BAPTISMS 1652 - 1812

Transcribed from the Parish Registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker
Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

   Thomasson ofThomas & ElizabethBARTLETT 16Mar1652/3
   Jeane dau ofRobert & JoneCOKEREsq.; born at Frome near Dorchester 18Jul1653
   Marie dau ofHenerie the younger & SarahSANDERS  14Nov1653
   Elizabeth dau ofThomas & ElizabethBARTLETT  21Nov1653
   Johnson of John & FrancesBARTLETT 26 Dec1654
   Elizabeth dau ofHenrye & SarahSANDERS  29Apr1655
   Sarah dau ofJohn & ElizabethPOTOM  03Jul1655
   Marye dau ofGiles & MaryeCOBB 02 Aug1655
   Sydrach son ofThomas & ElnorCREW}twins 01Sep1655
   Samuell son ofThomas & ElnorCREW}twins 01Sep1655
   Thomas son ofHart & JenneLANGDON  30Oct1655
   Edith dau ofJohn & FrancesBARTLETT  22Jan1655/6
   Frances dau ofMartin & FrancesKAINS  12Feb1655/6
   William son ofThomas & ElizabethDAY  14Feb1655/6
   Elizabeth dau ofThomas & ElizabethCOKER  13Mar1655/6
   Johnson of William& FaithBASSET 23Mar 1655/6
   Marydau of John & SarahMICHILL 07Apr 1656
   Johnson of John & [illegible]COKERGent25 Apr1656
   Robert son ofLuke & FrancesCOKERGent26 May1656
   Margaret dau ofRalph & AnneKINGMAN  06Aug1656
   Christable dau ofRichard & ChristableELLIOT  27Aug1656
   Joseph son ofHenerie & MarieDAY  24Dec1656
   Margerie dau ofWilliam& MargaretBARTLET  26Apr1657
   Phillipp[a] dau ofHenerie & SarahSANDERS[forename spelt as per a male child] 31May1657
   Robert son ofRobertCOKEREsq.; born at Athelhampton; ’son & heir’ 26Jun1657
   Margaret dau ofThomas & MargaretGILLINGHAM  22Jul1657
   William son ofJohn & ElizabethPOLDON  24Oct1657
   Tobias son ofJohn & SarahMICHILL  19Feb1657/8
   Johnson of John & HonorRUSSELL 24Jul 1658
   Dorothie dau ofThomas & MarthaMICHILL  26Aug1658
   Elizabeth dau ofHarte & JenneLANGDON  31Aug1658
   Elizabeth dau ofJohn & FrancesBARTLET  09Sep1658
   Edward son ofRobert & MaryCOKEREsq.; born at Athelhampton; ’2nd son’ 17Sep1658
   [illegible] dau ofJohn & JudithARNOLD  13Dec1658
   Edward son ofThomas & ElizabethDAY  05Feb1658/9
   Judith dau ofFrances relict of MartinKAYNSdeceased [not clear who this refers to] 11Apr1659
13Sep1659Elionoredau of AnneKINGMANdeceased    
   Margerie dau ofMargaret relict of WilliamBARTLET deceased [not clear who this refers to]30Sep1659
   Annedau of Robert & MaryCOKERborn at Athelhampton14 Nov1659
   Marydau of Henery & MarySPENSER 08Dec 1659
   Thomas son ofThomas & ElizabethCOKER  01Mar1659/60
   Marydau of Henery & MaryDAY 24Apr 1660
   Humphrey son ofHenery & SarahSANDERS  23Jul1660
10Feb1660/1Marydau of Nicholas & MaryROLL 11Jan 1660/1
28Feb1660/1Robertson of John & JudithARNOLD 30Jan 1660/1
18Mar1660/1Marydau of Thomas & MarthaMICHILL 21 Feb1660/1
15Apr1661Johnson of Thomas & ElizabethCOKER 06 Mar1660/1
05May1661Rogerson of Williamthe elder & AmieKIDDLE 31 Mar1661
10Apr1661Edwardson of Hart & JeaneLANGDON     
   Thomas son ofRobert & MaryCOKEREsq.; born at Athelhampton 08Jun1661
21Jul1661Johnson of Thomas & ElizabethDAY 24Jun 1661
23Jul1661Annedau of Henery & SarahSANDERSGentleman25 Jun1661
16Mar1661/2Robertson of John & JudithARNOLD 16Feb 1661/2
27Apr1662Elionoredau of Robert & FrancesSPENSERof Mugot Hill23 Apr1662
   Benjamin son ofJohn & AmieCOKER’born & baptised’ [but no date given]    
21Apr1663Thomasson of Thomas & ElenoreCREW 25Mar 1663
11May1663Williamson of John & SarahMITCHELL 13Apr 1663
02Jul1663Johnson of William& AmieKIDDLE 05Jun 1663
19Oct1663Josephson of John & JudithARNOLD 22Sep 1663
13Jun1664Jonathanson of John & HonourRUSSELL 16May 1664
20Jul1664Marydau of Thomas & ElizabethDAY 23Jun 1664
21Jul1664Robertson of Henery & MaryDAY 25Jun 1664
17Oct1664Marydau of Tristram & MaryKEYNES 20Sep 1664
08Jun1664Rogerson of William& AmieKIDDLE 10May 1665
08Jan1665/6Marydau of Richard & ElizabethPARLMITERGentleman of London 08Jan1665/6
07Jul1666Marthadau of Thomas & MarthaMITCHELL 10 Jun1666
10Jul1666Williamson of Christopher & Ruth (?)BEAMONT 13 Jun1666
   Joseph son ofRobert & ElizabethCOMBS[full date not given]   1666
14Oct1666Johnson of Robert & MaryCOKEREsq.; twins29 Sep1666
14Oct1666Heneryson of Robert & MaryCOKEREsq.; twins29 Sep1666
10Nov1666Thomasson of Thomas & ElizabethWHITING 13 Oct1666
27May1667Judithdau of William& JoanHOLLANDof Muggot Hill30 Apr1667
06Sep1667Gracedau of Gerard & MargeryWOODGentleman31 Aug1667
16Nov1667Johnson of John & AnneKAYNES 19Oct 1667
