1891 Census. RG12 1656

Transcribed by Derek R. Smith, Pulham OPC.

Pulham, part of Cerne, District of Dorset Western.
Listed 6th/7th April 1891 by Mr Charles North, Enumerator.
There were 65 Schedules recorded.

1 - Employer, 2 - Employed, 3 - Neither

Sch Place SURNAME Forenames Relationship Condition M F Occupation 1 2 3 Where Born Bld,Df,Dmb, lunatic Folio/Page
1 Townsend Farm DUNNING Henry T. Head   49   Dairyman     X Glanvilles Wootton   149/1
    DUNNING Mary J. Wife     52         Leweston    
    DUNNING Frank Son   16           Up Cerne    
    DUNNING Alice Daughter     14         Glanvilles Wootton    
    DUNNING George Son   10   Scholar       Glanvilles Wootton    
2 Pelwell Farm WARR Elisha Head Married 43   Farmer X     Pulham   149/1
    WARR Anna Bessie Wife Married   36         Taunton, Somerset    
    WARR George Son Unmarried 20   Farmer's Son   X   Pulham    
    WARR Elizabeth Daughter Unmarried 17 17         Pulham    
    WARR William Son   15           Pulham    
    WARR Amelia Daughter     11 Scholar       Pulham    
    WARR Charles Son   9   Scholar       Pulham    
    WARR Thomas Son   7   Scholar       Pulham    
    WARR Cecil Son   1           Pulham    
3 Picketts Farm WARREN Christopher Head Married 40   Farmer X     Glanvilles Wootton   149/1
    WARREN Theresa M. Wife Married   40         Glanvilles Wootton    
    WARREN Annie T. Daughter     14         Pulham    
    WARREN John C. Son   13           Pulham    
    WARREN William C. Son   11           Pulham    
    WARREN Arthur G. Son   9           Pulham    
    WARREN Harry Son   8           Pulham    
    WARREN Amelia M. Daughter     6         Pulham    
    WARREN Edwin Son   4           Pulham    
4   SHEPHERD John Head Widower 60   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   149/1
    SHEPHERD Alice Daughter     12         Pulham    
    LOCK Jane Servant Widow   51 Gen Servant Domestic       Buckland Newton    
5   LANNING Charles R. Head Married 27   Ag. Lab   X   Not Known   149/1
    LANNING Agnes Wife Married   25         Not Known    
    LANNING William G. Son   3           Pulham    
    LANNING Elsie Daughter     1         Pulham    
6   BELBEN Richard Head Married 72   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   149/2
    BELBEN Rachel Wife Married   84         Somerset    
7   RICHARDS John Head Married 46   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   149/2
    RICHARDS Ann Wife Married   47         Glanvilles Wootton    
    RICHARDS Harry Son   13           Pulham    
    RICHARDS Annie Daughter     7         Pulham    
8   WARR Sydney Head Married 35   Farm Lab   X   Holwell   149/2
    WARR Augusta Wife Married   30         East Lulworth    
    WARR Frances Daughter     12         Glanvilles Wootton    
    WARR Kate Daughter     9         Pulham    
    WARR Herbert Son   7           Pulham    
    WARR Annie Daughter     5         Pulham    
    WARR Lucy Daughter     1         Pulham    
9   CHAFFEY David Head Married 67   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   149/2
    CHAFFEY Hannah Wife Married   58         Holwell    
    CHAFFEY Christopher R. Son Unmarried 30   Ag. Lab   X        
    CHAFFEY James Son Unmarried 28   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   149/2
    CHAFFEY Kate Daughter Unmarried   17         Pulham    
10   DOWDING Alfred C. Head Married 51   Dairyman     X Kington Magna   149/2
    DOWDING Jane Wife Married   49         Sturminster Newton    
    DOWDING Florence E. Daughter Unmarried   17         Binghams Melcombe    
    DOWDING Albert J. Son   15           Sturminster Newton    
