Will of Margaret CHUBB (d.1628)

Widow of Matthew CHUBB (d.1617)
Goldsmith of Dorchester

Dated 18 April 1625 (Probate granted 14 May 1628 Ref PROB 11/153)

Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester - May 2010 - Last update Mar 2017

In the Name of God Amen the eighteenth day of April in the year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland King defender of the faith and in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and twenty five I Margaret CHUBB of Dorchester in the County of Dorset widow late wife of Mathew CHUBB of Dorchester aforesaid Esquire deceased, being of good and perfect memory thanks be given to Almighty God, do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following:-

First: I commend my soul into the hands of God my maker steadfastly believing that he hath washed away all my sins in the most precious blood of his son and my Saviour Jesus Christ the righteous who died for my sins and rose again for my edification, And that after he shall please to call me out of this world of his infinite and only mercy and goodness, he will revive me into the most glorious company and fellowship of his blessed Saints and Angels in heaven, there to reign with him in glory forever, world without end.

My Body: I commit to the earth whereof it was made but to be laid in the Parish Church of 'All Saints' in Dorchester aforesaid under the monument to my said husband to which Church I give Five Pounds to be paid within one month next after my decease.

Item: I give to the Church of 'Bubdowne' in the Parish of 'Walcombe' (1) where my father was buried twenty pounds to be paid likewise within one month next after my decease.

Item: I give to the poor of the parish of 'Holy Trinity ' in Dorchester aforesaid forty shillings and to the poor of the parish of 'St Peters' Dorchester likewise forty shillings. To the poor of the said Parish of the said 'All Saints' in Dorchester forty shillings and to the poor of the parish of 'Wootton Fitzpaine' in Dorchester forty shillings to be distributed by mine executor at the time of my funeral.

Item: I give a black gown to everyone of the nine Alms women of the Almshouse which I have of late newly built in Dorchester and to everyone of them in money five shillings to be likewise paid unto them at the time of my funeral.

Item: I give unto my brother William BUCKLER of Wolcombe(1) 20

Item: I give unto my brother Edward BUCKLER of Maiden Newton(2) 20

Item: I give to Thomas & Margaret the two children of Thomas BUCKLER my brother William BUCKLER's son twenty pounds a piece

Item: I give unto Alice WHITLE the daughter of Thomas WHITTLE of Dorchester above said clothier twenty pounds

Item: I give unto Anne GIBBERT my kinswoman and now servant in house with me, the right and interest of a bond of two hundred pounds wherein Ralph HORSEY and his brother Sir George HORSEY Knight (3) are bound unto my said late husband Mathew CHUBB whose executrix I am for the payment of one hundred pounds within short time after the death of the Lady Elizabeth HORSEY their mother and one Mrs EALLIE? widow that now dwelleth at or near about Clifton (4) in the said County of Dorset willing and enjoining mine executor to deliver her the said bond immediately after my death and if there shall be cause to give more to her to use all lawful means in his name and right for the obtaining thereof and not to give any discharge thereof without her privity and consent.

Item: I give unto Humfry JOLIFFE (5) of the said Dorchester Gentleman my attorney whom I have found very careful and faithful in the following of my law business one hundred pounds so as he doth deliver or cause to be delivered to the executor of this my Last Will and Testament within three months next after my decease being thereunto requested all such deeds evidences Charters records Court Rolls writings scripts and investments of what nature and kind so ever which he hath in his own custody or otherwise disposed of which do concern me or my lands or any part thereof or any got of my estate and also be aiding and assisting to my said executors for the due performance of this my Last Will and Testament according to my true intent and meaning.

Item: I give unto my servant Roger CLAVELL twenty pounds; to my servant Susanna PAULL five pounds; and to my servant Johane COXE five pounds

Item: I give unto Margaret the oldest daughter of Robert COKER of Dorchester aforesaid Goldsmith one hundred pounds. To his son Mathew COKER I give twenty pounds, to his son Robert COKER I give twenty pounds, to his son John COKER I give twenty pounds. To his son William COKER I give twenty pounds, to his daughter Martha COKER I give twenty pounds, and to his daughter Mary COKER. I give twenty pounds. All and singular which legacies before given without any time of payment limited therein my will and meaning is shall be paid within six months next after my decease.