01Dec1667Jonathanson of Jonathan & KatherineHOLLAND 03 Nov1667
07Jun1667Marydau of John & ElizabethMITCHELL 09 May1668
13Sep1668Robertson of Thomas & ElizabethWHITING 15 Aug1668
 Sep1668Johnson of Henery & VirtueWHITE[full date of christening not given] 15Aug1668
 Feb1668/9Thomasson of John & JulianRUSSELLchristening ’about ye end of same month’ 05Feb1668/9
08Mar1668/9Johnson of John & RebeccahDRAKE 09Feb 1668/9
21Jun1669Marydau of John & AnneKAYNS 24May 1669
 Jun1669Tristramson of Tristram & MaryKAYNES[full date of christening not given] 24May1669
06Sep1669Edwardson of William& JoneHOLLAND 15Aug 1669
01Jan1669/70Elizabethdau of Thomas & CharityVARWELL 12 Dec1669
 Mar1669/70Heneryson of Henery & VertueWHITE[full date of christening not given] 16Feb1669/70
17Oct1670Robertson of ElizabethHOUSEbase born16Oct 1670
02Feb1670/1Johnson of Tristram & MaryKEYNSalso spelt KAYNS06 Jan1670/1
09Feb1670/1Williamson of Thomas & ElizabethWHITING 12 Jan1670/1
13Feb1670/1Sybilldau of John & JulianRUSSELL 25Jan 1670/1
03Mar1670/1Johnson of John & ElizabethMITCHELL 04 Feb1670/1
20Sep1671Annedau of John & AnneCAYNES 20Sep 1671
   Elizabeth dau ofJames & ElizabethCOLLINS[full dates of birth & christening not given]   1672
   Annedau of Jonathan & KatherineHOLLAND[full dates of birth & christening not given]   1672
14Dec1673Johnson of Thomas & CharityFARWELL     
27Jan1673/4Josephson of Thomas & ElizabethWHITING     
14Aug1674Hannahdau of Tristram & MaryKAINES     
18Sep1674Janedau of John & MaryCOOK     
17Nov1674Judithdau of ElizabethKIDDLEWilliam LANE reputed father    
21Jun1675Randolfson of Thomas & MarthaMITCHELL     
18Jul1675Williamson of John & JulianRUSSELL     
04Oct1675Johnson of Robert & JoannaBEAMONT     
11Nov1675Sarahdau of John & MaryMITCHELL     
07Dec1675Elizabethdau of John & AnneKAINES     
30Apr1676Hannahdau of Walter & HannahGILLINGHAM     
06Nov1676Marythadau of John & MaryCOOK     
15May1677Joandau of Thomas & ElianorCOLLENS     
09Jun1677Hughson of Tristram & MaryKAINES     
18Jun1677Robertson of Robert & KatherineSIMS     
09Jul1677Richardson of Robert & ElizabethCHANNING     
10Jul1677Thomasson of Thomas & ElizabethHEWETTClerk    
11Jul1677Marydau of Robert & ElizabethDAY     
16Sep1677Marydau of Thomas & CharityFARWELL     
10Feb1677/8Marydau of NaomiKIDDLEbase born    
12Mar1677/8Anne (?)dau of Walter & HannahGILLINGHAM     
28Mar1678Janedau of John & AnneKAINES     
16Sep1678Hartson of John & MaryCOOK     
17Sep1678Marydau of Jonathan & KatherineHOLLAND     
01Apr1679Williamson of Robert & KatherineSIMS     
01Apr1679Johnson of Robert & ElizabethDAY     
03Jun1679Thomasson of Richard & ElizabethCHANNING     
12Jun1679Johnson of Thomas & ElizabethHEWETT     
27Apr1680Margaretdau of John & MaryCOOK     
31May1680Johnson of Walter & HannahGILLINGHAM     
25Jun1680Annedau of Tristram & MaryKAINES     
06Jul1680Gracedau of John & AnnKAINES     
21Jul1680Anndau of Richard & AnnJASKER     
14Oct1680Marydau of John & MargaretDAY     
28Dec1680Anne (?)dau of Thomas & ElizabethHEWETTClerk    
22Feb1680/1Georgeson of Thomas & JoanWHITENALL     
11Mar1680/1William(?)son of Robert junior & SusannaCOKEREsq.11 Mar1680/1
10Oct1681Jamesson of Robert & ElianorBARNARD     
20Oct1681Amy (?)dau of Robert & KatherineSYMS     
01Jan1681/2Williamson of John & SarahHARTof Ansty    
12Feb1681/2Ignus (?)son of Robert & ElizabethDAY     
17Mar1681/2Francesdau of John & MargaretDAY     
15Sep1682Marydau of Robert junior & SusannaCOKEREsq.17 Aug1682
23Oct1682Sageson of Tristram & MaryKAINES     
27Dec1682Marydau of Walter & HannahGILLINGHAM     
30Dec1682Tobiasson of William the younger & MaryMITCHELL     
29Jan1682/3Johnson of John & MaryCOOK     
18Mar1682/3Brigetdau of MaryMANalias AMAN    
15May1683Judithdau of John & AnneKAINES     
20Aug1683Elizabethdau of John & MaryDAY     
19Oct1683Williamson of Humphrey & JoanHAYS     
08Jan1683/4Marydau of Robert & ElianorBARNARD     
12Sep1684Josephson of Robert & ElizabethDAY     
25Nov1684Thomasson of John & MaryCOOK     
28Nov1684Thomasson of Walter & HannahGILLINGHAM     
02Feb1684/5Thomasson of John & MargaretDAY     
29Mar1685Marydau of Robert & MargaretWATTS     
15Jun1685Williamson of Humphery & JoanHAIES     
25Jun1685Hannahdau of John & AnneKAINES     
01Nov1685Elizabethdau of Robert & ElianorBARNARD     
05Oct1686Richardson of John & MargaretDAY     
13Oct1686Susannadau of Robert the younger & SusannaCOKEREsq.    
