Will of Abraham BAKER (c1753-1806)

of Dorchester - Dealer in Earthenware

Will Dated 30th August 1806 : Proved 3rd February 1807 PROB 11/ 1455
©Transcribed by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester by kind permission of Janet Almond - May 2011

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This is the Last Will and Testament of me Abraham Baker of Dorchester in the County of Dorset Dealer in Earthen ware

ffirst: I will and direct that all my just debts funeral charges and the expenses of proving this my will be fully paid and satisfied with all convenient speed after my death by my executors hereafter named.

I give: devise and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife Elizabeth all and singular my buildings lands and tenements which I may be possessed of at the time of my decease for and during her natural life,

    But: my mind and will is that in case my said wife shall after my decease remain and continue a widow, but not otherwise, and shall become distressed by bad losses or otherwise then and in such case I do authorise and empower my said wife to sell and dispose of all and any part of the buildings land and premises I may die possessed of and apply the money arising therefrom towards the support of herself and the support maintenance and education of my children which I give and devise to her accordingly.

I also give: and bequeath unto my said wife all my household goods and furniture stock in trade and other effects which I may be possessed of at the time of my decease as her own proper goods and chattels

    And: from and after the decease of my said wife provided she shall die before the youngest of my children shall attain the age of twenty one years of age Then I do will and direct that my executors Thomas Lealand hereafter named his heirs or assigns shall and do receive the rents and profits of the said buildings lands and premises and apply the same towards the support maintenance and bringing up of my two younger children Rhoda and Robert till they shall severally attain the age of twenty one years
    And: upon my said youngest child attaining the age of twenty one years and upon the decease of my said wife then I do will and direct that the said Thomas Lealand his heirs or assigns shall and do by private contract or public auction sell and dispose of the said Buildings Lands and premises for the most money and best price that can be got or obtained for the same (Provided the same shall not be disposed of by my said wife as before mentioned) and in the first place do and shall reimburse himself and themselves all charges and expenses attending the selling and disposing of the said premises then shall pay the sum of forty pounds each unto my children John, Ann Mary Rhoda and Robert and which I give and bequeath to them accordingly
    And: as to the residue of the said purchase money I give and bequeath the same equally amongst all my children share and share alike and I direct that the purchaser or purchasers of the said premises shall not be answerable or accountable for the application misapplication or non application of the said purchase money
    And: revoking all former Will and Wills by me made do declare this only to be my last Will and Testament
    And: lastly I do nominate and appoint my said wife Executrix and Thomas Lealand of Birmingham in the County of Warwick Bittfiler? executor of this my Will in witness whereof I have hereunto set and put my hand and seal this thirtieth day of August One Thousand eight hundred and six----
    The Mark of X Abraham BAKER signed sealed published and declared by the said testator as and for his last will and testament on the day the same bears date in the presence of us

    John BLACKMORE of Walsall Plater

    Henry HALL of same victualler

    Isaac MARKLEW of Do [abbreviation for ditto] Attorney

This WILL was proved at London on the third day of ffebruary in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and seven before the Right Honourable Sir William Maynne Wright Doctor of Laws master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oath of Elizabeth BAKER Widow the Relict of the deceased one of the executors named in the said will to whom Administration was granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the deceased she having been first sworn by Commission only to administer power reserved of making the like grant to Thomas LEALAND the other executor named in the said Will when he shall apply for the same

Genealogical Notes:-

(1). Abraham BAKER was buried at St Georges church Fordington on 28th September 1806 when the entry referred to him as being "of Dorchester".

(2). Details about his life can be accessed via this link - Abraham BAKER (c1753-1806)

(3).Their eldest son Abraham BAKER [1785-1848] (junior) who is not mentioned in the Will also moved to Dorset setting up a China & Glassware shop in Wareham where he lived with his wife Mary. He died in 1848 and his Will has also been transcribed and can be accessed via this link. Abraham BAKER (1785-1848)

(4). The National Archives have a Will of Isaac MARKLEW , Gentleman of Walsall , Staffordshire proved 30 July 1813 PROB 11/1546 which may well be that of one of the witnesses. He appears to have been a well known attorney in Walsall as he appears in the London Gazette dealing with bankrupts.

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