Moor Crichel

Marriages at Moor Crichel 1731-1839

Transcribed from the Bishops Transcripts held at the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre, Chippenham on 2 April 2011 by Jon Baker

The "original" Bishops Trancripts consist of an unbound set of parchment fragments kept in a card wallet in the W&SHC. Some of these fragments are very small, and in some cases are difficult to read. There are many gaps in the years covered in the BTs. In some cases there are clear notes stating that there were no marriages recorded in certain years - in these cases this is indicated below by the phrase "No marriages took place" (the marriage records are usually but not always on the same fragments as baptisms and burials). Other years simpy have no marriage records in the bundle of documents, so it is not clear whether there were marriages or not. For these years "No records in BTs" the researcher should consult the Parish Registers if possible.

I have checked this transcription against the LDS Church transcription which is part of the online IGI Database (Batch Number M160321). There are significant differences between the IGI and this transcript, most notably the below list contains a lot of additional information (such as witesses, home parish, marital status and so on). There are also many mistakes in the IGI version (there are probably some mistakes in my transcript as well) but in general the number of records that I have transcribed matches almost exactly with the IGI which would suggest that no or few records have been missed in this transcript or lost since the LDS did the original filming many years ago. I also discovered several entries in the BTs that do not exist on the IGI (primarily the records for 1839, but there are a few others as well).


