Moor Crichel

Burials 1620 to 1792

Transcribed from the Parish Registers and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

The Parish Register is difficult to read in places, so readers are invited to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the original at the Dorset History Centre.

29Sep1620Ann CLARKEwidow
12Dec1620Elizabeth ASHwife of William ASH [entry in Latin]
02Jan1620/1Clement GERARD 
21Jan1620/1Margarett ASHwidow
19Aug1621Henry PRINCEson of Henry PRINCE
04Nov1621Judeth WHITMORE alias COLLINSwife of Richard WHITMORE alias COLLINS
17Nov1621Henry BELBYN 
12Dec1621Sir Edmond UVEDALEKnight, died 10-Dec-1621 [entry in Latin]
15Jun1622Elinor FAR (?)wife of Henry FAR (?) the Elder [soiled]
- -Oct1622John ASHLEYServant of George UVEDALE Esq. [soiled]
06Mar1622/3John EBBER 
09Jun1623Katherine POTTYCARE 
16Nov1623Elinor ASHwife of Moses ASH
08Jan1623/4Christopher CYVIER 
09Jan1623/4Alice GERARDwidow
27Jun1624Alice ROGERS 
08Aug1624Mary BROWNEdaughter of Thomas BROWNE Clerke
16Jan1624/5Frances MUCKLEwife of John MUCKLE
20Feb1624/5Roger CYVIERson of John CYVIER
20Mar1624/5Richard WHITEMORE alias COLLINS
20Apr1625Joane CYVIERwidow
29May1625William BLUNTthe Elder, being 107 yeare olde
22Jul1625Elinor METIORwife of John METIOR
28Sep1625John ALSTED (?)the Elder [soiled]
07Jan1626/7Francis BURGESS 
26May1627Sarah BUTTLERdaughter of Henry BUTTLER of Heathe (?) [soiled]
24Oct1627Edyth FYFETTwidow
02Nov1627Amie WARWICKE 
25Jan1627/8Joane BELBYNwidow
24Jan1627/8Barbara BLUNTwidow
13Feb1627/8Zachary METIOR 
17Feb1627/8Phippian BURTEwidow
29Feb1627/8Elizabeth OKEDENMrs, wife of William OKEDEN Esq. & only daughter of George UVEDALE Esq.
09Sep1628Margery UVEDALEMrs, wife of George UVEDALE Esq.
27Mar1629Jeane BENFEILDdaughter of Henry BENFEILD
05Jun1629Mary BEMBERRYwife of William BEMBERRY
17Jun1629Agnes BOYSwife of John BOYS
05Nov1629Agnes WELSTRA--widow [dash over last ’a’ indicates name has been abbreviated, probably from WELSTRAM]
08Nov1629Margarett GOORDEwife of Christopher GOORDE
20Nov1629Roger PRIORson of Roger PRIOR
25Feb1629/30John BOYS 
20Apr1630John BODY alias THOMAS 
30Apr1630Ann BELBYNwife of William BELBYN
01Aug1630John HILLthe Elder, 80 years old
15Nov1630Alice HOSKINSdaughter of Abel HOSKINS
02Jan1630/1Henry DOUNTONson of Thomas DOUNTON
17Jan1630/1Susan GILLETTwife of R. GILLETT
17Feb1630/1Margarett BEMBERRYwife of William BEMBERRY who died in ... being not delivered [i.e. died in childbirth]
18Feb1630/1Mary BLACKEdaughter of Thomas BLACKE of Gussage [soiled - surname may in fact be BLACKEBURY]
02Apr1631Alexander ASHson of Moses ASH
25Apr1631Joane HENSTRIDGEwidow, 94 years old
13Sep1631Richard MUCKLE 
04Dec1631Grace BROWNEdaughter of Thomas BROWNE Clerke
13Dec1631Christopher GOORDE 
08Feb1631/2Margarett GOORDEdaughter of Thomas GOORDE; in Latin: whose sudden death was in ...[ rest cut off]
29Feb1631/2Margarett RYCKETTwidow
06Feb1631/2Christopher PRINCE 
27Mar1632John FURBER 
17Apr1632Richard GILLETT 
18Apr1632Joane DOUNTONdaughter of Thomas DOUNTON
27May1632John COOKEClerke to Sir Nathaniel NAPPER, Knight, "Trinit Fest" [possibly means "Festival of Trinity"]
24Sep1632Thomas HARRISson of Thomas HARRIS
26Sep1632Grace HOSKINS"Eleemosmaria" [eleemos is Latin for almsgiving]
20Jan1632/3Mary HOSKINSwife of William HOSKINS
11Aug1633William OKEDENEsq.
29Oct1633Jeane HAYNESdaughter of Thomas HAYNES
02Nov1633Martha JERARDdaughter of James JERARD
19Nov1633Roger RYVESson of G. RYVES
22Nov1633John BESTson of William BEST
29Nov1633Margarett BESSANTwife of Roger BESSANT
08Feb1633/4Edmond OKEDENson of Edmond OKEDEN Esq.
06Apr1635John SMITH alias COMBEson of Ellis SMITH alias COMBE
08Feb1635/6Mary BROWNEdaughter of Thomas BROWNE Clerke
01Mar1635/6Ann HILLwidow
26Mar1636Judith OKEDENwife of Edmond OKEDEN Esq.