And whereas I have heretofore by deed indented under my hand and seal bearing date the thirtieth day of September in the twentieth year of the reign of our late Sovereign Lord King James(6) over England and made between me of the one part and Humfrey BISHOPP Esquire, William BISHOP Gentleman, William JACOB Gentleman, Joseph PATIE, Robert COKER, Mathew CHUBB, and Joane COKER of the other part advisedly and to my hearts content settled the inheritance of my manor or Loppe? of 'Wooton Fitzpanie' being in the County of Dorset with all rights members and appurtenances whatsoever and all messuage's lands tenements privileges profits commodities and hereditaments whatsoever thereunto belonging or appertaining my will and meaning is that the same manor and premises and every pt [part] thereof shall be enjoyed according to the limitations in the same deed mentioned and set down that is to say after my decease that the said Robert COKER of Dorchester Goldsmith shall have and enjoy all the said manor or loppe? and premises with the appurtenances until his daughter Joane COKER shall accomplish the age of one and twenty years and after that time the same income to Mathew CHUB the son of Mathew CHUB of Dorchester aforesaid victualer deceased and to the said Joane COKER and to the heirs of the body of the said Joane COKER lawfully to be begotten by the said Mathew CHUBB and for default of such issue to the said Robert COKER father and to his heirs forever.

Item: I give and bequeath the Burgage messuage and dwelling house in Dorchester which I lately purchased of John COOPER of Bristol Goldsmith (7)and some others and wherein I now dwell and all outhouses, backsides gardens Courts Curtlidges Toffes profits commodities and hereditaments thereunto belonging with all and singular the appurtenances and all deeds evidences records and writings concerning the same unto the said Mathew CHUBB and Johan COKER and to the heirs of the body of the said Joane lawfully to be begotten by the said Mathew CHUB and for default of such issue to the said Joane and to the heirs of her body lawfully begotten. And for default of such issue the said Robert COKER the father and to his heirs forever.

I do also give and bequeath unto the said Mathew CHUBB and Johan COKER all implements utensils and household stuff of what nature or kind so ever which I shall have in the said dwelling house of mine own at the time of my decease wishing and advising that they do hereafter live in the same house and endeavour to maintain that hospitality for the entertainment of my said husbands friends and mine which my said husband in his life time and myself after his death have used and if any person or persons to whom I have in this my last Will and Testament given any legacies or any of their friends directly or indirectly after my death shall sue or molest or trouble or endeavour to sue molest or trouble any of the parties therein or any of their assignee or assignees upon whom I have settled the said manor or Loppe? or Wootton Fitzpaine or my said dwelling house in Dorchester as aforesaid my will & meaning is that every such person and persons shall lose the legacy and legacies in this my last Will and Testament given unto them or any of them anything herein contained to the contraire in anywise notwithstanding

Item: I give unto the said Robert COKER father the sum of one hundred pounds of lawful money of England for charge of my funeral out of which my will is that rings to the value of thirty shillings a piece with this or the like inscription (the gift of Margaret CHUBB) be given to those persons following vitz to Mr John POPE of Marnehall (8), to Mr William BISHOP of Hollwell, to William JACOBB the son of Mr William JACOBB of Brockhampton, to Mr Joseph PATY of Dorchester, to Robert CHEEKE Minister and the son of the said church of 'All Saints', To Mr John WHITE Minister and Parson of the church of St Peter and the Holy Trinity in Dorchester if he shall preach my funeral sermon otherwise to him that shall preach the same to the said Robert COKER the father and Martha his wife (9) to every of these rings, But the bestowing of cloaks and mourning gowns I refer wholly to his discretion otherwise then to the poor women before mentioned.

All the rest of my goods chattels debts credits moveable's or unmovables not given nor disposed of after my debts & legacies are paid and my funeral expenses discharged I give & bequeath unto the said Mathew CHUBB and Joane COKER

And I do make and ordain the said Robert COKER the father the executor of this my Last Will and Testament in trust to be careful for true performance of the same in every point according to my intent and true meaning

I do make and desire my loving friends the said John POPE, William BISHOPPE and William JACOB the son to be overseers of this my Last Will and Testament entreating their love & care to see all things contained in this my said Will and Testament to be rightly and instlie?? performed according to the contents thereof and my true meanings

Lastly I do hereby revoke all former Wills or Testaments made proposed or intended? to be made by me whatsoever And do acknowledge that this my Last Will and Testament is made wholly by mine own direction and with my full consent and good liking? in every point. And in testimony of my free assent and consent hereunto I have hereunto I have hereto set my hand and seal the day and year above written 'The mark M of Margaret CHUBB'

