Blandford Forum

Constables 1842
Division of Blandford

County of Dorset Division of Blandford

A List containing the Names of all Constables appointed in the said Division for the year now next following, at a Special Petty Session of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace in and for the said County, acting in and for the said Division holden at The Town Hall, Blandford, on this nineteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty two for that purpose, with the several Parishes for which they have been appointed;’

Names of the Constables aforesaid Parishes for which the Constables aforesaid have been appointed

The Borough of Blandford Forum


James GILLARD Blandford St Mary
Philip ETHERIDGE Blandford St Mary
Richard AMEY Blandford St Mary
George FORRESTER Bryanston
Andrew CARTWRIGHT Bryanston
William KIDDLE Bryanston
John DANIELL Langton Long Blandford
Thomas BAILEY Durweston
John KERLEY Durweston
George KERLEY Durweston
John BARRATT Stourpaine
Samuel KERLEY Stourpaine
Robert LEWIS Stourpaine
William LONG Pimperne
Edward BISHOP Pimperne
Richard STEVENS Anderson
George BEST Anderson
John FOWLER Steepleton Preston
Vile WATTS Turnworth
David LOADER Turnworth
Charles AMES Hilton
Edward THOMAS Hilton
Robert MORRIS Hilton
James MITCHELL Milton Abbas
Thomas CADDIE Milton Abbas
Richard GUY Jun. Milton Abbas
William HORLOCK Spettisbury
George GROVES Spettisbury
William BALL Charlton Marshall
William POPE Charlton Marshall
William CUTLER Jun. Milborne St Andrew
James MALTON Milborne St Andrew
George DAVIS Milborne Styleham
Frederic ? STANDFIELD Milborne Styleham
Ephriam RIDOUT Tarrant Gunville
William MAIDMENT Tarrant Gunville
Henry ? HARDIMAN/TT Tarrant Hinton
Henry BENSKIN Tarrant Hinton
George YOUNG Tarrant Launceston
Thomas WHEELER Tarrant Monckton
Richard GOULDING Tarrant Monckton
William WATTS Tarrant Rawston
James ANSTEY Tarrant Keynston
William GOOBEY Tarrant Keynston
Samuel DOMINY Chettle
James LAWRENCE Chettle
John PAIN Winterborne Tomson
James SHAVE Winterborne Tomson
James SHAVE Winterborne Whitechurch ( 2 the same name)
John SEBLEY Winterborne Whitechurch
William Richard SHAVE Winterborne Whitechurch
John COLE Winterborne Clenston
Jonathan HAWSE Winterborne Clenston
John MATCHAM Winterborne Stickland
Elias HUSSEY Winterborne Stickland
Leonard EDWARDS Winterborne Houghton
Eli SAVORY Winterborne Houghton
John FOSTER Winterborne Zelston
James READ Winterborne Zelston

Signed: William FOOKS Esquire, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Dorset

John Tregonwell KING, Clerk to the said Justices

Form details London: Printed and Sold by Shaw & Sons, 137 and 138, Fetter Lane

Publishers of the “Justice of the Peace”, a legal Weekly Journal,

price 6d. forwarded post free

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