Elementary School Log Book 1894-1900

Original Volume at Dorset History Centre

Ref: S 154 2/1

Extracts transcribed by Caryl Parsons


Note at front:

Length 53 ft; Breadth 17ft; Height 22ft 4”

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Jan 15 - School re-opened today instead of the 8th on account of bad weather and sickness.

Jan 17 – St: II and III wrote in their copy-books.

Jan 19 – A very poor attendance this week. The Rector has been unable through illness to give his usual Lessons.

Jan 22 – The First Class commenced their Copy Books.

Jan 24 – St V, VI and VII drew the map of India.

Jan 26 – Several children still away with very bad colds. A.A. [Average Attendance] 62.1

Jan 30 – School closed today on account of sickness. Also the 31st.

Feb 1 – Gave the First Class a Writing Lesson.

Feb 2 – The P.T. [Pupil Teacher] has been away all the week with a very bad throat.

School closed today on account of sickness.

Feb 5 – The children wrote in their Examination Copy Books.

Feb 6 – Gave the First Class a lesson on India.

Feb 8 – The P.T. gave the Infants an Object Lesson on ‘the Dog’.

Feb 9 – Gave the First Class a Grammar Lesson. On Wednesday the Registers were marked at 9 O’clock, to take the children to Church at 11 O’clock. A.A. 61.6

Feb 13 – Heard the children’s recitation.

Feb 15 – The First Class drew the map of India.

Feb 19 – Examined the Standards in Arith: - with every good success.

Feb 28 – The Rector examined the First Class in Geography.

Mar 1- Today I resigned my appointment as Mistress.

Signed: E. WYETH.

Mar 2 – Commenced duties today as Mistress of this School.

71 Children present

No. on books

Boys 30

Girls 58            Total 88

[New mistress was C. CLEALL]

Mar 8 – At Rector’s wish kept the children, but registers not marked.

Mar 9 – I have examined the Standards and the results were good except in St: IV, where there is a weakness in Spelling and Arithmetic.

Mar 13 – A very good attendance this morning. 83 present out of 89 on books.

Three children are absent through illness. School visited by Mrs HAWKSLEY [Rector’s wife] who remained to hear children sing.

Mar 16 – School attendance officer called. The average attendance for past week has been higher than any week since Nov: last. The Rector has given his usual Scripture Lessons this week.

Mar 20 – School visited today by Mr LOVELACE, one of the Managers.

Mar 23 – No school today it being ‘Good Friday’.

Mar 26 – The Diocesan Prize Distribution is to take place this afternoon to the successful scholars – therefore Registers will be marked at 2.5 instead of 2.30, to enable me to close at 4.5.

Apr 2 – No: on Registers in Standards

Boys    19

Girls     38       

Infts      30

Total    87

Apr 6 – this week being the time the farmers change hands many families have left the parish. The school has lost 10 children today. School visited by Mrs and Master F. HAWKSLEY.

Apr 9 – Registers marked today at 2 o’clock to enable me to close school at 4. It being the Rector’s Birthday the Choir are invited to tea.

Apr 13 – Took Infants this morning for an examination in Reading. The Rector kindly took them yesterday.

Apr 16 – So few children came this morning that we could not have school. It was very wet.

Apr 20 – 79 names on books and the average = 69.

Apr 27 – Received a full supply of stationery etc for the coming year, also needlework materials.

May 1 – Commencement of Sch: Yr:

Admitted two Infants this morning  - aged 4. This makes 80 on books. There are 78 present this morning, which is very encouraging.

May 3 – Today being Ascension Day the Registers were marked at 9 to enable the Mistress to dismiss children at 11, to attend Divine Service. 72 present.

May 4 – One child has been absent the whole week through illness. The School walls were thoroughly cleaned for this week, as well as the floor and the children’s Offices [lavatories].

May 10 – A very wet day – only 57 present in the afternoon. Visited in the afternoon by the Rector.

May 15 – The School was examined today by Mr BUTT. 77 present.

18 May – Gave a half holiday today and on 15th and a whole day on 16th.

May 21 – Commenced taking Pupil Teachers for lessons in morning from 7.45 to 8.45, instead of dinner hour.

One or two boys left school for work during the past week – leaving 81 on books.

May 28 – So many children ill with chicken-pox that the school has to be closed for the rest of the week.

Jun 4 – Re-opened school today but a very poor attendance – owing to many of the children not being recovered. Registers not marked.

Jun 5 – School visited by Mrs HAWKSLEY who looked over the needlework. Attendance still very poor owing to the prevailing sickness in the parish.

Jun 11 – Much better attendance this morning – 73 present out of 83 on books. The Assistant Mistress (Mrs GEYTON) left school on Friday so today have placed the 3rd year P.T. in charge of Infants, and the 1st year P.T. has to help with the lower Standards.

Jun 14 – Report:

‘General results are eminently satisfactory’

C. CLEALL                 Mistress

Alice CHURCHILL     P.T. Third Year

Kate WAY                  P.T. First Year

Jun 22 – Kate ELLIS was this week appointed Monitress.

Jun 25 – Several children absent this afternoon through the ‘haymaking’.

Jun 27 – Visitors Mrs and Miss HUXTABLE, who expressed their pleasure at the cleanliness and order of the children.

Jul 2 – Gave the Infants their first lesson on Kindergarten – mat weaving.

Jul 18 – School visited by Mrs ASTELL

Jul 19 – Visited by Mrs HAWKSLEY, who looked over the girls’ needlework and expressed her pleasure at their darning.

Jul 23 – School opened by the Rector. The Rector has not given his usual Scripture Lessons this week – being from home. Visitor – Mrs HAWSLEY

Jul 27 – School visited by Mrs ASTELL

Jul 30 – Caned Tom TETT for being late at Rector’s request.

Aug 8th – School visited by the Revd: TAYLOR, also by Mrs HAWKSLEY and son, later on by the Rector. Closed school for Harvest holidays – 5 weeks.

Sep 17 – Re-opened the school this morning after the Harvest holidays. Visited in the morning by Mrs and Miss HAWKSLEY and in the afternoon by Mrs and Miss MONTMASON. No. present 63.

