Marriages 1845 - 1860

Transcribed from the Bishop's transcripts by Jacqui Bowen


BT = Bishop's Transcripts
All entries are in the order in which they appear in the BTs
Of full age unless stated otherwise
botp = both of this parish (Hampreston)


Date; Year; Groom; Occupation; Father; Bride; ; Occupation; Father; Abode; Banns/Licence; Witnesses; Source

14.10; 1845; John King; Brickmaker; William King, Labourer; Mary King; ; ; Henry King, Shoemaker; botp; Banns; George Coombs, Jane King; PR

1.12; 1845; William Hapgood, of Little London; Plasterer; William Hapgood, Plasterer; Mary Jane Hapgood of Little London; ; ; Charles Hapgood, Labourer; ; Banns; John Hapgood, Mary Ann Hapgood; PR

24.12; 1845; Isaac Bugden, of Stapehill; Labourer; John Bugden, Labourer; Betsy James of Longham; ; ; Thomas James, Shoemaker; ; Banns; John Mockridge, Edith Mockridge; PR

28.12; 1845; Richard Brown, of Longham; Labourer; Abraham Brown (deceased), Labourer; Elizabeth Troke of Longham; ; ; George Troke, Labourer; ; Banns; George Troke,Elizabeth Brown; PR

6.1; 1846; Jeremiah Hopkins, of Canford Magna; Sawyer ; James Hopkins, Labourer; Mary Elizabeth Foster of Little London; ; ; Charles Foster, Farmer; ; Banns; Henery Foster, Sophia Jane Foster; PR

1.3; 1846; Jesse King of Grove, Hampreston; Game keeper; Germon Retford, Game keeper; Catherine Lovelace a. 20; ; ; Robert Lovelace, Labourer; ; Banns; Robert Lovelace, Sarah Hoare?; PR

12.3; 1846; George Beale, widower, of Eling, Southampto; Sawyer; Richard Beale (deceased), Gentleman; Charlotte Blanchard of Longham; ; ; Charles Blanchard (deceased), Labourer; ; Banns; John Hisock, Jane White; PR

1.12; 1846; Edwin Peat; Grocer; Thomas Peat, Grocer; Betsy Cowel of Portsea, Southampton; ; ; Francis Cowel, Gentleman; ; Banns; Josiah Jenard, Elizabeth Bevan?; PR

24.12; 1846; Henry Applin of Longham; Groom; Thomas Applin, Labourer; Fanny Weare of Little Canford; ; ; Ralph Weare, Labourer; ; Banns; Edward Ware, Eliza Corbin; PR

24.1; 1847; Thomas Ware a. 20; Labourer; Ralph Ware, Labourer; Mary Ann Monckton; ; ; William Monckton, Labourer; ; Banns; William James, Jane Monckton; PR

8.6; 1847; Thomas Dawe of Uddings House, Chalbury; Coachman; Robert Dawe, Bricklayer; Ann Blanchard of Longham; ; ; Charles Blanchard, Labourer; ; Banns; George Beale, Ann? Brown?; PR

26.9; 1847; James Longman of Little Canford; Labourer; James Longman, Labourer; Mary Ann Bush a. 20 of Little Canford; ; ; Joseph Bush, Labourer; ; Banns; Henry? Longman, Eliza Longman; PR

12.2; 1848; John Oxford, widower of Longham; Butcher; Wiliam Oxford, Dairyman; Harriet Lockyer of Longham; ; ; Benjamin Lockyer, Labourer; ; Banns; William Troke, Sarah Troke; PR

19.6; 1848; Harry Head of Ensbury; Farmer; John Head, Farmer; Elizabeth Butler of Longham; ; ; John Butler, Farmer; ; Banns; Stephen Head, Caroline Head; PR

29.6; 1848; Edward Horlick, widower of Dudsbury, W. Parley; Carpenter; Joseph Horlick, Farmer; Elizabeth Barnes of Longham; ; ; William Barnes, Sailor; ; Banns; Sarah Martis?, Jane Williams, Anna Maria Biddle, Elizabeth Biddle; PR

6.4; 1848; Charles Frampton of Little Canford; Labourer; John Frampton, Labourer; Martha Moore; ; ; Edmund Moore, Carrier; ; Banns; Charles Osburn, Eliza Sevier; PR

