Burials 1675 to 1965

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

DHC Ref: PE-POX/RE/1/1

Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.
Abode is Poxwell unless otherwised stated.

 27Dec1675ThomasHENNINGson of Henry & Ursula HENNING
 17Jan1678DeborahBATHURSTwife of John BATHURST
 22Jun1680MarthaDERBYdau of Jeremiah & Amy DERBY
 08Apr1685DorothyCOURTNEYdau of Alice COURTNEY
 01Oct1685MargaretSNOOKwife of John SNOOK
 06Mar1685MarthaDERBYye 2nd dau of Jeremiah & Amy DERBY
 03Aug1686KatherineBRIDLEdau of Simon BRIDLE
 19Sep1687RobertHENNINGof London
 24Sep1687ElizabethDAMMINdau of Edward DAMMIN
 03Mar1688JohnCOURTNEYson of John COURTNEY
 29Apr1691ThomasineCORNISHalias WILLIAMS
 05Dec1694JohnGEORGEson of John GEORGE
 02Jan1694/5UrsulaHENNINGwife of Henry HENNING; buried in linen & paid ye penalty
 12May1695WilliamHUSSEYson of Jonathan HUSSEY
 03Jan1696/7WilliamBUSHRODof Watercomb
 15Dec1697JoannaCOMERSHALLwife of John COMERSHALL
 29May1698PatienceBATTERwife of Thomas BATTER
 26Apr1704CatherineHUSSEYalias BATTER
 23May1706DeborahBATTERdau of Thomas BATTER
 07Sep1708HenryTILLYson of John TILLY
 22Jan1712/13GeorgeDAVISson of John DAVIS
 16Jun1713ElizabethWARRENwife of William WARREN
 21Feb1713/14ElizabethCOURTNEYwife of John COURTNEY
 18Jul1714MaryHARDYwife of Richard HARDY
 27Oct1714JoanBATTERwife of Thomas BATTER
 22Feb1716/17AnnGEORGEwife of Robert GEORGE
 19Mar1716/17AnnGEORGEdau of Robert GEORGE
 28Sep1720ElizabethBOYERwife of John BOYER
 01Nov1721HenrySANSOMson of John SANSOM
 09Jan1725/6EdithGIBBONSwife of William GIBBONS
 17May1734JohnRABSONof Whitchurch
 08Apr1749MaryNICHOLLSwife of Thomas NICHOLLS
 07May1749ThomasNICHOLLSson of Thomas & Mary NICHOLLS
 11Mar1749/50WilliamMEARSson of Robert & Edith MEARS
 19Aug1774John TrenchardBROMFIELDReverend, Rector
 12Mar1785MaryDAVISwidow of Fordington
 28May1787John WoodMARDERinfant son of Nicholas & Mary MARDER of Weymouth
 20Jan1789ElizabethSWAYNEof the Town of Wareham
 07Feb1790ElizabethBATTERof Owermoigne
 14Mar1790MaryCOOPERof Dorchester
 15Jul1792ElizabethMAIERSdau of William & Martha MAIERS
 27Nov1797CatherineFOOKESdau of Edward & Elizabeth FOOKES
 13Feb1798JamesFOOKESson of Edward & Elizabeth FOOKES
 14Apr1802Sarah DavisMARDER 
 17Jul1803ThomasHELLIERof Osmington
 10Jun1804SusannahHELLIERof Osmington
 19May1806MariaPLAYERinfant dau of John & Mary PLAYER
 14Feb1808HannahBIRDwife of Richard BIRD
 29Jun1808ThomasBATTERof Owermoigne
 11Mar1810JamesLONGMANinfant son of George & Elizabeth LONGMAN
 18Mar1810ElizabethLONGMANwife of George LONGMAN
 05Jul1810MaryMARDERwife of Nicholas MARDER
117Jan1813CharlesPLAYERson of John & Mary PLAYER of Radipole, aged 1 week
222Apr1813WilliamMAIERSaged 61 years
330Jun1814JamesFOOTson of William & Elizabeth FOOT of Watercombe, aged 13 years
404Oct1814SusanahBURRIDGEwife of William BURRIDGE gent of Horsham, Sussex, aged 52 years
514Dec1814ElizabethBILLETTwife of Joseph BILLETT, aged 51 years
619May1815JaneMAIERSdau of George & Martha MAIERS, aged 3mths
711Feb1816ThomasBULLOCKaged 62 years
804Jan1818RichardHOOPERaged 87 years
924Oct1819GeorgeFOOTson of William & Elizabeth FOOT of Watercombe, aged 2 years
1001Aug1820JohnHOOPERaged 32 years
1118Aug1821Mary AnnMARDERof Weymouth, aged 39 years
1208Oct1821NicholasMARDERof Weymouth, aged 68 years
1316May1822JaneMAIERSwife of Robert MAIERS, aged 40 years
1416Feb1823HenryFOOTson of William & Anne FOOT of Watercombe, aged 6 days
1504Oct1823JosephWARNEyeoman, aged 70 years
1616Apr1826JobAMEYson of Hannah AMEY, aged 4 years