Sep 18 – Alice CHURCHILL brought her lessons very imperfectly done this morning. Visited in the afternoon by Rector.

Sep 19 – At a Committee Meeting this morning ‘my resignation’ was discussed. It has been tendered to the Committee on the ground of my having interference from the Rector in the just discharge of my duties! Namely ‘in telling me not to mark registers when number present is under 50. But it was resolved at the meeting to refer that matter to the Education Department.

Sep 21 – At the Exhibition held at Dorchester on Sep: 4th of needlework etc 4 girls in this school took 5 prizes viz:- 2 First Prizes and 3 Seconds for needlework (plain) darning and knitting respectively.

Sep 24 – Rather damp this morning but 63 children present. The Revd: J. HAWKSLEY did not give his daily lesson – being from home.

Sep 25 – three children punished this morning (boxed on the ears) by Rector, Albert BARTER, Albert SAINT and John GUNDRY. The first for being late, the others for inattention to their Scripture Lesson.

This entry crossed through and initialled by the Rector, J. HAWKSLEY.

Above this entry:

‘Nov 1st 1894 This erasure is cancelled by order of the Board of Managers.

Signed: C.G. ASTELL, Manager.’

Sep 27 – One family of children absent this week from want of shoes, and Robert ELLIS St: VII boy has not yet finished his work in the harvest field. Lily POMEROY

Punished today by the Rector.

Oct 1 – Visited during the morning lessons by the Rector. Taught St:V this morning ‘Compound Practice’.

Oct 3 – A very small school this afternoon the absent ones being engaged gathering potatoes for parents.

Oct 10 – Several children absent through illness.

Pupil Teacher (Alice CHURCHILL) sent home this morning. She looked very ill indeed and I thought it most unkind to keep her.

My position as Mistress again supplanted by the Revd: HAWKSLEY.

I had told Ethel HARDING, who came in on the stroke of 9, to go to her Class – he refused to allow her to sit down.

Oct 15 – Alice CHURCHILL, P.T. 3rd Year, too ill to attend school today.

Oct 22 – Very good attendance. 69 present out of 79 on books. The family named PAYNE are absent through illness:- also Ernest BARTER, so that only 6 children are absent with no reasonable excuse.

Oct 24 – A dreadfully wet day – only 27 present.

Oct 26 – Relinquishing duties today as Mistress of this school. I leave with regret such a nice set of children who are dutiful, attentive and obedient and whose parents have been most kind during my short stay here.

Signed: C. CLEALL

Mr ?GREEN/GEEN arrived as temporary Master.

Oct 30 – Mr ESTELL visited the school and inspected the registers and Lob Book. Examined the Composition of the upper standards and approved of the same. The Rector likewise visited the school.

Nov 1st – Meted out punishment on the person of Albert SAINT for disobedience and insolence.

Nov 2 – The Rector has given a religious lesson during the time set apart for that purpose each morning during the week. The attendance officer called this morning to ascertain how the children attended. Owing to the inclemency of the weather the attendance is below the usual number being only 52.7 for the week. Weather being fine on Monday the average for that day was 70.

Nov 9 – The upper standards appear to endeavour to answer questions readily. They require to be taught to read with more intelligence. Spelling is improving.

Nov 12 – Sudden outbreak of measles throughout the village consequently the school closed.

Dec 3 - The school re-opened today after being closed  three weeks because of the severe attack of measles that prevailed in the village. No. present 54

Dec 7 – Several children are absent from school as some of the mothers are afraid to send them owing to the weather being cold and damp, having lately recovered from the measles. Average weekly attendance 60.2

Dec 10 – Revd Mr COLVILLE officiating clergyman during the absence of the rector visited the school.

Dec 14 – More time has been devoted to mental arithmetic which is a subject requiring improvement.

Dec 17 – The school-room was used this polling day for district Councillor.

Dec 21 – The master on supply terminated his engagement to-day. He has been in charge from Oct 29th. The school has broken up until the 31st inst.



Jan 1 – Commenced duties today as Mistress of this school. Signed Edith BARBEY

No: present 54

School Staff      Mistress (Trained and Cert)

                        Pupil Teacher 3rd Year

                        Pupil Teacher 1st Year


General ASTELL visited the school in the morning, and Mrs and Miss HAWKESLEY

in the afternoon.

Jan 2 – Mr J. LOVELACE visited the school this morning.

Examined Standards II and II, found them very weak in Arithmetic and Spelling, and the second standard especially so in reading.

The reading of the upper standards is greatly wanting in intelligence, and the grammar is weak.

Jan 4 – Mr W. LOVELACE visited the school, and requested that lessons might begin at 1:30 in the afternoon, in order that the school might be closed earlier, as the room was required for a concert in the evening.

Jan 7 – Attendance very small this morning only 36, owing to a slight fall of snow.

Jan 8 – Punished Albert SAINT, Joseph GUNDRY, and John GUNDRY, for behaving rudely to their teacher.

Jan 9 – The boys have a very imperfect knowledge of drawing, no geometry has been taught, and the greater part of the instruction in drawing, appears to have been given by the monitress.

Jan 14 – Owing to a heavy fall of snow, the number of children was very small; the children were sent home in the morning, but school was held in the afternoon though only 31 were present.

Feb 1 – The school has been closed for the last 3 days, owing to the bad weather, caused by a heavy fall of snow.

Feb 8 – The third year pupil teacher Alice CHURCHILL has been suffering from a severe cold and sore throat, and has therefore had leave of absence for the last three days.

Feb 13 – Gave an object lesson on ‘The Shoemaker’ to Infants.

Taught a new song ‘Hurrah for England’. Arithmetic is slowly improving but is still very weak.

Feb 14 – Examined St II in Arithmetic, the result being that one half of the class failed.

Mar 15 – Examined school today, the Rector being present, and hearing the reading of all, and the recitation of the Upper Standards.

Arithmetic still very weak throughout the school, recitation and spelling in the lower standards. The composition of the first class is improved, but grammar is very weak. The reading of St: II and III is greatly lacking in intelligence, and children do not speak out enough.