02Nov1686Robertson of Robert & ElianorBARNARDTaylor    
10Jul1687Edwardson of John & MaryCOOK     
28Aug1687Elizabethdau of Robert & KatherineSIMMS     
02Oct1687Robertson of Robert junior & SusannaCOKER2nd son’    
06Feb1687/8Robertson of Robert & ElizabethDAY     
21Feb1687/8Johnson of John & CharityDAVAG     
16Mar1687/8Thomasson of John & MargaretDAY     
01Apr1688Jamesson of Robert & ElianorBARNARD     
12Oct1688Katharinedau of Humphery & JoanHAIES     
26Dec1688Benjaminson of Walter & HannahGILLINGHAM     
21May1689Josephson of Joseph & MarthaDAY     
25Nov1689Richardson of Robert & KatherineSIMMS     
05Dec1689Joandau of John & MargaretDAY     
23Jun1690Williamson of Henry & MaryLACY     
28Oct1690Charitydau of NicholasGILLIM[mother’s name ommitted]    
15Jul1691Judithdau of Thomas & AnneBAKER     
02Aug1691Williamson of Philip & HannahMULLET     
11Oct1691Marydau of John & MargaretDAY     
14Feb1691/2Hubertson of JosephDAY[mother’s name ommitted]    
27Mar1692Johnson of SybilRUSSELbase born    
16May1692Elizabethdau of John the younger & HamnettaMITCHELL     
02Oct1692Marydau of Robert & KatherineSYMMS     
10Oct1692Francesdau of James & HannahEVERY     
08Jan1692/3Williamson of Robert & ElizabethDAY     
04Apr1693Johnson of John & AnneCAINES     
25Jun1693Williamson of John & ElianorALLENAM     
02Jul1693Annedau of John & MargaretDAY     
12Jul1693Annedau of Thomas & AnneBAKER     
29Aug1693Bettydau of John & CharityDAVAGE     
08Oct1693Marydau of Henry & MaryLACY     
28Oct1693Robertson of Thomas & ElianorBARNARD     
07Dec1693Marydau of Thomas & MaryCOKERGent    
24Jan1693/4Georgeson of MaryFURBURGeorge RAYMON (?) the younger reputed father    
26Mar1694Elizabethdau of Edward & AnneCOOKat Langdon    
19Apr1694Williamson of William & AnneBURT     
31Jan1694/5Richardson of Richard & JudethDAVISS     
04Mar1694/5Annedau of Thomas & ElianorBARNARD     
14May1695Margaretdau of John & MargaretDAY     
01Oct1695Georgeson of William & [illegible]BEAMONT     
22Oct1695Marydau of Henry & MaryLACY     
27Oct1695Annedau of Thomas & MaryCOKER     
31Jan1695/6Bettydau of MaryHOLLANWilliam BARNES reputed father    
21Feb1695/6Edwardson of Edward & AnneCOOK     
23Aug1696Elianordau of James & HannahEVERY     
14Jan1696/7Judethdau of Richard & JudethDAVISS     
09Mar1696/7Henryson of John & SarahSYMMS     
12Mar1696/7Samuelson of Robert & KatherineSYMMS     
23Mar1696/7Marydau of John & MaryRYAL     
17Jun1697Gilesson of [illegible] & MargaretCOXHusbandman    
09Aug1697Janedau of [illegible] & MarthyDAY[possibly Joseph & Martha DAY]    
02Nov1697Williamson of John & AnneKAINES     
28Dec1697Richardson of Thomas & AnneBAKERof Buckland Parish    
18Feb1697/8Thomasson of MaryHOLLANDThomas MINTERN reputed father    
05Apr1698Elizabethdau of Thomas & MaryCOKERGent    
04May1698Edwardson of John & MargaretDAY     
30Oct1698Williamson of William & ElizabethBEAMONTLabourer    
27Dec1698Johnson of Henry & MaryLACY     
18Apr1699Susannadau of Thomas & AnneBAKER     
03Jun1699Williamson of John & SarahSYMMS     
13Jun1699Johnson of William & ElizabethRUSSELL     
28Dec1699Elizabethdau of Thomas & ElianorBARNARD     
26Jan1699/1700Marydau of Robert & MaryDAVISS     
01Jul1700Francisson of Joseph & MarthaDAY     
08Aug1700Williamson of Thomas & MaryCOKERGent29Jul 1700
07Nov1700Hughson of Nicholas & MaryGILLIMof Munket Hill    
31Dec1700Jacobson of Jacob & ElizabethBARNARDof Munket Hill    
        [Two pages missing]    
02Dec1712Bethdau of JohnHARNUM     
29Dec1712Dorothydau of Mr ThomasCOKER     
04Jan1712/3Johnson of RichardLEGG     
17Jun1713Johnson of John & HesterCOMB     
28Jun1713Bettedau of Richard & [illegible]UPWARD     
27Dec1713Elizabethdau of Henry & MargaretBAILYAlehousekeeper    
24Feb1713/4Bettedau of Joseph & MaryDAY     
29Mar1713/4Robertson of William & ElianorCHALDICOT     
17May1714Williamson of John & ElizabethDOWLAND     
21Oct1714Johnson of John & MaryHANNUM     
26Jul1715Susannadau of George & EdithYEATMAN     
29Jul1716Marthadau of Richard & SarahPYRRHIS     
23Nov1716Sarahdau of Henry & MargaretBAILY     
23Mar1716/7Bettydau of John & AnnHAIMES     
07May1717Williamson of Peter & MaryHURMAN     
21Jun1717Johnson of John & ElizabethKERLEY     
07Oct1717Johnson of Samuel & MaryBRACHER     
07Nov1717Marthadau of William & MaryGEE     
16Dec1717Marydau of John & ElizabethDOWLAND     
13Jan1717/8Jamesson of Joseph & GraceYOUNG     
23Mar1717/8Henryson of Henry & MargaretBAILY     
06Apr1718Johnson of Richard & KatherineLEGG     
21Apr1718Richardson of Richard & SarahPYRRIS     
30Apr1718Katharinedau of Richard & HelenaUPWARD     
31Aug1718Johnson of   [rest left blank]    
25Feb1718/9Peterson of Peter & MaryHURMAN     
11May1719John Goberson of CharityJEWEL[blank] GOBER reputed father    
24May1719Dinahdau of Joseph & GraceYOUNG     
11Sep1719Richard Malbyson of William & ElizabethALLEN     
25Oct1719Edwardson of Henry & MargaretBAILY     
12Jun1720Hesterdau of John & HesterCOMBE 04May 1720
29Jun1720Lucydau of Richard & HelenaUPWARD 08 Jun1720
