BURIALS 1653 - 1708

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker
Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

28Jan1653/4 John COLLENS son of Thomas COLLENS      
05Feb1653/4ElizabethCOKER kinswoman unto William COKER Esq.   
11Feb1653/4WilliamSCARYER servant unto William COKER Esq.   
18Sep1654HumphrieSANDERS brother unto Henrie SANDERS   
23Sep1654RichardBULLAMANT servant unto Gidion LINDON Esq. of Cadhey, Devon    
03Oct1654JohnCARDE son of Edward CARD   
23Dec1654ThomasCREW son of Thomas CREW   
15Jan1654/5JohnBARTLET son of John BARTLET   
04Apr1655AnneHARDIE son of Luke COKER Gent   
11Apr1655WilliamCOKER son of Luke COKER Gent   
05Apr1656WilliamCOKER Esquire   
12Apr1656HenrySANDERS Junior   
27Apr1656MaryCARDE daughter of Elizabeth CARDE widow   
- -May1656MaryPAYNE daughter of Roger PAYNE   
13Jun1656MaryeSTOUNT wife unto John STOUNT   
29Sep1656JohnCOKER son of John COKER Gent   
09Mar1656/7ChristabellELLIOT wife of Robert ELLIOT   
09Mar1656/7ChristabellELLIOT daughter of Robert ELLIOT   
14Mar1656/7JaneCOKER widow, late wife of William COKER Esq.    
03Apr1657JoneELLIOT widow   
18Jun1657JoneHUMBER wife of Thomas HUMBER   
13Oct1657PhilippSANDERS daughter of Henry & Sarah SANDERS [should probably be ’Philippa’]    
26Oct1657RutheCARDE widow   
13Dec1657ElizabethCARDE widow   
17Jun1658AndrewLODER the Elder   
07Jul1658AnnePOLDON widow   
06Aug1658SibillaRUSSELL wife of Jonathan RUSSELL   
23Jan1658/9   [too faded to read]   
19Feb1658/9MartinKAINS son of Martin & Ann KAINS   
04May1659FrancesCOKER wife of Luke COKER Gent   
15Jun1659DorothyMICHILL widow   
30Jan1659/60MarySPENCER daughter of Henry & Anne SPENCER   
02Mar1659/60MargaretCOKER wife of Charles COKER   
29Mar1660ThomasCOKER son of Thomas & Elizabeth COKER   
14May1660ElizabethLODER daughter of Andrew LODER   
03Dec1660EdithWRAGLEN singlewoman   
26Jan1660/1PhilipSAUNDERS widow, relict of Henry SAUNDERS ye elder deceased    
26Mar1661[blank]JEFFREY of John JEFFREY Esq.   
03Feb1661/2RogerKIDDLE son of William & Anne KIDDLE   
03Feb1661/2RichardKIDDLE son of William & Anne KIDDLE   
- -- - -1661/2AbrahamARNOLD son of John & Judith ARNOLD   
- -- - -1662MaryARNOLD daughter of John & Judith ARNOLD   
08Sep1662HartCOOKE alias LANGDON   
28Feb1662/3DorothyKIDDLE daughter of William & Anne KIDDLE   
02Jan1663/4SamuellARNOLD son of John & Judith ARNOLD   
10Feb1663/4the WidowKINGMAN     
- -- - -1663ThomasCREW Good Friday   
09Oct1664the WidowDAY     
23Dec1664Miss AnneSTICKLAND daughter of John & Anne STICKLAND   
- -- - -1665JaneCOKER Easter Sunday; daughter of Luke & Frances COKER Gent    
24Dec1665RandallMITCHELL Gentleman; buried at Pulham   
16Sep1667RobertPARKER servant to Henery SAUNDERS Gentleman    
03Mar1667/8SarahSAUNDERS wife of Henery SAUNDERS Gentleman   
26Jun1669SusannaMITCHELL daughter of ye Widow MITCHELL   
31Aug1670MrsCOLLINS wife of Thomas COLLINS   
25Oct1670WilliamKINGMAN servant to Mr CHADWELL   
04Jan1670/1ThomasDAY brother of Humphrey DAY   
04Jan1670/1HumphreyDAY brother of Thomas DAY   
15Jun1671JohnMITCHELL son of William MITCHELL   
16Oct1672MaryLOADER wife of Andrew LOADER   
21Dec1672WilliamNALELY 110 years old   
 Mar1672/3JohnCHADWELL Rector, buried at London [in Latin]09Mar1672/3
02Jul1673JobMITCHELL [in Latin]   
20Jan1673/4MaryMITCHELL daughter of Elizabeth MITCHELL widow    
29Feb1673/4LukeCOKER Gentleman23Feb1673/4
29Mar1674WilliamSHAVE of Batcomb   
10May1674ElizabethKAINES daughter of Tristram & Mary KAINES    
26Dec1674JudethKIDDLE daughter of Elizabeth KIDDLE & William LANE reputed father    
26Feb1674/5JoneCOKER daughter of John & Amy COKER23Feb1674/5
26Feb1674/5WilliamCOKER son of John & Amy COKER24Feb1674/5
19Nov1675ElizabethBRYND wife of Tristram BRYND   
11Apr1676HannahKAINES daughter of Tristram & Mary KAINES    
17May1676ElizabethJARREN widow, lately of the Parish of Holton    
09Sep1676MarthaWESLY daughter of Mary WESLY widow of Dorchester    
15Sep1676ElizabethJEFFREY daughter of John JEFFREY Gent   
27Nov1676MaryGOULD servant of George STYLE Gent   
11Dec1676SusannaSTYLE wife of George STYLE Gent   
20Jun1677JosephALFORD of Shirbourne, died at Mappowder   
17Aug1677CicelyELIOT wife of George ELIOT   
08Jul1678Mr ThomasBARTLET  06Jul1678
14Jul1678TristramBRYND  13Jul1678
27Sep1678EdithMITCHELL widow26Sep1678
30May1679AmesLANE wife of John LANE   
04Aug1679ElianorCREW widow   
12Sep1679ElizabethWHITENELL wife of Thomas WHITENELL   
14Sep1679MargaretGILLINGHAM wife of Thomas GILLINGHAM   
01Oct1679ElianorHUXFORD servant of Wadham STRANGWAYS Esq.   