15May1636Ann RYCKETTwife of William RYCKETT
19Jun1636Alice PRIORdaughter of Roger PRIOR
18Oct1636Robert WESTOFFof Blandford Forum
07Mar1636/7John METIOR 
01Jul1637Joane CYVIERdaughter of John & Ann CYVIER
21Jul1637George DASHWOODE 
08May1638Alice BENFEILDdaughter of Henry & Alice BENFEILD
20Jun1638John COOKE alias MARTIN80 years old
05Aug1638Agnes ADAMSServant to Thomas BROWNE Clerke
28Aug1638Izard PEIRCEdaughter of Ury PEIRCE [mother]
02Sep1638William HOSKINS80 years old
02Sep1638Thomas HAYNE 
06Sep1638Martha BROWNEwife of Thomas BROWNE Clerke
08Sep1638John CYVIERthe Elder
30Oct1638Henry WELSTRAM"Morto Malis" [Latin for "Evil Death"]
11Nov1638Henry BENEFEILDson of Henry & Alice BENEFEILD
22Nov1638John HAYNEParish Clarke
25Dec1638Mary HAYNEwidow
20Jan1638/9Magery RYCKETTwife of William RYCKETT
22Jan1638/9Margarett TANNERwife of John TANNER
31Jan1638/9William BEST 
06Feb1638/9Richard LEWES 
24Mar1638/9Elizabeth BLUE 
28Mar1639Alice MUCKLEwidow
30May1639Thomas BROWNRector of Moore Critchell
19Jun1639Richard BLANCHARDof Christchurch [Hampshire]
27Jun1639Elizabeth PRIORdaughter of Roger PRYOR [sic]
01Apr1639Elizabeth DRAKEwife of William DRAKE
01Apr1639Edith KIDGELLwife Edmond KIDGELL & daughter of Thomas BEASANT "about the same time" [as Elizabeth DRAKE above]
10Sep1639Alice LANNINGMrs, widow
- -Dec1639Roger SMITH 
03Jan1639/40Ann SMITHwife of Ellis SMITH
10Nov1639Margaret DOUNTONdaughter of Thomas DOUNTON
02Feb1639/40George WILLIAMSServant to Gerrard NAPPER Esq.
12Feb1639/40Moses ASH 
12Mar1639/40Ann HAINEdaughter of the Widow HAINE
26Apr1640[not given] FISH 
28May1640Margaret WOOL (?)daughter of William WOOL (?) [blotted]
06Jul1640[illegible] SMITH alias COMBE 
27Jul1640James JERARD alias CLEMENTson of James JERARD alias CLEMENT
12Feb1640/1[illegible] BLUNTwife of William BLUNT
25Mar1641[illegible] [illegible] 
27Mar1641Mary RICKETdaughter of William RICKET
15Jan1641/2[illegible] [illegible] 
- -- - -1641/2[illegible] ASHson of William ASH
20May1642Jephthah HAPGOODson of Martha HAPGOOD
04Dec1642Jane BROWNEdaughter of George BROWNE
10Dec1642Mary SEIVYERwidow
15Jan1642/3[illegible] HIL (?)wife of John HIL (?)
05Jul1643William (?) [illegible]BURY 
- -Jul1643Robert (?) ASHson of Peter ASH
25Apr1664Rachall BESENTdaughter of Roger BESENT
13Jun1664Elizabeth HOSKENdaughter of Abel & Elizabeth HOSKEN
06Oct1664Henry BANFULL[probably a corruption of BENFEILD]
14Oct1664Edward OKEDENson of William OKEDEN Esq.
      no further entries until 1669
03Nov1669George LITHY 
20Dec1669Nickelis WATSVicker
20Mar1699/70Edward FIFETT 
04Mar1699/70John WELSTEED 
22Mar1699/70Philip FORD 
07Apr1670Richard HULETT 
14Apr1670Edward OKEDENson of William OKEDEN Esq.
18Jul1670Edward FIFETT 
10Aug1670William BANFILLson of George BANFILL
02Sep1670Margret BANFILLwife of George BANFILL
14Mar1670/1Crestopher SMITHson of Lenard SMITH
29Mar1671Edward PRENCson of William PRENC
08Mar1671/2John BANFELLTanner
26Dec1672Ann HOSKENSdaughter of Abbe HOSKENS
04Jun1673Sir Gerrard NAPPERKnight & Baronett, died 14-May-1673
10Nov1673John BALLETof Mangewood
13Apr1674Henry WHIT 
22Apr1674Mary GEEBS 
30May1674Litton FEILD 
31Jan1674/5Walter CRANE 
21Mar1674/5Michaell WILCOX 
20Oct1675William PRINCEthe Younger
04Nov1675Thomas MUCKLE 
24Jan1675/6Deborah WELLSTEEDwidow
09Feb1675/6Mary COMBEwife of Leonard COMBE
13Feb1675/6Simon DOUNTONson of Thomas & Warburrow DOUNTON
28Mar1676John PARSONSson of John & Ann PARSONS
30Apr1676Elizabeth BAKERdaughter of Charles & Elizabeth BAKER
21Jun1676Blanche NAPERdaughter of Sir Nathaniell & Madame Blanche NAPPER
02Jul1676Thomas GURD 
14Jul1676Henry [not given] 
28Sep1677[not given] HALLET 
02Jan1678/9Henry MARTIN 
13Jan1678/9Windham NAPIERdied and was buried at Minterne
21Jan1678/9Thomas DOUNTON 
08Mar1678/9Nanny (?) BROWNwife of Anthony BROWN [blotted]
26Jun1679John HILLYeoman
09Nov1679Jane BELBINSpinster
16Dec1679Ann* BESANTwife of Roger BESANT Taylour [*blotted; could also be Amy]
18Dec1679Ann BLUNTdaughter of John BLUNT Yeoman
04Jan1679/80Margaret BLUNTwife of John BLUNT Yeoman
07Jan1679/80Roger BESANTthe Younger
08Feb1679/80John BAKERson of Charles & Elizabeth BAKER
27Jul1680Mary DIBBINSpinster
15Feb1680/1John GILBERT 
11May1681Agartha BURRASan infant
18May1681Charles BAKER 
04Oct1681John TUFFIN 
24Oct1681William DEWATER (?) 
