Marriages 1664 - 1840

Transcribed from the original parish registers held at the Dorset History Centre in Dorchester and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker

 Arranged according to the Gregorian Calendar, with the Julian year indicated to the left of the forward slash (/) in those years when the Julian Calendar, which ran from March 25th to March 24th, was in use (i.e. prior to 1752, 1751 being the transition year).

 The register is difficult to read in places, so researchers are advised to use this transcript as a guide only and to consult the originals at the Dorset History Centre.

23-Apr-1664; Christopher PHIPPET son of Christopher PHIPPET & Bridget GRAHAM

26-May-1664; Thomas KINGSBURY son of Adam KINGSBURY & Edeth BISHOP daughter of Margaret BISHOP

14-Jan-1664/5; John BARBER son of Andrew BARBER & Elizabeth READ

02-Apr-1665; Hugh BARBER eldest son of Andrew BARBER & Ann BOX

27-Jun-1665; John RUSSELL & Margery DANCER

16-Apr-1667; Humfry LOCK & Dorothy CHILD

23-Dec-1667; Richard BOYT & Elleanor PHELPS by Licence

13-May-1669; Peter MAY & Ann LOCK

29-Jun-1669; Stephen SQUIBB & Margaret HARRIS

28-Jul-1670; Malachi CONANT & Jane CLAVERMY

18-Oct-1670; Thomas HELLIAR & Elizabeth RALEIGH

20-Jul-1675; William HOGGARD of Divelish [Dewlish] & Margaret BROWNE

16-Nov-1675; John WHITE & Elizabeth SOMERTON

12-Apr-1680; Henrie STICKLAND & Elizabeth STOY

06-Jun-1680; John SCUTT & Ede WORLD daughter of Hugh WORLD

04-Jan-1682/3; Richard LUDLOW son of John LUDLOW & Susanna LUCIS of Mapperton

03-Jul-1683; John KIRCHELL of Hamoone & Mary PAIN by Licence

16-Sep-1684; Henry VINE of Duelish & Margaret VINE daughter of Matthew VINE

__-___-1684; Richard ASH & Margery PHIPPET daughter of Christopher PHIPPET

02-Apr-1685; Thomas VIVIAN & Dorothy WHITE daughter of Edward WHITE

15-Jan-1687/8; Richard BYTHEWOOD & Jean ROLL daughter of Samuel ROLL

14-Apr-1697; Richard PATEY of Dewlish & Mary VINE

02-Oct-1698; John WHITE & Elizabeth KAINES

31-Jan-1698/9; Thomas POPE & Sarah VOWELL both of Tolpuddle

13-Apr-1699; Christopher WHITE & Mary DAVIS

03-Jan-1700/1; Christopher VARNS (?) of Shapwick & Joan COWARD

03-Aug-1701; Samuel HISCOCKE & Cisely SWIFT of Iwerne by Licence

08-Sep-1702; Andrew LOCK & Ann DAVIES daughter of William DAVIES

03-___-1702; S[illegible] HISCOKE &  [illegible]

28-Feb-1703/4; George BUDDEN Sailor of Great Canford & Mary ARNOLD daughter of Robert ARNOLD

27-Jan-1707; Mr William MADGWICK of Poole & Susanna ROBERTS of Cerne Abbas by Licence

08-Apr-1708; Philip BRINE of Kington Magna & Elizabeth SUMMERS of Man[illegible] by Licence

30-Oct-1708; John DASHWOOD of Sturminster Newton Castle & Martha [illegible]

22-Jan-1709/10; John SWETMAN of Portsmouth, co. Hampshire & Ruth FELPS

26-Feb-1709/10; Robert TILLY of Lanson & Joan BYSHOP of Downton

19-Nov-1710; Cornelius MITCHELL & Dorothy VIVEAN

27-Aug-1711; Robert BUDDEN & Elizabeth SYMES of Plush

09-Sep-1711; John WORLD of Hilton & Elizabeth WHITE

09-Nov-1712; Robert JONES of Beamister & Elizabeth KINGSBURY daughter of Robert KINGSBURY

