World War II Memorials

Compiled by Michael Russell OPC Dorchester September 2012

GENERAL NOTE:- I have done my best to identify the brave men depicted on Dorchester's War Memorials for the 2nd World War from information freely available on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This is not an easy task however as only initials have been given on the actual memorials and the records at the CWGC generally only give next of kin who were not always living in or near Dorchester at the time of their death. Also it is debatable whether all initials are correctly recorded on either the memorials or on Commission records. It would be better if someone that knew these individuals can confirm that we have the right details and better still if they can provide a picture and/or more information for inclusion to ensure we do them justice. (Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester - my email address is given on the front page)

Dorchester Cenotaph

Dorchester's main war memorial was officially unveiled on 24th May 1921 in memory of those who gave their lives during the Great War of 1914-1918
and the names of 239 individuals from Dorchester are listed in the front four panels on the monument shown below.
It stands at the junction of South Street and South Walks

The lives of these soldiers, and much background to Dorchester during the First World War,
has been been extensively covered by Brian Bates in his book "Dorchester Remembers the Great War"
which was published in June 2012. Link to pictures of WWI Memorials

Below is a photograph I took of the left hand side panel on this monument which lists 63 Soldiers killed in the 2nd World War.
© Pictures copyright Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester 2012

Royal Navy (1939 - 1945)

1. BARRETT Jack. - R.N. [Plumber 4th class; Service No. D/MX 74108; died 15th Dec 1941 aged 23 when the light cruiser HMS Galatea was sunk by the German submarine U557 off Alexandria Egypt; Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel 54 column 2; Son of Joseph William and Mary Louisa BARRETT of Dorchester]

2. BOWRING Sidney - R.N. [Stoker 1st class; Service No. D/KX 122182; died 5th April 1942 aged 32 when the heavy cruiser H.M.S. Dorsetshire was sunk by dive bombers from a Japanese Aircraft Carrier 200 miles sw of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka); Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel 70 column 1; Husband of M.L.BOWRING of Dorchester]

3. CLIMO Albert Ernest - R.N. [Able Seaman (DEMS Gunner); Service No. P/JX 311781; aged 20 he was 1 of 8 men who died on 29th Sep 1942 (32 survived) when the unescorted British Merchant Ship he was serving on the SS Baron Ogilvy was torpedoed by U125 and sunk southwest of Cape Palmas, Liberia. Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel 63 Column 2; son of William George and Beatrice Annie CLIMO of Fordington]

4. HALL Reginald Thomas - R.N. [Leading Stoker; Service No. D/K 57436; (no age given) he was one of 155 men who died on 1st Feb 1943 when HMS Welshman a cruiser minelayer was sunk 35 miles east north east of Tobruk Libya by submarine U617; Plymouth Naval Memorial Panel Ref 81 Column 3]

5. MAIDMENT John - R.N. [Leading Telegraphist; Service No. P/SSX 22031; He actually died at the age of 22 on 29th April 1942 when the submarine he was serving on, HMS Urge, was sunk by an Italian patrolling biplane in at a position off Ras-el-Hilal, Libya; The CWGC give his date of death as 6th May but that was the date the submarine was due to arrive at Alexandria. It was not known until after the war when HMS Urge was sunk so the 6th May was used at the time to record the demise of the crew of 29 and 10 passengers. Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel 66 column 3; son of John and Ethel Mary MAIDMENT Dorchester]

6. MAIDMENT L.H. - R.N. [ Probably Harold Leslie MAIDMENT Ordinary Seaman; Service No. P/SSX 30653; Aged just 19 he was one of the 1,415 men killed on 24th May 1941 when the Battle Cruiser HMS HOOD was destroyed by the German Battleship Bismarck; Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel 51 Column 1; son of Thomas Henry and Mabel MAIDMENT of Dorchester]

7. MEADER C.W.H - R.N. [Probably William Charles Henry MEADER Able Seaman; Service No. D/J 70529; He was one of the 148 men who died on 27th Apr 1941 during the evacuation of Greece when his ship the Destroyer HMS Diamond was sunk by a German Messerscmitt Bf 109. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel Ref 47 Column 3; son of William & Ellen MEADER husband of Hilda Mary MEADER of Yeovil Somerset]