05Jan1681/2Elizabeth HALLOTHEinfant
11Apr1682Elizabeth ROBINSwife of John ROBINS
13Jul1682William COMBES 
15Aug1682Matthias WARDEN 
20Nov1682Elizabeth HEWETTwife of John HEWETT
22Nov1682Margarett COMBESwife of Luke COMBES
28Dec1682William COMBESson of Luke COMBES
26Dec1682Lydia HIX 
27Jan1682/3Elizabeth BAKER 
30Jan1682/3Thomas HENSTRIDGEson of Robert HENSTRIDGE
30May1683William CRANE 
29Aug1683Luke COMBES 
29Aug1683[not given] WILLCOXMrs
03Sep1683[not given] WARVELLMrs
01Oct1683Elizabeth HEBDITCHwife of Richard HEBDITCH
09Dec1683Mary HARDYMANwife of William HARDYMAN
22Jan1683/4Elizabeth BOILES 
22Jan1683/4Luke SYMPSON 
01Mar1683/4Margarett BLUNT 
13May1684[not given] PRATTMrs
28Mary1684Abell CLARKE 
12Jun1684Mary GILBERTwidow
30Jun1684Richard HALLETTinfant
07Aug1684Mary OKEDENwife of William OKEDEN Esq.
14Sep1684Jane DOMINEYwife of Robert DOMINEY
22Sep1684Grace HULETTwidow
05Mar1684/5Thomas RYALL 
12Apr1685William SHARPE 
21Jul1685William BLUNT 
03Sep1685William BLUNTson of the abovesaid William BLUNT
01Oct1685Thomas BEST 
05Nov1685Thomas MARTINinfant
28Dec1685William BLUNT 
13Jan1685/6Sarah REDMANwife of John REDMAN of Chauberry [i.e. Chalbury]
02Feb1685/6Mary BESTdaughter of John BEST
21Feb1685/6Jane WILLOUBY 
02Mar1685/6Blanch Catherina NAPIERMiss, died 28-Feb-1685/6 and was buried at Wimborne Minster
07Mar1685/6Abell GURD 
10Mar1685/6Roger COMBES 
10Mar1685/6Daniel COMBESson of Roger COMBES [above]
17Mar1685/6Leonard COMBES 
23Mar1685/6Charles BLUNT 
27Mar1686Roger COMBESinfant
08Aug1686John HULETT 
12Sep1686Roger THORNEinfant
08Mar1686/7Katherine BLUNTwidow
27Jan1687/8John GURDof Poole
15Apr1688Dorothy BROWNEwife of Anthony BROWNE
07May1688William THORNEson of John THORNE
11Jul1688Mary HALLETTdaughter of Richard HALLETT
15Jul1688Magdalen OKEDENwife of William OKEDEN Esq.
19Jul1688Edward WHITE 
24Aug1688Richard GULLIFORD 
07Sep1688Lenox NAPIERMr, died 04-Sep-1688 and was buried at Wimborne Minster
01Jul1689Robert DOMINEY 
01Aug1689Susanna COMBESdaughter of Luke COMBES
19Oct1689John [not given] 
23Nov1689Gerard NAPPEREsq., died at London on 15-Nov-1689 and was buried at Wimborne
16Dec1689Sarah HENSTRIDGE 
27Jan1689/90Elizabeth PRINCEwidow
16Apr1690Hannah WHITEwidow
15May1690Joane RICKETdaughter of William & Tomasin RICKET
02Nov1690Ursula CRANEwidow
29Dec1690Thomas DOMINEY 
08Nov1691Richard HURLE 
22Nov1691Elizabeth CORNISH 
01Jul1692Tomasin RICKETTwife of William RICKETT
12Nov1692William RICKETTson of William RICKETT
14Nov1692Gilbert GERARD 
03Jan1692/3Michael WILLCOX 
08Jan1692/3Elizabeth CLARKEdaughter of James CLARKE
20Jan1692/3Alice HENSTRIDGE 
08Apr1693John THORNEson of John & Anne THORNE
20Apr1693Richard SQUIBson of Richard & Joane SQUIB
15May1693Anthony BROWNEson of Anthony BROWNE
25Jan1693/4Margarett PENNYMrs
16Mar1693/4William HARDIMAN 
30Apr1694William OKEDENEsq.