24-Nov-1713; George GARMOND & Elizabeth VENCENT both of Dulish

19-Apr-1714; Joseph RONIOR & Katherine RIGGS

23-May-1714; John WOODROW & Mary KINGSBURY

14-Oct-1714; Richard VATOR of Melton Abbas & Mary COWARD

14-Feb-1715/6; Thomas BUNN of Fardington & Christian WESTON

03-Oct-1716; Thomas VIVIAN & Mary PRIDE

18-Oct-1716; William TAPLEN & Anne BARNS both of Dewlish

02-May-1717; Richard BITHYWOOD & Anne BAKER

14-Dec-1721; John ARNOLD & Mary MASTERS of Buckland Newton by Licence

21-Jan-1722/3; John SCUTT of Affpuddle & Susannah BENNETT

25-Feb-1722/3; William ARNOLD & Susannah VINE by Licence

01-Jul-1723; Thomas DAVIS & Jane CLEWARD

11-Apr-1726; Edward WHITE & Elizabeth BAKER

29-Jun-1726; Luke VINE & Elizabeth BAKER

29-May-1727; Henry PULMAN & Dorothy VIVIAN

29-Jun-1727; John BAKER & Martha VINE

02-Sep-1728; Joseph KINGSBURY & Sarah STAGG

28-Sep-1728; John CHIN & Martha YOUNG both of Melcomb Horsey

01-Oct-1728; William VIVIAN & Elizabeth LOCK

27-Dec-1729; Thomas DRAKE & Ann WHITE

22-Sep-1731; Richard ROLL of Stoke Wake & Susanna ADAMS widow of Helton

20-Feb-1731/2; John STICKLEY of Whitechurch & Elizabeth BARNS of Milbourn by Licence

15-Apr-1734; Joseph WHITE & Rachel RIGGS [BTs only]

28-May-1734; Thomas MITCHEL & Sarah TRASK [BTs only]

10-Oct-1734; Thomas WHITTEL of Arpuddle & Elizabeth WHITE by Licence

20-Jul-1736; Andrew LOCK & Hannah HOSKINS of Arpuddle

27-Sep-1736; Peter MAY & Ana [BTs: Ann] FOOT

14-Nov-1736; William BRYER & Ann BATT both of Dorchester by Licence [full date & Bride’s name from BTs]

06-Feb-1736/7; Benjamin HOSKINS & Mary BOIT

09-Apr-1737; Henry PULMAN & Margery RIGGS of Melcombe [BTs: 18-Apr-1737]

05-May-1737; Christopher VINCENT of Fordington & Margaret POOL

17-Nov-1739; William VIVIAN & Elizabeth PEATY [BTs: of Dewlish]

08-Apr-1740; Thomas RIGGS & Christian WHITTLE of Beer Regis

01-Apr-1741; John TRASK & Elizabeth VINE

19-Apr-1742; William ACKERMAN & Esther HARDY

08-Mar-1743/4; Henry SEYMOR [BTs: SEYMER] Esq of Handford & Mrs Bridget HAYSOME of Weymouth [BTs: 06-Mar-1743/4]

04-Nov-1744; William VIVIAN & Elizabeth HISCOCK

10-Feb-1746/7; John WHITE & Annabella DICKER

10-Mar-1747/8; Thomas WOOLFREYS of Whitchurch & Mary KESTONE [BTs: KEXSTONE]

17-May-1749; William TAPPER & Hannah BAILEY of Melcombe

02-Dec-1750; William JAMES of Iwerne Minster & Esther BRYER of Dewlish

09-Apr-1751; James BRIDGE of Dewlish & Alice KINGSBURY

02-Jun-1751; William WOOLFRYES of Beer Regis & Martha KEASTONE [BTs: KEXSTONE] by Licence

