Winterborne Houghton

Baptisms 1731 to 1880

Transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Duane Robbins


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

Date Of Baptism Child’s NameParent’s Forenames SurnameAbode Occupation
2Apr1731John GeorgeBI**LIN*  
19Apr1731Ann WmBYL**  
14Jun1731Susannah Rob** *****yHENRY  
 Oct1731Betty ClementCROF*  
16Feb1731/2Richard RichardDAMMIN  
10Mar1731/2Me*** GeorgeJOYCE  
6Jul1732John John & ElizabethGUFFIN  
4Feb1732Margaret Harry & LydiaFOSTER  
24Feb1732Clement ClementCROS*  
5Apr1733Ann George & JoanELFORD  
14Jun1733John John & MaryELFORD  
9Aug1733Susannah Joshua & ElisALLEN  
5Aug1733George George & ElisBEGLIN  
13Dec1733Thomas Henry & LuceMIDDLETON  
3Dec1733John Thomas & MaryALLEN  
8?Mar1733Martha R*** & MaryDAMMIN  
8Apr1734John Stephen & AnnALLEN  
9Jun1734WM John & ElizabethTUFFEN  
20Sep1734Robert Robert & SusanHARVEY  
26Dec1734Henry Clement & EllenCROS*  
12Mar1734Mary Matthew & MaryBALE  
14Mar1734Mary Wm & MaryBITRY  
22Apr1735Wm John & MaryELFORD  
28Mar1735Mary Henry & AnnHART  
27Mar1736Richard Richard & MaryDAMMIN  
22Jun1736Roger John & ElizabethTUFFIN  
5Nov1736Catherine Matthew & MaryBALE  
27Nov1736Elizabeth John & ElizabethSQUIRE  
6Jun1737Susannah Henry & MaryALLEN  
10Jun1737John John & FrancisBUTT  
23Jul1737Stephen Thomas & SusannahALLEN  
8Jul Susannah Stephen & AnnaALLEN  
21Jul George John & MaryELFORD  
1May1738Mary George & MaryJOYCE  
7Jun1738William William & MaryBILER  
11Jun1738John Andrew & ElizabethLOCK  
1Jul1738Elizabeth Henry & JuneHART  
6Jul1738John Richard & MaryDAMMEN  
29Jul1738Martha John & ElizabethTUFFIN  
10Nov1738John Henry & MaryALLEN  
31Dec1738Martha Richard & SarahALBERT  
25Feb1738Elizabeth Matthew & MaryBALLE  
13Nov Luke Andrew & ElizabethLOCK  
7Apr Elizabeth Thomas & HelanaALLEN  
24Sep1740Margret John & ElizabethTUFFIN  
 Jan1740Anthony Pinchard AnnARNELL  
11Jan1740Gabriell Gabriel & SarahAYSCOUGH  
18Jan1740William Henry & MaryALLEN  
17Apr1740Anne Henry & AnneHART  
17Jul1741*yanna John & MaryELFORD  
16Aug1741John Clement & EleanorCROSS  
16Aug1741Thomas Clement & EleanorCROSS  
6Sep1741William Richard & MaryDAMMEN  
2Nov1741William SusannaJACOB  
27Dec1741Sarah Thomas & MarthaABBOTT  
11Sep1742William John & ElizabethSQUIRE  
2Mar1743John Matthew & MaryBALL  
19Sep1743Elizabeth Thomas & MarthaABBOTT  
20Jan1743William John & Julanna ?WALTERS  
14Apr1744Mary Henry & MaryALLEN  
11Apr1744Mary Henry & MaryALLEN  
22May1744Robert Matthew & MaryBALL  
22May1744Sarah Charles & DorothyLANE  
23Jul1744John James & EdithHOOK  
1Oct1745Ann  SQUIRE  
16Feb1745John  HOOK  
31Mar1746Rosanna  TUFFIN  
4May1746George  ALLEN  
4May1746George Henry & MaryALLEN  
4Jan1746/7Joseph John & SarahFRAMPTEN  
4Jan1746/7Joseph John & SarahFRAMPTEN  
27Sep1747John Matthew & MaryBALL  
21Jan1749/50Jane William & ElizALLEN  
22Jan1749/50Charles Henry & MaryALLEN  
7Jun1748Mary John & Eliz   
16Oct1748Susannah John & ElizTUFFIN  
27May1749Martha George & MarthaJOYCE  
12Jun1750Susannah John & LouwanaWALTERS  
23Oct1750John Henry & AnnHART  
23Dec1750William Matthew & MaryBALL  
29Aug1751Sarah Robert & JaneLEE  
6Oct1751John George & MarthaJOYCE  
22Apr1752Me**ier Henry & MaryALLEN  
10Dec1752Mary John & SarahFRAMPTON  
1Jan1753George John & ElizabethSQUIRE  
26Apr1753James James & EdithHOOK  
1Jan1753George John & ElizabethSQUIRE  
26Apr1753James James & EdithHOOK  
7May1753Martha John & MarthaWILLIAMS  
8May1753Sarah Charles & MaryCANE  
1Jul1754Mary Robert & JaneLEE  
15Jun1755Elizabeth Charles & MaryCANE  
29Sep1755Edward William & DorothyEDWARDS  
24Oct1755Mary John & AnnTUCKER  
13Nov1755Dilyn ? John & AnnHEWET  
6Aug1756John John & MaryGILLINGHAM  
13Aug1756Martha Stephen & RuthALLEN  
17Oct1756Susannah John & ElizabethFRAMPTON  
18Feb1757John Rob* & JaneLEE  
18Feb1757John Rob* & JaneLEE  
16May1757Ann John & AnnHEWET  
8Jun1758Stephen Stephen & RuthALLEN  
25Dec1758George William & SusannaBRAGG  
28Dec1758John William & DorothyEDWARDS  
15Feb1759John William & SarahTUFFIN  
24Oct1760Joseph John & MaryELFORD  
2Oct1760Stephen Henry & AnnALLEN  
4Jan1760William George & SusannaJOYCE  
3Feb1760John Stephen & RuthALLEN  
4Feb1760Deborah John & SarahFRAMPTON  
14Mar1762Ann John & MaryGILLINGHAM  
19Mar1762James Stephen & RuthALLEN  
10Jun1762Willliam William & DorothyEDWARDS  