04May1694Anthony THORNEson of John & Anne THORNE
29Jun1694Richard HALLETT 
29Jun1694Henery HULETT 
- -Jul1694Mary MOULEMwife of John MOULEM
14Aug1694Bridgett HULETTwidow
25Mar1695Mary PRINCEdaughter of Anne PRINCE
15Apr1695Blanch NAPERthe Lady, wife of Nathaniel NAPER died 01-Apr-1695 and was buried at Minterne
06May1695Mary PRINCEdaughter of John PRINCE
30Jun1695Robert BESTa child of Witchampton
21Aug1695Robert PITMANof Tollard
19Nov1695Abell HOSKINS 
01Aug1696Henery WHITE 
04Nov1696Anthony BROWNE 
06Nov1696John MOULEM 
22Nov1696Susan FIFEDwidow
01Jan1696/7John THORNEson of John & Anne THORNE
11Mar1696/7Rachel RICKETTdaughter of George & Rachel RICKETT
14Mar1696/7Margarett BESTdaughter of John & Margarett BEST
11Jul1697William HEBDITCHson of Francis & Mary HEBDITCH
03Jan1697/8Elizabeth GREENdaughter of Nicholas & Mary GREEN
07Sep1698Rebecca GREGORY 
15May1699Dorothy RICKETTwife of George RICKETT
01Jun1699Margery COMBES 
25Jun1699William PRINCE 
15Jul1699George RICKETT 
31Dec1699Alice GURDwidow
01Sep1700Mary PARGETT 
31Oct1700John WELLSof & belonging to ye parish of Ensam
16Mar1700/1John BEST 
30Mar1701John RICKETTson of George RICKETT
01Apr1701John FISHER 
13Apr1701Judith MOULEMwife of John MOULEM
16Apr1701William DOWNTONson of William DOWNTON
22May1701Elizabeth HOSKINSwidow
06Jul1701Elizabeth RYALLwidow
29Oct1701Mable BEASANTdaughter of Roger BEASANT
03Aug1702Jane LANCEdaughter of Robert LANCE
13Sep1702Christian WILKINSwife of John WILKINS
18Jan1702/3Mary MARTINwidow
12Feb1702/3Margarett PRINCEwidow
21Mar1702/3Elizabeth JANESwife of Walter JANES
16Mar1703/4John STAINEMOREson of Anne STAINEMORE & supposed father John HARDING
17Apr1704Margarett BLUNTwidow
19Jun1704John MOULEM 
04Jan1704/5Robert LANCE 
26Apr1705Anne GURDdaughter of Thomas GURD
28May1705Walter JANES 
05Jun1705Thomas SHERVILL 
02Jul1705Thomas RATCLIFFE 
03Aug1705Catherine BRENTONwife of John BRENTON
14Oct1705Sarah FLOOKESdaughter of Ephraim FLOOKES
02Dec1705Richard HEBDITCH 
10Mar1705/6Mary OSBURSTONwife of Richard OSBURSTON
07Apr1706Dorothy PARGETTwife of John PARGETT
11Apr1706Joane FLOOKESdaughter of Ephraim FLOOKES
21Apr1706Susan CLARKEwife of James CLARKE junior
23May1706Mary STRANGWAYESwidow
26May1706Mary DOMINEYwife of Daniel DOMINEY of Witchampton
14Jun1706Henery RICKETTson of George RICKETT
22Jul1706Thomas GURD 
24Sep1706Jane HENSTRIDGEwidow
09Nov1706Joane FIFETTwife of Edward FIFETT
27Nov1706Edward DOMINEYof ye parish of [blank]
28Dec1706Margaret HEWETT 
26Jan1706/7James CLARKEjunior
20Feb1706/7James GILBERT 
15Jul1707Fanney ASHEdaughter of Thomas ASHE
21Dec1707John WILKINS 
06Jan1707/8Stephen HALLETT 
23Jun1708William ASHEson of Thomas ASHE
21Sep1708Jane WILLIAMS 
19Oct1708Francis COUFLETTinfant
07Dec1708John DYETTinfant
09Jan1708/9Thomas MARTIN 
10Jan1708/9Peter LAWRENCE 
13Jan1708/9William ALNER 
26Jan1708/9John GURD 
02Feb1708/9Martha HOSKINSwife of Abell HOSKINS
12Feb1708/9Sir Nathaneil NAPIERKnight & Baronett, died 21-Jan-1708/9 & was buried at his Dormitory in Minterne
04May1709Mary HEBDITCHwife of Francis HEBDITCH
13Jun1709Elizabeth GURDwidow
21Jun1709Warborough DOUNTONwidow
22Jan1709/10James CLARKEClarke of ye parish
12Jun1710William KENNELL 
30Dec1710Edmund GURD 
18Jan1710/11Fanney ASHEdaughter of Thomas ASHE
16Feb1710/11Deborah COMBESwife of Luke COMBES
24May1711Thomas BESTson of William BEST
24May1711John COMBESson of Luke COMBES
08Aug1711Katherine SIMMSof Kingston
01Oct1711John PRINCEinfant
30Jan1711/12William SHURVILL 
14Feb1711/12Martha CLARKEwidow
17Feb1711/12Thomas PALMER 
19Feb1711/12John BESTinfant
27Feb1711/12Jane HENSTRIDGE 
11Apr1712Susanna ASHEdaughter of Thomas ASHE
04May1712John HUNT 
11May1712Luke COMBES 
03Aug1712Susan CLARKE 
19Oct1712John BURGESS 
25Apr1713Anne HUNTinfant
12Jun1713Elizabeth CLARKE 
12Jan1713/14Elizabeth ANDREWSwife of Richard ANDREWS
24Jan1713/14George STEED 
10Mar1713/14Susanna FARLYdaughter of John FARLY
31Oct1714Jane BESTwife of William BEST
27Apr1715Mary BROOKMANwife of Edward BROOKMAN
19May1715Amye GURDwife of John GURD
14May1715Thomas HARDING 
07Jan1715/16Martha DOWNTONdaughter of William DOWNTON
27May1716Elizabeth PETTYwife of John PETTY
19Jul1716Thomas MARTIN 
14Aug1716[not given] DOMINEYdaughter of Thomas DOMINEY of Witchampton
19Dec1716Mary STEEDwidow
20Jan1716/17Jane HENSTRIDGEinfant
22Oct1717Thomas HUNTinfant
26Sep1718William OKEDENEsq.