Mar 20 – Administered corporal punishment to Robert ELLIS and John GUNDRY for repeated disobedience. Robert ELLIS is very idle and illbehaved and his behaviour has a detrimental effect upon the school, for being the oldest boy here (St: VII) he is a leader of the other boys.

Apr 5 – This being the week the farmers change hands, many families have left the parish. During the past fortnight the school has lost 16 children – the number of children on books now 61.

Apr 8 – Admitted Charles and James DYKE.

Apr 9 – Admitted Annie and Alice DYKE; Amy, Kate, Charlotte and John RUSSELL.

Apr 11 – Mrs HAWKESLEY and her son visited the school.

Apr 12 – Today being Good Friday, the school was closed.

Apr 15 – Admitted Rose CADDY. Received a doctor’s certificate stating that Maud POMEROY is unable to attend school.

Apr 16 – Admitted Frances HANSFORD and Charles HANSFORD.

Apr 23 – The Drawing Examination was held this morning – number of boys examined being 13.

During the time the boys were drawing, the girls took needlework, instead of the usual lessons, as specified in the time table.

In the afternoon, the registers were marked at 1:30 in order that the children might be dismissed at 3:30, the usual half holiday being impossible if the 400 attendances are to be made.

May 2 – Commencement of School Year. Mrs and Miss HAWKESLEY visited the school.

May 3 – Closed school earlier in order that the school might be whitewashed, therefore marked and closed the registers at 9 and 11 am, dismissing school at 1:0pm

May 16 – During Mr ?BULL’s visit of Inspection yesterday I called his attention to Mrs CLEALL’s entry of Sept 25th (page 16) and asked if I was justified in crossing out a ? of this kind. He answered ‘I should think so.’

I also asked Mr BULL this question ‘ On a wet day, with very small attendance, ?  ? at 9.30, decide not to keep school, but send the children home at 11 or 11:30 and not mark the register?’ Answer ‘Yes, if you have sufficient reason. You run a risk of a sufficient reason, nor must you make a fictitious ?. this has been decided.’

Signed J.E. HAWKESLEY, Rector and Correspondent.

May 31 – Closed school for Whitsun Holidays – 1 week.

Jun 10 – The report of the drawing examination just received is ‘Good’.

Jun 13 – Attendances cancelled, and holiday given, on account of Forester’s Fête.

Jun 10 – Omitted. Punished Alfred BARRET, Albert SAINT and Albert BARTER/S for disobedience.

Jun 18 – Received H.M.Inspector’s report this morning:

‘Mixed School – The discipline is very satisfactory, and the examination results are decidedly creditable as a whole ……

Infants Class – This part of the school too is doing good work …..’

Jul 2 – Punished Albert BARTE, Walter JEANES, Harold POND, Tom TETT for disobedience to their teacher.

Jul 17 – The Revd TAYLOR visited the school this afternoon.

Aug 1 – Closed school this morning for the Harvest Holidays – 5 weeks.

Sept 9 – Re-opened school after the harvest holidays. Small attendance 60.

Sept 11 – Punished James DYKE for impudence and disobedience to his teacher, also punished Charles DYKE for encouraging his younger brother in his bad behaviour.

Ovt 7 – Flogged Alfred BARRETT and Albert SAINT for studied disobedience to the Rector, during Scripture lesson this morning.

Mrs BARRETT came to school this morning, to complain because Albert was detained after 12 o’clock.

Nov 8 – Attendance very low this week owing to the stormy weather.

Nov 15 – Closed the registers at 1:30 and dismissed school at 3:30 this afternoon, in order that a platform might be put up, in readiness for the children’s entertainment.



Jan 14 – gave a holiday this afternoon, as the schoolroom was wanted for the Sunday school treat.

Jan 30 – Was present when Miss BARBY(?) gave the P. Teachers their lessons this evening.


Feb 19 – Today being Ash Wednesday, secular lessons were commenced at 9 o’clock, and the children were taken to Church at 11 o’clock instead of the usual Scripture lesson.

Mar 3 – Admitted William and Arthur TAYLOR, and George RIDOUT.

Mar 20 – On Monday morning, Wednesday and Friday afternoon no school was held, owing to the stormy weather which prevented the greater number of children from attending (only 24 on Friday)

Apr 2 – No: now on books being 69, many families leaving the parish this week. In the afternoon a holiday was given.

Apr 7 – Admitted Arthur ?VOWLE. (No: on books 70)

Apr 13 – Admitted Douglas LEGG, Frank DUNFORD, Ernest SAINT, Mabel SAINT, and readmitted Annie SYDENHAM.

Apr 14 – Admitted Walter SAMWAYS.

Apr 15 – Mrs and Miss HAWKESEY visited the school to see the musical drill.

May 11 – Drafted the children to their new standards. Admitted Beatrice DYKE.

May 18 – Admitted Florence VINE and Willie SMITH.

Jun 1 – Today I resigned my appointment as mistress. Signed: E.C. BARBEY

Jun 1 – reopened the school this morning with the 3 P.T. ?  Alice CHURCHILL in charge for a few weeks, until the new mistress comes. 59 children present.


Jun 12 – The school has worked quietly and well this week.

Jul 23 – Closed school for the holidays.

Aug 31 – Today I commenced my duties as Mistress. Signed: Lilian T. HAYWOOD

No: present      morning 58

                        afternoon 61

School staff      Mistress

                        2 P.T.s 3rd Year

Ex-P.T., to teach half time and during remaining half day to study for Queen’s Scholarship Exam.



Sept 1 – A. CHURCHILL (Ex P.T.) at home to study in the morning.

Sept 4 – Only 38 children present this morning, owing to rainy weather.

Sept 8 – Punished Charles HANSFORD and J. DYKE for disobedience.

Sept 10 – Punished Albert BARTER for disobedience.

Sept 14 – Examined Standard II in Arithmetic, found them very careless, only one child passed.

Sept 21 – Admitted Phillis CLEAL

Sept 22 – Three children have left, their family having gone away from the village.

Oct 2 – Another family has left the parish, taking three children from the school.