03Nov1720Judithdau of Richard & SarahPYRRIS     
30May1721Marthadau of BettyGILLIMof Munket Hill, Buckland Newton    
        John VINCENT of Cerne Abbas reputed father    
13Aug1721Sarahdau of William & SarahEDWARDSClerk of ye Parish 06Aug1721
04Dec1721Anndau of Thomas & JudithEYRES 06Nov 1721
11Dec1721Samuelson of William & ElizabethALLEN 05 Dec1721
25Dec1721Susannadau of Richard & KatherineLEGG 14 Dec1721
24Jan1721/2Richardson of Richard & HelenaUPWARD 26 Dec1721
20Jan1721/2Jamesson of James & MaryCROCKER 19Jan 1721/2
22May1722Sarahdau of George & EdethYEATMAN 22Apr 1722
08Oct1722Jamesson of Joseph & GraceYEATMAN 26Sep 1722
16Oct1722Bernardson of ElizabethBEAMONTEdward BERNARD reputed father 04Oct1722
23Nov1722Sarahdau of Samuel & AnnMATTOCK 21Nov 1722
09Dec1722Williamson of William & SarahEDWARDS 29 Nov1722
10Dec1722Jacob Bernardson of MaryDAYEdward BERNARD reputed father    
14May1723Marydau of Daniel & BettriceDRAKE     
10Nov1723Sarahdau of Stephen & SarahALNER 30Oct 1723
09Jan1723/4Thomasson of Thomas & JudithEYRES 25Dec 1723
11Nov1724Johnson of James & MaryCROCKER     
17Nov1724Robertson of John & HesterCOMBE 17Oct 1724
28Jan1724/5Johnson of John & MaryBUTT  Dec 1724
02Feb1724/5Sarahdau of CharityJEWELGeorge BAKER reputed father 10Jan1724/5
24Mar1724/5Johnson of Richard & AnnBITHYWOOD 17 Mar1724/5
 May1725Sarahdau of Austin & MaryROBBINS   May1725
29Jun1725Eleanordau of William & ElizabethALLEN 20 Jun1725
20Oct1725Marydau of William & JaneSNOW     
12Dec1725Susannadau of William & SarahEDWARDS 08 Dec1725
11Dec1725Marydau of Henry & GraceSKINNER 11Dec 1725
19Dec1725Dinahdau of Joseph & GraceYOUNG 12Dec 1725
19Jun1726Williamson of Robert & JoanBUGG     
09Mar1726/7Janedau of Austin & MaryROBBINS 09Mar 1726/7
03Apr1727Marydau of James & MaryCROCKER 02Apr 1727
16Jul1727Thomasson of Henry & GraceSKINNER 16Jul 1727
31Aug1727Eleanordau of William & ElizabethALLEN 30 Aug1727
06Dec1727Johnson of John & SarahMATTOCK 12Nov 1727
11Jun1728Anndau of Richard & AnnBITHYWOOD   May1728
30Jul1728Marydau of Thomas & ElizabethFOOT 28 Jul1728
08Oct1728Robertson of Robert & JoanBUGG     
29Oct1728Williamson of William & AnnSNOOK 29Oct 1728
03Nov1728Jamesson of SusannaGILHAMof Munket Hill, Buckland Newton    
        Peter YEATMAN reputed father    
26Dec1728Bettydau of HughGILHAMof Munket Hill, Buckland Newton    
30Jan1728/9Marydau of Robert & SarahFOOT   Jan1728/9
09Oct1729Bettydau of William & ElizabethALLEN 16 Sep1729
03Oct1729Anndau of Henry & GraceSKINNER 28Sep 1729
02Oct1729Marthadau of Hubert & MaryDAY 29Sep 1729
01Nov1729Thomasson of John & ElizabethSNOW   Oct1729
30Nov1729Marydau of John & GraceLACEY  Nov 1729
29Dec1729Marydau of Edward & ElizabethBARNARD   Nov1729
06Jan1729/30Hannahdau of John & ElizabethFOOT     
10Feb1729/30Sarahdau of James & MaryCROCKER 09Feb 1729/30
19Feb1729/30Marydau of Austin & BettyROBBINS 19Feb 1729/30
04May1730Susannadau of Richard & SusanaHEEMANof Possum  Apr1730
05May1730Sarahdau of Samuel & AnnMATTOCK   Apr1730
10Oct1730Charitydau of John & MaryDAVIDGE   Sep1730
02Nov1730Williamson of William & HannahYOUNG 31Oct 1730
05Feb1730/1Johnson of Richard & AnnBITHYWOOD 24 Jan1730/1
02Feb1730/1Johnson of John & ElizabethFOOT   Feb1730/1
??Mar1731Arthurson of Arthur & MaryGREENof Weston, Gloucestershire  Mar1731
20Apr1731Bettydau of Hubert & MaryDAY  Apr 1731
05May1731Anndau of Robert & JoanBUGG  Apr 1731
24Jun1731Williamson of John & ElizabethSNOW   Jun1731
   Charles son ofJosias & [blank][BLANK]   Jul1731
14Oct1731John Turnerson of George & MaryYEATMAN 13Oct 1731
07Jan1731/2Lovedau of William & HannahDRAKE 06Jan 1731/2
05Feb1731/2Henryson of John & GraceLACEY  Jan 1731/2
25Jun1732Peterson of Samuel & AnneMATTOCK   Jun1732
27Oct1732Georgeson of Richard & AnneBITHYWOOD   Oct1732
31Oct1732Malbyson of William & ElizabethALLEN   Oct1732
09Nov1732Johnson of George & MaryYEATMAN   Oct1732
06Jan1732/3Edwardson of Edward & ElizabethBARNARD 18 Dec1732
22Jan1732/3Robertson of Robert & ElizabethBUGG 29 Dec1732
26Jan1732/3Williamson of Augustin & bettyROBBINS 25 Jan1732/3
04Feb1732/3Marydau of John & ElizabethFOOT   Feb1732/3
20Feb1732/3Rosedau of William & HannahDRAKE 11Feb 1732/3
21Oct1733Jamesson of William & HannahYOUNG     
13Nov1733Josephson of John & GraceLEGG 28Feb 1732/3
25Mar1734Bettydau of John & SarahMATTOCK     
18Apr1734Sarahdau of Samuel & AnneMATTOCK 13Apr 1734
23Apr1734Marydau of William & BettyCOMBS 13Apr 1734
03May1734Johnson of John & MaryDAVIDGE 01May 1734
05May1734Johnson of William & BettyALLEN     
11Jul1734Annedau of James & MaryCROKER 10Jul 1734
15Aug1734Marydau of John & BettyRYELL 14Aug 1734
20Oct1734Susannadau of John & MaryBAKER     
27Nov1734Annedau of Hubert & MaryDAY     
01Feb1734/5Andrewson of Anne & RichardBITHYWOOD     
03Apr1735Jinnydau of George & MaryYEATMAN     
29May1735Bettydau of John & MaryDAVIDGE 26May 1735
26Dec1735Annedau of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
28Dec1735Gracedau of [blank]YOUNGWidow [possibly Grace, widow of Joseph YOUNG]    