14Mar1762Ann John & MaryGILLINGHAM  
19Mar1762James Stephen & RuthALLEN  
10Jun1762Willliam William & DorothyEDWARDS  
1Aug1762Susanna John & MaryELFORD  
12Aug1762William John & HannahROGERS  
28Oct1763James William & MaryELFORD  
26Oct1763Ann John & JulannaALLEN  
*Jan1764Joseph Charles & Mary*ANE  
26Feb1764William George & Pufanna ?ELFORD  
26Aug1764Joshua Stephen & RuthALLEN  
25Dec1764Sarah George & SusannaJOYCE  
25Apr1765Richard John & MaryGILLINGHAM  
15Jun1766Frances Stephen & RuthALLEN  
22Jun1766Jane John & MaryELFORD  
31Aug1766Joseph William & DorothyEDWARDS  
24Dec1766Josia (son) George & SusannaJOYCE  
26Dec1766Mary Stephen & MaryELFORD  
15Jun1766Frances Stephen & RuthALLEN  
22Jun1766Jane John & MaryELFORD  
4Oct1767Mary William & SarahTUFFIN  
4Oct1767Sarah John & MaryFRAMPTON  
31Jan1768Ellizabeth Robert & MarthaROBINS  
30Apr1768Mary George & Pafanna ?ELFORD  
7Jul1768George William & SarahGODDARD  
22Jan1769William George & MarthaELFORD  
28Feb1769Hannah John & HannahROGERS  
5Mar1769George John & MaryELFORD  
5Mar1769Henry William & MaryELFORD  
5Mar1769George John & MaryELFORD  
5Mar1769Henry William & MaryELFORD  
20May1769James George & SusannaJOYCE  
20Aug1769John John & MaryFRAMPTON  
2Jan1779Henry Robert & Susana ?ROBINS  
20May1770John John & MaryFRAMPTON  
2*Jan1770Henry Robert & SusannaROBINS  
10Feb1770Susanna William & MaryELFORD  
*Feb1770Charlotte Stephen & MarthaELFORD  
4Aug1771Elizabeth John & MaryNEW  
27Oct1771Margaret George & MarthaELFORD  
22Feb1771Elizabeth John & HannahROGERS  
22Mar1771Jane John & AnnHOOK  
j17Jan1773Hester ? John & MaryELFORD  
21Mar1773Robert Robert & MarthaROBINS  
25Apr1773Dinah ? George & SarahLANE  
5Jul1773Henry John & MaryFRAMPTON  
13Oct1773Rosanna Stephen & MarthaELFORD  
24Apr1774John John & MaryNEW  
10Dec1774Charles George & SusannaJOYCE  
19Feb1775Mary John & MaryHOOK  
17Nov1776Elizabeth Henry & DorothyRITTWAY  
19Nov1776Will John & MaryFRAMPTON  
9Oct1776Ann George & SusannaJOYCE  
8Nov177*Mary Base born ElenorMORRIS  
8Dec177*John John & MaryNEW  
31Aug1777Martha John & ElizabethJOYCE  
28Dec1777Sarah John & AnnHOOK  
28Dec1779Ann John & MaryNEW  
25Apr1777William John & ElenorELFORD  
7Jan1781Ginah ? George & MarthaELFORD  
14Jan1781Mary George & SarahLANE  
5Feb1781Susanna John & ?ELFORD  
9Mar1783Marie John & ElizabethJOYCE  
16Mar1783Philadelphea John & EleanorELFORD  
11May1783Luke John & JaneBALL  
22Jun1783Sarah John & JaneLANE  
6Jun1784/5Roseanna Stephen & MarthaELFORD  
 Jun1784/5Henry John & MaryALLEN  
30Jan1784/5John John & SarahALLEN  
30May1784/5Mary Ann Thomas & Mary AnnBALL  
31May1784/5Charles John & JaneGANE ?  
17May1784/5Rose Anna James & MargaretHOOK  
30Jan1784/5John John & SarahALLEN  
30May1784/5Mary Ann Thomas & Mary AnnBALL  
31May1784/5Charles John & JaneGAME  
17May1784/5Rose Anna James & MargaretHOOK  
11Sep1784/5James Joseph & SarahELFORD  
11Sep1784/5Lydia John & ElizabethJOYCE  
2Feb1786William Charles & ElizabethALLEN  
2Jul1786Jane John & MaryFRAMPTON  
2Jul1786Hames James & MargaretHOOKE  
12Sep1786George John & MaryALLEN  
*3Feb1788/89Jane Edward & ElizabethEDWARDS  
15Feb1788/89Mary John & MaryALLEN ?  
13Apr1788/89Martha Charles & ElizabethALLEN  
18May1788/89Elizabeth Robert & AmeliaALLEN  
1Jun1788/89John B.B. AnnELFORD  
30Nov1788/89Bethiah ? John & MaryROGERS  
3Jan1790Jane William & SusannaDAMON  
7Mar1790Thomas Joshua & LydiaALLEN  
9Feb1790William John & MaryALLEN  
8Jun1790Stephen Charles & BettyALLEN  
11Jul1790Mary Rob & AmeliaELFORD  
19Dec1790Amey Joshua & ElizabethJOYCE  
5Jun1791Jemima James & JaneVACHER  
20Jun1791John Joseph & BettyEDWARDS  
11Dec1791George Edward & ElizabethEDWARDS  
11Jan1792Charles ? & SarahELFORD  
18Mar1792Mary WM & Susani ?DAMON  
20Oct1792Thomas Mat? & JaneCOI*TEKELL ?  
31Oct George Rob & AmeliaELFORD  
10Feb1793Charlotte Josiah & ElizabethJOYCE  
17Feb1793Ann Henry & JaneROBINS  
10Mar1793Amelia John & Elean*ELFORD  
13Aug1793Leonard Jos & ElizEDWARDS  
13Sep1793Rebecca Ed* & ElizEDWARDS  
27Oct1793Kitty John & MaryALLEN  
1794  Fanny Joshua & LydiaALLEN  
20Apr1794Pricilla WM. & SarahELFORD  
13Oct1794Stephen G & ElizELFORD  
13Feb1795William WM. & MaryEDWARDS  
15Feb1795Sarah Josiah & ElizJOYCE  
12Apr1795Martha Henry & JaneROBINS  
14Jun1795Samuel Edw & ElizEDWARDS  
17Jun1795Rebecca J** & JaneGAME ?  
