Marriages 1813-1830

Transcribed from the Bishop's transcripts by Jacqui Bowen


*Of this parish unless otherwise stated

Date; Year; Name; Surname; Name; Surname; Witnesses; Banns/Licence; Source

7.2; 1813; John; Frampton; Rachel; Cheater of Fordingbridge; Thomas Wilkins, Sarah Williams, George Hancock; Banns; BT

12.8; 1813; James; Osmond; Mary; Vatcher; Sarah Vatcher, Jno Osmond Jnr, George Hancock; Banns; BT

27.1; 1814; John; Garland; Elizabeth; Stone; Ann Holman, William Garland; Banns; BT

27.4; 1814; Arthur; Early; Sarah; Cox; Joseph Early, Sarah Randall, George Hancock; Banns; BT

13.1; 1814; Robert; White; Mary; Hiscock; Robert Hiscock, George Hancock, Susan Hiscock; Banns; BT

7.2; 1815; John; Duffett; Elizabeth; Frampton; John Hillier, George Hancock; Banns; BT

9.3; 1815; Elias; Barnes of Sturminster Marshall; Nanny Ann; Warland; Rachel Barnes, Henry Warland; Licence; BT

4.4; 1815; James; Jacobs; Mary Toms; Galton; William Metford, Rebecca Toms, George Hancock; Banns; BT

6.5; 1815; James; Wright; Ann; Winworth; Charlotte Osmond, George Hancock; Banns; BT

4.7; 1815; Stephen; Seller; Flora; Habgood; Stephen Seller Snr, Sarah Harris, George Hancks; Banns; BT

13.1; 1815; George; Thomas; Ann; Williams; John Marshall, Susan Butler, George Hancock; Banns; BT

20.1; 1815; William; Habgood; Ann; Hurll; George Hancock, Mary Hancock; Banns; BT

16.11; 1815; Stephen; Marshall of West Parley; Betty ; Ware; Edward Ware, George Hancock; Banns; BT

18.4; 1816; William; Soper; Eliza; Brown; Joseph Brown, Harriot Brown, Sophia Soper, James Stroud; Licence; BT

13.8; 1816; Simon ; Young of Hanford, Dorset; Elizabeth; Wisdom; Sarah Wisdom, N. Langfar, Thomas Rodwell; Banns; BT

26.9; 1816; George; Barns; Jane; Coward; Elizabeth Sparks, George Hatcher, George Hancock; Banns; BT

22.12; 1816; John; Allen; Sarah; Butler; Elizabeth Corben, George Troke, George Hancock; Banns; BT

20.1; 1817; John Bailey; Coles of Warminster; Sarah; Atkins; Letitia Goodfellow, Christopher Bernard Shaw; Licence; BT

2.2; 1817; Thomas; Wilkins; Eleanor; Doman; Philip Welch, Elizabeth King, William Welch; Banns; BT

9.4; 1817; William; King; Sarah; Saunders; Sophia Seller, Joseph King, George Hancock; Banns; BT

20.4; 1817; Philip ; Welch; Elizabeth; King; Pennel King, William Welch, George Hancock; Banns; BT

26.11; 1817; George; Troke; Elizabeth; Corbin; Martin Miller, Mary Corbin, George Hancock; Banns; BT

24.3; 1818; William; Osburn of Witchampton; Sarah; Stokes; Hendy Brown Cookman, George Hancock; Banns; BT

29.3; 1818; Ephraim; Longman; Susanna; Bowring; Thomas Bowering, Lucy Harris, George Hancock; Banns; BT

20.5; 1818; Josiah; King; Sophia; Seller; Maria Seller, James Slade, George Hancock; Banns; BT

28.6; 1818; Joseph; Wallas, widower; Mary; Bull; Thomas Hayter, Mary Burridge; Banns; BT

4.7; 1818; Thomas; Peat of Portsea, Hants; Jane; Brown; Eliza Brown, Hester Talbot, Sarah Feacy?, Charles Brown; Licence; BT

12.7; 1818; Ralph ; Ware, widower; Abi; Hayter; Elizabeth Hayter, Charles Hayter; Banns; BT

12.7; 1818; William; Pardy; Sarah; Goddard; William Cutler, Sarah Frampton; Banns; BT

7.2; 1819; Robert; Wright; Clementina; Tucker; Joseph Wright, Angelina Tucker, George Hancock; Banns; BT

16.2; 1819; Edward; Brown of Christchurch; Mary; Prince; Betty Prince, Thomas Green, George Hancock; Banns; BT

25.4; 1819; Henry; Thomas; Sarah; Read; John Barnes, Jane Read; Banns; BT

18.5; 1819; Robert; Hoare; Jane; Hiscock; Stephen Hoar, George Hancock; Banns; BT

30.8; 1819; Henry; Ramey; Jane; Hyslop; Susannah Ramey, John Hiscock, George Hancock; Banns; BT

10.2; 1820; William ; Cuff; Martha; Corbin; James Longman, James Jacob; Banns; BT

22.6; 1820; Thomas Whitshire; Sanson; Frances; Hanham; Sarah Bugden?, James Hanham; Licence; BT

10.7; 1820; James ; Christopher of Tarrant Crawford; Elizabeth; Coward; George Barnes?, Mary Ford, George Hancock; Banns; BT

29.8; 1820; John; Jacobs; Sarah; Naile?; Sarah Chappel, James Brenson, William Troke; Banns; BT

12.9; 1820; Joseph; Legg of Ringwood; Maria; Stickland; Martha Gilbert, William Stickland, Mary Sutton, Ann Robbear; Banns; BT