12Jan1735/6Margaretdau of William & [blank]WOODROW     
22Feb1735/6Susannadau of John & BettyRYALL     
24Feb1735/6Bettydau of Giles & LoveLEGG     
09Mar1735/6Elizabethdau of James & MaryCROCKER     
17Mar1735/6Bettydau of James & [blank]ROBINS     
04Apr1736Williamson of John & MaryLACY     
06Apr1736Jamesson of Thomas & MaryROBINS     
09May1736Johnson of William & HannahYOUNG     
12Jul1736Annedau of Samuel & AnneMATTOCK     
03Oct1736Gracedau of Hannah & WilliamDRAKE     
28Dec1736Johnson of John & MaryBAKER     
14Feb1736/7Robertson of SarahFOOTWidow    
20Feb1736/7Gilesson of William & BettyALLEN     
30Aug1737Bettydau of John & BettyFOOT     
20Nov1737Williamson of William & HannahDRAKE     
21Nov1737Williamson of WilliamWOODROW     
27Nov1737Christiandau of John & RachelCOUT     
04Dec1737Jinnnydau of Hubert & MaryDAY     
01Mar1737/8Marydau of Robert & ElizabethRIDEHOUT     
08Mar1737/8Williamson of Titus & MaryFOOT     
03Apr1738Bettydau of James & MaryROBINS     
05Aug1738Giles   LEGGa twin    
05Aug1738Richard   LEGGa twin    
27Aug1738Annedau of John & MaryLACY     
10Dec1738Marydau of Thomas & MaryROBINS     
01Jan1738/9Williamson of John & MaryCAINS     
15Jan1738/9Annedau of William & MaryWHITE     
14Feb1738/9Thomasson of Samuel & AnneMATTOCK     
18Feb1738/9Samuelson of William & HannahDRAKE     
23Feb1738/9Andrewson of Richard & AnneBITHYWOOD     
04Mar1738/9Johnson of William & SusannaCOOMBS     
25Mar1739Johnson of Richard & MarthaPERHAM     
31Mar1739Jamesson of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
01Jun1739Johnson of William & HannahYOUNG     
18Sep1739Marydau of John & MaryDAVIDGE     
04Nov1739Robertson of John & MaryBAKER     
27Apr1740Marydau of Hubert & MaryDAY     
10Jun1740Joshuason of William & HannahDRAKE     
19Jun1740Williamson of John & BettyFOOT     
08Dec1740Elishason of William & MaryWHITE     
08Feb1740/1Williamson of William & SusannaCOOMBS     
12Feb1740/1Marydau of William & MarthaCAINS     
22Mar1740/1Josephson of Thomas & MaryROBINS     
29Mar1741Thomasson of William & BettyALLEN     
17Jun1741Georgeson of Giles & LoveLEGG     
12Jul1741Bettydau of William & GraceLACY     
02Aug1741Jacobson of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
16Oct1741Georgeson of JoyceBEAUMONTGeorge CHAFFEY of Folk reputed father    
19Nov1741Bettydau of Samuel & AnneMATTOCK     
05Jan1741/2Robertson of John & BettyDOWLAND     
11Feb1741/2Hannahdau of Hannah & WilliamYOUNG     
12Feb1741/2William Lawrence son ofWilliam & SusannaCOKER  12Feb1741/2
17Mar1741/2Marthadau of Richard & MarthaPERHAM     
24Aug1742Judithdau of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
20Oct1742Hannahdau of Thomas & BettyROUGHCASTLE     
30Nov1742Jamesson of William & HannahDRAKE     
07Dec1742Williamson of William & AnneFOOT     
23Mar1743/4Elishason of William & MaryWHITE     
04Nov1743Susannadau of Giles & LoveLEGG     
13Nov1743Thomasson of John & GraceLACY     
24Dec1743Janedau of William & HannahDRAKE     
05Feb1743/4Williamson of John & MaryBAKER     
01Mar1743/4Benjaminson of William & [blank]CAINS     
29Apr1744Marydau of Henry & AnneJACKSON     
26Dec1744Johnson of Thomas & MaryROBINS     
07Jul1745Susannadau of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
13Aug1745Marydau of William & AnneFOOT     
14Nov1745Susanna Margaretta dau ofWilliam & SusannaCOKER     
14Nov1745Annedau of William & SusannaCOKER     
17Nov1745Williamson of Robert & SusannaCHALDICOT     
16Mar1745/6Robertson of John & GraceLACY     
21Mar1745/6Josephson of Hugh & [blank]GILLHAMof Muncket Hill, Buckland Newton    
07Apr1746Sarahdau of Lawrence & JaneJACKSON     
27Apr1746Josephson of John & MaryBAKER     
06Oct1746Johnson of Giles & LoveLEG     
17Oct1746Marydau of Mary & WilliamWHITE     
11Jan1746/7Marydau of Richard & HesterALLEN     
15Jan1746/7Marydau of Wlliam & SusannaCOKERprivately15 Jan1746/7
07Jun1747Fannydau of Thomas & MaryROBINS     
14Jun1747Fannydau of Jacob & [blank]BARNARD     
28Dec1747Thomasson of John & BetsyMITCHEL     
21Feb1747/8Richardson of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
17Mar1747/8Johnson of William & AnneFOOT     
02Jun1748Marydau of George & MaryHILLIER     
08Jun1748Georgeson of George & MaryYEATMAN     
30Sep1748Johnson of John & MaryLUCASS     
12Nov1748Jennydau of Richard & HesterALLEN     
13Nov1748Samuelson of William & [blank]CAINS     
13Jan1748/9Lucedau of Robert & SusannaCHALDICOT     
26Jan1748/9 Samuelson of Samuel & AmyMATTOCK     
26Jan1748/9Amydau of Samuel & AmyMATTOCK     
05Feb1748/9Samuelson of Giles & LoveLEG     
18Feb1748/9Jamesson of SusannaLEGThomas HEWLET reputed father.    
29Mar1749Bettydau of William & MaryWHITE     
19Jun1749Marydau of William & HannahYOUNG     
27Jul1749Janedau of Jacob & AnneBARNARD     
30Jan1749/50Bathiadau of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
20Mar1749/50Davidson of William & HannahDRAKE     
23Mar1749/50Samuelson of Samuel & AmyMATTOCK     
01Apr1750Williamson of FannyBUTTONJohn FOOT reputed father.    