3.12; 1848; Henry Longman a. 20; Shoemaker; James Longman, Labourer; Eliza  King; ; ; Josiah King, Labourer; botp; Banns; Thomas Longman, Maria King; PR

14.4; 1849; Edward Thomas of Stapehill; Labourer; Abel Thomas, Gardener; Elizabeth Coombes of Stapehill; ; ; John Coombs, Labourer; ; Banns; John Coombes, Martha Long; PR

3.5; 1849; Henry Meader, widower of Great Canford; Bricklayer; Andrew Meader, Bricklayer; Sarah White of Logham; ; ; Robert White, Inn keeper; ; Banns; John White, Elizabeth Meader; PR

1.7; 1849; Isaac Bowering of Pilford; Labourer; William Bowering, Labourer; Sarah Barnes of Pilford; ; ; Stephen Barnes, Labourer; ; Banns; John Poor, Ann Barnes; PR

6.10; 1849; George Guy, widower of Little London; Sawyer; George Guy, Dairyman; Sophia  Croom?, widow, of Little Lodon; ; ; Mark James, Labourer; ; Banns; George Hancock, Sarah Hancock; PR

28.10; 1849; George Early of Little Canford; Labourer; Arthur Early, Labourer; Jane Frampton of Canford Bottom; ; ; James Frampton, Labourer; ; Banns; George Shering, Charlotte Frampton; PR

2.12; 1849; John Legg a. 20 of Kinson; Labourer; Joseph Legg, Labourer; Sarah King of Stapehill; ; ; Henry King, Shoemaker; ; Banns; John King, Ann Legg; PR

23.5; 1850; Stephen Coffin of Winckton; Game keeper; John Coffin, Game keeper; Sophia Conway of Longham; ; ; George Plowman Conway, Farmer; ; Banns; Richard Durndle, Laura M******; PR

27.5; 1850; Richard Barber of 14 Upper Park Place, St Marylebone, Middlesex; Policeman; John Barber, Farmer; Caroline Head of Longham; ; ; John Head, Yeoman; ; Banns; ? Head, Elizabeth Head; PR

4.7; 1850; Hezekiah Coombes, widower of Ferndown; Labourer; George Coombes, Brickmaker; Elizabeth Durdle of Ferndown; ; ; James Durdle, Labourer; ; Banns; George Steel, Jane Durdle; PR

6.7; 1850; Kennard James Kingsbury of Longham; Labourer; John Kingsbury, Cabinet maker; Louisa  Jacobs, a. 20; ; ; Thomas Jacobs, Labourer; ; Banns; John Jacobs, Mary Ann Holloway; PR

23.7; 1850; Robert Bastible, widower, of Fordingbridge; Farmer; John Bastible, Farmer; Elizabeth Ballard of Dudsbury; ; ; William Ballard, Labourer; ; Banns; John Sith, Ann Ballard; PR

15.9; 1850; Levi Hopkins of Little London; Labourer; ? Hopkins, Labouurer; Sarah An Hapgood of Little London; ; ; Charles Hapgood, Labourer; ; Banns; Stephen Frampton, Eliza Frampton; PR

17.9; 1850; George P****** ; Soldier, 1st Battalion of S?F? Guards; George Woford, Gamekeeper; Mary Ann Hurll of Longham; ; ; Charles Hurll, Carpenter; ; Banns; Joseph Hoare, Eliza Hurll; PR

22.9; 1850; Charles Udell? of Longham; Labourer; Charles Udell, Labourer; Elizabeth  Luther of Longham; ; ; Thomas Luther, Labourer; ; Banns; Stephen King, Elizabeth King; PR

12.10; 1850; George Stickland of Longham; Labourer; Josiah Stickland, Labourer; Louisa Miller of Longham; ; ; William Miller, Labourer; ; Banns; George Troke, Eliza Stickland; PR

7.11; 1850; John Frampton of Longham; Labourer; John Frampton, Labourer; Mary Thresher a. 20, of Longham; ; ; James Thresher, Labourer; ; Banns; Charles Frampton, Eliza Frampton; PR

27.11; 1850; Edward Wellman of Stapehill; Railway Servant; Benjamin Wellman, Labourer; Elizabeth Wright of Longham; ; ; Robert? Wright, Labourer; ; Banns; Charles Wellman, Rebecca Wellman; PR