12-Aug-1751; John KINSBURY [BTs: KINGSBURY] of Dewlish & Sarah WEY by Licence

06-Nov-1751; John SYMMS of Stoke Wake & Martha RUNYARD

08-Feb-1752; Thomas STICKLEY of Shapwick & Susanna GAULTON of Dewlish

11-Jun-1753; Joseph JEPE of Burleston & Mary ARNOLD by Licence


08-Aug-1754; Samuel MULLET of Buckland Newton & Elizabeth COWARD

witnesses: Edward VINE, John BOLLOCK


04-May-1755; William ARNOLD of Milton Abbas & Ann RIGGS

witnesses: William VEVIAN, Thomas WHITE


28-Oct-1757; Peter MITCHELL of Mintern Magna & Sally MITCHELL by Licence

witnesses: John WHITE, Edward FOX


07-Feb-1758; Andrew LOVELESS of Piddletrenthide & Elizabeth ARNOLD

witnesses: Edward FRAMPTON, John WHITE


08-Jan-1759; Jonathan HODGES & Christian BAKER by Licence

witnesses: Edward VINE, John TUCKHAM


28-Jun-1759; John HALL & Mary MEADER by Licence

witnesses: Joseph SHEPARD, John WHITE


11-Jul-1759; William BUSSELL & Elizabeth WEEKS

witnesses: Thomas BAKER, Anne LANE


10-Oct-1759; George HUNT of Milton Abbas & Mary COMBDEN

witnesses: John WHITE, Thomas RIGGS


11-Oct-1759; John MEABY of Milton Abbas & Ann STONE

witnesses: William ARNOLD, John WHITE


04-Nov-1759; James KINGSBURY & Ann ARNOLD by Licence

witnesses: William ARNOLD, John WHITE


13-Aug-1760; John CHRISTOPHER & Elizabeth TRASK

witnesses: John WHITE, Elizabeth WHITE


12-May-1761; Francis WILLES of Pool & Sarah ARNOLD by Licence

witnesses: Sarah DAVIS, Mary BAKER


14-Jul-1761; Robert HUNT & Mary POLDEN

witnesses: Thomas ARNOLD & John WHITE


03-May-1762; Luke WHITE & Elizabeth KEKSTONE of Melborne St Andrews by Licence

witnesses: John WHITE, Henry WHITE


04-Oct-1762; Thomas BRUSHITT & Elizabeth LOCK

witnesses: John WHITE, William LOCK


10-Oct-1762; John BRIT & Mary WHITE by Licence

witnesses: John WHITE, Thomas BRIDLE


24-Jan-1763; Thomas BRIDLE & Judith WHITE

witnesses: Martha BAKER, John WHITE


06-Feb-1763; Henry DEWLAND of Charminster & Elizabeth KINGSBURY by Licence

witnesses: William ARNOLD, John WHITE


16-Jan-1764; Thomas WHITTLE & Mary JESSE by Licence

witnesses: John HALL, John WHITE


02-Jul-1764; Simon GUNDRY & Margaret HUNT

witnesses: William ARNOLD, John WHITE


13-Aug-1764; William CHALKER & Hannah BAKER

witnesses: William BAKER, John WHITE


02-Oct-1764; Thomas RIGGS & Hannah WHITE

witnesses: Luke WHITE, John WHITE


23-Jan-1765; John GUY & Ruth WHITE

witnesses: Mary BAKER, John WHITE


13-Jul-1765; Phillip COAT & Mercy KINGSBURY

witnesses: Mary WHITE, Elizabeth WHITE


25-Sep-1766; George KINGSBURY & Ann BAKER

witnesses: John WHITE, Hannah CHALKER


08-Oct-1766; Samuel FRIPP of Hilton & Elizabeth DAVIS

witnesses: Anne BURT, John BURRELL


24-Dec-1769; John STANFIELD & Judith BAKER

witnesses: Jonathan HODGE, John WHITE


21-Feb-1770; John ROBINS of Holwell, co. Somerset & Ann WILSON

witnesses: John HALL, John WHITE


15-Apr-1770; James MALTON of Milborne Stylam Bere Regis & Martha BAKER by Licence

witnesses: John HODGES, John WHITE


17-May-1770; Henry HOPKINS & Elizabeth TRASK

witnesses: William ARNOLD, John WHITE


25-Jan-1772; Daniel DIFFEY of Bridgewater, co. Somerset & Christian MAY by Licence