    DOWDING Beatrice M. Daughter     13         Sturminster Newton    
    DOWDING Frances A. Daughter     10         Hilton    
11   WAREHAM Josiah Head Married 35   Blacksmith     X Churchinford Devon   149/2
    WAREHAM Caroline F. Wife Married   31         Cirencester, Glos    
    WAREHAM Evelyn Daughter     8 Scholar       Pulham    
    WAREHAM Laura Daughter     3 Scholar       Pulham    
    WAREHAM Louis Son   1           Pulham    
12   WARR George T. Head Married 25   Gen Lab   X   Pulham   150/3
    WARR Mary S. Wife Married   22         Yetminster    
    WARR Clara A. Daughter     3         Pulham    
    WARR Mabel S. Daughter     1         Pulham    
    SANSOM Ann Lodger Widow   75 Pauper       Pulham    
13   MITCHELL Arthur Head Married 34   Ag. Lab   X   Holwell   150/3
    MITCHELL Edith Wife Married   37         Glanvilles Wootton    
    MITCHELL Harry Son   10           Holwell    
    MITCHELL Mabel Daughter     9         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Gertrude Daughter     7         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Lottie Daughter     5         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Elizabeth Daughter     1         Pulham    
14   MITCHELL Levi Head Married 32   Sawyer   X   Glanvilles Wootton   150/3
    MITCHELL Fanny Wife Married   27         Thornford    
    MITCHELL Sydney Son   1           Pulham    
15   WARR James Head Married 73   Retired Lab.       Pulham   150/3
    WARR Jane Wife Married   69         Lydlinch    
16   PERRIS Thomas Head Married 40   Sawyer   X   Glanvilles Wootton   150/3
    PERRIS Sophia Wife Married   35         Pulham    
    PERRIS Albert E. Son   16   Farm Lab   X   Pulham    
    PERRIS Ernest A. Son   6   Scholar       Pulham    
    PERRIS Octavia E. Daughter     3         Pulham    
17   MITCHELL Llewellyn A. Head Married 25   Farmer's Asst.   X   Pulham   150/3
    MITCHELL Eva M. Wife Married   25         Southampton, Hants    
    MITCHELL Frank L. Son   7 Mo           Pulham    
18   MITCHELL Thomas C. Head Married 56   Farmer and Grocer X     Pulham   150/3
    MITCHELL Matilda B. Wife Married   61         Leigh    
19   KIDDLE Michael Head Married 72   Thatcher     X Glanvilles Wootton   150/3
    KIDDLE Mary A. Wife Married   75         Pulham    
20   WARR Charles Head Married 66   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   150/4
    WARR Mary Wife Married   55         Newfoundland    
    WARR Samuel Son Unmarried 23           Holwell Blind  
    WARR Henry C. Son   13   Ag Lab   X   Pulham    
21   MITCHELL Amalek Head Married 46   Farm Lab   X   Pulham   150/4
    MITCHELL Ann Wife Married   41         Allweston    
    MITCHELL Charles G. Son   10   Scholar       Pulham    
    MITCHELL Maria Mother Widow   80         Pulham    
    GARTELL William Lodger Unmarried 19   Farm Lab   X   Pulham    
22   MITCHELL William W. Head Married 32   Farm Carter   X   Cerne Abbas   150/4
    MITCHELL Fanny C. Wife Married   31         Glanvilles Wootton    
    MITCHELL Arthur C. Son   10           Pulham    
    MITCHELL Marwood Son   8           Pulham    
    MITCHELL Reginald Son   6           Pulham    
    MITCHELL Olive Daughter     3         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Mabel B. Daughter     1         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Alfred H. Lodger Unmarried 17   Farm Carter   X   Cerne Abbas    
23 Halsey Arms KELLAWAY William Head Married 37   Publican X     Woolbridge   150/4
    KELLAWAY Hannah Wife Married   38         Taunton, Somerset    
