Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

Until 1858 all wills had to be proved (formally approved) by church and other courts. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC), the most important of these courts, dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales (what was originally the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury). Wills of less wealthy individuals MAY have been proved in a number of other ecclesiastical courts, including the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter (pre-1843); the Archdeaconry Court of Dorset (post-1843); The Consistory Court of the Bishop of Exeter (pre-1843); or the Royal Peculiar of Sarum. From 1858 all wills were indexed centrally and this index is widely available at Record Offices, Probate Registries and the LDS Church.

The following wills proven in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury can be downloaded from the PRO site Documents On Line for a small fee.

BARKER Will of Peter Barker, Clerk of Stourpaine, Dorset 14 January 1631 PROB 11/159
BASTARD Will of Percival North Bastard of Stourpaine, Dorset 29 September 1848 PROB 11/2080
BOWER Will of Elizabeth Bower, Widow of Stourpain, Dorset 12 July 1809 PROB 11/1500
BOYT Will of John Boyt, Husbandman of Stourpaine, Dorset 19 July 1614 PROB 11/124
BURT Will of Alice Burt, Widow of Stourpaine, Dorset 16 November 1814 PROB 11/1562
BROOKES Will of Elias Brookes, Yeoman of Stourpaine, Dorset 18 August 1786 PROB 11/1144
COFFIN Will of Samuel Coffin, Yeoman of Stourpain, Dorset 03 May 1836 PROB 11/186
COKER Will of Robert Coker of Stourpaine, Dorset 25 May 1622 PROB 11/139
COX Will of Barnaby Cox, Gentleman of Stourpaine, Dorset 19 July 1715 PROB 11/547
CUTLER Will of Edward Cutler of Stourpain, Dorset 19 January 1661 PROB 11/303
ELMES Will of Margarett Elmes, Widow of Stourpaine, Dorset 27 February 1609 PROB 11/114
FOYLE Will of James Foyle, Gentleman of Stourpaine, Dorset 11 February 1685 PROB 11/379
GODWIN Will of Richard Godwin, Gentleman of Stourpaine, Dorset 02 June 1847 PROB 11/2057
GRAY or GRAYE Will of Walter Gray or Graye, Yeoman of Stourpaine, Dorset 08 December 1606 PROB 11/108
HARVYE Will of Josephe Harvye, Husbandman of Stourpaine, Dorset 16 June 1596 PROB 11/87
HURLE Will of John Hurle of Stour Payne, Dorset 09 June 1499 PROB 11/11
HURLE Will of Richard Hurle, Yeoman of Stourpaine, Dorset 25 May 1677 PROB 11/354
INGRAM Will of Henry Ingram of Stourpaine, Dorset 20 February 1857 PROB 11/2246
KERLY Will of James Kerly, Butcher of Stourpaine, Dorset 21 October 1828 PROB 11/1746
LAWRENCE Will of Mary Lawrence, Spinster of Stourpaine, Dorset 17 October 1743 PROB 11/729
LEWIS Will of Robert Lewis, Yeoman of Stourpaine, Dorset 04 January 1832 PROB 11/1794
LOVELL Will of Thomas Lovell of Stourpaine, Dorset 12 October 1599 PROB 11/94
MOORE Will of Richard Moore, Farmer of Stourpaine, Dorset 07 December 1841 PROB 11/1955
NEWE Will of Thomas Newe, Yeoman of Stourpaine, Dorset 24 March 1647 PROB 11/199
NEWMAN Will of James Newman, Cordwainer of Stourpaine, Dorset 11 November 1823 PROB 11/1677
SPINNEY Will of Thomas Spinney, Blacksmith of Stourpaine, Dorset 20 March 1778 PROB 11/1040
WAREHAM Will of Robert Wareham, Bricklayer of Stourpaine, Dorset 27 February 1851 PROB 11/2128


A list of wills proved in the Court of the Dean of Salisbury. Note: many of these documents can be viewed online free, or for a small fee. See section P5 of the Wiltshire and Swindon Archive Catalogue