15Feb1718/19John MEWa child
16May1719William GUISERev’d, late Rector of Moor Crichel
12Sep1719William FOILEson of William FOILE
23Dec1719Sarah SIMMS 
21Apr1720Keturah BEST 
08May1720Robert CREECH 
17Jun1720Francis HEPDITCH 
13Aug1720Catharine NAPIERMrs, died
28Au1720Grace MARSH 
02Oct1720Jane ROGERSwidow
14Nov1720Mary FARLEYwife of John FARLEY of Mangewood
03Feb1720/1Martha KIMBERwife of Matthew KIMBER of Mangewood
02Apr1721Roger BEZANT 
20Apr1721Martha KIMBERdaughter of Matthew & Martha KIMBER
09Feb1721/2Penelope GREYERwife of Alexander GREYER
14Feb1722/3Anne MARTIN 
06Mar1722/3Margaret BESTwidow
25Jun1723Elizabeth HARTdaughter of Edward & Elizabeth HART
24Jan1723/4Joan ATKINSwife of Robert ATKINS
26Feb1723/4Thomas SHERVIL 
09Apr1724Mary HARRISwife of John HARRIS
23Apr1724Catharine NAPIERthe Honorable & truly Religious Lady; died 13-Apr-1724; buried at Mintern to ye very great grief & concern of all who knew her
12Nov1724Margaret BESTdaughter of John & Mary BEST
13Dec1724Stephen HASLEWOODServant of William NAPIER Esq.
31Dec1724George HART 
01Jan1724/5Elizabeth WHITEinfant daughter of Edward & Hester WHITE
26Feb1724/5Sarah HALLETinfant daughter of Thomas & Susanna HALLET
21Mar1724/5Ann BESTwife of William BEST
15Aug1725Richard PRINCEinfant son of Richard & Mary PRINCE
20Nov1725Thomas PALMER 
06Mar1725/6William PRINCEson of William & Jane PRINCE
16Sep1726William MARTENaged 78
14May1727Elizabeth NEPPREDdaughter of William & Mary NEPPRED
20Jul1727Thomas PRINCEson of Richard & Mary PRINCE
30Jul1727Freelove HARTdaughter of Edward & Elizabeth HART; drowned
07Nov1727Christopher PRINCEof Mangewood
27Nov1727Mary NEPPREDinfant daughter of William & Mary NEPPRED
22Jan1727/8Elizabeth REDMAINwife of Thomas REDMAIN of Horton
07Mar1727/8Sir Nathaniel NAPIERthe Honorable; Baronet; departed this life 24-Feb-1727/8 between 3-4pm; interred in his Dormitory at Minterne Magna
10May1728John PEITONCook to Sir William NAPPIER
26May1728Stephen HALLETson of Thomas & Susanna HALLET
08Aug1728Elias BUDDENson of Richard & Dorothy BUDDEN
06Sep1728Harry JEANS 
27Sep1728Hester ASHwife of Thomas ASH of Mangewood
19Jan1728/9Ann HUNTwife of Thomas HUNT of Tarrant Rushen
24Jan1728/9Joan TURNERwife of George TURNER
24Jan1728/9Richard PRINCE 
12Feb1728/9Joshua HUWELof Didlington, Charbury
03Mar1728/9Matthew KIMBER 
07Mar1728/9William OSBALSTONEinfant son of Ellis & Elizabeth OSBALSTONE
29Apr1729Elizabeth DOMINEYwife of Thomas DOMINEY of Witchampton
08May1729Robert ATKINS 
20May1729Thomas DOMINEYof Witchampton
- -Aug1729Mary OKEDENMrs, worthy & virtuous wife of William OKEDEN Esq., died 04-Aug-1729 & interred at St Edmund the King, Lombard St, London
02Nov1729John PRINCEof Mangewood
03Jan1729/30John BEAST 
07Jan1729/30Thomas GURDson of Hannah GURD
08Jan1729/30Susanna LANCEwife of Abel LANCE
11Jan1729/30Edward BROOKMANServant to Sir William NAPIER
12Jan1729/30Elizabeth LILLYwife of James LILLY
15Jan1729/30Thomas MEWson of Thomas & Mary MEW
17Jan1729/30William BESTof Didlington
20Jan1729/30Martha GURDwidow
20Jan1729/30John MISTApprentice to Edmund GURD
27Jan1729/30Mary FIFETdaughter of Edward & Martha FIFET
29Jan1729/30Abel HOSKENS 
08Feb1729/30Thomas MEWServant to Sir William NAPIER
11Feb1729/30Benjamin BEST 
10Mar1729/30Thomas ASH 
11Mar1729/30Hannah GURDwidow
15Mar1729/30Elizabeth CREWwife of Benjamin CREW
18Mar1729/30Christian KIMBERwife of Robert KIMBER
07Apr1730John NEPPREDinfant son of William & Mary NEPPRED
09Aug1730Elizabeth GURDwife of James GURD
20Feb1730/1Elizabeth HARTwife of Edward HART
03Mar1730/1John HARTinfant son of Edward HART
- -- - -1731Martha DOWNTON 
23Jul1732Mary BARRETT 
25Aug1732James GURD 
12Sep1732Abel LANCE 
05Oct1732Hannah LANCEwidow
19Nov1732Mary ALNER 
22Nov1732James LILLY 
15Dec1732Sarah HIBDITCHinfant daughter of Francis HIBDITCH
01May1733Richard BUDDENson of Richard BUDDEN
12May1733Jane HARDINwife of Joseph HARDIN
08Aug1733Ruth FOYLEdaughter of William FOYLE
02Sep1733Catherine SIMMSdaughter of John SIMMS
09Oct1733Anne BESTinfant daughter of Henry BEST of Horton