witnesses: Joseph SHEPARD, John WHITE


08-Jun-1772; Henry BAKER & Jane SLADE

witnesses: Ellen WHITE, John WHITE


28-Sep-1772; Stephen BAKER & Martha DRAKE of Affpuddle by Licence

witnesses: Ellen DRAKE, John WHITE


12-Oct-1773; John HOUNSELL of Bridport & Mary ELFORD by Licence

witnesses: Mary SYMES, Thomas HURDMAN


01-Nov-1773; John ROBBINS & Christian WHITE by Licence

witnesses: Robert KINGSBURY, John WHITE


09-Nov-1773; Thomas VIVIAN & Elizabeth COWARD

witnesses: Robert ANTHONY, John WHITE


18-Nov-1773; Joseph LEGG of Dewlish & Mary BUSSELL by Licence

witnesses: Sarah LEGG, John WHITE


13-Dec-1773; William ARNOLD & Jane DAVIDGE

witnesses: Joseph KINGSBURY, John WHITE


08-Feb-1774; John HOARE & Ann WHITE

witnesses: Ellen WHITE, John WHITE


26-Apr-1774; John BURT & Christian COATE

witnesses: Josiah VACHER, John WHITE


14-Jul-1774; Joseph PAIN of Dewlish & Ellen BAKER

witnesses: Thomas PAIN, Mary APPLIN


05-Jan-1775; John COATE & Sarah RIKALL

witnesses: F. DAVIS, Susanna DAVIS


19-Sep-1775; James BUSSELL & Hannah LOCKE

witnesses: Mary LOCK, John WHITE


19-Sep-1775; George WORLD of Hilton & Elizabeth HARDY

witnesses: Henry BAKER, John WHITE


10-Apr-1776; John COWARD & Mary DAVIS by Licence

witnesses: Priscilla DAVIS, Johanna DAVIS


13-Jun-1777; Robert OBORN of Fordington & Mary Cox MORGAN by Licence

witnesses: Ann DAVIS, Susanna DAVIS


27-Jul-1777; William PUCKET of Winterborne Tomson & Damaris OZARD

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


01-Dec-1777; Joseph TUCKER & Dorothy PULMAN

witnesses: John WHITE, Susanna DAVIS


13-May-1778; Henry MULLETT & Joyce VIVIAN

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


03-Feb-1779; Richard STICKLAND & Ann GROVE by Licence

witnesses: Stephen BAKER, Thomas HURDMAN


27-Apr-1779; Thomas JESSE & Sarah KINGSBURY

witnesses: Joanna DAVIS, John WHITE


04-Jul-1779; Robert BAKER & Joanna DAVIS by Licence

witnesses: Elizabeth FRIPP, John WHITE junior


01-Nov-1780; Samuel DICKER & Sarah MULLETT

witnesses: Matthew HEARD, John WHITE


06-Feb-1781; Edward SHEPARD & Mary MAY

witnesses: Elizabeth KINGSBURY, John WHITE


04-Jun-1781; John SMART of Milton Abbas & Mary WHITE

witnesses: Ann DAVIS, John WHITE


15-Oct-1781; Richard SAMPSON & Ann KINGSBURY

witnesses: Hannah CHALKER, John WHITE


20-Jun-1782; William TIZARD & Martha NEWMAN

witnesses: Margaret GOULD, Mary SHEPARD


26-Apr-1784; Thomas CHRISTOPHER & Sarah DUCK alias MORRIS

witnesses: John BURT, John WHITE


12-Jul-1784; Sib VINCENT & Elizabeth WHITE

witnesses: William KINGSBURY, John WHITE


15-Sep-1784; John WHITE & Mary ROLLS

witnesses: William VIVIAN, John WHITE


05-Feb-1785; John CHRISTOPHER & Susanna HANNAM

witnesses: Peter MAY, John WHITE


28-Feb-1785; Henry VIVIAN & Mary BIRD

witnesses: William KINGSBURY, John WHITE


27-Feb-1787; William SEYMER of Woodford & Anne CARPENTER by Licence

witnesses: Dennis CARPENTER, Eliza CARPENTER


28-May-1787; James BARNET of Piddlehinton & Elizabeth NIGHT