    KELLAWAY Ada H. Daughter     7         Wandsworth, Surrey    
    KELLAWAY Mary V. Daughter     4         Pulham    
    RICHARDS James Servant Unmarried 17   Farm Lab   X   Pulham    
24 National School COLES Thomas H. Head Married 47   Govt. Annuitant       Rodden, Somerset   150/4
    COLES Emily J. Wife Married   33 School Mistress   X   Tolpuddle    
    COLES Edith Daughter     4         Pulham    
25   UPSHALL Sarah Head Widow   76 Dairywoman X     Fifehead Neville   150/4
    UPSHALL Amelia Daughter Unmarried   40         Hazelbury Bryan    
    UPSHALL Mary A. Daughter Unmarried   36         Glanvilles Wootton    
    UPSHALL Harry G. Son Unmarried 32           Moreton    
    COLLINS Emma A. Niece Unmarried   16         Piddletrenthide    
    FOOT John Lodger Unmarried 49   Cow Man   X   Buckland Newton    
    HAMES Martha Visitor Widow   83 Living on her own means       Fifehead Neville    
26 Rectory DRAKE Frederick E. T. Head Widower 62   Rector of Pulham X     St Ippolite, Herts   151/5
    DRAKE Ernest T. Son Unmarried 27   Farmer X     Colchester Essex    
    DRAKE Ethel G. M. T. Daughter Unmarried   21         Bedfield, Suffolk    
    PERRIS Flora Servant Widow   60 Cook, Domestic Servanvt       Misterton, Somerset    
    RUSSELL Bertha J. Servant Unmarried   19 Lady's Maid       Ravensthorpe, Northampton    
    CLOSE Susan Servant Unmarried   31 Parlourmaid       Glastonbury, Somerset    
    HOUSE Mary J. Servant Unmarried   19 Housemaid       Bishops Caundle    
27   TRIM George Head Married 46   Coachman   X   Puddletown   151/5
    TRIM Anna Wife Married   51         Hilton    
    TRIM Henry F. Son Unmarried 25   Gen Lab   X   Dorchester    
    TRIM Mary E. Daughter Unmarried   17         Fordingbridge, Hants    
28 North Dairy WARREN John Head Unmarried 29   Dairyman X     South Brewham, Somerset   151/5
    WARREN Annie Wife Married   30         Bruton, Somerset    
    WARREN Nora B. Daughter     4         Henstridge, Somerset    
    WALLIS Evelyn S. Visitor Visitor   11         Not Known, Scotland    
    PURVER Arthur Lodger Unmarried 19   Ag. Lab X     Ovington, Hants    
    GARRET Harry Lodger   16   Ag. Lab X     Montacute    
29 Cannings Court DRAKE Charlotte Head Widow 59   Farmer X     Shroton   151/5
    DRAKE Ernest Son Unmarried 33   Farmer X     Pulham    
    DRAKE Alfred H. Son Unmarried 28   Farmer X     Pulham    
30   WARR James Head Married 41   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   151/5
    WARR Augusta Wife Married   38         Pulham    
    WARREN Walter Lodger   14   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham    
31   MITCHELL Fanny Head Unmarried   55 Dressmaker     X Pulham   151/5
32   MITCHELL Ernest Head Married 32   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   151/5
    MITCHELL Elizabeth S. Wife Married   34         Thornford   151/5
    MITCHELL Mabel M. Daughter     4         Pulham   151/5
    MITCHELL Elsie Daughter     3         Pulham   151/6
    MITCHELL Ernest E. Son   2           Pulham   151/6
    MITCHELL Berry E. Daughter   6 Mo           Pulham   151/6
33   WARR Robert Head Married 48   Gen Lab   X   Pulham   151/6
    WARR Elizabeth J. Wife Married   46         Bishops    
34   LYNE James Head Married 30   Farm Carter   X   Holwell   151/6
    LYNE Henrietta Wife Married   29         Pulham    
    LYNE Beatrice M, Daughter     10         Pulham    
35   FORD Alfred Head Unmarried 48   Farmer's Brother   X   Depley, Somerset   151/6
    FORD Hannah Sister Unmarried   43 Housekeeper   X   Depley, Somerset    
36   MITCHELL Hezekiah Head Married 68           Pulham Blind 151/6