23Oct1733Hannah ASHspinster
31Oct1733Frances WEBBMrs, wife of Rev’d William WEBB, Rector of this Parish, died 26-Oct-1733
21Nov1733Grace HYBDITCHwidow
07Sep1734[not given] PEYTONMrs, widow
20Oct1734John PRINCEson of Thomas PRINCE
23Jun1735Hannah GURDdaughter of William GURD
12Jul1735Mary BESTdaughter of Mary BEST widow
30Jul1735William MUSSONson of William & Jane MUSSON
06Aug1735Mary BESTwidow
11Aug1735Ann DEVORALdaughter of William & Elizabeth DEVORAL
19Aug1735Martha BESTdaughter of Mary BEST widow
02Sep1735Grace TURNERspinster
20Oct1735Mary HENSTRIDGEwife of Edward HENSTRIDGE
07Dec1735Mary FOYLEdaughter of William FOYLE
12Jan1735/6Elias WEST 
13Mar1735/6Susanna HALLETTwife of Thomas HALLETT
01Nov1736Joan GUISEMrs, widow
27Jul1737William PRINCE 
28Jul1737[not given] GREERMrs, wife of Mr Alexander GREER
11Sep1737Anna HOSKINSwife of Abell HOSKINS
17Sep1737Richard COOMBS 
21Nov1737John BESTson of Mary BEST widow of the parish of Shapwick
- -Dec1737Walter HOSKINS 
01Jan1737/8Anne OSBALSTONEdaughter of Ellis & Elizabeth OSBALSTONE
16Feb1737/8Hannah MARTINwidow
14Mar1737/8Dorothy BUDDENwife of Richard BUDDEN
30Aug1738Margaret BESTdaughter of Winnefrid BEST widow
28Sep1738Mary MORGAN alias OKEDENMrs
29Sep1738Joseph HYBDITCHson of John & Jane HYBDITCH
28Nov1739Mary FOYLEwife of William FOYLE
12Jan1739/40William RUSSELLinfant son of Joseph & Margaret RUSSELL
14Jan1739/40Mary BESTwidow
07Mar1739/40John CREWinfant son of Benjamin & Elizabeth CREW
11Mar1739/40Sarah CROUTERwidow
11Nov1740Mary PRINCEwidow
16Apr1741Mary PECKHAMdaughter of William PECKHAM
19Apr1741Benjamin CREWson of Benjamin CREW
21Apr1741Melior CREWdaughter of Benjamin CREW
24May1741John DENNETson of William & Grace DENNET
26May1741John FARLEY 
07Jun1741Mary FARLEY 
21Jun1741Anne GURDdaughter of William & Catharine GURD
09Aug1741Mary WHITTLEdaughter of Shadrach & Hannah WHITTLE
04Dec1741[not given] TOOGOODson of [not given] TOOGOOD of Chalbury [BT’s have John son of John & Jane]
21Dec1741Mary ARNOLDdaughter of John & Lucy ARNOLD
30Mar1742Edmund GURDof Blandford
17Aug1742John TUBBS 
23Oct1742Anna PECKHAMwife of William PECKHAM
16Mar1742/3Edith MUSTONwidow
17Apr1743Edward HENSTRIDGE 
26Aug1743Catharine Mew POPEdaughter of Mary POPE
27Oct1743Francis HYBDITCH 
06Dec1743Mary MARTYNwidow
17Feb1743/4Grace PALMERwidow
18Apr1744Richard BUDDEN 
16Jul1744Elizabeth OSBALSTONEwife of Ellis OSBALSTONE
28Sep1744John CREWinfant son of Benjamin & Elizabeth CREW
16Dec1744Mary HARTwife of Edward HART
16Dec1744Joseph HARDING 
05May1745Hannah WHITTLEwife of Shadrach WHITTLE
28May1745Winifred BESTwidow
31May1745John PETTY 
31May1745Mary NEPPREDwife of William NEPPRED
19Nov1745Elizabeth DEVORALdaughter of William & Elizabeth DEVORAL
27Nov1745William FOYLE 
19Dec1745Henry ROGERS 
29Dec1745Reuben SMALLinfant son of Reuben & Mary SMALL
08Apr1746[not given] HALLETinfant
15Jun1746[not given] HALLET 
08Jul1746Martha FIFETTwife of Edward FIFETT
15Jul1746Edward FIFETT 
27Nov1746Anne BARRETT 
30Nov1746Anne WEEKS 
08Mar1746/7Thomas [BURDEN]base born son of Hannah [BURDEN - surname left blank in burial register; taken from christening register]
02Oct1747Elizabeth CARTERwife of John CARTER
26Dec1747Sarah ARSNETT 
03Apr1748Anne TARVERdaughter of White Line [sic] TARVER
04Apr1748Esau BESTson of William BEST
13Apr1748George MACKRELL 
17Apr1748Elizabeth DEVORALwife of William DEVORAL
18May1748Robert BUCKLAND 
20May1748Melior HOSKINSwife of Abel HOSKINS
04Jul1748Margaret HOSKINSwidow
12Jul1748[not given] BARRETT 
03Aug1748Joseph HYBDITCHson of John & Jane HYBDITCH
11Aug1748Rosanna READ 
19Oct1748Grace HALLETdaughter of Thomas HALLET
24Mar1748/9Thomas BEST 
17Jul1749William DEVORAL 
19Dec1749John DAVAGE 
19Jan1750/1George STICKLAND 
14Jan1750/1William DOUNTON 
06Jan1752James WELLSThe Rev’d Mr, Rector of this Parish
11Jun1752James KIMBER 
11Jul1752George TURNER 
10Oct1752John LAMBERT 
08Jan1753William NEPPREDMr
31Jan1753John HIBDITCH 
05Aug1753Ann FARLEYinfant
26Aug1753Benjamin CREW 
14Nov1753William OKEDENEsq.