Date YearGroom Forename SurnameHome parish, status  Bride ForeSurname Home parish, statusMarriage type Witnesses
29-Apr1731RobertBUCKLANDShaftesbury &ElizabethHART   
02-Jul1732NicholasPRESSLEYT.Monckton &EleanoraPERKINSotp  
 1733No records in BTs         
 1734No records in BTs         
 1735No records in BTs         
21-Sep1736JohnFISHERCranborne &ElizabethDEANEotp  
25-Jun1737HenryKINGPewsey Wilts &AnneMEEKSotplicence 
03-Apr1738RobertBAKER  &ElizabethPRINCE    
25-Apr1738RichardBARRETT  &MaryBEACH   
 1739No marriages took place         
 1740No records in BTs         
 1741No marriages took place         
18-Apr1742JohnPRINCE & HannahBREWER   
08-Sep1743WilliamFARLEY  &AnneJONES   
06-Oct1743JohnHARVEY & MaryBREWER   
25-Dec1743JamesCHAMBERLAIN  &MarthaDOMINY   
07-Jan1744ReubenSMALL  &MaryFARLEY   
 1745No marriages took place         
01-May1746JohnSAVAGEWitchampton &AnnaFOYLE   
14-Feb1746HenryLAMBERT  &MaryATWELL licence 
23-Apr1747JohnWHITEWimborne M &JaneBARRETT   
07-Oct1747RobertKIMBER  &MaryBURTWitchampton  
26-May1748WilliamISAACTollard R Wilt &MarthaHARDING   
07-Aug1748MeredithHART  &JaneFISHER   
18-Oct1749JosephPRINCE  &MaryBRIER   
 1750No records in BTs         
 1751No marriages took place         
05-Jul1752JamesHARTotp& AnnWHITLOCKotpbanns 
04-Feb1753RobertTRITEBlandford &SusanELLIOTotpbanns 
17-Jun1753ThomasCOLLISWitchampton &MaryCREWotpbanns 
08-Jul1753ThomasPERCYotp& ElizabethSAUNDERSotpbanns 
19-Jul1753WilliamHEBDITCHotp &DorothyTIBBSotpbanns 
30-Jul1753HenryKINGRingwood &ElizabethKIMBER banns 
01-Aug1754EdwardGILBERT  &MaryKIMBER   
13-Aug1754JohnFORDWitchampton &ElizabethBAILYotpbanns 
19-Dec1754ThomasDODDBlandford F &HannahHARVEYotpbanns 
30-Mar1755SamuelDREWT.Rushton &MaryPARKERotplicence 
14-Nov1755WilliamBESTotp& SusannaFORDotplicence 
 1756No records in BTs         
20-Feb1757JohnPLUMERwidr otp &ElizabethYOUNGotplicence 
26-Jul1757JohnCROTHERSwidr otp &MeliorCARTERotplicence 
05-Feb1758JosephMETCHARDotp &MaryLANCEotpbanns 
09-Jul1758GeorgeBUCKLANDotp &AnnASHotpbanns 
26-Nov1758JamesCOLLISDurweston &EstherASHotpbanns 
25-Mar1759ArthurELLIOTTotp& Ann RachelSCOTTotpbanns 
15-Apr1759JohnNORTHOVERCerne Abbas &LydiaWHIFFINotplicence 
19-Jun1759JohnNORRIST Gunville &EmmaHALLETTotplicence 
12-Jun1759ThomasFRYBlandford F &AnnBECKotpbanns 
18-Nov1759SamuelINGRAMotp& HesterFIFFORDotplicence 
26-Dec1759GeorgeBUCKLANDwidr otp &MaryPITMANotplicence 
06-Apr1760JohnYETMAN & AnnREAD banns 
22-Mar1761EdwardFIFFORD  &HannahGURD banns 
 1762No marriage records in BTs         
 1763No marriage records in BTs         
11-Dec1764WilliamBENNETT  &MaryFARLEY banns 
19-Aug1765JamesAYLES & ElizabethARNELL licence 
21-Oct1765ThomasCLARKE  &AnnGILBERT licence 
21-Jan1766RichardCLARK  &MaryPAYNE   
21-Jan1766MatthewHASKELL  &JennyMARK banns 
21-Jan1766CharlesBAKER  &ElizabethCURTIS licence  
01-Dec1766JamesLAMBERT  &AnnGARRET licence 
 1767-1787No marriages recorded in BTs         
25-Dec1788SamuelWHITEBlandfordForum &EleanoraSINGLETONotpbanns 
02-Jan1789WilliamOXFORDotp& JudithBALLARDotpbanns 
16-Feb1789EdwardWICKSotp& SarahNEWMANotpbanns 
13-Apr1789JohnLOADERG.All Saints &AnneLOVELotpbanns 
19-Oct1789ThomasGILBERT  &MarthaCLARK banns 
10-Nov1789WilliamLANE  &EleanoraSWEETAPPLE banns  
16-Nov1789JosephSIMS & HannahMETYARD   
16-Feb1790JohnMETYARD  &AbigailFARLEY   
12-Apr1790GregoryDYOT  &SarahHISCOCK   
 1791No records in BTs         
05-Mar1792WilliamBREWERotp& ElizabethBAKERotpbanns 
24-Jul1792JamesBAKERotp& JaneVINCENTotpbanns 
17-Aug1792JosephBALLARD  &LucyWHELLER banns 
25-Dec1792RichardBUSHELL  &Sar:SIMMONDS banns 
 1793No records in BTs         
28-Jun1794JohnYOUNGBach otp &AnneVINCENTotplicence 
12-May1795ZachariahHAYWARDBach Manston &SarahFOOTotpbanns 
01-Mar1796JohnWILLIAMSGuss All Saints &ElizabethWHITEotpbanns 
30-Mar1796WilliamHISCOCKHorton &AnneBENNETTotpbanns 
09-Oct1797FramptonROGERSWimborne St Giles &MarySIMSotpbanns 
26-Dec1797JamesHARTotp& AnneSIMSotpbanns 
09-Apr1798JohnLAMBERTotp& ElizabethWHITEotpbanns 
09-Apr1798HenryNEWMANotp& MaryGILBERTotpbanns 
30-Apr1798SimonLAMBERTotp& EleonoraJAMESotpbanns 
24-May1798EdwardSMITHTarrant Rushton &SusannaADAMSotpbanns 
25-Jul1799JohnGREGORYotp& LucyANDREWSotpbanns 
05-Jun1800RobertJARVISotp& Joanna PhobeTURNERotpbanns 
19-Oct1800JohnMANN & SarahTUBBS banns 
 1801No marriages took place         
 1802No marriages took place         
28-Feb1803CharlesHALLotp& MaryDAVISotpbanns 
11-Apr1803JohnLAURENSotp& MaryPRINCEotpbanns 
05-Oct1803JamesMAIDMENT  &ElizabethCOOKTarrant Moncktonbanns  
30-Jan1804RobertJENKINSotp& ElizabethBARNSotpbanns 
 1805No marriages took place         
 1806No marriages took place         
18-Mar1807ThomasNEWMANCranborn Widr &MaryPORTERotp Widlicence 