06Apr1750Jamesson of John & MaryLUCASS     
20Sep1750Janedau of George & MaryHILLIER     
09Dec1750Leahdau of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
22Dec1750Anne Mattockdau of MaryROBINSLuke MATTOCK of Hilton reputed father    
18Feb1750/1Williamson of Richard & HesterALLEN     
02Apr1751Bettydau of John & MaryNEW     
23Jun1751Benjaminson of John & GraceLACY     
01Aug1751Georgeson of William & AnneFOOT     
13Nov1751Sarah   LOCK     
26Dec1751Robertson of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
28Dec1751Lovedau of Giles & LoveLEGG     
06Jan1751/2Christiandau of William & MaryWHITE     
12Jan1751/2Henryson of John & MaryLUCASS     
15Apr1752Nathanielson of Jacob & AnneBARNARD     
19Apr1752Jamesson of MaryTOREFIELDJames LUCAS reputed father    
17Aug1752Marydau of AnneWARREN[blank] WOOLFREY of Abbey Milton reputed father    
30Jan1753Lawrenceson of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
23Apr1753Jamesson of Edward & MaryBARNARD     
16May1753Jamesson of James & [blank]TOREFIELD     
12Jun1753Gracedau of [blank] & GraceCROCKER     
24Jun1753Sarahdau of SusannaLEG     
01Jul1753Marydau of John & MaryNEW     
05Aug1753Elizabethdau of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
01Nov1753Thomasson of William & AnneFOOT     
02Dec1753Johnson of Richard & HesterALLEN     
03Dec1753Bettydau of Samuel & AmyMATTOCK     
23Dec1753Josephson of William & HannahYOUNG     
24Mar1754Thomasson of John & MaryLUCASS     
10Apr1754Elizabethdau of Robert & MaryCOMBS     
05May1754Marydau of Giles & LoveLEG     
17Jun1754Georgeson of George & MaryHILLIER     
31Oct1754Bettydau of [blank]BUTTON     
17Nov1754Annedau of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
19Nov1754Williamson of William & MaryWHITE     
25Dec1754Marydau of Edward & ElizabethBARNARD     
20Jan1755Williamson of DinahYOUNGof Hilton; [blank] CAINS of Hilton reputed father    
02Feb1755Benjaminson of James & MaryTORREFIELD     
16Feb1755Johnson of Jacob & AnneBARNARD     
16May1755Annedau of Thomas & SarahSTANDIGE     
01Jun1755Benjaminson of Joseph & LydiaMULLET     
08Jun1755Johnson of John & MaryNEW     
06Nov1755Bathiadau of Edward & MaryBARNARD     
23Jan1756John    a base born child [no other details given]    
06Feb1756Susannadau of Richard & HesterALLEN     
19Apr1756Richardson of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
26May1756Jennydau of William & MaryUPWARD     
03Oct1756Robertson of John & JoneLUCASS     
17Oct1756Bettydau of SarahFOOT     
12Nov1756Marydau of James & MaryTORREFIELD     
17Nov1756Jamesson of William & AnneFOOT     
13Dec1756Annedau of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
29Jan1757Jemimmadau of Joseph & LydiaMULLET     
07Feb1757Marydau of Thomas & SarahSTANDIGE     
07May1757Henry   WILESGeorge FOOT reputed father    
30May1757Jennyson of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
10Jul1757Leahdau of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
25Sep1757Thomasson of Giles & LoveLEGG     
16Nov1757Elizabethdau of John & MarySIMMONS     
23Mar1758Stephenson of John & MaryNEW     
06Apr1758George Hotlyson of William & MaryUPWARD     
16Apr1758Susannadau of Robert & MaryCOOMBE     
23Jul1758Samuelson of [blank]MITCHEL     
26Nov1758Annedau of [blank]HALL     
26Nov1758Susannadau of [blank]HALL     
06Feb1759Robertson of William & AnneFOOT     
11Feb1759Thomasson of Giles & LoveLEG     
04Mar1759Annedau of Edward & MaryBARNARD     
09Mar1759Richardson of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
30May1759Thomasson of William & MillierFOOT     
01Jul1759Williamson of John & MaryLUCASS     
13Aug1759Charlesson of Joseph & LydiaMULLET     
21Sep1759Johnson of John & MaryPARHAM     
18Nov1759Samuelson of Richard & HesterALLEN     
02Dec1759Johnson of John & MarySYMONS     
26Dec1759Edwardson of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
08Jan1760Annedau of Thomas & SarahSTANDGE     
27Apr1760Robertson of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
14Dec1760Andrewson of John & MaryNEW     
03Mar1761Richardson of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
03Mar1761Johnson of Thomas & PriscillaHEWLET     
08Mar1761William Robins son ofMaryYEATMAN     
15Mar1761Annedau of William & MaryUPWARD     
27Mar1761Lydiadau of Joseph & LydiaMULLET     
17Apr1761Johnson of Thomas & SarahSTANDGE     
24May1761Marthason of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
08Nov1761Bettydau of Richard & MaryPARHAM     
26Nov1761Annedau of William & AnneFOOT     
28Dec1761Johnson of William & MaryROBINS     
05Jan1762Annedau of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
10Jan1762Marydau of John & MarySYMMONS     
25Jul1762Katharinedau of John & MaryNEW     
26Jul1762Williamson of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
10Oct1762Barbaradau of John & JoneLUCASS     
26Mar1763Sarahdau of William & MaryUPWARD     
24May1763Sarahdau of [blank]BURTof Hilton    
11Sep1763Bettydau of William & MaryROBINS     
13Sep1763Marydau of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
01Nov1763Williamson of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
19Nov1763Simonson of John & MarySYMMONS     
20Apr1764Robertson of Robert & BettyPOPLE     
20May1764Williamson of Edward & BettyBARNARD     
17Jun1764Jamesson of James & HannahDRAKE     
16Sep1764Williamson of William & MillierFOOT     
11Nov1764Jamesson of John & MaryNEW     
06Jan1785Sarahdau of Thomas & SarahSTANDGE     
27Jan1765Jamesson of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
07Apr1765James Partnerson of BettyBISHOPJames PARTNER a common soldier, reputed father    
01Aug1765Josephson of Joseph & LydiaMULLET     
13Oct1765Bettydau of Richard & HesterALLEN     
12Jan1766Williamson of William & AnneFOOT     
31Mar1766Annedau of James & HannahDRAKE     
18May1766Annedau of John & MarySYMMONS     
25May1766Johnson of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
03Aug1766Jamesson of John & MaryNEW     
26Oct1766Marthadau of Laurence & AnneJACKSON     
14Feb1767Jamesson of Thomas & BettyBILES     
08Mar1767Annedau of William & MillierFOOT     