10Jan1754Edward HART 
15Mar1754Richard ANDREWS 
23Mar1754John PECKHAM 
01Sep1754William MARSHALLinfant
08Sep1754Mary BEST 
19Oct1754Jane STOUTwidow
19Oct1754George HARTinfant [date uncertain - listed under Jane STOUT, so same date taken]
21Feb1755Elizabeth SIMSinfant
09Apr1755Elizabeth PRINCEwidow
03Jun1755James NORRIS 
17Nov1755Elizabeth GILBERT 
06Jan1756[not given] OKEDENMrs, wife of Edmund OKEDEN Esq.
06Jan1756Elizabeth WHITTLE 
07Jan1756Ann BESTinfant
15Feb1756Henry PRINCE 
15Feb1756John GILBERT 
28Mar1756William HEBDITCH 
02Apr1756Nathaniel FORD 
06Oct1756Samuel CLARK 
05Jan1757William POPE 
14Jan1757Thomas ASH 
26Jan1757William NEPPREDGent.
26May1757Edward ARNOLD 
10Dec1757John GREY 
11Dec1757Anne SMITH 
18Dec1757Catharine ANDREWS 
03Mar1758Catharine ASH 
19Nov1758Anne BUCKLAND 
16Feb1759Thomas HALLETT 
05Dec1759Evan MORGAN 
26Dec1759John SIMS 
28Dec1759Francis LOVELinfant
30Jan1760George BUCKLAND 
24May1760John HEBDITCH 
11Jun1760John HARTinfant
09Sep1760William BEST 
29Sep1760Mary POPEwidow
08May1761Jane BREWER 
16Jun1761Mary LAMBERTwidow
29Aug1761Lucy ARNOLD 
01Oct1761Charles MILLAR 
19Nov1761Amey BENNING 
18Dec1761Edward LAMBERT 
05Mar1762Christopher ABRAHAM 
14Mar1762Charles POTTLE 
19Mar1762John DIETTinfant
06Apr1762William SIMSinfant
16Apr1762Jane BESTwidow
13Jun1762Jane STURT 
28Jun1762Mary NIPPARDspinster
25Aug1762James HARTinfant
25Aug1762Edward FIFFIRD 
30Aug1762William MUSTON 
20Sep1762Richard HUNT 
01Oct1762Jane HEBDITCHwidow
16Oct1762Nicholas HATCHARD 
24Oct1762Edward FIFFiRDinfant
08Nov1762Hannah PRINCEwife of John PRINCE
07Dec1762Hannah FIFFIRDwife of Edward FIFFIRD
28Feb1763Sarah SIMS 
31Mar1763John LANCEdaughter of Mary
20Apr1763Joseph SMITH alias COMBESinfant
05Jun1763Ann COLLISinfant
12Jun1763Ann SMITH alias COMBESwife of [John written above Thomas] SMITH alias COMBES
14Jun1763Margaret RUSSELwife of Joseph RUSSEL
06Jul1763Lucy ARNOLDwife of John ARNOLD
28Jul1763Elizabeth BUCKLANDwidow
28Jul1763Susanna FORDwidow
12Aug1763John PETTY 
30Aug1763Jacob BAILEY 
10Oct1763Shadrach WHITTLE 
19Oct1763Robert DREW 
18Nov1763Martha HART 
06Dec1763William OKEDENM.A
05Jan1764Elizabeth MUSTON 
02Mar1764Edward WHITE 
20Mar1764Ann CLARKE 
10Apr1764Abel HOSKINS 
03Jun1764Ann GILBERTinfant
09Jul1764Joseph WELCHson of Thomas WELCH
16Jan1765Samuel INGRAM 
20Jan1765Sarah FARLEY 
10Apr1765Betty MACKREL 
24Apr1765Joseph HAKSELL 
26Jul1765William BEST 
26Sep1765Sarah SIMS 
08Oct1765William SMALL 
20Dec1765Zebulon DYET 
24Dec1765Mary FIFFORD 
26Dec1765Robert BAKER 
12Feb1766Ann HUNT 
08Mar1766Henry HART 
28May1766Robert KIMBER 
07Jun1766Eleanor GURD 
18Jun1766Thomas NEW 
24Jun1766William GURD 
13Aug1766John GILBERT 
26Aug1766Elizabeth BAKER 
16Nov1766Hester WHITE 
10Dec1766Edward NEPPREDRev’d Mr
01Jan1767Mary PETTY 
10Jul1767Robert WEEKS 
30Jul1767William FARLEY 
06Jan1768William KIIMBER 
10Jan1768Mary GREEN 
11Jan1768George MECHARD 
14Jun1768John GODDARD 
17Oct1768[not given] FIFFIRDwidow
26Oct1768Mary GODDARD 
18Jan1769Ann FARLEYwidow
30Jun1769Elizabeth LOVEL 
20Sep1769Joshua PRINCE 
07Jan1770John BREWER 
29Mar1771Susanna STICKLAND 
01May1771Elizabeth WHITE 
24May1771Mary BEST 
30May1771Susanna CARTER 
28Jul1771Jane LAMBERT 
05Aug1771Ruth COMBES 
29Jan1772Thomas STICKLAND 
10Jun1772Georgina Ann STURTinfant daughter of Humphry STURT Esq.