1713Sep1828FrancesPICKARDwife of Rev’d George PICKARD rector of Warmwell, aged 73 years
1812Jul1829SarahMAIERSdau of George & Martha MAIERS, aged 1mth
1923Feb1831HarrietAMEYdau of George & Phillis AMEY of Warmwell, aged 10mths
2013Mar1831PhillisAMEYwife of George AMEY of of Warmwell, aged 28 years
2118Mar1831RogerWARNEaged 62 years
2206Nov1831LouisaHOOPERdau of Mary & Richard HOOPER junior, aged 15 years
2303Jan1832JohnHOOPERson of Mary & Richard HOOPER junior, aged 12 years
2415Jan1832MarthaMAIERSwidow of William MAIERS, aged 81 years
2516Jul1834GeorgeMAIERSson of George & Elizabeth MAIERS, aged 26 years
2625Sep1834MarthaWARNEspinster, aged 34 years
2727May1835ElizabethZINNICKof Lulworth, aged 3mths [more usual spelling = SENNECK]
2820May1836Elizabeth SingletonPLAYERaged 35 years
2901Jan1837RobertMAIERSaged 57 years
3011Jan1837RichardHOOPERaged 82 years
3104Apr1837PhebeDAYaged 3 years
3216Apr1837JamesSPRACKLENaged 37 years
3330Sep1837JohnPLAYERaged 74 years
3428May1838LeahWARNEof Milbourne, aged 85 years
3516Nov1838HarrietAMEYaged 8mths
3613Aug1839SusanMAIERSaged 22 years
3730Apr1840MariaWEBBERaged 2 years
3813Jun1840ElizabethPAYNEaged 40 years
3931Jul1840GeorgePICKARDReverend, Rector of Warmwell, aged 84 years
4009Aug1840ThomasSQUIBof Holworth, aged 22 years
4127Apr1842JaneHOOPERaged 55 years
4201Oct1842HenryBOWRINGof Woodsford, but died at Poxwell, aged 59 years
4303Sep1843CharlesBURTof Ringstead in Osmington, aged 28 years
4429Nov1843ThomasSQUIBBaged 1 year & 11mths
4511Mar1844Joseph BileTHOMASof Sutton Poyntz, aged 27 years
4712May1844Thomas JamesSQUIBBinfant
4915Dec1845CharlesSQUIBBof West Lulworth, aged 6 years
5006Jul1846Mary AnnWARNEof Milbourne St Andrews, aged 65 years
5127Jul1847JonathanMAIERSof Winfrith, aged 57 years
5201Jan1848JohnABBOTTaged 42 years
5330Jan1848GeorgeMAIERSaged 70 years
5410Feb1848MaryPLAYERaged 71 years
5519Feb1848MarthaMAIERSaged 62 years
5617Feb1849ElizabethHOOPERaged 87 years
5710Jun1849SarahBOWRINGof Adminston, aged 66
5808Sep1849WilliamSPRACKLANDof Ringstead in Osmington, aged 83 years
5921Mar1850AnnABBOTTaged 70 years
6023Mar1850ElizabethSPRACKLANDof Ringstead in Osmington, aged 74 years
6120Oct1850ElizabethWEBBERaged 74 years
6231Jan1851SarahWEBBERaged 28 years
6314Nov1851EllenMEARSof Ringstead in Osmington, aged 2 years
6409Jan1852IsaacHOOPERaged 47 years
6514Apr1852ElizabethMEARSaged 3mths
6612Feb1854CharlotteSYNICKof Watercombe, aged 37 years [more usual spelling = SENNECK]
6724Aug1855ThomasMEARSof Weymouth, aged 61 years
6811Nov1857Robert KeenTROMTERinfant
6922May1858MariaMEARSaged 10mths
7018Aug1858FrankAMEYaged 5 years
7125Sep1859GeorgeELLISof Osmington, aged 8 years
7208Aug1860Sarah AnnHOOPERof Ringstead in Osmington, aged 6 years
7315Dec1860MaryHOOPERof Ringstead in Osmington, aged 75 years
7412Dec1861Henry VileAMEYaged 5 years
75- -Dec1861SusanLOCKaged 14 years
7625Jan1863MarySQUIBBof Broadmayne, aged 49 years
7701May1863SamuelWHITEaged 10mths
7817May1863RachelAMEYaged 19 years
7902Mar1863JaneTRENCHARDof Radipole, aged 66 years
8026Oct1865MaryHOOPERof Upwey, aged 60 years
8104Nov1865AnnGIBBONSof Radipole, aged 50 years
8202Jan1866MariaPLAYERaged 47 years
8306Mar1866ThomasRIGGSof Weymouth, aged 52 years; found dead at Down Barn & buried by Coroner’s Order
8414Apr1866JohnKNIGHTaged 24 years
8522Sep1867CharlesDAMONaged 11 years
8624Oct1867R. [Richard]WEBBERof Owermoigne, aged 87 years
8716May1869MarthaMEARSaged 27 years
8803Oct1869LotPEARCEaged 3 years