Oct 5 – Admitted Frederick A.W. WARREN and Lily WARREN. Most of the girls have now begun their knitting and needlework for the examination.

Oct 12 – Admitted Jane, Samuel and Mary Lewis.

Oct 16 – Average for the week 52.5, eight children have been absent the whole of the week. The Attendance Officer called this morning.

Oct 23 – Attendance this week has still been low; many children being at home, ‘potaoto picking’. Average for the week is 57.8; number on books is 68.

Oct 29 - Punished Albert SAINT for disobedience.

Nov 3 – Admitted Maud WIGHTMAN, Charles SAINT and Thomas and Frances LUCAS.

Nov 13 – There were no names to report to the Attendance Officer this morning.

Dec 4 – this morning the registers were not marked, as owing to the stormy weather only 32 children were present, they were sent home at 11 o’clock. Children were marked this afternoon, though only 30 were present.

Dec 11 – A. CHURCHILL has been excused all the week for study.



Jan 4 – Reopened school.

Staff – Mistress and two third year Pupil Teachers, 55 children present.

Jan 11 – Admitted Charles THORNE

Jan 21 – Punished Charles HANSFORD for continued disobedience, also punished

Albert SAINT for disobedience and insolence.

Jan 25 – Admitted Bertram and Beatrice LEGG.

Jan 26 – Examined the Registers this afternoon, found them correct. 62 children present. School noisy.

Signed J.E. HAWKSLEY, Rector

Feb 8 – Punished Alfred BARRETT for disobedience.

Feb 9 – Admitted Beatrice and Rose GORDGE. Punished Alfred BARRETT again for rudeness and disobedience.

Mar 3 – In consequence of wet and windy weather only twenty one children assembled at school this morning. Registers were therefore not marked, and school was not kept.

Mar 5 – Four children have been struck off the Registers this week.

Mar 22 – The boys this afternoon took drawing, instead of writing and arithmetic, during the time of the girls’ needlework.

Mar 24 – Punished Charles THORNE for disobedience and insolence to his teacher.

Mar 29 – Admitted Lily, Gertrude, Fredreick and William CURTIS.

Apr 5 – Admitted Horace PAYNE

Apr 12 – Admitted Florence GUNDRY

Apr 19 – Very poor school (only 40 and 40), probably because it is ‘Bank Holiday’.

Apr 23 – The Rector heard the Reading of Standard I this morning. The First Class drew the map of England from memory.

Apr 26 – Admitted William, Henry and May BROOKS

Apr 27 – Examined the Registers this afternoon and found them correct. 60 present, but Maude SAINT ran away home when out to play.

Signed: J.E. HAWKSLEY, Rector

Apr 28 – Admitted Bertha PAYNE. Received an apology from Mrs SAINT for Maude’s behaviour yesterday.

Apr 30 – No school today as the room is being whitewashed.

Average for the week = 64.3

Average for the year = 58

No: of children on the registers = 74

May 14 – The Drawing Examination report received this morning is ‘Excellent’.

May 17 – Admitted Charles and James PARK. Drafted the children into their new Standards, and began the new year’s work. Agnes HARDING is to work another year with Standard I, on account of great dullness and irregularity. Changed the work of the two Pupil Teachers for this year. K. WAY now to have St II and III, and K. ELLIS the Infants and St I.

May 19 - Have commenced taking the Pupil Teachers’ lessons from 6:30am to 7:30am, for the summer months.

May 24 – The two boys who obtained their Labour Certificates at the Examination left school on Friday.

May 27 – Today, being Ascension Day, secular work was commenced at nine, and the children went to Church at eleven, instead of having a Scripture Lesson. In the afternoon punished Thomas LUCAS for disobedience.

May 31 – Taught St IV Compound Multiplication. Gave the Infants a Recitation Lesson. Admitted Rose DYKE.

Jun 7 – Admitted Lily GORDGE. Took the Infants for Recitation. Gave Standard I a Writing Lesson. Gave St IV a first lesson in Decimals. Full attendance in the First Class, both morning and afternoon.

Jun 9 – Heard each of the Pupil Teachers give an Object Lesson, one on ‘Honey’ the other on ‘The Rat’. Admitted Bessie TAYLOR.

Jun 11 – The following report has been received:

‘Order is satisfactory, but there has been a falling off in some of the work. The Infant Classes are not as proficient as usual and the Arithmetic of the third, fourth., fifth and sixth Standards is weak. Recitation and Mental Arithmetic too need extra attention. As a whole, however, the result is very fair in both Elementary and class subjects, and needlework .’

Jun 14 – Admitted Bessie GREGORY.

Jun 15 – Admitted Winifred RIDOUT

Jun 22 – No school today, it being the day for the celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.

Jun 25 – Was not at school this afternoon, having gone away for the College Reunion.

Jun 28 – No school today, Mistress not yet having returned.

Jun 30 – Examined St I in Reading this morning; they are very backward indeed.

Jul 1 – Heard the Upper Infants read this afternoon; on the whole they are slightly better than Standard I. The attendance of the upper Standards is very irregular at present. Each morning this week I have intended to teach a new rule to St V in Arithmetic, but have been unable to do so, as only two or three of the children have been present, instead of all the four St V children. Besides the Arithmetic, the Drawing of the Upper Standards also suffers considerably from the same cause.

Jul 2 – Was obliged to punish Myra SMITH this morning for disobedience to her teacher and afterwards to me, on Wednesday morning. Mr SMITH came after school to complain about it.

Jul 20 – Very good school today; 70 present both morning and afternoon.

Jul 28 – This afternoon the Revd TAYLOR visited the school.

Jul 29 – Average for the week = 52.2. This is lowered by the absence all week of the five DYKEs, owing to chicken pox. School closed this afternoon for the harvest holidays – 5 weeks.

Sep 6 – Reopened the school, only 50 children present. During the holidays the drainage system both of school and school house has been enlarged and thoroughly put in order.

Sep 14 – St IV have begun Compound Division by Factors, and St I Subtraction with borrowing.

Sep 24 – Three children have left during the week.