01Sep1772Richard BARRATT 
22Oct1772Thomas PRINCE 
28Mar1773John COMBES 
28Mar1773Eleanor COMBES 
04Apr1773Mary COMBESwife of John COMBES
10Apr1773John FRAMPTON 
25Apr1773Mary KIMBER 
26Apr1773Ashley William STURTson of Humphrey STURT Esq.
17May1773John HARDEN 
14Jun1773Mary PRINCE["M 1749" written beside the entry]
12Jul1773Martha GURD 
06Sep1773Gresham SIMS 
27Dec1773Phillis PRINCE 
29Jan1775John ARNOLD 
14Feb1775John DAVISinfant
08Mar1775William DENNETT 
14May1775Mary KIMBER 
21May1775Anna PRINCE 
06Jan1776Jane BROWN 
19May1776Edmund OKEDENEsq.
12Jun1776Richard CLARKE 
04Jul1776Jane DOWNTON 
22Jul1776Rebecca MUSTON 
20Aug1776Jane MUSTON 
26Sep1776John FRAMPTON 
29Sep1776Betty BEST 
07Jan1777Sarah Line TARVER 
06Mar1777Mary Line TARVER 
23Mar1777Ann WELLSinfant
23Mar1777Ruth DEWEYinfant
29Apr1777Francis VINCENTinfant
01May1777Henry HENLEY 
03Jun1777Sarah DAVISinfant
04Jul1777Henry BUDDEN 
09Aug1777Meredyth HEART 
14Nov1777James MEECHARD 
09Feb1778Martha WHITE 
17Apr1779Thomas HEBDITCH 
10May1779Mary MAIDMENT 
18Aug1779Magdalen PRINCE 
30Oct1779Elizabeth BEST 
26Dec1779Elizabeth SINGLETON 
01Feb1780William BEST 
01Feb1780Thomas CREW 
14Feb1780William GURD 
13Jun1780Diana COMBES 
23Jun1780Alice LANCE 
10Jan1781Lucy FRAMPTON 
25May1781Selina STURTinfant daughter of Humphry & Mary STURT Esq.
25May1781Grace DENNETTwidow of William DENNETT
28May1781Thomas DYETT 
31May1781Thomas COMBES alias SMITH 
01Oct1781Joseph DAVISinfant
01Mar1782John BUTTON 
05Apr1782Susanna ANDREWS 
27Aug1782James LOVELinfant
17Sep1782White Line TARVER 
05Jan1783William HOLLOWAY 
05Feb1783Arabella STILES 
09Feb1783James GILDER 
13Apr1783Sarah NEWMAN 
04May1783Mary GILBERT 
11Jul1783Ann CREW 
18Aug1783Sarah DAVES 
06Nov1783John DACE 
04Jan1784Mary DYETT 
18Jan1784Henrietta BUNDY 
16Feb1784Mark SINGLETON 
09May1784Susanna FELTHAM 
26May1784Elizabeth GILBERT 
11Aug1784Catherine GURD 
09Nov1784William HEPDITCH 
16Jan1785William HALLETT 
07Mar1785Ann MILLER 
14Sep1785John ARNOLD 
02May1787Sarah SEABOROUGH 
07May1787Mary FARLEY 
25May1787William HUPPER 
01Jul1787Mary DACKHAM 
20Jul1787John MILLER 
16Sep1787Mary Jane READ 
25Nov1787John FOYLE 
11Apr1788Elizabeth FARLEY 
21Apr1788John DYETT 
27Apr1788Eleanora DYETT 
03Sep1788William HEPDITCH 
29Sep1788Catherine Jane PARRYwife of his Excellency David PARRY Esq., Governor of Barbados
19Nov1788Elizabeth ABRAM 
23Nov1788Maria PRINCE 
24Mar1789Elizabeth HEPDITCH 
15Apr1789Henry SIMS 
20Aug1789Mary METYARD 
13Sep1789Samuel DYETT 
14Oct1789Josiah RANDOLL 
30Jan1790Mary BALLARD 
11Feb1790John BALLARD 
18May1790George Julius CAESARa Mulatto lad
25May1790Mary DYETT 
17Jun1790Sarah INGRAM 
25Jul1790Edward GILBERT 
07Jan1791Sarah DYETT 
10Apr1791Mary STAY 
01Jul1791Hanah ANDREWS 
26Oct1791Martha GILBERT 
27Oct1791John SILEY 
10Nov1791James LAMBERT 
14Nov1791Robert BARFOOT 
29Jan1792Thomas CLARKE 
02Feb1792John TURNER 
12Feb1792Robert WICKS 
18Feb1792William TURNER 
16Mar1792William ANDREWS 
THE REGISTER ENDS HERE - the next portion (until 1812) is lost - please see BTs for 1792-1812

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