8928Oct1869RachaelPEARCEaged 45 years
90- -Nov1869RichardKNIGHTaged 60 years
9107Dec1869Joseph JeansMEARSof Osmington, aged 5mths
9227Feb1870HenryDAMONaged 12 years
9312May1870AlfredDAMONaged 9 years
9424May1870Anna MariaRIGGSof Osmington, aged 44 years
9524Dec1872JamesSQUIBBof Fryer Mayne, aged 61 years
9612Apr1873GeorgeAMEYaged 72 years
9725Sep1873Alice MaryWHITEaged 8mths
9817Feb1874FrancesBECKof Osmington, aged 77 years
9910May1874ThomasPARKaged 9 years
10003Jul1874JonathanMEARSaged 27 years
10111Sep1874CharlesBURTof Sutton Poyntz, aged 31 years
10203Nov1874CharlesPLAYERaged 56 years
10322Mar1875JohnMAYOaged 10wks
10409Apr1875JohnTREVETTaged 10 years
10529May1875JamesPARKEaged 43 years
10625Aug1875EllenWHITEaged 28 years
10728Dec1875John TrenchardTRENCHARDof Radipole, aged 83 years [checked against Death Index; double use of ’Trenchard’ confirmed]
10803Jul1876EliasMEARSaged 76 years
10929Dec1877John DiffyROLLSaged 7 days
11028Jul1878Jane AnnLEGGaged 29 years
11109Jan1879SusanTREVETTaged 15 days
11222Jun1881Albert CharlesKINDENaged 11 years
11328Jun1882CharlesPALMERaged 36 years
11416Jul1882EllenRICHARDSaged 61 years
11526Jun1885MabelCHARLESaged 9 days
11614Oct1885ChristianAMEYof Broadmayne, aged 74 years
11721Nov1885AlbertMAYOof Delcombe, Milton Abbas, aged 6 years
11821Nov1885Rhoda AnneSTONECounty Hospital, aged 38 years
11905Feb1886MilicentMEARSaged 79 years
12006Dec1887AnnCHARLESaged 67 years
12124Mar1889William GeorgeCHARLESaged 4 years
12226Mar1891HenryGILLaged 73 years
12315Apr1891Adeline HarrietRICHARD-CAMBRIDGEof Bloxworth, aged 59 years
12416Jan1892Jane ElizaCHARLESaged 21 years
12508Feb1893GertrudeCHARLESaged 6 years
12629Mar1894CharlesDIFFEYaged 15mths
12729May1894Frederick GeorgeDIFFEYaged 11 years
12814Dec1894OwenRANDALLaged 52 years
12911Mar1896Henry ThomasCHARLESaged 48 years
13006Oct1896SusanLEGGaged 56 years
13124Oct1899JuliaCHARLESof Weymouth, aged 49 years
13217Oct1901MarthaFOOTaged 87 years
13327Mar1902ElizaSHAVEPoxwell Lodge, aged 56 years
13419Jun1902ElizabethROWLANDaged 78 years
13528Mar1904HenryPAULLEYaged 43 years
13629Apr1904FrederickENGLANDaged 29 years
13714Sep1904AmeliaMILESaged 39 years
13812Oct1906James TalbotKENTPoxwell House, aged 70 years
13907May1908FrancesWHITINGaged 60 years
14030Apr1910Alice MaryROGERSaged 58 years
14117Dec1913MaryLOVELESSaged 63 years
14222Nov1917FrederickLOVELESS40 Charles St., Weymouth, aged 63 years
14330Apr1918WilliamLOVELLaged 64 years
14426May1920SarahMOOREaged 73 years
14517Jul1921NathanielSHAVEaged 81 years
14618Aug1925Rebecca MacdonaldKENTBeacon Firs, Thorney Mill, aged 90 years
14704Jul1926Cyril Arthur CharlesDAVISaged 11mths
14805Feb1927Annie ElizabethWITHERINGTONaged 49 years
14914Apr1928HarryMOOREaged 85 years
15016Feb1929Bessie MargaretSAMWAYSaged 43 years
15108Mar1930Violet Vera Martha MayDENNETTaged 7mths
15216May1931Priscilla JeaneBURDENaged 11mths
15330Jul1937FrederickROGERSof 8 ?Damlin Road, Dorchester, aged 87 years
15413Feb1939stillborn childDOLYMEADWilliam John & Lilian Susan DOLYMEAD the parents
15520Nov1939stillborn childROLLSDonald Harry & Kathleen Lucy ROLLS the parents
156- -- -- -stillborn childROLLSDonald Harry & Kathleen Lucy ROLLS the parents
15716May1944GeorgeGILLINGHAMPoxwell Lodge, aged 78 years
15818May1944John EdmundPIERCE11, Poxwell, aged 3wks
15922Mar1956Arthur ThomasMASTERSPoxwell Farm, aged 56 years
16026May1965BessieWARNERPoxwell House, died 22 May 1965 at Weymouth District Hospital, aged 70 years

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