 1808No records in BTs         
 1809No records in BTs         
 1810No records in BTs         
 1811No records in BTs         
16-Nov1812JamesSIMMONDSotp& MaryPENTONMoor Crichelbanns 
15-Mar1813ThomasMEASSERLab otp &Mary AnnSIMSSpin Moor Crichelbanns  
?1813JosephBAGGLab Litton Cheney &MarthaGUMBLETONLong Critchillbanns [Note: Transcribed 31 June, of course not right]
?-Oct1814ThomasUREBERNotp& SarahHUNTotpbannsJohn Sims
 1815No marriages took place         
 1816No marriages took place         
27-Nov1817ThomasGILBERTBach otp &HannahSTRANGESpin otpbannsHenry Clark, John Sims
26-Feb1818HenrySIMSotp& MaryBAKERotpbannsJohn Sims, Phileman Best
06-Jul1818JamesTOMSBach Guss All Saints &Mary AnnWILLIAMSSpin otpbanns James Gilbert, John Sims
25-Jan1819CharlesHOLLOWAYBach Tollard Farnham &ArabellaHARVEYSpin otpbanns Henry Mary Elizabeth Pelham and others
07-Jun1819JohnBESTBach otp& PriscillaSHEPHERDSpin otpbannsJohn Luther Maria Best
07-Jun1819JamesLAMBERT WADDEMBach otp &ElizabethLOADERSpin otpbanns Hannah Loader, John ??????
10-Oct1819JamesGILBERTBach otp &FrancesPARHAMSpin otpbannsJohn Sims, Henry Gilbert
22-Jan1820EdwardROWDENBach Langford Wilts &Ann GilbertGILBERT CLARKE banns Lettisa Hatton, Thomas Clarke
01-Oct1820JohnFALLWidr otp& JaneLOCKYERSpinbannsJohn Masteman, John Sims
21-Oct1820SamuelBUGDENWidr Hinton Martel &HannahGILBERTSpin otplicence John Sims, Robert ?????
21-Oct1820RobertWEARPentridge &AnnGILBERTotpbannsJohn Sims, Samuel Bugden
31-May1821HenryTUBBSWitchampton &SarahFARLEYotpbannsCharles Tubbs, Mary, Beth or Ruth & Christian Farley
15-Aug1821ThomasSEYMOURCranborn &ElizabethBUCKLEYotpbannsHenry Newman, John Sims
22-Oct1821ThomasUPWARDBach Stourpain &MaryWOODFORDSpin otpbannsWm Woodford, John Sims
14-Apr1822MethusalemDAVISotp &FrancesTURNERotpbannsJohn Sims, Hannah Pardy, John Williams
22-Apr1822WilliamOATSBach otp &HarriotSIMSSpin otpbannsThomas Musher, Anne Grove
09-Oct1822JohnNEWTONBach otp &AnneCLARKESpin otpbannsCatherine Masters, Rich Diplock, John Sims
30-Oct1822WilliamWATTSotp& AnnSPEARINGotpbannsJoseph Barfoot, Emma Porter. John Sims
18-Mar1823IsaacWILLIAMSBach otp &MaryPRINCESpin otpbannsHannah Lawrence, John Mellish, John Sims
20-May1823RobertLOADERBach otp &AnnSMITHSpin otpbannsMary William, John Sims
13-Nov1824IsaacSCOVELLHolderness, Hants &CharlotteCROUTERotpbannsHannah Scovell, Rich Diplock
 1825No marriages took place         
 1826No records in BTs         
 1827No records in BTs         
 1828No records in BTs         
 1829JosephRANDALL  &ElizabethGILBERT banns  
 1829WilliamNOTTE or NOBLE  &MarthaANDERS banns 
10-Feb1830RobertFORDof Yetminster &SarahBESTotpbannsJane Newton, John Sims, Mary Sims
08-May1830HenryFERRETTotp& ElizabethSPEARINGotpbannsCharlotte Farley, David Spearing
 1831No records in BTs         
25-Jul1832WilliamDENNYotp& MarianneTRUMANotpbannsDiana Denny, Edward Denny
19-Dec1832JohnROBINSONotp& FrancesCOSHotplicenceRichard Diplock, Charlotte Cosh
17-Feb1833ThomasREADotp& CharlotteCLARKEotpbannsCharles Read, Charlotte Read
24-Mar1833JamesLAMBERTotp& SarahFUDGEGussage All SaintsbannsJohn Lambert, Charlotte Cosh
 1834No records in BTs         
30-Nov1835JohnSIMSotp& RebeccaBISHOPotplicenceHenry Jeeriz, Ann Osman
17-Sep1836CharlesDEBBENotp& Mary AnnSLOPERotpbannsEliz Sloper, Charles Foot
12-Oct1836BenjaminWADHAMotp &MatildaPORTERotpbannsJohn Friend, Harriet Amy Porter
25-Oct1836GeorgeGILBERTotp& FannySTEELotpbannsJoseph Randell, Hannah Beament
 1837No records in BTs         
 1838No records in BTs         
DateYearForenameSurname Status AgeOccupationParishFather Fathers Occ Witnesses
08-Jun1839StephenBUTLERBachelor 26CarpenterWitchamptonGeorge ButlerCarpenter George & Mary Frampton
  ElizabethHARRISSpinster 29Ladies MaidMoor CrichelThomas Harris Preventive Service
23-Jul1839JamesMILLERBachelor 27LabourerWimborneJohn MillerLabourer Jonah or Josiah Dewfall, Ellen Porter
  Mary JaneFREEBONESpinster 24ServantMoor CrichelWilliam Freebone LabourerSarah Eliza Porter, Hannah Maria Porter
08-Oct1839StephenKIMBERBachelor 23LabourerMoor CrichelSamuel KimberLabourer Robert Kimber, Sarah Newman
  Maria AnnADAMSSpinster 24ServantMoor CrichelGeorge AdamsLabourer  
08-Dec1839JohnWEEKSBacherlor 30ShepherdMoor CrichelJohn WeeksShepherd Robert Baker, Sarah Baker
  AnneBAKERSpinster 23Ladies MaidMoor CrichelJeremiah Baker Shepherd 
24-Dec1839WilliamCHRISTOPHERBachelor 27LabourerMoor CrichelWilliam Christopher LabourerCharles Christopher, Elizabeth Newman
  MaryNEWMAN xSpinster 18LabourerMoor Crichel    
28-Dec1839WilliamPINNEYBachelor 40ShoemakerMoor CrichelGeorge PinneyCordwainer Henry Kail, Jane Kail
  SusanSTAY (STERY?)Widow 38ShoemakerMoor CrichelEnoch WhiteLabourer  


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