witnesses: John WHITE, Mary HALL


14-Apr-1788; Joseph SHEPPARD & Ann MAY

witnesses: Mary HALL, John WHITE


29-Oct-1788; John HALL & Lydia BAKER

witnesses: John WHITE junior, Thomas KINGSBURY


29-Oct-1788; James BUSSELL & Susanna MAJOR

witnesses: John DOMINEY, John WHITE


16-Feb-1789; William BAKER & Elizabeth HALL

witnesses: Peter MAY, John WHITE


19-May-1789; James COLLIS Blacksmith of Long Burton & Martha FRY

witnesses: John FRY, John WHITE


24-Mar-1790; Thomas FRAMPTON of Dewlish & Lucy KINGSBURY

witnesses: Diana CARPENTER, Joseph KINGSBURY


28-Feb-1791; John TUCKER & Susannah PLAYER

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


28-Dec-1791; Joseph GALTON & Ann TUCKER

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


19-Jan-1792; Robert HALL of Child-ockford & Ann KINGSBURY

witnesses: Meary KINGSBURY, Merrifield MANDY


07-May-1792; George RIGGS & Mary KNIGHT

witnesses: Thomas KINGSBURY, John WHITE


03-Jan-1793; George ROBINS & Elizabeth KINGSBURY

witnesses: James RICHARDS, John WHITE


19-May-1793; John COATE & Mary HALL

witnesses: Mary SHEPARD, John WHITE


13-Dec-1793; John WHITE & Sarah STANDFIELD

witnesses: Mary HANDFIELD, John WHITE


21-Apr-1794; William EDWARDS of Houghton & Mary BAKER

witnesses: Mary ROBINS, John WHITE


14-May-1794; John RIGGS of Dewlish & Susan Loveless BAKER

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


27-Oct-1794; James JEANES & Lucilla FRAMPTON

witnesses: Thomas FRAMPTON, John WHITE


30-Mar-1796; Thomas KINGSBURY & Elizabeth BAKER

witnesses: Joseph KINGSBURY, John WHITE


15-Aug-1796; William TUCKER & Elizabeth WHITE

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


10-Oct-1796; Joseph CHRISTOPHERS & Ruth RUSSEL

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


15-Jan-1797; William VINCENT of Fordington & Priscilla HALL

witnesses: John WHITE, Daniel May DEFFEY


17-Feb-1800; Thomas CHRISTOPHERS & Ann CHALKER

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


21-Oct-1800; John PHILLIPS & Ann HALL

witnesses; Samuel KINGSBURY, Eleanor HARRIS


27-Oct-1800; James STICKLAND of Milbourn St Andrew & Diana CARPENTER

witnesses: William READ, Eliza CARPENTER


14-Dec-1801; John LOVELESS of Hilton & Ann RIGGS

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


21-Sep-1802; Esau BAKER & Elizabeth HARRIS

witnesses: Maria BAKER, Jacob BAKER, John WHITE


08-Nov-1802; John DAVIDGE alias ARNOLD & Maria HOARE

witnesses: Mary SHEPARD, John WHITE


22-Jun-1803; George MORRIS of Hilton & Mary ROBINS

witnesses: Abraham WEST, John WHITE


23-Jun-1803; William MORRIS of Hilton & Jane WHITE

witnesses: Joseph KINGSBURY, John WHITE


14-Feb-1805; Samuel RIGGS & Elizabeth BARNES

witnesses: John BAKER, John WHITE


14-Apr-1806; Thomas FRAMPTON of Godmanstone & Elizabeth HARRIS

witnesses: Mary KINGSBURY, William HARRIS


26-May-1806; Peter BUSSEL & Mary ARNOLD

witnesses: Thomas NOATHER, John WHITE


19-Aug-1806; William BUSSEL & Maria MULLET