8. OATES William Henry - R.N. [Chief Petty Officer Service no. P/J 3097 died from an illness 27th Feb 1942 aged 49; HMS Wellesley; Bootle Cemetery War graves Group C of E Coll grave 1; son of Charles and Jane OATES of Dorchester. Probate granted 5th June 1942, of 37 Santos Road West Hill London SW18 died 27 Feb 1942 at the Royal Naval Hospital Seaforth Liverpool Administration Llandudno to Herbert Charles OATES a Civil Servant ]

9. RAMSDALE Frank Kenneth James - R.N. [Stoker 1st class Service No. P/KX 89804; He was one of the 111 crew who died on 8th April 1940 when his Destroyer HMS Glowworm was sunk by the German heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper, another 39 crew were taken prisoner; Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel 42 column 2]

10. STONE Samuel Henry Charles - R.N. [Able Seaman Service No. D/J 28089; died 2nd Sep 1944 aged 46; HMS Glen Avon; Ryes War Cemetery Bazenvlle in France, Grave I.E.3; of Courtney Villa All Saints road Dorchester son of William Henry & Emily STONE] Probate granted at Winchester to Henry STONE Naval Pension 19 Feb 1945

11. WHITE Leonard R.N. [Stoker 1st Class Service No. P/KX 146826 he died on 23rd Oct 1943 along with 42 of her crew when the Destroyer HMS Limbourne was attacked by German Torpedo Boats near Guernsey and sustained major damage disabling her, after which she had to be sunk. Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel 78 column 2; son of Mr & Mrs F WHITE husband of D.J.WHITE of Dorchester]

Dorsetshire Regiment (1939 - 1945)

12. ADAMS George - Dorsetshire Regt [Private; Service No. 5735659; died 6th June 1944 aged 20; 1st Battalion; Bayeux War Cemetery Grave X.H.15 ; son of Thomas and Jane Rebecca ADAMS of Dorchester]

13. CHEFFEY George Ernest - Dorsetshire Regt [Serjeant Service No. 5726585; died 10th July 1944 aged 29; 5th battalion; St Manvieu War Cemetery, Cheux Grave X.J.5; son of Ernest and Hester CHEFFEY husband of Laura CHEFFEY of Dorchester]

14. HENNIBERRY Terence Anthony Selby - Dorsetshire Regt [Serjeant Service No. 5722328; died 29th Oct 1942; aged 36; of 2 Church Hill Tolpuddle he is buried in St John's Church Tolpuddle his Grave being in the NE corner; son of Henry and Lucy Annie HENNIBERRY husband of Ada Victoria HENNIBERRY of Tolpuddle]

15. KENNEDY E - Dorsetshire Regt [No clear identification]

16. LUCAS George Kenneth - Dorsetshire Regt [Private Service No. 5730846 died 28th Aug 1944 aged 32; 2nd Battalion; Imphal War Cemetery Grave 2.C.16; son of William and Fanny LUCAS of Dorchester and husband of Edith Cecilia LUCAS of Dorchester].

17. MATTHEWS Ernest Frederick George - Dorsetshire Regt

[Ernest Frederick George MATTHEWS was a private in the 1st battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment (Service No. 2030438) and was killed in action on 23rd July 1943 at the age of 27 in Agira Italy. I am grateful to Trisha Leech who has kindly supplied this photograph in remembrance of him. He was born on 4th Dec 1915 and is buried at the Catania War Cemetery in Sicily. Grave Ref II.K.40; He was the son of Ernest George MATTHEWS and Lily Ethel Maud STAINER of old Radipole Dorset]

18. O'CONNELL Nicholas - Dorsetshire Regt [Warrant Officer Class II CSM; Service No. 5723377;died 14th June 1944 aged 33; 1st Battalion; mentioned in dispatches; Hottot-Les-Bagues War Cemetery Grave VII.H.13; son of Daniel and Kathleen O'CONNELL husband of Florence Rosemary O'CONNELL of Dorchester]

19. OWERS George Joffre - Dorsetshire Regt [Private Service No. 5725664; died 3rd Aug 1944 age 29; 4th battalion; Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery Grave V.B.9; son of Jack and Bessie OWERS of Dorchester and husband of Betty Eva Elizabeth OWERS of Dorchester]

