAUL ?Wife of William 12Feb1756
MaryJOYCEGroomer17 Jun1756
SusannahJOYCEDaughter of George 12Apr1759
SusannaGILLINGHAM  14Apr1759
ThomasJOYCE 29 Oct1760
MaryNEW 11 Dec1760
AnnBALLWife of William 12May1762
WilliamBALL 18 May1762
AnnBALLWife of William 12May1762
WilliamBALL 18 May1762
SarahFRAMPTONWife of John 26dec1762
ThomasGALE 22 Aug1764
AndrewRIGGS 25 Jan1766
JohnGILLINGHAM  25Jan1769?
MaryGILLINGHAMDaughter of John and Mary Gillingham 4Mar1769?
FrancesBENNET  23Jun1769
JaneHOOK 3 Jun1769
MaryJOYCE 31 Jul1769
FrancesNEWWife of John 4Sep1769
JoanELFORDWife of George Elford 31Dec1769
MaryELFORDWife of William 17Mar1770
AnnHARRISONWife of Luke of Milton Abbas 15Apr1770
MaryELFORDWife of John 26Nov1771
ElizabethNEWJohn and Mary 20Mar1771
MableFOSTERof Blandford Forum 28Dec1773
LukeHARRISONof Blandford Forum 27Feb1777
JohnSQUIRE 11 Mar1777
JohnSQUIRE 11 Mar1777
MaryNEW 11 Jun1777
MaryRIGGS 29 Dec1777
MaryALLENWife of Henry 22Jan1779
WilliamEDWARDS  7Jan1781
JamesHOOK 24 Mar1782
JohnEKFORDSon of John 31Mar1782
AlexanderALLENson of Cha? And Elizabeth 31Mar1782
MaryGILLINGHAM  12Sep1782
MaryBALLWife of Matthew 7Sep1783
AnnHARRISONDaughter of ***ohn and Amey 5Jun1783
JamesHEAD ? 11 Jul1784/5
AlexanderHA*****  24Apr1784/5
JamesELFORDSon of Joseph and Sarah 16Sep1784/5
AnneALLENDaughter of John Allen 16Sep1784/5
EdithHOOKWidow aged 70 Years 29Sep1784/5
Martha*E*GEAM*Widow aged 80 Years 7Oct1784/5
JaneELFORDDaughter of John and Mary ?  
FrancesALLENaged 20 Years 7Oct1786
MarthaBALLWidow aged 70 16Dec1786
RobertLEEaged 69 Years 10Jan1788/89
ElizabethSQUIREAged 40 Years 10Feb1788/89
JohnELFORD 16 Jun1788/89
AnnALLEN 30 Nov1788/89
MargaretHOOK 9 Dec1788/89
WilliamHOOKSon of James 26Apr1790
ThomasALLENSon of Joshua and Lydia 10May1790
ElizabethDAVISDaughter of Sarah 29Jun1790
AnnABBOTWife of George 15Jan1791
StephenELFORDOf George and Martha 24Apr1791
SusannaBRAGG 1 May1792
GeorgeBRAGG 26 Jun1792
MaryMORGAN 30 ? 
WilliamBRAGG 22 Sep1792
SusannaBRAGG 26 ? 