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


24-May-1807; Edmund HODGES & Sarah BUSSELL

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


19-Oct-1907; Richard TRASH & Tamsey LOWMAN

witnesses: John WHITE, John WHITE junior


10-May-1808; Joseph PHILPS & Mary SHEPARD

witnesses: William MAY, Martha SHEPARD


11-Jul-1808; John KNIGHT & Susannah CORNISH

witnesses: Sarah TREVETT, Joseph TUCKER


30-Nov-1808; John HOARE & Elizabeth ROLLS

witnesses: John WHITE, Mary WHITE


19-Sep-1809; Benjamin RIGGS of Dewlish   & Mary CHRISTOPHERS

witnesses: Henry BAKER, John WHITE


25-Feb-1811; Simon PHILPS & Martha May SHEPARD

witnesses: Joseph DECKER, Joseph MULLETT


17-Apr-1811; William FOOT of Dewlish & Mary VIVIAN

witnesses: Joseph PHILPS, Joseph MULLETT


21-Aug-1814; William ALNER of Fordington & Kitty FRAMPTON

witnesses: James HARRIS, Mary HARRIS


06-Apr-1815; Edward ROGERS & Jemima BAKER

witnesses: Elizabeth MULLETT, David BAKER


29-Dec-1815; David BAKER & Frances BEALE of St Luke, co. Middlesex

witnesses: Elizabeth MULLETT, Samuel SHORT


14-May-1816; James BELLRINGER of Child Okeford & Hannah ALNER

witnesses: Elizabeth BELLRINGER, Joseph MULLETT


21-Oct-1816; John SPRACKLAND & Mary White STAMFIELD

witnesses: John HALL, Martha KINGSBURY


19-May-1818; Lawrence SHEPPARD & Sarah COWARD by Licence

witnesses: William COWARD, Jane GUY


24-Nov-1818; William COWARD & Jane VINCENT by Licence

witnesses: Samuel VINCENT, Sarah VINCENT


23-Feb-1819; William WEST & Ann WHITE

witnesses: George RIGGS, Honour TUCKER


17-Oct-1819; Henry VIVIAN widower & Mary HARDY

witnesses: Richard PORTER, Eulner MULLETT


18-Oct-1820; Alfred BAKER & Elizabeth MULLETT

witnesses: James RICHARDS, Mary Baily MULLETT


29-Apr-1821; George FRY & Elizabeth THOMAS

witnesses: Edward ROGERS, Jemima ROGERS


26-Nov-1821; James LONGMAN & Martha KINGSBURY

witnesses: Joseph DECKER, Sarah SHEPPARD


18-Feb-1822; Alexander FARQUHARSON of Bere Regis & Bethiah STANDFIELD

witnesses: John LEGG, Dianah EDWARDS


18-Feb-1822; William HART of Hilton & Fanny BUSSELL

witnesses: Maria CHRISTOPHER, Richard CHRISTOPHER


09-Apr-1822; James HAMETT of Dewlish & Sophia Standish HOARE

witnesses: Rupert RIGGS, William WELLSPRING


18-Nov-1823; William TUCKER & Elizabeth BRIDLE

witnesses: Charles TUCKER, Fanny BRIDLE


08-Jun-1824; Samuel HALL & Mary Bailey MULLETT

witnesses: Fanny HALL, John HALL


07-Sep-1824; William BURDEN of Melcombe Horsey & Sophia Davidge ARNOLD

witnesses: John ROLLS, Joseph MULLETT


28-Sep-1824; William BUSSELL & Mary FOOT

witnesses: Ellen MULLETT, James SILVER


05-Apr-1825; William COWARD & Sarah BLANFORD

witnesses: Thomas COWARD, Fanny BAKER


29-Nov-1825; John Ewens JACOB of Frome Vauchurch & Frances Collins STICKLAND by Licence

witnesses: John MAYO, Mary Ann STICKLAND


13-Jul-1826; Edward SHEPARD & Ann KINGSBURY by Licence

witnesses: John KINGSBURY, Sarah SHEPARD


14-Aug-1827; George MAXWELL Clerk A.B. of Godmanstone & Ethelrida BIRCH by Licence