20. ROGERS H.C. - Dorsetshire Regt [Probably Robert Henry Charles ROGERS Private; Service No. 5727030 died 15th July 1944 aged 27; 5th battalion; St Manvieu War Cemetery Cheux Grave X.J.11; son of Harry John and Clara ROGERS husband of Rose Emma ROGERS of Dorchester]

21. SMITHYMAN John William - Dorsetshire Regt [Serjeant; Service No. 5725468; died 28th Mar 1941 aged 39; 2nd battalion; of 18 Marie Road Dorchester; buried in Dorchester Cemetery Grave 3202; son of John Henry and Catherine Elizabeth SMITHYMAN husband of Sarah Rosina SMITHYMAN of Dorchester to whom probate was granted 11th July 1941]

22. TREVETT Sidney John - Dorsetshire Regt [Lieutenant; Service No. 324672; died 4th Nov 1944 aged 29; Forli War Cemetery Grave IV D 15;of Myrtles 147 Damers Road Dorchester; son of William James TREVETT a postman and Ethel Annie TREVETT of Dorchester to whom probate was granted at Llandudno on 12th Feb 1946]

Royal Armoured Corp (1939 - 1945)

23. HARRIS H. - Hussars [No clear identification]

24. MILLS Harold Vivian - Royal Armoured Corp [Trooper; Service No. 7955627; died 18th Sep 1944 aged 21; 142nd (7th Battalion The Suffolk Regt); Coriano Ridge War Cemetery Grave XIX.C.8.; son of Alfred Frederick and Alice Gladys MILLS of Dorchester]

25. PROWSE Walter Charles - Royal Artillery [Gunner; Service No. 988835; died 6th Dec 1940 aged 26; R.A. 116 "Z" A.A. (indep) Battery; Dorchester Cemetery Grave Class A Grave 74512; son of Richard John and Emma Jane PROWSE husband of Hilda Kate PROWSE of Dorchester]

26. SERTIN Ernest Robert George - Royal Armoured Corp [Trooper; Service No. 7948801; died 7th Jan 1943 aged 30; 17th/21st Lancers; Medjez-el-bab Memorial Grace Face 3; son of Charles William and Ethel SERTIN husband of Florence Gertrude SERTIN of Charminster]

27. MITCHELL Wilfred Llewellyn - Royal Tank Regt [Serjeant; Service No. 7914942; died 12th Dec 1944 aged 34; mentioned in dispatches; Phaleron war Cemetery Grave 17.c.17; son of Edward and Leah MITCHELL of Dorchester and husband of Beatrice Rose MITCHELL of Dorchester]

Royal Artillery (1939 - 1945)

28. BARTLETT Charles Lester - R.A. [Lance Serjeant; Service No. 1690767 died 25th May 1945 aged 37; R.A. 166 Battery 48th Lt A.A. Regt; Labuan War Cemetery; Grave K.C.1; son of Thomas and Lydia BARTLETT of Dorchester husband of Regina E.M.BARTLETT of Dorchester]

29. BELLINGER Edward George - R.A. [Battery Quartermaster Serjeant; Service No. 904532; Edward aged 33 was one of the 1,297 personnel that died when the troopship S.S. Khedive Ismail (London) was sunk by a Japanese U-Boat on 12th Feb 1944 south west of the Maldives; R.A. attd 301 Field Regt East African Artillery; East Africa memorial; Panel Ref Column 1; Husband of Barbara Maria BELLINGER of Dorchester]

30. BEST Arthur - R.A. [Lance Bombardier; Service No. 925837; died 26th Feb 1945 aged 27; R.A. 94th Field Regt The Dorset and Hampshire Yeomanry; Reichswald Forset War Cemetery; Grave 47.A.19; son of Joshua William and Lucy BEST of Dorchester]

31. BLANDAMER Kenneth William - R.A. [Gunner; Service No. 915349; died 27th Aug 1944 aged 26; R.A. 66 Medium Regt; Naples War Cemetery Grave I.F.7; son of Hilda K Murch; grandson of Mr W. J. BLANDAMER of Dorchester]

32. EMSLIE Peter John Buchanan - R.A. [Lieutenant; Service No. 222215; died 4th Sep 1943 aged 24; R.A. 319 Battery 97 (3rd Bn The London Scottish) H.A.A. Regt; Salerno War Cemetery Italy Grave VI.C.12; son of Robert William and Annie Ethel EMSLIE husband to Betty Amor EMSLIE (nee Best) of Brixton London]