JohnHARRISON 23 Oct1792
SarahELFORDWife of Jas* ? 10Jul1793
MaryEDWARDSWife of William 31Jul1793
JohnROGERS 17 Dec1793
JennyLEEWidow28 Jan1794
JohnABBOT 27 Mar1794
SusannaDAMON    1794
JohnJOYCE 17 May1794
CharlesGANE 27 Oct1794
JoshuaALLENaged 9223 Mar1795
SarahJOYCEInfant8 Apr1795
JohnELFORD9011 Jun1795
AnnELFORD1714 Sep1795
SarahELFORD2523 Dec1795
IsaacJOYCEinfant Wm. And Hester Joyce 25Dec1796
GeorgeELFORD 22 Jan1797
MaryGANE 22 Jan1797
HesterJOYCE 22 Jan1797
HannahROGERS 26 Apr1797
SarahALLEN 6 Aug1797
Keriah ?EDWARDS  25Jul1797
JohnNEW 15 Jan1799
MaryELFORD 13 Mar1799
RuthALLEN 14 Apr1799
RobertROBINS 12 May1799
StephenALLEN 26 May1799
JohnFRAMPTON 26 Jul1799
CharlesDAVIS 1 Sep1799
GeorgeBEALING  1Nov1799
AnnBEALING 1 Nov1799
AmeliaELFORD 10 Nov1799
DorothyEDWARDSWidow 13Jan1800
HenryEDWARDSof Joseph and Elizabeth 6Jul1800
MrsHARRISONWidow27 Apr1802
GeorgeJOYCE 3 Jul1802
EdithCROFS ?Widow7 May1803
SarahROBINSInfant21 Aug1803
JohnELFORD 1 Jan1807
ElizabethEDWARDS  13Sep1807
ElizaJONES 25 Oct1807
SusannaWHITTY  13Nov1807
GeorgeMORRIS 20 Dec1807
ElizabethELFORDWife of George 25Jan1810
HenryROBINS 13 May1810
ElizabethELFORDInfant 3Jun1810
SarahTUFFINWife of William 14Sep1810
ThomasBRAGG 5 Apr1811
ElizALLEN 11 Apr1811
MarthaROBINS 6 May1811
JohnGANE 14 May1811
JohnWHITTY 18 Jun1811
SusannahELFORDWidow 28May1812
WilliamELFORDVillage age 32 19Jan1873
Mellier ?ELFORDVillage age 19 11Feb1813
WilliamTUFFINVillage age 80 10Mar1813
HenrySEYMERVillage age 82 13Jun1813
WilliamELFORDVillage age 79 12Sep1813
JoshuaALLEN    1814
StephenELFORD    1814
JoshuaALLENVillage aged 49 24Jul1814
StephenELFORDVillage age 84 ? 12May1814
EmilyHARRISON    1818
MatildaJOYCEVillage aged 5 22Jun1818
EmilyHARRISONBlandford 25Jan1818
MarthaELFORD    1818
JamesFOORD    1818
MaryHARRISON    1818
Christmas HardyKIDDLE    1818
JaneWHITTY    1818
MaryHARRISONBlandford aged 37 25Jan1819
MarthaELFORDVillage aged 74 9Apr1819
JamesFOORDNew Farm Yeoman aged 53 13Apr1819
JaneWHITTYVillage Infant 15Apr1819
Christmas HardyKIDDLEVillage aged 38 9Jun1819
MarthaELFORDVillage Widow of Stephen aged 82 17Oct1819
GeorgeELFORDVillage aged 82 2Jan1821
JosephELFORDVillage aged 60 10Mar1821
****aJOYCEVillage aged 82 28May1821
EleanorELFORDVillage aged 33 27Aug1821
PriscillaELFORD  26Nov1821
RosannaDAMONVillage aged 40 6Aug1822
JaneWHITTYVillage11 Sep1822
AnnELFORDVillage10 Dec1822
CharlesALLENaged 70 24Oct1823
MaryALLENaged 2415 Dec1823
TheopolisPITTMANVillage aged 16 14Apr1824
MarkEDWARDSVillage aged 9 Months 2May1824
MaryEDWARDSVillage aged 27 15Aug1824
HannahELFORDVillage aged 55 5May1825
PeterBEQHOW ?Village * 26May1825
BethiaEDWARDSVilage aged 3 Months 22Jun1825
MariaDAMONVillage25 Jun1825
WilliamJOYCEVillage aged 15 7Apr1827