28.11; 1850; Russell Patey of Great Canford; Lieutenant, Royal Navy; George Edward Patey, Lieutenant, Royal Navy; Augusta Ross or Rolles Biddle of Longham; ; ; Waring Biddle, Esquire; ; Banns; ? Alexander Biddle, Elizabeth Ross or Rolles Biddle; PR

25.12; 1850; James Shiner a. 20 of Bedborough; Labourer; William Shiner, Labourer; Sarah Pardy, a. 20 of Dudsbury; ; ; William Pardy, Woodman; ; Banns; Mary Pardy, William Shiner; PR

21.1; 1851; Philip Jacobs of Amey's Ford; Labourer; Joseph Jacobs, Labourer; Eliza Coombs of Ferndown; ; ; William Coombs, Carrier; ; Banns; Joseph Coombs, Paulina?Mayo; PR

20.1; 1851; Charles Rabbits of Little London; Labourer; James Rabbitts, Labourer; Jane Tucker of Stapehill; ; ; Joseph Tucker, Gardener; ; Banns; Josiah C*****, Jane Rabbits; PR

6.3; 1851; George Saunders of Longham; Labourer; James Saunders, Labourer; Ann Wilkins of Longham; ; ; Thomas Wilkins, Carpenter; ; Banns; Charles Harrington, Elizabeth W******; PR

6.4; 1851; Robert Pardy of W. Parley; Labourer; Thomas Pardy, Labourer; Ann Osman of Longham; ; ; John Osman, Labourer; ; Banns; John Osman, Fanny Osman; PR

16.6; 1851; William Warland, widower of Corfe Mullen; Carpenter; John Warland, Farmer; Jane Measher of Longham; ; ; Robert Measher, Bricklayer; ; Banns; John Measher, Elizabeth Slisser?; PR

7.10; 1851; Hiram Elton; Bricklayer; Henry Elton, Labourer; Sarah  Brown of St. Pauls, Covent Garden, Middlesex; ; ; Francis Brown, Commercial traveller; ; Banns; Henry Hurll, Henry Osman; PR

29.10; 1851; William  Hewitt of Canford Bottom; Tailor; Charles Hewitt, Minister; Maria Longman of Canford Bottom; ; ; Ephraim Longman, Labourer; ; Banns; George Longman, Elizabeth Hapgood; PR

25.12; 1851; Thomas Hiskin? of Canford Bottom; Labourer; Henry Hiskins?, Labourer; Ann Barnes of Canford Botto; ; ; Stephen Barnes, Labourer; ; Banns; Charles Hiskin?, Jane Barnes; PR

27.12; 1851; William Isaac Please? of Little London; Accountant; Isaac Please?, Snuff manufacturer; Charlotte Pleace of Little London; ; ; John Pleace, Nurseryman; ; Banns; George Hancock, Sarah Burrows; PR

7.2; 1852; John  Evans a. 20 of Little London; Labourer; William Evans, Labourer; Eliza Fudge, a. 20 of Little London; ; ; John White, Labourer; ; Banns; George Evans, Ann Evans; PR

18.7; 1852; George Mitchell of L. Canford; Labourer; John Mitchell, Labourer; Jane Frampton of Longham; ; ; John Frampton, Labourer; ; Banns; John Frampton, Mary Frampton; PR

23.8; 1852; Henry Gulliver of Forest of Parkhurst?; Woodman; George Gulliver, Woodman; Frances Elizabeth White of Longham; ; ; William White, Tailor; ; Banns; Joseph White, Louisa White; PR

11.1; 1853; John Hibbs of Church Knowl; Schoolmaster; Jonothan Hibbs, Labourer; Louisa Wright; ; ; James White, Labourer; ; Banns; Thomas Hoare, Eliza Wright; PR

21.6; 1853; George Corbin of Wimborne Minster; Pubican; John Corbin, Farmer; Eliza Head of Longham; ; ; John Head, Farmer; ; Banns; W Corbin, Phebe ?; PR

14.9; 1853; Andrew Andrews of Ferndown; Labourer; Nathaniel Andrews, Labourer; Ann  Dean of Ferndown; ; ; William Dean, Labourer; ; Banns; Ebenezer Dean, Charlotte Andrews; PR