Memorand that the within named Margaret CHUBB did publish and declare unto us whose names are hereunder published that the writings within written is her last Will and Testament which she doth acknowledge was read unto her this morning and that it is in all points made according to the directions given by her which writings she did sign and seal the day and year within written in the presence of us Robert WALLIS, Joseph PATY, Joseph Ryves, Walter PATY, Thomas FRAMPTON: 1625

General Comments:-
There are three more sections following this will which are written as usual for this period in Latin and require proper transcription. (If anyone is prepared to do this I will forward a copy)

(1). PROBATUM: This appears to have been carried out in London and Administration of the estate given into the custody of the executor Robert COKER on the 14th May in the month of May in the year of Our Lord 1628.

(2). INDEINOMINEAMEN: This is a long section in latin which seems to be the Court naming 5 individuals (William BUCKER, Thomas BUCKER, Edward BUCKER, Brian BUCKER and Marion BUCKER alias CUFFE) , probably to oversee the administration of the estate as Robert COKER was executor and beneficiary but in trust for her son who must marry his daughter.

(3). LECTA LATA ET PROMULGATA: I can only make out the date :- decimo quarto vitz die mensis May Anno Domini Millimo Sescentesimo vicesino octavo ( On the 14th day of the month of May in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and twenty eight.

William Whiteway in his diary 1618-1635 states on page 94 " The 18th Mrs CHUB died and gave all her lands and goods to Mr COKER the Goldsmith, and to a little boy of his called Mathew CHUB, upon condition that he should marry with Joane, second daughter of Mr COKER'. Also on page 129 that Mathew CHUBB died on 8 March 1633 and his young widow (pages 138/140) Joane CHUB remarried in London to a Thomas MAN on 6th Feb 1633/34.

There is also reference in 'Fire from Heaven' by David Underdown page 153 where it says " Joseph PATY was one of Vawter's overseers, managed property for the ADYN family, and had been a trustee in a great marriage settlement between the CHUBB's heir, the younger Mathew CHUBB, and the daughter of their friend the goldsmith Robert COKER. Margaret CHUBB had also named PATY in her will as the recipient of a morning ring and Paty's son William ( the trained band sergeant) married another of Robert COKER's daughters".

Some additional information is also available from Charter 636 in the Municipal Records of Dorchester. This makes it clear that Joan CHUBB the young widow of Mathew who died 8 March 1633 conveyed her inheritance back to her parents 10 months later on 23 Jan 1633/34 before she was married off again to Thomas MAN on 6th February 1633/34.

Genealogical Notes:-

(1) Regarding 'Church of Bubdowne in the Parish of Walcombe' :- Bubb-Down is under 2 miles from Evershot and in the Parish of Melbury Bubb. It contains the tithing of Woolcombe.

(2) An Edward BUCKLER married a Agnes PEACH in Maiden Newton on 16 April 1608

(3) William WHITEWAY his diary 1618-1635 in the biographical notes it states " Sir George HORSEY (died 1645) Of Clifton Maybank and Melcombe Horsey. Entirely alienated a great estate. Spent his last years in poverty, and died a debtor in prison. The 1623 Visitation of Dorset shows he married Elizabeth FREKE the daughter of Sir Thomas FREKE knight

(4) This is referring to Clifton Maybank which was absorbed into Bradford Abbas at the end of the 19th Century.

(5) Humphrey JOLIFFE (c 1583?-1653) was a lawyer in Dorchester and Steward of Manors of Sir Edward LAWRENCE 1627-31 and an Investor in the Dorchester Company".

(6) This is the 20th Regnal year in the Reign of James I of England which ran from 24 March 1621/2 to 23 March 1622/3 so the date was 30 September 1622.

(7) See Charter 636 Item 8

(8) A John POPE was baptised in the parish of Marnhull Dorset the son of Robert POPE on 29 Oct 1577 which may be him. He married there to a Katherine LANIVITE on 12 Dec 1603 and there is a Will at the National Archives proved for a John POPE Gentleman of Marnhull on 9 may 1654 Prob Ref 11/235.

(9) Roberts wife Martha COKER was the daughter of of William CHUBB of Frome Selwood in Somerset.

(10) From John Hutchins account of the Hospital in Dorchester it is clear that circa 1623/5 Margaret CHUBB gave 200 towards the costs of purchasing the buildings

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