IsabellaEDWARDSVillage aged 25 4Jul1827
JanePITTMANVillage aged 18 or 10 20Nov1827
SarahLANEVillage aged 79 9Dec1827
HannahDAVISVillage aged 24 *Jun1828
MaryTUFFINVillage aged 63 23Nov1828
JennyWHITTYVillage aged 71 14Feb1829
CharlesF**LS?Village aged 75 2Jun1829
SarahELFORDVillage aged 60 4Oct1829
George ?LANEStickland but of this Parish aged 27 27Dec1829
MaryFRAMPTONVillage aged 87 19Jan1830
JosephSEXTYVillage aged 70 18Feb1830
EliJOYCEVillage aged 22 10Dec1830
MaryELFORDVillage aged 88 7Jan1831
ElizabethJOYCEVillage aged 77 22Jan1831
TabithaJOYCEVillage aged 15 Months 31Jul1831
JaneJOYCEVillage aged 45 6Jun1833
MaryCOCKLEANClenston aged 52 9Mar1834
CharlotteDAVISVillage aged 63 12Jun1834
AraniahWHITTYVillage aged 15 Days 17Aug1834
JaneBUTTVillage aged 65 14Dec1834
GeorgeABBOTVillage aged 88 2Feb1835
CharlesDAVISVillage aged 7 weeks 15Feb1835
WilliamFOSTERVillage aged 16 Months 5Apr1835
WilliamJOYCEVillage aged 62 16May1835
JaneROBBINSVillage aged 75 17Jan1836
WilliamALLENVillage aged 52 25Apr1836
WillaimDAMONVillage aged 72 11Aug1836
LouisaLODERVillage aged 16 27Oct1836
RobetELFORDVillage aged 72 16Dec1836
JohnWHITTYVillage aged 29 7Jan1837
JohnALLENVillage aged 51 6Feb1837
William HenryWHITTYVillage aged 1 yr 9 mo. Son of James * 6Jun1837
JohnBOYERSVillage aged 77 10Jun1837
LouisaKNIGHTVillage aged 2 Mo. 10Sep1837
George ?JOYCEVillage aged 56 23Oct1837
JaneVATCHER 6 Dec1837
MaryHARRISONBlandford aged 49 15Dec1837
LouisaWHITTYVillage aged 8 Months 27Feb1839
ElizabethJOYCEVillage aged 33 16May1839
RuthALLENVillage aged 39 6Nov1840
SusanABBOTVillage aged 58 6Feb1840
ElizaWHITTYVillage aged 5 Weeks 26Nov1840
GeorgeNEWTONVillage aged 26 17Dec1840
ElizaROBBINSVillage aged 7 weeks 20Dec1840
JamesJOYCEVillage aged 72 23Jan1841
JosiahJOYCEVillage aged 74 31Jan1841
IsarelNEWTONVillage aged 3 weeks 14Feb1841
AnneJOYCEVillage aged 5 6Mar1841
MarthaPITTMANVillage aged 11 27Mar1841
SabinaEDWARDSVillage aged 17 20Jul1841
WilliamTUFFINVillage aged 73 11Aug1841
GeorgePOPEVillage aged 84 7Feb1842
Elizabeth JaneWHITTYVillae aged 18 Months 7Feb1842
MarkDAVISVillage 14 Months 5Jun1842
FredrickEDWARDSVillage aged 7 11Jul1842
EdwardEDWARDSVillage aged 86 15Jul1842
StephenALLENVillage aged 47 22Dec1842
WilliamEDWARDSVillage aged 80 2Feb1843
CatherineEDWARDSVillage aged 73 8Jul1843
JosephEDWARDSVillage Clerk aged 76 18Aug1843
WilliamWHITTYVillage aged 6 or 7 Days 6Sep1843
GeorgeELFORDVillage aged 6 or 7 Days 20Dec1843
MaryROGERSVillage aged 77 27Mar1844
BetsyJOYCEVillage aged 67 16May1844
Jane AnnLANEVillage aged 2 Years 13Sep1844
JosephKNIGHTVillage aged 2 months 26Sep1844
TheophilasKNIGHTvillage aged 5 Months 29Nov1844
JohnLANEVillage aged 57 16Jun1845
HarryWHITTYVillage aged 62 17May1845