Sep 27 – Three more children have left, leaving only 64 on books. 59 present this afternoon.

Oct 11 – Admitted Eliza, Beatrice and Charles CHURCHILL, and Eva, Thomas and Arthur GALE.

Oct 12 – Admitted Henry GALE.

Oct 14 – Examined the Registers and found them correct. The school is in much better order.

Signed: J.E. HAWKSLEY, Rector.

Oct 18 – Admitted William BROWN Took the Infants for Writing. The attendance of St V is most irregular. Not one of them was present today, nor on Friday morning.

Nov 2 – Admitted Florence EADE.

Nov 11 – Took Infants and St I most of the morning, the Pupil Teacher having a very bad throat. In the afternoon punished William TAYLOR for disobedience during the dinner hour.

Nov 17 – Punished Edmund ELLIS for disobedience and insolence.

Nov 19 – The following Report has been received from the Diocesan Inspector:

‘This school has passed a very good examination, and made great improvement since last year. The children throughout answered extremely well, and showed great interest in all their subjects. The Repetition throughout the school was very perfect. Special mention should be made of the way in which children in Groups I and II answered in Old Testament, showing a thorough grasp of their subject, and very careful presentation. The tone and discipline throughout was very good and orderly.’

Dec 1 – Inspected the school. A bitterly cold morning, but no fire in Infants’ room there being no coal and a very insufficient fire of dust and sticks in the school room. New slates are required for the Infants as well as Copy Books and Arithmetic Books for the Standards. The doors let in a tremendous draught and should be repaired forthwith.

Signed: ?J. BUTT, Sub: Inspr:

Holiday given this afternoon at Mr BUTT’s suggestion.

Dec 3 – Holiday given today, because there was no coal, and the weather was too cold to work in school without a fire.

Dec 14 – Admitted Mabel ROSE.

Dec 17 – School closed for Christmas Holidays – till January 10th.



Jan 10 – School reopened. 44 children present. Four families are absent on account of whooping-cough.

Jan 14 – 21 children are at present absent through illness – chiefly whooping-cough; therefore average for the week is only 43.6.

Jan 19 – Punished Charles PARK for idleness and disobedience.

Jan 20 – School closed for a week due to whooping cough.

Feb 7 – Reopened the school; only 46 children present.

Feb 11 – Punished Edmund ELLIS, James DYKE and Harold POND this afternoon for idleness and disobedience.

Feb 15 – Punished Edmund ELLIS.

Feb 21 – Agnes WAY began work as a Monitress this morning.

Feb 22 – In consequence of a heavy fall of snow, only 7 children assembled at school this morning, so holiday was given this afternoon.

Feb 23 – Only 12 children present.

Feb 25 – Average for the week = 28.1

The Pupil Teachers have been excused for study on Tuesday and Wednesday in this week, and alternately on the other days.

Mar 4 – Each of the Pupil Teachers had had an hour each day for private study.

Mar 25 – The attendance has fallen considerably during the week, as four families are absent through whooping cough. Have begun this week to take the Pupil Teachers’ lessons from 6:30am to 7:30am for the summer months.

Apr 1 – Average for the week = 42.9, low owing to mumps, and a very wet day on Thursday.

Apr 11 – Admitted Beatrice and Frederick STEELE. Seven families are away this morning, owing to mumps.

Heard that three more families are away with mumps this afternoon, number at school only equals 23. Agnes WAY, the Monitress, is at home today suffering from mumps.

Apr 12 – Heard that three more families have mumps this morning; attendances in morning and afternoon 24 and 23 respectively.

Apr 15 – Two families away today, on account of mumps. Average for the week = 25.4

Apr 25 – Admitted Lucy SAINT

Apr 29 – Number of children on the books at the end of the year = 59

May 2 – Commencement of the school year, 52 children present. Drafted children into their new Standards this morning. Admitted Lily HOSKINS this afternoon.

May 3 – Admitted John ?DOREY.

May 16 – Admitted Bertie LUCAS

May 17 – Admitted five children – Mary, Eva, Joseph, Thomas and Benjamin WEST.

May 18 – Admitted Thomas JEANES.

May 23 – Admitted Cicely ?DOREY and George MASTERS. Gave St I a Reading Lesson and the Infants a Recitation Lesson.

May 27 – Gave the usual weekly test in Arithmetic this morning. St VII was carelessly done.

Jun 7 Admitted William LANCASHIRE

Jun 9 – School is closed today, because of the Club Feast.

Jun 24 – Average for the week = 54.5, this is lower than last week, because this morning was very wet (35 children present), and also several boys have been away, helping with the haymaking.

Jul 7 – Holiday given today, because of the Choir and Band of Hope Excursion.

Jul 13 – Admitted Rose SYDENHAM.

Jul 15 – Examined the Reading of all Standards this week.

Jul 21 – Children had their quarterly examination books this morning. The Arithmetic was done fairly well, also the Composition of St VI and VII, but the Dictation of the other Standards was not satisfactory.

Jul 22 – The three Pupil Teachers have had their quarterly examination this week.

Jul 27 – Closed school today for the harvest holidays – 5 weeks.

Sept 5 – Reopened the school – only 42 present.  Readmitted Bertha PAYNE.

Oct 3 – Admitted James SAMWAYS. Taught St IV ‘Long Division of Money’. St I-III had a lesson on ‘A Railway Train’. Infants had a lesson on ‘Salt’.

Oct 12 – Owing to the length of the Managers’ Meeting this morning, afternoon school was opened at 1.50, instead of 1.25.

Oct 14 – First Class wrote a Transcription exercise this morning, instead of writing in their copy books.

Oct 17 – Admitted Elizabeth, Mary and Edward LEGG, and Beatrice, Reggie and Bertie LOVELL.

Nov 1 & 2 – Was away from school, not being well. Pupil Teachers left in charge of the school.

Nov 4 – Mr LOVELACE came into school to see the Log Book this afternoon.

Nov 7 – Commenced taking the Pupil Teachers’ lessons from 7.40 to 8.40am for the winter months. Decided to give the Scholarship candidates another morning each week for study, K. ELLIS on Monday, K. WAY on Wednesday mornings.