28Oct1679ElizabethCOKER daughter in law of Thomas WHITENELL    
05Nov1679JaneCOOK alias LANGDON   
26Mar1680HumphreySPENSER Husbandman   
06Jul1680AnnKAINES daughter of Tristram & Mary KAINES    
08Nov1680HartCOOK son of John & Mary COOK   
23Jan1680/1ThomasGILLINGHAM Husbandman   
08Feb1680/1JonathanRUSSELL Husbandman06Feb1680/1
16Mar1680/1MartinCROCKER servant of Robert COKER Esq.   
06Jun1681AnneLUCAS widow   
19Jul1681ThomasWHITENALL Husbandman   
28Aug1681ElizabethGLOVER wife of Thomas GLOVER   
13Dec1682MartinKAINES the Elder, Husbandman   
31Jan1682/3JamesBARNARD son of Robert & Elianor BARNARD   
24Mar1682/3JohnBARNARD son of Robert & Elianor BARNARD   
11Apr1683GeorgeSHOT Husbandman   
27Jun1683JohnEVEDALE Taylor   
19Aug1683JohnWHITE of Melbury Bubb   
20Oct1683WilliamHAYS son of Humphrey & Joan HAYS   
27Nov1683AnnePARIE widow   
04Dec1683SageKAINES son of Tristram & Mary KAINES   
11Jan1683/4JohnMARRAGH servant of Robert COKER Esq.   
03Mar1683/4JohnLANE Carpenter   
28Apr1684ThomasCOLLENS Husbandman   
06May1684FrancesDAY daughter of John DAY Labourer   
08Jun1684ThomasGIFFORD servant of Robert COKER Esq.   
29Nov1684JohnKIDDLE servant to George STILE Gent   
14Dec1684MaryDAY daughter of John & Margaret DAY   
04Jul1685MaryBARNARD daughter of Robert & Elianor BARNARD, Tailor    
06Nov1685WilliamHAYS son of Humphery & Joan HAYS   
31Aug1686SarahSAUNDERS daughter of Henry SAUNDERS Gent   
30Jan1686/7JohnSTOUNT Husbandman   
16Mar1686/7BenjaminCOKER Gentleman   
02May1687MarySAGE widow   
27May1687MaryWATTS daughter of Robert & Margaret WATTS    
29Dec1687HenrySAUNDERS the Elder, Gentleman   
23Mar1687/8JohnHEWETT son of Thomas & Elizabeth HEWETT   
10Apr1688MaryCOKER wife of Robert COKER Esq.   
10Apr1688ThomasCOOK alias LANGDON, servant to Robert COKER Esq.    