5Jul1795Edith Rob & FannyBULLEN  
6Sep1795Ann James & BettyHOOK  
7Dec1795Jane Alexznder & ElizSAMPSON  
23May1796Susanna Robert & AmeliaELFORD  
23May1796Stephen Joshua & LydiaALLEN  
26Jun1796Dinah Joshua & ElizJOYCE  
13Aug1796Isaac Wm. & HesterJOYCE  
7Jan1797Deborah bb of ElizFRAMPTON  
6Jun1797Mary Benj. & CharlotteDAVIS  
18Jun1797Eliz WM. & SarahELFORD  
29Sep1797Ann Joseph & MargaretSEXEY  
22Oct1797Mary John & JaneGANE ?  
12Nov1797Elizabeth James & ElizHOOK  
3Dec1797Robert Edw. & ElizEDWARDS  
10Dec1797James Henry & JaneROBINS  
18May1799? Benj & CharlotteDAVIS  
16Jun1799Charles ? James & ElizJOYCE  
28Jun1799Isaac ? Wm. & SarahELFORD  
10Nov1799Amelia Rob & AmeliaELFORD  
2Jan1800Henry Joseph & ElizabethEDWARDS  
1Jun1800Esther Edward & ElizabethEDWARDS  
13Jul1800Samuel 6yrs 2 mo admittedHILLARY  
27Sep1800Hannah Henry & JaneROBINS  
2Nov1800Sarah Joseph & MargaretSEXEY  
23Nov1800George James & ElizabethJOYCE  
27Nov1800George James & ElizabethHOOK  
13Jun1802Mary Ann Willam & Cath ?EDWARDS  
3Jul1802Isabella Joseph & ElizEDWARDS  
10Jul1802Caroline Eliz B.B.FRAMPTON  
10Apr1803Abigal* Joseph & HannahELFORD  
15May1803Rebecca Thos. & ElizJOYCE  
31Jul1803John Henry & JaneROBINS  
31Jul1803Sarah Henry & JaneROBINS  
21Aug1803James Edw. & Eliz.EDWARDS  
9Oct1803Stephen Benj & CharlotteDAVIS  
6Nov1803Mary Ann To* & MaryJONES  
4Feb1807William George & ElizLANE  
12Sep1807Charlotte Benj & CharlotteDAVIS  
10Jun1807John John & SusannaWHITTY  
13Dec1807Eliza William & SarahELFORD  
28May1809Ann George & ElizLANE  
25Oct1809James James & ElizJOYCE  
18Mar1810William Robert & MaryROBINS  
13May1810Samuel Jonathon & DinahJOYCE  
20May1810James Henry & JaneWHITTY  
19Jun1810John Henry & SusannaELFORD  
21Nov1810William Rev Sam & AnnFITZHERBERT  
23Dec1810Mary George & MaryJOYCE  
14Jul1811Eliza Wm.JOYCE  
15Dec1811Mary Henry & JaneWITTY  
25Sep1812Sarah James & ElizJOYCE  
28May1812Jemima George & ElizLANE  
30May1812Henry Robert & MaryROBINS  
16Aug1812Martha Benj & CharlotteDAVIS  
2Mar1813Matthias George & MaryJOYCEVillageLaborer
14May1813Ann Harry & MariaDIBBENn**a farmFarmer
13Jun1813Thomas Jonathon & DinahJOYCEVillageLaborer
1Aug1813Abel John & Elizabeth*ROADCottage of the old FarmLaborer
12Sep1813Eliza William & CatherineEDWARDSCottage of the old Farm Laborer
   James Eleanor b.b.ELFORD  
   Catherine Elizabeth Rev Samuel & AnnFITZHERBERT  
   Elizabeth James & ElizabethJOYCE  
   Sarah Elizabeth George & ElizabethLANE  
   Henry Henry & JaneWHITTY  
24Apr1814James Eleanor b.b.ELFORDVillagePauper
8May1814Elizabeth George & ElizabethLANEVillageLaborer
15Jun1814Elizabeth Catherine Samuel & AnnFITZHERBERT Clergyman
19Jun1814Henry Henry & JaneWHITTYVillageLaborer
26Sep1814Elizabeth James & ElizabethJOYCE Farmer
  1815Anne Benjamin & CharlotteDAVIS  
  1815Matilda George & MaryJOYCE  
  1815David Harriet b.b.JOYCE  
5Mar1815Matilda George & MaryJOYCEOld farm CottageLaborer
23Apr1815Anne Benjamin & CharlotteDAVISVillage 
31May1815David Harriet b.b.JOYCEVillageSpinster
   Mark Harry & MariaDIBBEN  
   Robert tilley ? James & ElizabethJOYCE  
   Esau Jonathon & DinahJOYCE  
   Sarah Dawn John & JaneLANE  
   David George & ElizabethLANE  
   Emma John & ElizabethNEWTON  
   Eliza Robert & MaryROBINS  
   William George & RosannaRIDOUT  
   Elizabeth Andrew & HarriotWHITTY  
23Feb1817Robert F***ey ? James & ElizabethJOYCE Farmer
4May1817Sarah John & JaneLANEVillageLaborer
39May1817Esau Jonathon & DinahJOYCEVillageLaborer
23Jul1817David George & ElizabethLANEVillageLaborer
10Aug1817Eliza Robert & MaryROBINSVillageLaborer
31Aug1817Mark Harry & MariaDIBBENVillageLaborer
12Oct1817Emma John & ElizabethNEWTONVillageLaborer
30Nov1817William George & RosannaRIDOUTVillageLaborer
30Nov1817Elizabeth Andrew & HarriotWHITTYVillageLaborer
   Keriak William & JemimaELFORD  
   Ann Sophia Leonard & FrancesEDWARDS  
   Robert James & JaneJOYCE  
   George George & MaryJOYCE  
   Rebecca Christmas & HannahKIDDIE  
   Jane James & SarahSANDER  
   Jane William & DeborahVACHER  
   George Richard & SusannaVINCENT  
7Jun1818Jane James & SarahSANDER  
28Jul1818George Richard & SusannaVINCENT  
16Aug1818Rebecca Christmas & HannahKIDDIEVillageLaborer
11Oct1818Ann Sophia Leonafr & FrancesEDWARDSVillageLaborer
25Jan1818Robert James & JaneJOYCEVillageLaborer
22Mar1818George George & MaryJOYCEVillageLaborer and Carter
22Mar1818Jane William & DeborahVACHERVillageTaylor