HarriettWHITTYVillage aged 55 5Jul1845
GeorgeELFORDVillage aged 52 10Oct1845
ElizabethLANEvillage aged 66 29Oct1845
ElizabethKNIGHTVillage aged 39 of Turn wood ? 5Feb1846
Stephen FrancisJOYCEVillage aged 6 weeks 23Apr1846
RebeckahJOYCEVillage aged 21 26May1846
RobertROBBINSVillage aged 71 6Jun1846
ElizabethEDWARDSVillage aged 82 died at Milton 24Dec1846
Elizabeth*ILTMANVillage aged 69 29Dec1846
EliJOYCEVillage aged 23 6Jan1847
GeorgeLANEVillage aged 69 died at Therm Combe 23Apr1847
AlbertROBBINSVillage aged 9 Weeks 17May1847
JennyLANEVillage aged 60 10Jun1847
JennyGANEVillage aged 87 11Jan1848
LouizaDRAKEVillage aged 32 17Feb1848
AgustusBUTTThomcomb aged 3 Days 11Apr1848
WilliamELFORDVillage aged 90 23Apr1848
GeorginaELFORDVillage aged 3 Days 28Apr1848
WilliamPITTMAN ?Village aged 68 1Jun1848
Mary AnnALLENVillage aged 26 12Aug1848
HenriettaWHITTYVillage 19Sep1848
WilliamEDWARDSVillage aged 75 6Mar1851
EdwardEDWARDSVillage aged 44 17Mar1851
WilliamRICHARDSVillage aged 8 14May1851
FredrickEDWARDSVillage aged 7 15May1851
Thomas *elmott ?EDWARDSVillage aged 2 5Dec1851
ElizabethDAMONaged 1 3Feb1852
GeorgeAPPLI**aged 10 or 11 Months Drowned 18Mar1852
Sabuin ?GILLETTaged 28 12Aug1852
WilliamCAINESaged 57 12Aug1852
WilliamLANEaged 3 Years Thorncombe 12Oct1852
SamuelLOADERVillage aged 64 3Jan1853
FannyEDWARDSVillage aged 59 29Jan1853
RobertJOYCEVillage aged 36 7Feb1853
EdwinELFORDVillage aged 2 12Aug1853
SarahJOYCEVillage aged 1 17Dec1853
JuliaROBBINSVillage aged 3 20Dec1853
WilliamDAMONVillage aged 1 20Dec1853
EmilyJOYCEVillage aged 1 28Dec1853
ElizabethWHITTYVillage aged 1 1Jan1854
RobertLANEThorncombe aged 34 15Mar1854
JamesROBBINSVillage aged 56 16Mar1854
Jane AnnJOYCEVillage aged 16 Months *May1854
BasilEDWARDSVillage aged 14 Weeks 10Sep1854
SarahELFORDVillage 9 28Sep1854
PhiladelphiaCOTTERthe Rectory 3Oct1854
FrederickELFORDVillage aged 1 Yr 9 Months 10Feb1855
FrancisJOYCEVillage aged 9 15Feb1855
JamesROBBINSVillage 10 Months 15Feb1855
Louisa JaneBUTTVillage aged 5 21Feb1855
JohnJOYCEVillage aged 47 1Mar1855
GeorgeREUT**GEBrick Kiln aged 33 16Mar1855
MariaJOYCEVillage aged 6 17Mar1855
ElizabethJOYCEVillage aged 7 27Mar1855
EllenJOYCEVillage aged 4 30Mar1855
MariaROBINSVillage aged 10 30Mar1855
MariaELFORDVillage aged 26 5Apr1855
John TuffanHANNAMVillage aged 3 Months *May1855
AlfredELFORDVillage aged 3 weeks 14Jun1856
GeorgeELFORDVillage aged 86 31Mar1857
JosephCOXVillage aged 73 12Jun1857
SophiaDAVISVillage aged 9 Weeks 24Jul1857
BenjaminDAVISVillage aged 93 21Nov1857
JosephRAPSONUpper Farm Bottom aged 2 26Nov1857
JosephALLENVillage aged 73 6Feb1858
ThomasSEXEYVillage aged 1 Week 8Feb1858
JohnKINGSBURYUpper Farm aged 1 20Mar1885
Leo ?ROBBINSUpper Farm Bottom aged 5. 6Apr1858
