The plaque, which is displayed on the wall within Pulham Church, (picture) honours the twenty-nine Pulham men who served, of whom the first five gave their lives for their country.


It reads :-

To the Glory of God and to Honour the Memory of the Men of Pulham who served in the Great War  1914 - 1919.


The Glorious Dead.


W. Kellaway   Pte.

H. Loveless    Pte.

F. Mitchell       Pte.

H. E. Parsons            L/Corpl.

H. Warren       2nd Lieut.


J. Boatswain Pte.

A. Brown        R.N.

W. Drake        Gunr.

A. Fox             L/Corpl.

E. Fox             Sergt.

F. Jeanes       Pte.

R. Kellaway    Trpr.

G. King             Sergt.

E. Lanning      Pte.

W. G. Lanning            Pte.

Albt. Mitchell  Pte.

Artr. Mitchell   Drivr.

B. Mitchell      Pte.

E. Mitchell      Pte.

H. G. Mitchell Pte.

M. Mitchell      Corpl.

Waltr. Mitchell  Corpl.

Wilfd. Mitchell     Sergt.

E. Parsons     Pte.

Ernt. Parsons Pte.

F. Parsons     Drivr.

Wilfd. Perris   Pte.

E. Warr         Pte.

P. Warren       L/Corpl.


"We have heard with our ears, O God what work Thou did'st in the days of old."






On display in the church, there is a scroll (picture) which was presented to the Rev. J. Ridley by the parishioners of Pulham on his retirement after 28 years of faithful work from June 1900 to October 1928.


The names on the scroll are :-


A. Antell.

T. O. Boatswain.

T. & M. Boyt.

W. & E. Caines.

P. & A. Chant.

J. & L. Clarke.

A. H. & W. Drake.

W. H. Davis.

A. & E. Downton.

W. & A. Dowding.

T. & F. Ford.

A. E. & B. Fox.

E. & E. A. Gartell.

H. & E. Gatehouse.

H. & F. Garrett.

M. & W. Hardy.

C. & L. Hicks.

J. Holford.

G. & S. Hunt.

R. & G. Kellaway.

W. & H. Kellaway.

R. G. & J. King.

W. & P. Lanning.

J. & H. Lyne.

H. Miles.

W. & F. Mitchell.

M. & B. Mitchell.

G. & J. Moore.

W. & E. Mogg.

S. & L. Mowlem.

A. & B. Newman.

F. & B. Parsons.

A. & B. Perrett.

W. & D. Perris.

A. Phillips.

E. Richards.

S. Smart.

R. Stokes.

E. & A. Vardy.

A. C. & O. Warr.

G. & H. Warr.

W. & E. Warr.

A. & E. Warren.

W. & J. Yarde.

J. & D. Yarde.

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