17May1818Keriak William & JemimaELFORDVillageLaborer
  1819Elizabeth John & ElizabethALLEN  
  1819Edmund Jonathon & DinahJOYCE  
  1819Robert George & ElizabethLANE  
  1819Robert John & ElizabethNEWTON  
  1819Israel AnnSEXY  
  1819Edmund Andrew & HarriotWHITTY  
2May1819Robert John & ElizabethNEWTONCottageLaborer
9Jun1819Edmund Jonathon & DinahJOYCECottageLaborer
25Jul1819Robert George & ElizabethLANECottageLaborer
5Aug1819Edmund Andrew & HarriotWHITTYCottageLaborer
21Nov1819Elizabeth John & ElizabethALLENCottageLaborer
9Dec1819Israel AnnSEXYCottageSpinster
7Mar1820Samuel Mary b.b.ELFORDVillageSpinster
7Mar1820William John & ElizabethDAMONCottageLaborer
9Jul1820Kitty George & MaryJOYCEVillageCarter
21May1820Jane Henry & JaneWHITTYVillageLaborer
27Aug1820Tobias George & MaryEDWARDS ? Cordwainer
19Nov1820Emma James & JaneJOYCEVillageLaborer
19Nov1820Emily James & DinahBROOKSfrom BlandfordLaborer
12Nov1820John John & MarySAMPSONOld FarmYeoman
1Apr1821Rhoda John & DinahEDWARDSVillageLaborer
17Jun1821Uriah Leonard & FrancesEDWARDSVillageLaborer
1Jul1821Susanna Andrew & HarrietWHITTYVillageLaborer
8Jul1821Maria James & AnnROBINSVillageLaborer
16Sep1821Henry Robert & MaryROBINSVillageLaborer
20Oct1821Mary Ann John & ElizabethDAMONVillageLaborer
3Feb1822Benjamin George & MaryJOYCEVillageCarter
10Feb1822Margaret Charles & MaryDAVISVillageLaborer
3Mar1822Maria George & ElizabethLANEVillageLaborer
5Sep1822Elizabeth Mary John & MarySAMPSONFarmerLaborer
15Oct1822Levi Stephen & AmeliaALLEN Yeoman
7Nov1822Mary Eloina Ruben & MarySNOW Farmer
2Feb1823Fredrick James & LouisePIPER Laborer
9Feb1823Elizabeth James & AnnROBINS Laborer
4May1823Daniel John & JaneLANE Laborer
11May1823Robert Harry & JaneWHITTY Laborer
22Jun1823Harriett Andrew & HarriettWHITTY Shoemaker
17Aug1823Mark George & MaryEDWARDS Laborer
24Oct1823Charles Charles & MaryDAVIS Laborer
20Oct1823Sabrina Ann B.B.THORN ? Laborer
30Nov1823Sabrina John & DianaEDWARDS Laborer
25Dec1823Mary Leonard & FrancesEDWARDS Spinster
9Feb1824Jerimiah Ruth B.B.ALLEN Laborer
20Mar1824Solomon James & AnnROBINS Laborer
16Mar1824Robert John & ElizabethSOLOMON Farmer
3Oct1824William Walter John & MarySAMSON  
7Jun1824Elizabeth Esther B.B.EDWARDS  
19Dec1824Anne John & SarahALLEN Laborer
27Mar1825Charles Augustus James & LouisaPIPER Farmer
3Apr1825Stephen Stephen & AmeliaALLEN Laborer
10Apr1825Rebecca James & JaneJOYCE Laborer
17Apr1825Lazarus Robert & MaryROBINS Laborer
16Oct1825Sarah Ruben & Mary AnnSNOW Yeoman
4Nov1825Eleanor Uriah & PriscillaMASTERMANClenstonLaborer
20Nov1825Cornelia Andrew & HarrietWHITTY Laborer
27Nov1825George Mary b.b.ELFORD Spinster
9Dec1825William Henry & JaneWHITTY Laborer
21Jan1827Alexander Gerard John & MarySANSOMVillageYeoman
13Apr1827Mary Jane George & ElizabethLANEVillageLaborer
13Apr1827Edwin James James & Liza HarriettPIPERVillageYeoman
10Jul1827John John & ElizabethJOLEYFIELDVillageLaborer
11Nov1827Susanna John & ElizabethDAMONVillageLaborer
30Dec1827Eli John & DiannaEDWARDSVillageLaborer
23Mar1828Ann Stephen & AmeliaALLENHoughtonLaborer
6Apr1828Robert George & AnnLYERSHoughtonShoemaker
24Aug1828Elvina Andrew & HarriettWHITTYHoughtonLaborer
30Nov1828Ann Samuel & JaneCOLLINSHoughtonLaborer
27Dec1828William Henry James & HarriettPIPERHoughtonYeoman
8Mar1829Isabella Jane Leonard & FannyEDWARDSHoughtonLaborer
29Mar1829Charles George & EstherELFORDHoughtonLaborer
17Apr1829Mark James & JaneJOYCEHoughtonLaborer
26Apr1829William Richard Peter & ElizaGILLINGHAMTurnworthLaborer
30Apr1829Ann June John & HarriettROBBINSHoughtonLaborer
14Jun1829Mary Charles & MaryDAVISHoughtonLaborer
21Jun1829Martha * & CharlottePITTMANSticklandLaborer
19Nov1829Eliz* John & ElizabethDAMONHoughtonLaborer
22Mar1830****e? James & HannahBILLINGER Shepard
11Apr1830*am* George & AnnEDWARDS Shoemaker
11Apr1830George George & Ann*YERS Shoemaker
2May1830James James & Millie?ROBBINSResiding in HoughtonLaborer
8Aug1830Tabitha James & JennyJOYCE Laborer
17Oct1830Uriah John & Mary AnnELFORD Laborer
27Jan1831Mary James & LucyWINDSOR Laborer
30Jan1831Luisa ? Charles & MaryDAVIS Laborer
13Feb1831Emma John & HarriettROBBINS Laborer
27Mar1831Angelina Sally b.b.SEXTY  
1May1831Elizabeth James & ElizabethEDWARDS Shoemaker
26May1831Herbert John & RebeccaSPENCER ? Yeoman
23Jun1831Eliziah Stephen & AmeliaALLEN Laborer
23Jun1831Eli George & EstherELFORD Laborer
18Sep1831Mera** Leonard & FannyEDWARDS Shopkeeper
4Dec1831Edwin George & AnnEDWARDS Shoemaker
8Jan1832Elizabeth Thomas & SarahBUTT Laborer