Dec 5 – Readmitted Bessie GREGORY.

Dec 8 – Diocesan Report:

‘An unusually good school, distinctly above the average of country schools.’

Dec 12 – K. WAY and K. ELLIS absent from school this week, for Queen’s Scholarship Examination.

Dec 16 – Punished Agnes HARDING this morning for disobedience; after waiting three quarters of an hour she still refused to take up a slate that she had thrown on the floor.



Jan 19 – School visited this afternoon by Mr ELLIS and Mr LOVELACE.

Jan 23 – Readmitted William BROWN. ?Gust ASTELL and Mr LOVELACE visited the school, attendance small, tested Registers.

Jan 24 – Capt ASTELL and Mr F. SMITH visited the school, number present 56.

Jan 27 – Marked and closed the registers at 1.30, and closed the school at 3.30, because of a Concert tonight. Average for the week is 53.2.

Resigned my Appointment as Mistress. Signed: L.?T/J. HAYWOOD

Jan 30 – Today I commenced my duties as Mistress of this school.

Signed: Emily Gertrude GREEN

Jan 31 – Gave the P.T. a lesson of 1 ½ hours.

Feb 2 – Came into school this afternoon at 2.45, being engaged with the Managers from 12.30.

Feb 3 – Took St: II and III for a dictation lesson this morning – work not very good.

Feb 7 The whole of the First Class, with the exception of Maude WIGHTMAN and Rose SMITH have behaved so badly this afternoon as to be kept in.

Feb 8 – A wet morning, but unusually good attendance, 68 present, 70 on books.

Feb 9 – Inspected the school. The walls of the school and offices want washing and the yards must be drained properly. Some new maps are badly needed.

Signed: J. BUTT, Sub Inspr

Feb 9 - Holiday was given this afternoon by Mr BUTT.

Feb 14 – Punished Henry GALE for disobedience. Some of the children have the bad habit of eating during lessons. I have frequently forbidden it, but GALE was again doing so.

Feb 16 – Florence VINE has been absent ever since Jan: 27th. Her mother came to see me yesterday and promise to send her as soon as the weather is dryer. She is a delicate child, and lives 1 ½ miles from the school. A very good attendance this afternoon, 67 being present out of 70. The three absentees are not well enough to attend school. Examined boys in Freehand, and girls in Needlework. The boys did very well on the whole, but the girls’ needlework was very badly done and they are very backward in that subject. They seem to have learnt all their exercises, but none of them are worked well.

Feb 20 – Punished Edwin RIDOUT for wilful disobedience – eating in school.

Feb 23 – The attendance this week is keeping very good. The family named SAINT, however, have not been at all till this afternoon.

Feb 27 – Admitted Albert HILLYAR.

Mar 2 – Edmund ELLS has behaved very badly again this afternoon. He is the ringleader of mst of the bad behaviour among the upper standard boys. I have not punished him, but talked seriously to him.

Mar 3 – Attendance Officer visited the school. Mabel SAINT has been absent all week, on account of the serious illness of her father. Took ‘Drill’ from 3.30 till 4. As a rule, this will be the last lesson on Friday afternoons. Average for the week = 63.7.

Mar 6 – Admitted George DAMEN.

Mar 7th – Punished five children in the lower standards for repeated bad behaviour.

Mar 8 – Punished Edwin RIDOUT for disobedience to his teacher.

Mar 13 – Admitted Louisa ELFORD.

Mar 14 – Punished Ernest and Charles SAINT for throwing stones at two teachers on leaving school yesterday afternoon. Have also written to their parents.

Mar 16 – The three children named LOVELL are absent through the death of a sister, and Edward LEGG is seriously ill.

Mar 17 – Thomas and Henry GALE, and Thomas LUCAS were late for school this morning, and as they had been sent from home in time to get here by 9 o’clock, I punished them. This has repeatedly happened before.

Mar 28 – Admitted James RIDOUT.

Apr 10 – Re-opened the school this morning. Five children have left the school, and twelve more admitted, - viz – Charles, Alfred, William and Elizabeth WAY, Bessie FRIPP, Alfred, Annie, Ernest and Tryphena WINTLE, Agnes READ, Ernest MEARS and William GREGORY. No: on books now is 78, of whom 71 were present this morning.

Apr 11 – Admitted Martha FRIPP and Winifred CHALDECOTT.

Apr 17 – Admitted Ethel Gregory. Mr J. LOVELACE visited the school this morning.

Apr 19 – Several children are very poorly, having sore throats.

Apr 20 – Received an impudent letter from the mother of Gladys GREGORY, because I sent to tell her she (Gladys) must come to school. Punished B. GREGORY twice for cheating in Arithmetic.

Apr 25 – Admitted George and Ernest CHEESEMAN.

Apr 27 – Punished three St: IV children for repeated carelessness in arithmetic.

Apr 28 – Received an apology from Mrs GREGORY for writing such a letter last week.

May 1 – Commencement of school year. Arranged the children in their new standards. Myra SMITH commenced duties as monitress this morning. 75 children were present in the morning, 77 in the afternoon.

May 3 – Capt ASTELL visited the school. Registers tested and found correct. Children orderly and attentive.

May 4 – At the Managers’ Meeting this morning it was decided to retain K. ELLIS as assistant mistress for one year.

May 5 – Attendance has dropped to 69 this morning. Five infants are marked ‘sick’ and two children, Mabel and Ernest SAINT, came at 5 minutes past 10, and were sent home again.

May 8 – Admitted Alice DEWFALL and Thomas READ.

May 10 – Capt ASTELL visited the school. The attendance is good this week, though some of the children have bad colds.

May 18 – Have received the new maps, books, and apparatus for the coming year.

Jun 5 – Admitted Eveline SMITH.

Jun8 – Holiday given today, owing to the Choir Treat.

Jun 12 – Admitted Frederick POYNTING.

Jun 13 – Was absent from school this afternoon, being summoned by a telegram from home.

Jun 22 – The attendance is not so good this afternoon, owing to several of the boys ‘hay-making’.