29.9; 1853; Henry Tarant ; Labourer; Henry Tarant, Labourer; Martha Baker; ; ; James Baker, Labourer; botp; Banns; Elizabeth Tarant, George Tarant; PR

25.1; 1854; James Hoare a. 20; Labourer; Thomas Hoare, Yeoman; Ruth King a. 21 of Stapehill; ; ; Henry King, Shoemaker; ; Banns; John Hoare, Jane Hoare; PR

18.5; 1854; Thomas Thorne of Pilford; Labourer; George Thorne, Yeoman; Mary  Barnes of Leigh; ; ; Stephen Barnes, Labourer; ; Banns; William Moore Evamy, Jane Barnes; PR

9.7; 1854; George Luckham a. 20 of Wimborne; Painter; George Luckham, Painter; Julia Hayman a. 19 of Stapehill; ; ; Joseph Hayman, Stonemason; ; Banns; Charles Sharp, Priscilla Jane Hargrave; PR

19.9; 1854; Giles Cross? of Longham; Labourer; William Cross?, Woodman; Elizabeth Bridle of Longham; ; ; William Bridle, Labourer; ; Banns; George Samways, Fanny C******; PR

7.10; 1854; Stephen Stay of Longham; Labourer; Mark Stay, Cordwainer; Elizabeth Miller of Longham; ; ; William Miller, Labourer; ; Banns; Mary Stay, ? Coombs; PR

19.10; 1854; James Downton ; Labourer; Samuel Downton, Labourer; Matilda Hurll of Longham; ; ; William Hurll, Sawyer; ; Banns; George Pike, Caroline Hurll; PR

8.11; 1854; George Joseph West; Engineer; Joseph West, Engineer; Marie Ferguson; ; botp; John Ferguson, Wine Merchant; ; Banns; Jesse Stickland, Elizabeth Mockridge; PR

6.1; 1855; Thomas Hoare, widower; Labourer; Thomas Hoare, Yeoman; Matilda Guppy of Stapehill; ; ; (blank) Guppy, Dealer; ; Banns; Thomas Burt, Sarah Hoare; PR

7.12; 1855; John Miller of Longham Heath; Brickmaker; William Miller, Brickmaker; Mary Ann Stay of Longham Heath; ; ; Mark Stay, Cordwainer; ; Banns; Stephen Stay, Ann Stay; PR

7.1; 1856; John Legg of Longham; Gamekeeper; James Legg, Gamekeeper; Mary Ann Parsons, widow, of Longham; ; ; Charles Hurll, Carpenter; ; Banns; Benjamin Wren, Jane Hurll; PR

3.5; 1856; Tom Woolford of Wimborne Minster; Painter; George Woolford, Farmer; Priscilla Jane  Hargreave of Stapehill; ; ; Joseph Hargrave, Stone mason; ; Banns; George Luckham, Julia Luckham; PR

10.5; 1856; James Ford; Potter; John Ford, Labourer; Ellen  Pike; ; ; Henry Pike, Carpenter; botp; Banns; James Strangeman?, Amelia Ford; PR

19.5; 1856; Harry Dibben Beaden? a. 20 of Leigh; Joiner; Harry Beaden?, Joiner; Ursula Mary C****** of Leigh; ; ; William C*****, Joiner; ; Banns; Maria Crown?, James Hiscock; PR

1.7; 1856; Stephen White of Ferndown; Labourer; Charles White, Labourer; Martha Andrews of Ferndown; ; ; Nathaniel Andrews, Labourer; ; Banns; Thomas Andrews, Charlotte Andrews; PR

23.9; 1856; Stephen Sherring of Pilford Bottom; Labourer; John Sherring, Labourer; Mary Allen of Pilford Bottom; ; ; David Allen, Labourer; ; Banns; John Sherring, Ellen Allen; PR

5.10; 1856; Frederick Stone of Little London; Labourer; William Stone, Labourer; Eliza Baker of Little London; ; ; William Baker, Labourer; ; Banns; James Hiscock, Mary Jane Baker; PR

15.10; 1856; George Bugden, widower, of Colehill; Watchmaker; William Hurll, ?; Eliza Derrick of Colehill; ; ; William Nott?, Painter; ; Banns; Thomas Futcher, Sarah ?; PR