4Mar1832John James & LucyWINDSOR Laborer
25Mar1832Eliza Isaac & HannahELFORD Laborer
22Apr1832Ann John & DiannaEDWARDS Laborer
15Jul1832June Stephen & FannyDAVIS Laborer
2Sep1832George John & AnnHARRISON Laborer
2Sep1832Henry Herbert AnnWHITTY Spinster
16Dec1832John John & HarriettROBBINS Carter
7Apr1833Ann John & JemimahELFORD Laborer
20Apr1833Sarah John & AnnELFORD Laborer
4Jul1833Georgiana James & HarriettPIPER Yeoman
23Nov1833William Thomas & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
25Dec1833William Churchill Elias ? & MaryFOSTER Carter
12Jan1834Lionel Isaac & HannahELFORD Laborer
2Feb1834George Stephen & AmeliaALLEN Laborer
2Feb1834Thomas James & LucyWINDSOR Laborer
2Mar1834Eliza Charles & MaryDAVIS Laborer
2Mar1834Edmund Thomas & ElizabethELFORD Laborer
11Mar1834Samuel Herbert Leonard & FannyEDWARDS Shopkeeper
6Apr1834Hannah John & HarriettROBBINS Carter
6Apr1834James Thomas & SarahBUTT Laborer
1Aug1834Araniah ? James & SarahWHITTY Laborer
3Aug1834Abigail George & EstherELFORD Laborer
23Nov1834Jane Edward & AnnEDWARDS Laborer
17Dec1834Harriett George & AnnBUTT Shepherd
6Feb1835Charles Stephen & FannyDAVIS Laborer
1Mar1835Tabitha Ann b.b.DAVIS Spinster
5Apr1835Frederick John & DianneEDWARDS Laborer
7Jun1835Eliza William & MariaBRINE Laborer
13Dec1835Ann Thomas & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
27Dec1835William Henry James & SarahWHITTY Laborer
27Dec1835Henry John & HarriettROBBINS Laborer
31Jan1836Bethia Stephen & FannyDAVIS Laborer
31Jan1836Pricilla John & AnneELFORD Laborer
31Jan1836William Thomas & SarahBUTT Laborer
4Feb1836Leonora Louisa William & LeonoraBRYANT Yeoman
7Feb1836Eliza Elias & MaryFOSTER Carter
3Apr1836Maria James & LucyWINDSOR Laborer
9May1836Henry William Edward & AnneEDWARDS Laborer or Carter
15May1836Lydia Edward Leonard & FannyEDWARDS Shop Keeper
22May1837Mary Ann John & AnneHANNUM ? Laborer
4Oct1837Elizabeth June Isaac & ElizabethKNIGHT ***man
1Jan1837Louisa George & ElizabethKNIGHT Laborer
26Feb1837Christopher James & SarahWHITTY Laborer
1Jan1837Tommy Stephen & AmeliaALLEN Laborer
26Feb1837Charles Edward & AnneEDWARDS Laborer
13Mar1837George John & HarriettROBBINS Carter
9Apr1837Israel James & ElizaEDWARDS Shoemaker
24Apr1837William Brewer William & LeonoraBRYANT Yeoman
10Mar1839Andrew John & HarriettROBBINS Carter
24Mar1839Edwin Edward & AnnWHITTY Carter
14Apr1839Jane George & EstherELFORD Laborer
7Jul1839Fredrick Mary b.b.WHITTY Spinster
27Apr1839John Herbert John & JemimaWINDZER ? Laborer
27Oct1839Ruben James & LucyWINDZER ? Laborer
8Dec1839Herbert Thomas & SarahBUTT Laborer
22Dec1839Uriah Stephen & AmeliaALLEN Laborer
29Dec1839William Charles & ElizaWHATTLEY Shepherd
22Mar1840Edward Nelson Edward AnneEDWARDS Carter
17May1840John William & MelvinaROBBINS Laborer
2Jun1840Sarah Chapman James & ElizaEDWARDS Cordwainer
20Jun1840George George & ElizaEDWARDS Laborer
26Jul1840Mary Priscilla Isaac & ElizabethKNIGHT Woodman
2Aug1840Louisa Josiah & AnneJOYCE Laborer
9Aug1840Selene John & AnneELFORD Laborer
11Oct1840Elizabeth Thomas & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
11Oct1840Absolome Robert & MariaJOYCE Laborer
14Oct1840Eliza Susannah b.b.WHITTY Spinster
1Dec1840Elizabeth Jane Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTY Laborer
25Jan1841Edmund Archibald Edmund Lustr ? & ElizabethSTURART Rector
7Feb1841Albert Hallyar Edmund & AnneJOYCE Laborer
8Feb1841Israel Emma b.b.NEWTON Spinster
18Apr1841Fredrick Mary b.b.RICKETTS Spinster
5Sep1841Louisa George & ElizabethKNIGHT Laborer
10Oct1842Mark Stephen & FannyDAVIS Laborer
20Mar1842George Edward & AnnieEDWARD Carter
25Jun1842Elizabeth Anne Emma b.b.NEWTON Spinster
26Jun1842William John & HarriettROBBINS Carter
27Aug1842John Robert & MaryWILMENT Carter
27Aug1842George Mary Anne b.b.DRAKE Spinster
4Sep1842Susan Anne Harriett b.b.HELLYAR Spinster
30Oct1842Eliza Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTY Laborer
11Dec1842Isaac William Isaac & ElizabethKNIGHT Woodsman
15Jan1843Francis James Edmund Laterelle & ElizabethSTURART Rector
22Jan1843Stephen William & MelvinaROBBINS Laborer
16Apr1843Thomas Robert & MariaJOYCE Laborer
16Apr1843Sarah Anne Thomas & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
16Apr1843John James & ElizaEDWARDS Shoemaker
23Jul1843Alfred Josiah & AnneJOYCE Laborer
17Sep1843Eli George Edmund & AnneJOYCE Laborer
3Sep1843William James & SallyWHITTY Laborer
20Oct1843Reubin John & HarriettROBBINS Carter