Jun 27 – Punished Edmund ELLIS and Henry GALE for repeated bad behaviour. Kept in nearly all of the first class as a punishment for careless work, and gave them a spelling lesson.

Jul 3 – Copy of H.M. Inspector’s Report:

‘The school is, up to now, in only a fair state of efficiency, but I feel sure will soon go ahead under the new teacher.

K.E. WAY has obtained a Second Class in the Queen’s Scholarship Examination.

Agnes M. WAY has passed fairly, but must attend to History and Music (Theory).’

Amount of Grant £71:11:9

Staff for the year:

E.G. GREEN               Certificated Mistress

K.E.ELLIS                   Assistant Teacher

A.M. WAY                  Pupil Teacher

Myra SMITH               Probationer

Jul 4 – Attendance low again today. Several children have gone to Weymouth, one is sick, and another is away from home.

Jul 6 – Received a letter from Mrs LOVELL asking if Mabel might be excused from attending school for the remainder of the week. Attendance still not good.

Jul 7 – Monitress is not at school this morning having hurt her foot.

Jul 12 – Attendance still low, 9 children are absent this afternoon. One child is ill, and quite unable to attend school, and Agnes READ is still away from home.

Jul 13 – Admitted Ethel STEELE. Marked and closed the registers by 9.30. Dismissed the children at 11.30. Several children asked permission to leave school at 11.30 to go to a Temperance Fête, therefore it was thought best to close registers earlier than usual. Closed registers at 1.45 in the afternoon, and dismissed at 3.45. General and Mrs ASTELL, and two visitors, came to the school this afternoon during the singing lesson.

Jul 14 – A very wet morning, only 65 children present.

Jul 17 – Attendance better this morning. 79 children present. Punished several children for being late and idling on the road.

Jul 18 – Punished Walter JEANES and Thomas GALE for disobedience to their teacher.

Jul 19 – Owing to the intense heat, lessons after 3 this afternoon were slightly altered.

Jul 26 – Commenced the examination this morning. Every child in the standards present except Annie HANSFORD (St: II).

Jul 28 – Registers closed at 5 minutes before 9 this morning, and marked and closed at11, owing to school treat given by General and Mrs ASTELL.

Jul 31 – Holiday given today, owing to about one third of the children going to a Sunday School treat.

Aug 1 – Very bad attendance this morning, only 58 children present.

Aug 2 – The Rev WESTON visited the school.

Aug 3 – Scripture Lesson to the 1st class given this morning by the Rev WESTON. School closed for the Harvest Holidays (5 weeks).

Sep 11 – Re-opened school this morning. Mr WESTON gave a Scripture Lesson to the 1st class. Admitted Hilda CHALDECOTT and Florence READ. 73 children present this morning. 7 of those absent have not returned home from visiting, and 3 others are reported to be sick. No: on books now is 86.

Sep 15 – Attendance Officer visited the school this morning. Reported Mary RIGGS, who has been very irregular for some time, the family named SAINT, and three boys named GALE. An Attendance flag has been bought for the children, which is to be owned every week by the standard which makes the best attendance the previous week. St: VI has made 100% this week, and therefore will get the flag on Monday.

Sep 29 – Punished four boys in 1st Class for bad behaviour.

Oct 3 – Mr J. LOVELACE visited the school. Punished Charles SAINT for disobedience and rude behaviour.

Oct 4 – All the girls above St: II have commenced their garments for examination.

Oct 9 – Admitted William LANKSHEAR.

Notice was received on Sep: 21st that the Aid Grant of £15, for the increase of salary of the Assistant (Art: 50) will be paid as soon as possible. (Signed W. MAYO. Correspondent)

Oct 12 – 84 children present this afternoon. Mr W. MAYO visited the school, and watched the ‘drill’ lesson.

Oct 16 – Punished five boys for being late this morning, and Thomas GALE for bad behaviour and insolence this afternoon.

Oct 23 – Admitted Florence and Daisy CRAWFORD. No: on books now 88.

Oct 25 – Punished Thomas LUCAS for disobedience and idleness, and Reginald LOVELL for impudence.

Oct 31 – Admitted Hilda HOSKINS, who is not yet 3 years of age. Her parents will therefore pay 2d per week until she is 3.

Nov 1 – Mistress not well enough to be in school today.

Nov 2 – Punished Henry GALE for rude behaviour.

Nov 9 – Punished Joseph WEST for bad behaviour and careless work. Also punished Thomas GALE, first for bad behaviour, and then for excessive impertinence to me.

Nov 10 – Holiday given today, as usual after Scripture Exam.

Nov 13 – Miss ELLIS not well enough to be at school this afternoon.

Nov 22 – Punished Henry GALE for throwing stones, and Thomas WEST for disobedience. The two children named CRAWFORD, who have lately come to the school, are very irregular.

Nov 27 – I have decided to allow George and Ernest CHEESEMAN, (two infant boys, who have nearly two miles to come to school), to leave school at ¼ to 4 every afternoon during the winter months.

Nov 28 – Received a list of children who have passed the Diocesan Written Examination. One girl obtained 1st Class, five children 2nd Class and nine have ‘passed’.

Dec 4 – Admitted Ada and Lily MARKWELL.

Dec 6 – The two children named HOSKINS are absent, as the elder has scarlet fever.

Dec 8 – Punished James WAY for cheating in Arithmetic, and Edwin SMITH for idleness.

Dec 14 – 74 children are present. Nine of those absent are marked sick, and seven others are infants, and have a long distance to come.

Dec 18 – Captain R. DYMOND, of Brooklands, visited the school.

Dec 21 – Closed the school for Christmas holidays – two weeks.



Jan 8 – Re-opened the school this morning. Admitted Charles DAVIS. 75 children present.

Jan 9 – Ten children are marked ‘sick’.

Jan 15 – A very wet morning, consequently only 45 children present.

Jan 18 – Attendance rather better today. 68 children present this morning. Twelve are still marked ‘sick’. Six children have left the school since the holidays, and the No: on books is now 86.

Jan 22 – Mr J. LOVELACE visited the school. 60 children present.