2.11; 1856; James Read of High Street, Poole; Bake; John Read, Yeoman; Fanny Burbidge ; ; ; William Burbidge, Gardener; ; Banns; George Rawles, Ann ?; PR

24.11; 1856; John Bench of Little London; Labourer; John Bench, Labourer; Jane Burriss, a. 20 of Little London; ; ; Richard Burriss, Labourer; ; Banns; ?  ?, Sarah Redfern; PR

22.1; 1857; Isaac  Prior; Labourer; George Prior, Labourer; Charlotte Smart; ; ; John Smart, Labourer; botp; Banns; Ellen Middleton, William Middleton; PR

12.3; 1857; George Pike, a. 20 of Longham; Blacksmith; Frederick Pike, Blacksmith; Caroline Hurll of Longham; ; ; William Hurll, Carpenter; ; Bans; Thomas Bayley, Mary Ann Pike; PR

13.4; 1857; Thomas Criswick of Canford Bottom; Gateman; James Criswick, Shoemaker; Mary Lampert of Canford Bottom; ; ; Richard Lampert, Labourer; ; Banns; Tom Adams, Jane Early; PR

19.4; 1857; John Rabbitts of Little London; Labourer; James Rabbitts, Laboourer; Elizabeth Rabbitts of Little London; ; ; John Rabbitts, Shoemaker; ; Banns; James Hiscock, Sarah Redfern; PR

10.5; 1857; Joseph Dacomb of Little London; Labourer; Charles Dacomb, Labourer; Mary Ann Thorne of Little London; ; ; George Thorne, Labourer; ; Banns; Charles Dacomb, Susannah Dacomb; PR

13.6; 1857; Ely Bartlett of Longham; Labourer; Thomas Bartlett, Labourer; Martha Hoare of Longham; ; ; Robert Hoare, Labourer; ; Banns; Stephen Hoare, Ellen Bartlett; PR

29.6; 1857; George James of Stapehill; Labourer; Edmund James, Laburer; Lois Baker of Canford Bottom; ; ; Simeone? Baker, Yeoman; ; Banns; William James, Emma Baker; PR

23.7; 1857; George Oliver of Canford Bottom; Gateman; George Oliver, Innkeeper; Rebecca  Young of Canford Bottom; ; ; Joseph Young, Gateman; ; Banns; James Young, Eliza Oliver; PR

27.7; 1857; George Bartlett of Kinson; Labourer; Charles Bartlett, Labourer; Emily Stronmore; ; ; William North?, ?; ; Banns; James Strongman, Mary Ann Strongman; PR

10.8; 1857; Joseph Sargent, a. 24; Labourer; George Sargent, Labourer; Mary Ann  Wilcocks, a. 20; ; ; (blank); botp; Banns; James Strngman, Harriot Wilcocks; PR

18.10; 1857; Robert Loveless; Labourer; Robert Loveless, dead; Mary Ann Hester Hillier; ; ; Samuel Hester, Bricklayer; botp; Banns; George Saunders, Mary Saunders; PR

3.12; 1857; Ebenezer Dean; Labourer; Charles Dean, Labourer; Charlotte Andrews; ; ; Dead; botp; Banns; George Bennett?, Lydia ?; PR

10.7; 1858; George Longman; Labourer; Ephraim Longman, Labourer; Louisa Weffen; ; ; Thomas Weffen, Labourer; botp; Banns; Charles Weffen, Sarah Weffen; PR

25.7; 1858; William Andrews of Longham Heath; Labourer; Nathaniel Andrews (blank); Jane Miller of Longham Heath; ; ; William Miller, Labourer; ; Banns; Stephen White, Martha White; PR

25.9; 1858; Charles Bartlett; Labourer; Charles Bartlett, Labourer; Mary Ann  Stangeman; ; ; Deceased; botp; Banns; Emily Bartlett, George Bartlett; PR

2.12; 1858; Cornelius Cherrett a. 20; Labourer; James Cherrett, Yeoman; Jane Elizabeth Hurll, a. 20; ; ; Charles Hurll, Wheelwright; botp; Banns; Peter Cherrett, Jane Cherrett; PR

5.12; 1858; Henry Willis, widower; Labourer; Jacob Willis, dead; Sophia Andrews; ; ; Job Andrews, dead; botp; Banns; Rueben King, Elizabeth Kng; PR

