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Dorset Poll Book for 1807

 At the turn of the 19th Century the ownership of land was a prerequisite of an entitlement to vote. The 1807 poll book records all those voting and the situation of their freehold.

Tarrant Rawston



Situation of Freehold

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Richard Hon


Tarrant Rawson




Extracts from Hutchins History of Dorset - 1861

 TARENT RAWSON (as it was spelt in 1861)

This little vill, which consists but of seven or eight houses, derives its additional name from its situation on the River Tarent, and its principal one from its ancient lords the Antiochs. It is situated about a mile from Tarent Rushton.

In 1626, the lordship, mansion house and demesne lands of Rawson were settled on Arthur, son of Arthur Radford senior, on his marriage with Margaret, daughter of Sir Lawrence Hide, during his father’s life; and to be part of his lady’s jointure, with remainders. In this settlement mention is made that Thomas Lovel, gent. On the sale of this manor, and c reserved the sum of 120l per annum, to be paid to him and his heirs till 1200l was paid.

In 1645, the farm here of Arthur Radford esq. Colonel in the King’s Service, valued, 1641 at 160l per annum, was sequestered.  From the Radfords it came to the Gundreys of Dewlish. Thomas Gundrey esq., who died 1724, left it to his second son John, who built the house and resided and died here and left it to his nephew, Radford Gundrey esq., at whose death it came into the possession of his elder brother Thomas Gundrey esq., of Dewlish

It was purchased by the late Sir John Wyldbore Smith, Bart. Whose son Sir John James Smith, is owner, 1861.

The Church, dedicated to St Mary is a small building, well proportioned to the size of the parish, standing close to the mansion house erected by the Gundreys, which is now occupied as a farmhouse. The church was entirely repaired and neatly fitted at the expense of Thomas Gundrey esq., at the close of the past century. The parts are, chancel, transepts, nave, and south porch, the latter of two stories, with pitched roof, like the rest of the edifice, in the upper storey at which hangs one bell. On the floor of the nave are about fifty encaustic medieval tiles, with white heraldic figures on a red ground, as follows: semee of fleurs-de-lys, a lion passant and a wyvern passant, repeated separately.

Monumental Tablet

In this vault underneath lie the remains of RADFORD GUNDRY of this place, esq., who died December 23rd 1788, in the 68th year of his age.

In the same vault lies interred his elder brother, THOMAS GUNDREY of Dewlish, esq., who died April 14th 1805, in the 86th year of his age.

List of Rectors



Nicholas Antioch, Lord of Tarent Antioch, his father

Richard Antioch, clerk, June 1311


Robert de Braundon, on the resignation of Richard de Antioch, 2 January 1312

Henry de Antioch

Walter de Antioch had licence to study and was to be examined by the Bishop twice a year 13 June 1342




John Martyn, pbr. On the death of Thomas, 30 December 1348


Thomas Martyn, exchanged with

John Antioch

Thomas Maundeville, Rector of Littleton, 9 July 1383


John Malewyn pbr. 29 June 1387


Nicholas Druwet pbr. 19 December 1387, exchanged with


John or Thomas Frogham, Rector of Horewood, dioc Exon, 20 May 1394, exchanged with


John Stowel, or Stower, chaplain of the chantry of Whatley, dioc Bath & Wells, 16 October 1394, exchanged with


Thomas Skendelby, or Skendewy, Rector of Ipying, dioc Chichester, 27 October 1396, exchanged with


John Kylle, Rector of Stanbridge, 7 December 1399

Joan, relict of John Antioch, esq.

Richard Brewes, chaplain, on the resignation of Kylle, 29 July 1421.

Robert Bavent esq.

Walter Geffery, clerk, 21 March 1435


John Wheton, chaplain, on the death of Geffery, 2 December 1439


William Barbor, on the death of J Wheton, 7 Jun 1440


Tho. Maundewar, chaplain, on the resignation of Barbor, 23 March 1442


Robert Curson, clerk, on the resignation of Maundewar, 18 February 1442


Philip Kynth, or Kynty, exchanged with


John Taylour of Pembroke, vicar of Bytton, dioc Worcester, 14 October 1446


John Austyn, pbr, 21 August 1450

John Lovel

John Byce, chaplain, 3 April 1455

William Lovel

John Newman pbr M.A. on the death of Best, 16 November 1503


John Elyot, clerk, pr to Tarent Antioch, on the resignation of Newman, 28 March 1506


Nich Bower, chaplain, pr to Tarent Antioch; on the death of John Elyot, 20 July 1512


Richard Dendron, chaplain, on the resignation of Bower, pr to Tarent Antioch, alias Rawson, 11 August 1514


Robert Glaston, pbr, pr to Tarent Antioch; on the death of Dendron, 14 September 1526


John Lillington, pbr, pr to Tarent Antioheston; on the death of Glaston, 8 November 1538


William Daron, 1572


Christopher Inkpen, 1580

George Lovel

Will. Smith, 1582

The Bishop

Thomas Loyd, 1586


Meredith Evans, 1628

The King

Zarobabel Maltus M.A. 8 October 1632

Arthur Radford

Richard Hook, or Hide, 1639


William Hayter, March 28 1661


John Stought, 7 August 1667


R Lawrence 6 September 1688


John Cobb, October 23 1711, resigned

Thomas Gundrey esq

Richard Lawrence M.A., son of the former, January 1 1713

Radford Gundrey esq

George Ryves Hawker BA, on the death of Lawrence


James Dibben jun M.A. on the cessation of Hawker, 1774


Thomas Butler, LL.B on the cessation of Dibben, 10 April 1777


Thomas Hughes BA on the resignation of Butler January 7 1779 who was succeeded by

R Gundrey esq

Robert Bartholomew, St John’s Col Cam BA 1778, M.A. 1786 June 1782, and elected in 1793 to the head mastership of Exeter school, which he resigned in 1809. He died in 1827, aged 71


George Eveleigh Saunders, on the death of Bartholomew

Sir John W Smith

Francis Smith, 1836, on the death of Saunders

Sir J J Smith

William F Radclyffe M.A. 1853, on the death of Smith.

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NB: The Church of St Mary is now in private ownership but there are further details and a photo of
St Mary’s Church on the Parish Council’s informative website www.southtarrants.co.uk.

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