26Nov1843Samuel Robert & AnneJEANS Shepard
16Dec1843George John & AnneELFORD Laborer
12Feb1844George William & MarthaLANE Lime Burner
12Feb1844Fredrick William & MarthaLANE Lime Burner
25Feb1844Fredrick Edward & AnneEDWARDS Carter
25May1844Jemima Robert & AnneLANE Lime Burner
25May1844Anne Robert & AnneLANE Lime Burner
28Jul1844Edward Andrew John & HarriettKNIGHT Laborer
20Sep1844Joseph Edward George & ElizabethKNIGHT Laborer
29Sep1844John Benjamin & MaryJOYCE Laborer
29Sep1844William george & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
12Jan1845Mary Anne George & EmmaELFORD Laborer
12Jan1845Mary Anne David & MaryLANE Lime Burner
9Feb1845Maria Lazarus & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
16Mar1845James Robert & MariaJOYCE Laborer
23Mar1845Edwin William & MaryDAMON Laborer
20Apr1845Matilda Isaac & ElizabethKNIGHT Woodman
20Apr1845Jane Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTY Laborer
8Jun1845Lucinda James & SallyWHITTY Laborer
13Jul1845Francis Edwin John & LouisaDRAKE Cordwainer
2Sep1845Comelia Edmund Luthrell ? Ane ElizabethSTUART Rector
5Oct1845Albert Henry & ElizabethRIGGSSticklandLaborer
12Oct1845Catherine Edward & AnneEDWARDS Carter
19Oct1845Francis Benjamin & MaryJOYCE Laborer
4Jan1846Leah Thomas & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
22Jan1846Alfred William & LeonoraBRYANT Yeoman
22Mar1846Harriett Jane Edmund & Mary AnneWHITTY Laborer
*Apr1846Stephen Francis Josiah & AnneJOYCE Laborer
17May1846Mark Isaac & HannahELFORD Laborer
14Jun1846Edwin Esau & HarriettJOYCE Laborer
14Jun1846Georgiana Edmund & AnneJOYCE Laborer
14Jun1846Rebeckah Jane Emma b.b.JOYCE Spinster
12Jul1846Mary Jane William & MargarettaDAMON Laborer
14Mar1847Matilda Jane Robert & JaneJOYCE Laborer
14Mar1847William MariaJOYCE Spinster
28Mar1847Stephen Stephen & FannyDAVIS Laborer
25Apr1847Albert Solomon & MarthaROBBINS Laborer
23May1847Eliza Jane Samuel & ElizaELFORD Carter
18Jul1847Alfred William & JaneROBBINS Laborer
29Aug1847Ann Eliza Edward & AnnEDWARDS Carter
12Sep1847Henry Josiah & AnnJOYCE Laborer
19Sep1847Michael George Lazarus & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
21Nov1847John William Isaac & ElizabethKNIGHT Woodman
28Nov1847Elizabeth Robert & MariaJOYCE Laborer
28Nov1847Robert James & ElizaEDWARDS Cordwainer
18Feb1849Louisa RabellaEDWARDS Spinster
29Apr1849Comilia Robert & JaneJOYCE Laborer
20May1849Eli SusanaJOYCE Spinster
27May1849Walter Stephen H* Esau & HarriettJOYCE Carpenter
27May1849Jane Daniel & SusanLANE Laborer
15Jul1849Lorcica ? Leonora John & HarriettROBBINS Laborer
15Jul1849Elizabeth Ann Samuel & ElizaELFORD Laborer
9Dec1849Edmund George & JudithCLARK Laborer
29Feb1851Ellen Robert & MariaJOYCE Laborer
2Mar1851Herbert Edwin Josiah & AnnJOYCE Laborer
30Mar1851Eliza William & MaryDAMON Laborer
27Jul1851Simon Phillip Uriah & LeahEDWARDS Parish Clerk
3Aug1851Edwin James & ElizabethELFORD Laborer
19Oct1851Sydney Thomas & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
9Nov1851Julia Harry & AnnHATIMAN ? Laborer
23Nov1851George William & JudithCAINS Carter
29Jan1852Martha Georgina George andSUMMERS Yeoman
8Feb1852Harry Herisly ? Esau & HarriettJOYCE Carpenter
4Apr1852Ann Sophia Benjamin & MaryJOYCE Shepherd
18Apr1852Emily Robert & JaneJOYCE Laborer
18Apr1852Rebecca James & ElizaEDWARDS Shoemaker
18Apr1852John Edmund & Mary AnnWHITTY Laborer
25Apr1852Sarah Israel & EmmaSEXEY Laborer
30May1852Mary Sophia Eli & Merah ?EDWARDS Laborer
13Jun1852Levi John & HarrietROBINS Laborer
15Aug1852Robert Jerimiah & ElizaALLEN Laborer
15Aug1852Mary Jane Lazarus & ElizabethROBINS Laborer
15Aug1852Herbert William & JaneROBINS Laborer
5Dec1852Eliabeth Ann George & AnnDAMON Laborer
9Jan1853Thomas Soloman & MarthaROBBINS Laborer
16Jan1853George Israel & EmmaSEXEY Laborer
7Feb1853Sarah Robert & MariaJOYCE Laborer
6Mar1853Elizabeth Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTY Laborer
10Apr1853William William & Mary****DAMON Laborer
5Jun1853David George & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
19Jun1853Mark EmmaJOYCE Single Woman
11Jun1854George Charles George & MarthaSUMMERSFarmerFarmer
2Jul1854Basil Eli & Merab ?EDWARDS Laborer
10Jul1854George Benjamin & MaryJOYCE Laborer
23Jul1854*eng* ? Henry & AnnHANNAM Laborer
13Aug1854Emily Edmund & Mary AnnWHITTY Laborer
27Aug1854Ann Daniel & SusanLANE Laborer
1Oct1854Henrietta Uriah & LeahEDWARDS Village Clerk
2Oct1854Philadelphia Joseph ** & Philadelphia LuisaCOTTER ?