33. FLETCHER Walter John - R.A. [Captain; Service No. 105906; died 4th May 1945; aged 25; R.A. 112 The West Somerset Yeomanry Field Regt; Becklingen War Cemetery Germany Grave 7.K.8. ; son of Walter Townsend Fletcher and Mabel FLETCHER of Dorchester]

34. HARRIS Walter Thomas Ralph - R.A. [Gunner; Service No. 5722449; died 23rd Sep 1944 aged 37 R.A. 15th battery 6 H.A.A.Regt; Singapore Memorial; Panel Ref Column 20; son of Walter and Beatrice HARRIS husband of Ivy L.M.HARRIS of Wyke Regis]

35. JARVIS John Francis Waller - R.A. [Lieutenant; Service No. 190673; died 10th July 1943 aged 27; R.A. 98 (The Surrey and Sussex Yeomanry) Field Regt; Syracuse War Cemetery Sicily; Grave V.B.1; son of Victor Reginald and Frances Ada Mary JARVIS husband of Joan Amy Gilbert JARVIS of Shotley Bridge Co. Durham]

36. PITFIELD George Sebastian - R.A. [Bombardier Service No. 927546; died 13th Nov 1944 aged 26; R.A. 94 (The Dorset and Hampshire Yeomanry) Field Regt; Brunssum War Cemetery Grave II.81.; son of Frederick Sebastian and Bessie Florence PITFIELD, husband of Phyllis Mabel PITFIELD of Dorchester]

37. RIGGS F.C. - R.A. [No clear identification]

38. BUGLER William Charles - R.E. [Lance Corporal; Service No. 1897661 died 28th Sep 1943 aged 36; 18 R.E. 18 Div Postal Unit; Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery Grave B4.U.8; son of George and Elizabeth Ada BUGLER of Dorchester husband of Gertrude Louise BUGLER of Dorchester]

39. HARRIS Robert George Thomas - Coldstream Guards [Guardsman; Service No. 2662729 died 26th Aug 1944 aged 32; 3rd battalion Coldstream Guards; Florence War cemetery Grave VI.F.16; son of Harry Albert and Laura Agnes HARRIS husband of Jean HARRIS]

40. BREWER Albert Arthur Joseph - Black Watch [Corporal; Service No. 5725641; died 5th April 1944 aged 23; Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 2nd Battalion; Rangoon Memorial Grave face 15; son of Joseph Francis and Eva Minnie BREWER of Dorchester]

41. ELMES Leonard Clifford - Durham Light Infantry [Private; Service No. 14695134; died 19th June 1944 aged 18; 6th battalion Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery; Grave VI.B.5. son of Charles Wakely ELMES and of Minnie Mabel ELMES of Dorchester]

42. MIBBEY. A.J - Buffs [No clear identification]

43. SANFORD Cyril - Gloucestershire Regt [Private; Service No. 14701748; died 13th Feb 1945 aged 20; 10th battalion Taukkyan War Cemetery, Myanmur Grave 27.F.1]

44. HOWARD Stanley Edmund - Hereford Regt [Private; Service No. 14754372; died 15th Apr 1945 aged 19; Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 1st battalion Herefordshire Regt; Becklington War Cemetery; Grave 10.B.14]

45. MAGAWLEY E. - Wilts [recorded at CWGC as Major MAGAWLY Eric William Service No. 74012; died 15th Feb 1944 aged 25; 1st battalion Wiltshire Regt; Rangoon Memorial Panel Ref Face 16; Also Dorchester Cemetery; son of William John Hugh and edith Florence MAGAWLY of Dorchester

46. BECK George Eugene - Royal Army Service Corp [Serjeant; Service No. T/108045; died 9th Apr 1942 (no age given) 42 Res M.T. Coy; Kranji War Cemetery;Grave 8.C.15.; son of Henry George and Phoebe BECK of Dorchester husband of Christobel FRances Robina BECK of Dorchester]

47. PARROTT Frank Henry - Royal Army Ordnance Corp [Corporal; Service No. 5723590; died 13th Feb 1942 aged 32; "Z" RAOC Advanced Workshops; Singapore Memorial; Grave Column 108; husband of Helen PARROTT of Dorchester]