21.9; 1820; George; Legg; Henrietta; Deal; Jane? White, Jane Balbin, William White; Banns; BT

10.1; 1820; William; Troke; Sarah; Chappel; James Brenson, Mary Oxford, Thomas Luther, John Oxford; Banns; BT

7.11; 1820; Charles; Frampton of Wimborne; Sarah; Duffit; George Hancock, Ann Duffit; Banns; BT

17.3; 1821; Thomas; Cox; Ann; Toms; Jacob James, Sally Thomas; Banns; BT

29.4; 1821; Isaac ; Freeborn; Mary; Dunegon; William Dunnegan, George Hancock; Banns; BT

4.6; 1821; James; Jacobs; Sarah; Cole; Mary Ann Samson, Ann Lurel?; Banns; BT

16.7; 1821; John; Bugden; Martha; Ford; James Lyons?, George Hancock; Banns; BT

28.1; 1821; Joseph; Saunders; Jane; White; Robert White, Priscilla Clapcott; Banns; BT

12.11; 1821; John; Stickland; Elizabeth; Ware; James James, Elizabeth Stickland, Ann Waller; Banns; BT

18.11; 1821; Thomas; Blake; Hester; Warren; James Brenson, Sarah Troke, George Hancock; Banns; BT

22.1; 1822; Edmund ; Lush of Gussage All Saints; Mary; Sims; James Symes, Sarah Shotter?; Banns; BT

4.2; 1822; George; Slade; Elizabeth; Coombs; George Hancock; Banns; BT

7.8; 1822; James; Symes; Sarah; Shotter; William Cutler, Nia? Cutler; Banns; BT

13.4; 1822; George; Troke; Jane; Murch; George Hancock; Licence; BT

5.5; 1822; Robert; Troke of Holdenhurst; Betty; Lockyer; Elizabeth Sheering or Neering, George Hancock; Banns; BT

13.1; 1822; George; Wilkins; Mary; Saunders; George Hancock, William King; Banns; BT

24.11; 1822; Robert; Shave; Fanny; Ware; Sarah Ware, George Hancock; Banns; BT

1823; NO MARRIAGES; ; ; ; ; ; BT

1824; NO MARRIAGES; ; ; ; ; ; BT

15.4; 1825; Samuel ; Ford, widower of E Morden; Jane ; Barrett; Ambrose Weston Turber, Lydia Sampson; Licence; BT

30.8; 1825; John; Luter; Priscilla; Clapcott; Elizabeth Clapcott Jane Adams, Thomas Luther; Banns; BT

7.9; 1825; John; Parmiter; Sophia; Soaper; John  Williams, Mary Ann Soaper; Banns; BT

10.11; 1825; Jon; Williams of Kinson; Susannah; Soaper; Joseph Rolles, Mary Ann Soper, Joshua Bell; Licence; BT

30.12; 1825; Thomas; Applin; Mary; Wear; Charles Knowlton, George Hancock; Banns; BT

30.12; 1825; John; Hicks; Sarah; Wear; Mary Joy, Charles Knowlton, George Hancock; Banns; BT

19.1; 1826; Joshua ; Bell; Mary Ann; Soaper; Joseph Rolles, John Williams, Susannah Williams; Banns; BT

18.5; 1826; James; Fall; Eliza; Vatcher; Elizabeth Wareham, George Fall; Banns; BT

12.9; 1826; William; Gubbins; Elizabeth; Wilkins; Joel Candy, George Hancock, John King; Banns; BT

15.1; 1826; Charles; Hurll; Mary; Wright; Harlen Hurll, Elizabeth Wright; Banns; BT

1.4; 1827; Joseph; Luter; Elizabeth; Longman; John Luther, Elizabeth Luter, George Hancock; Banns; BT

23.4; 1827; John; Weare; Elizabeth; Sticland; James James, George Hancock; Banns; BT

16.9; 1827; Henry; Coffin; Sarah; Frimming or Trimming; Ann French, John Marshall; Banns; BT

11.11; 1827; Benjamin; Coffin; Ann; King; Jane King, George King; Banns; BT

1.5; 1828; Thomas; Osburn; Charlotte; King; Harriot King, William Osburn; Banns; BT

27.1; 1829; George; Gubbins; Fany; Willis, Sojourner; Louisa Fry, John Wills; Banns; BT

5.5; 1829; John; King of Poole; Ann; Corbin; James Slade, George Hancock; Banns; BT

1.9; 1829; Henry Field; Fisher of Blandford Forum; Elizabeth; Hamer; S Eckrigge, S>F. Fisher, Thomas Durant; Licence; BT

8.4; 1830; William; Hoar; Jane; Budden; Hanna Hoar, Charles Brinton, George Hancock; Banns; BT

12.8; 1830; Peter; Pike of Tarrant Keynston; Elizabeth; Hancock; Paul Pike, Susanna Pike, George Hancock; Banns; BT

23.8; 1830; John; Chappel of Poole; Maria; Froud; James Gibbs, Sarah Troke, Charity Froud; Banns; BT

11.1; 1830; James; Wareham; Edith; Shave; William Bywater, Jane Shave; Banns; BT

16.11; 1830; William; Hurll; Sarah; King; George King, Jane Oxford; Banns; BT

9.12; 1830; Edmund; James; Ann; Willis; James Attwood, John Willis; Banns; BT

25.12; 1830; George; Kelly of Lymington, Hants; Mary Ann Norman; Calver; Sarah Miller Calver, Joseph Brown; Banns; BT


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