25.12; 1858; Charles Lockyer, a. 21; Labourer; George Lockyer, Labourer; Sarah Louisa King, a. 18; ; ; William King, Labourer; botp; Banns; Henry Coombs, Matilda Dolman; PR

23.5; 1859; Edward Wren, a. 20; Gamekeeper; Dead; Mary Ann Gubbins; ; ; George Gubbins, Labourer; botp; Banns; Sarah Hoare, Christopher Wren; PR

13.9; 1859; George Ellsworth, widower; Foreman of Works; Dead; Sophia Mackrell, widow; ; ; Dead; botp; Banns; James Hiscock; PR

25.9; 1859; James Osman of Little London; Labourer; Charles Osman, Labourer; Mary Jane Jewer of Little London; ; ; John Jewer, Labourer; ; Banns; Henry Lacy, Louisa Lacy; PR

12.11; 1859; James Nippard, a. 23 of Kinson; Labourer; Soloman Nippard, Labourer; Ellen Chapel, a.22; ; ; John Chapel, Labourer; ; Banns; George Nippard, Martha Jane Nippard; PR

9.12; 1859; George Williams, a. 26; Labourer; John Williams, Carpenter; Ellen Sheering, a. 20; ; ; Joseph Sheering, Labourer; botp; Banns; John Williams, Mary Ann Nippard; PR

2512; 1859; George Chaffey, a. 21; Stonemason; Dead; Elizabeth King, a. 20; ; ; Josiah King, Labourer; botp; Banns; Charles King, Eliza Wright; PR

311; 1860; Francis Hart Thorn; Labourer; Edward Thorn, Labourer; Hanechial? Georgiana Cook; ; ; Dead; botp; Banns; Henry Hall, Maria Hall; PR

16.2; 1860; Christopher Wren, widower of Chilworth, Hants; Gamekeeper; Dead; Sarah Hoare; ; ; Thomas Hoare, Yeoman; botp; Banns; Edmund Wren, William Hoare, Betsey Hoare, Charlotte Slade; PR

21.2; 1860; Benjamin Carter; Bootmaker; James Carter, Labourer; Selina Thurstin; ; ; Edward Thurstin, Wheelwright; botp; Banns; ? Carter, Ellesan Budden; PR

1.3; 1860; Henry Jewer; Labourer; John Jewer, Labourer; Jane  Abbott; ; ; Dead; botp; Banns; Henry Lacy, Louisa Lacy; PR

2.4; 1860; Richard Churchman?, a 26; Labourer; Richard Churchman?, Labourer; Mary Ann  Gill, a. 20; ; ; William Gill, Labourer; botp; Banns; John ?, Ellen Gill, Stephen Churchman; PR

7.4; 1860; John Vatcher, a. 20; Labourer; James Vatcher, Labourer; Ann Young, a. 22; ; ; Dead; botp; Banns; Henry Young, Jane Young; PR

10.4; 1860; Thomas Osman, a. 21 of Longham; Labourer; James Osman, Labourer; Christiana Wright, a. 19 of Longham; ; ; Robert Wright, Labourer; ; Banns; Edward Wellman, Elizabeth Wellman; PR

21.4; 1860; Francis Henry Pike; Carpenter; Henry Pike, Carpenter; Mary  Dean; ; ; William Dean, Labourer; botp; Banns; Robert Dean, Henry Pike; PR

5.5; 1860; William Coombs ; Labourer; William Coombs, Labourer; Frances Chapel of Longham; ; ; John Chapel, Sailor; ; Banns; Philip Jacob, Eliza Jacobs; PR

4.10; 1860; John Robert Laws of Wareham; Bricklayer; Robert Laws, Bricklayer; Sarah Culter; ; ; (blank); ; Banns; James Culter, Sarah Ann Laws, Henry  ?, Eliza Baker; PR

17.10; 1860; Edwin George Kingsbury, a. 22; Labourer; (blank); Ann Adey, a. 19; ; ; William Adey, Labourer; botp; Bans; Stephen Hoare, Sarah Adey; PR

10.11; 1860; Charles Toms, a. 22 of Longham; Labourer; Josiah Toms, Brickmaker; Susan King, a.19; ; ; Josiah King, Labourer; botp; Banns; Josiah King, Leah Toms; PR

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