Royal Air Force - 1939 - 1945

48. BELLINGER William James - R.A.F [Serjeant; Service No. 1585669; died 17th Dec 1943 (no age given); RAF Volunteer Reserve 57th Squadron; Runnymede Memorial Panel Ref 142 of 6 Little Britain Dorchester administration of his estate at Llandudno 11th Oct 1944 to his widow Phyllis Mary BELLINGER

49. BECK George Henry - R.A.F. [Serjeant; Service No. 1380833; died 31st July 1943 aged 20; RAF Volunteer Reserve 15th Squadron; Runnymede Memorial Panel Ref 142; son of Southey G and Nellie C. BECK of Dorchester]

50. BROWN Maurice Arthur William - R.A.F. [Sergeant; Service No. 544078; died 2nd Jun 1945 aged 26; R.A.F. Jakarta War Cemetery Grave Ref 1.B.7. son of Thomas Arthur and Ida May BROWN of Eastleigh Hampshire]

51. BULL Ronald Bernard - R.A.F. [Serjeant; Service No. 1585407; died 15th Aug 1943; RAF Volunteer reserve 192 Squadron; Runnymede Memorial Panel ref 144; son of George Thomas BULL and Georgina BULL of Dorchester]

52. CRATE Stanley Ralph - R.A.F. [Sergeant Flight Engineer; Service No. 1608732; died 25th Apr 1944; RAF Volunteer Reserve 463 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn; Durnbach War Cemetery Germany Grave Coll. 7.E.21-24; son of Alfred and Annie CRATE of Fordington]

53. CRUTTENDEN Eric Charles - R.A.F. [Sergeant; Obr Service No. 904114; died 10 May 1941 aged 30 RAF Volunteer Reserve 203 Sqdn; Damascas Commonwealth War Cemetery; Grave Coll.Q 94-96; son of Charles Richard and Ada Mary CUTTENDEN of Weymouth]

54. DUBBEN Arthur James - R.A.F. [Serjeant; Obs Service No. 1317232; died 16th Dec 1942 aged 21 ; RAF Volunteer Reserve; Dorchester Cemetery Grave Class A 21011; son of Arthur George and Edith Alice DUBBEN of Dorchester]

55. FUSSELL Marcel Alec - R.A.F. [Serjeant Pilot; Service No. 1316055; died 17th Dec 1942 aged 20; RAF Volunteer Reserve Dorchester 101 Squadron; Dorchester Cemetery Grave Class A 709/2 son of William Broughton and Louisa FUSSELL of Dorchester]

56. HART Henry John - R.A.F. [Flight Serjeant Pilot; Service No. 655066; died 10th Oct 1942 aged 21; RAF Squadron 149 Dorchester Cemetery Grave Class A 2961; son of Samuel & Bessie Maud HART of Dorchester]

57. LEWIS Ronald George - R.A.F. [Warrant Officer Pilot; Service No. 1380507; died 21st Apr 1944 aged 24; RAF Volunteer Reserve 238 Squadron; Tripoli War Cemetery Grave 7.F.6. son of George and mabel Mary LEWIS of Dorchester]

58. LVNDON MOORE J.G. - R.A.F. [No clear identification]

59. MATTHEWS Reginald Charles - R.A.F. [Serjeant Service No. 1167443; died 8th Nov 1941 aged 20; RAF Volunteer Reserve 102 Squadron;Runnymede Memorial Panel Ref 48; son of Charles Edwin and Evelyn Violet Irene MATTEWS of Dorchester]

60. MALLETT R.B. - R.A.F. [No clear identification]

61. PARSONS Henry Edward - R.A.F. [Sergeant Nav. Service No. 1319479; died 3rd Oct 1943 aged 21; RAF Volunteer Reserve 78 Squadron;Hanover War Cemetery Germany Grave Coll. 5.K. 12-16; son of Reginald Thomas George and Ethel Daisy PARSONS of Dorchester :- also commemorated on the memorial at Dorset County Hall see 80 below]

62. ROSE Peter Cecil - R.A.F. [Aircraftsman 1st class; Service No. 1199495; died 26th June 1942; RAF Volunteer Reserve Dorchester 808 Squadron; Runnymede Memorial Panel Ref 98 also Dorchester Cemetery ]