20?Dec1854Charles Josiah & AnnJOYCE Laborer
25Dec1854Henry Jerimiah & ElizaALLEN Laborer
28Jan1855Joseph George & Mary JaneRAPSENUpper FarmGame Keeper
4Feb1855Julie Ann Soloman & MarthaROBBINS Laborer
1Apr1855Charles William & MargarettaDANON Laborer
22Apr1855John Tufin EmilyHANNAM Single Woman
27May1855Fred**ck Esau & HarriettJOYCE Carpenter
27May1855James Blackman Esau & HarriettJOYCE Carpenter
27May1855Henry Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTY Laborer
30Sep1855Fredrick James & ElizabethELFORD Laborer
30Sep1855Martha Ann Elam & AnnWHITE Laborer
30Sep1855Sarah George & CarolineHOMERUpper FarmLaborer
7Oct1855Henry Israel & EmmaSEXEY Laborer
25Dec1855Sarah Samuel & ElizaELFORD Laborer
22May1856Alfred Robert & CorneliaELFORD Laborer
15Jun1856Cornelia Ann Edmund & AnnJOYCE Laborer
27Jul1856William James Lazarus & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
24Aug1856Aug***t* ? George & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
14Sep1856Sabrina Ann Henry & RhodaPULLEY Servant
14Sep1856Robert Andrew Edward & Mary AnnWHITTEY Laborer
12Apr1856Maria Ellen James & MariaELFORD Laborer
30Nov1856George George & Mary JaneHEPSON ?Upper FarmGame Keeper
8Feb1857Sarah Catherine Jerimiah & LydiaJONESUpper FarmLaborer
15Mar1857Grace Joseph Rogerson & Philadelphia LuisaCOTTERRectory Clergyman
15Mar1857Thomas Seth James & Mary AnnFOOTSticklandBlacksmith
29Mar1857Louisa James & ElizabethELFORD Laborer
5Apr1857Tom Henry & ElizabethEDWARDS Laborer
19May1857Sophia HannahDAVIS Single Woman
28Jun1857Mary Jane Samuel & JaneCAINSMorden ParishLaborer
12Jul1857Margaret Louisa George & JaneDAVIS Laborer
26Jul1857Frederick William & MargarettaDAMON Laborer
22Aug1857Mahala Jeremiah & ElizaALLEN Laborer
2Aug1857Fanny Constance Elizabeth & MerabEDWARDS Servant
10Nov1857Sophia Jane Benjamin & Mary AnnDAVIS Laborer
15Nov1857Adeline Robert & CorneliaELFORD Laborer
15Nov1857Agnes Louisa JaneELFORD Single Woman
25Dec1857Francis Herbert Uriah & LeahEDWARDS Parish Clerk
24Jan1858Walter James & MariaELFORD Laborer
30Jan1858Tom Israel & EmmaSEXEY Scholer
2Feb1858Annie Elzabeth George & MarthaSUMMERSUpper FarmLaborer
14Feb1858Robert Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTEY Yeoman
4Apr1858Charles Augustus Charly & SusanDAVIS Laborer
18Jul1858Francis Josiah & AnnJOYCE Laborer
18Jul1858Eliza George & TabithaROBBINS Laborer
16Aug1858Albert Lionel & CatherineELFORD Laborer
16Aug1858Herbert Lionel & CatherineELFORD Laborer
12Sep1858Louisa Jane William & SarahBUTT Laborer
26Sep1858Andrew Edmund & Mary AnnWHITTEY Laborer
26Sep1858Elizabeth Edmund & Mary AnnWHITTEY Laborer
14Nov1858Edwin James David & HannahHANNAM Laborer
13Feb1859Ellen Robert & JaneJOYCE Woodman
13Feb1859Emily Israel & EmmaSEXEY Laborer
27Feb1859Maria Lazarus & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
14Jun1859Joseph George & Mary JaneRAPSON ?Upper FarmLaborer
19Jun1859Georgina Henry & JemimaEDWARDSBrick KilnLaborer
26Jun1859Feancis ? Jane Esau & HarriettJOYCE Laborer
7Aug1859Robert Daniel & SusanLANE Laborer
18Aug1859Bernard John Joseph & Elizabeth CharlotteCOX Laborer
11Sep1859Tom George & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
25Dec1859Fred Jeremiah & ElizaALLEN Laborer
22Jan1860Ann Maria James & MariaELFORD Laborer
22Jan1860James Jerimiah & LydiaJONESUpper FarmLaborer
12Feb1860Alfred Henry Uriiah & JaneELFORD Laborer
1Apr1860John William & MargarettaDAMON Laborer
22Apr1860Mary Ann Tobias & Mary AnneWHITTEY Laborer
22Jul1860Louisa Jane Henry & AnnHANNAM Laborer
2Sep1860Henrietta George & Mary JaneRAPSONS ?Upper FarmGame Keeper
21Oct1860Harriet Mary George & SusanDAVISUpper FarmLaborer
21Oct1860Elizabeth Edith James & Mary AnnBUTTUpper FarmLaborer
16Dec186Hannah Matilda Benjamin & Mary AnnDAVIS Laborer
23Dec1860Louisa Ann George & TabithaROBBINSUpper FarmLaborer
6Jan1862Ernest Thomas & Charlotte Ann Chicx ?COX Yeoman
2Feb1862Emma Lionel & CatherineELFORD Laborer
20Apr1862Herbert Jermiah & ElizaALLEN Laborer
20Apr1862Elizabeth Martha HamutelELFORD Spinster
24Aug1862Fredrick James Rofs Esau & HarriettJOYCE Carpenter
21Sep1862Louisa Jane Edmund & AnnROLESUpper FarmLaborer
12Oct1862Amelia Sarah George & Mary JaneRAPSON Butcher
12Oct1862Harriet James & MaryCUFF Laborer
26Oct1862Mary Ann James & MaryBUTT Laborer
25Dec1862Hannah Edmund & Mary AnnWHITTY Laborer
16Feb1863Mary Ann Eli & BetsyELFORD Laborer
10May1863Elizabeth Jane William & Elizabeth JaneDRAKE ? Farmer
21Jun1863Fredrick Ebenezer Smith John & Mary LeggEVENSMilton AbbasSurgen
19Jul1863William Richard & MaryBROWNEUpper FarmLaborer
2Aug1863Emily Stephen & AmeliaELFORDBlandfordLaborer
21Nov1863Mary Ann George & EmmaROBBINSBrick KilnLaborer
25Dec1863William Henry & Jemimah ?EDWARDS Laborer
24Jan1866Charles Henry Thomas & Mary AnnHANNAMUpper FarmLaborer
12Feb1866Joseph James & Mary anneBUTT Laborer
14Mar1866Adeline William & Elizabeth JaneDRAKE Farmer
16Apr1866George John EllenFORSEY ? Spinster
28Jul1866Lucy Emma Benjamin & JaneDAVIS Woodman