    MITCHELL Harriet Wife Married   71         Pulham    
37   GILLINGHAM William Head Married 42   Ag. Lab   X   Holwell   151/6
    GILLINGHAM Dinah Wife Married   42         Pulham    
38   LOVELESS James Head Married 24   Police Constable   X   Corfe Castle   151/6
    LOVELESS  S. Wife Married   27         Church Knowle    
39   GARTELL William Head Married 50   Mason     X Pulham   151/6
    GARTELL Arabella Wife Married   40         Pulham    
    GARTELL Freda Daughter     15 Scholar       Pulham    
    GARTELL Gerald Son   11   Scholar       Pulham    
    GARTELL Ernest Son   9   Scholar       Pulham    
    GARTELL Ada Daughter     7 Scholar       Pulham    
    GARTELL Adelaide Daughter     5 Scholar       Pulham    
40   PULLMAN James Head Married 42   Ag. Lab   X   Mappowder   151/6
    PULLMAN Kate Wife Married   30         Woolland    
    PULLMAN Harry Son   8   Scholar       Hazelbury Bryan    
    PULLMAN George Son   7   Scholar       Lydlinch    
    PULLMAN Theresa Daughter     4 Scholar       Sturminster Newton    
    PULLMAN Julia Daughter     1         Hazelbury Bryan    
41   JEANS Ezekiel Head Unmarried 53   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   151/6
42   MITCHELL Elizabeth Head Widow   78         Sherborne   152/7
    MITCHELL Patience Daughter Unmarried   40 Servant Domestic.   X   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Arthur Grandson Unmarried 20   Ag Lab   X   Pulham    
43 Grange Farm FORD Walter Head Married 58   Farmer X     Kington Magna   152/7
    FORD Dinah Wife Married   53         Bourton    
    FORD Charlie Son Unmarried 22   Farmer's Son       Sydling St Nichola    
    FORD Walter T. Son   8   Farmer's Son       Pulham    
44   LEGG Emma Wife Married   28         Puddletown   152/7
    LEGG Herbert H. Son   4           Pulham    
    LEGG Charles G. Son   1           Pulham    
45   LEGG George F. Head Married 48   Ag. Lab   X   Spetisbury   152/7
    LEGG Sarah Wife Married   38         Pulham    
    LEGG Arthur Son   11           Knighton    
    LEGG Alice E. Daughter     9         Horsington, Somerset    
    LEGG Mabel K. Daughter     5         Horsington, Somerset    
    LEGG Maud M. Daughter     3         Horsington, Somerset    
    LEGG Freda D. Daughter   1 Month           Horsington, Somerset    
46 East Farm PONTING John Head Widower 70   Farmer X     Wells, Somerset   152/7
    PONTING Emma H. Daughter Unmarried   28         Pulham    
47 Manor Farm WARREN Arthur L. Head Married 33   Dairyman X     South Brewham, Somerset   152/7
    WARREN Julia S. Wife Married   34         Marston Magna, Somerset    
    WARREN Ida H. Daughter     7         Little Chalfield, Wilts    
    WARREN Margaret J. Daughter     5         Little Chalfield, Wilts    
    WARREN Lilian L. Daughter     3         Hilton    
    WARREN Arthur E. H. Son   1           Mappowder    
    WARR Kate B. Servant Unmarried   21 Gen Svt.       Up Cerne    
    BARTLETT William Servant Unmarried 15   Cow Man   X   Marnhull    
48 King's Stag GATEHOUSE Harry H. Head Married 28   Brick Manufacturer X     Pulham   152/7
    GATEHOUSE Ellen J. Wife Married   22         North Cheriton, Somerset    
49   CAINES Harry Head Married 27   Brickyard Lab   X   Hazelbury   152/8
    CAINES Mary Wife Married   29         Holwell    
    CAINES Olive Daughter     5         Pulham    
    BARTER Albert Brother-in-Law Unmarried 23   Groom   X   Holwell    
    BARTER Annie Sister-in-Law Unmarried   27         Holwell    
50   GRAY Robert Head Married 39   Ag. Lab   X   Holwell   152/8