19Apr1767Marydau of William & MaryROBINS     
11Oct1767Shrerwingson of John & JoneLUCASS     
11Oct1767Annedau of MaryTOREFELD     
07Feb1768Johnson of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
20Mar1768William Fryson of James & HannahDRAKE     
17Apr1768Thomasson of John & MarySIMMONS     
24Apr1768Georgeson of [blank] & SarahWHITE     
06Dec1768Annedau of Thomas & BettyBILES     
11Dec1768Thomasson of Thomas & SarahSTANDGE     
15Jan1769Sarahdau of BettyHALLJohn WHITTLE reputed father    
23Jan1769Margaretdau of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
12Mar1769Johnson of William & MillierFOOT     
27Mar1769Bettydau of John & RepentanceFOOT     
18Jun1769Jinnydau of MaryYEATMANWilliam BAKER reputed father    
30Jul1769Johnson of Charles & MaryDUNNING     
21Aug1769Benjaminson of Lawrence & AnneJACKSON     
22Aug1769Jamesson of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
23Oct1769Jinnydau of Joseph & AnneSHITLER     
23Nov1769Fannydau of John & MarySIMMONS     
27May1770Johnson of John & RepentanceFOOT     
30May1770Annedau of Edmund & BettySMALL     
01Jul1770Annedau of Samuel & RachelALLEN     
01Jul1770Annedau of James & HannahDRAKE     
09Dec1770Lawrenceson of MaryHANHAMLawrence JACKSON reputed father    
13Dec1770Charlesson of Thomas & BettyBILES     
16Dec1770Jamesson of William & MaryROBINS     
31Jan1771Bettydau of Robert & BettyPOPLE     
21May1771Annedau of Joseph & AnneSHITLER     
09Jun1771Judithdau of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
18Aug1771Marydau of William & MillierFOOT     
26Nov1771Williamson of John & RepentanceFOOT     
26Jan1772Jinnydau of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
21Apr1772Annedau of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
17Feb1773Josephson of Joseph & AnneSHITLER     
24Apr1773Joshuason of Robert & BathiaROGERS     
23May1773Sarahdau of John & MarySIMMONDS     
27Dec1773Sarahdau of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
04Jan1774Marydau of John & RepentanceFOOT     
05Apr1774Marydau of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
17Nov1774Annedau of John & RepentanceFOOT     
20Nov1774Johnson of Robert & BathiaROGERS     
27Dec1774Katharine   UPWARDWilliam FOOT reputed father    
01Jun1775Richardson of Joseph & AnneSHITLER     
27Aug1775Rebeccahdau of SarahWHITEGeorge FOOT reputed father    
16Dec1775Samuelson of John & RepentanceFOOT     
26Dec1775Annedau of William & JinnyFOOT     
28May1776Jinnydau of Robert & MaryCOOMBS     
28Jul1776Susannadau of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
15Sep1776Williamson of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
24Sep1776Robertson of Robert & BathiaROGERS     
29Sep1776Johnson of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
01Apr1777Williamson of William & JinnyFOOT     
29Jun1777Marydau of William & MillierFOOT     
03Aug1777Mariadau of BettySTICKLAND     
03Aug1777Jamesson of John & RepentanceFOOT     
24Aug1777Richardson of Richard & SusanJACKSON     
01Feb1778Charlesson of AnneYEATMANRobert FOOT reputed father    
14Apr1778Bettydau of Robert & BettyPOPLE     
06Aug1778Sarah Annedau of George & SarahFOOT     
15Nov1778Thomasson of Thomas & BettyLAWRENCE     
26Nov1778Richardson of John & RepentanceFOOT     
29Nov1778Honordau of William & MarySHERRY     
25Dec1778Robertson of Joseph & AnneSHITLER     
28Mar1779Jamesson of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
18Jul1779Williamson of Thomas & MaryCROSS     
25Jul1779Elizabethdau of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
09Oct1779Absalomson of MaryHANHAM     
29Dec1779Richardson of George & SarahFOOT     
17Jan1780Williamson of William & FannyCHALDICOT     
20Feb1780Johnson of MaryELKINS     
27Aug1780Jinnydau of William & AnneALLEN     
10Sep1780Nim Millerdau of Thomas & SarahFOOT     
12Oct1780Repentancedau of John & RepentanceFOOT     
01Apr1781Thomasson of John & JennySIMMONS     
08May1781Elizabethdau of Thomas & MaryLEG     
22Jul1781Susannadau of William & FannyCHALDICOT     
13Aug1781Georgeson of George & SarahFOOT     
20Jan1782Johnson of MarySCOTTAndrew NEW reputed father    
07Apr1782Susannadau of William & AnneALLEN     
14Apr1782Samuelson of George & MaryLEG     
07Jul1782Jinnydau of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
09Jul1782Repentancedau of John & RepentanceFOOT     
21Jul1782Jamesson of Andrew & LeahNEW     
02Aug1782Repentancedau of George & AnneYEATMAN     
11Aug1782Bettydau of JinnyFOOT[blank] WEBBER reputed father    
11Aug1782Jinnydau of JinnyFOOT[blank] WEBBER reputed father    
01Sep1782Jemimadau of Benjamin & MaryMULLET     
18May1783Robertson of William & FannyCHALDICOT     
09Jun1783Annedau of William & JinnyPOPLE     
15Jun1783Annedau of George & MaryLEGG     
29Jun1783Elizabethdau of John & MaryNEWTON     
02Nov1783Johnson of John & JinnySIMMONS     
09Nov1783Georgeson of William & MarySHERRY     
26Dec1783Bettydau of George & SarahFOOT     
08Aug1784Gracedau of William & AnneALLEN     
12Sep1784Sarahdau of BettyHOAREThomas FOOT reputed father    
30Jan1785Samuelson of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
13Feb1785Susannadau of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
20Feb1785Gilesson of George & MaryLEG     
17Apr1785Harietdau of John & MaryNEWTON     
17Jun1785Marydau of George & SarahFOOT     
17Jul1785Annedau of Andrew & LeahNEW     
25Sep1785Annedau of Henry & BettyFOOT     
09Oct1785Anne    Robert ROGERS reputed father    
09Oct1785Jinny    James GODDARD of Stock Gailord reputed father    
26Dec1785Williamson of William & JinnyPOPLE     
30Apr1786Johnson of William & FannyCHALDICOT     
30Apr1786Jamesson of William & FannyCHALDICOT     
25Jun1786Williamson of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
25Jun1786Sarahdau of Benjamin & MarthaLACEY     
29Jun1786Annedau of Robert & BathiaROGERS     
03Dec1786Thomasson of George & SarahFOOT     
24Dec1786Bettydau of William & AnneALLEN     
04Mar1787Johnson of George & MaryLEG     
04Mar1787Simonson of John & JinnySIMONDS     
11Oct1787Marydau of AnneMARSH[blank] LODER reputed father    