63. WALKER Appollos William George - R.A.F. [Leading Aircraftsman W.Op/Air Gnr U/T. Service No. 1312285; died 27th Oct 1942 aged 20; RAF Volunteer Reserve; Dorchester Cemetery Grave Class A 364/2 son of Appollos and Lillian Mary Alice WALKER of Dorchester]

This commemoration stone stands on the green just outside the front of the Military Museum in the Bridport Road
© Copyright Sarah Smith and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence

Dorset County Hall


Transcribed by Pat Ashdown :
Background added from Commonwealth War Graves Commission by Michael Russell OPC for Dorchester 2008 (updated Aug 2012)

64. G. BECK

Genealogical Note:- There are 128 people who were killed in the 2nd World War with the surname of BECK. There are only 2 Civilians killed with one initial of G. As the reporting authorities were Sheffield and Portsmouth Borough Councils and no association with Dorset is recorded it seems highly unlikely that either of these is appropriate. There are 6 other people with 2 initials one of which is G, and 2 of these are sons of people in Dorchester. The 1st is George Eugene BECK of Royal Army Service Corp and the other George Henry BECK of the R.A.F. both of these are already commemorated on the Cenotaph Memorial above - see Ref numbers 46 and 49 for more details

65. R.G. BRATBY (Reginald Frederick)

A trooper in the Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) Royal Armoured Corps; Service Number 1921685; died 29 March 1943 aged 34; Medjez-el-Bab Memorial Tunisia; Panel ref Face 1; Son of Frederick William Bratby, and of Ada BRATBY, of Rodwell, Weymouth Dorsetshire

66. A. J. BURDEN (Arthur Jenkins)

A Warrant Officer Class II (R.Q.M.S.) in the 4th battalion Dorsetshire Regiment; Service Number 5720606; of 20 Monmouth Road Dorchester he died on 17/08/1942 aged 40 at Sandwich Kent; awarded the M.B.E. Administration of his estate granted to his widow Daisy Irene BURDEN at Llandudno 4th Jan 1943. Buried Dorchester Cemetery; Grave 3860

67. J I. CHEESE (John Idris)

A Serjeant in the 50th Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps; Service Number 7917480; he died aged 31 on 04/09/1942; Son of James and Hannah Cheese; husband of Joan Cheese, of Folkstone. M.R.S.T.,.F.R.H.S. .EL Alamein War Cemetery; Egypt Coll. grave XXVII. D. 17-19

68. W.C. CROCKER (Walter Cecil)

A Signalman in the Royal Corps of Signals 88 Field Regt Royal Artillery Sig Sec; Service number 6028953; he died aged 29 on 6th Nov 1943; Son of Charles &B louise Crocker form Upwey buried Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery Ref B6 U 1

69. A. DYKE

(Insufficiant details to clearly identify)

70. R.W. ESSEX (Ronald William)

Serjeant in the 50th Royal Tank Regiment Royal Armoured Corps; Service number 7917459; he died aged 30 on 2nd Nov 1942; Son of George E and Louisa May ESSEX of Dorchester husband of Mary Frances ESSEX of Dorchester; El Alamein Memorial Egypt Column 21

71. E.J. EVELEIGH (Ernest John)

Bombardier in the 94 (The Dorset & Hampshire Yeomanry) field Regiment Royal Artillery; Service number 951686; he died aged 27 on 21 Feb 1945; Son of Sydney Harold & Evelyn EVELEIGH of Westbury, Sherborne Dorset; buried Reichwald Forset War Cemetery Grave Ref 47 A 3

72. S.W. GRACE

(no Record of an SW Grace at CWGC - 95 people of this surname killed in WWII)

73. A.E.W. GUY ( Alfred Ernest Wyndham)

Private in the Gordon Highlanders 1st battalion Service number 5677819; he died aged 29 on 20 Feb 1945; buried Rheinberg War Cemetery Grave Ref 12.B.12. No next of kin recorded.