LouisaELFORDUpper Farm Bottom aged 1. 8Apr1858
HenryROBBINSTurnworth aged 35 20Apr1858
Fredrick John Nofs?JOYCEVillage aged 3 1/2 12Nov1858
James BlackmanJOYCEVillage aged 3 1/2 12Nov1858
CharlesJOYCEVillage aged 53 25Dec1858
TomEDWARDSBrick Kiln aged 10 Months 31Jan1859
AlbertELFORDVillage aged 8 Months 16Apr1859
HerbertELFORDVillage aged 8 Months 23Apr1859
Joseph*APSONUpper Houghton aged 3 Weeks 5Jul1859
JohnDAMONVillage aged 72 Years 16Nov1859
Simon PhillipsEDWARDSVillage aged 8 29Dec1859
Francis HerbertEDWARDSVillage aged 2 23Jan1860
Leah SarahEDWARDSVillage aged 38 4Feb1860
EliEDWARDSVillage aged 32 5Feb1860
JohnDAMONVillage aged 6 Months 10Apr1860
Mary AnneWHITTYVillage aged 38 20Apr1860
RobertLANEVillage aged 11 Months 15May1860
CorneliaJOYCEVillage aged 7 Years and 11 Months 22Sep1860
JonathanJOYCEVillage aged 33 12Mar1862
Mary AnnDAVISVillage aged 27 23Feb1863
JaneHANNAMVillage aged 2 8Jun1863
LouisaELFORDBlandford aged 2 1\2 3Nov1863
JohnROBBINSVillage aged 60 26Nov1863
JuliaWHITTYVillage aged 14 5Mar1865
Mary ElizaDAVISvillage aged 5 Months 11Aug1865
Francis SophiaDAVISVillage aged 65 4Oct1865
GeorgeDAVISVillage aged 41 26Oct1867
Edmund ArchibaldJOYCEVillage aged 4 Months 26Nov1867
DinahJOYCEVillage aged 26 27Dec1867
EllenWHITTYRectory Cottage aged 9 Months 10Jan1868
MaryJOYCEVillage aged 87 8Apr1868
Ann LouisaHANNAMVillage aged 24 and 7 Months 10Nov1868
NelsonEDWARDSVillage aged 28 28Nov1868
MerabALLENVillage aged 37 16Feb1869
Julia LouisaDAMONVillage aged 7 Months 26Jun1869
Alice LouisaJOYCECottage on the Hill aged 14 Months 26Aug1869
DavidWHITTYVillage aged 54 10Sep1869
AmeliaFOXHigher Houghton aged 39 15Nov1870
AndrewWHITTYVillage aged 79 17Nov1870
JaneDAVISVillage aged 39 17Nov1870
Herbert GeorgeELFORDVillage aged 10 Months 19Apr1872
Jane ?JOYCEVillage aged 23 6Sep1872
AnnLOADERRectory Cottage aged 56 2*Oct1872
Lens* ?ELFORDVillage aged 71 16Mar1873
CorneliaJOYCERectory Cottage aged 25 15Apr1873
IsaacELFORDVillage aged 74 13Jun1873
Margaret LouiseDAVISVillage aged 16 24Jun1873
MahalaALLENVillage aged 16 17Oct1873
WilliamALLENVillage aged 5 5Dec1873
JohnHANNAMVillage aged 57 15Apr1874
WilliamDAVISUpper Farm aged 6 Days 28Dec1874
SidneySTEVENSVillage aged 18 Months 3Feb1875
SallyALLENVillage aged 88 24Apr1875
JamesEDWARDSVillage aged 71 19Jun1875
EstherELFORDVillage aged 75 3Feb1876
ElizaWHITTYVillage aged 13 1Mar1876
SusanELFORDVillage aged 97 1Apr1876
HenryCOOMBSVillage aged 6 4Apr1876
William*ETCHENVillage aged 4 6Apr1876
HannahELFORDVillage aged 74 6May1876
HenrySEXEYVillage aged 20 8Jun1876
ElizabethELFORDVillage aged 65 13Feb1880
AnnJOYCEVillage aged 66 9Mar1880
SarahWHITTYVillage aged 73 7Apr1880

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