24Oct1787George Popleson of MarthaJACKSON     
28Oct1787Samuelson of Henry & BettyFOOT     
30Mar1788Thomasson of James & MarthaNEW     
30Mar1788Elizabethdau of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
06Apr1788Georgeson of Andrew & LeahNEW     
27Apr1788Williamson of William & FannyCHALDICOT     
29Apr1788Annedau of George & AnneYEATMAN     
08Jun1788Johnson of William & JanePOPLE     
03Aug1788Jamesson of James & ElizabethBARNET     
21Sep1788Annedau of John & JinnySIMONS     
19Oct1788Josephson of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
16Nov1788Johnson of John & MaryNEWTON     
21Dec1788Annedau of Thomas & SarahFOOT     
06Jan1789Robertdau of William & BettyBAKER     
22Feb1789Marydau of George & MaryLEG     
22Feb1789Williamson of John & JinnySIMMONS     
15Mar1789Simonson of Henry & BettyFOOT     
14Jun1789Annedau of Benjamin & MarthaLACY     
10Jan1790Williamson of Jonas & AnneROLE     
21Mar1790Johnson of John & JemimaDYKE     
17Oct1790Hannahdau of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
07Nov1790Ambroseson of William & SusannaFOOT     
14Nov1790Susannahdau of William & JanePOPLE     
21Nov1790Honourdau of William & AnneALLEN     
16Jan1791Stephenson of Andrew & LeahNEW     
16Jan1791Thomasson of George & MaryLEGG     
21Feb1791Elizabethdau of MarthaMULLETbrought from Buckland Newton    
20Mar1791Priscilladau of John & JaneSIMONS     
26Jun1791Robertson of James & MarthaNEW     
30Oct1791Barbaradau of Charles & MaryYEATMAN     
01Jan1792Luisadau of MarthaFOOT     
08Jan1792Priscilladau of Jonas & AnneROLES     
13May1792Henryson of Benjamin & MarthaLACY     
02Dec1792Jamesson of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
21Apr1793Richardson of William & AnneALLEN     
05May1793Ambroseson of William & SusannahFOOT     
09Jun1793Mariadau of Andrew & LeahNEW     
09Jun1793Georgeson of George & MaryLEGG     
16Jun1793Robertson of Thomas & MarySIMMONDS     
09Mar1794Rosannahdau of Jonas & AnneROLES     
16Mar1794Robertson of John & JennySIMMONDS     
19Mar1795Elizabethdau of William & AnnBARNET     
24Jun1795Marydau of James & MarthaNEW     
28Jun1795Gracedau of SarahLEGG     
30Aug1795Jemimadau of William & SusannaFOOT     
30Aug1795Charlottedau of JudithMULLET     
20Sep1795Ruthdau of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
07Feb1796Richardson of William & AnneALLEN     
14Feb1796Margaretdau of Abel & MaryMULLET     
17Jul1796Priscilladau of William & AnneCOOMBS     
11Aug1796Silasson of Jonas & AnneROOLS     
25Dec1796Racheldau of William & AnnBARNET     
22Jan1797Andrewson of Andrew & LeahNEW     
14May1797Janedau of John & JennySIMMONDS     
18Feb1798Mariadau of William & SusannaFOOT     
28Feb1798Robertson of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
05Apr1798Samuelson of William & AnneALLEN     
05Aug1798Eleanordau of William & AnnCOOMBS     
12Aug1798Elizabethdau of ElizabethGALTENJohn HARDY reputed father    
12Aug1798Johnson of AnnMASHThomas DURENT reputed father    
06Jan1799Mary Annadau of James & AnnCOOMS     
10Mar1799Johnson of James & MarthaNEW     
02Apr1799Susannahdau of James & MarthaNEW     
02Apr1799Robertson of WilliamALLEN     
27Apr1799Isaacson of Andrew & LeahNEW     
29Jun1800Johnson of Joseph & SarahYOUNG     
13Jul1800Mercydau of BettyMULLETRobert YOUNG of Pulham reputed father    
29Jan1801Joshuason of John & JaneSIMONDS     
02Jan1801Michaelson of John & SarahCOOMBS     
09Mar1801Bathiadau of JaneYEATMAN     
29Mar1801Elizadau of Samuel & Sarah AnnFOOT     
20Jul1801Jemimadau of Abel & MaryMULLET     
12Nov1801Anndau of William & JudithCHENEY     
25Jan1802Georgeson of Cave & BetsyBENETprivately; received 28-May-1802    
21Mar1803Ann Alnerdau of John & AnnMILLERprivately    
14Jul1804Mariadau of William & JuliaCHENEY     
09Sep1804Elizabethdau of James & MarthaNEW     
14Sep1804Annabelledau of Samuel & Sarah AnnFOOT     
29Oct1804Marydau of John & AnnMILLER     
25Dec1804Bettydau of James & AnnCOOMBS     
25Dec1804Janedau of James & AnnCOOMBS     
14May1805Charlesson of Richard & SarahFOOT     
04Jun1805Williamson of Daniel & BettyBILES     
01Dec1806Harrietdau of James & MarthaNEW     
06Dec1806Charlesson of William & AnnCOOMBS     
13Jan1807Samuelson of Samuel & Sarah AnnFOOT     
19Apr1807Georgeson of Silas & SusannaFOOT     
26Apr1807Margaret Kains dau ofJohn & AnnMILLER     
17May1807Jamesson of James & AnnCOOMBS     
05Jun1807Abrahamson of Richard & SarahFOOTof Boys Hill, Haydon    
08Aug1807Johnson of John & AnneSIMMONDSomitted; recorded in family Bible & entered in register 09-May-1818    
03Oct1808Susannahdau of Robert & EleanorCHELDECOT     
10Oct1808Janedau of James & MarthaNEW     
13Nov1808Marydau of Daniel & JennyHALLETT     
13Nov1808Williamson of HarrietHANHAMRichard PARRETT reputed father    
15Nov1808Markson of John & SarahSAUNDERS     
21May1809Henriettadau of RepentanceFOOTJames YEATMAN reputed father    
10Jun1809Benjaminson of Abel & MaryMULLET     
10Jun1809Sarahdau of Abel & MaryMULLET     
05Aug1809Alfordson of ElizabethLEGGJames POPLE reputed father    
12Dec1809Williamson of HarrietHANHAM     
12Jun1810Thomasson of John & AnnSIMMONS     
02Jul1810Janedau of SusannahCOOMBS     
03Jul1810Mariadau of James & MarthaNEW     
22Jul1810Elizabethdau of Joseph & MaryPETTY     
16Sep1810Sarahdau of James & AnnCOOMBS     
14Oct1810Alfordson of John & HarrietLEGG     
20Oct1810Marydau of James & ByWILLIAMS     
29Jan1811Janedau of John & AnneSIMMONDSomitted; recorded in family Bible & entered in register 09-May-1818    
29Jan1811Sophiadau of John & AnneSIMMONDSomitted; recorded in family Bible & entered in register 09-May-1818    
28Feb1811Williamson of Thomas & SusannahFOOT     
20Sep1811Williamson of Thomas & SusannahFOOT     
13Oct1811Thomasson of Robert & EleanorCHELDECOT     
13Oct1811Marydau of Daniel & JaneHALLET     
19Nov1811Catherinedau of John & AnnLOVELESS     
29Jan1812Thomasson of John & AnnSIMMONDS     
13Sep1812Sarahdau of Abel & MaryMULLET     
04Oct1812Harrietdau of Charles & ElizabethSOMERS     
29Nov1812Georgeson of John & ElizabethNEWTON     


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