Tarrant Rawston

MARRIAGES 1732-1840

These records have been transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts by Christine Crawford Please Note: There are many
years without any records, whilst it is quite possible that there were no marriages, it is likely that the Bishop's Transcripts
for those years are missing. It is recommended that you ask for parish register photocopies for the missing years from the
Dorset Record Office. Transcripts of any such pages would be appreciated for research purposes.


1732 RA**** George of Monkton ST**ORKE Joan were married Jan-02 * in T/Rushton's Bis/Transcripts

1733 NONE

1768 NONE

1778 NONE

1784 DAY John & ANSTY Mary were married Jul-07

1784 DAVIS James & WOODMAN Jane were married Dec-24

1786 NONE

1788 FRICKER James & RAYNOLD Betty were married Feb-18

1788 BROWN Richard & OSMOND Sarah were married Aug-17

1790 STRANGE William & HART Ann were married Dec-02

1792 NONE

1795 NONE

1797 STRANGE James & TUCK Drucilla were married Jul-06 by banns

1796 GILLINGHAM George of Whitcombe & EDWARDS Amelia were married Apr-04

1799 NONE


1814 - NONE

1815; John COWARD & Sarah DANIELS

1820; Apr-12; Richard MUSTON & Hannah JAMES by Banns

Witnesses: Charles  KING (X), Wm. MITCHEL

1820; Oct-02; John  HEPDITCH (X) of Christchurch & Elizabeth   LAMBERT (X) by Banns

Witnesses: Ann  HOPE , R. W. OLD

1820; Nov-16; Charles  KING (X) & Elizabeth  BURDEN by Banns

Witnesses: Jane HUNT ; Maria WARRICK

1824; Feb-24; William OLD & Catherine HOOPER by Licence

Witnesses: Philip RIDEOUT , William LOVELL

1824; Jul-25; Josia WANHAM & Jane  BURTON (X) by Banns

Witnesses: Charles HARDIMAN , Mary EVERETT (X)

1825; Apr-12; George DREW of Tarrant Rushton & Hannah  BURDEN (X) by Banns

Witnesses: William BURDEN , John KIRLEY

1825; Jun-13; John  OATS (X) & Sarah  HUGH (X) by Banns

Witnesses: Jane HASKELL , John COWARD

1826; Feb-07; William  DANIELS (X) & Honour  HALLETT by Banns

Witnesses: John NEW (X), Josiah WANCHAM

1826; Aug-21; Benjamin HICK of Sixpenny Handley in Dor. & Susan MOODY by Licence

Witnesses: Rachel Catherine MOODY , Mary Ann WILKINS

1828; Jan-31; Joseph PEARCE & Keziah  DANIELS (X) by Banns

Witnesses: William  DANIELS (X), Robert ALEXANDER

1828; Aug-08; David DANIELS & Tryphosa  SOPER (X) by Banns

Witnesses: Hannah FOYLE , Robert ALEXANDER

1833; Jul-03; John HARRIS a Widower & Keren Happuc WHIFFIN by Banns

Witnesses: Richard NEW (?), Sarah COWARD (X)

1834; Feb-04; Luke  JAMES (X) & Sarah  CHRISTOPHER (X) by Banns

Witnesses: Mary MAIDMENT (X), Hannah HUGHES (X)

1837; Mar-26; Charles  BURDEN & (X); Fanny  LAMBERT (X) by Banns

Witnesses: Richard  NEW (X) BURDEN (X)

1840; Oct-04; George HAWLOCK of Rushton & Matilda (a minor) MUSTON

Witnesses: William McKENZIE , Ann  MAIDMENT

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