Tarrant Rawston

BURIALS 1731 - 1880

These records have been transcribed from Bishop's Transcripts by Christine Crawford
Please Note: There are many years without any records, whilst it may be possible that there were no burials,
it is likely that the Bishop's Transcripts for those years are missing. It is recommended that you ask for parish
register photocopies for the missing years from the Dorset Record Office. Transcripts of any such pages
would be appreciated for research purposes.


1731 NONE

1733 Thomas LILLE son of Andrew & Mary buried Feb-12

1735 Hannah LILLE daughter of Ann (Base Born) buried Mar-02

1735 Charles LILLE son of Ann (Base Born) buried Sep-13

1739 Giles SPONNOY son of John buried

1739 Sufanna DEANS buried

1760 John STRANGE buried Dec-23

1761 Elizabeth BOYT buried May-14

1761 Elizth. BOYT buried May-17

1763 John HOBBS of the Parrish of Stalbridge/Holbridge buried Mar-01

1768 Thos. SPEAR buried Jan-13

1770 Mary LILLY buried Apr-22

1770 Mary COOMBS buried Jun-01

1776 George HAYES son of John buried Aug-20

1778 NONE

1784 William WOODMAN buried Jul-10

1786 Mary MITCHEL daughter of William buried Mar-16

1787 Mary DANIELS daughter of David & Edith a pauper buried Dec-23

1788 Radford GUNDRY Esq. buried Dec-29

1789 John Goar PORTER son of Edward & Mary buried Aug-23

1790 NONE

1792 NONE

1795 NONE

1797 Sealy BLANDY buried May-16 in T/Rushton's B/Ts

1799 Betty STRANGE of Parrish Rushton buried Jun-22

1803 John MEDWAY buried Apr-01

1806 John JAMES 73 the elder buried Jul-12

1807 William STRANGE of More Critchell buried Jan-20

1814 Henry POPE 6 mths buried Mar-12

1815 Henry POPE buried

1816 Mary JAMES 73yrs buried Feb-06

1820 Joseph NEW 65yrs buried Apr-29

1820 Edith DANIELS 67yrs buried May-30

1820 William LANE 87yrs Chettle buried Oct-18

1825 James NORTON 4?yrs of Keynston buried May-15

1826 Mary OATES 88yrs buried May-17

1827 Ann DANIELS 56yrs buried Dec-09

1828 Sarah HARRIS 29yrs buried Dec-21

1829 Emma HARRIS 1yr buried May-24

1833 Mary HARRIS 31yrs buried Apr-04

1834 Mary Ann MUSTON 3 wks buried May-30

1834 Mary Jane HARRIS 1yr buried Dec-09

1839 Thomas DANIELLS 65yrs buried Jan-13

1839 David DANIELLS 87yrs buried May-05

1840 Thomas OATES 61yrs buried Mar-02

1840 Jane NEW 77yrs buried Jul-19

1844 William WATTS 4 days buried Mar-29

1850 Hannah HUESTON 53yrs buried Apr-13

1850 Sarah LUFFMAN 35yrs buried Jul-22

1852 Matilda DANIELLS 51yrs buried Mar-22

1853 honor LAMBERT 90yrs buried Aug-21

1855 John WEBB 70yrs buried Aug-12

1856 Charles KENY 65yrs buried Apr-02

1856 William PELLEY 11 mths buried May-11

1856 William KENY 5 days buried Aug-10

1859 John BELL 60yrs buried Apr-16

1859 Rosetta TUCK an infant buried Apr-16

1862 James ELLIOTT an infant buried Mar-10

1862 Aure BELL about 80yrs of Blandford buried Jul-02

1863 Eli FOOT 68yrs buried Dec-05

1865 Janet JAMES 5 mths of Wimborne Parish buried Sep-15

1870 Sarah JAMES 57yrs buried Feb-26

1870 James SIMS 3yrs buried May-27

1872 Henry HILLBURNE 32yrs buried Jan-01

1872 John Hay HOUSE 61yrs buried Apr-03

1872 Henry WHITE 18 mths buried Apr-16

1872 Thomas CRAWFORD 80yrs buried Aug-02

1872 Elizabeth WATERMAN 71yrs buried Jan-26

1872 Willie WATERMAN 2 wks buried Apr-02

1872 Francis HARLOCK 61yrs buried Jul-03

1874 Elizabeth KING 77yrs of Union Blandford buried Jan-02

1874 John HARRIS 82yrs buried Jul-31

1875 William DANIELLS 72yrs of Rawston buried Dec-05

1880 Charles JAMES 39yrs of Long -------- buried Jan-21

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