74. H.J. HART (Henry John)

Flight Sergeant (Pilot) Royal Air Force 149 Squadron; Service number 655066; he died aged 21 on 10th Oct 1942 son of Samuel & Bessie Maud HART of Dorchester;buried Dorchester Cemetery Grave Class A 2961

75. A.T.S. HENNIBERRY (Terence Anthony Selby)

Serjeant; Dorsetshire Regiment Service number 572328; he died aged 36 on 29 Oct 1942; son of Henry & Lucy Annie HENNIBERRY husband of Ada Victoria HENNIBERRY of Tolpuddle Dorset; buried Tolpuddle Church Cemetery Grave N.E. Corner

76. R.D. LAKE (Rowland Dalton)

Leading aircraftsman Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve; Service number 923642; he died aged 27 on 23 June 1943 son of Walter Rowland and Kate Elizabeth LAKE husband of Peggy LAKE of Dorchester buried Ambon War Cemetery Ref 8.B.16

77. G. LEGG

(Insufficient information to clearly identify)

78. R.C. MATTHEWS (Reginald Charles)

Also commemorated on the Cenotaph Memorial See 59 above. [Serjeant Service No. 1167443; died 8th Nov 1941 aged 20; Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 102 Squadron;Runnymede Memorial Panel Ref 48; son of Charles Edwin and Evelyn Violey Iren MATTEWS of Dorchester]

79. D.W. MIDDLETON (Dennis William)

Leading aircraftman (Air Gunner U/T) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve;Service number 1336164; he died aged 18 on 6th Oct 1941 son of Horace & Adeline Middleton of Hove buried Hove New Cemetery Block 1 Grace 22

80. H.E. PARSONS (Henry Edward)

Also commemorated on the Cenotaph Memorial See 61 above.[Sergeant Nav. Service No. 1319479; died 3rd Oct 1943 aged 21; Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 78 Squadron;Hanover War Cemetery Germany Grave Coll. 5.K. 12-16; son of Reginald Thomas George and Ethel Daisy PARSONS of Dorchester]

81. F.F. RIDEOUT (Frederick Francis)

Gunner in the 64th (The Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Anti Tank Regiment Royal Artillery; Service number 1097455; he died aged 34 on 28th April 1943; son of Frank & Lilian Rideout; husband of Bertha Fanny Rideout of Stour Row Dorset; buried Oued Zarga War Cemetery Grave Ref 1.C.12.

82. A. SALLIS (Anthony Charles)

Sergeant in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 404 (R.C.A.F.) Squadron; Service number 1180389; he died aged 24 on 13 July 1942; son of Charles and Ethel SALLIS of Dorchester; buried Dorchester Cemetery, Grave 3164

83. E.G. SHREEVES (Edward George)

Flying Officer Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 77 Squadron; Service number 125421; he died aged 32 on 10th March 1943; son of Herbert and Annie Elizabeth SHREEVES husband of Ivie Gwendolyn SHREEVES of Poole Dorset BA Hons. London; buried Runnymede Memorial Panel Ref 129

84. W. SMITH

(Insufficient information to clearly identify; there are 583 people killed in the 2nd WW with W as one or more of their initials)

85. S.J. TREVETT (Sidney John)

Lieutenant Dorsetshire Regiment, Service number 324672; he died aged 29 on 4th Nov 1944, son of William James and Ethel Annie TREVETT of Dorchester. Buried at Forli War Cemetery Grave Ref IV,D,15

86. W.R. WEBBER (William Richard)

This probably relates to William Richard WEBBER who also appears on the Maiden Newton Memorial; he was a Gunner in the Royal Corps of Signals (Service No. 2369227) who has no known grave but died whilst a Prisoner of War in Japanese hands in Thailand. Official records show him as having died aged 39 on 17th July 1943. He is commomorated on the Singapore Memorial at Kranji Panel Ref Column 46; He was the son of Mr and Mrs Donald WEBBER

87. J.R. WEST (James Rowland?)

There are 5 individuals recorded at the Commonwealth war Graves Commission with these initals - the most likely is - Captain James Rowland WEST MC of the 5th Dorsetshire (Weymouth) Battalion Home Guard. He died 13th April 1945 aged 47 and was cremated at Weymouth Crematorium where he also features on the War Memorial there. He was the son of Harry James Albert WEST and of Annie (nee Stuart) husband of Florence May WEST of Basingstoke Hampshire. Education awards BA; PhD Awarded the Military Cross. [See also Roll of

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