Adams alias Taylor, William 1622 Yeoman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/197
Allin, John 1564 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/1Reg/52B
Barnes, John 1612 Husbandman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/118
Barnett, James, senior 1857 Cordwainer Affidavit, will, wrapper Stourpaine P24/1423
Bayle, Hewghstis (Eustace) 1580 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/3Reg/152B
Bayle, Hewghstys (Eustace) [1580] Husbandman, joiner Inventory Stourpaine P5/1580/11
Baylie, Jasper 1608 Yeoman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/153
Bayley, Alice 1612   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/119
Besant, John 1678   Administration bond, commission, inventory Stourpaine P24/434
Besant, John 1697   Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/502
Biles, John 1716   Inventory, letter, will Stourpaine P24/668
Bower, Thomas, senior 1732   Will Stourpaine P24/959
Bower, Thomas 1788   Administration bond, commission Stourpaine P24/1167
Charlton, William 1695 Husbandman Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/512
Clench, John 1695   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/518
Clench, Anne 1695   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/519
Clench, George 1724   Will Stourpaine P24/871
Clench, Miriam 1734 Widow Will Stourpaine P24/926
Clench, Thomas 1774 Carpenter Will Stourpaine P24/1140
Coker, John, senior 1612 Gentleman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/122
Coker, Robert, senior 1630   Monition Stourpaine P24/1428
Coker, Jane 1633 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/241
Coker, William 1670 Gentleman Administration bond, commission Stourpaine P24/387
Cutler, Ellen 1612 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/117
Cutler, John 1670 Husbandman Account, administration bond, commission, inventory, oath Stourpaine P24/381
Davies, Richard 1608   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/154
Davy, Agnes 1612 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/121
Dewling, Mark 1638   Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/296
Dewling, John 1662   Administration bond, commission Stourpaine P24/331
Dilly, Elizabeth 1612 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/120
Dominy, Emma 1688 Widow Commission, inventory, will Stourpaine P24/784
Easter, Mary 1696 Widow Administration bond, will Stourpaine P24/508
Easter, Mary 1742   Will Stourpaine P24/984
Elmes, John 1582 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P5/4Reg/32A
Elmes, John 1582 Yeoman Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/1441
Feltham, James 1724   Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/870
Fisher, Robert 1837 Labourer Affidavit, will, wrapper Stourpaine P24/1351
Ford, James 1711   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/697
Ford, Thomas 1713 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P24/682
Ford, Elizabeth 1731 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/816
Goddard, James 1777 Yeoman Administration bond Stourpaine P24/1129
Gould, Richard 1741   Administration bond, inventory, will Stourpaine P24/993
Granger, Christopher 1694   Administration bond, commission Stourpaine P24/521
Granger, Christopher 1721   Administration bond, commission Stourpaine P24/892
Gregory, Robert 1636   Administration bond, commission, inventory Stourpaine P24/53
Gumbleton, Henry 1720 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P24/628
Hames, Elizabeth 1785 Widow Administration bond Stourpaine P24/1178
Harman, Thomas 1608   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/158
Harvy, Roger, senior 1680   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/418
Harvey, Dorothy 1732 Widow Will Stourpaine P24/962
Hayard, Lettice 1614 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/100
Hayward, William 1687 Gentleman Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/785
Hazard alias Bledwin, Edward 1576 Husbandman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/1434
Hazard alias Bledwin, Edward 1576 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/3Reg/80B
Isaac, Robert 1720   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/620
Isaac, Mary 1733 Widow Will Stourpaine P24/951
Joyce, James 1777   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/1128
Kaynes, Richord alias Rachel 1727 Spinster Will Stourpaine P24/845
Keates, Thomas 1693 Cooper Administration bond, commission, inventory Stourpaine P24/535
Kebye, Richard 1564   Grant of administration Stourpaine P5/1Reg/54B
Kingsbury, Andrew 1729   Two inventories, will Stourpaine P24/837
Kingsbury, Jane 1736   Will Stourpaine P24/921
Knapp, John 1674 Husbandman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/443
Lambert, Jane 1774 Widow Will Stourpaine P24/1141
Leigh, Robert 1612   Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/116
Lewes, Thomas [1605]   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/25
Loder, Edward 1567 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/2Reg/12B
Merry, John 1702 Clerk and vicar Administration bond, commission, will Stourpaine P24/549
Mory, Henry 1578 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/3Reg/102A
Mory, Henry 1578 Husbandman Inventory, tuition bond, will Stourpaine P5/1577/2
Morey, Henry 1695   Inventory Stourpaine P24/510
Morey, Robert 1724   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/869
New, Henry 1573 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/3Reg/26C
New, Henry 1663   Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/328
New, Isaac 1712 Husbandman Administration bond, will Stourpaine P24/688
New, Benjamin 1733 Yeoman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/953
New, James 1763   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/1096
New, Thomas 1770 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P24/1077
New, Thomas 1805 Yeoman Commission, will Stourpaine P24/1239
Oliver, Walter 1638   Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/295
Parlett, William 1567   Grant of administration Stourpaine P5/1Reg/76A
Paul alias Pitcher, John, senior 1573 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/3Reg/27A
Paul, Mary 1638 Widow Administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/293
Paul, Tremer 1639 Tailor Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/289
Paul, Richard, senior 1703   Administration bond, commission, renunciation Stourpaine P24/545
Paul, Elizabeth 1713 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/681
Phelps, Edward 1667 Yeoman Commission, inventory, will Stourpaine P24/349
Pope, John, senior 1730   Administration bond, will Stourpaine P24/825
Prattent, John Cleoburey 1850 Clerk Commission, will, wrapper Stourpaine P24/1396
Prince, James 1807 Yeoman Commission, will Stourpaine P24/1247
Read, Richard 1608   Account, administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/156
Read, Margery 1629 Widow Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/211
Read, Thomas 1663 Husbandman Administration bond, commission, inventory Stourpaine P24/344
Read, Nicholas 1678   Commission, will Stourpaine P24/481
Roberts, Richard 1679 Yeoman Account, administration bond, inventory Stourpaine P24/470
Roberts, Francis 1725   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/857
Roberts, Leonard 1729   Administration bond Stourpaine P24/838
Roberts, Leonard 1740   Will Stourpaine P24/996
Roberts, George 1767 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P24/1083
Scaborough, Joseph 1608   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/157
Sebre or Zebree, Richard 1680 Cooper Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/419
Small, John, senior 1825 Yeoman Commission, will, wrapper Stourpaine P24/1297
Snook, William 1636   Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/273
Squire, Elias 1630 Husbandman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/268
Stynte, William 1567 Shepherd Will Stourpaine P5/2Reg/12C
Stynte, Agnes 1573 Widow Will Stourpaine P5/3Reg/26B
Taylor alias Adams, Leonard 1621 Yeoman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/58
Trowes, Redigon 1593   Inventory Stourpaine P5/1592/84
Wellstream, William 1568 Husbandman Will Stourpaine P5/2Reg/3
Udall, John,senior 1846 Yeoman Will, wrapper Stourpaine P24/1382
Underhill, John, senior 1720 Yeoman Inventory, will Stourpaine P24/619
Underhill, John, senior 1733 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P24/948
Underhill, Grace 1741 Widow Will Stourpaine P24/992
Underhill, Elijah, senior 1751 Carpenter Will Stourpaine P24/1042
Underhill, Elisha 1785 Yeoman Will Stourpaine P24/1176