witnesses: Thomas Wickham BIRCH, Jane BIRCH


25-Sep-1828; Richard Bussel CHRISTOPHER & Emma PORTER

witnesses: Sarah CHRISTOPHER, Richard PORTER


11-Nov-1828; Richard PORTER & Maria BUSSELL

witnesses: Josiah PORTER, Sarah CHRISTOPHER


01-Dec-1828; Robert STANDFIELD & Myrtilla HODGES

witnesses: Edmund HODGES, William STANDFIELD


06-Apr-1829; William Ballson STANDFIELD of Charminster & Hannah RIGGS

witnesses: John FOOT, Elizabeth DOWDING


23-Apr-1829; John KINGSBURY & Hannah SHORT by Licence

witnesses: Edward SHEPARD, Hannah MILES


19-May-1829; Robert SHITTLER Clerk of Melcombe Horsey & Jane BIRCH by Licence

witnesses: Thomas Wickham BIRCH, Ethelreda MAXWELL


16-Jul-1829; Charles BUSSELL & Mary CLARKE

witnesses: Joseph CLARKE, William PHELPS


29-Oct-1829; James CHRISTOPHER & Ellen MULLETT

witnesses: Richard CHRISTOPHER, Sarah CHRISTOPHER


05-Sep-1830; David HEWER of St Edmunds, Sarum, co. Wiltshire & Huldah SHORT

witnesses: Isabella HEWER, James SHORT


12-May-1831; Henry STANFIELD & Harriet RIGGS

witnesses: William STANDFIELD, Hannah STANDFIELD


10-Jan-1832; Thomas KINGSBURY & Lucy BAKER

witnesses: Esau BAKER, Ellen BAKER


05-Aug-1832; James TUCKER & Fanny HALL

witnesses: Elenor PHILLIPS, Robert BAKER


31-Dec-1832; John MORRIS & Mary Jane CHRISTOPHER

witnesses: George CHRISTOPHER, Emma MORRIS


18-Jun-1833; George CHRISTOPHER & Emma White MORRIS

witnesses: Benjamin CHRISTOPHER, Jane CHRISTOPHER


26-Sep-1833; Thomas RIGGS & Jane TUCKER

witnesses: James TUCKER, Jemima TRASH


23-May-1836; Charles CHRISTOPHER & Elizabeth RIGGS

witnesses: Samuel RIGGS, Mary Ann SHEPARD


27-Dec-1836; Silas BAKER & Fanny BUSSELL

witnesses: Richard PORTER, Maria PORTER


05-Feb-1837; William CHRISTOPHER & Elizabeth ARNOLD

witnesses: Thomas ARNOLD, Sarah CHRISTOPHER


11-Jun-1837; Thomas ARNOLD & Maria SHORT

witnesses: William CHRISTOPHER, Samuel RIGGS


26-Feb-1838; Frederick MORRIS carpenter & Ann SHORT both of age

fathers: William MORRIS labourer, Samuel SHORT farmer

witnesses: James SHORT, Mary SHORT


11-Jun-1838; Samuel RIGGS carpenter & Sarah MORRIS both of full age

fathers: Samuel RIGGS parish clerk, John MORRIS deceased

witnesses: William RIGGS, Mary HORLOCK


14-Aug-1838; Robert BAKER & Sarah CHRISTOPHER both of full age

fathers: John BAKER farmer, Joseph CHRISTOPHER shepherd

witnesses: Henery SYMS, Maria CHRISTOPHER


19-Feb-1839; Edward WALDON dairyman & Ann STEEL both of full age

fathers: Edward WALDON labourer, Thomas STEEL deceased

witnesses: William RIGGS, Mary [illegible]


13-Jul-1839; Thomas KINGSBURY farmer & Louisa ROGERS both of full age, by Licence

fathers: Robert KINGSBURY deceased, White ROGERS deceased

witnesses: James CAINES, Sarah BAKER


29-Oct-1840; Jeremiah RIGGS of full age & Mary Anne HOMER minor

fathers: Timothy RIGGS labourer, John HOMER labourer

witnesses: Henry ROGERS, Hannah HOMER


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