Jan 29 – Admitted Matilda WINKTLE.

Feb 2 – Only 44 children present this morning owing to a snowstorm. 43 children present this afternoon, snow continuing to fall heavily. Punished Annie GUNDRY and Annie DYKE for continued rude behaviour this afternoon.

Feb 5 – Readmitted Lily MARKWELL.

Feb 13 – Punished five children for loitering on the way to school this morning, thus making themselves late.

Feb 14 – Owing to a heavy fall of snow, very few children came to school so holiday was given this morning. P.T. and monitress worked on examination paper in history and arithmetic.

Feb 15 – As only 16 children came this morning, and there is heavy rain, I gave them a holiday. School not open this afternoon, rain continuing to fall heavily.

Feb 20 – Punished Joseph WEST for bad behaviour during singing lesson. When dismissed from school, he ‘stamped’ with his feet instead of walking out properly.

Feb 21 – Caned J. WEST for rude behaviour on leaving school yesterday.

Feb 26 – Poor attendance this morning, only 50 present. The two little girls named HOSKINS have returned to school after an absence of twelve weeks. I have written to the relieving officer, and reported 8 children from Waterson, who have only attended 4 times out of 14 in the last two weeks.

Mar 2 – Punished five boys for bad behaviour during Scripture Lesson this morning.

Mar 5 – Admitted Florence and Ellen JONES. The number on books is now 89.

Mar 13 – Admitted Walter GALE.

Mar 15 – Punished seven boys for bad behaviour during Scripture Lesson.

Mar 19 – Admitted Fredk: GREGORY. Small attendance this morning, owing to a fall of snow.

Mar 26 – Admitted Charles SANSFORD. Two children are absent through measles.

Mar 27 – Punished William BROWN for bad behaviour, and Bessie GREGORY for bad work.

Apr 2 – Admitted Emily and George TAYLOR. Poor attendance this morning, only 70 children present out of 93 on books.

Apr 3 – Nine children are marked ‘sick’.

Apr 6 – Eleven children have been withdrawn from school this morning, their parents leaving the village.

Apr 9 Admitted Charles and Clara BAZELL, Mabel, Lottie and Minnie TREVETT, John and Evelyn SPRACKLING. No: on books now 89.

Admitted Henry DAMEN this afternoon.

Apr 23 – Admitted Trixie CHALDECOTT and Dorothy HILLYAR. Three children have left. This being the last week of the school year, the Time Table will not be strictly followed.

Apr 24 – Admitted Annie SAMWAYS.

May 1 – Commencement of School Year. Admitted Lily PARK.

May 8 – Admitted William READ.

May 18 – Nothing of importance has occurred this week.

May 22 – A very wet morning. Only a few children came to school, and they were sent home again. No school held this afternoon, owing to bad weather.

May 24 – Today being the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, holiday was given.

May 31 – This morning the Rector presented a Diocesan Attendance Medal to each of the three girls who made full attendances last year – Maude WIGHTMAN, Rose WAY, and Alice DYKE. Closed school for Whitsuntide holidays.

Jun 11 – Re-opened school this morning. Admitted Florence DAMEN.

Jun 12 – Copy of School Report received this morning:-

Mixed School ‘Much good work is being done. Singing by note has made a very fair start, and needlework is decidedly good.’

Infants’ Class ‘This class is doing well.’

Agnes M. WAY has passed ‘fairly’ (History and Music, practical skill)

Total Grant £95.13.8

Signed: W. MAYO, Correspondent

Jun 12 – Admitted Annie JEANES

Jun 15 – Myra SMITH is not well enough to be at school today.

Jun 18 – Admitted Ida and Dorothy STAGG.

Jun 29 – Several boys have been very irregular this week, being employed in ‘hay-making’.

Jul 2 – Miss ELLIS, (Assistant Mistress) is absent from school this week, and is attending the Certificate Examination.

Jul 9 – School was not open today, as the choir went for an outing.

Jul 16 – Re-admitted Ada MARKWELL, and admitted Gertrude MARKWELL.

Jul 30 – Attendance is not good this morning, only 77 being present. Measles have broken out in one family.

Jul 31 – Mistress left school at 10.30 owing to illness.

Aug 1 – Mistress not at school today. Closed school this afternoon for the Harvest holidays, until September 10th.

Sep 10 – re-opened school this morning. 78 children are present out of 90 on registers.

Sep 21 – Monitress had toothache badly this morning, therefore I sent her home.

Sep 28 – Arthur GALE came at 10.5 this morning, consequently he was marked absent, and sent home. This is the second time this has occurred this week.

Oct 3 – Mistress not at school today, not being well.

Oct 5 – A pouring wet afternoon, only 59 children present.

Oct 15 – Admitted Florence and Elsie BLUNDY. No: on books now is 87.

Oct 30 – Very few children came to school this morning, as it is raining very heavily. Registers were not marked, and children were sent home again.

Nov 5 – Poor attendance this morning, owing to rain. 66 children present.

Nov 12 – Small attendance this morning, owing to rain. 65 children only are present.

Nov 13 – This afternoon Henry GALE was very idle indeed, and I was obliged to punish him. He was then very insolent indeed to me, and I punished him severely.

Nov 15 – A pouring wet morning, and only 26 children came to school. Registers were not marked, and children were sent home.

Dec 5 – Not enough children at school this morning, owing to rain. No school this afternoon.

Dec 13 – At the Written Scripture Examination held in November, M. WIGHTMAN and Gladys GREGORY obtained First Class; Annie GUNDRY and J. WAY a Second Class, and seven children ‘passed’.

Dec 18 – Attendance this week is very good. 80 children are present out of 82 on registers. Mr J. LOVELACE visited the school.

Dec 19 – Registers were closed, and secular work was commenced at nine o’clock this morning, and children were dismissed at 11. Afternoon session was from 12 till 2, the scholars being then dismissed and the room was made ready for a concert, which was given by the scholars in the evening.

Dec 20 – Average for the week is 78.7 (96%). St: VII have made 100% attendances this week. Closed school for the Christmas holidays.


This Log Book continues to 1907