23Jul1866Mary Eliza Andrew & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
24Jul1866William John John & SarahWINTER Printer and Book Binder
23Sep1866John William William & MarySHAVEUpper FarmGame Keeper
26Dec1866Ethel Maud Charley Wallis & Helen Sarah Dusell ?HECTORStickland Gentleman
31Mar1867William John William & LucindaROBBINS Laborer
14Apr1867Edward Albert Albert & BethiaJOYCE Woodman
27Apr1867Henry Luther John & Mary LeggeEVENSAbbey MeltorSurgeon
5May1867Joseph Cameron William & Elizabeth JaneDRAKE Farmer
12May1867Reginald George Thomas & Mary AnnHANNAM Laborer
25Aug1867Fanny James & MaryBUTTUpper FarmLaborer
1Sep1867Ellen Fredrick & ElizabethWHITTEY Laborer
22Sep1867Edmund Archibald William & GeorginaJOYCE Woodman
22Sep1867Arthur William William & GeorginaJOYCE Woodman
6Oct1867Henry Edmund & Mary AnnWHITTY Laborer
17Nov1867William George Edmund & SabrinaELFORD Dealer
2Feb1868Beatrice Kate Jerimiah & ElizaALLEN Parish Clerk
16Feb1868Julia Louisa William & MargarettaDAMON Laborer
4Apr1868Mary Ann George & ElizabethJOYCE Laborer
18Apr1868George Thomas & HarrietHOMER Laborer
17May1868Henry Tom Andrew & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
19Jul1868Fredrick Nelson Henry & JemimaEDWARDS Laborer
26Aug1868William George John & Anna MariaBROWNSemley ? ParishYeoman
30Aug1868Francis George George & EmmaROBBINS Laborer
30Aug1868Alice and Louisa Wynthan & CorneliaJOYCE Laborer
10Nov1868Mary Eliza David & HannahHANNAM Laborer
3Jan1869Francis Ann Albert & BethiaJOYCE Woodman
7Feb1869Alice William & Sarah AnnBUTT Laborer
21Mar1869Arthur James William & LucindaROBBINS Laborer
6Jun1869Bernard Stephen Russell Edwin & JaneJOYCE Carpenter
4Jul1869John Robert Edwin & SarahEDWARDSLondon Blo******Waiter
29Jul1869Mary Eliza William & GeorginaJOYCE Laborer
6Jan1870Edward William & Elizabeth JaneDRAKE Yeoman
16Jan1870Camerine C***bert Eli & EmilyJOYCE Laborer
13Mar1870Walter Levi Andrew & ElizabethROBBINS Laborer
24Apr1870Harry Fredreck Edmund & SabrinaELFORD Laborer
24Jul1870Herbert George Thomas & AnnELFORD Laborer
11Sep1870George Thomas & Mary AnnDAMON Laborer
11Sep1870William John Thomas & Mary AnnDAMON Laborer
27Nov1870Edwin George & TabithaROBBINS Laborer
10Dec1870Harry William & MarySHAVEHigher HoughtonGame Keeper
14Jan1872Herbert George William & Sarah AnnBUTT Laborer
4Feb1872Levi Stephen H***** Albert & BethiaJOYCE Laborer
8Feb1872Stephen Walter David & HannahHANNAM Laborer
10Feb1872William John Wynthan & CorneliaJOYCE Laborer
14Apr1872John William & ElizaSHINER Laborer
16Jun1872Florence Elizabeth Eli & EmilyJOYCE Laborer
16Jun1872**a** An****** William & JasmineJOYCE Laborer
13Oct1872Sedun ? P***ra**? Alfred & JaneJOYCE Laborer
20Mar1871Harriett Susan Edwin & JaneJOYCE Carpenter
15Oct1871Walter Percival Walter F.S.and Ther**eJOYCE Game Keeper *
29Oct1871Herbert Edward Henry & JemimaEDWARDS Laborer
29Oct1871Joseph George Thomas & AnnELFORD Laborer
29Oct1871Susan Alice Fredrick & SabrinaFOOT Laborer
2Nov1871Frank ? Peter Mary*EAL Single Woman
14Jan1872Herbert George William & Sarah AnnBUTT Laborer
4Feb1872Levi Stephen H***** Albert & BethiaJOYCE Laborer
8Feb1872Stephen Walter David & HannahHANNAMBrick KilnLaborer
10Feb1872William John Wynthan ? & CorneliaJOYCE Laborer
14Apr1872John William & ElizaSHINER Laborer
16Jun1872Florence Eliza Eli & EmilyJOYCE Laborer
16Jun1872Edward Archibald William & G*r*maJOYCE Laborer
13Oct1872*e*** ******* Alfred & JaneJOYCE Laborer
20Oct1872William Charles Edmund & Elizabeth AnnMOORES Laborer
29Oct1872Lilian Cornelia Benjamin & JaneDAVIS Laborer
1Dec1872Matilda Mary Louise Jerimiah & ElizaALLEN Parish Clerk
8Dec1872Al**** Alfred & Elizabeth*****Higher HoughtonGame
15Dec1872Blanch *le*** Walter Stephen Hellen & Theiza? AnnJOYCEVillage Game
9Mar1873Ob**i* Saul Thomas & **etz ?WPSHALL ? Laborer
29Jun1873Herbert William Thomas & AnnELFORD Laborer
13Jul1873Edith Hannah Reuben & JaneROBBINS ?
14Jun1874Alice Kate William & LucindaROBBINS Laborer
6Sep1874Henry Stephen Hillyer ? William & GeorginaROBBINS Laborer
18Oct1874William John George & JaneSTAINER ? Laborer
18Dec1874William John & EmmaDAVIS Lame
27Jan1875Sidney CatherineSTEVENS  
8Feb1875Flora George & EllenBALLHAM Laborer
15Feb1875Edith Frances Edwin & ElizaJOYCE Carpenter
28Feb1875Charles Henry William & LucindaROBBINS Laborer
14Mar1875Henry John & EmmaDAVISUpper FarmGame Keeper
12Sep1875Annie Claire Wyndham & SarahJOYCE Laborer
4Jan1880Catherine Alice Absolom ? & ?JOYCE  
1Feb1880Augusta Annie James Thomas amd Elizabeth BerthaCHAPPYWhiteford Uin*
*Apr1880George Edwin Jonthan & MaryDUNLOPMilton AbbasButler
11Apr1881Beatrice Kate John & ElizaGODDARD Carter
18Jul1881Fred William & Sarah AnnBUTT Laborer
18Jul1881A******** Wyndham Wyndham & SarahJOYCE Sawer ?
19Sep1881Ernest and Stephen John & Annia or Emma ?*****?Upper Farm 
21Nov1881Mary Eliza Harry & EmmaTO*** Cordman
28Nov1880Louisa Ann Frederick & Cornelia Ann**URMEN ? Laborer

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