The Fire at Kings Arms Inn in Dorchester

4th March 1757 at 9 o'clock at night

Compiled by Michael Russell OPC for Fordington - May 2016 - 285 Names

King's Arms - Picture 1914

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To: The Right Honourable Sir John WILLERS Knight, Sir Sidney Stafford SMYTHE Knight and Sir John Cardley WILMOT Knight Lords and Commissioners of the Custody of the Great Seal of Great Britain

We: his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Dorset whose hands and seals are hereunto set and subscribed assembled at the General Quarter sessions of the Peace held by Adjournment at Dorchester in and for the said County of dorset upon Saturday the Eighteenth day of June in the Thirtieth year of the reign of his most sacred Majesty King George the second do hereby humbly certify unto your Lordship that it appears unto us the said Justices sitting in open Court as well as upon the oaths of Caleb BROOKS, grocer and Ann BAYLEY widow poor sufferers by Fire both of the town of Dorchester in the said County of Dorset aforesaid also upon the oaths of Thomas EVOMY, John EVOMY and John WHEELER skillful and experienced workmen and Artificers that on the 4th day of March last past at nine of the clock at night there happened a sudden and most dreadful fire which broke out in the Stables of the 'Kings Arms Inn' in Dorchester which by the violence thereof in a short space of time burnt down and consumed the adjoining warehouses brewhouse's and other buildings of them the said Caleb BROOKS and Ann BAILY with great quantities of valuable grocery goods stock in trade household goods brewing utensils and other things of value and also greatly damaged the dwelling houses of them the said Caleb BROOKS and Ann BAYLY to the great impoverishment of themselves and their families.

That it fully appears unto us by the oaths of the same persons that the losses sustained by the said poor sufferers their buildings goods wares and merchandise stock in trade and other things as aforesaid by the said Fire upon very moderate estimates thereof had taken and now produced in court (exclusive of all insurances and private collections made for their immediate support) amount to the sum of Two Hundred Fifty Eight Pounds eighteen shillings and ten pence so that the poor sufferers and their families who before this sad accident lived in very good repute and were helpful to others reduced into very low circumstances

Wherefore we humbly recommend the deplorable condition of the said poor sufferers to you Lordships Charitable consideration to the intent that your Lordships the Great Seal of Great Britain to enable them to ask and receive charitable contributions of his loving subjects towards the relief and support throughout such parts of Great Britain as your Lordships shall deem most meet and convenient

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