21Jun1688RogerKIDDLE son of William KIDDLE Husbandman   
12Dec1688JohnKAINES the Elder, Smith   
13Feb1688/9JohnCOOK alias LANGDON, Labourer   
06Mar1688/9BrigetMAN base child of Mary MAN alias AMAN   
29Mar1689LucyBEAMONT widow   
07Apr1689ThomasGLOVER Taylor   
15Jun1689JoanWATTS widow of Buckland   
23Jun1689JudithARNOLD daughter of John & Judith ARNOLD   
14Oct1689MaryMOLLET wife of Philip MOLLOT, Soap boiler    
15Oct1689AnneSTYLE wife of George STYLE Gent   
17Feb1689/90WilliamKIDDLE Husbandman   
18Feb1689/90GraceKAINES widow of Martin KAINES   
21Dec1690RobertSPENSER the Younger of Plush, Buckland   
03Mar1690/1GilesDAY son of Robert & Elizabeth DAY   
14Apr1691WilliamMITCHEL Labourer   
02Jun1691JdithARNOLD wife of John ARNOLD Labourer   
19Aug1691MaryCURTISS singlewoman   
31Oct1691JohnCOKER Gent   
09Feb1691/2the WidowKIDDLE     
19Sep1692ThomasMITCHEL son of Mary MITCHEL widow   
18Oct1692PeterCOKER Gent   
12Feb1692/3JoanDAY daughter of John & Margaret DAY   
09Jul1693ElianorCOLLENS widow   
15Mar1693/4ElizabethHEWETT wife of Thomas HEWETT Rector of Mappowder    
30Sep1694ElizabethDAY wife of Thomas DAY   
01Nov1694ElizabethCOOK alias LANGDON, singlewoman   
10Jan1694/5PhilipMOLLARD Soap boiler   
10Mar1694/5RobertWATTS Husbandman   
18Mar1694/5JohnARNOLD Husbandman   
07Apr1695AnneDAY daughter of John & Margaret DAY   
14Apr1695MaryLACY daughter of Henry & Mary LACY   
13Sep1695JonathanHOLLAN the Younger, Husbandman   
21Sep1695MarySAUNDERS singlewoman   
25Mar1696Mary P.GUY daughter of Mary GUY [child’s second name illegible]    
21Apr1696FrancesSPENCER wife of Robert SPENCER Soap boiler of Buckland    
28Jun1696JohnRUSSELL Labourer   
10Jul1696ElizabethLANE wife of George LANE   
27Dec1696WilliamMITCHELL the Elder, Glover   
07Feb1696/7MaryMITCHELL wife of John MITCHELL Labourer   
12Feb1696/7HenryPURSE servant to Robert COKER Esq.   
19Mar1697MaryLANE widow   
22Mar1696MargaretDAY daughter of John & Margaret DAY   
28Mar1697GeorgeLANE Labourer   
22May1698RichardBAKER son of Thomas & Anne BAKER   
08Jun1698Mrs MaryPALMER widow   
23Sep1698RobertCOKER the Elder, Esquire   
22Dec1698AnneBRETT wife of William BRETT Labourer   
27Mar1699ElizabethSAVAGE singlewoman   
28Aug1699Mrs SusannaFAUNTLEROY widow of Folk   
21Jan1699/1700JonathanHOLLAND Husbandman   
29Mar1700MaryDAVISS daughter of Robert & Mary DAVISS   
16May1700MargaretBARTLET widow   
16Aug1700HenrySAUNDERS Gent   
25Aug1700[illegible]MITCHEL Glover   
25Nov1700MrsRAYMOND wife of George RAYMOND buried at Ebberton    
13Oct1700MaryBUSTARD daughter of Rolf & Mary BUSTARD   
10Nov1700ThomasCOOK son of the widow COOK, Labourer   
12Jan1700/1ThomasMITCHEL Labourer   
- -Feb1700/1MaryLACY daughter of Henry & Mary LACY   
11Mar1700/1RobertDAVISS the Elder, Labourer   
26May1701MarthaMITCHEL widow   
20Apr1702MaryLANE wife of William LANE   
12May1702JohnCOKER [illegible]   
27May1702[illegible][illegible] [illegible] of Robert COKER Esq.   
20Jul1702GeorgeRAYMOND Gent, buried at Ebberton   
29Aug1702MadamJEFFERIES buried at Hermitage   
09Apr1703WilliamBUSTARD son of Rolf BUSTARD   
20May1703OrlandoJEFFERIES Gent15May1703
03Jul1703Mr GeorgeSTYLES aged 84 last month, baptised April 13, 161929Jun 1703
22Jan1703/4JohnDAY the Younger, servant of Benjamin COKER Gent    
30Apr1704HenryDAY Labourer   
15Dec1704JohnMITCHEL Tailor   
13Aug1705ThomasCOKER son of Thomas & Mary COKER Gent   
30Oct1705BettyDAVIS daughter of Robert & Mary DAVIS   
11Nov1705JulianRUSSEL widow   
16Apr1706NaomiHOLLAN wife of William HOLLAN of Munket Hill, Buckland, Labourer    
03May1706MarthaDAY wife of Hubert son of Joseph DAY Labourer    
12Sep1706GraceYEATMAN daughter of Peter & Elizabeth YEATMAN, Baker    
25Apr1707CharityFARWELL widow   
23Dec1707JaneMITCHEL widow upon the Poore Book   
20Nov1708a young child  at nurse in this parish being the son of a man a pedlar [rest illegible]    
02Feb1708/9ThomasDAY Labourer aged about 80 years   
23Feb1708/9TemperanceMITCHEL widow   
23Mar1708/9MaryELIOT wife of Richard ELIOT   
      End of this Register Book    


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