    GRAY Lucy E, Wife Married   37         Holwell    
    GRAY Richard J. Son   13   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham    
    GRAY Emma T. Daughter     9 Scholar       Pulham    
    GRAY Albert E. Son   7   Scholar       Pulham    
    GRAY Gerald Son   3           Pulham    
51   SCOTT James Head Married 65   Ag. Lab   X   Belchalwell   152/8
    SCOTT Mary A. Wife Married   65         Mappowder    
52 Hartmoor Farm WHITE Joseph Head Widower 77   Farmer X     Bruton, Somerset   152/8
    WHITE Mary J. Daughter Unmarried   38         Henstridge, Somerset    
53   WARR Jeremiah Head Married 74   Retired Ag. Lab            
    WARR Jane Wife Married   65         Holwell   152/8
54   DYKE John Head Married 33   Dealer     X Wincanton, Somerset   152/8
    DYKE Sarah A. Wife Married   36         Longburton    
    DYKE John G.C. Son   10   Scholar       Bishops Caundle    
    DYKE Rosa E.C. Daughter     8 Scholar       Holwell    
    DYKE Reginald W.C. Son   7   Scholar       Rhyme Intrinseca    
    DYKE Dorothy S.C. Daughter     5 Scholar       East Morden    
55   MITCHELL George Head Married 35   Ag. Lab   X   Glanvilles Wootton   152/8
    MITCHELL Alice Wife Married   32         Holwell    
    MITCHELL Laura Daughter     8         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Wilfred Son   6           Holwell    
    MITCHELL Albert Son   3           Pulham    
56   MITCHELL Shadrack Head Married 42   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   153/9
    MITCHELL Clarissa Wife Married   45         Okeford Fitzpaine    
    MITCHELL Thomas Son Unmarried 19   Ag. Lab   X   Sturminster Newton    
    JEANS Herbert Son Unmarried 18   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Eliza Daughter Unmarried   18 Gen Svt. Domestic       Pulham    
    JEANS Tom Son Unmarried 14   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Mary J. Daughter     12         Pulham    
    MITCHELL George Son   9           Pulham    
57 Post Office RICHARDS Ellen Head Widow 74   Postmistress   X   Pulham   153/9
    RICHARDS Elizabeth A. Daughter Unmarried   26         Pulham    
58   JEANS Isaac Head Married 71   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham   153/9
    JEANS Johanna Wife Married   66         Mappowder    
59 Pulham Lake MITCHELL Richard Head Married 77   Ag. Lab     X Pulham   153/9
    MITCHELL Catherine Wife Married   78         Hermitage    
60   MITCHELL Eliza Head Widow 68           Glanvilles Wootton   153/9
    MITCHELL Norris Son Unmarried 33   Ag. Lab   X   Pulham    
    MITCHELL Hubert Son Unmarried 23   Blacksmith   X   Pulham    
61   MITCHELL Alfred Head Married 27   Ag. Lab   X        
    MITCHELL Rosannah Wife Married   29         Pulham   153/9
    MITCHELL Eli Son   8           Pulham    
    MITCHELL Lily Daughter     6         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Alice Daughter     4         Pulham    
    MITCHELL Alfred Son   1           Pulham    
62 Pickets Cottage DURRANT George Head Widower 58   Ag. Lab   X   Buckland Newton   153/9
63   DOWNTON Charles Head Married 32   Ag. Lab   X   Glanvilles Wootton   153/9
    DOWNTON Cordelia Wife Married   32         Glanvilles Wootton    
    DOWNTON Robert C. Son   8           Glanvilles Wootton    
    DOWNTON Kate Daughter     6         Pulham    
    DOWNTON William J. Son   4           Pulham    
    DOWNTON Thomas Son   2           Pulham    
64   WARR Jacob Head Married 66   Ag. Lab   X   Glanvilles Wootton   153/10
    WARR Mary A. Wife Married   55         Glanvilles Wootton    

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